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Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Since that time the Bair's have had three babies. Each born under mysterious circumstances. The first one was born in Salt Lake City, Utah while on a long haul in their truck.

At first they thought Jackie was just gaining weight from sitting in the truck so much. Jackie weighed 89 pounds so she would certainly know if she were pregnant or not. After about a month of not losing the weight she went to the doctor and found out she was pregnant. In a total of six weeks Jackie gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. The baby was perfect in every way.

Within the next two years two more short term pregnancies occurred. The second pregnancy was one month long and the last one was six weeks.

We can only speculate as to the cause for the short term pregnancies. It seems that Jackie has been chosen to bring these special children into the world; but by whom?

The following is a transcript of the Bair's case in their own words taken from a recording made at the meeting in my home.

R: Robbie J: Jackie A: Aileen G: Group

R: Jackie was driving. She kept seeing a red flashing light up out of the window. She got me to look at it, it was staying right ahead of us. It was moving in jerking motions. It would jerk, and then jerk, and then jerk, and then jerk, and just kept on traveling like that. It stayed the same distance from us all the time. We came to a rest area and we entered. First we thought it was an airplane, or a helicopter, or something. I thought well, if it is, he's running out of gas, or out of fuel, because he's doing this "surging" motion, ya know. We watched and he stays and maintains the same altitude. He keeps moving along and I said it ain't an airplane or any helicopter. The lights are not right. I've been driving a truck too many years and I know what an airplane is.

So we go in the rest area and we don't know what to do, so we're gonna make a phone call. It stopped when we did, when we pulled into the rest area it stopped. It stayed there because the lights were like this and then a couple of other ones come in from the sides, crossed, created kind of a "V" shape about like this (demonstrates). We're going to the bathroom and I asked a guy in there if he believed in UFOs. He said "yes." "Well, I want to show you something" (Robbie says to the man). So we go outside and I say well, look up in the sky there and tell me what you see. So he told me what he saw, and it was the same thing we saw. He was waiting for his daughter. They ran to their pickup and jumped in. They were looking out the window for a minute and then they took off.

We called Billings Police Department and reported it. As soon as she got on the phone - she could hear real good. After she (Jackie) said she wanted to report a UFO sighting or something, then the phone went real dim, just died right down. She couldn't hardly hear at all, period. So they say they will dispatch a car out but it never showed up. So we left and it takes off, starts following us. It was on the driver's window when we were pulling in. When we went to the rest area it went across. So it's on the right hand side and stays there all night, for the rest of the night.

Early that morning all the stars are going out, they're all disappearing the lighter it gets, except for this one and it stayed on. It's just breaking day. This one - he's just following. We stop. It stops, or it seems to, ya know.

Jackie is looking at it all the time and says "they are throwing something at us" and I stopped but I couldn't see what she was talking about. She says "that it is down the road, it is like a big funnel" and I stopped again and looked from the side of the truck and it looked like a swirl (demonstrates). It comes down over the truck, right over the stacks and I jumped back in the truck and then we took off. It seems like I am leaving something out, am I?

J: Well when we were in the rest area, when we pulled in there was what Robbie and I called the "Mother Ship." I don't know why we called it that, it seemed that that's what it was and it came over the sky, over the field by the rest area right in the center and these others came, there was nine (9) of them altogether and they formed like an hour glass, like a "V" shape, but like an hour glass.

R: There is a set of stars in the sky that looks like an hour glass, the shape, pin pointed like a "V" shape and they were facing each other with the larger points at the end. We went on right after that, we were going down the road. It is a freeway through Montana. All of a sudden out of nowhere are these balls. Started out like Vitamin E capsules, the same texture of Vitamin E; started covering her window. She got scared. I told her to get in the doghouse. I just went as fast as I could. The faster I went, the more they came at me. You could see little bubbles covering the windshield and they made a line around my windshield, just around the edge of it. Then they started getting larger like baseballs, then soft balls, then basket balls and then (everyone laughed when they heard about it) but like peanut shapes, you know? They were shaped like peanuts,three of them and what was really strange about it was; remember kids beach balls that were really sparkly? They were like those but different colors. There were lavenders, pinks, blues, reds, yellow and white. You could see them in the mirror as they went by. We still were going fast but we were noticing everything. Aileen brought it to my attention that we were going 85 MILES PER HOUR so how could we see this? Then these peanut shaped things, like they were 3 feet across, 5 feet, 6 feet long coming across the same angle, were coming toward us. They were going down the side. We have scratch marks or scrapes like you have on your van,"* just like that, along side the truck, the tanker and little things like finger prints all over the stacks like something had a hold and then slipped off because it was too hot. They left marks all down the side of it.

(* During one of our trips to visit the Bairs we were traveling between Ellensburg and Yakima, Washington. It was a dark night but the stars were out. All of a sudden out of the sky a white round object came straight at the windshield but instead of hitting it, it slid down the side of the van. We stopped immediately and looked for whatever it was. We found nothing but we did find the scratch mark on the van.)

Then we started into the peanut things. One of them started right at us. You could see it hit the dirt in front of us; you could see where the dust flew up. I could see it laying in the road. I am going right at it. A ball comes out of the thing and lands right on top of it and picks it up and just zooms right off. Picks it up and zooms right off, then the third one goes down the side. I can see it in the mirror.

We get out of that and decide that we will stop and have a cup of coffee. Wellll, we go by a field and all the cattle in the field come running up to the fence. All along the fence is little tiny balls all over the fences. The next pasture didn't have anything. There was nothing there. There was just one section where all the cattle came running up to the fence. It was really weird.

J: They were probably seeing what we were seeing, only it landed on the ground and that's what color the ground stayed.

R: The ground was that way, it was that big around and it landed there. It was there but it wasn't a bubble anymore, the ground was flat and it laid there.

We go through that day. That night (I didn't really think about it, didn't pay any attention) we lost our batteries. We didn't have any batteries at all. we lost them all. The batteries were gone so we had them charged up for 8 hours then we took off down the road again.

G: You were driving and there were no batteries?

R: On a diesel you don't need them to drive. We had started turning on the lights and things and they had run down so we had them charged up to make it through the night. Usually you can make it through with one good charge. So they were charged up and we made it about 50 miles. We made it from North Dakota to Minnesota. We pulled into this little town, had them charged up again. We pulled around back and as soon as we pulled in the balls of light start coming in, about the size of basketballs. The lights, on and off, right in this community, so we are watching them and I say that I am gonna call a cop.

J: By this time we are really scared because we saw all the lights coming in where there had been nothing there.

R: Inside the lights was a "V" shape and it turns and goes like this (demonstrates). It turns like when we got ready to leave, they all turned the way that we were going to go. They had us surrounded except for the way that we were going to go out (of the stop). When we got ready to leave the arrow pointed to go that way so we did. As soon as we got on the road red lights are all over like radio towers.

J: That happened while we were sitting in the restaurant.

G: Nobody else saw?

R: Well...

J: I took them outside and I showed the woman and asked her if she believed in UFOs. She said that she didn't know too much about them and I took her outside and showed her the lights and she said they did not belong here. At this time...

R: The lights were all over the church.

J: The lights would all come together and then the light would get slightly bigger.

R: One would be shaped this way (demonstrates) and one would be shaped this way. They would be side by side.

G: Were they different colors?

R: No, they are all still the same color.

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