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Monday, July 23, 2007


That same morning we set out for Sedona, Arizona. We called ahead to have our friends in Phoenix, Paris and Betty Colorado, and our friends from Munds Park, Lee and Britt Elders meet us there.

We made plans to stay at Tom Courtney's father's home. Tom Courtney, Sr. had purchased Orson Wells, the famous actor's, home. Orson Wells was a big man, therefore he built a large open spaced house. I could just see him in it. The ceiling must have been 30 feet high. The home was right on Oak Creek. At this time of the year the water was high and we had to drive through the creek to get to the house. Our van was high centered so we made it all right.

The first afternoon we were all sitting out on the deck overlooking the creek. Overhead the sky was a beautiful blue. Huge cottonwood trees arched over the house. All of a sudden we heard what sounded like the oscillating hum from a UFO. We all jumped up and were looking at the sky. Tom Omann shot a whole roll of pictures hoping to get a picture of the mysterious perpetrator of the sound, even though we couldn't see a thing.

At the time Tom Courtney, Jr. had not arrived. As soon as he did we were excitedly telling him about the sound we heard. Tom said, "Oh that! That sound is made by the Cicada insect, that is why you can't see them. They are up in the trees and when the sound moves - the swarm moves." Were we ever deflated! All of our exciting theories went right out the door. We did learn a good lesson, however, don't jump to conclusions. Later Tom Omann sent me a roll of pictures of beautiful trees against the bright blue sky.

Later that evening we held a get together for a group of people from Prescott, Arizona. We felt bad for Tom Courtney because he had been asked to meet with a metaphysical group from Sedona. They asked him to come along that evening to a canyon where they were going to try and call in a UFO. Instead, being the good host he was, he stayed with us. The next morning his friends called and said that they had built an etheric pyramid with psychic energy over a 30 pound crystal to call in the UFOs. Two UFOs the size of apartment houses came down the canyon and passed directly over their heads. I would have given anything to have been there and seen them.

The next morning Lee and Britt Elders and Betty and Paris Colorado came to Sedona to meet us. Betty and Paris met us at Tom's house but the Elders met us at Tlaquepaque in Sedona. Tlaquepaque is a complex of small shops and restaurants in an art oriented environment. It is a unique place. The particular restaurant we went to for breakfast was unique in itself. It was a greenhouse, or had been, turned into a restaurant.

While we visited, I observed a man across from us that I recognized. He was the famous "White Bear Fredericks," co-author of the book, "Book of the Hopi." Everyone kept urging me to go over and talk to him but I was too shy. Later I kicked myself because I didn't. Odd that later he became Britt Elder's teacher.

When we left the beautiful Oak Creek Canyon and the red rock country of Sedona we climbed up the back way to Munds Park where the Elders live. Munds Park is 17 miles south of Flagstaff. What a road! Betty and Paris were afraid their "280Z" would get a hole in the oil pan because of the ruts and rocks in the road. The view was worth the effort. You could see for miles across the most beautiful vista of red, pink and brown rock sculptures I ever experienced.

Soon we were in the Elders home. We learned many things from Lee and Britt about his explorations for 10 years in Ecuador. Not many people know that he was an explorer before he became famous for producing the UFO Contact from the Plieades book on the Eduard "Billy" Meier case in Switzerland. The Elders have exclusive rights to everything pertaining to that case. They have also produced three videos which were for sale on the case. 1) The Meier's Chronicles, 2) The Beamship and 3) The Metal. Previouis to those three, a movie was made titled, "Contact" but due to arbitration, it was never released. It probably is the most pirated movie of all time.

Several years before I met the Elders I had read a book titled, "The Last Outpost of Atlantis." In this book descriptions of artifacts in South America were given, including pictures. Most of the items recovered were in Peru. Lee Elders had one of those artifacts in his possession. It was given to him by the priest in the above book. The priest had a whole room of artifacts. The local Indian people knew where the artifacts were hidden and they would bring them to the priest. There has been a lot of controversy over the origination of the pieces. To me it was a great coincidence that Lee Elders had the very piece that was in the book.

Lee told me that the piece seemed to have unusual properties. When they meditated with it in the room, the room seemed to be charged with energy. When the piece was taken out of the room they did not feel the same vibration. The piece is of a person standing between two staffs. The person could be a soldier or a priest -- who knows. He wears a short kilt, a headpiece with jewels, and he has a band running diagonally across his chest. On the staffs are skulls with jewels. It has not been determined how old it is. It is a sand cast piece made out of what looks like bronze.

Later we said our goodbyes. Paris and Betty went back to Phoenix and Lee and Britt went with us to eat. We felt like we had always known them.

On this trip we visited Mesa Verde National Monument. While at Mesa Verde we visited Spruce Tree House. It was there that Bonnie Mott had the most unusual sensation that she had lived there before. She began to cry but couldn't figure out what she was crying for. She didn't want to leave this special place. Everywhere we went within the Mesa Verde environ Bonnie felt she had been there before.

At one particualr place where the Park Rangers guide you through the cliff dwellings hidden within the protection of the overhanging rock, Bonnie again had de je' vue. As we were walking she said "I think I must have fallen off of a cliff and been killed in my past life. I am afraid to climb the ladder because I remember slipping." Through lots of coaxing we got her back up the ladder to the parking lot and our car.

After Mesa Verde we went to the "Four Corners." The Four Corners is the only place in the United States where four states come exactly together forming a cross. Although it was dusk we all had to sit on the exact spot and have our pictures taken.

All around this historic site were Indan shops set up with makeshift counters and a pole roof to keep out the sun's rays. Bonnie became friends with one of the Indian girls. After we went back to Seattle she wrote to her for awhile.

After the Four Corners we went to Canyon de Chely. It was here that Tom Omman had an expeience. If you have never been to Canyon de Chelly imagine striaght up and down perpendicular walls about 1,000 feet high. There are no protective guard rails. Tom insisted on sitting on the edge. He kept feeling he wanted to fly off the edge. I couldn't look. I was afraid he would try it!

While we gazed in wonder at this awesome spectacle we heard a voice across the canyon. Watching through binoculars we observed a sheepherder with his dog and fluffy white sheep making their way down along the canyon wall in a place you would never notice. Carefully the sheep found footing and gradually wound their way to the bottom.

The feeling you have at Canyon de Chelly is that you have moved back in time. It is very beautiful and peaceful.

On the way back home we stayed overnight at Bryce Canyon in Utah. It is a fairyland of pinks and browns. That night we slept in the van in our recliner seats as we arrived there around midnight.

This was the last trip I would take to my favorite places in the Southwest for a long, long time.


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