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Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Last evening I returned from Roswell. I thought perhaps instead of continuing my book I have been putting on here I will tell you about my trip.

I met some new people that I know will be friends for a long time. I also found some old friends that I hadn't seen for a while. It was great.

My friends came from Cottonwood, Arizona: Claudia and Mark O'Hare, along with their daughter. They stayed in the next room at the motel so we had time to be together which was great! Claudia and I went to the Conference Center and had fun meeting people at their booths. That was on Friday. We also went to hear Peter Robbins at the Art Museum. He spoke on past investigators and how they lost their lives by digging too deep. While we were waiting in line to hear Peter we met a young man from Long Beach who quickly became our friend. I was shocked to hear he worked at Boeing!

In the evening we went to the Wool Bowl to hear the bands. You could tell people were familiar with the situation because those people brought chairs. We sat way back in the bleachers and they got hard! Our new friend sat with us too. He had not been able to get a room in Roswell so he was staying at Carlsbad which was 70 miles away! Then he would get up early to come up to Roswell to attend different functions. So at the concert they seemed to have problems getting set up. Between the First band which was called "Riudoso Homegrown" and the next band "War" there was about an hour wait. War was very good. After them came the Alan Parsons band, we waited another hour for them to get set up. By the time they started it was 10:30. Our friend Nathan had to go to Carlsbad so he didn't even get to hear the band he had come there for! By that time it was so late we only listened to 3 songs and left.

On Saturday Claudia and Mark had to go back to Cottonwood. I picked out different lectures I wanted to attend. The first one was a MUFON presentation where I won a DVD "Roswell, the Naked Truth Revealed" for answering a question correctly. Another man also won it because we answered simultaneously.

I wanted to see the updated version of "Out of the Blue" produced, directed, and everything that made it a wonderful documentary, by Jamie Fox. I had met Jamie in Laughlin and he had given me the first film so I wanted to see him again since we have a mutual friend in Russia, Dr. Valery Uvarov. Jamie said Valery is in this movie: Well I didn't see him but I heard him! When that came on Jamie gave me a big smile because he knew I was waiting for Valery's big part! LOL He was in a car speaking and giving directions to the driver. That was his big part! But it was good to even hear his voice. Jamie worked on that film for the last 12 years.

In the Vendor's area at the Museum I met Yvonne R. Smith, certified hypnotherapist. I told her I also was a hypnotist. I told her about my blog dedicated to abductees. She asked to be added to the list. Her book "Chosen?" Recollections of UFO Abductions through Hypnotherapy will be coming out in the wintertime. She had a monograph of her "Author's Notes" with pictures of different physical anomalies by the experiencers.

Later she was interviewed by Jerry Pippin. He also squeezed a small amount about me and my blog. You can hear that on JerryPippin.com. He has many interviews on the web site that he conducted over the long weekend.

One intriguing person I bought a book from was Adam Gorightly. The book is "The Prankster and the Conspiracy." The story of Kerry Thornley and How he met Oswald and inspired the Counterculture. I also attended his lecture in the Art Museum. Adam's talk was titled ""Were the Early Contactees Ritual Magicians?" It was another aspect I hadn't thought of before.

When that talk was over the person sitting behind me told me that the Planetarium was presenting several programs. The first one was E.T.s in ancient paintings. Many of you have seen the one of Jesus' crucifixtion with a UFO above his left and right shoulder. Many other ones were shown. After that presentation the next program was where E.T.s could possibly come from. Mostly we learned about the names of stars and where they were situated in the night sky. It was nice and cool in the planetarium so it made the programs worthwhile!

I was happy to meet Roger Bartels from Anchorage, Alaska. He is a pilot and has had a very interesting life. We attended several presentations together. In fact he may be working for Steven L. Fawcette who wrote "The Arch Angels of Dreamland." It is going to be made into a motion picture and Roger will be ferrying people wherever they need to go while making the movie. So keep that title in mind.

Another interesting couple I met was Noe Torres and Ruben Uriarte. Ruben is the State Director for Northern California for MUFON. Together they have researched and written a book "Mexico's Roswell" The Chihuahua UFO Crash. Here is what it says on the back of the book:

On August 25, 1974, along the Rio Grande River near the Texas border town of Presidio, a thunderous explosion in the sky shattered the stillness of the warm summer night. An unidentified flying disc traveling at 2,000 miles per hour collided with a small airplane heading south from El Paso, Texas. The flaming wreckage of both aircraft fell to the Mexican desert below, igniting a desperate race by two government to recover technology from beyond the stars.

The group from Cottonwood is planning a conference there and Ruben said he will come and speak at that conference. I will too. At this time we don't know when it will be held but I will let you all know when the time comes.

As I was walking down the street in Roswell two men had a card table set up and were selling a book by Toby Smith by the title of "Little Gray Men" Roswell and the Rise of a Popular Culture. Toby autographed a copy for me. It basically is about what has happened to Roswell over the years pertaining to aliens and crashed discs and how it has changed the town.

While I was listening to Jerry Pippin interviewing people one of my friends from England came in to be interviewed. His name is Philip Mantle. I am sure a lot of you are familiar with Philip. He has been a researcher for many years and has written numerous articles and books. The book he brought with him is his latest, "The Alien Autopsy Inquest." He told how he has been trying to verify for the last 14 years whether the alien autopsy film is authentic or not. Philip brought a CD with a piece of the original film that has never been shown before. He gave me one of those CDs. He also told about a man named Ed who had discovered where the UFO crashed on the Plains of St. Augustine near Soccoro, NM. Ed had taken Philip out there to a very remote spot. I also learned he took Richard Hoagland out there too.

On the back of "The Alien Autopsy Inquest" book a blurb: "Alien Autopsy Inquest is a searching, insightful and much needed examination of the truths and lies behind the famous "alien autopsy" film. It shines light into the shadows surrounding this world famous piece of film. Is it a fake or not? This engaging mystery story takes the reader in some very surprising directions. A most interesting and provocative book." - Whitley Strieber

Philip will be attending the International UFO Congress in Laughlin, Nevada in February where he undoubtedly will be speaking more about his book and the films.

It has me confused. I went to where the UFO supposedly crashed out by the ranch where Mac Brazel worked. One man that is 91 years old stepped forward to say he was in the house when it crashed, playing cards.. They went out looking for what had happened and found the pieces strewn around. They picked up some of the pieces, took them in the house and continued the card game. Mac took the pieces to town several days later.

Then Stanton Friedman and Don Schmidt have written a new book with more information in it about the crashed disc. So is this another one - does that make 3 or 4. In the museum is a huge map showing 3 crash sites. The new one near Socorro hadn't been added yet.

When I went out to the crash site near the ranch I saw the most interesting things. The tour guide named "Mongo" had caught two snakes that morning. I thought they were rattle snakes because it had brown diamonds on its back but it didn't have rattles. He told us that they were bull snakes. He pulled the big one out of the cooler and held it in his arms so people could feel the snake skin. The little one he left in the cooler because he said it kept biting him. Thank goodness it wasn't poisonous.

To add confusion to the crash story: Claudia and I met a man in the motel at breakfast. (They served continental breakfasts. It was a good place to meet people). Anyway, he told us of a man he had met the day before that found a rock about 6 miles from the crash site on "The Plains of St. Augustine!" He said the rock had two raised crop circles pictographs on it. Also he had found something like tin foil. This piece didn't go back to its original shape like the pieces that were found near the ranch. He said that he also found something like wax that was between the pieces of metal. When he put the rock up near it, the metal started buzzing or vibrating. He thought that rock had something to do with the propulsion of the craft. It probably wasn't a rock per se' either!

The last book I bought was by Farah Yurdozu, and Richard Day Gore. Farah says she is an alien. The title is "Confessions of a Turkish UFOlogist." She lives in Hoboken, N.J. and has for the last 20 years. I was going to listen to her talk but was out on the bus at the crash site so missed it but I will read her book!

On Saturday night they had a parade. Some of the vehicles were lighted with pretty strings of lights. Some people you couldn't see. They turned out all of the street lights so the pretty lights would show up. Before the parade they had a costume contest and many of those costumes were in the parade.

The last evening there was a panel made up of abduction researchers. I found it be centered on negative abductions. We were told how you could stop them but I did not agree. I do not believe you can do anything when you are paralyzed to prevent being abducted. The panel believed the only thing the aliens were interested in was harvesting sperm and ova and creating hybrids. They missed some wonderful enlightening and positive cases such as the Billy Meier case, Sid Padrick's case, Enrique Rincon, UFO Contact from Planet Klermer, Assignment UFO Contact from Sirius, UFO Contact from Aldebaron, UFO Contact from Ganymede, UFO Contact from Itibi Ra, The Coming of Tan about Riley Martin's contact and the identical contact with the same people by "Michael". You can find that on www.thecomingoftan.com. And there are many, many more positive contacts where the witness was taught scientific and spiritual truths.

I will be gone a few more days as I was going to come back by my property over at San Luis but instead came home and will go over there probably on Wednesday or Thursday. Until I return the blog is on hold except for this one.

If you have never gone to Roswell for the UFO weekend you should go because it is very enlightening and lots of fun. I understand that the last time the owner of the ranch (Mr. Corn) allowed tourists out to the crash site on the ranch was for the 50 year anniversary. He again let people go out there for the 60th Anniversary but it may not happen again for 10 more years - who knows?

Also Disney is going to build an alien theme park in Roswell. That will be fun for the children.

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