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Saturday, November 18, 2006


Location. Maple, Ontario, Canada
Date: Spring 2002 Time: 0130A

The witness, who lived alone on a farm, had been standing in the darkened kitchen and was about to go upstairs to bed when she saw a flash behind her, she heard no noise whatsoever. She thought it was the light from the farm next door that was somehow malfunctioning.

She stepped outside and saw something she was not prepared for. Down in a hollow about 90-100 yards from the house was a vivid white glowing disc twice the size of her kitchen table, with white “flames” on the top. Around it, floating in several places were creatures of some sort encased in what resembled a veil such as a bride wears, but encasing each creature completely. They were about 5’6” in height and she could make out that each one was almost stick thin, which was difficult to tell because of the veil-like garments they wore. She counted about 20 of these creatures. Two briefly floated to an area where there was some runoff water, they immediately floated back to join the others. The witness was not frightened and did not stay around to see the glowing disc and strange creatures depart. She was very tired and went to bed.

HC addendum
Source: Chris Rutkowski

Location. Golasecca Di Novara, Italy
Date: March 2 2002 Time: 2330

Augusto & Maurizia were in their vehicle parked in an open field next to a wooded area having a heated discussion when suddenly a powerful beam of reddish-orange light illuminated the area around them. They rolled down the car window and heard a sharp metallic sound that seemed to be increasing in intensity.

They now noticed, behind the beam of light a hovering disc-shaped craft with a central rotating ring. It hovered about a meter from the ground. From the object, a cigar-shaped beam of light emerged; they could see it as the central ring of the craft slowly rotated on its axis. The craft was only about 10 meters away.

At this point, and only about 4 meters from the object Augusto saw what appeared to be a gelatinous transparent humanoid-like figure with a visible head, arms and legs. The figure was silvery in color and was very tall, about 3 meters or so.

At this point Augusto became concerned and drove away from the area and did not see the object or figure depart. The whole episode lasted about 10 minutes. The metallic noise was heard all throughout the encounter.

HC addendum
Source: Alfredo Lissoni, CUN Milano, and Michelle Castellano CUN Varese

Thank you Albert Rosales of Humanoid Contacts for the above cases!


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