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Sunday, July 15, 2007




Soon it became evident that we would need to return to Seattle to survive due to the economy. It was with happiness and sadness that we left Arizona to return to Seattle. Everywhere we traveled we sang Willie Nelson's song, "On the Road Again." Soon it became our traveling song.

As soon as we returned to Seattle I went to work. I knew then that this was the place I was supposed to be. The first month we started meetings again. Soon our organization was growing again with new centers starting up all across the United States and Canada.

A very unusual case had taken place while we were away from Seattle. Soon we were able to talk with the participant and he became a member of our group. It seems each case is unique in itself, even though there is a commonality between cases.

The following article is taken from the Journal American in Bellevue, Washington, dated September 2, 1985. It was written by Bob Welch, a staff columnist.

Joseph Cook (a pseudonym), a 59 year old Bellevue man claims he saw a UFO on July 24, 1985 and was taken aboard it.

"I was abducted" said Cook. The incident, he said happened while he and a friend, Cassandra Wright were at Crystal Mountain, just east of Mount Rainier.

The two originally had planned to ride two chairlifts to the Summit House and take photographs. But Wright had sprained her ankle and decided to stay at Crystal Mountain Lodge while Cook went on up.

The Miners Basin chairlift, which goes from the base to midway up the mountain, wasn't running. But Cook, wearing slacks, a longsleeve shirt and dress shoes, decided to hike up the mountain and get on the Iceberg Ridge lift, which goes to the top. He and Wright parted. It was 2:30 pm on a warm, clear Sunday.

The next thing Cook remembers is lying face down on rocky Powder Pass, 2,000 feet above the point where he'd started to climb and about a quarter-mile east of the Summit House. "I was panting like a steam engine," he said. "I was petrified. I had no recollection of how I'd gotten there."

"Emotionally drained," he vaguely remembers stumbling back down to the lodge, his back and his ribs aching. He arrived at 4:30 p.m. "I don't know how I got there," Cook told Wright, "but I was up there on those rocks."

In the two weeks that followed, Cook was "Incoherent," according to Wright. "He'd jump at every little noise - like the telephone ringing. He's never shed more tears. He didn't leave the apartment for a couple of days. He didn't want to be alone."

"It was the first time in my life," said Cook, "that I didn't have control over an event."

Adding to the mystery were five puncture wounds on Cook's back, wounds which wright said looked like "needle marks." Though they've faded now, the marks were photographed by Wright.

On August 8, Fred Rantz of Kirkland - whom Cook sought out after a recommendation from a friend - placed Cook under hypnosis. Wright observed. Rantz, in California last week couldn't be reached for comment on the matter. But Cook and Wright say the session revealed that Cook had been taken aboard a disc-shaped spaceship.

"It was about 200 to 300 feet in diameter and was blue - the undersurface was," said Cook. It had no lights on it. It hovered above him, he said close to the ground.

"I don’t' remember how I got into the ship;I understand they can levitate you. But anyhow, the next thing I remember - the only other thing I remember - was I was on a white hospital bed and there were about 25 or 30 figures around me and they were diffused. You couldn't see their features but they were humanoids. It wasn't like an extraterrestrial. They were blurry."

Cook doesn't remember whether he was wearing clothes, whether any of the "grayish-green humanoids" bent over him or whether any instruments touched him. But he's convinced he was being examined.

And he's convinced he's seen two disc-shaped UFOs since the incident. On August 11, said Cook, he was hanging up the phone in his downtown Bellevue apartment about 7 p.m. when he saw a blue disc hovering above the Seattle Trust building. Then, in "two seconds," it shot straight up and disappeared.

On August 21, at about 5:30 p.m. Cook said he was turning on the evening news when a disc shot by his window, heading east, "like a bomb."

Cook, who has an engineering background and is now in sales, says for weeks after the hypnotic session he denied the abduction story. But he and Wright ventured back to Crystal Mountain last weekend. He double-checked to make sure there wasn't some way he could have gotten up to the rocks on Powder Pass and back to the lodge in two hours. (It's a four-mile trip that would take an avid hiker about 2 1/2 hours, according to a Crystal Mountain spokesman.) Impossible for him, Cook decided, particularly since he was wearing street clothes, hasn't hiked in years and is admittedly in poor physical condition. He said he hadn't been dinking or taking drugs. He denied he fell and hit his head, mistook something else for Powder Pass, is mentally off balance or is plain lying. "There's no doubt," he said, "that this happened."

In an article dated November 10, 1985, the transcript of a second hypnosis session was printed. The following is the transcript of what buried memories revealed in the hypnosis session.

Q Are you indoors or out?
A In. I see an opening in the floor... inside the craft. At the same time I see a window
Q Can you see out the window?
A Nods
Q What do you see?
A It's like being on an airliner.
Q Do you feel you're in the air?
A Yes
Q What else is happening - is anyone saying anything?
A No answer
Q Do you say anything?
A No
Q How do you feel?
A I don't have feelings
Q Do you have any kind of emotions?
A All kind of images.
Q Any such as you've seen before?
A Same ship
Q Are there other people or human beings on the ship?
A Things are slowing down.
Q Do you see a pilot or who's running the ship?
A Yes
Q Is it in a different compartment?
A Yes
Q You said there's a hole in the floor. What's the hole for?
A Its rectangular
Q Where are you - in a chair on a table?
A Like a chair - up and over there
Q Are they - the ones that are on the ship near by you?
A No answer
Q Are there other beings - or are you all alone?
A No. There's a being.... looks like leather. Bent over.
Q Are there others like it?
A He's alone.
Q Is there any furniture? Different things?"
A Something on my right. Looks like machinery on right. It's large... beams upright
Q What's overhead?
A A ceiling structure - tubes or pipes. There's a hallway there. It's curved. Right in front of me... windows in hallway
Q Did somebody bring you in or did you just come in out of curiosity?
A It was a ship
Q Did you have to go up a ladder?
A No. Just came in. There was an opening at the bottom of the ship.
Q Somebody helped you in?
A No answer
Q I understand there were more than one. Were they on the ground when they first accosted you?
A Yes
Q Did they say anything
A No
Q Did they forcibly put you up in the ship or invited you into the ship?
A I don't remember what's happening. (Long pause) I just saw somebody lean over me... has eyes... bent over me.
Q More than one?
A I just see the one... I'm on the table now.
Q In the same compartment?
A I see hands.
Q Are they like human hands?
A Uh-huh
Q Did they touch you?
A They're looking down... they're like us - the hands.
Q Look down at your feet. You're on the table now. What do you see?
A I see people
Q Do they look like us?
A Not clear
Q You say they're people so do they resemble us?
A They're pouring something - can't see their faces - out of a flask or beaker
Q What happens when they pour it?
A I just see it coming out.
Q Look to the right
A It's a wall
Q Any people or beings?
A Uh-huh
Q How many?
A Four or five - five. They're there.
Q It's about time to leave. What's happening?
A I'm back in the little ship
Q The little ship brought you up there, right?
A Uh-huh
Q What did the little ship look like?
A Oversized car - all glass top
Q Was it oblong or like a cylinder or oval or -
A Rectangular. Two front seats.
Q The man is coming toward you - does he say something, touch you?
A By the arm.
Q How did you get into the ship?
A Top comes up. The door is open.
Q How large is it side to side?
A No bigger than a big car.
Q You're in the seat. Two other people?
A Yes, two. Up front.
Q Do you know where you're going?
A No
Q You're approaching the larger ship.
A It's above us
Q What's it look like?
A It's big - very big
Q What color is it?
A It's blue... dark blue
Q Any illumination?
A No
Q How far do you estimate the large ship is off the ground?
A Not very far. The ground is slanted.
Q About 500 feet or half a mile?
A No, close.
Q Do you feel yourself getting out of the small ship?
A Being held
Q How many people?
A Two
Q When they put you on the table, did they put you face down, stomach down?
A On my back
Q After you were on the table did they touch your back?
A No
Q After you were on the table did they turn you over?
A Yes
Q Did they appear to be examining you?
A Uh-huh. Yes.
Q Did they hurt you in any way?
A Nods yes.
Q Were they gentle or rough?
A I don't know
Q Possibly neither. Maybe firmness would be a better word.
A Uh-huh
Q Did they use instruments of any kind on you?
A Saw hand go over my back
Q Their hands were quite obvious but their faces were more diffused huh?
A Can't see their faces.
Q Were they out of range of your eyes?
A No, they were diffused.
Q Make any noises?
A Green and gray... want to go home
Q OK, you just touched the ground
A It's on the rocks. I'm getting pulled out
Q Does the little ship leave?
A I'm on the ground. Just laying
Q Are you free of hem now?
A No
Q Which did you see first - when you first sighted the ship - the large or small ship?
A The large ship
Q Was it really close to the ground?
A Almost touching the edge. It was big. The ground was sloped.
Q The little ship came out and landed close to you?
A Yes, about 20 feet.
Q How tall were the beings?
A Oh, five-six.
Q Apparently just about same size as us.
A Little smaller
Q Where they fat or thin?
A Medium... they're obscure forms... just like humans
Q In some manner, either they controlled you or -
A I had no control. I had no control!

Many months later we held a special meeting for contactees. Many of them had been having a dream about a cataclysm. Cook was one o them that had seen a vision of such frightening events that he could not tell the story without weeping.

A question has been raised about all of the negative visions, prophesies and events surrounding UFO contact. Why should it be so negative? Some of the events that were foretold have come and gone without happening. In the meantime the contactees suffer tremendously. One contactee surmises they are testing our emotions - or mettle, as you will. They are trying to understand what makes us tick. Is it because they lack emotion and sensitivity?

Before we finish with Cook's story there is another interesting event that happened to him that never made the newspapers. He told us the night of the special meeting. Just another event in the life of a psychic contactee!

When Cook lived in California he was driving on a busy freeway in Los Angeles. All of a sudden he found himself in a fighter plane at the controls. This was as real as the car he had just been driving. He said he recognized the airplane. It belonged to the Israeli Air Force. He was pulling the trigger on a machine gun or some such weapon. All of a sudden the airplane he aimed at was hit by his fire. He felt the g-forces from the plane as he pulled up and away after completing his taks. The next moment he is back on the L.A. freeway! That event is almost like Pat McGuire trading bodies with Ariel Sharon and being in the Tank Corp in Israel.


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