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Thursday, August 02, 2007


The following are Chris's own words on what transpired that day November 12, 1987 as reported to Bob Gribble at 2:28 a.m.

The day just didn't seem right. I am a truck driver. I had a load to take to Salt Lake City from Banning, California. I was running with a partner that had the same type of load and he was in front of me. He knew where he was going so I was following him. His trailer tires on the right rear were basically brand new. They blew out for no reason, both of them. It caused him to end up staying behind so he gave me directions on where to go. I didn't find anything odd about that at the beginning... but... it gets interesting here.

It got to be a long day but in the beginning I was fresh. On the way back I started hallucinating - I mean like my mind wasn't working correctly. I am a professional driver and this had never happened to me. I would see things like dips in the road. I would dodge them but after I had dodged them I would realize I was in the other lane. I would kind of snap out of it and then I was good for another five miles. Then it would reoccur again. This is all the way back from Utah.

As I got up to Nellis AFB near Las Vegas, I pulled over. I had pulled over before but it never occurred to me why or what reason I pulled over, other than I was hallucintating things or that I was tired and maybe I should pull over. Something possessed me to pull over.

I pulled over, got out of the truck and stretched. I looked up at the stars and I saw two, or quite a few of them, they were kind of low and they were kinda like flickering and dancing aound, so to speak. They appeared to be no bigger than on the other side of the freeway. They appeared to be maybe like someone was there with a flashlight but they were a glow, not like a beam of light. I looked at them for awhile and they were moving back and forth and down the side of this mountain.

I got back in the truck and I didn't close the door. I kinda hung my arms on the side of the door and watched them because it just made me curious. I was thinking to myself, "fireflies" but then there is no such thing. Then it occurred to me maybe I am seeing a UFO so I closed the door and no sooner did I close that door than that light got bright and stopped moving. I got the feeling that it was staring at me It scared me and I put the truck in gear and started accelerating.

I don't know who I cut off on the freeway but I took off. This thing followed me at a speed that was just unbelievable for about 5 miles and I was kind of looking out the corner of my eye feeling that it was staring at me. It kinda of veered off and then it was gone. I thought about it. "I bet this was a UFO and I don't believe it. I actually saw it. I am going to be one of those people who report it." I had seen it and I pulled over again because the curiosity killed me.

I pulled over and I saw this light on the opposite mountain. This one was in colors, red, blue and green. It appeared almost the shape of an airplane. But, as I said, it wasn't that far above me and it wasn't that big. Maybe 3 foot in diameter type of thing. No longer than 3 feet in length.

I shut off the motor in the truck and there was some traffic but not very much. If a plane was that low you should be able to hear the engine. I heard nothing. This thing kind of cruised on an angle over the top of my truck - went off to the mountains and then over the mountains, then came back the same direction. I never heard an engine.

It had this most awesome bright looking laser beam, not a red laser beam, just a white color - like a flashlight but very sharp. You know it is a laser. It was very pinpoint sharp. It was about 300 yards away. It just kind of grazed the side of the mountain like it was looking for something, then it took off and I didn't see it.

I looked over again and I saw a lot of those lights again right over the Air Force Base. It was like a lot of action over there. I thought maybe the Air Force is doing something. I was trying to get it out of my head.

Why make a crank call to you guys, you know? But it was still bothering me.

The rest of the way I was still have these hallucinations. I was very tired and there would have been no reason for me to be so tired.

I went into a filling station and I was looking over Las Vegas. I could still see those lights. Now they were on the southern section of town - western southern section in the corner around Ceasars Palace area. I see the lights so I point them out to the guy at the station. I said, you probably will think I am crazy but those lights are moving awful weird to me. They were kind of in a formation. The guy said, "Oh, it's just the airplanes coming in for a landing." So I agreed with him just for my own well being. I figured maybe he is right. That's a logical explanation but for some reason which is really odd the gas station attendant -- (I told him I saw this thing and it was like an airplane and that it had green, red and blue lights) said, "Well, that's a special weapon that the air force has come out with, very sophisticated and top secret." I never even asked him why if it was so top secret why would they be flying it over the "15 Freeway" when there is traffic around? You would think they would do that in some rural section of the desert, you know. And how would he know about it?

I pulled out of the gas station to the side of the road on my way back to California. I pulled over right as I entered the freeway. I pulled over and looked at those lights and I watched them and they weren't in formation any more. They kind of broke off and then they would get back in and then they would break off again.

Meanwhile, there was actually planes flying about in that area but did they see them, that is the question?

I carried on down the freeway and I hallucinated again. I pulled off at an off ramp. God knows why I pulled off! I had no idea why I pulled off but I pulled off and I got right back on! I drove right through Baker and I don't know why I pulled off that off ramp.

I smacked the brakes once. I locked up the trailer cause I thought I saw an animal cross the road. Stupid things.

I blacked out at one poiont and I was in the next lane. I was in the slow lane all the time and now I ended up in the next lane and I thought God, what is happening to me? I figured I may have gone to sleep or maybe I ought to go to sleep. But before I had even thought of that I had pulled over several times now on this highway. Over to the side, then I would drive right back out again.

Now when I get up to this one section - "Razor, Razor Road" overpass, it was very dark and there was no traffic. I pulled over and a few cars had passed me after I pulled over. I crawled in the sleeper. I shut off my headlights but I left the trailer lights and dashlights on.

I jumped in the sleeper and I hear this short - the massive popping sound of an electrical cord and I looked and my dash lights were flickering on and off. This still never occurred to me that this is a ufo, you know? It was the furthest thing from my mind. I looked in the rear view mirror and I saw the actual sparks. I didn't see anyobody there but I saw sparks and then I saw the trailer lights themselves and they looked like they actually blew up. They looked like they popped they got so much voltage. Then they would come back on slowly to full brightness, then they would pop again and then come back on slowly and then the trailer and truck started bouncing around like I was experiencing some massive earthquake.

I jumped from the sleeper and here again I don't know why I did this. I don't know the reason that I did this. I jumped from the sleeper and into the driver's seat and started the truck. One hand on the steering wheel and one hand on the shifter knob and when I started the truck I never put my foot on the gas pedal. I put it on the clutch and the pedal went down on its own automatically, at the same time that happened the trailer....

Oh, God I get so scared now when people walk indoors now...

My air release on the trailer, the air locks... the button got pushed in. I watched them go in. My oscillating and cooling fans on the inside, they went on but they weren't on in the 'ON' position. The switches were in the 'OFF' position but they went on.

I have chains on the back header panel in back of the cab. The chains were being rattled around partly because of all the bouncing around.

Then when I jumped into the driver's seat I got this strange feeling - a cold - I got cold like something stuck some electrodes to me. I had some charge that took over me. I put the thing in gear. I didn't do it - whatever had control of me, this looked so odd - I just can't deal with it... I can't deal with it... I let out the clutch. I wanted not to but I had no choice. I wanted to steer but its like something had control of my body steering. I couldn't let go of the steering wheel and the truck was bouncing something fierce and finally, it started taking off and now I am on a 6% grade hill! I parked right at the top. This sucker is going downhill and I've got no control and the thing that is going through my head is dying. And I'll be damned, the air locks came on the trailer, trailer jacknifed, not a severe jacknife but bad enough - right in the middle of the freeway.

I looked in my mirror and I saw a very bright light. I thought "cars are coming and now they are gonna rear end me and I am gonna die anyway."

Then all of a sudden - like a tornado - dirt. I was on a freeway and where does the dirt come from? Dirt flew up with leaves and everything and I saw this bright light and Boom! It was gone before I could blink my eyes.

Now I was able to open the truck door which I couldn't release the steering wheel before and I jumped out of the truck and as I jumped out all these cars started coming up this freeway. Now there is massive traffic.

The only thing I could think of was all those times I pulled over must not have been the right time for them or something. They had this plan all along. It's weird to be talking like this. You would have to experience this to believe me. I get all afraid to walk outside.

I won't get back into my truck. They need to come and get it. The company needs to come and get it. I'm forfeiting my truck - my job. I will never drive again, especially never in that truck. I'm fighting to drive my own vehicle. I don't wanta go drive my car. This thing, whatever it was, had this plan right from this morning. They followed me all this time.

Bob Gribble asks: "But once it took off everything was OK?"

Yeah, it was like a split second after that this Highway Patrol car comes screeching, comes to a skidding halt. I ran, I tried to flag people down... and people... in the middle of the road, they would have had to slow down - correct? - to get around it safely.

There is a dirt shoulder and on the hard shoulder there is a dirt divider. These people were almost like they were possessed to run me over. One guy... I heard him accelerate 200 hundred yars. He saw me flagging him down and acclerated to go around it. I dove out of his way and then two semis came by and two cars after that and then that is when the police car had skidded to a stop. Then he screamed at me to get in the "effing" truck and move it now or I am going to jail! This and that... this could kill somebody and he was in a very bad mood. I was in hysterics and I ran up to him for help and I got screamed at.... It's like they didn't want an explanation, they wanted the truck moved.

They forced me to get back in the truck to move it to the next exit. I was frightened to death the whole way. It was five miles to the next exit. They were in front of me. I pulled off and I couldn't even open the door, I was shaking so bad. They literally had to help me out. I couldn't talk to them or tell them my name. I tried to hand them my wallet but they got it for themselves. All of this... this is too much.

I need help, I don't know how to deal with this.

More tomorrow


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