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Monday, June 25, 2007


While we were in Arlington a very well known contactee came to us for help. She had been to psychiatrists and psychologists, even to a mental hospital for a year. No one wanted to help her any more. Maybe they couldn't understand her. Nevertheless, we paid for her flight from her home town and back again.

The problem she came to us for was not UFO related, even though she was a contactee. I think I will relate this case just because it shows what hypnosis can accomplish. Many persons are skeptical of hypnosis but I have seen the proof of what it can do.

Just recently we observed a baby being born by cesarean section and the only anesthesia was hypnosis. The lady SANG while they were operating on her.

The girl in question, let's call her Cindy, was prone to epileptic seizures since the age of 19. She had them often. Afterwards she would go into a chld's role. She would hug her teddy bear, in her case it was a Lion, and not talk for hours. If things got hard for her she would go off by herself and fall into this state where she did not talk. You absolutely could not get through to her.

The reason she came to us was because she had been having flashbacks of an event which triggered the seizures. The flashbacks were of a ball in various colors, going down a drain. The drain was like a whirlwind in the flashbacks.

Under hypnosis we noticed as soon as we found out what the flashback was about she went immediately into the seizure. Only this time Dan talked her out of it. The energy was so high that all of a sudden (and don't ask me how this happened, I only know it did) the latch that held the piano lid shut on the inside of our piano BROKE! At that same instant the rubber ball she remembered in her flashback from the age of 3 or 4 MANIFESTED under the chair where she was sitting!

After the session she did not want to touch the rubber ball. By the time she went home, however, she would not let go of it. In all the time she was with us afterwards she never again had an epileptic seizure. It had been her escape mechanism so she would not have to remember what had taken place. The rubber ball had gone down a drain when she was playing in the basement of the house where this traumatic event took place. That was what her conscious mind remembered, the rest had been buried in the subconscious.

Pat McGuire, Laramie, Wyoming rancher became a good friend during our stay. In fact we bought a snowmobile from him. We became very familiar with his contact story as he came to stay overnight with us at Arlington several times.

To know Pat is to love him. He is so funny; that is -- when he is happy. In the last few years he has not been very happy due to the treatement he has received in Laramie. Pat and I have always had a special relationship laughing and joking. At this point there are only a couple of people in the UFO field Pat will trust. He has been treated shabbily by UFO researchers.

Pat's story began when he was living on his 5,000 acre spread. He kept a lot of livestock on his ranch. One night he observed a UFO picking up one of his calves. He thought it was a government craft. After that night he had quite a few mutiliatons. He became determined to catch whomever was doing it. Night after night he watched and sure enough one night a light from a craft came down and picked up a calf. At that point he was watching through his telescopic lens on his rifle. He started to squeeze the trigger. At that moment he became completely paralyzed. He could only move his head. Michael, his contact, appeared for the first time right beside him. Pat almost had a heart attack. You would too. Michael is one of the gray/white skinned aliens, only in his case he was six feet tall. He wore a jump suit that is skin tight, of black, what looked like spandex material. Around his waist he wears a belt with an insignia of a six pointed star on the buckle.

Michael told Pat not to shoot. From that point on Pat has been contacted by Michael. Michael told Pat he works for the Supreme Being and he is the archangel Michael. Pat is not the only one to have seen Michael. I know of two other people who have definitely seen him.

Pat was instructed to dig a well on his property. Michael told him if he placed three rocks that they would bring the water right to where he placed them. It took Pat seven years to get the materials together and complete what he had been instructed to do. All the while he was working on the well he was to fly the Israeli flag over it. He also was to buy a tank motor to run the well as he would need something big. When he fired up that motor you could hear it for miles! Everyone wanted to know how Pat would know how to fix the motor if something went wrong. That is a story in itself.

From the beginning Pat was picked up by Michael's ship. He was put into Ariel Sharon's body. In Sharon's body he was in the Six Day War in Israel, and in many battles the Israeli's fought. As Sharon he was in the tank corp. Pat learned how to work on tank motors. He even hurt his leg in one battle. Sharon limps from that injury AND SO DOES PAT!

Pat needed a loan from the bank to buy equipment for his ranch. Some of that equipment was the water sprinkling system which he planned to use to raise crops. Alcoa Aluminum wanted to find water on the property too. They dug 26 test holes - everywhere but where Pat told them to. They said there was no water there. The bank then would not finance Pat.

A geologist was helping Pat in the final days of digging the well. Pat had invented (through help from his alien friends) a special drill blade to cut through the rocky ground. One evening there was a huge bang on the side of the trailer house where Pat and the gelogist were sleeping. The geologist was scared to death. Pat jumped out of bed and into his boots. He hit the floor running. He was yelling, "the water is here, the water is here." Sure enough it was. 8,450 cubic feet per minute.

Later Michael told Pat that they brought an underground river from Canada in 10 minutes. At the point where the well was dug it made a turn upwards. This was the biggest well ever dug in the United States. Alcoa was off by inches. Of course, they weren't supposed to find the water, Pat was.

The next summer Pat planted crops. Through difficulty he got the water wheels to water the crops. In the mornings he would go out to inspect the equipment. More often than not he would find that someone had tampered with the wheels and he would have to repair them. He did see someone once at night through his telescopic scope but again he was prevented from firing. Pat never did figure out who was sabotaging his water system.

After the crops were harvested Pat took them to the elevator. It was a prime crop, perfect in every way. All the elevators were full so they stockpiled the crops on the ground. When it was time to sell the crop someone had mixed a lot of other types of crops into his The buyers said it was tainted and would not take it. Pat had been counting on the money from the crops to pay for the ranch and the water system. After that everything went downhill for him.

Religion has been an important part of Pat's life. He is Irish Catholic. During his marriage to Wanda they had eight children. Eventually about the time of everything going downhill Wanda became pregnant with the ninth child. She was very upset because at this point they couldn't afford the children they had. When she took this attitude Pat was instructed to divorce her. Wanda miscarried. There is a statue of the Virgin Mary and Jesus on a hill overlooking the ranch. That is where the baby is buried.

Pat was told he was to bring forth into this world 13 children. One for every tribe of Israel. After he divorced Wanda he married a wonderful girl by the name of Lynn. They had two children. One was name Ariel Sharon and the other one is Michael.

Michael gave Pat instructions to find seven pure men to make a journey to a safe place he and Pat picked out for any future eventualities. Pat was instructed not to ask anyone that had anything at all to do with an abortion, whether it was to lend the money for one, or the cause of having one done, etc. Pat was to lay in supplies in this safe place. As far as I know he has never taken the journey.

Michael made it clear that abortion is one thing that the "Supreme Being" is very upset about. He even instructed Pat to send a telegram to the Israelis stating that if they didn't stop abortion in Israel that Michael and the Supreme Being's forces would not help Israeli pilots in the wars they are constantly fighting. Pat did as he was told.

Pat was also instructed to run for governor of Wyoming. Again he did as he was told. He was given press releasesd by Michael to send to President Reagan. Also press releases for Pat's campaign and what THEY wanted stated in the papers.

It was in this way that one of the persons who also saw Michael, came to have that experience (whether she wanted it or not). The young lady was to provide a press release for the campaign but she had been putting it off because of other pressing matters. She attended the University or Colorado. One evening she was walking across the campus. Right in front of her Michael appeared. He said, "I am Pat McGuire's Michael. Why haven't you written the press release? I want it done -- now!" She was so frightened that all she could do was go to her room and start typing. While she was writing the article Michael again appeared to her in her room. This time she was so upset that after that press rlease she quit the campaign. She told Pat she no longer wanted anything to do with Michael, or Pat.

Pat was instructed by Michael to quit campaigning. Even at that, he still garnered 15% of the total vote for Governor.

He had been instructed to visit the Indian reservations up north. He met a lot of Indians who were interested in supporting Pat as Governor. On the day of the election there was one of the worst snow storms in the history of Wyoming. No one on the reservations could come down out of the hills to go vote.

Everyone asks why did Pat had to go through so many hurtful things. We don't have the answer.

We have noticed that contactee's lives are more stressful and hard to deal with than most persons. Perhaps we have more to learn in one lifetime than other people. How can we be compassionate in every situation if we haven't been there before the people we are trying to help?

Pat's life now is one step above poverty level. We don't think it is fair. But we cannot see the future, only God can do that.

In October 1982, living in remote Wyoming, I decided the thing to do was to start a newsletter for the contactees like myself. Many had no one to relate to because they were isolated. I tossed the idea around and decided to run a contest to name this "link" to each other. A man in Canada won a year's subscription by suggedsting the most appropriate name. He sent in the title, "The Missing Link." The Missing Link would go around the world. It was a valuable asset to our work and to the contactees that were hungry for information about what was taking place with others.

On January 6, 1983 we towed our mobile home into Laramie and left it there full of our household things. The assistant managers, Steve and Eve, and ourselves moved to Phoenix, Arizona.

Our friends Betty and Paris had come to visit us from Phoenix in Wyoming. They said why don't you move to Phoenix. When the job was over we decided that was the thing to do. The assistant managers and outselves set out with a pocketful of dreams for the promised land in Phoenix, Arizona.

On our way to Phoenix we had what I consider, our best sighting over Rock Springs, Wyoming. It was approximately 2:30 in the afternoon. For quite a ways before we got to it you could see something in the sky. When we got closer you could tell it was something that we were not familiar with. From about a mile away we observed a "blue sail" on top of the object. It was not an actual sail but was shaped like one you see on a small sailboat. As we got closer and closer, cars and semi-trucks were stopped on the freeway looking up at the object. Can you believe that we did not stop! UFO investigators that did not stop. I still cannot believe it to this day. We were pulling the other couple's extra car loaded with their and our things. It was an awkward situation so we kept on going. When we were right under the object it was the most beautiful sight I could ever imagine. In the middle was an orange color fading to a brown right in the center. Around the perimeter were half loops like picot lace in lime green. The upper portion was lime-yellow green and the top a blue sail-like appendage. It was just sitting there in the bright sunshine. We watched it until we went around a bend in the road.

No one said a word for a long time. Then we said in unison, "Why didn't we stop?"


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