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Tuesday, October 18, 2005


I still do not know who is speaking. - Leneesa

The world in the basement of our earth:

I do not know if you have read the book "TELOS" by Aurilie Louise Jones. (JW I know Louise and have been in her home when she lived in the town called Shastina, Calif. I believe she is telling the truth in the things that she says and does.) At the end of the first volume, Mykos invites those who can come to visit him. I wanted to do it!

I landed opposite a charming man of Mediterranean type, bronzed, who was close to a river. He had a really delighted air in that an inhabitant of the surface had come to give him a short visit! When one reads the book, one is curious about the world they live in, but when one is on the spot it is astounding! It is true that it has a central sun, and the most difficult concept to accept, is the horizon which goes up, which curves. It took several visits for it to become my normality also. Opposite the river, it had trees like I never saw. Enormous, gigantic, splendid. He showed me his library one day when I went to say hello. It is a beautiful building of Greek style if my memories are good, with many works. But I must acknowledge that after having seen the library on Vulcan, I was not as sensitive as I would have been, faced with so many works.

Then he led me to see the children of Telos. And there they are marvellous. They have an openness of spirit, a vivacity, a note of love, an incredible tolerance. Like the children of the Mouniens, and like all the children of the nonterrestrial races which were presented to me, these children very early learn how to take themselves on a journey of consciousness, and to meet other cultures. As Vaissia had said to me, that teaches them TOLERANCE. By looking at and by feeling the true Joy of these children, I said to myself that the time when ours will live this open-mindedly, will be a time of Rebirth.

I do not go down any more because Mykos has not been there since the summer of 2003. He does not resound any more in the subtle world, but he resounds in our heavy surface density.

Well before reading the Telos book and taking a stroll in the world of the center of our Earth, I had met other inhabitants who live under the surface. My first visit was to an immense cathedral. I landed there in a box at the top of the cathedral, and I see below hundreds of men and women clad in white, who emit a buzzing vibration. This vibration is in direct relation with Shamballa. These People are of Asian aspect, without a prominent nose. They pray to maintain, and reharmonize the vibratory fields of our Earth. There is no source of light, but the light is everywhere.

When I spoke about it to my Jean he answered that it was explained perfectly with the 3d theory of time. "time passing more slowly in these temporal high densities (more time and less space), one sees the energy which emerges from atomic excitations (emissions of photons) much better than in our world where it appears as only one overly rapid part."

After ten visits in which I did not dare to engage in conversation because I was afraid to disturb, one day I came face to face with someone thatI felt was like a spiritual head. I had no choice but to speak. As thefirst sentence of exchange with him I received: -"Ah, finally! you dare to spend some time!" Then, he trotted me around his world. We took a long corridor (giving the impression of a way that does not finish!) but I did not see an escalator nor something similar.

The places of life are zomes piled up one upon another. Street of zomes. (Zome: a geometrical building of faceted form, which pile up like crystals. Zome for a single person, zomes which communicate for families (like a duplex with us!). In the interior of the dwelling like the outside, the light is soft and homogeneous. Furniture is white, comfortable, purified lines. There are living spaces and places for community meetings. Banquet and conference rooms, with a fountain of purple fire which comforts the subtle bodies when one approaches. These People were in contact with the Cathars and visited at the time of the solstice ceremony for example.

Sent in by John Winston


A very interesting case sent in by Albert Rosales, Humanoid Sighting Reports

Location. Pacific OceanDate: 1936 (approximate date) Time: daytime

A Russian civilian transport steam vessel the “Maria” from Leningrad was crossing the Pacific Ocean. Suddenly one day the officer of the watch noticed a strange apparatus ahead on the water, remotely looking like a vessel that ascended out from the ocean. No signs of life could be seen on it and the strange vessel did not respond to the Maria’s radio signals. After a period of observation the Captain of the Maria ordered the launch of a small boat to find out what the object was.

Five sailors approached the object in the rowboat and the rest of the crew watched the boat approach the object and the sailors board the strange object. In a short period of time the strange vessel began moving away at very high speed and soon disappeared into a cloud or fog. An attempt to follow it and intercept the vessel was futile and after several hours of searching and waiting the Captain of the Maria ordered its vessel to continue on its original route.

As the ship returned to the area several days later the Captain ordered its crew to follow the same previous route. Coming close to the location of the previous unexpected meeting the officer of the watch caught a glance of a strange boat, unlike any normal boat he had ever seen. This boat was made of a transparent material. Inside the boat there were 3 sailors of the original 5 that original set out to investigate the anomalous object. When the Maria approached the boat one of the sailors screamed and jumped into the water. Despite an immediate search his body was never sound, apparently submerging into the abyss. The other two were taken onboard, they seemed happy to meet their comrades again.

After that they told an amazing story. When they were taken onboard the strange craft, they were surrounded by strange entities, dressed in dark shiny suits, looking like frogmen. Their extremities were only similar to humans, having small webbed membranes between the fingers. The aliens exchanged glances between them (obviously communicating by telepathy) not verbally. Sometimes they exchanged gestures. The aliens then told the humans that there was no way back, and requested that they stay with them. Two of the sailors immediately agreed, they were then separated from the rest and were never seen again. The other three were imprisoned in an isolated room where they spent about 2 days according to their estimation. Soon and by unknown means, the three men found themselves onboard the strange boat, with a stock of strange food resembling tablets in transparent pockets, that the aliens had also offered them onboard the strange vessel. It was enough to eat 1 or 2 such tablets to feel no hunger. One of the men (the one that jumped in the water later) refused to eat the tablets and while the rest slept became tired with fruitless observations of the ocean and grabbed the alien provisions discarding them into the water. They remained without food for 1 day, but felt no hunger.

Subsequently they noticed the Maria approaching their location. When the “survivors” were taken onboard and the Maria began moving away from the area the strange boat was suddenly surrounded by waves and sank into the ocean. The crew onboard had not been able to take the strange boat onboard since it had nothing to hook on to.

After arriving back to Leningrad the Captain of the Maria sent a report to the Ministry. The Captain and the two remaining sailors were called to the Ministry and interrogated. One of the sailors was labeled a psychotic, the second refused to cooperate any further. The Captain was very persistent in his testimony, referring to the watch journal and stating that everything was accurately documented. But subsequently he was forced to back off and admit that nothing had occurred. Soon the Captain was transferred to another ship.

HC addendum
Source: Engineer Lev A. Popov, quoting the Files of Felix U Zigel and Anton AnfalovHigh Strangeness Index: 9
Reliability of Source: 8

Comments: A garbled second hand version of this amazing incident is found in the 1982 summaries. In that version the incident took place in the Black Sea. The above appears to be the correct and true account.


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