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Monday, October 17, 2005


Here is some information about group of nice space people called the Mouniens. This also mentions Vulcan. Some people don't believe in it.Some people believe it existed but is no longer in our solar system.Other people believe that it is still there. ..............................................................................................................................................

Subject: Meetings with nonterrestrial consciousnesses

The consciousnesses which have a perspective of assistance: I will not be satisfied in this third part without telling you about their worlds to which they had the kindness to invite me. I will speak to you about: The Mouniens, our friends the instigators of the message "DO YOU WANT US TO SHOW UP" the Solarians, the Vulcans, the Venusians, our fraternity (Shamballa) Presentation of our friends the Mouniens:

Their place here on earth

This place is on earth, more exactly underground, until a short time ago under American territory. For reasons of safety, they are in the course of travelling to other places, always on earth. That said one should not confuse a geographical place with the state, material or not, of the buildings of this site. Everything is at a higher vibratory density, and is not visible, most of the time, with the physical eyes of men. They have laid out places of life, work, a hangar with vessels, overflow room for the reception of the intentions of votes, a temple, rooms for piloting simulations, operation rooms and a few sectors reserved for humans who will settle over there by nationality to be less disoriented.

Their Planet Mounia: While wanting to join my friend Vaissia, the first beingthat I met of this race, I dropped down on his planet. Conical buildings, with pieces at their tops, round, rectangular or square living spaces. The air is dark, cerulean blue, and the plants have white leaves. It is very beautiful over there. Really! What surprisedme, was the presence in a building of a human couple who are there to see whether colonization is possible.
I arrived behind them, in a pad room which I had seen while arriving, they were clad in close-fitting silver garments, seem to be about thirty, and to form a couple. They looked out the window and I could see the city that I had flown over while arriving. Here are the words of Vaissia on this subject: "They are in 4th density, like you. You believe yourselves in 3rd but you are already into 4th. If we want to meet, we lower our vibratory rate. To go out, they have oxygen masks and shoes which ballast their feet. Theystudy the planet and are studied. You seek to know if you can create a colony here."

Every 3 months there is a rotation, and they are studied, examined on their return. But they feel isolated here... With your declared capacities, you would take many years to come, but with a vessel, 3 days... The longest part, is to go to the assembly point."

The choice of life of our friends, and their designs:

The place of each one, is according to its temperament: (teachers, generals, spiritual guide...) They do not have a religion as we know it, but it's best that I read you the description that they gave me: "We do not seek to dominate one another, we do not seek to dominate anyone. It is not our way of Life. We have the direction of higher consciousness. We try to bring ourselves closer, by our acts, even if it is a long-term job!!! In fact they are beings with psychic aptitudes superior to ours, just like the capacity which they have to love. They are successful beings. Here is how they explained it: "We are same stock on the DNA level, although our bodies are more ethereal than yours, a question of density... Our DNA has 38 strands, whereas you have only 2 of them, or even 6 when you are in the process of, in a state of awakening." (12 physical bodies, the remainder etheric bodies that prove that we have doors in the subtle worlds) I believe that beyond all the anecdotes that I could give you on their life, since I frequented them for many months, the best manner so that you really define them, so that you realize of their capacity of Love and their profound desire to help us, is to recount the most intense, most bowled over experience which I lived on a journey of consciousness, and it is thanks to them that I could make this encounter.

My experience at the temple of the Mouniens.

Our friends have a temple where they go to meditate. Their spiritual guide is a very impressive being, so much does he give off wisdom and spirituality. Regularly, I go to the temple, and when he is there, he invites me to come to join him in the central alley. He makes passes around my head with his hands, and my spirit rises towards space-times where a being does not need to be embodied to assert its reality, where all the consciousnesses are Love. These are moments when I LIVE THE UNITY. But you know, it is very frustrating because there is no word to restore the power of these emotions and this comprehension.


This day there, I feel a very sharp call at the level of my frontal vision. I put myself in meditation and my spirit is immediately called to our friends. Over there, one asks me to return to the temple. The temple is not yet filled. There are various races, of which some I do nothing but perceive. I see in the upper right Lizzia and some membersof her community.

A luminous being, of a gigantic power of love arrives by the ceiling and dominates the temple by its presence. I do not distinguish absolutely his features, he is an enormous sphere of white energy. The vibration becomes particularly extreme, I feel that I attend a rare event, with a solemn ceremony. I sit down on the left but very quickly the spiritual guide calls me so that I go in the central alley as it will be the case for each one among us. I go near him, and after some passes around my head so that I remember at which point we all are ONE, he makes me understand that we all are there in an engagement with respect to one another, and with respect to our humanity. In times to come where each one will have to choose his destiny, we are bound by the assistance which we want to bring to this terrestrial humanity. It is an engagement, it is a mission of Love of liberation. I feel an infinite gratitude for the engagement of all these nonterrestrial beings who are represented there.

I regain then, my place on the left side, and I see the being who oversees this assembly float in my direction. Its form of energy is so large, so powerful OF LOVE, that I feel a wave of concern. I understand that he moves towards me, and I am afraid of imploding under such a power of Love. I am afraid, I do not feel worthy of what will arrive, I am so imperfect, and once again, I am afraid that he will crush me, his Love is such a powerful force. There he is, he has me penetrate into his aura. I start to distinguish his features. I melt in tears. He is so powerful, he is so large, he is so strong and I am so imperfect... The more he makes me penetrate to the center of his form, the more my emotions are transformed into an immense gratitude, a Joy without name. He is CHRIST, I am rocked by the body CHRIST, of a power of INFINITE LOVE, and I SENSE THAT I HAVE FINALLY RETURNED HOME.

When I have gone down again to where I live, deeply modified forever, I transmitted to Jean the request of the guide to go in his turn to this ceremony. All the choices of our friends, are guided by the LOVE AT THE RIGHT HAND OF CHRIST AND BY DECISIONS OF OUR FRATERNITY. ALL DESCRIPTIONS WHICH I WILL GIVE YOU NOW APPEAR ANECDOTAL TO ME, SO MUCH THE ESSENCE IS ELSEWHERE.

Life with the solarians:

Extremely spritual beings, in unity consciousness, who have the responsibility of guiding humans who wake up. Certain Masters there have a direct involvement in the choices best adapted to our awakening. Jean and my council is in regular psychic contact with the councils of Shamballa.
They have the appearance of bl-cks, living in a splendid environment, restful..

My experience visiting a solarian work of art:

When they came the first time to the house, I asked them whether art existed with them. They had then invited me to come to see... The artist had designed a scene where all the details were beautiful, poetic, amusing, reassuring. I could go into the "tableau" to go and come from inside, nothing was placed randomly. It represented a virgin forest, with a gradation of colors, splendid, restful, with the not unhealthy odors of moisture, the noise of nature, but a magnificent nature. The artist imagines not only the image but also the odor, the sounds, and the music so that the environment is total and gives one a change of surroundings. Art is complete and it becomes very frustrating thereafter to return to brushes, so emotionally limited we are by this flat medium.

Life on Vulcan: (Mars for us).

Angular beings measuring between two and three meters. The facial features are on a smooth face, but it is mobile and expressive. A couple receives me when I go on their premises. Always together in a great peace.


They initially took delivery of me on the surface, in their living space. That resembled a village, full of small places, surrounded by low dwellings. The houses are out of matter making me think of crystal. The sun gleams on the surface of their iridescent houses, but I did not see the interior.
Tents protect the lanes, and curtains of fine misty water clouds make traffic very pleasant. Everywhere, there are places to sit down and discuss, under these canopies of fabric. One of the things which surprised me is the sense of the colors and the beauty. The ground of the streets was covered with what made me think of warm colored carpets, bordeaux, yellow, ochre, duck blue... The sense of temperatureis very variable, and is considered a function of the space time in which one is. One day when I stupidly thought in the presence of the Solarians that it would be hard to live in their world (really very idiotic on reflection) they gathered and laughed while saying to me, that for many species, our Earth is regarded as icy! For example at the solarians my perception is that of a spring environment, whereas at the Vulcans, I felt a heat wave, and I aspired to sit on their benches, which we did. However, in our temporal density, it is quite cold on Mars!


I very much envy their manner of cultivating themselves. It is lively and global. The only building which dominates this village, is the library. Several floors, crystalline matter, and inside. It was curious, I was on the first floor, I saw below me beings which held in their hands large colored crystal tubes that they took from shelves, or a series of the same tubes of color were laid out. These tubes were about 7 centimeters in diameter for a score of centimeters in length; I was invited to take one of them in my hand. When they are touched, they pass information by vibrations in the hands, they resound, "sing" and emit colors. Images are formed in the spirit, instant knowledge. The tube that they put in my hand made me travel to a place on Earth which I did not know, and by relaxing it, my head filled with images and emotions of Africa as if I had returned from a stay over there. Each color corresponds to an activity: blue for tourism (they know surrounding planets well) pink for civilization, yellow for agriculture, I did not retain the significance of the other colors...


Agriculture... They explained to me, then showed that they grew primarily cereals (wheat in particular), vegetables, they are vegetarians. Wheat is the base of their food. They have immense fields.

Water is pumped from underground. The wheat stem measures more than twometres and each grain is the size of a plum! To go to cultural spots, they take enormous vehicles like sailing tanks which use the wind to run. I saw one of them which could accomodate several people, and close to the village I saw another for a single person!

It is a civilization of exchange of capacity, barter to some extent, not of money, this concept is old fashioned for them. However, they are not compared to Venus, (at the time, I had not been invited to Venus, and I did not know a lot about this civilization). They specify that they are not in alliance with respect to the earth like it is, but they are informed in spite of that of very many of our intrigues. They told me that the Earth does not have the same future as they do, because we have a greater freedom of conscience.

They also showed me many vessels surrounding the earth far out in space, and which await the awakening of our consciousness to reveal themselves. And this couple shows me the progression of the vessels with each visit, as my Venusian Hostess will do later.


Their government is articulated around sages, the decisions are taken for the group, there is no individuality as we conceive it (no ego), only the sense of the individual in the community and for the community.

But after the library which left me greedy to learn and a little envious faced with such simplicity, they amazed me by showing me their place for....


It is underground...

I felt a descent, and I was shocked to be faced with what awakened for me memories of small Mediterranean ports. Facing me, a stretch of water which made me think of a sea, with boats, and especially a seacoast, with small houses like those on the surface.

They love to come and relax there, but they do not remain a long time because they have a vital need for the sun's rays, it is essential for their balance, therefore they book frequent return tickets there. On return to the surface, they invited me on their premises.


If the interior is comfortable, it really did not leave me memories because all that I saw there was occulted by what could be compared with a television. A screen on the wall, but a televison which shows what occurs on other worlds. It is fascinating at what point all is known by all. There is an interactivity, a curiosity for the external world which I adored.

I had the occasion a few months later, by making the acquaintance of Anna on Venus, to see in her interior the same screen which opens on the worlds.

Life on Venus:

Anna received me the first time in her garden when I landed on her world without wholly knowing where I was. My first vision was that of a soft countryside, and on turning of a low and very open house. From afar, I see a human silhouette approaching, and a beautiful smiling and cordial woman nicely invites me to her home. It was Anna. Anna is dressed in white, when I meet her she is wearing jewels which resemble stone belt buckles, different gems with each one of my visits. Anna has a very attentive companion, a very merry child who is seldom at the house, a house open on external nature.

One day when I was tired, Anna suggested a pale pink drink to me which was in a bottle on the coffee table. I did not know that I could drink, but if she suggested it to me, it was possible for me. I took the glass that she gave me, and I drank. Its voice resounded in my spirit that this water held roses. It is more than rose oil, it is the spirit of rose. And it is sensational! This rose water makes the subtle body sparkle and makes it infinitely merry, light. It is amusing because the essence of my being was merry and semi-sparkling, whereas my physique did not feel anything, as if it did not know about what occurs up there, as if put to the side. While I sparkled on the sofa in the living room, I saw by the window a suspension vehicle, without wheels, which made me think of a boat on an air cushion rather than a vessel. This vehicle deposited her son at the house.

On the other side of the room, is also a screen similar to that which I saw among my Vulcan hosts. Regularly, Anna showed me the positioning of their vessels around our earth. Increasingly many have arrived, and await a signal to appear in our space time, and thus to be visible to our eyes.

John Winston


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