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Friday, November 17, 2006


Jan Val Ellam: The date for the official contact is set and it will be for the next few months
Interview given to A. J. Gevaerd, editor. With collaboration of Nelson Vilhena Granado, Reinaldo Prado Mello, and Miriam Heder, consultants


Few people in the World and Brazilian Ufological Community share the reputation of Jan Val Ellam, pseudonym of the executive from the State of Grande do Norte, northeastern Brazil, Rogerio de Almeida Freitas. With a similarly easy transit among Brazilian spiritualists, we can say that Ellam is renowned among them as well. Author of 15 books approaching pure spiritualism and mixed ufological and spiritual studies – as well as several others yet to be published –, he excels for making strong and revealing statements in both fields. Ellam seems to have a very precise notion of where ufology and spiritualism meet one another and gives a practical sense to this view by giving lectures that face alien demonstrations in our planet in a unique way. He sees and narrates with exceptional assertiveness the way our visitors interact with the terrestrial human race, which to him is only a small and dormant portion of a broad species of cosmic beings that inhabit countless planets but has no idea of its importance inside this set.
“I don’t ask you to believe me, but only to think about what I’m saying. I ask you to think if I'm doing this because I believe to have revelations passed on to me by those many of us call 'cosmic brothers', which they really are: beings very similar to us, though much ahead in evolution, like elder brothers”, states the spiritualist ufologist. This is not simply rhetoric. He confesses many times to be surprised with the information he receives – or “accesses” as he prefer to say –, just like someone who finished reading a book and tries to digest what the pages contain. Ellam is far from being a guru or having a mystical profile. Graduated in business administration, he holds a position as executive at the Federation of Commerce, Services, and Tourism of the State of Rio Grande do Norte, besides being a consultant for foreign groups that invest in that State. In order to add credibility to his figure, we should also say that Ellam, while still Freitas more than 20 years ago, was an affiliate field ufologist always ready to go out and investigate cases of ETs attacking humans in the Brazilian Northeast region. He worked with the pioneer ufologist Irene Granchi (president of honor of Brazilian UFO Magazine’s Editorial Council) and with the late US journalist Bob Pratt. He was mentioned in his book Brazil: UFO danger Zone.

Powerful forces approaching

His inclination for a spiritualist interpretation for the UFO phenomenon began with his personal experiences. “It was a series of events that transcended the common pattern of human view, which took me to isolate myself even more in my attempts to understand what was happening. I believe I didn’t go mad because I have enough good humor to carry on with facts in life”, he said to Brazilian UFO Magazine in an interview published in our issue # 103, September 2004. The impact of these events were so strong on Freitas that he chose a pseudonym – Jan Val Ellam – in order to write under these “cosmic brothers’” orders the news perspectives through which he became to see the actions of our visitors on Earth. When questioned about such a strange pseudonym, which made many think of an esoteric nature in his choice, he explains that it was a personal choice saying that in case the messages were of any use it would not matter under which name they would come.
Some Brazilian and foreign spiritualist sectors already mentioned that it is neither Freitas nor Ellam who writes the books, but really strong forces that constantly instruct him. The electrical engineer and Brazilian UFO Magazine’s consultant Reinaldo Prado de Albuquerque Mello even compared Elam’s activity to a “broadband internet connection with other realities”, through which a constant symphony and perfect integration is kept between Ellam and the cosmic intelligences he always quote. He makes no secret on that and admits to be really in constant contact with advanced cosmic intelligences, while seeing them with the spontaneity of a person who has been living with this for years. While more orthodox ufologists question his statements, the fact is that few human beings have the knowledge to write so many books with such a vast, rich, and profound content in such a brief period of time as he did. Ellam write them during the night since he works full time as every mortal and still needs to share his professional activities with presentation of lectures in Brazil and abroad. In other countries, he is also known as the mentor of Projeto Orbum, a manifesto dealing on planetary citizenship (www.orbum.org).
In one of his books, Fator Extraterrestre (Extraterrestrial Factor), Ellam discusses on the origin of life, the understanding called “missing link of the human genesis”, the cosmic isolation of our species, the abductions and psychological barriers that impairs a transparent study of the extraterrestrial themes. In a recent conference in Campo Grande (MS) he condemned the insistent religious, scientific, and government deny on the alien presence on Earth, giving reasons why after so many decades of evidence there is still a strong resistance against such reality. “The human being lacks knowledge of his own past and also humbly enough to understand minimal facts that happen since the dawn of ages and links us to the extraterrestrial issues and indicate the broadness of life in the Universe”. His lectures and books greatly refer to the figure of Jesus whom he calls a Master and who would be closely linked to the UFO phenomenon. This attracts many of his admirers and a lot of misunderstanding from those who want to set Ufology apart from religious matters.

Radical changes on Earth

“This interpretation of the facts is a mistake”, says Ellam. “Since Jesus has absolutely nothing to do with any religion. A study of pre-Bible times shows us that the UFO phenomenon already existed in our planet with great comprehensiveness much before Jesus had come to Earth. And he came as one of our own species, though from other ‘room of the Father’s house’, to show that we were wrong in almost everything we were doing”. Ellam is not afraid of attracting the rage of orthodox and doctrinaire spiritualists who see Jesus in an almost religious manner. He calls him an “Authority from the Skies” and believes he came to Earth with special powers and a well-defined and clear message that could not be understood to anyone, not in that time neither today. “Jesus has never asked us to raise religions to him or to the Creator, but only to respect and to love one another, concepts that are an absolutely normal living condition in his world of origin and also in the places he visited, and that only on Earth seem to be senseless”.
Jan Val Ellam is a daring man and yet reasonable and known for the seriousness with which he treats all ufological and spiritualist themes without any appeal to sensationalism. Now, he gets totally out of the prudent stance from the previous weeks by surprising everyone with his serious statements concerning facts that are to come to the planet. “I never wanted to show up. I work to spread the information I receive because I find them important to many people. Now, what I’ve been receiving since last March is so heavy and incisive that I need to reveal to any who wants to listen”. In his most recent lectures, Ellam has crossed a barrier untouchable even to the most daring prophets in order to convey facts he says to have made known through his channels. And these are really shocking. Ellam states that he was informed that the moment for an official and formal contact with our extraterrestrial visitors is not only near, but has its date set to happen – within the next months, between November 2006 and April 2007.
Yes, Jan Val Ellam states his cosmic inspirers – the same that guided him to write his rich contented texts – informed him that a global and undeniable presentation is to finally happen and has its date set. “It’ll be something for nobody to question. Not the media, nor scientists or governments. There will be no way to question. And after that they will come many other times, always to fill the skies with their gigantic vehicles not to land but to interact with us until the right time comes”.

The interview (only 3 Q&A out of 32)

Brazilian UFO Magazine – Many others made similar statements before concerning an official and ultimate contact with ETs, but none of them was so emphatic. Nobody established such a near date for the contact fearing it could not happen. Why are you doing exactly the opposite?

Jan Val Ellam – This is actually one of the issues in my personal drama. If I were spreading a “warning” from my cosmic friends saying that something would happen in a distant future, that would be great for my mind since my personal responsibility would be softened. However, all that’s been happening with me since 1986 promoted by these spiritual beings and entities who work together – no matter how orthodox ufologists and spiritualists think – has the power to make me realize that the moment so long announced may finally come into place in the present days. More than this: “they” asked me something they never did before. They asked me to convey the announcement of an official and ultimate contact with extraterrestrial beings by means of the fulfillment of the promise made by Jesus when he was among us, the promise of returning to Earth in his natural condition of an authority from the skies. This will be the first official contact that earthly beings would have with beings from other worlds in the present days.His return would happen a little later in a time between the second half of November 2006 until April 2007.

Brazilian UFO Magazine – If this really comes to happen that will be a moment of great commotion for the humankind indeed. What do you think such fact would cause to the planetary population?

Jan Val Ellam – This fact is to mark the first moment of the so long awaited reintegration of our planet to the cosmic interchange. This would be the end of the isolation experienced by us for so long since we live on Earth under some kind of “cosmic quarantine”. After all, we are the “unwanted companions” in this part of the Galaxy, since we commit all sorts of crimes against the dignity of life. After this first visit – which would be objective, clear, unquestionable, filmed and reported, yet very brief, maybe lasting for a few hours or even less – others will happen in order to make terrestrials even more used to resuming their communion with humankinds of other planets. That should be followed by future contacts with many other extraterrestrials species, all of them linked to what I call “cosmic brotherhood ideals”.

Brazilian UFO Magazine – Aren’t you afraid of being seen as a guru or even a lunatic when presenting these facts in your lectures and to UFO readers? Wouldn’t that jeopardize all the credibility you’ve acquired along two decades of ufological and spiritual work?

Jan Val Ellam – No, I’m not. I’m doing this because I can’t find another way to live with these facts. It would be comfortable or even a good strategy to stay quiet according to human standards without exposing myself by setting a date only to say I knew it before. If it were only for my convenience, you can be sure that this would be my choice. However, to my despair, there is an explicit demand from these beings I call “cosmic brothers” which makes me clearly understand what was performed by them along these 20 years of shared experiences. It’s as if every other option planned by them had failed and the appeal “from the other side” had the objective of creating another option that didn’t exist before once they insist in telling me that I had taken a commitment with this process. I don’t know. What I know is that it would be dishonest on my part towards them to refrain in my human condition when the invitations tells us to grow stronger in love, regardless of any price the world my charge for such a daring attitude. What I got from the whole story is that my spirit might have committed itself with them in order to accomplish the task in case they ask me to. Now they came to ask me and I have to find forces to carry on with the orders presented to me. As I’m not a believer and not moved by religious faith, I can only rely on myself, on the philosophical code of behavior I developed as a master rule in my life. I’m now dealing with facts and not with issues arising from spiritualist experiences. There’s nothing I can say against facts. I can only watch and live with them while increasing my levels of intellectual reasoning as highly as possible. That’s what I’ve been doing.

The complete interview will soon be made available in English language.

For the Portuguese version of the interview, hit:



And now a message as of today from A. J. Gevaerd.

I have received a lot of inquiries from people who received my message yesterday, asking me if I believe that the alleged official contact with ETs will actually happen and if the person announcing it, who I interviewed for the Brazilian UFO Magazine, deserves any credit. Some people also wrote me and protested that I published the interview.

I would like to say just a few more things about it.

1. The Brazilian UFO Magazine is not supporting the claims made by Rogerio de Almeida Freitas / Jan Val Ellam. Neither is it rejecting them. The magazine simply played its role as a publication specialized in Ufology and carried out the information as clear as possible. Being the material is an interview, with an obvious interview format, the interviewee Freitas / Ellam is responsible for what he claims.

2. Whoever read the e-mail I sent out yesterday only read 3 of a total of 32 questions. In most of them, I put a lot of pressure on the interviewee Freitas / Ellam, as I was supposed to do. In addition, on the subsequent editions -- two so far, number 127 and 128 -- I have published several articles where researchers express their views about the predictions. And the majority of them are very negative towards what the interviewee Freitas / Ellam claims. We open this issue for debate in the magazine and in its website (www.ufo.com.br), unfortunately only in Portuguese.

3. As the editor of the Brazilian UFO Magazine, and having served it in such position for almost 23 years now, I had to make a decision about doing and publishing the interview or not when I got the information from the interviewee Freitas / Ellam. Of course I know very well of so many other previous alleged contactees and prophets that had issued similar predictions in the past. And of course I knew that this time it could be just about the same thing. What helped me to make my decision to publish the interview was the fact that the interviewee Freitas / Ellam is a very serious person and in my opinion, the content of his predictions should be known. Not supported, not rejected, but known. His predictions could all be hallucination, but he has a really high reputation and holds top positions in several business circles. He definitely not a lunatic and he has a lot to lose if nothing happens.

4. Personally, I am also neutral. I learned from my 30 years of experience in the UFO field that such claims never really come true. They never had, at least. And I don't know why would this one be any different. However, I keep a open mind about it and I would definitely love that the interviewee Freitas / Ellam prediction of a mass sighting all over the planet come true. Who in this field wouldn’t? However, it is not what motivated me to publish the interview, of course, but the content of it, the reputation of the interviewee Freitas / Ellam and the fact that, being a interview, his claims are his responsibilities.

5. At last, this debate is going on in Brazil and a few UFO circles abroad for almost 3 months now, since we released the edition 126 of the Brazilian UFO Magazine, where the polemic interview was published. There has been a very, very hot debate about it in my country, a debate that nearly divided UFO researchers here in two groups, the biggest one of them totally rejecting the interviewee Freitas / Ellam claims. Many people abroad, who received my message yesterday, also rejected the claims. This is really understandable. But for those people, and for most of the people in the UFO field, the next piece of information is even mind-boggling: The interviewee Freitas / Ellam called me last Wed, November 15, and told me that he was 99.9% that the sightings will happen tomorrow, Sat, November 18, 17h30 local Brasília time. And he called me again a couple of hours ago giving me the other 0.1%.

So, if Rogerio de Almeida Freitas / Jan Val Ellam is to be taken seriously, we are supposed to see a mass sighting of UFOs worldwidely tomorrow, Saturday, at 17h30 local Brasilia time.

I am sending out this message only to share with so many colleagues over the world this piece of info. I do not support these claims, and I do not reject them. I will wait and see. What the hell… I‘ve been watching the skies for countless hours for the last 3 decades and a few more tomorrow won’t hurt me.

Best regards!

A. J. Gevaerd,Editor, Brazilian UFO Magazinewww.ufo.com.brgevaerd@ufo.com.braj@gevaerd.com


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