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Sunday, October 16, 2005


Tom Dongo

During the past I have spoken at length about the numerous bizarre things that happen to me and around me. The following incident falls in line with dozens of other odd occurrences, due to its typically inexplicable nature. It's now clearly obvious that somebody or something out there is playing tricks at my expense. As always... why? What's the point?

And I'm not the only one. There are plenty of other people these things happen to. Personally, I don't particularly mind, but it is getting old.

In early April my friend Alan and I hiked into a remote Anasazi/Sinagua Indian ruin deep in the Sedona canyonlands. The ruin is situated high up on a mountainside. Because it is far back in the canyons, it is one of the few ruins not visited by a multitude of tourists and hikers. This ancient ruin has some of the most beautifully preserved petroglyphs I have seen; they are at least two hundred years old. Being an ardent photographer, I went about photographing interesting details of the ruin. I took several photos of some handprints on a wall that were probably left by the Apaches. The Apaches had a habit of pressing their hands into wet, red dirt, then imprinting their mud-caked hands on the walls of ruins they came across. Supposedly this was a warning to other tribes and was intended to keep demons from living in the ruins. After that the apaches gave ancient Sinagua ruins a wide berth.

Several weeks later the roll of film was developed. I saw something very curious on two of the photos. I had taken a photo of Alan standing on the edge of a high outcropping with his eyes closed, evidently meditating. It's a clear photo. About ten feet in front of him is a white shaft of light that extends from the top to the bottom of the picture. (Note from Leneesa: I took one like that on my porch) At first I dismissed this because it looked like a rather common flaw in film developing. (During the developing process a chemical can spill on the negative, causing unusual features to appear on the finished photo.) I thought that was the case until Alan took a closer look at the negative. I was surprised to see that the light beam was in the negative, not on it. I already knew that the sun was not a factor, because the sky had been overcast at the time. So this meant that the camera (a Minolta X370) actually captured a white beamlike object (unseen) that was in front of the lens.

On the other photo, one I had taken of the handprints, is a charcoal-black oval area measuring about ten inches in diameter that as not there when I took the photo. In the center of that black spash is a face, one which I had never seen anything like before.

To really make things interesting (as usual), a few nights later I attended a lecture by Al Bielek at the New Age Center. Al was involved in the Philadelphia Experiment. It was a fascinating but long lecture -- over four hours. About ten o'clock I began to get a bit drowsy. I was sitting between two friends, Margaret Pinyan and Tasha Douglass. I had told them about the strange face on my photo and had drawn a picture for them. Ten minutes later Bielek was discussing the types of aliens he was familiar with, showing slides of drawings of a half-dozen different humanoid faces. Most of them I had seen many times before from other researchers. The next slide clicked in and I was electrified by what was on the screen. I think the two women were as startled as I was. It was the exact face I had fifteen minutes earlier drawn for Margaret and Tasha! I asked who it represented, and Bielek replied that it was one of the Greys. The term "Grey" doesn't mean a whole lot to me because they have been tagged as the "enemy" aliens -- and I'm still not so sure about that.

Paranormal stuff like this happens to me quite frequently. This occurrence, like all others before it, has no obvious rational explanation. Here and now, in print, I want to call their bluff and challenge the ETs to stop playing games with all of us. It is my greatest desire to have an honest, heart-to-heart (with no bullshit) compassionate, fully conscious discussion with members of a friendly, humanoid alien race. (Top-secret NATO documents state that there are at lest one hundred alien races that regularly visit Earth. Source: Col. Robert Dean) I would meet with them anytime during daylight hours. But do not want them coming to me during the hours that I am asleep. I stipulate this clearly aware of my rights under the universal law of free will.

I have interviewed about a dozen men and women who have had genuine, pleasant, face-to-face alien contact. Some spoke to the aliens for hours on a friendly and equal basis. It's not that uncommon. But it is always incredible. So now it's my turn... here's my open invitation... let's get on with it. I'll have the coffee ready.


There have been more UFO sighting lately in the Sedona area than in any similar period in the years I have lived here. I am still looking into seven of them due to their intense nature. One incident involves a UFO landing and occupants getting out and walking around.

In another incident a group of people watched a 300 to 400 foot diameter disc shaped UFO from a distance of 100 yards. It flew right over them. A third incident, which I know little about, involves a man who was hiking with his dog in the area of Boynton Canyon. A sizable UFO (ship) came right up in front of him as he was walking. By sheer "chance" this man, as he was fleeing the area, ran into Virgil Armstrong, who is one of the world's top UFO lecturers and investigators. Evidently the man was terrified by the incident (as was his dog) and would say little more than what I have just written. It's my opinion that something occurred that the man simply would not talk about.

I've seen this scenario before -- often. I will write about these incidents as I learn more.


The universe we live in must have a boundary. Another universe? Time zones? Other dimensions beyond that? All right, but even those must have boundaries. The Big Question is, what is beyond those boundaries, and what sort of intelligence's, if any, live in that space? Where are we, really -- we and hundreds of human, humanoid (and other) races contained in these hundreds of millions of light years of space? What sort of intelligence is the Ultimate Intelligence that is above all others? (And must it be a sane intelligence?)

Going in the other direction, how was existence created? At one point there had to be absolute nothingness. But even nothingness -- a black void -- is a thing with substance. What created that? What created nothing, and if only nothingness at one time truly existed, how could matter with purposeful form possibly have randomly coalesced into anything meaningful from nothingness? How could living, intelligent creatures have been formed from absolute total nothingness? At some point in creation this had to have been the case.

Nine years ago I had a friend, Terry Newlon, who was then one of the world's best channels. She channeled Djwhal Khul. I asked Djwhal these same questions in a personal channeling session. He said that he was once able to reach the boundaries of the universes, but he could go no further. He told me that he saw upward spirals of moving light outside the boundary. This master of masters had no explanation. To the second question he replied that they once assembled the most powerful entities in existence to try to discover how and when existence began. These entities formed what could be called a reality team, which relayed backward in time. But they never even came close to the starting point, the beginning of All That Is. These most powerful, wisest beings of all seemed to be as puzzled as I, a beginner.


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