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Wednesday, July 18, 2007


J: While we were sitting in the restaurant Robbie was out talking with the maintenance man that was charging up the truck. Well I saw it out the window in a tree. In the field what it actually looked like was a spider.

R: It was inside the light.

J: Like feelers.

R: This little thing comes out like feelers and it tried to clip itself on, pull itself out of it, that's what it eventually did. This other guy that was standing there couldn't see it.

J: That's because he had triple bifocals.

R: His glasses were like Coke bottles, I mean they were thick! So, anyway, this thing clipped its way around the light - inside the light - finally it grabbed onto a branch but it didn't have a good enough grip. The tree pulled - you could see where the tree pulled but it wasn't a good enough hold and the tree snapped back.

G: How big was this thing?

R: When it gets out of the bulb, when it gets all out of there, it finally grabs on and pulls out, it's like a big spider. The spider is about as big as from here to the door, (demonstrates) (5') about this long. It looked like a spider. It had a bubble body and it had legs, I don't know if it had eight legs or not, I didn't get that close. I wanted to, but Jackie wouldn't let me. It got on top of the trees and it was walking across the top of the trees. You could see the trees as it was moving. It got down on the ground and that is when Jackie went back inside.

We have marks on our windows, a whole bunch of marks. All kinds of different shaped marks, "V" shaped, "Z" marks and things like that. The windows were brand new. There was nothing there but after that there were marks like we had gone through a sand storm.

J: Right before the trip we had a paint job.

R: And that was wasted on the truck. But that window in the restaurant, remember, they said they just put that window in. It had all the marks that we had on our truck window.

J: Right where we were sitting at the table were the marks on the window. They had the plexiglas, then the window and the space between, and it couldn't come through the plexiglas to the window, they couldn't get to the glass on the inside.

R: Before we leave we stuff all the holes in the truck; the fresh air vents we stuffed with rags and clothes, whatever we could find to stuff that tube up because inside the truck was like cigarette ashes. You couldn't take it and break it, you couldn't smear it, you could take your fingernail and break it and then it would just go to dust. There was nothing there. So we had little blisters all over us. When I get to talking about it my lips are tingling again. Remember, we had little blisters all over our face, our mouths and fingers where we touched one of those things. So we just tried to clean off what we had to clean off. Cleaned off the steering wheel, gear shift handle and all that, just what we had to use. The rest of it we just left there. There was the sleeper curtain,, the curtain that comes down.

J: Where I would have been sitting if I hadn't moved over.

R: There was a little "V" shaped piece of metal, it was real shiny and it was stuck in the sleeper curtain.

A: Did you get a sample?

R: No, Minnesota Highway Patrol took that. We had to keep everything covered and all closed up so the wind wouldn't blow it around. Our tanker is heated by water. The product we were hauling was cooking oil and it has to be hot all the time so its got hot water running through it all the time to keep it hot. We get out on the road and all these red lights start coming on all over the place. So - what happens? I lose all my water - parked there on the side of the road - along side of the road and no water. I got out of the truck and I started checking all the places that I had stuffed up and the radiator. I was running on nothing. I had five miles to go until the next off-ramp and we made it. At that time Jackie said there was a little short person on the back of the tank. She could see it - red - but I couldn't see it where I was. I couldn't see it. We turned the corner and I looked. I thought it was lights reflecting. The lights at the front of the tank reflecting to the back of the tank but it wasn't. I checked it all out and made sure. Well, we will come back to our red person later. We went in. What happened there?

J: We got water and then we took off.

R: OK, then it started to break day.

A: Don't forget the fog.

R: Oh, yeah, missed the fog.

J: That was before.

R: That was during the time that all the little balls were coming at us strong. They were getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger, and I kept going faster, and faster and faster.... We went down into this little dip and it was really foggy down there. We get up on top of the hill and here is this "sun," or what we thought was the sun. I mean that it was gigantic and it was like a ring, like inside the sun, something moving back and forth, but not going out of the perimeter or whatever you call it, the circle, moving back and forth inside of it. These balls are really coming now We go over the next hill and there you have never seen thicker fog in your life. It was there and then it wasn't there.

J: We were afraid to go down into it because we might not come out.

R: Then it was gone.

J: We got about half way down the hill. The fog was completely gone, there was none.

J: That was when we saw the tornadoes, up behind the hills. There were tornadoes and they were all pink and they were all leaning the same way. They were all going this way with the tails out this way (demonstrates) and they were, I don't know how many of them all along the side of the mountain. They would all go to the end of the mountain.

R: That could have been because the sun was coming up and they would be kind of a pinkish color and they would all be coming to the top of the hill.

J: They would all go down to the end of the mountain and you couldn't see them go back and all of a sudden they would be back where they started from and then they would go back again. You couldn't see them and then you would look and they were back where they started. The same thing. Just going back and forth.

G: Did you believe in UFOs before this happened?

R: I always believe in UFOs.

J: But we never....

R: Experienced it.

A: But you didn't finish

R: Well, we leave there and we get our water and everything, and we take off. But this one star, remember it was day, OK? There's this one star that hadn't gone out. 10:00 in the morning, we're pulling in for fuel. I ran it out until it was empty. I wasn't gonna stop, no way.

J: You forgot about the bird scene.

R: Oh yeah, well that was just....

J: That was right when it was breaking day when we got water.

R: OK, now, I can't say they were birds.

J: Because they weren't birds.

R: No, because they didn't flap their wings, you know? But they resembled a bird. I mean, they were birds and they were flying around in the air.

J: To start with.

R: To start with then when we came along they started getting a big flock of birds all behind this light that was flying along. The flock got bigger and bigger and bigger. Then we saw three birds and they'd come at us. They were in a formation -- a "V" formation. They were birds but they weren't flapping their wings but they were going. They went around us three times.

J: They would go up ahead of us, mind you, we were still going about 70 mph. And they would go up in front of us and then they'd fly back towards us and they would separate and then go back in front of us.

R: And then come back again. So we pulled in to get the fuel.

J: All this time we had seen this little light with the birds.

R: The light was still there.

J: The light was just really tiny and the birds were surrounding this light. They were following this light. The light was out ahead of the birds.

R: But they were birds. They weren't flapping their wings, but they were going as fast as we were.

A: I never thought birds could fly that fast!

R: Then we pull into this truck stop. We pull up to the pump and I'm going to fuel. The girl comes and tells me that it's not self service. That self service is up front or if I wanted self service or something - anyway - Jackie looked, she was still watching and these birds were landing everywhere. Birds are landing all over in every little tree they could find. On each post there was a bird and the ones on the light posts were the size of, I don't know... an eagle! Yeah, on each light post. They were like guards.

J: Just around this truck stop.

G: But they weren't eagles, were they?

R: No, you couldn't make them out, no, I swear to God this ain't a lie. I swear to God - we saw one cross its legs.

J: He did. He had kind of like pegs for legs and then they had wings. They were lower than their legs and they couldn't sit with their wings down.

R: But they were propping themselves...

J: So they had to put their wings back in order to sit down because they would keep them from sitting down because they were longer than their legs.

G: What color were they?

R: They were grayish black.

J: Grayish black, just like a monkey's chest leather.

A: They weren't feathers?

R: You could see them fly in and land.

J: Just the ones that we called the "Guardians" (cause that's what they seemed they were) had landed on the lightposts on the top.

R: They are the closest to us. The other ones were in the trees.

J: There were others over by the truck and in front of us.

R: There wre only a few in the trees that we thought was part of what we thought the other birds were protecting them, camouflaging them, or whatever, and in there was a red one - in one of the trees - a red one. So, what Jackie did see at the back of the truck was about 8 or 10 inches tall. It was over in the tree and one knocked it off, remember? Knocked him down.

J: Looked something like a boomerang.

R: Knocked him clear off the tree and next thing he was up on that limb again. Back up where he was supposed to be. Just this one faced us and at all times he was dancing and he was moving, banging on his chest, just like he was doing the "ol Bee-Bop." It reminded me of bee-bopping. that's what I was telling everyone.

J: He was singing of chanting to the others.

R: He would shake the tree. It seemed like he would get them to all go together and shake the tree. They would move the tree so you couldn't see what they were doing.

We got this round bullet like thing in the window. There is a couple of them and these little squirrely things like little pieces of metal; like when you drill a piece of metal and you get the shavings off it. Like that. And things all over the truck, dirty, filthy, like it was 'gonna hurt us.' We were worried, not about the UFO, or whatever it was, but what it was going to do to us. Were we contaminated with something, that's what I was worried about - but you can't get anyone to help you. I finally got ahold of a newspaper woman and they came down and took a picture and said "There isn't anything in the tree." I said, "I can see that." Well go over to the tree... We pointed it out and said "Look up there." So then she gets the guy to take the picture. He goes over to take a picture and I say, "They ain't gonna get no picture." I looked and we drove the truck around, and...

J: Honey, you forgot that when we were getting the fuel they shot at us.

R: Yeah, like little 'V' shaped things, they came right at us and I would wait as long as I could and then I would move back behind where the solid part, the metal was protecting me and it would just go down in front of the truck and just drop and it would... there wouldn't be nothing there, but you could see something throw it, a whole bunch of em. They kept throwing 'em so we were scared to get out of the truck. We parked the truck around the other side but the birds were there too. They weren't birds but they came in with the birds! There was a cloud, there was always a cloud around -- just a grayish cloud all the time around that tree. They came in with a little cloud, they started landing. They stayed there as long as we did. Just sat there as long as we did. We were there for hours.

J: Everytime that we started to get out of the truck they would shoot these things at us. We would have to shut the door cause we thought if they hit us they would hurt us because, you know, they looked like little beebees.

G: Was it coming fast?

R: yes, it came at a certain speed, I watched it about three times sitting there. It would come along and go "shpttts" real quick, you know? At a certain speed it looked like an army of mosquitoes, "V" shaped, that's what they looked like inside whatever that thing was. Then it landed and everything was gone. The way that I fet was that they were trying to warn us about something. (Maybe) About the fog, we could have hurt ourselves down there. We could have got killed. I think that they were trying to slow us down but the more they threw things, the faster I went. (Everyone laughs at this remark.) I did just the opposite: I didn't want to slow down. I figured this was it. We had had it and I was going to put up a fight, that's the way I felt about it. They are "gonna get me, but it ain't gonna be aasy." We went to the motel and went into the shower and... Well, why don't you tell about it?

Tomorrow - the motel


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