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Saturday, August 04, 2007


In December of 1987 many UFOs were seen streaking across ten states. In Missouri at Lake of the Ozarks, a man was outside his home - 20 feet away from a picture window where nine witnesses were available. He looked toward the west while he was smoking a cigarette and observed three green luminous objects coming towards him. As they came closer he saw that they were solid objects within a cloud-like surrounding halo of green. He said he would compare them to the size of a 747 without a tail fin.

As he observed he tried to yell to the people in the house. He could not scream, nor could he move. He was completely paralyzed. Hovering above him in stair step fashion the three craft each took turns on the bottom stair to get a better look at him. All along the front of the object were windows. In the windows aliens were "pointing a finger at him and nodding their heads like they were discussing him." The intense white light coming from within the craft was so bright he could not make out the details of the aliens. He could see the outline of their heads and saw an impression of their eyes. Talking with the witness on the phone he explained to me that communication was established between the aliens and himself at that moment.

As soon as the craft moved away he was let loose from the paralyzing grip that held him. At that moment he screamed for the people in the house to come outside and see. They all observed the craft moving away.

The witness and his brother jumped in their pickup and raced to a vantage point where they could see if the craft came back. Another pickup pulled up. The elderly couple in it said, "You must have seen what we did!" He said he had. They told him they had two cameras in the front seat which they grabbed immediately. The only trouble was that they could not remove the lens caps to take a picture! At least they corroborated what he had seen.

This case was given to MUFON to follow up on. The last time I spoke to the witness no one had ever come to talk with him.

For the week following the sighting he was in a state of confusion. He really needed someone to help him but there was no one.


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