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Thursday, July 19, 2007


J: As we got to the motel we thought when we left that all these birds would follow us. It's what Robbie and I felt but we got out of the truck and they didn't follow us. Then when we got into the motel....

R: They were already there.

J: They were already there.

R: All over the top of the motel, just lined up everywhere. They looked like pigeons at that time. They were lined up all over the place. All over the fields, the football field, and there was a little baseball field for little kids. All the little fences had the guard birds on them.

J: And as we pulled into the back parking lot where they had truck parking for the motel guests for some reason as soon as I opened my door I looked out to my right and on top of the motel was this little...

R: I was out of the truck walking around it and when I walked around to the end of the truck I saw what she saw on the roof.

J: For some reason we saw a little black guy from his chest up and we don't know what he was. A little person, a little being, whether it was a person or not.

R: You could see two little dots for eyes and his neck raised up till he was looking down at us. You could see there was a ridge around the top of the motel. It was a flat topped motel. It was like he was walking upon it and sticking his neck out over the top to watch us.

J: He was right over the room that we got.

R: You go ahead and tell them about the shower and everything.

J: Well when we got into the motel room we didn't say anything to anyone. We had waited at the restaurant for a lady that was supposed to have dinner with us. She never showed up so we went on up to the motel room. I was staring out the window, and out in this field right in front of us was this thing. I don't know what it was, it was - transparent, yet you could see it. You could see through it but you could see the shape of it. As it was coming towards us, it started out small but as it got closer, it got bigger, and bigger, until it was just huge, and then when it got to the window it was just gone. There was nothing there at all. I must have watched that for twenty minutes and then I told Robbie. I tried to get him to see what I had seen and he finally saw it then.

R: Seems like something was coming, and then it was at our window. It would take off and roll into this cloud. When it got into the cloud it made a strip across there where something went through it. Something went through it and it was large. There was a big large gap where it went through it. It was lighter colored where it went through it and made the shape that it was. I couldn't see it for a minute and then I saw it. When I would concentrate on it, then I could see it. I could make It out. There was something there. It was making its way through the cloud but when it got to the window, it would turn and it would go out into this cloud.

J: When I first went into the shower I got undressed and pulled back the curtain. When I got in there I saw these little things that came out of the cracks from the ceiling to the wall that the shower was on. They started forming along the wall and they got about that thick (demonstrates) on the front, the side, and the back. They were metal fillings. That's what it looked like to me. Just like what was inside the truck, except they were darker in color. I took my shower and I was watching these things. I told Robbie and he said they must have been there when you got in. I said "No, it wasn't because I looked," because when I opened the curtain I looked all around and they weren't in there. When I came out of the shower and I was brushing my teeth at the sink, it started happening at the sink. The little filings would drop on the sink and engrave the sink. You could feel it if you ran your hand over it, you could feel the bump. I couldn't see where they were coming from, or I didn't see them fall, but all of a sudden they would be there. So, I had only taken about a two minute shower you know? Anyway, as I was drying off I felt something burning my leg, and it really burned like probably a cigarette burn, is what it kinda felt like. I looked down there, and I had the initials T.L.C. with a period behind each letter.

G: T...L...C...?

J: Uh,huh and right underneath the L, I had a "V".

G: Tender loving care?

R: That's what we were thinking.

J: Uh, huh and then I showed Robbie and underneath the L, was a "V".

G: What's the baby's name?

J: Vanessa

G: Very interesting, you might have an alien there, you know.

R: Yeah... (laughter from the group at this point) Yep, that's what we call her, yes she is. (laughter)

J: Then after I had taken the shower and showed him that, he had two "V" marks on his arm.

R: Yeah, facing each other.

J: One was here, and one was up here, the points were both facing each other. It had burned into his skin. It peeled the skin back. The first layer of skin was peeled back and was peeled off.

G: Want to tell us about the pregnancy?

A: It's not over yet... (meaning the story)

J: That time is when, well not that actual night I don't think, but before we had even gotten there while we were at the truck stop in Minnesota and I had gone in to use the wash room I had felt something on the inside of my thigh. I had teeth marks on my thigh, or something that looked like it. They were indented like the shape...

R: Like the shape of a tooth. They were small like a duck's bill.

J: Yeah...

G: Did it hurt?

J: No, it didn't. I didn't even feel it until I had gone to the restroom and when I was pulling up my underwear, then I felt it. It kinda hurt a little bit. It never did get bruised or turn black.

R: All the marks disappeared in about 24 - 36 hours.

J: And during that time, which was in October, is when she had to be conceived (the baby). I had never been able to have a child before, and I had never taken any birth control pills or anything, and I find out that I was seven months pregnant before I knew anything! I was pregnant with her. I didn't have a stomach. I wore my jeans that I wear now and I never got sick a day the whole time. I never gained any weight. (Jackie weighs 89 pounds.)

G: How lucky can you be?

J: Then one morning I woke up and I had a bulge here and I thought, "Oh, no, I am getting a truck driver's tummy and that's gonna make me do setups.

G: And all this time you did not know that you were pregnant?

R: No

J: I had four menstrual cycles during that time, one right after the other. It's not unusual for me to miss one or two so I never thought anything about it. I found out I was seven months pregnant cause I had my tummy, and I hadn't had a menstrual cycle for 2 - 3 months. I went to the doctor but I couldn't get a doctor to take me because I was too far along and they didn't want to be responsible if something was wrong with her. I always ate like a pig and so there shouldn't have been anything wrong with her. Three weeks later I had her in Salt Lake City, Utah.

R: We had some sightings. There always is lights wherever we go, like stars or red lights and blue lights.

J: We have seen so many things.

R: We rely on them anymore because we have been in some pretty close calls and they (Aileen) brought our attention to it. Brought our attention to the lights so we started paying attention to the colors and sure enough, everything works out fine when you watch them.

J: Yep, they do.

R: I have almost hit deer, jackknifed, would have killed this buck plus almost hit a truck in the road that was out in the road, and black ice in Montana. The lights come on and there is a railroad track and there is a set of lights. OK, these lights, there was two, one underneath and the other one, all of a sudden, when I come around the next bend is where the truck is, and another light comes on. There is a set of lights, one and two, one underneath the other. Another light came out making a "V" shape. I turned over to the left hand lane; came around the bend and the truck stuck out in the road. The back and all out in the road and there was other times too, you know.

G: You are being protected.

R: Yeah.

J: We just learned to follow...

R: On our last trip, the trip that we had her, we were leaving town and out by the store towards the freeway, three amber lights come on, one after the other, shaped like this (demonstrates) one,, two, three. They stayed on for a long time. "Well, Jackie," I said, "we ought to take a picture of them." Well we never have a camera at the right time. That time we had our little Polaroid camera, so then the lights went off. The last one on was the first one off. If it was anything else, the first one would have been the first one off, didn't work that way. So we tried to keep that together in our mind. Tried to think, "What's it mean?" Later on that night she is driving the truck and we are running through Oregon and she is driving behind this other guy and the same lights came on again.

J: Only he (meaning the truck driver) sees them and asks if I see them.

G: Were you talking on the CB?

R: Yeah, he gets scared and departs our company.

G: (Group laughs)

R: And then, that week we had the baby. That trip we go over and unload and then we go over to where we are going to load and we are up in the mountains loading...

J: Way up in the mountains...

R: We are at the coal mines, the world's largest coal mine in Price, Utah. Up there at 11,000 feet on the side of this hill and we are pumping in this stuff that they use to wash the coal.

J: The lightss were all over that night.

R: The lights were everywhere.

J: I thought I was gonna have her right there on the mountain and I said "Oh, please."

R: This larger one came out from behind a little mountain peak. It would look for awhile and then go back behind it, and then come out again. There were others doing the same thing but that was the biggest one. Then we went on down and we couldn't get loaded until the next morning so we went and had a great big Mexican dinner and Jackie ate all of hers. We went back, where we were gonna have the tank washed up so we could reload some other stuff. We were there for the night and we were watching TV and she said there is something happening.

J: I thought when a woman broke her water, you just got soaked and I had never been around anybody that talked about it either and it was just barely enough to do anything. So I didn't really think that it was anything major (laughs from group). I was just going to have him drive me in the truck to the hospital but he had to go call an ambulance. Anyway 55 minutes after that I had her.

G: Usually your first baby you are in labor a long time. How much did she weigh?

J: Five pounds 8 ounces.

A: You didn't have any pain?

G: That's another sign.

J: I didn't have any clothes with me and no clothes for her. I just slipped on my jeans that I had carried in the truck for a long time.

After that time Jackie had 2 more children in the same way. When they returned to Seattle after that first trip a UFO investigator met the truck. He scraped up the metal filings or whatever they were, and took them to be analyzed. Since he was not with our organization we do not know the result of the analysis.

I know this has been hard to imagine for someone not versed in UFOlogy. Just remember that anything can happen. We do not know the reason why but keep an open mind to any possibilities. You just may learn something new!


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