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Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Re: Ever seen a bigfoot?

From the God Like Productions Bulletin Board.

Just got back from there, told my hubby, and now I have to take him. Maybe we'll catch a glimpse with the two of us . . . I've known a few people who've seen them, lots of them in one case. I used to work for the USFS inland 20 miles from the No. Cal coast near the Oregon border. Sorry, I'm sketchy on the details, was decades ago, the FS office was also the fire camp for the summer fire seasons. Many locals worked their summers as firefighters.

There was a fire high in the mountains in an area unusual in the thickness of the forest, and also for the amount of water in an otherwise alpine/desert chapperal. During a fire in one of the trough areas, some folks got caught, and tried to scramble up the creek they were following, but when they came up to a waterfall they were shocked to see huge beasts throwing logs and rocks at them. The guys said that they were making all kinds of sounds, 'yelling or screaming or something, they were really pissed!' They also said that there were different types of them, larger, smaller, hairy, not so hairy, lighter ones darker ones. I remember asking how many of them, but they could only say that they could see some go and others take their place, they said they were so stunned that they just stood there, until the debris being thrown at them made them realize that they 'had better get out of there before they start to comes down after us.

They were so scared that they were able to get out in an area they had previously not thought they could, however after their adventure they had a newfound motivation to get back and tell somebody before they were taken down by the 'residents' of the fire.

True, and a very close friend was near the coast in Brookings in the coastal hills there about 10 miles inland. One night he was opening his gate to take his car to town, he sat in the seat to drive thru the gate and saw the bigfoot walk down a steep bank above the road, down across the road and thru a large puddle, and step off the very steep bank on the other side, all in the direct view of his headlights . . . he didn't close the gate when he left . . .! All true from folks who I've seen tell me, and I'm no expert, however I can see fear, fear of the impossible is a sight to see . .

Another one

Ok, I saw one years ago. Was camping in the Trinity's near Eureka CA. They came into our site to check us out. Some of the people with us were still up and didn't know what was going on. I went to lay down, I was tired and cold and the place was really creepy.

As I settled down, I started to hear noises outside of the camp. It was New Years and we were the only ones there. What I heard was something like rocks being pounded on trees. At that moment I knew, Oh Shit!

I layed there and listened, my girlfriend came in and I told her what I heard and we both listened carefully. After awhile we heard a large branch being broken. I mean like a baseball bat! Then we heard them walk up to the site from the trail behind our site. Large muffled steps that were farther apart than regular steps.

I was ready to jump out of my skin, there was nothing I could do but pray they didn't hurt us. I was shaking uncontrollably and closed my eys to try to calm down.

Our tent was on the other side of the VW bus we rode up in and the light source from where the four others were talking and laughing. With my eyes shut I could see it get darker and lighter from time to time as something passed between the light source and our tent. It took me a long time to muster the courage to open my eyes and look. Finally, I did and could see the VW silhouetted against the tent. Then, ... I saw it! This enormous form walked up to the bus very carfully and quietly. It was sort of crouching and it was HUGE. I kid you not, this thing was buff and covered with hair with the crest on it's head. It crept up to the bus to peer at the others and was SHOULDER HIGH TO THE VW BUS!!! I closed my eyes and think I passed out for awhile, I was so damn scared!

They milled around for a long time and we could hear them, sounded like about 3 making very soft sounds to each other with their lips. Like blowing air across the lips like a horse would.

No one knew what happened but us. The next day I asked my girlfriend why she stayed so calm while I was completely terrified. She used to live in Canada near the Washington border and said they used to come at night sometimes and look in the window. She said they never bothered anything and didn't really think they were a threat, just curious.

There is more but that's basically the story. I have never been so frightened in all of my life.I live in Southern Oregon now and it's not that big a deal. Many people here know they're out there and have lots of stories.

and another XXX rated!

I was raised on the Mendocino coast of No. California, where Pomo people have told stories for hundreds of years about "bigfoot".

I saw one "face to face" in the early 70's, while having a romantic interlude with my girlfriend at the time, on a remote dirt road in some woods north of town.
We both still lived with our parents, and had no place to "do it", so we would drive out like so many other "kids" have, and find a place to park.This particular time we found an old dead end where someone had barb wired across the road and the brush had grown up around it. A perfect place, or so we thought.

Picture this, here we are, two teenagers, naked in the backseat making love when all of a sudden the car starts rocking (on it's own) and you could hear the alder branches scraping down the side of the car at the same time, but the windows were so fogged up I couldn't see who was out there, and I was so scared that I jumped over into the driver seat, threw my tee shirt to my girlfriend to wipe the rear window, and backed the heck up out of there onto the main "dirt" road leading into the place where I stopped in an open spot to get out and put my clothes back on.

That's when I saw what was shaking my car. He came walking towards me on the road that we had just driven up from, and as he cleared the rise I could see that he was about seven or eight feet tall, hairy, with no clothes on.

As he walked towards me he sort of lumbered and his head would bob up and down. I stood there in my shorts for a second or two as he came closer and walking deliberately towards me, but at the time I had no desire to meet bigfoot or find out if he was nice so I jumped back in the car and took off, and didn't stop again until we were near the highway.

The problem we ended up with is that we couldn't tell our parents what we saw without them knowing we were "parking" out there in the first place. But I know what I saw, there was plenty of light, he came within 50 feet of me before I chickened out, and I could see that he wasn't a regular looking human, but some kind of hairy hominid.

And if that isn't enough my nephew, (who had never heard this story), claims to have had a face to face encounter with the same type of creature, in the same general area "thirty" years later. It scared him so bad he left his bicycle lying at the spot and we had to go back with him to get it. We saw large tracks leading away to a wooded spot but it was sand dunes so they weren't identifiable.

I knew another guy that used to poach firewood at night with a spotlight who claims to have come across an entire family of creatures deep in the woods while shining his light over the side of the bank looking for logs. He drove all the way back into town and got his mother to go back out with him to "witness" it to prove that he wasn't lying. I talked to her, she said that she saw them as well, and being a very religious person I believe that she was telling the truth.

a short one

Trinity Alps and Northern California seems to have quite a few sightings. A local in Trinity Center saw a large bigfoot standing a few feet in the water on the shore of Trinity Lake which is just below the Trinity Alps. This was never reported anywhere as it was just known to a few who live in the area as I found out through a family member who lives there.

Also just northeast of Eureka, CA. a co-worker of my wife's husband when on a hike saw a large female carrying a small bigfoot on its back walking up a mountain that was just feet away from him. This was also never reported anywhere by him.

And from me!

I saw a dead Sasquatch that had been shot in the Bering Sea and picked up by fishermen. It was in a block of ice and you could see where the blood from the wound had come out in the ice.On close examination it had big teeth, hardly any hair on its face, fingerprints, and its sex organ was covered in hair.It was about 7 feet tall. You can read about it in a book Ivan T. Sanderson wrote. He did an in depth study of it. - Aileen


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