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Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Beyond the Light Barrierby Elizabeth Klarer

Facts about the book

Quotes from Elizabeth Klarer’s book:

Akon’s spaceship resonates at harmonics tuned to light between the two cycles of matter and anti-matter manifesting in alternate pulses, moving instantaneously therefore, through the double cycles, within the electromagnetic wave-length of the Universe, and using the fabric of space itself by altering the space-time geometric matrix. The spaceship herself acts as a protection for the people within her, as she changes position through the unified field. Page 190

We were soon with the Chief, an old friend who greeted us warmly in his natural courteous manner. His eyes took in every detail of our appearance, a habit of cold observation instilled through years of heavy responsibility and duty to his country. …… ‘Yes, my dear, I am very anxious to hear what you have to say – and what you think. A report has just been handed to me that an unidentified flying object was sighted by two of our pilots while on a cross-country maneuver this afternoon in the vicinity of your husband’s flight path with the TK4. Some time back I received a dispatch from South Africa stating that you had both reported this sighting of an unidentified flying object, which paced your DH aircraft while flying over the Drakensberg,’ the Chief quietly said. Pages 31, 32

Then suddenly one evening the mysterious stranger in our sky returned, and I knew my mind was being influenced as we flew over the Drakensberg. I was flying with my husband in a DH Leopard Moth from Durban to Baragwanath, the weather was clear and the Drakensberg lay ahead stretching across the skyline in a rugged wall of darkness against the golden yellow of the sun’s longer wavelengths. …… I was spellbound by another sphere flashing out of the dark azure of earth’s shadow, blue-white and pulsating, as it moved with incredible velocity straight for our tiny helpless plane. I tapped my husband on the back of his neck. He looked round and saw the enormous craft slow its speed, changing colour to a brassy yellow as it leveled out and paced our plane. Fascinated, I observed every detail as I pressed my nose against the starboard window, seeing the bright hazy outline of the great circular ship as she paced alongside. Three portholes, shedding a softer glow, looked out from the side of a dome which sloped up from a vast hull. Beneath the hull an intense blue-white light alternated with deepest violet and no sound reached my ears above the frightened roar of the DH Moth. ….. I was not afraid and felt as if a magnetic force was influencing my mind. I was sure that we had been thoroughly examined. It was the same type of spaceship I had seen as a child, and again, something known flashed into my mind and I found myself longing for its return as a deep sense of loneliness mysteriously flooded my soul when the great ship vanished into the velvet darkness of the sky. Page 26

Then one morning I awoke early and knew that he was coming back. I looked through the window into the depths of blue and again sensed the pull of the unknown, a deep and strong call of something beyond the skies of Earth. My heart answered the magnetic pull which touched my mind as a vibration gently coming out as it rustles and ripples through the long grasses of the hills, the cool sea wind bearing the fragrance of mist, a finer entity of minute moisture cells sweeping up over the mountains. A fragrance I have know and loved through the years now filled my being with a sudden longing to return. Hurrying into my clothes, I set out for the hill-top. It was a long walk from the farm homestead and the fresh mountain breeze flapped the damp pleats of my kilt against my knees. I felt cold as the summit of Flying Saucer Hill seemed to loom higher and the going became more arduous. Then I was climbing the steep incline to the top where I saw the silver spaceship resting on the ground in the bowl or dip at the top of the hill and standing beside her was a tall man; I looked with awe and beating heart. Page 41, 42

“Akon said to Elizabeth: “Mind forces, spiritual strength, soul attainment and thoughts are all made up of different speeds in the wave-length of light, or microatoms. Electricity is microatoms of light while sound and colour occur when the microatoms have different speeds, and when micro-atoms are stopped, they create heat. Light is an intelligent energy which can be thought into existence and substance. The pattern of the microatoms of light changes with changing thoughts, when one achieves the formula for the harmonic vibration of light. The key to all life and the Universe lies in the harmonic interaction of light. A mathematical formula for all transportation lies in the vibratory frequencies of light harmonic, with anti-gravity waves and time waves, which are simply the frequency rate between each pulse of the spiral of light.” Pg 49 par 4,5,6

Speaking to Elizabeth, a man on the ship says: “My name is Sheron’, he said in a gentle deep voice. My ancestors remained on Earth to study the Pleistocene cycle of solar expansion. They constructed a beautiful underground city where they survived the intense radiations. Moving into the heart of the great mountains of the southern continent, they maintained our civilization there. Even to this epoch on Earth, our spaceships come and go, retaining the base within the vast waters of Antarctica” Pg 71, par 8

Sheron goes on to say to Elizabeth: “ As a scientist, I am continuing with the work of my parents and our ancestors, in the study and research into variable stars – still a dangerous mission for both Akon and me. We look into the very beginnings of life throughout our Galaxy, for we are all evolved from stardust. We are star people, and thereby, a part of the living Galaxy in which we sense this magic lease we know as life. You my dear, are aware of this because you are one of us ….” Pg 72, par 2

Akon says to Elizabeth: “Our people have never been troglodytes” “Our dimension is space and the surface of planets, never the interior of planets. Underground cities and passages are a legacy of the past, left by us to Earth. We retain the underground base at the South Pole, where the warm lakes are. This is the area of the underground city of our ancestors and in that epoch there was no” ice-cap. Pg 72 par 5

“Is your base near any of the observational stations maintained by Earth nations?” Elizabeth asked. To which Akon answered: “Yes indeed. The French have a forward station in the immediate area of the south magnetic pole, some 300 kilometers towards the geographic pole from their main station on the coast, while the Russians are also our neighbours with two observational stations in the area of the magnetic pole.” Pg 74 par 4

Akon says to Elizabeth: “We found the pyramidal type of construction most suitable for Earth and Mars where many earthquakes plagued us and radiations remained a hazard. The pyramids were constructed by us and used by later civilizations for places of worship and for burial. They are cosmic libraries, and in time, will point the way to the stars. The human race of Earth will find an escape route to the stars and away from the violence within the Sun’s system created by its variable nature.” Pg 75 par 2

Akon says to Elizabeth: “The Moon is alien to this system and came with Jupiter and its retinue of planets. Jupiter is a forming star, a star condensing, and thereby, retaining a high velocity of rotation, a large mass and low density and the usual heat in the core retained by the star. A solar system within a solar system. Seven of Jupiter’s planets have retained atmospheres and life as we know it.” Pg 75 par 4

Akon says to Elizabeth: The beauty and violence of our Galactic system harbours millions of others similar to such as these of the Sun’s System, where the cosmic rays emanating from the vast nucleus create life throughout, as in the countless other galaxies.” Pg 77 par 4

Akon says to Elizabeth: “The cradle of mankind, Venus, remained shrouded and bereft of life after the Pleistocene cycle of solar expansion, her fruitful aeons of fertility at an end, her vast warm seas that nurtured our beginning, dried out and barren. But her glory still remains as a reality in the electric mirage, perfected by her progeny, who were compelled to move from her protective surface, out into the far reaches of space to propagate their species on the surface of an alien planet called Earth, where we adapted to a different time-speed on a younger planet. Laying claim to Earth as a host to life, we continued to perfect our spaceships in rediness for the time when we would have to leave this solar system prior to another wave of mass extinctions from the star of this system.” Pg 77 par 5,6

Akon says to Elizabeth: “The stage of evolution reached by mankind on Earth forbids any form of communication or support. When they change their attitude of mind and become gentle and peace-loving and have the ability to love and cherish all fauna and flora on their planet, only then will we contact them. At the present time, they have still not acquired spiritual advancement.” Pg 78 par 9

Akon says to Elizabeth: “The whole level of human consciousness must be raised to enable us to co-operate in any field of philosophy or science.” “We can only observe and contain then on their planet, while the conditioned attitudes of the human hordes cease to hold opinions as freshly inspired tyrants drive them on and over the bodies of their predecessors.” Pg 79 par 4,5
“Is it not possible even now to show people of Earth the way to spiritual and scientific survival; the way your civilization achieved it?”Elizabeth asked. “Indeed we can show them. But the differences are apparently insurmountable. Earth’s authorities have shown an aggressive reaction to our approach, giving orders to their Air Forces to shoot us down, and as that is impossible, to ram our spaceships with their own craft to bring the spaceship to ground.” Akon said. Pg 80 par 3,4

Elizabeth said: “The Chief, anxiously awaiting news from me, sent a urgent telegram to ascertain my whereabouts. I dispatched a full report to him, and was happy to receive an excited and very encouraging letter from him stating that my news was of such vital import, he was flying out to South Africa to see me.” Pg 86 par 8

Elizabeth says: “On my return to Johannesburg, flying saucer enthusiasts questioned me and clamoured for information as the fantastic story came out in the press. My training and powers of observation into human nature prevented me from laying all my facts bare, for these were not the people to confide in and tell the things beyond their comprehension. A motley crowd of cranks and self-seekers, some of them very vicious and dangerous, I thought. Early in 1956 Johannesburg was a hot-bed of flying saucer intrigue. Societies flourished like fungi in the bracing warmth of the highveld summer, watered by the fanatical enthusiasm of many misguided individuals whose egotism far outweighed any good they attempted to do. Dogfights and bickering were the order of the day and UFO research societies crumbled and withered through gross ignorance and vicious jealousy.” Pg 87 par 2,3

Elizabeth said: “Carrying me out of the spaceship, Akon swiftly moved over the slippery hail. Glancing down, I realized that he was not walking but gliding over the top of it all with uncanny smooth swiftness, and before I could say anything, we were on the front stoep of the farm-house. My sister came to the door and gasped as she saw Akon’s tall figure glowing in the dim light from the texture of his close-fitting garment.” Pg 93 par 7

Elizabeth said: “Life is inherent in cosmic forces, and as we live and think, so the Universe responds to us. This is prayer, with our life fields or auras carrying an electrical charge to attract negative ions to us and be more stimulated. In this way our life fields remain positively charged and attract the negative particles or ions. This is the secret of life. Retaining communication and unity with the Universe ... our Galaxy, the Milky Way Galaxy … which is energy in harmonic interaction with neighboring galaxies and galaxies beyond into inter-galactic space … ad infinitum … where wave patterns create harmonic chords that can be read like a score of music … and the illusion of matter strung together with electromagnetic and nuclear forces of light.” Pg 168 par 3

Elizabeth said: As light waves carry information to us we respond according to our harmonic evolution in the octaves of time … where the time continuum has existed throughout galactic space, the medium where galaxies are formed and have their being within the electromagnetic wave-form of eternal light … in which we are an integral part … as we attain the ability of positive thinking … which brings us into contact with the cosmic intelligence.” Pg 169 par 0
Elizabeth said: “Wholeness is attained within a star, a planet, a spaceship or flying saucer. A complete circle retains the wholeness of the Universe or Galaxy in which we all have our being. Only by becoming whole oneself, as a minute particle of the Universe, can one give form to that inaccessible reality know as truth.” Pg 170-71 par 7,0

Elizabeth said: “There are some of us though, who are still in touch with the galactic directory and can ask for help to stop the rot of this civilization. We are family, and can turn in need to the advanced people residing in the solar system of Alpha Centauri in the constellation of Centaurus, who fathered humankind on this planet aeons ago and farmed us out here, entrusting this planet to our care. They have now abused the sacred trust left to them by our forebears, who had moved out into interstellar space to found a new civilization beyond the time barrier to preserve and guard the environment of our Universe against others, and hostile civilizations.” Pg 171 par 4

Elizabeth said: “Our Universe is everlasting, creating the light of eternity within its electromagnetic field, creating light in the atmospheres of planets, heat and life, in the velocity of rotation and speed in orbit about the metagalaxy, a prodigious system within the depths of intergalactic void, the limitless reaches of outer space where the minimum-temperature controls the lives of galaxies, as they orbit in continuous momentum, in ever widening circles, about the nucleus, or electromagnetic hub of the metagalaxy.” Pg 173 par 3

Elizabeth said: “What would happen to David and me now that my heart was effected by the change in time frequencies, and where would any money to live on come from now? I was divorced from David’s father, and my daughter from a previous marriage was living in London to complete her medical studies. So David and I were completely alone when the farm was sold and strangers took over.” Pg 175 par 4

Elizabeth said: “The hue and cry will follow me to the farms as the security net would cast its subtle and domineering tentacles to subjugate my freedom.” Pg 176 par 4

Elizabeth said: “I stopped the MG on the side of the road and we got out to watch the sky. To the south, enormous thunderheads reared up into the depths of blue, glistening white like great cauliflower heads, clear-cut and brilliant.Suddenly there was a flash in the sky and taking my box camera, I pressed it against my chest to steady it and point the lens to the top of the thunder clouds … and as I did so, Akon’s flat domed space ship suddenly appeared in the blue of sky to hover against the great cloud bank as she slowly lost height. In that instant, another spaceship appeared against the blue of sky moving with tremendous velocity, and in that same, instant, I pressed the shutter release.As she flashed down into the cloud bank of heavy cumulus, I ran across the road and up the slope. When I reached the hilltop, the spaceships were gone … and the cumulo-nimbus spread out across the sky from the south. Instantly Akon’s spaceship appeared again and I got a series of photographs taken as she hovered and banked round in the sky within my vicinity. My reflex with the simple Brownie Box camera was as instantaneous as the spaceship’s appearances. It had to be, or I could not have taken a single picture.” Pg 177 par 3,4,5

Elizabeth said: “A streak of lightning, a blue-white ribbon, darted from hilltop to cloud and the crash of thunder died to silence before the hills could echo in answer. Triggered into life by the electricity generated within it’s heart, the fully aroused cunulo-nimbus composed of cells that grow, fuse and multiply, moved with its animal-like nature over the hills, when suddenly I realized the cloud was repaying my thought with a tingling sensation over my scalp, as positive charges swarmed upward from the ground using my body as a conductor to meet the negatively charged leader coming from the cloud as the earth charge leaps up through the ionized tunnel prepared in the atmosphere by the cloud leaders. Instantly I jumped from the rock on which I was standing, flattening myself in the grass, and rolled over down the slope in the nick of time, as the return stroke from the earth shot up through the ionized tunnel to the cloud base, shattering the hardened rock. With the sound of a craking whip the air in the channel expanded in a sudden and terrible explosion, as shock waves sent me rolling further down the steep slope, knocking the breath out of my body.” Pg 177 pr 6, pg 178 par 0

Elizabeth said: “I learned that the Major was a high-ranking officer in British Intelligence who had been on Monty’s (General Montgomery) Staff, a very sensitive and highly intelligent man and a famous artist, who had come out to South Africa to lecture to the Air Force. But I felt sure now under the circumstances, that the Chief had sent him to look after me, and at the thought a glow of warmth restored my confidence.” Pg 179 par 5

Elizabeth said: I hoped he would come soon. Although his spaceship was in the skies of Earth, perhaps he would not land. … But Akon did land! Suddenly his great spaceship was there one afternoon. There was nothing in the clear atmosphere and then she appeared in all her beauty hovering close to the ground, and gently landed.” Pg 179 par 8,9

Elizabeth said: “One Morning , as I awakened in the glow of sunlight, Akon was gone from my side. I looked up into the higher atmosphere and saw his spaceship moving up surrounded by a vast condensation cloud, still, in Earth’s time frequency the spaceship herself glowing a deep golden amber within her departure field.” Pg 180 par 2

Elizabeth said: “Galaxies rotating eternally in the uncharted void of intergalactic space give out a life-impulse that is picked up by the sensitive instruments in Akon’s spaceship. These instruments monitor the life-cycles of galaxies, stars and planets and detect the amoint of plasma within an interplanetary solar system. The plasma output of a star is important for a system of planets, particularly for a star like the Sun with its sunspot cycles which are affected by the movements of its planets.” Pg 180 par 5

Elizabeth said: “By disturbing the equilibrium of the Sun, planets trigger earthquakes on Earth because our planet, the Earth, is completely affected by what happens in the Sun. We here are dependent on the star of our system, the Sun. The Sun controls our atmosphere, our weather and our climate, and when Jupiter, the second waxing star of this system, aligns with Mars and the other planets of this solar system, the equilibrium of the Sun will be disturbed and earthquakes will rock our planet.” Pg 181 par 0

Elizabeth said: “I maintained an outward calm and David knew nothing of our close encounter with dire poverty. He was wonderful and kept my strength going by his care and consideration, despite being all day at school and up half the night with homework. He is indeed an advanced human being.” Pg 181 par 5

Elizabeth said: The Major had sent me home in a taxi and told me not to go back to work, and brought us a large hamper of delicious food and a bottle of champagne. He must have been keeping a watch on me all the time, I thought. He must have known of our desperate plight as I struggled to work to keep a roof over our heads.” Pg 182 par 2

Elizabeth said: As death touched my heart again, I could clearly see into the time-field of the future. I knew my reincarnation cycle on this planet was nearly at an end and my life would turn full cycle and take me back to Meton where I could remain with Akon as I had in a previous life on Venus. … I belonged to Akon, I was born of his race.” Pg 182 par 3

Elizabeth said: “We can create harmony throughout the fathomless depths of interstellar space where our minds can reach out to contact other minds in telepathic communication. The spatial void acts as a transmitter when one tunes in on the same wavelength.” Pg 184 par 5
In the book's summation, Elizabeth wrote, “A simple equation gives us the answer to the unified field propulsion systems for interstellar spaceships. A unified field equation of seven-figure harmonics is the key to space travel.”

--Russell Winje


  • At 1:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I enjoyed thoroughly. I have always believed I was a a child of a alien-human union.

  • At 4:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    i realy belive what Mrs.Klarer wrote in her book..me a firm beliver in extraterrestrial life.she has written about her experiences in detail.nobody can know such a detail about space and universe until and unless he?she really had experience

  • At 3:09 PM, Blogger Dr. Spock said…

    Sounds like a load of science-fictional detritus, this person must have suffered from delusional psychosis, who in their right frame of mind would believe such tripe ???

  • At 12:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    this lady would certainly have kept the psychiatric community in business for a long time.

  • At 12:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I was about to ask where to find a copy of the book, but then I found it here:
    Posting this in case others are curious.

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