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Sunday, July 22, 2007


The first evening we were in Salt Lake City we all were invited to Norman and Patty Paulson's home for dinner. Norman Paulson was the founder of "Sunburst Farms." The farms grew only organic foods. They also started vegetarian restaurants in the San Bernadino area of California. Later Norman felt urged to sell everything and move to northeastern Nevada to the Big Springs Ranch. He purchased a 750,000 acre ranch for his people to live on. He brought in 35 mobile homes and placed them on abandoned farms where there had previously been working wells. His organization set out to reclaim the land and live independently of society. They made their own shoes, cloth, cheese, etc. You name it, they made it.

To continue to live in the life style they desired Norman and 65 others moved into Salt Lake City and opened health food stores. They rented five big houses, one of them the one we were invited to. It had been a judge's home. It was so beautiful. The men started a construction company which is still in existence, as far as I know.

Norman Paulson has written a book about his life. The name of the book is "Christ Consciousness." It was previously called "Return of the Ancients."

Norman started this life in an unusual way. His father was blind. He was also a wonderful pianist. Before Norman was born his father asked for someone to help him. He met Norman before he was born in a meditation. Norman told him he was coming to help him and that they had been together before.

During the early adult years Norman lived with Paramahansa Yogananda and became a devotee. He built the Self Realization Institute Retreat in Los Angeles. He spent 8 years with Yogananda until he knew that it was time to leave.

Shortly thereafter he had a meeting with an alien on the highway. The alien was injured so Norman took him home. Of course, all of these events are books in themselves.

Later on he met George Van Tassel's daughter and married her. George Van Tassel is a famous contactee. He is the most well known for "Giant Rock" where he held UFO conventions every year. It is located in Yucca Valley, California. It was during the period he was married to George's daughter that he was picked up by a huge ship on the dry lake bed at Yucca Valley.

When Norman was picked up he felt he recognized everyone on board. He was familiar with the controls. One of the crew gave him clothes and shoes which fit him perfectly. He even recognized the clothes. You can find this wonderful story in his book.

After returning from Norman and Pattys there was a message waiting for Marlene from her Mother. Her father had died the day we left Seattle. She was devastated. This was her first vacation. Now she felt that she wasn't intended to take a vacation. We tried to reassure her that you never know what is going to happen in this life and it had nothing to do with her. The next morning we took her to the airport and she returned to Seattle.


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