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Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Paris described the Beings as about 5'2". He remembers having to look down into their eyes. They had large heads, but no hair. Their skin was kind of gray-white. They had thin arms and their bodies weren't muscular either. Their shoulders were small. They had two slits for a nose and one slit for a mouth. But the thing that Paris most remembers about them were their eyes. He said they had very large eyes that were almond shaped and went slightly back on the side of their faces. "They were beautiful, beautiful eyes," Paris said. "I didn't see any pupils. All I could see was large black eyes. When I looked into their eyes, I felt at that point what love is. It was a total, all engulfing love. It was like they were loving parents. You almost had that protective, loving feeling. It was that that made me realize they are part of us in some way, shape or form."

The Beings asked Mark and Paris if they wanted to go aboard the spacecraft and they agreed. Paris is convinced that if they had said no, the Beings would have left them alone. They were taken through a triangular-shaped doorway and onto the spcecraft. Paris was led down a hall on the left and Mark down a hall on the right. They would not see each other again until they were back in the Jeep.

Paris remembers being in seven different rooms, although he cannot describe all the rooms because his memory will not allow it. He was examined in one room. He was placed on a table that was actually a thick light. Paris said he received a slight shock from the table. A Being started examining him thoroughly. It was here that Paris believes he got the needle puncture, although he doesn't specifically remember. It should be noted that since he received the needle puncture, he has never again suffered from bursitis.

While being examined, Paris watched a smaller Being peeking into the room. "I had the feeling it was a child because it was smaller than the others," Paris said. "I had the feeling he wasn't allowed in the room, but he was curious, so he looked in from the hallway. But he never came through the door because he wasn't allowed in there."

After the examination, Paris was taken to other rooms and then allowed to roam freely about the spacecraft. He said the craft had windows about 18 inches tall and 36 inches wide. The walls also curved. At one point they placed Paris up against the wall and he had to bend down because he was too tall.

He was aware of at least five beings in the craft. He remembers three of them standing behind him and communicating telepathically. He also remembers one sitting at a console with a screen. Paris walked over to see what was on the screen and what he saw still amazes him. The space shuttle Columbia was orbiting the Earth. The Beings had taken him out in space, out beyond Earth, so they could show him the orbiting space shuttle. The thing that Paris was to realize later was that he was abducted on April first but the space shuttle didn't go up until April 12. The Beings had taken Mark and Paris forward in time and then brought them back.

When they were finished, they placed Mark and Paris back in their Jeep, but purposefully left a three hour lag time so that they would be aware that something had happened.

Since that time, Paris said he has been visited numerous times by Beings in his home. He said he goes through a kind of school. They come into his home late at night, and while he is sleeping they teach him. He wakes up next morning, after having a full nights sleep, just exhausted. He said going through school all night makes him exceedingly tired the next morning.

While he is not exactly sure why they are teaching him, Paris is convinced that he has something that he must accomplish for the Beings. He takes that obligation very seriously. He thinks eventually they will reveal themseles and their plan to him.

Paris believes the Beings have the ability to abduct people and bring them back without the individual ever realizing he was abducted.

"They can take you and bring you back within a minute of the time they abduct you or three or four hours,"he said. "In my case, they wanted me to be aware of the missing time. This is what they call an awareness contact. Many people have been abducted and never known they have been abducted because they are brought back so close to the time they were taken. They are not even aware that they have been taken."

But the lessons are for a reason, he said. Having not been the kind of person he wants to be, Paris said the Beings are helping him to be more understanding and compassionate.

"I've done a lot of things in my life that I am ashamed of," he said. "I could have been a better human. And right now there's this white spot on this dark human thing that's inside me, and it's eating all that black away. I have the feeling that the type of person I want to be and should be I will be in time. And it's only through them helping me that I'm growing and changing. Whatver is happening is good and I realize that."

The visitors to his home have now become almost common place for Paris. Now that he is over the initial shock, his curiosity has gotten the better of him. He wants to find out who the Beings are and just exactly what they want from him. He has set a camera up in his bedroom in hopes of at least getting a photograph of them in his home. When the Beings enter his home and he tries to get up, he loses consciousness. The next thing he knows, he is in bed awake - the Beings long gone. Although he has not yet been successful in getting photographs, he said he is going to keep trying.

Whether or not he is able to get pictures of the Beings is not of monumental importance to Paris. He believes he has something which he must accomplish for the Beings, and he takes that obligation very seriously. He thinks eventually they will reveal their plans to him.

Since Budd Hopkin's book, "The Intruders" has brought genetic manipulation to the forefront it has made contactees aware of why certain events transpired during their contact.

Since his contact in Oregon Paris has had a visitation in his home in Arizona. The aliens told him that he would be taught in the "perimeter of his bed."

After Paris and his friend were contacted they called the "UFO Reporting Center" in Seattle. Bob Gribble referred the case to us. We called Paris in Oregon. He was very apprehensive when I told him my name was Aileen. He thought I said "alien"! In fact after I asked him the symptoms other contactees exhibited, such as a puncture wound on his right rear buttock he really wondered because how else would I know what was happening with him? He called back the UFO Reporting Center to see if I was legitimate!

A date was set for a regressive hypnosis session to be done in Madras, Oregon on the following weekend. Another couple, who were also contactees, went with us. None of us will ever forget that day!

After an all day session of trying to regress Paris and finally achieving our objective Paris, Betty and Frank, Paris's son, left to go back to LaPine around 11:30 p.m.

During the session the ladies had stayed in one motel room and the men in the other. Usually during a hypnosis session I would wait until it was well under way, then I would come into the room and listen, then ask questions. Because of the light trance state in Paris's case we eliminated this procedure. Instead a tape was made so I could hear it later.

After Betty and Paris left I was listening to the tape. All of a sudden the sound of a UFO could be heard on the tape (we thought). Both of us exclaimed at once, "What is that?" Dan siad it must have been on the tape. It sounded like a whirring noise where the revolutions are getting faster every moment and further away.

The next morning we went to breakfast with the other couple. We told them about the sound we heard on the tape. They exclaimed, "that was not on the tape, it was outside!" My friend's husband said that he was going to run out there and look but he was "not dressed for the occasion" and besides there was s swimming pool right in front of his door and he knew in his excitement he would probably fall in!

We knew then that the UFO must have been right behind the motel.

The next day Betty cried all day. I found that to be abnormal behavior. In hypnosis it is called an abreaction. It is my belief that instead of Betty justifying the behavior as feeling left out, that something more happened to them on the way back to LaPine. That has never been explored.

Early the next morning Paris's friend that had been with him at the time came to Madras from LaPine, Oregon for regression. His story corroborated Paris' in every detail. He also made drawings while under hypnosis of instrument panels he saw on the ship and identical aliens as Paris'. He described insignias the aliens wore on their suits and gave colors of the uniforms.

Since that time we have lost touch with Paris' friend. Sometimes more than one person is involved in the contact. We have found that the contact is basically for one person. In many cases several weeks or even years, later, the other person cannot remember what took place.


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