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Saturday, July 14, 2007


When we lived in Mesa we learned a lot about the Hopi Indians. Because of their involvement with the Kachinas, who were the original sky people, we felt answers would be found in Hopi Land.

In August before we moved to Wyoming we had traveled to Spokane, Washington to speak at a "Metaposium," sponsored by The Spokane Metaphysical Society. Dr. Lee Piper, a staff member at Highline College in Seattle, Washington, spoke at the meeting too. She watched our slide presentation and decided we needed to have better slides to show. While living in Mesa, Arizona she sent us a set of slides taken of the Plieadean Beam ship out of the book produced by Lee and Brit Elders. We called Seattle to thank her. In the process she told us we should travel to "Hopi Land" and meet Thomas Banyacya, the Hopi Interpreter of the Hopi prophecies. It was not long after we did just that.

First, Second and Third Mesas are a land locked in the past. The only way you would know it was the 1980s was the television antennas and the pickup trucks. Other than that the Hopis live as their ancestors did 2,000 years ago. Old Oraibi is the oldest inhabited settlement in the continental United States.

Most people are not aware that the Hopi Reservation is an independent country in itself. They even issue their own passports. Although they do acknowledge the law of the United States they have their own laws which are very strict. On the Hopi Reservation you cannot buy or drink liquor. For visitors, you cannot bring a camera or tape recorder. If you are caught taking a picture your camera and film will be confiscated. There is a reason for that. A number of years ago visitors who were invited to attend the Kachina dances took pictures and sensationalized what was happening. Because of this ignorance trouble came to Hopi Land. After that they banned any way that could be recorded concerning the dances and the Hopi customs.

The Hopi people are the most loving people I have met. They will give you anything once you become their friend. They are open and hoenst but some of the traditions are kept sacred and are not to be talked about. We became friends with several Hopis and were invited to their homes.

There is a legend about Sunset Crater near Flagstaff, Arizona. A long time ago the Kachinas came to Sunset Crater. The Hopis left food for them in the ice caverns. In return the Kachinas taught them how to farm on arid land; a system that is in use today.

The Kachinas were the "sky people" who came to Earth to help the Hopis. The Kachina dolls represent those extraterrestrial beings. Many have head pieces in the shape of helmets and antenna. The Morning Star Kachina is the one that is represented as being at sunset Crater. It has a large star on its face mask. This Kachina you will not see often.

The Hopis believe that the Kachinas live in the San Franciso Peaks at Flagstaff, Arizona. Half of the year they are in the mountains but in February they embody themselves into the Hopis. Each Kachina dancer represents one of the various clans and Kachina within that clan.

Long ago a "White Brother," "Pahanna" came to visit the Hopi. He taught them how to love each other and many spiritual truths which they practice to this day. Pahanna promised to return. When he did he would have with him a missing piece of the tablet that he gave them when he left. They would know him because of the missing piece.

Because of the Hopi prophecies given by Pahanna, the Hopi know that the time for him to return is close at hand. Almost all of the prophecies have been fulfilled.

Many people have come bearing missing pieces to tablets. Some were copper, some were granite, some wre jade. None of them belonged to the tablet the Hopi are holding at Old Oraibi. All were sent to other tribes that the chiefs felt the tablets belonged to for each individual.

Because of this great interest in Pahanna Dan's direction changed drastically. At that time he had the feeling he might be the Pahanna.

Previous to our traveling to Wyoming and Arizona we had sponsored a man from Spokane, Washington, by the name of "Gentle Wind" to put on a symposium on herbs and healing. Gentle Wind said he was an outcast and that because he was half Indian he would not be included in Indian inner teachings. However, he knew he had to make a journey to all the tribes and that it would take him three years to do this. Allegedly he had accomplished this feat before we met him.

Gentle Wind told us about a map he had seen with cities on it. The map was drawn on buckskin. The cities would be established in the latter days along a certain trail from Mexico to Canada.

Also he had been shown a cave where two very tall persons were lying in suspended animation and were guarded by the Hopis. He described the clothes they wore and what they looked like.

Dan began to believe that he was one of the people in that cave. He knew he had to find his way back and even described the sequence of buttons to be pushed on one of the personages belt to re-enter the body and revive it.

About this time had had purchased an eagle necklace made out of Mother of Pearl from a Navajo Indian lady at a rest stop in Utah. Further down the road he bought another one made out of silver. Jokingly he said he must be the "Double Eagle!" Before long, unfortunately, he came to believe that was who he really was.


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