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Monday, October 16, 2006


I have been a victim of alien (demons?) abduction since 1992. I would describe my attackers as being humanoid in appearance, but at the same time having reptilian characteristics, tall, very dark, almost black and very evil looking.

The attacks are horrendous. During each attack I am sexually assaulted in many perverse and sadistic ways. My attackers also feed on me. By feed, I mean they actually consume my life force (spiritual energy). They are life force vampires (spiritual vampires). I cannot overly stress the importance of that. They also take biological fluid from me that they later consume.

They use an advanced form of mind control technology on me in an attempt to turn me into some evil, sick, and depraved individual. They also have tried to make me commit suicide. Once, I was under the control of their mind control devices. It felt as if my mind was not my own. It also felt as if my mind was totally wide open. I remember one of the aliens kneeling next to me saying over and over, “You will kill yourself.” They have used the same technique in an effort to make me mutilate myself. They have done so much more to me.

I am in constant pain. Most of the time I feel extremely lethargic. I experience constant severe headaches accompanied with occasional nosebleeds. I have pain around my spleen, liver, kidneys, and heart area. The heart area is the area that the demons feed on the most.

The aliens claim that they have placed a “symbiont” (evil etheric entity?) inside of me. I have to constantly fight off negative (evil) thoughts and compulsions. I never had the negative thoughts and compulsions before I was first attacked by the demons. I know that they are responsible.

There is much that I want to tell you about the aliens. For example they arrive here in inter-dimensional ships. They have been coming here for thousands of years. They have ways to assume human form that allows them to move around freely in human society. The aliens also have two different hybrid programs. Both hybrids programs produce hybrids that look perfectly human. The hybrids produced from one of the programs are produced for the purpose of infiltrating all aspects of human society. They are given very advanced technological devices and paranormal abilities. Some of them are being placed in positions of power and influence. Based on their covert actions, they can only be described as sociopaths.

I know that the aliens and their sociopathic hybrids use astral projection, bi-location, teleportation, and materialization as a means to gain access to their victims. They also have ways to create dreamscapes in which the victim’s analytical capacities are shut down. The aliens then create bizarre illusions. Since the victim’s analytical capacities are effectively shut down the victim has no idea that what he or she is experiencing are illusions. I am enclosing an article that was written by James Bartley so that you can get an idea of what takes place during dreamscape manipulation.

I have managed to obtain audio recordings of demonic attacks that were directed at me. I must tell you now that I have no memory of most of the events that are on the audio-cassette (the aliens have ways to erase the memory of a demonic attack). Some of the audio content is very negative (an attack by sociopathic demonic hybrids in human form). There is also a section on the audio-cassette that has the recorded sounds of what only can be described as radio frequency sounds. In his article Bartley mentions something similar. I am also enclosing a copy of an Internet post from a young man (another victim of demonic attack) who lives in Croatia. In his post he described hearing radio waves that are very similar to what is recorded on the audio-cassette.

I also have recordings in which a magnetic pickup coil was used. The magnetic pick up coil was connected to a micro-cassette recorder’s microphone input. If I am correct, only sounds of alternating magnetic fields (as opposed to electrical fields) of electromagnetic (EM) emissions can be recorded when using this particular recording technique. As a result I have managed to obtain the recorded sounds of alternating magnetic fields emitted by devices the aliens use during abductions. I am willing to provide you with a copy (in the form of an audio-cassette) of the original EM recordings.

I also have a damaged electromagnet that I once used in an effort to protect myself. The demons damaged it with some kind of heat beam. I am willing to submit the electromagnet for examination.

If it were possible, would you please direct me to someone who may be able to help me?

Respectfully yours

by James Bartley

This treatise concerns the reptilian's manipulation of the Human Astral Dreamscape for the express purpose of promoting particular behaviors within the abductee. This subject deals with issues regarding sexuality,aggression, physical, emotional and psychological stress. This treatise will provide the most accurate information regarding reptilian operational methods that has ever been presented in history.

Astral Dreamscape Manipulation is a very pervasive form of behavior modification that most abductees experience at one time or another. Sadly,most abductees are oblivious to the fact that this is an aspect of behavior modification that is routinely practiced by the reptilians upon certain categories of abductees. Most disturbing, this type of manipulation is being perpetrated upon children. Doubtless the information contained in this treatise will generate a firestorm of controversy. I could care less. Again, my writings are meant to be read by abductees witha Heightened Sense of Awareness. The manipulated muppets can go off and oscillate at a higher frequency for all I care. This treatise isn't meant for them. Their reptilian "familiars" would never let them read this and even if their familiars let them read it, the internet group list moderators and hosted abductee support group facilitators would not let them read it.

So much for free will and choice. Just some more hive consciousness cliches.The Draco-reptilian hive consciousness will simply not allow the abductees under their control to read this caliber of information. This is unfortunate since many with reptilian DNA are going through changes at this time. Their reptilian familiars are always on hand to ensure that the reptilian hybrids develop along the lines the reptilians want them too. Even if a reptilian hybrid baby was adopted and raised by warm loving human parents, his or her reptilian familiars will sooner or later make their presence felt and will try to turn that child into an obnoxious obscene "human being."

One of the principal methods of conditioning and behavior modification is through astral dreamscape manipulation. The Draco-reptilian hive consciousness will strive at all hazards to keep "their" hybrids under their control."A system that does not allow dissent also ignores dissenting information."A quote by General Markus Wolf, the former director for East German Foreign Intelligence.He might as well be describing the Draco-reptilian control over humans in general and reptilian hybrids in particular.

The ironic thing is many of these hybrid "starseeds" always brag about how special and spiritually evolved they are never realizing that they never had a choice in the matter.Their overwhelming contempt and arrogance reveals them for what they are not to mention some of the perverted practices in their private lives.

Some have slipped through the cracks however. Some of my closest colleagues are reptilian hybrids that didn't allow themselves to be corrupted from within. It just shows that it is the quality of the SOUL that counts. Not the genetics.

I will describe how reptilians and reptilian host can invade the dreamscape and sexually assault humans. Doubtless there will be some who say this cannot be done. There is one reptilian host in particular that has said that my ideas about this have come from a movie starring Dennis Quaid called"Dreamscape." This naysayer is one of the worst offenders there is. He has been identified by more than one human female as having the ability to astrally project himself into the astral dreamscape of a woman to either rape them or to sow fear and confusion into their dreamscape. I know another woman who has actually seen him "Shapeshift" for a brief instant. He is what I refer to as a Dirty Reptilian Bumboy. He has propositioned female abductees and tried to encourage them to take part in videotaped sadomasochism sessions involving himself and another male. And yet to read his writings he comes off as an articulate reasonable individual, instead of the raping dirty reptilian bumboy that he is.

This "researcher" has told a personal friend of mine whom he tried to enlist in these debauched activities that taking part in sadomasochism sessions with multiple partners of both sexes allows the participant to develop more of a psychic link with the reptilians.

He said the reptilians would begin to appear to the participant more often if they take part in these sadomasochistic group sex activities. When my friend refused to participate, this "researcher" visited her that same night in his astral form and sat on the edge of the bed and smiled as a large reptilian brutally raped and sodomized my friend.

My friend has a very pronounced psi ability which is why she is the subject of so much reptilian and human military interest. This Dirty Reptilian Bumboy has utilized numerous "notional identities" on the internet in order to shout down or marginalize the writings of those who are very familiar with the true nature of the reptilians.

He will alternately portray himself as an advocate of human freedom vis avis the reptilians and on the other hand as someone who becomes incensed whenever anyone mentions "negative reptilians" and manifest online as a many headed viper under a hail of notional e-mail names. He will also send outlinks related to esoteric or occulted subjects in order to generate conversation or usually, provide himself an opportunity to comment about the subject matter himself.

He lurks on a number of internet group list devoted to UFO subjects to ensure that no meaningful discussion about reptilians is ever initiated and if necessary will generate a blizzard of that special brand of reptilian discord and chaos in order to stop those who are commenting about the reptilians from writing any further. His reptilian specialty is tormenting females on the various ufo list whilst hiding behind his various internet pseudonyms. What a gallant individual!

With this Dirty Reptilian Bumboy we have a sneak preview of what censorship and media control will be like in the future. No dissenting opinions will be allowed under threat of slander,verbal abuse and physical and sexual punishment all under the guise of"Enlightenment and Spiritual Development."He will even accuse his online enemies of having reptilian or Draco DNA if they mention having the ability to see the hosting entities overshadowing possessed human beings. He is the veritable embodiment of reptilian chaos,discord and sexual deviance and yet he has established himself as an expert on all things reptilian. He is an occulted practitioner along with some of his reptilian bumboy fellow "researchers" who likewise portray themselves as experts in the ufo field.Keep all this in mind Dear Reader, when the "experts" in the UFO research field begin to attack my writings about the astral dreamscape manipulation of humans by reptilians and their alien vassals.

If myself or my colleagues receive any more crap from this "researcher" I will release his name on the internet and provide interesting details of his private life..The ability to astrally project one self into the astral dreamscape of others for malevolent purposes has been practiced by Warlocks, Adepts and Sorceresses for centuries. There is nothing new about any of this. It is interesting to note that those who lend the most credence to dream visions from Indian Medicine Men or Eastern Mystics are the same ones who will be the most critical about my thesis that reptilians can manipulate the human astral dreamscape. They will agree with the notion that humans can have prophetic visions but anything that smacks of "negativity" in the astral dreamscape is merely a product of my warped imagination.

I challenge the readers to be honest with themselves when reading thismaterial and ask yourselves if any of this may have happened to you. You may have brushed off the memories of what I'm about to describe as "bad dreams"or "strange erotic dreams" but I assure you, they are not. Astral Dreamscape Manipulation is intended to promote certain behaviors and tendencies within the targeted human abductee until these behaviors become an ingrained part of their character. If left unchecked, this process can lead to reptilian hosting.Remember: Thoughts lead to words, words lead to actions, actions lead to character and character leads to DESTINY.


The reptilians hold the tactical "High Ground" in the astral dreamscape by dint of the fact that most humans are not lucid dreamers and the reptilians are "at home" in the astral dreamscape. Besides being paraphysical entities and mesmerizers par excellence, reptilians can shape and influence a dreamscape experience to suit their devious and sordid ends. Moreover the reptilians can further diminish what little lucidity and awareness humans may have in the dreamscape. The reptilians are intimately familiar with the way the Human Mind works and in particular how to create certain imagery or set the mood of a "dream."With their psychic third eye vision they quickly do an "experience scan" in your memory banks prior to the abduction or dreamscape manipulation.

Acting upon this pre-abduction intelligence, the reptilian may appear to the abductee as someone he or she had a crush on back in high school. At the same time her libido is revved up artificially by the reptilians. Not only are they able to manipulate a human's erogenous zones but they are adept at manipulating the human endocrinary system. Remember: Brain Wavefunction is regulated and controlled by certain hormones and alkaloids released into the brain and other parts of the body by certain glands.Human Security Services are already using sonic waves to simulate particular brain wave patterns which trigger the release of hormones and alkaloids by particular glands nothing simpler.

Humans can be made to have greater psi abilities merely by manipulating their brain waves and endocrinary system. And all these New Age La Dee Dahs and Muppets think they have "developed"psychic abilities because of their contacts with their alien benefactors.

As Barbie Bartholic points out, the reptilians know EVERYTHING about us.They can manifest a credible simulation of a home from your childhood in order to set a certain tone, mood or feeling of familiarity. For example there can be two or more "human extras" standing around in your dreamscape childhood home. These "humans" are really reptilians assuming human disguises. (they wished they looked human) They will use familiar people in your dreamscape to lull you into a sense of security. Images of friends and relatives can be projected onto our dreamscape the same way electronic countermeasure pods on certain aircraft can project non-existent "bogies"onto the radar screens of the enemy in order to confuse or distract them from what is really going on. The are certain cues to watch for in the astral dreamscape. Sometimes you can tell the "humans" are reptilians because there may be two that are about the same size and wearing the same or similar clothes as compared to a "leader" who may be slightly taller and always seems to be standing by your side or in front of you.

Often times they use the classic "interrogation" technique where they will sit directly across a table from the abductee and question them about their beliefs and propagandize them with the Reptilian Credo of Enlightenment through Physical and Spiritual Degradation. They can appear as humans, as military personnel, cloaked in robes or as full on reptilians. The lesser ranking reptilians usually stand behind the seated reptilian.

I along with a close friend who lives in the high desert was interrogated by three reptilians posing as high-ranking human military personnel. The"officers" were "seated" alongside each other in a high dais. They were flanked on one side by the federal flag with the yellow "admiralty maritime"braid and on the other side by some other flag. They kept "yelling" at us telepathically and directed most of their anger at me. I remember at one point turning to my friend and "thinking" to her: "Remember this. This is real, it's not a dream." Later we compared notes on the telephone. Based on similar accounts I have heard from other abductees and from what I remember from this particular experience, the entities were giving the impression of being "seated" behind a high dais as a means to conceal their tremendous height which is always a giveaway.

The leaders are usually conducting most of the psychic monologue to the abductee whereas the others just grunt or growl every now and then usually with a severe grimace or scowl on their faces. It's so difficult for them to conceal their utter contempt for humans.We must learn to recognize when a dream is our own and when it is a"Stage-managed dream." The reptilians strive to immerse us in various dramas or scenarios which are meant to hold the attention of the percipient while at the same time weave in imagery and symbolism which is meant to promote certain behaviors and beliefs of which I will discuss in more detail later.

There is also a "filthiness factor" associated with the reptilians even though you may not see them in the dreamscape. The atmosphere seems to be saturated with their foul energy. What appears to be feces may be scatteredon the floors. Bathroom or locker room scenes are typified by their filthiness. Large cockroaches and other bugs may be seen scurrying around in the astral dreamscape. Large Rats are often seen in a dreamscape polluted by the reptilians. These are just a few of the things that are described again and again in the astral dreamscape which create an atmosphere of foul malevolence whenever the reptilians are attempting to manipulate the human'sperceptions and emotions. It is altogether apt if you ask me. Vermin such as huge cockroaches and rodents are symbolic of the putrid essence of the reptilians, sewer scum that they are.

Indeed they intentionally use these types of illusions precisely because of the natural revulsion and fear it engenders within decent human beings. Tip there.Human Awareness in the dreamscape suffers from what military fighter pilots refer to as "Cognitive Saturation." Cognitive Saturation occurs when a pilot of a high speed jet aircraft perceives too much visual stimuli at one time and in such a fashion as to not be able to properly control his speeding aircraft for a few critical seconds.There may have been too many physical features that he perceived through his cockpit and Heads Up Display (HUD) at one time. Mountains, clouds, shimmering bodies of water, other aircraft, jet exhaust, flocks of birds, any or all of the above can contribute to momentarily flooding the visual senses of a human pilot. Add to this the stress of flying a high performance aircraft in realistic Air Combat Maneuvering (ACM) training or in actual air to air combat and the margin for error is very slim indeed. Many pilots wind up dying in air crashes as a result of experiencing Cognitive Saturation for only a few seconds.(The American public for various reasons is generally ignorant of the frequent air crashes suffered by the military. Some of the military's aircraft should have been retired DECADES ago.)

The reader must remember the importance of retaining conscious awareness during our dream life. We spend fully 1/3rds of our life asleep.No self disgusting reptilian or mind controller would allow such an opportunity to slip by without at least attempting to manipulate The Mind,Body and Soul of a sleeping human that the reptilians and mind controllers want to control. Each abductee has a certain degree of usefulness to the reptilians, some more than others.

As is the case with professional athletes in such high speed sporting competitions as Downhill Skiing or Race car driving WE MUST BE ABLE TO SLOWDOWN "TIME" WITH OUR EYES I.E. REGULATE THE INFLUX OF VISUAL STIMULI AND FOCUS OUR DEPTH PERCEPTION WITHIN THE CONFINES OF THE ASTRAL DREAMSCAPE.We've all heard accounts of great athletes describing the sensation of everything and everyone around them being in "slow motion" while they were performing some acrobatic feat in a football game or other athletic competition. They are accurately describing their ability to screen out extraneous or unnecessary visual stimuli and FOCUS THEIR WILL AND CONSCIOUSAWARENESS UPON THE IMMEDIATE TASK AT HAND. Military Jet fighter planes have a very crowded "Heads Up Display" full of various computer graphics running simultaneously on their windshield. They can unconsciously block out all the unwanted data appearing on their screen and just focus their WILL and their Conscious Awareness on the data they want and the "bogey" they are after.

Keep all this in mind because the reptilians and their minions are masters of creating illusions, assuming disguises and dimming the awareness of human beings in or out of the astral dreamscape. In the dreamscape the reptilians can heighten the anxiety level of the abductee or promote mental sluggishness just as easily as if they were spinning the dial on an FMradio.


The reptilians utilize illusion and disguises very frequently during physical abductions and in the astral dreamscape. Reptilians will often disguise themselves as old boyfriends, famous movie stars, musical artist etc. for the express purpose of raping human females. To provide an illustration of the ease in which the reptilians utilize illusions let us examine in close detail one of their favorite operational schemes.Reptilians often bring human females to a place that has warm pools of water or what appear to be hot tubs or Jacuzzis. Human women are mass raped in these wading pool/hot tub environments. Artificial beach settings have been described by female abductees.The critical reasoning faculty of the women has been switched off. It doesn't occur to them to question the possibility or likelihood that they are having a sexual encounter with a famous singer or actor. It's just an operational illusion that the reptilian is utilizing at the moment. Unless the woman wakes up with vaginal or anal soreness, involuntary discharges, bleeding, or a urinary tract infection, the woman may just brush off thememory as a strange erotic dream. Even then she may not associate the symptoms with the strange dream, if indeed she can even remember the dream!

Again we can borrow a term from military fighter pilots. In our example above, the abductee has lost "Situational Awareness" in the astral dreamscape because of the various and sundry methods of deception andmanipulation and have become fair game for the reptilians.It must be understood by the reader that there is PHYSICALITY in the astraldreamscape.

Notice how a reptilian can seduce a woman or sodomize a man through layers of bedsheets, comforters and night clothes. They densify only those parts of their anatomy where and when they need to. They can be invisible in the visible spectrum and yet conduct forcible rape or sodomy that is a very real physical traumatic event to the human. The woman may see only an illusion of a famous entertainer or musical artist. There have been numerous cases of raping reptilians disguising themselves as Bruce Springsteen, Sting from the police, Tom Cruise and Tommy Lee Jones. EvenMichael Jackson has been reported by credible female observers! On the other hand some woman may only see a close up of a hideous reptilian face and not be able to move or utter a sound. And all this can go on with Tarzan lying sound asleep or otherwise immobilized and completely incapable of helping his significant other that is being sexually assaulted right next to him in the bed. If he's been properly programmed he will be of no help or support to his Lady and indeed can be quite abusive if that is what the reptilians want. In short Tarzan is a complete NO LOAD. Emotionally unavailable and even irritable when the subject of these "nightmares" and "experiences" are brought up, Tarzan becomes part of the problem instead of being a part of the solution.


Promoting fear is one of the most common and pervasive forms of reptilian dreamscape manipulation. This is ironic when you consider how often the Hive Consciousness tries to compel humans to "get over their fear."The aforementioned Dirty Reptilian Bumboy spends all his online time trying to big shot his reading audience into believing humans are just "evolved reptiles" and cites the abundance of "ancient reptilian architecture" and"mytho-histories" as his proof that reptilians are spiritually evolved beings who are largely responsible for civilizing humans despite the fact that reptilians strive at all hazards to keep their very existence secret. Leave it to the UFO Research Community to not spot this apparent contradiction.

This dirty reptilian bumboy leads a double life. On the one hand he is an articulate urbane "Researcher" and on the other hand he lives out a demonic psychic existence replete with occultic rituals, sadomasochism, astrally raping women and creating FEAR and FILTH in the astral dreamscape. He meditates upon the mental image or a photograph of a woman he wants to rape or a man he wants to sodomize. He is an occultic practitioner and performs many of these rituals during Pagan holidays. I would be amazed if even two percent of the so called UFO Research Community is aware that reptilian host can do these things.

The dirty reptilian bumboy then astrally projects into the dreamscape of the human woman and proceeds to perpetrate his vile acts of evil and perversion. The dirty reptilian bumboy that I've been writing about is secretly proud ofhis ability to engage in these kinds of diabolical activities. He often does his dreamscape raping in tandem with his real life "alter ego," another dirty reptilian bumboy who likewise fancies himself a "UFO EXPERT" or as he prefers "an INNER EARTH RESEARCHER." The latter is more apt because this individual is another reptilian host who also practices black magick.Exactly the kind of individual you'd expect to come out of the bowels of the Earth to assault human women.

From the standpoint of what I call "Psychic Security" it is dangerous and reckless to send photographs by mail or internet to people who may be reptilian host. The reptilian host can detect the residual energy signature in the photograph and subsequently develop a psychic link with the person in the photo. In occultic circles, this is known as an "Object Link."If the abductee is in e-mail or telephonic communications with this host they are actually making it easier for the reptilian host to enter their dreamscape and perpetrate all manner of vile and perverted actions.

I once had the energy drained out of me after listening to a ten minutemessage on my phone machine left by an angry and frustrated female reptilian host that I had identified years ago. For some reason I made the reptilian host very agitated. The telephone and the internet are merely electromagnetic conduits and the reptilians make full use of this when trying to manipulate and control humans. A common ploy is to have manipulated muppet abductees call up the hard core spiritual warrior abductees on the phone several times a day to waste their time and drain them of energy.

Astral Sex is physical sex.

Although it may sound like a paradox it isn't if you understand how frequency and resonance works. Many women wake up in themorning after being raped by a reptilian feeling soreness in their vaginas and sometimes in their rectums as well. The entire sordid experience may seem to the female abductee as merely an unusually erotic "dream" despite the physical discomfort. If that isn't mind control I don't know what is.This dirty reptilian bumboy indulges in astral rapes. That's fine. I'll have his reptilian scalp one of these days.

Depending on the women involved,these kinds of unwanted nocturnal rapes can create much fear and trepidation and be seriously disruptive of normal sleep patterns. Other women develop effective countermeasures and have even been known to exact some measure of revenge against these reptilian hosts.Fear is also promoted through a seemingly endless stream of "mind games"perpetrated to confuse or intimidate the female abductee going through these astral rapes.

The reptilian may create dreamscape scenarios where he lurks in the background and observes as the human goes through one manipulated drama after another. The reptilians like to stand off to the side and laugh amongst themselves at the psychodramas they are putting the abductee through. The reptilians literally feed off of our fear and anxiety which is reason enough for them to create these types of dreamscape scenarios.

Promiscuity is also programmed into abductees including pre-teens. The reptilians can turn up the sexual arousal mechanism in humans with little or no effort. The sexual arousal mechanism is activated within humans while at the same time, the human finds himself or herself in an "erotic" dream.Through telepathic suggestion and perceptual manipulation the abductee is led into a scenario where they are encouraged whilst in this highly aroused state, to engage in sexual activity. The sexual activity the abductee is led into may involve reptilians, grays, alien-human hybrids and in some cases with other abductees. There are numerous variations of this type of scenario.These erotic dreamscape manipulations can occur for several nights running.Or they can occur intermittently over a protracted period of time lasting weeks, months and years.Not only will the abductee have these kinds of erotic dreams and act upon them in the dreamscape but also he or she will receive erotic mental imagery even during their waking hours. Telepathic suggestions will be utilized to encourage the abductee to engage in sexual intercourse.

This particular form of conditioning is particularly effective on women.A human female that has been conditioned in this fashion can become extremely promiscuous for an extended period of time. Needless to say, this creates a situation where the woman can be set up in a series of self-destructive negative relationships full of high drama and conflict. Not only will the reptilians feed off the anxiety and stress engendered within the woman but they will also feed off the sexual energy generated during the woman's many sexual experiences with different partners.

I know of cases where young pre-adolescent girls have undergone this kind of astral dreamscape manipulation. Night after night they are having "dreams"involving sexual activity to the point where they become preoccupied with thoughts of sex at all times of the day. They may begin to masturbate to such an extent that their parents notice this change in their behavior. They may even ask their parents questions involving sexuality.There have been instances when young girls undergoing this kind of manipulation have been known to hide beneath the bed of their parents hoping that the latter will engage in sexual intercourse. The young girl may become an exhibitionist, walking around the house nude in front of her siblings.We are talking simple cause and effect here. Since the reptilians have the ability to stimulate the erogenous zones of even pre-adolescent girls and bombard the mind with erotic imagery, the young girl in our example is incapable of doing anything except act out all the feelings and implanted suggestions she is given by her reptilian handlers.

In a situation such as I have just described, it is incumbent upon the mother to be a source of guidance and support to the child who is undergoing these evil manipulations by the reptilians.


Violent and sociopathic behaviors can also be promoted through astral dreamscape manipulation. Children, teenagers and adults can be shown images of blood and gore in the astral dreamscape and can even be compelled to participate in violent scenarios in which the abductee is made to either watch or take part in horrific acts of violence.The reptilians can use the image of a child's parents whilst they perpetrate acts of physical and sexual abuse upon the child. (In case the reader is wondering, the descriptions of psychosexual abuse given by the children has been obtained by parents with a heightened sense of awareness about the abduction syndrome. The reptilians typically mete out their reprisals upon the children of abductees who are actively resisting them.) Later I will discuss in more detail how sexuality can be manipulated to the extent of altering the sexual orientation of certain humans.

Regarding violence as a conditioned response, I know personally an adult male who was made to kill his wife and children again and again in the astral dreamscape. The killings would always be done in a gory vicious fashion. His waking hours were no relief either as "voices in his head"urged him to act on the "fantasies" he'd been having and murder his entire family. He told me that he could understand how someone could be made tokill after they had been subjected to this type of treatment for awhile.Violent tendencies within males can be fostered by this type ofmanipulation. It is especially useful if the male is the partner of a female abductee that the reptilians want to keep in a state of physical and sexual degradation. The reptilians will use Tarzan as their proxy handler. Oftentimes, if Tarzan is hosted himself or if he is being plied with deviant erotic mental imagery, he will begin to manifest deviant sexual desires including acting out fantasies of bondage and discipline upon his hapless girlfriend or wife. Vulgarity, sexual perversion and the need to control others are hallmarks of the reptilian influence upon human beings.Violent tendencies can also be promoted within male abductees undergoing the"Alien Love Bite."

Barbara Bartholic and Eve Lorgen have made in depth studies of this form of alien manipulation.During the latter stages of the Love Bite manipulation, a male abductee can become enraged at the female he has become obsessed with. The aliens will send images into the mind of the male abductee of his targeted love bite partner having sexual intercourse with another man. It is as if a videotape is playing in the mind of the male abductee which is designed to drive himcrazy with rage.Abductees can be made to eat what appears to be raw meat, bloody "pancakes"or even human body parts such as hands in the astral dreamscape. Abductees have been known to suffer extreme nausea lasting for weeks or months after being subjected to this kind of manipulation. I cannot stress enough the importance of never eating or drinking anything in the astral dreamscape.

Nikpalj Location: Croatia

Yesterday afternoon, while I was walking around town, about thirty seconds after I had the idea that I was going to post this in my thread (and probably also make a few drawings of the head parasites and the way their tentacles interconnect inside of the body, making a kind of complex astral construct inside, then scan these pics and post them here) in my left ear there suddenly went off an extremely high-pitched (high frequency) electronic kind of noise, like an extremely high-pitched continuous whistle. It immediately reminded me of another sound that I've heard before: at home we have a tiny, portable Soviet made TV receiver that was made in the 70's era. It's really low-tech - you actually have to tune it in to various "channels" by turning a big button, like on an old-fashioned radio set. This small TV makes approximately the same kind of barely audible electronic whistling sound while it is on, the sound slightly modulating in frequency while you turn the "channel search" button. It continued for about 20 minutes or so. I'm not sure, but it kind of felt that it was coming from the outside, rather then the inside of my head area (in other words - that it was generated by the parasites). Today, about half a minute after I had started writing all of this down, it had started off again, the same kind of high-frequency electronic "whistling" (subjectively) in my left ear (that was at about 9AM), and it hasn't stopped at all until now - 5PM. It's still on as I'm writing this down. An hour or so ago I have felt one of the two spider-like astral parasites on top of my head move it's tentacle that's going into my left ear just a bit, and the whistling was cut short instantly. Completely shut off. But it was off just for a second, as the parasite shifted it's tentacle a bit, like this movement was somehow interfering with the broadcasting of whatever kind of (radio?) waves these are...


  • At 3:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thank you for posting this article on your Blog. This is a very good article and describes some of what goes on. The people who are affected, keep saying, "Why do they do this to me?" Nobody that I know of has a rational explation why some people and not others.
    My explanitation is that it may have something to do with a persons blood type. -Gerald-

  • At 5:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Very powerful and moving account.
    Could this explain what is going on today?

    Best wishes,

  • At 4:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I am an abductee who has never experienced anything like these things EXCEPT that when I check the psychic apparatus I created to protect my energy body I find cut off tentacles ---which is what the device does, it works like an old fashioned lawn mower in some ways--- and so I had to create a device to clean them up, too. Maybe psychic hygeine protects me?

  • At 12:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You people are SERIOUSLY fucked up.

  • At 1:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    This really opened my eyes to what I've been noticing in the world lately. Lightbulbs kept going off as I read, excellent article!!!

    I have a close girlfriend who needs this information.

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  • At 3:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    If you are being serious about your posting , I will seriously make a couple of comments for you :
    The entities you are describing have power over you , just because you believe them . But you should never forget that you too are a son ( or daughter ) of God , the Creator of the Universe . If you believe them , they may do several things to your mind , emotions , or body . But , as being a son of God , they can not possibly destroy you . You stay on this idea all the time , and don't let them convince you of any different thing .
    Secondly , practice a healthy , natural sexual life . The liquid you are saying they take from you , you use it first , in a natural way , with a partner who is healthy in mind , body and heart . Never practice anal sex . Never practice sex during the period of the female partner . Never practice bizarre sex . These forms of sexual intercourse are a door to the dark world , it's like calling on these guys . Also , for some time at least , eat vegetarian food . Practice jogging , if possible . Clean your room , let the air in , put your things into order . Wear clean clothes . Take a shower before going to bed . Do your digestion at least once a day .
    Finally , I would suggest a few disciplines which may effectively help you handle your situation :
    1. Practice writing with your left hand ( or with the right hand if you are lefty ), little by little . Not easy , but it will have immediate results . Persevere on this practice until you are able to write several pages with a good hand writing .
    2. Relax your eyes , 3 or 4 times a day , specially before you go to sleep . The best methods are : a) Practice takind your eyes , from the center focus , to the extreme upper position ( looking at the sky ) without moving your head . Then do the same thing looking down ( looking at the floor , without moving your head ) . Do it several times . Then do it to the extreme right and then left positions . b) Look in front of you , eyes relaxed , and IMAGINE you are looking backwards , through the back of your head . Do not move your eyes in any way . As you practice , you'll be able to make it .
    3. Buy a notebook . Write about the history of your life , your feelings , your traumas , your childhood , your parents , your sexual life , your ideals , etc . Make of your notebook your best friend , your companion , your confident , your confessor . Do not show it to anydody . It is your intimate friend .
    You try these practices , and you'll see the results ...

  • At 11:11 PM, Blogger Big Old Blackie said…

    This is serious business here you all are talkin about! What is going on! These aliens got no right to be doin this stuff. You got to be careful with that electro gadget, dont go messin with them type of forces, it could backfire! Do you remember seein any of them Ape Skunks hangin around them alien fellas? They are ornery critters that dont want to be reconned with. They is close kin to them chupacabras, and could be hybrid offspring of them there government experiments. God Bless.

  • At 9:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Many recognizable elements here.

  • At 10:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Based on has happened to me, I believe this to be true.

  • At 10:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I know of a very close friend who came in contact with some. And knowing what they were, she voluntaily mingled with them. And they were actually shocked she'd do this willingly. Im just recounting what she told me.

  • At 7:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I see someone else around here has their head in the right place. So what are we gonna do about this? Where I come from any invader is a problem, and problems are quickly dealt with. We've waited far to long. I have a plan for a permanent solution to the reptilian problem, but for obvious reasons I will not discuss it here. Just wish me luck. And thanks for the wonderful post I've learned a lot from you.

  • At 2:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The reality and truth of what is presented here is factual in the fact that this group of aliens are and have been here for some time and our government is jointly working with this group of aliens to assist in the depopulation of the human race by 85% by the year
    2027. This informative article just begins to touch on the gravity of our situation now currently on our
    I feel the general attitude of the
    world would agree that we all feel it imparative to reveal the names of the currently known aliens and or hybreds that you undoubtably
    know of.
    The only way that we can begin to make a effort to control this situation is for all in-tune,
    phychic, or aware sensitives to reveal every known wolf in sheeps clothing to the world; Only then,
    can the world unite to disinfect
    our planet of this particular
    alien threat.
    This group of aliens and our government have a joint underground
    facility where they work towards
    their ultimate goals; But we have allowed this group of aliens to have their own home base where
    they work strickly on their agenda;
    and this home base of the reptilians is located in the Soloman Islands far off the coast of Japan.
    The peoples of these islands know
    and fear being out at night due to
    the possibility of being abducted.

    The holder of secrets.

  • At 2:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Aileen,

    Please contact me at instllr5555@hotmail.com. Perhaps I might be of some help.

    Best Regards

  • At 6:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hello Eileen,

    I have only mentioned my experiences to people in passing. But now that I have read your article, I have something to declare. I have been getting faint radio like signals since I was six. It all started with a bright light that hovered like a star not far from where I was at the time. Those noises have come and gone over the years, but now they are very loud and more frequent. I have had many outer body experiences and was able during myearly teens and into my twenties was able to control my experiences. I have had contact with two beings on a couple of occassions, they appeared to be friendly. I could go on, because this is just the tip of the iceberg. This article has helped to wake me up from what I have been pushing out of my mind for so long. I need to wake up. I feel asleep even when I am awake nowadays. iandemontfort@mac.com

  • At 7:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Being aware ,staying awake, I mean realy awake,and looking at the things we dont notice during the day, during the night,you do effect all ,it is possible that all of us here on earth ,might become more connected ,aware of more things and everyone can unight against this evil.

  • At 1:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I lived near a shapeshifting reptitilian family and knew them well. They are without a doubt,pondscum. The grandpa was head of the corrupt arthur andeson accounting firm that got busted for fraud in 2000, enrot scandle, the father was a reptilian scumbag that did crap I can not even publish here, the son, a reptilian shapeshifter, hung out at girls colleges, dance halls and places where he could slip mickeys into girls drinks. I reported the crime these reptiles committed but reptiles are snakes and very hard to catch, even for law enforcement.
    The reptilian son was a follower of black magi crowly and a student of germatria and anton le vey and all other rapist pervert robber scum. Reptilians are NOT powerful, they play a buffalo and bully game, and play 10001 MIND TRICKS on people who are not under Gods protection. If you know and follow God, reptilians have zero power over you. Reptilians are the snake, the devil, spoken of in the bible. I saw the son reptilian shift and I saw the dad create a foul fetid putrid aura in the town he lived in. The old reptilian grandpa was also a trustee of a childrens hospital where they did dr. mengela torture to children, someone busted the old granpa reptilian and he died. Reject reptilians they are scum. They rape rob lie and murder, thats what they do. They are powerless before God and Gods people.

  • At 1:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Aileen Garoutte
    Auburn, Washington, United States

    My reply is with regard to your experience, firstly i'm not a first hand witness to your accounts and can not comment directly regarding your situation, Having said that i understand your reasoning behind the experience/s. I am a muslim and we hear of these experiences alot, common amongst peolple. some cases very serious and others not so serious, we have come to know of it as JINNS or to others as spirits of which are good and bad characters. If you are still being tormented by these entities please refer to a local muslim imam at at the nearest Mosque and ask him to put you through to an AAMIL a person who deals with spirits. these people of whom if you can locate one are your modern day ghost busters sort of thing. the sincere ones you will find seldom charge for thier services unless they are forced to deal with such matters on a full time basis. Trust me i know what you are talking about, i'm sane and have had dealings with these things, This is not an attempt to plant a religous seed in your head just that as a muslim it's not a big issue as JINNS are a basic knowledge. Look at the world and see the creation we are not the only creation around here.


  • At 1:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…



  • At 6:46 AM, Blogger XenoMuta said…

    Hope you take my words serious as I took yours...

    Jesus Christ is alive. He knows how to defeat this evil creatures.
    He es real. He can release you from your painful experiences. These life forms is a product of an evil "Dragon" fallen angel known as Satan.

    This is not religious, but it is the truth. I know of people being freed from "symbiont" implants by Jesus Christ. Even cured from Cancer and being risen from the dead by him.

    He will save your soul (etheric being?) and body as he did with me.


  • At 3:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    It angers me when I hear people on this blog GO on about 'god and jesus' christ as the answer when dealing with these matters. No offence meant here,but I am a practicing christian myself, and had my whole world turned upside down when my 'spirit' led me to a peep into the knowledge surrounding the REPTILIAN AGENDA.
    Read, oh please read Laurance Gradner's work and the holy grail blood line, and you will find that most if not all our sages and iconic religious figures we revere ARE IN FACT THE BLOOD LINE OF THE REPTILIANS...Think of the most powerful people in the world today, nobility and so on....all can trace their bloodlines back to their reptilian roots. Do you think they enjoy the spoils of the earth simply because they are of blue blood??...They were ordained to rule because of their blood line and their affiliations, and willingness to let thier reptilian masters continue to dumb down and humiliate us, while enjoying all the wordly trappings for their continued allegiance.

    Most of religion today is based on reptilian worship.don't kid yourself they have penetrated EVERY aspect of our spititial endeavourd. Even the erection of our beloved christmas tree is a very ancient form of serpent worship.
    They even thrive on the fact that we cling to these feeble spiritual hopes that GOD will make it all ok for us. If we believe it were so, then there would be no suffering in the world today, as many many people from different faiths pray every day to and end to our trails.

    The answer lies within us as these reptilians HATE the fact that we are created 'GOD LIKE' and know very well we are childlike, and know not of our true spiritual potential hence the farm us in true matrix style due to our ignorance of self.
    Stop asking GOD for salvation, and help ourselves (as was said in the bible) to combat this alien force of negativity and degradation.
    And for those of you who have the knowledge to help us in combating this foe, i implore you...don't let us die in ignorance, let us die in the fact that our children and future genertaions will berge them form our beloved planet


  • At 3:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Maybe it's high time that some of us humans went out and anal raped some reptilian ass.

  • At 7:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Maybe it's high time that some of us humans went out and anal raped some reptilian ass.

    Shout out in advance to Jen Bush for letting us "train" on her.

    Shout out to all the soldiers in the SL ready to rape some reptilian ass.

  • At 8:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    If any one wants to practise i'm willing to help.

  • At 8:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Take a stab at me boys.

  • At 8:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    George W Bush will save you.
    I will immediately let my friends in the party know.
    This is terrible.

  • At 6:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Now I just stumbled randomly upon this, because I'm honestly incredibly shocked that people actually believe in these things.

    If indeed what you are saying is true, you must have delved into black magic or some other kind of "mystic" art that can only invite evil. Just stop all forms of mystic behavior, repent and pray to God for Help. Christ single handedly defeated all the legions of Satan. He can indeed help you.

  • At 6:58 PM, Blogger Brett said…

    Now I just stumbled randomly upon this, because I'm honestly incredibly shocked that people actually believe in these things.

    If indeed what you are saying is true, you must have delved into black magic or some other kind of "mystic" art that can only invite evil. Just stop all forms of mystic behavior, repent and pray to God for Help. Christ single handedly defeated all the legions of Satan. He can indeed help you.

  • At 9:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hello Aileen,

    Much of what you've written mirrors my own experience with mind-manipulation and reptilians. There's a great deal of helpful information here from you as well as Mr. Bartley, and some of the suggestions by a poster like writing with the left hand sound odd, but worth at least an effort. Very couragous of you to post, as many of us are still laboring against the "don't talk" programming that prevents us from disclosing full details of our experiences. You may not realize it, but are very strong. Don't ever give up. Thank you very much for posting. Be well.

  • At 9:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hello Aileen,

    Much of what you've written mirrors my own experience with mind-manipulation and reptilians. There's a great deal of helpful information here from you as well as Mr. Bartley, and some of the suggestions by a poster like writing with the left hand sound odd, but worth at least an effort. Very couragous of you to post, as many of us are still laboring against the "don't talk" programming that prevents us from disclosing full details of our experiences. You may not realize it, but are very strong. Don't ever give up. Thank you very much for posting. Be well.

  • At 2:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hi aileen and ppl

    well first of all i'd like to say that im sorry to hear what you have experienced. it must have been terrible. I know how real "dreams" can be also......

    since i was young i have had the experience of waking during sleep, being totally concious, but unable to move. this was sacry at first, however as it happeend very frequently i got used to it. but then one day i was in my lounge room, and was feeling very sleepy (in the late afternoon) and had a nap (i was about 10 or 11 years old maybe? when i woke and couyldn't move after only a few minuts, i tried to wake up and move my body which i could usually do after a minut or two. however this time i just passed out again, then woke up again and couldn't move then i would pass out again ect continuing this for quite a while. i don't remember exactly how many times i repeated this process but it felt like ages, but was proabably 4 or 5 times. on the last time i heard my name spoken, while i was concious but unablpe to move, it scared me so much that i was able to force myself into my bedroom, although i fel;t so lethargic i could barley walk (as though i had not slept for days). this waking and being unable to move crap continued from then till now (only rarely) about 3 years ago i moved to a house in which the very same night that i started to sleep there the same problem would began...although much much worse. i would fall asleep and wake up unable to move constantly. or have OBE's that i was not in control of, i have for the greatest time attempted astral projection...it seems much easier if you are not the one in control of the situation... this house is the only place where i have had the feeling of being "kicked out" of my own body. i would wake to my astralbody spinning around and around, but not by my will. this really upset and disturbed me. i have always read that it was safe and natural and had never ever dreamt of that being possible. after a while i would no longer sleep in my own room and had to sleep in the lounge where "weird" shit didn't seem to happen.
    I have been interested in the occult since i was young, and have practised magik from then till now, since it was my belief system i would use those symbologies to protect myself against these entities, it did have some effect, it lessened the experieces but did not halt them. theo nly thing that i found worked for an extended period was actually using a casting a spell against this evil (which i know not)which did work for a time, but after a month or two it began again. I still have a memory of waking up with both arms outstretched in front of me and there being two golden penticles projected in front of me at some horror which i could not identify. the feeling that i had when i woke was that of desperation, as though my sub concious had senced an attack and responed to it. this seemed to work for me.
    i have read some posting of cristians on this blog who have pleaded with those who have experienced evil to pray to god for salvation, the another of someone who was christian and had to alter their beliefs because it was not protecting them.
    I agree with the statement that god wants us to help our selves,and has creaded the means to do so...people are affraid of what they do not understand. i strongly believe that magik and khi (qi,chi,ki) energies were intended for us to use for good, for protecion ect.

    I really don't know about this concept of reptilian aliens controlling the world, but i will say that i have seen alot of crazy shit in my life, and being the perpertrator and witness to these impossible feats leaves me to wonder what else in the universe is still unkown to humanity...fuckin heaps that's what....so maybe you guys are right, maybe you are wrong....but i do believe in evil and in the human soverignty of the earth.

    I found it interesting though that there were a few cristiians who would bother to come to this site and "help" those afflicted with this problem but not really helping at all...a real christian wouldn't come to this site at all...andi also found it interesting that the muslim (guy,or girl) who mentioned about jinn (Genii"s) and actually offered help. I find it intersting that a muslim is more willing to understand "supernatural" problems than the cristians were, not sdaying anything bad agaisnt cristians but they have no concept the supernatural evil except in the form of satan which will leave you vulnerable to whatever really is attacking you....a problem identified is a problem half fixed. know your enemy well, and yourself better.

    I have been doing alot of esoteric reserach in the past few years (which is what has led me here actually) i have a copy of a book which is about ancient egypitian magical practises. in it there is a reference to a city built by alexander the great (i think, but don't quote me on the leader involved)he was building a city and while it was in it's foundation stages this ruler had the problem of "sea monsters" comming out at night and destroying whatever had been constructed, additionally people would disapeer at night and never return. he enlisted the help of talismans to ward these monsters off, which he succeded in doing, however on completion of this city the monsters returned once more abducting people at night.....
    this story was very old, but i belive it to be one of the first documented cases of alien abduction......

    anyhow, i hope my ramblings were coherant enough for everyone to digest....

    *for those who understand* combine the two earthly dragons, use the magik to guide them, beset the evil that besets thee, our will is great because God is within*

  • At 4:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    o.k. lets get back some control.i've had dealings big time.nobody mentions the peacekeepers they have triangle hats,give out balls of light.i'm surrently a refugee in canada where the refugee judge wore a beard black pin stripe suit yellow tie cursed me within 1 minute of hearing his side-kick wore yellow.loved the idea that i was going to a hot spot in cananda,keep away from west islands,creepy.there the yellow is red.never asked me any real questions,just questions to see how far i'd remembered.silly silly silly man.it was expected still dodgying 4 men from government.you think i give a flying rats arse.no way,hose.why?easy peasy japenesy the peacekeepers that & the last time i saw a grey he put the whole desert blowing up but i will be saved picture in my head.(notice it is the same mind set as the occult it's gonna hurt but you are chosen.)i thought that was a terrible picture for him to have in his head so i put in a rainbow he fled.i mean he ran for his life.i coped with world ending & he couldn't even handle one tiny little rainbow.i've been written about they call me the girl.displacement it was to make me a superhero.not real.ex montauk there's thousands of us.all trained up to kill just by looking.poor goats.the reptiles that are human all have blue eyes all tall always have white/grey hair,i was with andy pero in miami,the woman & children escaped.find andy pero.find him.
    the reptiles are not smart animalistic so you can only communicaate that way.yes or no.
    they work by fear False Evidence Appearing Real.
    from my initial meeting with the greys they always say thank you for not killing me,always,the last time one even left me a blue flower,that's when i did the rainbow thing,how many beau's can one girl take!i made a joke once & said what no flowers no chocolates.
    you have to type in aliens & hitler on the internet to understand the bushes alliance with the greys,they got spooked by them,they actually went to my family as before preston bush & my grandpa kabbalah told them to bugger off.charming coat story & mistaken identity changed our world but still we can undo all past errors.cancel space prog & get in ex montauk would help.
    but for the victims of rape by these creatures,change your phone dial,make it a modern ring.the phone is actually triggering the victim.the sign of hypnosis is a long ash,i keep hearing time being lost etc.it is part of the hypnotism.anybody that whisks around their tea or coffe when making another sign.know your t.v. statuions.seinfeld forgot to tell the public the real reason why he stopped,in the first scene of every show he wrote the sentence that triggered.those soaps keep away from,t,v, in genreal keep away from,th studio owners are all tall all grey haired & look at their agenda,keep the girls looking like boys & totally exploit them yet keep the men hidden,how many men's bums to womans breast have any of us seen?the porn world started with the girls looking butch big breasted mumsy types now they are flat with their bums in the air,like a good homosexual boy.how many years do we have to put up with the whole jurassic park theme,why haven't hey concentrated on the next era where the animals were fluffy & pretty & you'll notice star trek has reptiles as main charcters.yet the public hasn't really warmed we are still not buying it.
    they do the sexual abuse to feed off your terror that is created.fear stops you sending signals out for help.it blocks the channels.how to unblock.understand you are the important one without you there is no abuse,they need you.nobody is chosen we all get done,it's the hypnosis that makes us block it out.change the phone dial for starters.my favourite sentence is always i will have you,it scares them it is your will they want,you mention your will & they are outta there.after my hearing i had 3 tall grey haired mena fter yellow mini-plane in sky,i just looked at one in the eye,they think that glasses can protect,duh.he was gone.they are dying out the bushes are their only chance,you think those extra 20,000 men are going to irag,sure they are.not too sure where their sperm is going though.notice bush & hitler & greys all want the desert,the tunnels under there they think will get them back,i'm so fed up with their thinking it's always wrong.
    so understand hypnosis is a huge part of our life.change phone dial.when you pat a cat you somehow connect, with your own baby you are telepahtic but just 'cos it's a scaly creature the internal fear from childhood obliterates all connection.look them dead in the eye & think very loudly no i will not.the reaason why they are choosing tom cruise to replicate is not his looks,it is to destroy him,he is a good man with fantastic views & his serious assault on medicating children is not what any new world order thug wants to hear.he will be president the sooner the better.the ones that the media attack are the ones that behind the scenes for years thta have been doing the most good,notice they always attack the sexuality.once homosexauls can marry the fib faggot international bureau,some call it the masons catholic church etc are ruined.tom cruise is infact straight & has a great understanding of the truth.he handled it at a very young age.
    focus on all that you love understand the more that you love,the more strength can be pulled from that.
    get the troops back,slow down their dreary new world order plan & vote for gay marraiges.& change that damn phone dial & don't flick that long ash in public,you don't want to give others idea's.find out who actaully owns the products that you buy.additives in foods were tested on children 30years ago,it's connected with medications,only buy fresh food.u.s.a. can only go bankrupt,get rid of all credit cards,i mean it.stop buying plastics,take control.hard drugs arae part of the fib plan,please keep away,it's so they can get at your children for further testing.hot spots around the world,move to a colder climate.no point in living next door to them is there?
    think of rainbows they are pretty they are colour they are not grey.

  • At 6:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    They will eventually die which they know of? human conciousness is infinite. This whole reality job is to push you down and make you feel ashamed. When your mental abilities get sharper thats when you drink there fear.

  • At 9:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I think I know what is going on here
    check out my 03-07-07 podcast at nowheretorun.podomatic.com
    I think you may be dealing with these neo-nephilim. I am still looking into this angle and I dont want to scare you away with what I am about to say, but you should look into the accounts of people who have ended these attacks
    by calling on the name and athority of jesus. please, before you think I am trying to convert you or somthing realize how to use the power associated with this name if you are attacked again demand them to release you in the name of jesus the true son of God. I bet you will find
    they MUST obey.
    there are many great scholars that now are putting together the fact that the world is being ruled in effect by hybrids as they were in ancient times. these evil m-fers are
    about to introduce themselves to us all with a benoevolent backstory that "explains" much of the anomolies of amcient history.
    check into a scholar named Chuck Missler you will find peace in knowing that many people know and sympathize with this.
    also I just found a myspace page that covers alot of this and while they are kind of over the top cheesy they are right on about the biblical facts.. it is especially important to watch the three part movie on their page It will bring you understanding into this It is available here:

    I know you may not want it, but I going to pray for you with all my heart.

  • At 9:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I posted the last comment here. I was reading over it and I really wish I hadnt been so sure of myself sounding.
    because the fact is, I dont know. I also made it sound like it was some kind of parlor trick or somthing calling on the name of Jesus to repell these nasty buggers.
    I want to assure you that that is no trick, Evil cant stand this name it wears them down. for what its worth, I had a dream the other night that I was also being attacked and it took me saying this name over and over and understanding the athority that God gave to it to wear them down but it was a complete

    Understand what Jesus prayed before he assended to heaven:

    Holy Father, protect them by the power of your name—the name you gave me—so that they may be one as we are one. 12While I was with them, I protected them and kept them safe by that name you gave me. john 17:11

    also the UFO community has always whitewashed the fact that most abducties have been involved with the occult or thier parents were.

    This is because The way evil operates it need you to submit you true gift ..your free will..whether this is done directly by giving the devil permission, as it were, or it can be done indirectly by a simple "dabbling" in the occult or astral

    i apologise to those who read this who choose to reject this Idea I do not mean to try to convert you.

  • At 4:53 AM, Blogger PSO said…

    The God Spark is in you, in me, in all of us HUMANS.
    Start recognizing it.
    Start using it.
    What is the key to turn it on?
    Look at Creation!
    See how beautiful it is?
    It screams of it's majesty and divine influence, something only YOU could have been a part of!
    Love Creation and ALL living things.
    To defeat, you must learn to love.
    It causes a different wavelength, which is why love is the key.

    This is the ONLY truth, and I believe there is only one other post in all these posts full of suggestions, which is accurate. The rest is not a help to you.
    born63.com- Patrick (with love)

  • At 5:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I think Mr. Bartley confabulates a lot of his theories from his twisted versions of others accounts. He also steals material from other researchers. He does this without their permission and especially attributes reptilian characteristics to males he is jealous of or just doesn't like. Mr. Bartley is a very sick man who needs some help...to deal with his inner hatred rather than blaming it all on reptilians.


  • At 2:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The fear of a supreme dream being...
    I have recently started to find out information about the Nagas or the reptilians.. As of yet I am still unconvinced... But... Let me ask a couple of questions punctuated with a couple of strang parallels...

    I was born in the year of the Snake my element is Fire... While I was growing up I constantly had ringing in my ears... I have always been able to slow down time around me and have always considered this just a fact... I have however been very surprised to find out other don't do this.. I sometimes feel recently that I have to shed skin in order to change and I always shave my head giving it a sheen that looks very slick... During my college days I was instructed by various teachers who showed me and helped me understand the nature of language and the inherant power behind words that can be used to manipulate for good or evil... I a have also created various fictions in dramas acted out on stage where the idea of A supreme dream being is expounded upon... I being the supreme dream being "Marvelo", both marvels at my own superiorty and wallow in my own insufficiency... This is simply the way my life has gone... I have become very proficient in using words to incite fear, anger, love, and lust... The natural inclination towards these things makes me very proud at times and other times I regret the case... Most recently I fell into a love trist with two women who were lesbians... Both were models and both were sexually insatiable... I felt they had drained me of much power when they were finished...
    The questions..
    Is it possible to be a Reptilian and not even know it?
    What will become of the Reptilians...?
    Should I stay reptilian and really just use my power to take over the world... Or should I stop being a reptilian in theory and join some other cause...
    Either way I have never feared any man... And I could easily devour great and small wills if they were foolish enough to fall for my seduction... Even more fascinating to me is the easy of which many of these people do fall into these seductions mostly out of their own wanting of such... The only reason I have not made myself known in greater circles is because I am spiritually conflicted over the entire matter... Returning to Christ is the ultimate goal in my life now... Lest I fall into the dangers of ultimate pride and desire to destroy rather than build... The soul is immortal my friends... The body is simply transient... All energy carries into the future and is never destroyed... For to every action has an equal and opposite reaction.. Your soul will endure if you have given it essence through will... Fear not the dangers of the world...

  • At 7:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dear humans (not host reptilians), enlighten us if they are any hybrid reptilians in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia ? Your time and effort will be much appreciated.

  • At 3:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Perhaps this can help:


    Michael Menkin developed a "thought screen helmet" which is supposed to be effective in preventing aliens from abducting humans. The website linked to above gives instructions on how you can make your own such protective helmet. Please let us know if it works for you.

  • At 7:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    My doctor is a Muslim. He prescribed a medication called Spironolactone for my blood pressure. When I complained of pains in my chest caused by demons piercing me with De-Energizing Rods, he advised me that this medication controls neuro-transmitters in the brain that will prevent me from experiencing such demonic attacks. As I continued taking this medication, these attacks ceased. When I checked with a psychic of my acquaintance, he assured me that this medication should work in curbing these demonic attacks. It may work on your demons, too. See your doctor.

    -- Ezbunny

  • At 2:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Culpability, confusion, wrath, fear ... generate emotional sheets round the astral body, the nectar they like to feed.

    What happens when a human honestly prays in this way: Pater noster, qui es in cælis, sanctificetur nomen tuum. Adveniat regnum tuum. Fiat voluntas tua, sicut in cælo et in terra. ...?

    Such an astral body is not a taste of tomatoes for Lacerta Galloti!

  • At 3:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I'm as sane as the next guy...baaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

  • At 12:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    *PLEASE* tell me that psychotic morons like you haven't bred.

  • At 9:55 PM, Blogger Unknown said…

    hi, i have only recently become aware of the possible reptillian problem, and i always try to keep an open mind, and although i found most of the articles interesting, i just thought that these where quite opionated a "reptillian bumboy" is a tad childish, and i cant believe that those words would be used if the context was genuinely true, but what i have found in my six month study of this phenomena, is that everyone talks about an agenda but never states one, if i am to believe that an advanced time and dimensional travelling being has just digressed to overtaking planets for there own sexual gratification, then im pretty sure they would of only got as far coming to earth buying a copy of viz and proceeding to laugh for the next twenty millenia, i dont mean to offend anyone, but although some of the reptillian historical information is both intriguing and very plausable to the nibiru, possibly real scenario, but with all mysticism and religeon its passed down by man, and over the last 33 years of being one, i have noticed that most of the time they lie. cheers for reading

  • At 9:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    They say ill be the first who gets made to pick up, anychance of a contact number James as i know of knowone bar yourself who has yet to come out of this alright? Stay unshaven as you will know when there around. old_mate2@hotmail.com

  • At 6:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The reptilians are fallen angels. They're absolutely evil and want you soul in hell. They have no choice but to do the things they do because they're time is near.

    Try to read a bible and pray to Yeshua to save you from this evil

  • At 12:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Anyone who has been abducted this message is for you Call on The name of JESUS and he will beyond a shadow of a doubt will protect you
    and accept him as your personal savior and you will see what happens

  • At 3:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    READ THE BIBLE you people need to get a life, do some research and you will see that all religion is a device of control.....if u r born into the brainwashing, then it is too late......if you were not then run like a kunt.......i take it most of these bible basher are from America...no surprise...the biggest failing power on the earth consumed by it's own hatred and media propaganda....fuk me the only history u BB's have to show for is the Big Mac..LOL...bring on martial law...Oh yeah keep praying to God(the voice in your head, which is the ego)

  • At 3:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    So many bible bashers...still believe in that old book written by many lying prophets twisting and changing history to their own ends....it does not make sense that people are born with sin!!! what kind of god mind fuks u from birth.....!!all religions are evil....probably created for the feeble and fragile human mind by the reptilians :0

  • At 9:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hate to hear about some of your experiences. I really believe many of these "demonic" spirits, forces infiltrate peoples lives because they have rejected our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. By rejecting God, He removes his protective hand from over you enabling these dark forces to do whatever they see fit.

    The good thing is...despite turning your back on God, you still have hope; a chance for redemption. All you have to do is confess your sins and ask forgiveness, along with asking Christ to come and live in your heart. If you do this with sincerity. Lord will once again put his protective hand over you, causing all demonic forces to flee from you.

    God Bless

  • At 9:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    i can help you,im a shamanic priest,i know these well,i will remove these demons from you free of charge,and any one else who has this.


  • At 9:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    next time an attack comes you must imagine white light around you and you must emanate A U M constantly,until the GOD within you takes over,this will be your higher self.The demons get into your root chakra through the sexual attacks,they then merge their thoughts with yours has if it is you thinking this.I will send these bastards back to hell

  • At 10:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    demons sexually attack humans to get into the chakra system,this is how they can control us,they use us to commit their vile acts ,ie murder, rape, maim,when you have done these things through the demonic possesion and your life is ended through this they just simply move to the next victim and the cycle repeats.

  • At 10:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    i challenge any demon on here reading this to come and astrally attack me...SHAMANIC PRIEST,all the answers to this persons affliction is bollocks,,,,

  • At 3:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I'm curious as to why an advanced race of sentient reptilian beings would play in the mud with a lesser evolved species of humans? Why are all references to these aliens cross-referenced with naturally occurring aversions by humans of all cultures; i.e. avoidance of reptiles, lions, tigers, and bears(oh my), excrement, insects, and the like? Is it possible that we are hot wired genetically to avoid these dangers vis a viz our brain and senses, and that we have a special mental category for naturally occurring hazards in the environment that are tied to the more primitive brain centers? Is this all connected to the lower or "reptilian" brain stem? Was promiscuous sex the normal survival behavior for primitive humans(all primates:chimpanzees, orangutans,and baboons) to insure the survival of the group or tribe when mortality rates were very high? Have we merely surpressed this mechanism like so many others, such as: rage, male domination, selfishness, agression, and etc.? Is the fact that there is so much agreement in various testimony a sign that this phenomena is universal and may only be a conflict between higher and lower brain fuctions in all humans? Are nightmares both systemic and mental processes that are occurring at all times of the day, but repressed during waking hours by higher brain functions? Can we also agree that we still know so very little about the human brain(depression, schizophrenia, bi-polarism, and anxiety) that it is best to err on the side of the simple explanation that this is a very natural biochemical, genetic, and mental phenomena of the most complex organ in the human body?

  • At 11:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    "JESUS! JESUS!" -- The only thing I instinctively cried out as I was about to be sucked into a far off dimension. I was instantly thrushed back into my body.

    This explains everything:

  • At 8:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Plead the Blood of Jesus or simply call Jesus. Repent of whatever activity you are participating in that leaves these fallen angels or demons legal ground to torment you. Ask Jesus to wash your sins away, and ask God to deliver you from all sin and unrighteousness in order to be filled with the Holy Ghost! Ask for the baptism of the Holy Spirit in Jesus name you must pray always.
    Mark 16:16-18 God bless you.

  • At 11:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hello people,

    very shocking story Eileen...
    The only way for humans to fight back is to learn what we are and use your capabilities....

    Basically I'm talking about an energy being (our soul-spirit) incarnated into this "animal" body called human being with a mixture of memory from the human body and our souls.

    If you take away the body, then you'll find only a soul, ...the energy being... wich is exactly what they are.... but there is a small difference,, (this is not a religious statement) our souls are energy particles from the superior being known as "God the father" and they are creations of other creations.... with less qualities than us as spiritual beings... some how this qualities are realted with psi capabilities, i.e. the better human being you are, the more capable to get rid of them you become....

    There are many paths to enlight your soul... it does not have anything to do with religion but some mistic traditions can help, including Catholism . Please notice that we must break the locks we all have in our minds ,,, once the process start for each one of us, is very hard not to open our consiusness (nuestro nivel de conciencia, o como algunos llaman, la elevacion de la mente de nuestro espiritu).

    In this journey, but of course you will keep on having encounters with them, but soon enough you will have enough strenght to get rid of them and help others. It is easier if you have a "suppport group"

    I wish I could express my self in a better way, at least in the same way I do it in spanish, but my goal was just to give you some hints as what to look for...

    My best wishes and Belssing to you...

  • At 12:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    I really, sincerely don't mean to offend you, but have you considered seeing a psychiatrist?

    I mean, these are classic symptoms of schizophrenia.

    You CAN be helped, through anti-psychotic drugs.

    Try it and see.

    Good luck.

  • At 1:02 PM, Blogger Unknown said…

    What a load of shite

  • At 8:17 PM, Blogger Nik said…

    I'm sorry, WHAT!? "They use an advanced form of mind control technology on me in an attempt to turn me into some evil, sick, and depraved individual." Did it work?
    Maybe they are just trying to help you? aren't we all evil, sick individuals? I know i am.

  • At 11:14 AM, Anonymous Living in the REAL World said…


    You, sir, are an attention manwhore. Most of these comments are sarcastic, in case you thought that somebody was on your side. This article is so idiotic.

  • At 11:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    lossers. haha. u believe this shit?

  • At 2:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    my name is jerry capps several mediums write regularly then the worlds most documented psychic every 3 years but the dreamscape article is real have had dreams that related to nothing in life had to dump fear another modality is the remote viewing program by arvari.com it generates your spiritual light next time this happens exude super bright light in your mind and dump fear they do go awawy have even had a lady medium called antonia donera from switzerlan writing she wanted to influence me psychically said no but they write back yes this is real and yes it is provable my emailis terraduk11@yahoo.com thanx

  • At 4:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Go to the psychiatrist. He will help you, poor man.

  • At 4:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You are sick. I recommend you go to the doctor and get your brain checked, maybe it's a tumor. Don't let it be worse and start hurting others.

  • At 4:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Release the fear, there really is nothing to be scared of anyway.

  • At 2:33 PM, Anonymous Alex The Reaper of Death said…

    If you can offer me proof of these ("Aliens/Reptillians") I will help you kill one. Tobe honest with you I have no idea as to most things you said in your blog IE(Astral Dramscape)? What the hell is that. but I am willing to stay up with you in your home and wait for these things to "abduct you" Me and my friends will be waiting with guns, heat projectors, flame throwers, chainsaws and Machetes. If these things phisically exist they can die too. If your interested email me at ARO656@yahoo.com

  • At 9:41 AM, Anonymous biosphere said…

    Here's something that just maybe i could help you out with. Its called EVP reverse speaking which deals with these types of subjects and topics to enlighten those who reach out for truth.
    www.evpreversespeaking.com is a deticated site to remind those that everything (i mean everything) around you is being healed. Everything in this world is being recorded, now you have the opportunity to listen to life in reverse. Love and peace to everyone who seek truth in these times of uncertainty :)

  • At 1:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    you are not crazy and reading the bible/ crying out for Jesus will not help you. Please consult with Stewart Swerdlow for help at expansions.com

  • At 5:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    In my case it´s mostly ufo flybys and dreams but I have never been attacked by the kind of individuals that you specify in your post. Yes you´re right that attacks like this can take place but in the case of contact the consequences are usually that the experiencer is isolated from society for some time , sometimes up to the rest of their lives. In some cases any attempt to express oneself to a nonabductee may result in a misunderstanding , even if it´s as simple as going to shop to buy orange.
    If they are feeding on you so much that means that you are attracting them. If you read books about satanism , black magick and so on , especially certain works whose title I will not go very much into on this site , it becomes possible for you to control these incidents. If you don´t do any research into such books or talk to a person who is experienced and knows how to handle such attacks , and that can´t be someone like a catholic priest and so on , then they´ll just go on and on because you´ll be feeding them with more fear.
    When dealing with entities that seek to harm or control you it´s just like dealing with people who may seek to harm and control you.
    There could also be something about the place where you are living at which attracts them.
    If you get a chance to photograph any of them or try to create a picture using your own imagination could you be so kind to send an email to avs@hi.is? Maybe there may be people out there who can trap them and store them and just keep them for later release.

  • At 11:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    To be a adroit benign being is to from a kind of openness to the in the seventh heaven, an cleverness to guardianship aleatory things beyond your own pilot, that can lead you to be shattered in unequivocally exceptional circumstances on which you were not to blame. That says something uncommonly weighty with the fettle of the honest life: that it is based on a conviction in the uncertain and on a willingness to be exposed; it's based on being more like a plant than like a treasure, something rather tenuous, but whose very special attraction is inseparable from that fragility.

  • At 10:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    ORGONITE. Look this up!




    Just like how you can use certain crystals to help protect your dreams, I use orgonite, especially with black kyanite in it as it helps with psychic protection and grounding.

    Thank you for this information - I've found it quite useful in defeating the socially-twisted mental constructions of the blue blooded shitbirds known as the "elite". Ha, e-Lite (false/virtual light ;P)

  • At 2:50 AM, Anonymous green tea said…

    Wow, makes one want to appreciate the lighter benefits of life, because that is some heavy stuff if you really believe it... regardless of truth or not.

  • At 9:30 AM, Anonymous Viagra Online without prescription said…

    I can't believe that some people actually takes this bullshit seriously.

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  • At 7:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    This is mo bull-shit, there out there, I have personally lived it and it's scary, we must and we will do something !!

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