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Friday, August 03, 2007


36. To reply to this case I am reminded of another truck driver that had two flat tires. It was when we lived in Wyoming and ran the KOA Campground and store. He too was a contactee. The tires both went flat as he was slowing on the exit to our store and service station. There was no way he could leave until he had spent the whole day and learned about other contactees and how he fit into the big picture. I know it was not by accident that our particular exit was the one he was pulling onto when this happened. I agree with Chris that someone or "something" had the events calculated exactly so that he would be alone.

In dealing with contactees/experiencers one becomes familiar to hear certain "trigger" words that point to a contact having taken place. In Chris's case he came up with the words that shows me something possibly had taken place. Those words were in the last few paragraphs where he said that "they" had planned the whole thing.

Another phrase caught my eye; "THE NEXT SPLIT SECOND the Highway Patrol was there." Now how could that be possible? Where did thy come from?

I had asked Chris on the phone a play by play scenario trying to determine what exactly had taken place. By utilizing this method the following scene is quite graphic:

A: But the lights didn't go out on the trailer, right?
C: Yeah, they went out completely. The wiring harness was unplugged. When the Highway Patrol was following me down to the next exit there were no lights on the trailer and when they walked up to the truck the whole wiring harness was not plugged in; it was hanging free.
A: Let me ask you a question, now, just before that happened you said there was a whirlwind of dirt? Did you see the highway at that point?
C: (Sounding surprised) You know... no... it never occurred to me. I saw a bright - such a blinding bright light.
A: Where was that?
C: I didn't see anything anymore in front of me - just a light and all the leaves flying around.
A: Now, let me ask you - when you saw the bright light, where was it coming from? Above, in front, behind or...
C: Above I mean -
A: And how was the whirlwind - the dirt- where was that?
C: Where was it? Just surrounding the cab.
A: So you were in it.
C: Around the front of the truck past the windshield of the truck.
A: Was the truck inside the wirlwind?
C: Oh yeah.
A: Was the truck moving at that time?
C: Well, it shook - it shook violently for a few seconds.
A: Did you see the highway at that point?
C: No.
A: Just before that happened - what happened?
C: Well, just before that the truck was driving itself. It came to an immediate stop.
A: In the whirlwind?
C: It came to an immediate stop and it started to jackknife and when it finally came to a stop that's when the wind started with the leaves and the bright light.
A: When its driving itself it starts to jackknife - do you see the highway?
C: No, when I came to a stop, I did, but when the light hit I didn't.
A: The dirt had leaves in it?
C: Yeah, leaves and... just the normal debris I guess from the...
A: What was the surrounding area like right there?
C: A desert area... just like.... you know.
A: Exactly where was that?
C: On the 15 Razor Road - well on Highway 15.
A: I have an idea of what happened right there but I don't want to suggest anything to you if you are going to get some hypnosis, if you are not, then maybe I will tell you.
C: I don't know. It's all up to - if they are going to send me somewhere. At this point I don't know.

It is my belief that Chris at that point was picked up. The whole truck - everything - and he was set down inside the whirlwind that was caused by the craft itself. The light above was from the UFO. He did not see the highway, nor the cars on a busy highway. But as soon as the light went away everything was back to normal.

Chris and his wife had discussed this aspect of his case. They both felt he wasn't there at the time. He wondered why no one was around at the time. Chris had suggested to the investigators that he was not there otherwise he would have seen the busy freeway. It is possible he was taken to another location that had trees, otherwise where did the leaves come from? Of course, that is only conjcture.

A very important point that Chris brought up (and was ignored by the investigators) how could he have covered the distance he did in the time spent. He figured he would have been traveling over 100 miles an hour to cover that many miles. With all the stopping he did - no way.

I would like to tell you that Chris is doing fine now. His wife did not come back. He is working on that but he has bought a truck that picks up cars and is working 16 hours a day. He feels that by keeping busy he will be better able to deal with what happened.

We have invited him to come to Seattle whenever he has time for a regression. He is looking forward to it. He has made the statement that he only trusts our organization because we understand what he has been through because many of our people have had similar events and feelings.
Chris never made it to Seattle so we do not know if he had more experiences or not. His telephone was disconnected so we had no way to find him.


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