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Thursday, June 28, 2007


Frank is Paris's son, although he was not raised with Paris, he visited him periodically. Frank was a lonely child. He seemed to be intimidated by his father. It was therefore, with trepidation that he timidly said he would like to be regressed. He was fearful of what his father would say to him. We agreed to regress him with Paris's blessings.

Under hypnosis Frank revealed a contact two days previously to Paris's. It took place near the corrals at the campground. There had been lights flitting around the area for a few days before Paris had his contact. Afterwards reports came from Paulina Lake that people in that area had seen things on the same night as Paris's contact.

The following is a brief synopsis of Frank's contact taken from the hypnosis transcript on April 18, 1981. "D" is the hypnotist and "F" represents Frank.

D Go back now to the two days before your Dad's sighting. You are out in the field looking up at the stars... do you remember that time?
F Umhum
D I want you to now look up at those stars and remember them as you saw them. Do you see them, Frank? Count them Frank. Is there something about that moment that you remember?
F There is something on my left side - I can see it, but then you can't see it.

At this point Frank seems under mild stress and Dan reassures him that it is ok and tells Frank that it is ok to look.

F I can make out a little bit.
D What do they look like, frank?
F I see a round head.
D What else do you see?
F Shoulders and arms and a body and something on my other side - on my right.
D Is it the same thing?
F It's the same color - blue
D Do you know them Frank?
F I think so
D Who do you think they are?
F Somebody who loves me very much - I feel very deeply - very emotionally about them being there - when they are with me - keep me from...
D Where are they from?
F Space
D What does the room look like, Frank?
F Clean and perfect - like - something like stainless steel - perfect, no uh - nothing is - its perfect.
D Did you see that room just like that?
F There's something in the middle - like a - like a stump, only its solid like metal, like perfect - round - like an octagon - its - uh
D Are you alone in that room?
F No, it's like my best friends there
D Do you know his name?
F No
D Have you talked with him?
F No - not talked, no but if he wanted me to do something. I would do it without him talking - any kind of communication.
D You would just know?
F Um hum
D What do you see, Frank?
F He's - uh - he's not there for any reason, he's just there! Like my personal soul, my friend.
D Do you know what he is teaching you
F No - uh, I can see a window with the stars... the room is square, the window is angled, like its angled like where you tip glass toward you!
D Do you see more than just stars in that window?
F I didn't, but, something in the bottom ocrner
D What's in the bottom corner?
F A moon - like a moon. It's real bright
D How do you know what he teaches you Frank? Does he show you something?
F Yes - he is doing something with the wall.
D Go on, explain in detail what he shows you
F I can see his hands and uh, like a TV screen - a little TV screen - its something like that - like a window with lines on it. Like a game, like what you play on... it's got lines and numbers
D Can you read the numbers, Frank?
F They look like numbers - they are too short to be words.
D Did they show you anything else on that screen?
F No - there is nothing else in the whole room except the light on the wall.
D What color is the light?
F It's like a white yellow square - that's it
D Can you describe what he looks like, Frank?
F No hair - he's bald - his head is shaped a little different. I can't see his face.
D Can you see his back or his front?
F He's got two arms - he is wearing a suit and no hair.
D How many fingers, Frank?
F Three - come to my mind - long
D Does he have ears?
F I don't see any - he's real light.
D Light in what way?
F Skin - is light like white yellow - the light - like he's not in the sun. His eyes are big and like ours, except they are big - they are good sized. He looks like a friend. He looks very kind.
D How tall is he?
F He's not tall - a little bit shorter than I am. Very nice, Very nice person.
D Were you in any other room in that craft?
F No - uh, one little doorway - uh, a little tiny small hallway. I don't know if it is a space, it's just a room.
D Do you know how you got there?
F My friend picked me up - my frient took me there.
D How did your friend take you there?
F (Long pause) He touched my hand, like a brother would do an ... or something and he walked and all of a sudden we are just there - one minute I am there and then - then, I am not there.
D Do you remember the light? Do you remember a white light?
F When he touched my hand.
D Then you were in the room?
F Yeah
D Have you seen them before?
F They've always been - somewhere, I've always been
D Can you distinguish between a boy and a girl?
F My - the one in the room is not - I don't think it is a girl - it's more like a brother
D How many times have you been with them?
F I - uh, once, but it was familiar to me - I knew what it was like to be there - I knew where everything was!
D Do you think you were there once?
F It's like I, uh, like a club that you go into once in a wrile.

We believe this case is very significant because of three abductions and a possible fourth all in the same time period.

Afterwards Paris acknowledged the entity drawn by his son was the same one that he had seen aboard the ship.


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