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Thursday, August 31, 2006



By David Sereda

In 1994 a professional photographer named Michael Boyle and Martyn Stubbs, program manager of a cable TV station in Vancouver, Canada, approached me and suggested that I conduct a scientific investigation into NASA UFO phenomena. Stubbs had recorded and archived thousands of hours of space shuttle mission video during live broadcasts at his cable TV station throughout the 1990s. He had been cataloging scenes of what appeared to be UFOs flying in close proximity to Earth during the missions. I saw the tapes and started a dialog with many of NASA's top scientists.

I have always believed in UFOs, because in 1968, when I was a small boy of seven, on my way home from school in Berkeley, California, I stood with a friend in a crowded street, staring in awe at a large UFO clearly visible about 3,000 feet above. Everyone was amazed. There was not a cloud in the sky, and we watched this thing for twenty minutes or so. Then it just blinked out, disappeared, as if into another dimension. Where it went would perplex me my whole life. How could a spacecraft just disappear?

In 1989 I had a long conversation with NASA's head of Propulsion, Power and Energy, Dr. Earl VanLandingham. He then went on to become NASA's head of Space Access and Technology under Dan Goldin. At the end of the conversation, I asked Dr. VanLandingham if NASA had ever made contact with an extraterrestrial civilization. He said, "No, when you consider the amount of energy it would take for a spacecraft to attain near the speed of light and travel to Earth from one of our nearest star systems (Alpha Centauri, 4.3 light-years away) in a reasonable amount of time, the energy (signal) emanating from the craft would be so massive we would detect the signal well in advance of the arrival of the spacecraft. And we haven't seen anything (a signal) like that yet."


According to Einstein, the speed of light cannot be attained or surpassed by mass or spacecraft, because as a craft tries to accelerate, it encounters resistance in the form of inertia. That inertia increases the mass of the spacecraft the faster it tries to go, so we have to increase the amount of energy in the form of propulsion to try to overcome the inertia. Mass can never attain the speed of light, because it takes an infinite amount of energy in the form of propulsion to increase any mass -- object or spacecraft -- to the speed of light since its mass keeps increasing as it accelerates. Hence, as its mass increases, the amount of energy needed to go faster increases as well and mass or spacecraft can never attain light speed.

Particle physicists accelerate subatomic particles like muons and protons in particle accelerators (Fermilab in Illinois) with energies of over 1 trillion electron volts (1 TeV, or 1 Terra electron volts) to allow these particles to attain 99.99 percent the speed of light. How much energy is 1 Terra electron volt? A nuclear explosion using plutonium releases a total energy intensity of 200 million electron volts (200 MeV). One trillion electron volts is five thousand times the energy intensity released in a nuclear explosion.

If a spacecraft were to be doing 99 percent the speed of light, it would have a massive energy signal at least five thousand times stronger than the energy released in a nuclear explosion (1TeV). A massive, 1-TeV signal would get picked up on every radio telescope and possible even radar on the planet. We would all know it was coming. And we all know we have not seen an energy signal like that yet.

There are other serious problems with a spacecraft going near light speed, such as experiencing severe gravitational (g) forces on subtle turns, heat and resistance or having to dodge planets, asteroids and even meteorites. So how are the alleged ETs propelling their craft at light speed and beyond, visiting Earth from other star systems?


In my film and book "Evidence: The Case for NASA UFOs", I introduce a new theory in Quantum physics that reveals a way to allow spacecraft to attain light speed and beyond without breaking Einstein's law. Essentially, the initial idea is quite simple, then it gets more complex.

The only thing we know that achieves light speed is light (photons). There had to be a quality, I thought, that photons possessed that could tell us how to get spacecraft to emulate photons and attain the same quality. Photons are supposed to be "mass-less" particles. Because they have no mass and because mass cannot attain light speed, it follows that an object or spacecraft with no mass could attain light speed.

But how could a spacecraft attain a state of zero mass? Each element on the atomic scale has its own charge or mass equivalent. For example, plutonium has a much greater mass than hydrogen. Therefore, in Einstein's equation, plutonium has more energy because it has more mass.

It was in the middle of my six-year investigation into NASA space-shuttle UFO phenomena when I realized that all of these UFOs appeared to be made of light. They were in the kind of state I knew was the only way to attain light speed and beyond. Spacecraft made of light -- how did they do it?


Suddenly I realized the quality light possessed that made it unique in contrast to ordinary mass or matter. Physicists discovered long ago that mass is both a particle and a wave -- particles are just moments of a wave's existence, in other words. Everything we know is in a particle-wave relationship. Planets are like giant particles that follow along waves (gravity orbits), which reveal the motion of the waves they travel in. Electrons spin around protons inside atoms the same way that planets spin around stars and suns, in a particle-wave relationship. On a small scale, light (photons/particles) travels also in waves and yet, as Einstein revealed, photons are both waves and particles at the same time. When particle physicists peer into component particles of atoms, the particles appear as squiggly waves, with no apparent particle appearance at all. This would mean that everything, at the subatomic level, is just waves.

All waves have frequency, and how frequently a wave vibrates per second can be measured. The unit for measuring the frequency of radio waves is hertz, after the 19th century physicist Heinrich Rudolf Hertz. Light waves start as radio waves vibrating thousands of times per second, reaching billions of times per second in very high-frequency radio. Going even higher, we have light vibrating as TV waves, the microwaves and finally infrared radiation waves. Vibrating even higher is the visible light spectrum (the colors the human eye and brain can see): from the color red (vibrating more than a quadrillion waves per second) to orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, violet and then into the ultraviolet, the spectrum the human eye and brain cannot see. Going even farther are x-rays and then gamma rays, in which oscillations go far beyond an octillion waves per second, all the way toward a googol, a googolplex and infinity.

Suddenly I realized that the difference between mass and photons in the particle-wave relationship was that ordinary mass was in a state of very low-frequency waves. Planets and stars travel in very long and low-frequency waves, with such slow oscillations per second that they cannot even be measured -- perhaps the secret to identifying the mystery of gravity.

Contrary to most physicists, I believe that mass has an ultra-low charge, which I might be able to identify with a new wave-particle model I invented called a Galaxy Clock. The Galaxy Clock measure waves differently than an oscilloscope in that it only looks at waves in the way they actually appear -- in spirals or 3D. Oscilloscopes look at the number of peaks in a wave per second, a two-dimensional model that is not a reality. A Galaxy Clock measure light waves in oscillations or revolutions around the clock. Smaller oscillating waves orbit the Galaxy Clock faster per second than larger orbiting waves do; thus we determine frequency as it really appears in the wave-particle relationship.

Mass is in an ultralow-frequency wave state. Light is in an ultrahigh-frequency wave state. Therefore it dawned on me: What if mass -- or a spacecraft -- could be converted into light by raising its frequency to a state equal to light? What would happen then? On a Quantum level, photons (light waves) are born when electrons (lowest mass particle) start to oscillate at higher frequencies. This is easily demonstrated in Tesla coils, where we send electric current into a coil at 60 waves per second (hertz). When it goes through the coil, it oscillates at a much higher frequency, and light in the form of radio waves, TV waves and microwaves is born.


Watching the video of NASA mission number STS-75 (the 1996 mission), I was able to determine that many of the UFOs observed on that video were pulsing with energy waves. I studied the waves frame by frame and was able to see clear wave formations that I could measure on my Galaxy Clock. I found that the ETs were progressively pulsing their craft with a series of low-, medium- and ultrahigh-frequency waves of electro-magnetic energy. I could clearly see a progression of waves from low to high, the very signature I needed to identify to support my theory; that mass could be converted to light by raising its frequency. No thruster rocket engines of fire and fuel were propelling these UFOs, just these waves.

In theory, I could see what was happening: Essentially, the ETs were converting the mass of their spacecraft into light. Here was the very answer I was looking for and the only way for a spacecraft to attain light speed without proving Einstein wrong; mass cannot attain light speed, but zero mass can.

In 2001 I came across the work of a Canadian scientist and engineer, John Hutchison, who was pulsing steel and other mass objects with a series of low-, medium- and high-frequency radio waves generated by Tesla coils. Astoundingly, a seventy-five-pound steel cannonball started to levitate easily as it was pulsed by these waves. Here was the answer to the question of why so many UFOs could silently hover, with no signs of propulsion systems.


If giant UFOs are able to convert their heavy mass into light and it takes little energy in the form of propulsion to get it to light speed, NASA's mystery could be solved and the question of why we have a legitimate UFO phenomenon with no high-energy signal could be answered.

The UFOs are converting their mass into light by using high-frequency wave induction. Once these giant spacecraft are converted into light, they weigh nothing, and the energey required to go light speed now yields a very low Einsteinian energy signal.
Article excerpted from The Sedona Journal of Emergence by David Sereda NASAUFOS@yahoo.com

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THE CATTLE MUTILATORS - 1980 - BY John J. Dalton

Chapter 18 excerpt.

"We are from a different dimension, a different plane of existence. We have no boundaries or limits, as you have. We are an anti-log of everything you see visually. We can travel in any dimension and occupy the same area as say, earth, but not the same time or space without being observed. The possibilities of existence are infinite."

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


By Tom Dongo

I find the whole subject of UFOs and ETs, as well as anything connected to that subject, to be absolutely fascinating -- even some of the attributes of the phenomenon viewed by some with a measure of fear and loathing, or even terror. I think the reason for the fear is, in part, that many people fail entirely to grasp the actual magnitude of the presence of alien beings here on our planet.

I feel that the existence alone of these ET entities, as well as the almost inconceivable technology and mental abilities they must possess, is an opportunity for us to learn from them. It is a chance for us to break away finally from the railroad-track-like rut we have been in for so long. Look, for example, at some of our social, economic and religious belief patterns. Some, if not all of them, should have been tossed in the junk pile decades ago. Worst of all, like obedient sheep, the common man has been manipulated into position by greedy and power-hungry individuals for thousands of years.

This is a good chance to make a new start -- a clean, fresh start. Will it take something like bizarre-looking space aliens to jolt humanity out of our subservient, materialistic lethargy? Humanity surely needs to begin to work cooperatively together to create heaven on earth and to preserve what was given us to cherish.

The abduction of Frank Ramsey is a prime example of a worst-case scenario. He was taken against his will, examined on a ship and left with a feeling of having been personally violated. He was abused and dumped back on the planet with no consciously remembered reason why this was done to him. Frank has been abducted several times in the past, and after the first incident he nearly had to be hospitalized because of resulting emotional trauma. On this particular occasion, Frank remembered some of what had happened to him. At that time there were no support groups for abductees, although now there are many. These abductions by aliens not only of Frank but of countless others are absolutely real. We need to know why they are doing it. We need the explanation from the aliens themselves. We need concrete answers from the source of this activity and from no one else!

Here is Frank Ramsey's story in his own words. "It was April in 1976. I was staying at the ... Ranch near Loy Butte. I was out for a walk late one afternoon and I had gone out to the end of the ranch road to take pictures of the sunset. I took the pictures and had turned to go back. By the way, I had the exact same flashlight with me that I had had in the other incident -- not just the same model, but the exact same flashlight. (Author's note: This referred to a previous abduction in the same general area years earlier.) I turned to walk down this road that went around the other end of the ranch. I did that to avoid going back through the rocks and boulders the way I had come. But something compelled me to continue walking down the road past the ranch. Well, I was aware that it was 'something' compelling me. But out of curiosity, I let 'it' do it. So I went ahead and walked.

"In a while I came to a crossroads. Puzzled by where this other road went that I didn't even know about, I made a pile of rocks at the edge of this old road. I figured that the next day I could drive around, rediscover that old road and follow it. Just then the whole place lit up like daylight. I looked above me and there was a bright white sphere probably 30 to 40 feet off the ground. I ducked into a bush and reloaded my camera. I was determined to get a picture this time.

"This think took off -- it would flash like a huge, brilliant flashbulb, and then it would be gone. And then a split second later it would flash fifty or sixty miles away. And then it would come back. And it did it again and again! Back and forth! Well, I took off through the bushes -- not on the road. I did not turn on my flashlight this time. In the dark I worked my way back almost to the ranch. I saw the sphere once with its light very dim, going along a wash behind me. So I figured it could do just about anything. But I was still trying to get back to the ranch.

"I almost got back. I was near the south end of the ranch, working my way down a wash in the dark. There was no moon to speak of, it was somewhat overcast, which didn't help any. It was then that I saw someone standing out on the side of a hill, waving a light at me. Well, I assumed this was one of my friends from the ranch; there were three of us that lived there. And so I turned my light on to answer. And I hollered to the person on the hillside and began to move toward him.

"Well, just about that time a car stopped on the road, the main road on the ridge above the ranch. Two people got out of the car, a man and a woman, and they began yelling and honking the car's horn. Then I realized that these were my friends from the ranch. I thought, well... I remember the exact thought: 'Well! If that's Laura and Paul up there, then what's this!!' I turned to look, and as I strained my vision it became clear to me that there was a sphere on the ground. It was the same one as before and it had a door open. I could make out a muted light inside. The thing was by then only about a hundred feet away -- I had walked a long way toward it. My heart started to race when I saw that there was a human-shaped creature standing by the side of the opening. This creature was made up of white light. I turned to run and the only thing I know to say is that it was like a 'freeze frame.' The next thing I know, everything's different. I'm standing on a rock. I don't know where I am. The only memory I have after turning to run was of being in the air about four or five feet above a big bush with my camera, tripod and all. I was like in a picture. It was, again, like a freeze frame. I was totally immobile; I couldn't move.

"Anyway, here I am standing on this rock and my first thought was to see if I was all there. I thought I might be hurt. I checked to see if my camera was intact and still with me -- and my tripod. I looked to see if I was all torn up and bleeding from running through the cactus, and my socks all full of thorns. None of this was true! I was just fine! I wasn't cut and scratched like I should have been, running through the bushes. I was very clean. I had all my camera gear with me. But I did not know where I was. I finally figured out that I was standing to the north of the ranch because I heard dogs barking. I turned and walked toward the dogs. It turned out they were at another ranch, and I was a long way from where I had been last. A mile and a half, probably -- maybe as much as two miles from where I had been. I wandered around in the darkness for some time. Finally, I saw the vague outline of Loy Butte silhouetted against the sky. It was then that I knew I was going in the wrong direction! Having hiked the area, I was somewhat familiar with the terrain. I got the right direction and managed to work my way back to the ranch. I must have wandered around for a couple of hours. I really don't know because I was so disoriented. But it was at least a couple of hours.

"Back at the ranch I told my story to my friends. I am not sure they believed me, but they did remember seeing my flashlight from the roadway where they were. Anyway, I have a memory of being inside that sphere. I remember looking out of a porthole-type window and I remember seeing stars outside it. I didn't remember anything else." (Note: After the incident, bit by bit, he began to remember the creatures. They were the Whitley Strieber type, with oversized bulbous heads, no ears, no hair, large almond eyes, etc.)

"I don't know why these incidents have occurred to me -- why me? If it ever happens again, I am going to face it without fear and without terror. And with solidity of purpose, I will find out what is going on. I will not let myself be overcome again!"

After reading Frank's account of his abduction, you may be left feeling somewhat stirred up. I was. You have to wonder if perhaps something like that happened to you and you don't remember it. Maybe it has. Few people have a conscious memory of an alien abduction. When lots of people get really riled up, it is then that we will get some solid answers. Frank's case (and there are now hundreds of similar, documented ones) is rather unusual because he does have memory of events leading up to his abduction. He also has some recollection of the abduction itself.

In Frank's experience, the abductors were very sloppy in their handling of the abduction. Usually they are not. In the majority of cases there is only strangely missing time. Typically, the abductee is going from point A to point B, which would normally take, say, ten minutes. The perplexed individual then discovers, to his or her consternation, that the trip actually took two hours and then minutes! What happened during those missing hours? Has it happened before? Will it happen again?

Most abductions in the last ten or twenty years were from the individual's own bedroom in the early hours of the morning, instead of from a car, a boat or during a camping, fishing, or hunting trip, etc. Why the recent shift? Might it be that alien methods or technology in that area have become more efficient? What are these abductors up to? Are these abductions for our welfare or for theirs? It's probably more for our welfare and our planet than for theirs -- in the long run. But only they know the exact reason why!

Regardless, these nocturnal intrusions must stop! It is our right to know the reason for such intrusions. The few ET races that are presently doing this should come to us, not the government, face to face and explain what they are doing and why they are doing it. Then we can choose to cooperate with them in these activities if their reasons are convincing and appropriate.
Extracted from The Alien Tide by Tom Dongo, used with permission of the author.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


San Francisco, California Frightening Family Experience

Date: June 1982 or 1984
Time: 2:30 a.m. - 4:00 a.m.

Number of witnesses: 6 (From different areas)
Number of objects: Unknown
Shape of objects: N/A

Full Description of event/sighting: The weather was a clear, cool, starry, moonless night. At about 2:30am one June night, I was in our dining room watching our floor console TV set. Our house has windows all around, but no curtains on the top side windows, since the view in that direction is private. That view is due North. The back of the house is East. The room we ended up best viewing from was South-East.Anyway, the TV suddenly started to static and went into an early test pattern right in the middle of the program I was watching.

I didn't trip too much at first, but then the refrigerator, which sits just to the side of the TV, over against the wall, began moaning! It sounded like a sick cow, long deep moans. Maybe it was an electrical noise, that I had never heard before, because I stood up and stared at it from across the room, I was ready to run.

Then the test patterns on the TV got stranger and stranger. They went from the channel standard, to polka dots, plaids, geometric shapes and patterns, horizontal and vertical stripes, large, small, thick and thin, faster and faster. It was making a strange electrical sound as well, plus the patterns were all in brilliant black and white, and it was a color TV!

It began to synchronize with the refrigerator's moaning and shaking! I yelled for my mom and my sister to "come see this!"This crescendo kept up until it climaxed in a matter of minutes by both appliances blowing themselves out.

Whatever had just happened, did not affect the single remaining house light, which was on in the small back kitchenette area.With the new dark, I noticed flashes of light coming in through the north window! I am afraid of lightning, which is what I thought was happening, so I ducked down with my eyes closed, and waited to hear the thunder clap, because the flash had been quite close, and very bright. This happened at least 3x before I noticed there were stars in the sky, and not a cloud in sight!

By now my mom and sister were with me, and we noticed the flashes which seem to be coming from just above the house, more near the South-East window where my sister's room was located. We went in there to see if we could see what was going on outside! In the quiet of the small room, we could hear our 4 large dogs howling like puppies in the back yard, something was scareing them! But it wasn't just them. Dogs as far as a block away were howling and barking, all at the same time!

Before we even looked out the blinds of the window, we were terrified! Our bravado gone, we just cracked the blinds a tiny bit to peep out from our darkened room. A loud sound of static electricity ensued! We could see the strong thick tree on the side of our house was nearly bent back double, it's branches and leaves were whipping about like a thing alive! Something was blowing hard just above our house. We could hear the dogs tearing at the back fence now, trying to get out! My heart was pounding, but I was determined to see this thing. All I had to do was just turn my head and look up out the window! We were too afraid to open the window, and even more afraid to look up. We live in a crowded neighborhood, houses are 15 feet apart, and back to back yards. Yet no one was in their windows and no ones lights came on with all this noise.There was a gale force wind blow or being blown, right down on our house, there was no chopper sound, since we have seen and are familiar with Police helicopters paroling the area at times. This was not like that! There was an unearthly sound of static going so loud, I thought if I stuck any part of my self out window I would be electrocuted. The hair on our bodies was raising, from static, fear? or both?

Suddenly, a brilliant blue white light shone down on my next door neighbors house. It was brighter than any police search light I have ever seen. Everywhere the light shone was daylight, and magnified! This light appeared to be searching for something, but every where it shone it looked like daytime, or like the sun was out, only brighter!It was so bright it should have wakened the neighbors when it shone on their house! Their shades were like ours, so I am sure it shone right into their house! When I say the light was magnified, wherever the light shone I could see the dirt down to a gravel, and I could see the eyes on the ants crawling on the ground! Each blade of grass stood out like it was under a universal microscope! I was too afraid to even angle my head in the room and try to look up through a crack in the blinds now!

Suddenly the light went out, the trees stopped whipping, there was no more sound of static. There was a quiet. We waited 10 minutes before any of us moved. We whispered because we were too afraid to talk regular yet. Five minutes after the quiet, my dad got up and said something had awaken him from the other room, it was probably y'all talking, he grumbled.

We all tried to tell him at once what had just happened. He shooed us off and went back to bed.Why didn't we just wake dad in the first place, Mom? I asked? We all knew why. Dad had a gun, and he would have heard his dogs howling and would have went right out to shoot whatever or whoever was outside his house! We didn't know what was out there, but it had been the right thing to not wake dad!

Our story could end here, but there is more. My youngest brother and his friend had been out clubbing all night and towards dawn they were at the local burger stand a mile south from our house. He told us later that he thought it strange that a huge cloud was lightning horribly right over in the area where he knew our house should be. He said they had a clear view, and there were no other clouds in the sky, except for the huge cloud in our area, it was a cool, clear night, with lots of stars out. The funniest thing he said, was I felt compelled to look, and noted I never heard any thunder, and that cloud was lightening, like crazy! He added he never saw any actual lightening, just that the cloud was lighting up so bad, it appeared that it might be lightning. What else could it be since the cloud was so huge and black?

On another note: The next morning my tipsy brother came down and complained about my sisters kids keeping him up all last night. This brother had been sleeping off a binge and this is what he told us. "I sleep with the window open for air, I guess I dozed off. It was dark when I awakened but I lay quietly in bed in the corner, when I noticed the kids playing around in the room. I couldn't see them good it was so dark, they were even darker shadows. They were going in and out of the closet, and messing with the vacuum cleaner.They were into everything and they were ticking me off. I started to tell them to go the heck back downstairs, when I watched a couple of them go over to the stairs, instead of going down the stairs they went straight out the window, as others, way too many of them were coming in the other window! They were all over everything and I felt the hairs on my neck begin to rise, my sis does not have this many same sized kids, and they certainly do not come and go by the windows.All I knew was I did not want whoever these small black shadow people were, to know I was in the room watching them.I was so scared, I was glad I quietly passed out. I had been drinking but I wasn't that drunk!"

My brother had on a phosphorous watch, he had glanced the time. These so called kids had started coming in and out the window upstairs at the same time the fridge, and the TV had blown a gasket. No neighbors had noted or spoke of seeing any activity the night before over our house. The ones with yards adjoining ours, in the back, had a clear view of our yard, the dogs. the back window, and more no one ever mentioned any happenings.

Thank you to the witness for the interesting report.
And thank you Brian Vike of HBCCUFO for sharing this report with us.

Monday, August 28, 2006


By Tom Dongo
Part 2

The next UFO incident was told to me by a thirty year old woman who is a very successful publishing executive from New York City. She was in Sedona for the summer writing dialogue for videotapes for her company. One evening after she was finished with her day's work, she decided to walk along Oak Creek in the moonlight. As she walked along, she noticed a bright light on the horizon. The light was moving in her direction, so she continued to watch it. In a short time the light, which she thought was either an airplane headlight or a helicopter searchlight, was drawing very close to where she stood. The light, now of an extreme intensity, was high in front of her, but not directly overhead. She said she still thought it was a searchlight from some sort of aircraft -- but there was strangely, no sound.

As she watched the glaring light, it suddenly switched off. When her eyes finally adjusted to the darkness, what she saw was not a helicopter, but a circular shaped hovering craft. The moon was nearly full, so the metallic superstructure of the ship was in full view with no trees to obstruct her vision. She related to me later that as she watched the craft, she had very odd sensations throughout her body -- and that she felt no fear. The ship remained in position for ten to fifteen minutes, then it moved slowly away, and then out of sight over the hills.

As a continuation of this, one week from the night, she was driving her car on a rather isolated stretch of road late at night near Bell Rock. Literally the same exact situation happened again. She said that this time, after she got out of her car, she made an effort to communicate with the craft. She even shouted to it, but got no discernible response other than the craft seemed somehow familiar to her, and she had a deep longing to go with whoever was aboard the ship.

This last UFO incident was told to me by a man whom I will call Jim. Jim was at the time living in Tempe, Arizona, and now resides in Cottonwood, Arizona, which is a few miles from Sedona. He and his friend, who I will call Larry, had an encounter of the third kind -- direct contact with space aliens. Jim and Larry had driven up from Tempe to hike for a day in Sycamore Canyon, just southwest of Sedona. Sycamore Canyon is 33 miles long, 1300 feet deep, and half a mile wide in places.

They had driven over a dirt ranch road to a remote trail which led to the bottom of the canyon. They had not watched the time carefully, and after hiking to their destination, found themselves in encroaching darkness on the canyon floor. Having brought along a good flashlight, they were not overly concerned for it was a well defined trail back to where they had parked the pickup truck, at the top of the West side of the canyon.

They had begun the walk back, when they noticed that the canyon rim above them, on the East side, was silhouetted by an intensely bright light. It looked like car headlights just out of sight--only they knew that there was no road on the East rim.

They turned to look more closely and as they did a type of brightly illuminated craft sailed out over the rim and into the canyon. The craft was about fifty feet in diameter, round at the base but had a pyramid-shaped superstructure. Its base was surrounded by a blazingly bright white halo of light. As the craft came closer, the two men could see that the entire surface of the ship was made up of triangles, which were individually either red, white, or green glowing colors. As the ship moved, these triangles would pulse, and the faster the ship moved the faster the triangles would pulse.

The two men had brought with them a powerful set of binoculars and took turns getting a close inspection of the strange vehicle.

Occasionally from the outer rim of the craft, a dazzling red laser-like beam would shoot out, first in one direction, then another.

Tremendously excited about the incredible appearance, Jim began to shine his flashlight in the direction of the ship -- in the hope of drawing it even closer. When he switched on his flashlight, the ship retreated back behind the rim from where it had come. Minutes later the ship drifted back out into the canyon a half mile to the South. Jim remarked at the time that the ship seemed to be exhibiting caution in its movements. Wanting it to come closer, he signaled again, using a slow back and forth movement with the flashlight. Exultation overcame him when the craft responded in kind by copying the slow back and forth motion.

At this time, Larry, becoming very nervous and frightened, heavily berated Jim for being so stupid. Jim told me that he felt no fear at all -- just great excitement over what was transpiring. ("Foolish me," he told me at the time of the interview.)

The ship began drifting in their direction and at the same time descending lower, to half the height of the canyon wall -- where it stopped. Jim was closely watching the ship through the binoculars when a red dot appeared on the right lens of the binoculars. Immediately after that, his head was suddenly engulfed in a billowing red shaft of light which followed the smaller red laser-like beam. He said it "was like getting kicked in the head by an electronic mule."

The next thing Jim remembered was his friend Larry, half pulling him and half dragging him, shouting, "Let's get out of here, let's get out of here!!" Jim then lost all memory of what happened at that point. He said the next thing he knew it was pitch dark and they were on flat ground next to Larry's pickup truck. He didn't know how they had gotten there.

Jim distantly asked Larry, "What happened? What happened to us?" Larry responded quickly in high agitation. "I don't want to talk about it! You should never ask me! I won't ever tell you! Forget it!"

Over the next four days Jim experienced long bouts of total amnesia and unusual combative behavior.

Years later Jim ran into Larry one day and asked if he could now explain what had happened to them. Larry was by then relaxed about the event and could only say for certain, now, was that he remembered the ship taking off from the ground near them on the floor of the canyon -- and that was it.

Jim to this day avoids reading anything about UFO encounters in books, magazines and newspapers.

An interesting addition to this account occurred one day a few years after the Sycamore Canyon experience. Jim, now living in Cottonwood, was driving with his wife in the area of Bell Rock. They were proceeding north and two cars, close together, were approaching from the opposite direction. The car in the rear suddenly pulled out to pass. It was an imminent, unavoidable, head on, high speed collision.

Then something unusual happened. The car that remained in the driving lane in an instant changed into vertical shape -- like a tall, thick line -- Jim said it was "like something out of a Disney cartoon." The car that was going to hit them, stretched out horizontally until it was only a few feet wide. Both "cars" moved to the left and flew by them. He relates that he and his wife were in such a state of shock that they drove three miles before they could pull over and talk about it.

On this same stretch of road, near Bell Rock, a car with five adults in it had an unusual visitor. The car in which they were riding was a luxury model and the sun roof was drawn back. One of the passengers looked up, and pacing the car, just above the open sun roof was an orange sphere the size of a large beach ball. Some of the passengers, especially the driver, got quite nervous. The sphere followed along with them for a few minutes and then sped away into the distance.

As a last word on unusual phenomena in Sedona I will mention a lady I know quite well. She owns a most unusual house surrounded by much open land. She has had many extraterrestrial visitors. They seem to have come with the property along with the expansive house she had built on the land. It has been suggested that the design of the house was supplied by ET's for some purpose known only to them. They also seem to be guarding the property -- woe to the first burglar who tries to break into her house.

Human-looking beings in what might be termed space dress have been seen by many visitors to her home -- and some beings that might fall into the spirit category (both occurrences surprisingly common in Sedona). Some of the witnesses to these appearances were construction workers who had little or no beliefs about visitors from outer space.

One of the most memorable sightings at her house happened late one night. Due to a lack of communication, a man and wife who were to meet at her house arrived, not having gotten the message that the function that they had come for had been canceled and no one was home. The house was dark as all the lights were turned off. But they saw a light glowing at the rear of the house and thought they could see someone moving around. They thought everyone was out on the patio. They decided to walk around to the back through the bushes for they concluded that someone had forgotten to leave the outside lights on. They got quite a shock as they made their way around to the rear of the house.

As they rounded a corner of the building, they saw a line of luminous beings gliding down a staircase where there was no stairway. The light these beings gave off lit up the whole back yard. The couple beat a very hasty retreat back to their car.
This article was excerpted with permission from the book, The Mysteries of Sedona, by Tom Dongo.

Sunday, August 27, 2006


By Tom Dongo

Space ship sightings in Sedona are sporadic, usually occurring in a one or two month period during any season of the year. But they can be spectacular. I have spoken at length to a number of people who have had first hand sightings.

Ships are sometimes observed flying in twos or threes in and out of the canyons. One such recent sighting by a Sedona resident was of two UFOs coming out of Fay Canyon at night viewed from a distance of about two miles. He said they were both a luminescent red, orange and blue. They flew in formation until about three miles from the canyon, then one went south and the other west. He explained that they were at first traveling at a speed of perhaps 50 miles per hour, then accelerated quickly to about 500 miles per hour. This story is heard with many variations corresponding to the same area at different times. UFO activity seems to be concentrated in this general area.

In one of the more dramatic sightings I know of, two women, a mother and daughter, were driving north to Flagstaff, Arizona, from Sedona on State Route 89A. 89A is a main highway and heavily traveled. About 2:00 PM on a clear, cloudless summer day, the daughter, sitting on the passenger side, looked out the car window and noticed a shiny gray object pacing the automobile about a mile away. The object was just above the tree tops.

This stretch of road is thickly forested by tall ponderosa pines. The two women were able to only get occasional glimpses of the object as it followed along. This situation continued for approximately fifteen minutes, when they suddenly noticed the craft was drawing closer. The approach of the ship continued until it was just a few hundred yards away. They could now see that it was a disc shaped craft with a layered dome on top.

After a continual approach, the ship then positioned itself directly ahead of their car -- and less than one hundred yards above the road surface. They told me that at this point there was no mistaking what the object was. A ship. And it was obviously not from this planet.

The forest was particularly tall and dense on this stretch of the road. It was like a high corridor with no ceiling. In front of them the ship began to tilt to a 45 degree angle, and very slowly, it descended lower and lower until it almost touched the car. The two women could clearly observe rows of multicolored flashing lights which seemed to extend all the way around the base of the craft.
The woman driving the car soon found a place to pull over. She brought her car to a sliding stop on the shoulder of the highway. The two then rushed out of the car and looked up in time to see the ship gain altitude, level off, and in moments disappear over the tops of the pine trees. They explained that they at no time experienced any fear at all. In fact, the daughter remarked that there was something strangely familiar and friendly about the ship. They also said that -- during the close proximity of the ship -- it was remarkably odd that not one car passed either way on the very heavily traveled highway.

In another incident, three prominent local businessmen were hiking in a canyon near Sedona when they all felt an urge to look up. As they turned their gaze skyward, straight above them, and moving at a speed a man could walk, was a gleaming gold disc that made absolutely no sound. They described how the disc filled the sky above them and blotted out the sun. They watched the disc intently for about five minutes, until it glided over the canyon rim, and then out of sight.

My own UFO experience occurred one night while I was camped out in the desert near Secret Canyon. I kept noticing two unusually bright stars that somehow did not look right. I glanced at the stars several more times and asured myself they were just stars and to forget it. Four or five minutes later I looked again. To my absolute astronishment the bright stars were slowly drifitng toward one another, and shortly became one light. As I now watched with riveted interest, the one star grew brighter -- and brighter -- and brighter. And then separated once again into two lights. As I stood watching, the two lights, now moving toward me, drifted directly overhead with no sound whatsoever -- no engine sounds -- no wind sounds -- nothing. They then floated out over the wide expanse of the Verde Valley desert -- and then gradually vanished in the distance.

To be continued.

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The story of the Burrows Cave is more about human behaviour than archaeology. It is the story of an alleged cave containing the tomb of an African king who reached North America in the 1st century AD—and the subsequent controversy that the artefacts created. — Philip Coppens

Every discovery has its dangers. In version one of our story, Russell Burrows accidentally discovered a cave along a branch of the Little Wabash River near his home town of Olney, Illinois, USA, in 1982. Hunting for discarded archaeological relics, he found a shallow cave leading into a subterranean corridor, the likes of which you'd not expect to find in rural Illinois. The passageway was lined with oil lamps, the ceiling black from smoke. The 500-foot-long tunnel had several chambers along it—but what it contained, Burrows was unwilling to divulge.

In version two, in 1982 Burrows created a hoax: claiming to have discovered a tomb, he then tried to sell faked stone artefacts of his own making, which he'd copied from various books.The so-called Burrows Cave is famous for its large numbers of inscribed stones, often containing profiles of people who look African, Egyptian and European as well as Native American. On first sight they look crude: the work of an amateur or someone meeting an imminent deadline.

Furthermore, preliminary analyses of the writing on the stones revealed a mix, if not a mismatch, of various styles, words and languages that archaeologists and linguists quickly labelled as "obviously fake" ("obvious" being a preferred word that scientists use to underline what they can easily, obviously, see is fake, though amateurs are fooled by it, obviously). As early as 1983, Burrows did place a very small collection of the artefacts on sale in a local antique shop—but if he created the entire collection, it is clear he created so many that he could never have got rid of them all. Moreover, it was not until 1997 that he or anyone else would "cash in" on the stones themselves. If Burrows wanted to get rich from creating fake artefacts, his hoax was obviously ill executed.

But the cave is more than just a collection of inscribed stones. Burrows allegedly found and removed many gold artefacts. These look genuine and contain the same mismatch of writing. You can only wonder why a fraud, if Burrows were indeed one, would use gold—which, to begin with, is costly to obtain. It is true that there are conflicting stories about this gold. Burrows at one point stated that some of the gold had been melted down and then sold. The Swiss author Luc Bürgin claimed that Burrows removed huge quantities of gold, had it melted down and then sold it, depositing a grand total of US$15 million into Swiss bank accounts. If true, this indicates that Burrows did indeed get his hands on tremendous amounts of gold and decided to sell for the gold's monetary value—not the archaeological value. But others have stated that Bürgin was merely told this "information" by a fellow researcher and possesses no evidence for his assertion. Some sceptics claim that the "gold" never existed, that it has never been seen. That's not true, because early researchers did see it. I have been shown colour photographs of apparently gold artefacts by Burrows himself; I still have some of these photos in my possession, and they are available for viewing on my website. Other critics argue that the "gold" was just metal, finished off with gold paint to make it look real. If they are correct, then Burrows merely created these artefacts to fool archaeologists, amateur scientists and the media and he could never allow any direct contact with or testing of the artefacts. It would also mean that he could never have regarded the "gold" artefacts as part of a quick money-making scheme. In short, this conclusion is incompatible with the other sceptics' argument, which is that Burrows tried to make money from a hoax.

The Golden Sarcophagus and Human Remains

If the story is genuine, Burrows discovered a human skeleton—a male—in the first crypt. The second chamber had a funeral bier with the remains of a woman and two children. A golden spearhead lay in the woman's ribs, where the heart would have been. The skulls of the children showed signs of perforation. The scene suggested that the woman and children had been murdered at the time when the male, her husband, died.

In total, there were 12 crypts. The central chamber, containing the golden sarcophagus, was closed by a stone that had to be rolled away. The room, including the ceiling, was decorated and white marble was seen throughout.

The golden sarcophagus inside the stone tomb resembled the ancient Egyptian form of burial: it displayed the same style of wearing the hair as well as the crossed arms on the body, and the hands were holding the ankh symbol. It is said that Burrows was able to prise open the sarcophagus and note that it seemed to contain human remains as well as a death mask, also thought to be of Egyptian origin. Although the sarcophagus was of tremendous value—to be compared with the golden sarcophagus of Tutankhamun—it could not be removed from the cave by just Burrows with the help of his brother-in-law.

Furthermore, Burrows was unsure as to whether he might face prosecution if he disturbed the human remains he'd found in the cave or if he tried to sell any of its contents. The sceptics seldom address this part of the story, as they claim that there never was a cave at all, and hence no sarcophagus, and hence no human skeleton inside.

Reactions to the Discovery

Let us assume that the cave exists, and see how far we can follow Burrows into it. His situation was extremely complex: he was totally unprepared for such a find (who wouldn't be?), and his volatile character did not help in a situation where patience is a virtue.

On 27 July 1984, the local Olney Daily Mail ran a small article identifying Burrows as the discoverer of a local cave, but provided little more except for this hope: "...the university [with which he was in contact] will probably begin the dig next year. At that time, more information can be given." Though Burrows sought help from the scientific world, he received mixed reactions from it. Soon afterwards, one "amateur archaeologist" after another pressed his doorbell. Each one almost immediately asked to see the cave. It's like a person in a plaster cast getting constantly asked whether someone can see or sign his/her plaster; at some point the answer will be "no", because it feels as if no one is interested in you but only in your plaster. For Burrows, it felt like all they wanted was to see the cave; they had no basic respect or regard for his own wishes, often not even bothering to ask about them. People such as these came away disappointed, hurt because Burrows did not want to play their game, and they often voiced scathing opinions. Some even considered Burrows's presence incidental.

One attempt to commercialise the cave occurred in 1994 when Harry Hubbard and Paul Kelly claimed the ancient alphabets on the stones to be a combination of Latin and Etruscan. The inscriptions revealed, they claimed, that the tomb of Alexander the Great was buried in Illinois. What made Hubbard and Kelly stand out from competing theorists was their Jack Russell–type attacks on anyone who disagreed with them. They have also been described as appearing "to spend the majority of their time seeking investors and peddling home-made videotapes". They did not need Burrows; they were going to locate the tomb themselves. They are typical examples in a long line of people who have tried to use the cave for their own financial benefit, for fame or to confirm their pet theory—and most often all three mixed into one lethal cocktail.

In the "pet theory" category was Joseph P. Mahan, author of the 1983 book The Secret, who suggested in a 1991 lecture that the cave was connected with "sun-related semi-divine mortals [who] were the descendants of extraterrestrial immortal progenitors who had come to Earth in fire ships, had resided for a while [and] had upgraded the humanoids they found here by modifying the genes of these children of Earth, thus producing a hybrid progeny". Such a nonsensical conclusion is not based on anything at all that Burrows ever said about the case, but it is clear that it rubbed off badly on Burrows's image and the cave.

Another example of how the cave became a hostage in other people's battles is the story of Richard Flavin, who used the cave to persecute Frank Joseph. For more than 15 years, Joseph had nothing to do with the story until, in his position as a writer for The Ancient American magazine, he became interested and eventually wrote a book about it (The Lost Treasure of King Juba; Bear & Co., 2003). But Flavin instead focused on Joseph's past as a neo-Nazi (dating back to the early 1970s) and uses this as ammunition to "prove" that anyone suggesting the cave could be real is hence a neo-Nazi. Flavin met Burrows on a few occasions, but his interpretation of events is spurious at best and his account reads more like that of a Christian missionary in the lands of the "primitives" or a communist witch-hunter of the 1950s than a scientific approach to the subject (see http://www.flavinscorner.com/falling.htm).

In the final analysis, the story of the Burrows Cave is typical for a finding of this nature. Just look at other similar discoveries and replace the names; the general storyline would hardly alter. The same basic stand-off is here, with the scientific experts quick to condemn the artefacts they were shown as "obvious forgeries". By default, the artefacts could not be genuine, for we all "know" that Columbus was the first to reach America.

When it came to the amateurs, Burrows was unprepared for and unaware of the amount of in-fighting and controversy that exists in most amateur organisations—though communities such as those interested in UFOs, the mystery of Rennes-le-Château and crop circles have so far easily outperformed anything that the "diffusionists" (those researching anomalous evidence in the New World, suggestive of transoceanic contacts) have been capable of. Burrows had thrown out a giant bone and the dogs were fighting over it. In the process, he was eaten—and so was his story.

Ground-Penetrating Radar Tests

Unfortunately, Russell Burrows's personal disillusionment led him to dynamite the entrance to the cave. He reportedly did this in 1989, three years before his co-written book The Mystery Cave of Many Faces was published (with Fred Rydholm; Marquette, 1992). It's an extremely level-headed account of his discovery of the cave and the artefacts inside—and something that he considered to be his final word on the topic. But though Burrows often claimed to have lost interest in his discovery (largely due to the difficult people he had to deal with), he still returned to it, like to an old flame. The fact that he could not let go, even though there was nothing in it for him any more, should perhaps be seen as the best evidence that Burrows had indeed made a legitimate discovery. For if this discovery had started as a money-making scheme in 1982, by 1992 he had long abandoned such hope.

But the story did not die. In 1993, diffusionist thinkers now had a new magazine to turn to, The Ancient American, which over the course of the subsequent decade continued to follow the story of the cave. In 1999, the magazine's founder/publisher Wayne May decided that if no one else could bring about a change in the situation, he would do so himself. Having reported on the subject for the previous six years, spoken to the man and heard him out, May got Burrows to sign a contract and to disclose and show him the location of the cave—despite his initial belief that Burrows had lied about the location and had actually laid a false trail. I have to say that, from my personal dealings with Burrows in 1992 and 1993, I found him to be a man of honour. If he promised something, he would do it (cue for the critics to laugh at what they will see is my "obvious" gullibility). And that, it seems, is what May felt as well.

So, despite his initial reluctance to believe, May finally knew the location and persevered with his investigations. His ground-penetrating radar indicated that "a cave" was indeed there. The problem was how to get in, considering that Burrows's explosion a decade earlier had destroyed the entrance. Unfortunately, it soon became evident that the explosion had not only blocked the entrance but had also damaged the interior of the tunnel. During May's various attempts to gain access, each time he stumbled upon huge quantities of water. This seemed to indicate that the explosion had diverted the flow of an underground river and as a result had caused water to gush into the underground complex. It therefore looked like salvaging anything from the underground complex would be terribly complex—and largely outside May's capabilities.

Sceptics versus Truth-seekers

In a nutshell, this is a nearly 25-year-long story that has left hardly anyone who has looked into it untouched or without an opinion. It is all too easy to label Burrows a hoaxer. People who have known and worked with him have called him many things, but not a fabricator of evidence or a liar. He has an explosive nature on occasions and has sometimes not been the best judge of character. But Burrows's character flaws are largely incidental in this narrative. Only his sceptics focus too heavily on them, whereas they should be focusing instead on whether or not he could actually have fabricated any, let alone such huge numbers of, inscribed stones. If we were placed in the same situation, the end result would be the same, for it is in the nature of such discoveries and how we react to them that they tend to produce the same kind of outcomes. The sceptics would call it an "obvious hoax" and the proponents would call it "clear evidence", finally proving their respective arguments, whatever they may be.

So, the fate of the cave was sealed, doomed, from the moment that Burrows slid down into it. Where does this leave us? For sceptics to cry foul, they need to come up with better than "obvious" statements. There is no evidence that Burrows faked the stones. The sceptics argue that Burrows was known to work with wood and create wooden artefacts in his spare time. Indeed. This they see as "evidence" that he faked the stones. More importantly, there is evidence that a cave system exists where Burrows claims it exists. If it is all a hoax, the sceptics will need to provide evidence instead of repeatedly using the word "obvious". Still, even if the cave system is there, it may perhaps be lost to us forever. Any operation that could be mounted to provide a conclusive answer would cost an extraordinary amount of money—and such resources are "obviously" not in the hands of the diffusionists. So it seems that, once again, the establishment has won the fight—and that may be the only obvious thing about this entire story.

From Old World to New?

What sense can we make of all this? Could a golden sarcophagus, allegedly found in an Illinois cave, be evidence of pre-Columbian transoceanic travel between the "Old World" and the Americas, as so many people have claimed? While Burrows described what the cave looked like and what it contained, fortunately most of the artefacts removed from the cave were photographed early on, in part due to the efforts of James Schertz and Fred Rydholm. Various researchers have looked at this collection, and archaeologists have been quick to point out the mismatches. But most cultures are a mismatch of cultures! London and New York are prime examples of how various cultures create a new one. Things were no different in ancient times, Alexandria probably being the best example. An important clue is that some of the stone slabs displayed a signature that was known in the Old World. It belonged to one Alexander Helios, son of the infamous Cleopatra and Marc Antony and twin brother of Cleopatra Selene, the future co-ruler of Mauritania (in Africa's western Sahara). This is the angle that Hubbard and Kelly built upon.

Amongst Burrows's earliest team of amateur researchers were Jack Ward and Warren Cook, the latter who died in 1989. Cook's analysis of the artefacts made him conclude that creating them would have taken thousands of hours. But more importantly, Cook continued Ward's analysis of their possible origin and argued that they were most likely the remains of a Libyan–Iberian expedition.

He identified Mauritania's King Ptolemaeus I (1 BC – 40 AD), son of Cleopatra Selene and King Juba II (52-50 BC – 23 AD), as the man responsible for this transoceanic voyage. Could this have been possible? The rulers of Mauritania had fallen foul of the Roman emperors, if only because of the economic power that Mauritania had become, turning the scales on who was in control of whom. When the Roman Empire decided to redress that balance, the Mauritanian king Juba II and his family had to flee. It's possible that he used the knowledge of the seas that his ancestors, the Phoenicians, had gathered: he knew the location of the Azores, whose goods he was able to sell at the highest prices in Rome and elsewhere. So, if the Burrows Cave artefacts are genuine and the interpretation correct, it's possible that the Phoenician-informed Mauritanian royal family sailed further west, beyond the Azores, to the Americas. If they ended up in Central America, perhaps they entered the Mississippi River and travelled north until reaching Illinois—where they settled, far removed from the squabbles of the Old World.

The cave artefacts are not the only evidence of the presence of an enigmatic people in the first century AD. According to a local Native American legend, the region contains the tomb of a king who was not native to America. The tribe once knew the location, but this information is now lost. Could this location be the same as the Burrows Cave?

Furthermore, it is known that Juba II ordered a golden sarcophagus to be prepared for the mausoleum that had been built for him in Tipaza (in modern-day Algeria). This was one of the prized possessions that the Romans had tried to get their hands on, but they never did find the sarcophagus or the Mauritanian king. Official history is silent on the fate of both. Yet it is clear that King Juba II must have died and that he and his sarcophagus must have ended up somewhere, perhaps in Illinois. That seems "obvious" logic to me—and logic may be all that we can work with for the foreseeable future. ∞

About the Author:Philip Coppens has previously contributed five articles to NEXUS, the most recent being "The Quest for the Metal Library" (see vol. 13, no. 4). His website is http://www.philipcoppens.com/, and he can be contacted by email at info@philipcoppens.com.

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By Scott Corrales

Lady, you’d better tell me what this is about!” shouted the taxi driver to his fare. Another taxi cab identical to his own had pulled up behind him and was now ramming his car in the back—all of this in broad daylight and on Avenida Corrientes, one of the busiest arteries of the city of Buenos Aires.

The woman looked through the rear window in terror at the attacking livery vehicle, its driver, and more ominously, its passenger. “No! This can’t be!” she wailed.

“Look, lady, you don’t seem to be the type to get into trouble, but…do you know that guy? The other cab driver seems to have gone nuts!” The first driver was doing his best to avoid getting rammed again and hitting other traffic in turn. Gunning the accelerator, the taxi ran a yellow light and managed to put an end to the frantic and surreal pursuit.


While the foregoing may seem like the script for a new Bruce Willis project, it isn’t. It is simply the ending of a real-life experience involving the wife of an Argentinean UFO researcher who found herself the target of a pursuit by the impeccably dressed characters known in ufology as the Men in Black, or MIB.

The anonymous woman, who told her story to author Fabio Zerpa, was aware of her husband’s research and of his success in meeting with a diplomat who gave him a crucial piece of information on UFOs.

On February 20, 1983, she had gone to downtown Buenos Aires for a medical appointment when she realized that she was the subject of unwelcome attention by a bearded man in dark clothing who pretended to read a newspaper as he shadowed her movements, even boarding the same bus. “No one would sit near him,” she added, which served to heighten her sense of paranoia about the man.

Losing herself among the big city throngs, the woman was frightened to see the man again—reading his newspaper—at the corner of a busy intersection, having somehow kept ahead of her by a considerable distance. Out of sheer terror, she neglected her appointment and instead went into a hair salon, confident that the stranger would not dare follow her there.

Leaving the salon, she boarded another bus to return home—no sign of the stranger.

Changing clothes, the woman once again headed to the downtown area, this time by subway, feeling that “everyone’s eyes were upon her” as she left the train car. To her horror, she realized that her bearded pursuer was disembarking from another car, quickly trying to close the distance between them.

In true action-film fashion, the woman ran up the subway stairs and across the street, zigzagging her way through traffic. This time a new pursuer joined the chase—a formally attired man in a gray suit, black velvet topcoat, and a blue pullover sweater clearly visible under his suit jacket despite the 90-degree temperature. He seemed uncertain as to how to step onto an escalator. It was this last, overdressed-for-the-weather pursuer who boarded the taxicab that rammed into her own, after she had decided to go to her husband’s office in a quest for safety.

Paraphysical Forces

At this point, the reader will be thinking of a number of possibilities that may explain the preceding account without involving anything untoward: the woman may have simply been paranoid; the pursuers may have been real enough, but only interested in holding her for ransom; they may have been foreign operatives interested in grilling her about her ufologist husband’s meeting with the diplomat. But the detail of the overdressed man seemingly unable to step onto an escalator (as if he had never seen one before) is strongly reminiscent of other incidents in which the so-called Men in Black manifest a sense of astonishment at perfectly mundane activities or situations, such as eating Jell-O or cutting a steak, situations highlighted in John Keel’s landmark The Mothman Prophecies.

In fact, it was Keel’s work on the subject that made him the unquestioned expert in documenting the uncanny powers of these beings. In 1960, William Dunn, Jr., a UFO investigator, had his home burglarized, his files burned, and his photos stolen. Men in Black were notably active during the West Virginia “Mothman” sightings of 1966–67 as well as in Long Island, New York. Far from believing them to be extraterrestrial agents, Keel introduced the concept of the Men in Black as negative, paraphysical forces whose warnings were not to be taken lightly. His sentiments would be echoed by other writers and researchers. Other authors, like David Tansley, believe that they are a form of demonic psychic energy—a conjecture substantiated by records from past centuries. Others opine that they are thoughtforms of some sort, although whose thoughtforms remains unclear.

Men in Black reputedly harass eyewitnesses to UFO sightings and encounters, turning up at their homes (or places of business, as transpired in one Puerto Rican case) typically long before the witnesses have even thought about going public with their stories. Case histories have them dressing in black suits, white shirts, and jaunty red ties. (The fabrics, however, have often been described as being unusual or unearthly.) They are witnessed traveling in threes, more often than not aboard spanking-new models of large, outdated automobiles. With notable exceptions, they seem to deliver a boilerplate warning: do not discuss the particular sighting, if a witness; cease and desist investigation, if a ufologist.

South America’s “Hombres de Negro”

Mexican researcher Dr. Rafael A. Lara notes that on the evening of June 24, 1967, over 110 UFO incidents were logged in a 24-hour period in the skies over Argentina, Chile, Brazil, and Uruguay. Perhaps more astonishing than the scope of this UFO event was the fact that it had been foretold by a Man in Black.

Four days earlier, the newsroom of the Cordoba (Argentina) Los Principios journal had received the visit of a very strange man dressed in black. The unusual character left a long letter addressed to the paper’s editor, saying that before the week was out, the skies of the South American landmass would be swarming with extraterrestrial vehicles. The day before the sightings began, the paper received a phone call stating: “Attention! It is about to happen at any moment.”

But the MIBs’ work in South America was hardly finished. During several days in the month of August 1968, strange lights were seen in the night skies over Santa Fé, Argentina. Farmers were surprised to find strange, circular burn marks on their properties as a result of these sightings; numerous animals died as a result of some sort of radiation in the area. A Jeep carrying four men in black coveralls drove up to the home of a local family. One of the men asked the owner the best way to get off the property. UFO sightings over the region ceased shortly after the incident involving these Jeep-riding MIB.

In 1971, Arguello de la Mota and Antonio Arocha, both physicians, were in San Juan de los Morros, a small town not far from Caracas, Venezuela, when they were startled by the unexpected arrival of two characters dressed in black who drove into the dusty town in a sporty Mustang. Unaware that they were being watched, the MIB exchanged remarks and donned orange-colored belts. Suddenly, a brilliant object appeared in the sky, descending rapidly to the surface. The doctors swore that the object was a 60-foot-wide disk-shaped craft, which produced a parabolic ladder while hovering inches off the ground. The MIB entered the vehicle, which rose into the skies and vanished out of sight. (No information is available on the fate of the brand-new sports car they left behind.)

The story was circulated worldwide by United Press International.
When Karl Brugger, author of the Chronicles of Akakor (a narrative of lost underground cities in Brazil) was mysteriously murdered on the streets of Rio de Janeiro in January 1984, a number of South American investigators promptly placed responsibility for the crime on the HDN (hombres de negro, the Spanish acronym for MIB). Fabio Zerpa, editor of the now defunct Cuarta Dimensión, declared: “These deaths always have the appearance of being natural events, but curiously enough, every time someone has important information on a crucial subject, strange accidents seem to befall them.”

Argentinean author Guillermo Gime­nez writes of a 1983 event he refers to as “the P.A.H. Incident” after the initials of the case’s protagonist—an official in a major ministry of Argentina’s government, whose position understandably required anonymity.

P.A.H., 42 years of age at the time of his interview with Gimenez, is a native of La Pampa whose interest in the UFO phenomenon began after his second UFO sighting in 1965, eventually prompting him to write a novel with a ufological flavor. In October 1976, a year after his novel appeared on the shelves, P.A.H. left his home at 8:30 in the morning when an unknown woman, dressed in black and described as having “a strange, aggressive and mocking expression” greeted him by name and continued her path. The following day he ran into her again. “At first I felt nothing special,” he said, “since I didn’t foreshadow anything. On the second occasion, a sensation of cold and panic overwhelmed me feeling certain that I was facing something beyond my comprehension.” The woman-in-black’s eyes—menacing and malicious with a golden sheen—gave him pause.

P.A.H. would later run into other black-garbed figures with “shining eyes” while on a subway train in Buenos Aires’ Junin Station. Two men, one of them described as tall and clean-shaven, the other shorter and with a trimmed mustache, caught his attention. The strangers were dressed “like bank managers,” their eyes concealed by dark glasses. Their complexions were dark and serene. They were obviously traveling together, but never exchanged a single word. The subject told Gimenez that the Men in Black had decidedly Asiatic or Eskimo features (a common description in these cases).

“They sat on the left row of seats—bearing in mind that the train was headed toward Buenos Aires and my own location,” P.A.H. told Gimenez. “Then one moved some three or four seats toward me on the right. Then three or four more before they sat down together on the left. They finally separated and the one with the mustache sat on the right, some three meters from where I was sitting. The other one remained in the left row, a few seats behind.” Despite the fact that there were other people in the train car at the time, no one seemed aware of the MIBs.

“Because I had an ephemeral political career…at the time,” P.A.H. explained, “I attributed it to elements of some police or para-police outfit that wanted to assassinate me. It was only with time that I learned I was never a ‘marked man.’ When I tied loose ends together, I realized that I was dealing with MIBs.” To add to the strangeness, the curious pair in black suddenly fell asleep at once, their heads falling to one side as though “switched off.” P.A.H. thought this might be due to intervention by a higher power—this deactivation allowed him to get off at another subway station and take an alternate route home.

Reflecting upon this, the subject of the interview expressed the belief that he was about to be silenced because of the nature of his book El Ocaso de los Redentores (Twilight of the Redeemers), which delved into such subjects as “the complete spiritual fall of Man, the failure of the Redeemers, the existence of the Council of Nine, which plans all malign events, and whose minions pretend to work for the Good.” A translator working on this project had a lens fall out her eyeglass frames, and a carefully carved triangular shape appeared on one of the lenses of her spare pair.

A Chinese MIB

Most readers will be surprised to learn that Men in Black are not an exclusively Western phenomenon. In his book, China and the Extraterrestrials (Difel, 1985—translation available in French and in Portuguese), author Shi Bo relates an interview between newspaperman Wang Shili and a military chauffeur named Li Jing­yang, who had a UFO experience in Shansi province in 1963, when he was only six years old.

While out with his friends, Li Jingyang noticed an awe-inspiring discoid object emerging from the clouds in an otherwise clear sky. The terrified boys observed the UFO closely, which remained static in the sky for some ten minutes.

The following day, while walking the streets alone, Li was surprised by a tall man “completely dressed in black” who stopped him in his tracks, barring his way and demanding to know what the boy had seen. “Since I ­didn’t understand him very well,” the hapless witness explained, “he repeated his question, and I replied yes. He pointed at the sky, where the luminous object had staged its appearance and asked me again: was it there? I told him yes. He advised me to never tell others what I’d seen. Only after I gave him my word of honor did he allow me to leave.”

Li Jingyang recalls the man as having dark skin, adding that many other people saw him and discussed the strange character, whose “gestures were incomprehensible.” The Man in Black walked in a mechanical manner and its mouth did not move whenever it spoke. It disappeared suddenly after turning around a street corner.

Scott Corrales is a frequent contributor to FATE and is editor of Inexplicata: The Journal of Hispanic Ufology.

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Abductee’s have reported that their Blood type changed to O after the abduction? Anyone know anything about this? Are their children being born with O blood? Many have talked about burned cornea’s and implants, but not much is said about a rare blood type change. What came first? The aliens or ZymeQuest?

It may sound like science fiction, but a company in Beverly has created a system that can change your blood type. In doing so, it may transform transfusion medicine. It is our intention to develop a growing conviction among scientists that with the introduction of Type O RH-negative blood into the human gene pool, we were given opportunity of solving the inherent problems facing our modern world. Think of it as a "cleansing". The introduction of hope and renewal which , if understood and universally accepted, would change the direction of human destiny.

DISCUSSION OF BLOOD GROUPS AND THE HUMAN SPECIES http://www.anomalog.com/bloodgroups.html

John Carpenter of MUFON was director of abduction investigations who was fired for his controversial reptile/blood type opinions due to the abductees testamonies.While you won't find many of my sentiments reflected in the "scientific" community, it is interesting to note three possibilities exist to explain the O-neg blood type (known as the universal donor type).

These are: 1) re-emergence of a dormant gene;
2) Exobiology & Inter-dimensional;
3) chance mutation, happening within the last 20-35k years.

1. First it is important to realize, sentient life on our planet can be traced back over 2-million years. Many advanced civilizations have risen and fallen. We have no direct way of knowing what were the conditions giving rise to these civilizations, nor their physiology. A good primer is "Forbidden Archaeology" by Richard Cremo. Given this longevity, it is conceivable that extinct races could pass on certain of their genetic traits.

For example, let's consider there were two sentient branches of the human race in existence at the time: Cro-Magnons from which gave us modern humans, and Neanderthals, of tall stature who became extinct. If you follow this line of succession, it is highly likely that sometime after Cro-Magnons became dominant, there was some degree of cohabitation with Neanderthals. Rh-Neg may have been found within this extinct race, or may even have predominated - allowing it to cross over into Cro-Magnons decedents.

2. Exobiology is the search for life elsewhere in the universe. There is a very high probability that sentient life on this planet has interacted with visitors from elsewhere in this universe, or perhaps more likely, Interdimensional.

Whether through laboratory research (cloning or invitro fertilization), offspring were produced having traits (RH O-Neg) received from their off world, or out-of-phase visitors. I once communicated with an enigmatic individual who suggested O-neg would be the ideal blood type for space travellers. Of utmost importance would be the treating of wounds, minor operations, and other conditions involving blood loss. During long space voyages, perhaps with no possibility of ever returning to their homeward, it would be convenient if all members of a crew were of the same blood-group, or failing that, a large proportion where O-neg. These would most likely be specially engineered crew members . . . living blood storage banks, so-to-speak.

3. There is always the possibility that this is a true mutation, arising - given its relatively low distribution - within the past 20k - 35k years. My studies have not extended into how precisely this would occur. Personally, I consider all variations of RH-neg as derived from an original O-Neg donor, which factor has recently and selectively mutated through the human race to give the low incidence within other blood groups, but maintaining the alien (non-monkey) factors.

As a matter of interest, all O-negs are highly monitored and studied. http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread117741/pg1

FACTS:Rh-Negatives are RARE. But, strangely.... a person with type O negative blood is considered to be a "Universal Donor". It means his or her blood can be given to anyone, regardless of blood type, without causing a transfusion reaction.The Rh-Negatives Factor is considered a "Mutation" of "Unknown Origin", which happened in Europe, about 25,000-35,000 years ago. Then this group spread heavily into the area of what is now Spain, England, Ireland, etc.O negatives have pure blood, no antigens , no rhesus monkey gene.many articles said these O- people have these traits.

TRAITS:There are certain similairites that occur to those having rh negative blood - according to some who have it there are common patterns found, which include the following:

1. predominance of green or hazel eyes that change color, also blue eyes
2. reddish hair , brown
3. low pulse rate
4. low blood pressure
5. keen sight or hearing
6. ESP
7. extra rib or vertabrae
8. UFO connections
9. love of space and science
10. a sense of not belonging to the human race
11. piercing eyes
12. para-normal occurrences
13. physic dreams
14. truth seekers
15. desire for higher wisdom
16. empathetic illnesses
17. deep compassion for fate of mankind
18. a sense of a 'mission' in life
19. physic abilities
20. unexplained scars on body
21. capability to disrupt electrical appliances
22. alien contacts

They sound like they know me personally, i agree with the traits....but I have no extra bones or tail to my knowledge. What my purpose for this post is to find any connections to abductees and their bloodtype as well as to either debunk or help prove some of these claims.
Character trait associations
According to Nomi's theory, those with type A blood tend to be reserved, punctual, and law-abiding, while type O's tend to be more outgoing, passionate, and individualistic. Type Bs are said to be carefree and cheerful, while ABs are said to be serious and solitary by nature.Type A blood is the most common in Japan and Germany while type O is most prevalent in the United States. Interestingly, 60 percent of Japanese Prime Ministers have been type O. Type Bs also said to make great cooks and restaurant guides featuring Type B chefs are popular products in Japan. [citation needed]Persons having Rh negative blood types are extremely rare in the Japanese population with a recent survey placing the percentage at around less than 1% of the total population, and no particular significance is attached to the Rh type.[edit]
The discovery of blood types in 1901 has been hailed as one of the greatest advances in medical history, but the breakthrough was then used by the Nazis to further their eugenics program, and claim the superiority of Germans -- mostly types A and O -- over Jews, Asians and others with a larger proportion of type B blood.The theory reached Japan in a 1927 psychologist's report, and the militarist government of the time commissioned a study aimed at breeding better soldiers. The craze faded in the 1930s as its unscientific basis became evident. However, it was revived in the 1970s with a book by Masahiko Nomi, an advocate and broadcaster with no medical background.
Sent in by Ted Loman - thank you Ted!

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Location. Pirogovskiy Lesopark Forest, NW of Mytiszi, Moscow region, Russia
Date: March 17 1985
Time: 1500-1630

According to Otto Shamin from the Russian city of Taganrog who went public with this in 2001, there is a remarkable case which he has kept in his memory for many years, which include part of the story of Mikhail S. Gorbachev.

As it is widely known, Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev was elected to the post of the Secretary General of the CPSU (Communist party of the Soviet Union) on March 15 1985 and in 1990 becoming the first and last president of the former USSR. On the next day he addressed the nation on the television. And on the very next day March 17, approximately at 1400, quite suddenly and apparently without telling many around him, he left the main CC CPSU building (The Headquarters of the central Committee) located on Old Square Moscow. He quickly rushed into a black “Volga” car and with an unusual small cortege of only three identical black “Volgas” GAZ-3102 cars, including one in which Gorbachev rode in accompanied by a few of his most trusted KGB/military/government men. Even the chief of Gorbachev’s garage, Mr. M. Volodin was unaware of the selected route.

The next day all three “Volgas” returned all extremely dirty with mud up to their roofs. The speedometer of all the vehicles indicated an increase of 200 kilometers. Where they went remained unknown. All the participants of the trip remained silent.

Otto Shamin from Taganrog who had close ties to the Moscow Party bosses and attempted to investigate the incident was told by his cousin an avid winter fisherman, that on March 17, he had gone fishing with some friends near the town of Mytiszi (northeastern suburb of Moscow) and on their way back at about 1500 hrs outside of the town they noticed three black Volga cars driving deep into the forest. Some time after that they saw two lar ge red globes descending from the sky in approximate the same direction. One and a half hour after that both globes ascended and disappeared into the sky.

An important detail was noticed, during the whole time, there was a total electric blackout which covered the electric railroad between Moscow and Mytiszi. The railroad was completely disconnected from the main cities, and crowds of people waited on the platforms of the suburban stations. Others in the area also observed the red globes descending into the forest. Nobody was able to explain the cause of the electrical failure.

At the beginning of April another man acquainted with Mr. Shamin who occupied a post on the CPSU Committee in the town of Zelenograd told Shamin that several days before a confidential letter (classified secret) was obtained by all CPSU Committees in the northern areas of the Moscow region. The letter said approximately the following:
“In case you are questioned as to what happened with the electricity in your region on March 17 of this year, explain it as just a simple accidental power outage” it was signed, ‘Gorbachev”.

According to some researchers it was possible to reconstruct the supposed contact or “meeting”. The meeting (if it indeed took place) was planned in advance after Gorbachev in person covertly obtained the precise information about the exact time and coordinates in the form of an urgent alien invitation.

Information probably included demands to meet with the head of the government himself (Gorbachev) and included exact data as to the individuals who must be present with him and who he was allowed to take with him. The total group probably included 3 drivers, and about 9 passengers in general only about 12 men. Besides Gorbachev, there was General Vladimir Medvedev, Chief of Gorbachev’s security, KGB Chairman Victor Mikha ilovich Chebrikov, Gorbachev’s most trusted friend Academician Alexander Nikolayevich Yakovlev and a few others men, and maybe about 4 or 5 KGB officers mostly from the security team of General Medvedev (KGB department # 9).

Before arriving at the location the cars drove on a long road making numerous evasive turns and maneuvers. Around 1500 hrs all three black Volgas finally moved deep into the Pirogovskiy forest in the center of the so-called “Pirogovskiy Lesopark” (forest preserve or park) about 2 km northwest of Mytiszi, between Mytiszi and the Pirogovskiy water reservoir the cars stopped in a meadow amid birch and aspen trees.

Security men were then positioned on the perimeter. 10-15 minutes later, two shiny alien crafts appeared in the sky, surround by reddish plasma glows. They approached the group and then hovered in midair at a low altitude, the glow around them decreased in intensity and then both UFOs landed or descended very close to the ground, several dozen meters from the group.

Several tall humanoid entities that looked basically like humans but not exactly, came out of the objects and communicated with the group for about one and a half hours. All the humanoids were apparently disguised to look more human, and were very tall and possibly reptilian in nature, camouflaged by holograms.

A number of “problems” were negotiated. And then the aliens went back into their crafts which then zoomed up and vanished. Among the items most likely “discussed” included the following:
Nuclear disarmament
In case of nuclear disarmament they would supply the USSR with needed technologies.
The USSR must convince the USA (Ronald Reagan, etc) to reject the “Star Wars” program or SDI.
The USSR must reject technologies that destroy or pollute the environment. In exchange of that rejection the aliens would provided the USSR with super-advanced technology replacing the normal earth technology which destroys nature.

All the witnesses must maintain complete silence and secrecy about the meeting for the rest of their lives and never tell anyone (However there is evidence that Gorbachev told his wife Raisa).

The aliens also possibly invited several members of the group including Gorbachev to look at their propulsion system and other equipment inside the craft. They also probably negotiated with Gorbachev and his team about a vast reconstruction program of the USSR and declare that they would support him on this; this program was soon called “Perestroika”.

HC addendum
Source: Otto Shamin “Mysterious Episode” in: Mysteries of the XX Century”
Saint Petersburg # 12 August 2001.

Comments: History indeed changed when Gorbachev became the leader of the Soviet Union, unprecedented changes ensued. Indeed many of the promises were not completely kept and in a recent interview with Gorbachev he stated that the governments of the world had “wasted too much time” and did not take advantage of a wonderful opportunity given to them with the end of the Cold War. (March 28 2006).

Additional information

According to testimony by Jim Sparks, from Fort Myers Florida 1988, Tall Reptilians reportedly told him that they had negotiated with the leaders of the world. Apparently in 1987 Gorbachev inspected the remains of a crash UFO seized by the Soviets near Pribylovo, Vyborg area and kept at the Monchegorsk military air defense aerodrome. Gorbachev also possibly knew about other UFO crashes and incidents.

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Date: Monday, February 23 @ 11:56:45 MST
Topic: Abduction Reports Posted: February 23, 2004

When I was 8 years old I woke up in the middle of the night. There were two little beings standing beside my bed. I sat up knowing I was awake, I called out my brother's name, he was not quite three at the time, but he was the right size, and the only logical explanation I could frame at that instant. I was pretty desperate to find out that they were him. By the third time I called his name I was pretty certain that they weren't going to turn out to be my brother, and then I realized I was terrified.

The moon light coming through the window was shining right on them as for a moment we just looked at each other. My next thought was that they were cherubs or angels because it looked like they had haloes.

We have one heck of a stone catholic church in Penetang, and the cherubs were everywhere in the artwork. I had noticed that no one ever mentioned them, which of course made me curious, because no one ever had an explanation for them, when I asked. In the artwork they appear to be doing all the work, which didn't jibe with the TV, or the science books I was reading, or any of the machines at the marina, or anything we were taught in school. Penetang is the only school board in Ontario, or maybe even Canada where the public schools were Catholic.

Then I realized no, those are helmets. Fish bowls, and silver suits. I knew what that meant. It was time to freak right out.

Then the closest of the two put its' hand up to my face, and it felt like it threw sand into my eyes. My eye lids slammed shut. When I opened them, the first thing I saw was a bluish light travel from the window, across the ceiling, and down the wall the head of my bed was against, which was opposite the window.
Normally when a car went by the light would travel around the walls of the room as the road was parallel to my window.

I noticed that the moon light was coming in the opposite side of the window from where it had been shining down on my visitors. It was now shining on me - about a 4 hour travel.

My first thought was to head straight for my parents room.

My father the boat builder had built the bedroom doors in the house to such a nice fit that they closed snugly with out door handles.If you wanted to open them when they were closed tight you had to get a clothes hanger out of the walk-in closet and slide it under the door and pull it open. They couldn't be closed like that from outside the room. They could only be closed all the way shut to where you couldn't get your fingers on the edge to open them by pushing the door gently shut, so they didn't bounce back a bit. The doors were always left open an inch or two when we went to bed.

I didn't think they went out the door, so that meant they might be in the closet.
I decided I'd better just stay there in bed, because since I now knew that spacemen were real, I wasn't going to go to all of that trouble to open the door just to find out that space monsters were real too.

The next morning I recall telling my mother. She said I must have been dreaming.

Then I forgot.

The constant nose bleeds were because I picked my nose, and if I didn't stop maybe I'd have to wear gloves to bed or something.

When I was ten I was reading a Hans Christian Anderson book of folk tales, and when I got to the tale of the Sandman, the whole event returned like a ton of bricks.

The isolation I felt starting at that instant was not as bad as the isolation I was starting to feel because my family was breaking up. I won't bore you with the details except to say that for refusing to stab a good man in the back, in a manner that's as low as it gets, I've had to put up with zionist style attack tactics from a lot of people who think appearing right is more important than being right, greed justifies all. No attack in regards to visitors could cause the pain that that has caused me.

Again, I apologize for all the wordage, You are so right, getting this off my chest helps because it raises the hope that I will get closer to the truth, and also be able to help others, who may then be able to contribute to the truth, and then they will be able to help others.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research Home - Phone 250 845 2189 email: hbccufo@telus.net Website: http://www.hbccufo.com

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Visit with Lloyd Tiznado

My wife, Beth Rabourn, who was a nurse at the Bloomfield Nursing Home in Bloomfield, NM was providing care to Lloyd Tiznado. Mr. Tiznado is an Apache Indian and was a long time resident of the Dulce, NM area, which is on the Jicarilla Apache Reservation. Mr. Tiznado was the Director of the Jicarilla Detox Center in Dulce.

Beth had mentioned to Lloyd that I had read that there was a supposed UFO base in Dulce NM and was thinking about visiting the supposed UFO base site. Lloyd told Beth that he knew about the UFO base and that he and some of his relatives and friends were thinking about driving up to the site to see what was up there. He also informed Beth that the entrance could easily be seen from the air. He also informed Beth that there was another base or entrance to the UFO base south of Dulce between Dulce and Gobernador, NM.

On January 6, 2000 I called Lloyd and asked him if I could come to visit with him about what he knew about the UFO activity near Dulce. He agreed, so Beth and I went to talk to Lloyd on 1/?/2000 at 10:30 a.m. at the Bloomfield Nursing Home.

Lloyd is approximately 65 years old, he is articulate and alert. He is suffering from diabetes, is a double amputee (legs), is on dialysis and that is why he is in a nursing home. The following questions and answers are the result of that meeting.

Question 1: Do you know of any UFO activity in the Dulce, NM area?
Answer: Yes, I have seen strange things in the sky around Dulce. Some of my relatives and past employees have also seen UFO's and other things in the Dulce area.

Q-2: Do you know the location of the UFO Base?
Answer: Yes, it is about 5 miles north of Dulce, on the Apache Reservation.

Q-3: Is there a passable road up to the area?
Answer: Yes, but you must have a 4-wheel drive vehicle.

Q-4: Is a non-Apache allowed to go up to that area?
Answer: You must first get permission from the Chairman of the Tribal Council.

Q-5: What are the chances of getting permission?
Answer: Good, they might even fly you up there over the area. It would be very hard to find it if you were on the ground. There is supposed to be another UFO base between Dulce and Gobernador, NM, and it is off the reservation.

Q-6: Are you aware of any cattle mutilations that have taken place or do you know of anyone that has had cattle mutilated?
Answer: Yes, a man named Manuel Gomez from Dulce has had some of his cattle mutilated. He owns the Gomez Grocery Store, just outside of Dulce.

Q-7: Are you aware of anyone that was abducted from the Dulce area, or of anyone that has disappeared mysteriously?
Answer: No, I have not heard of anyone from up there that was abducted or that disappeared.

Q-8: Can you tell me about the UFO experiences that you've had?
Answer: Yes. The first happened several years ago. While Director of the Detox Center, an employee did not report for work, so I had to work the night shift. Around 4:00 a.m. I was pretty sleepy so I went outside to get some fresh air. While I was standing outside I saw a large circle of green light passing overhead. The UFO passed slowly overhead but it made no noise at all. I know it was not an airplane or a helicopter.

The second happened while I was driving to Chama. It was a bright red light off the left side of the road. It was bright but it didn't blink. It was going at the same speed as my car. I stopped the car, and it also stopped. I started up again and so did it. I stopped again and so did it. I started driving again but this time the light disappeared.

The third happened while a friend and I were driving north on Highway 64 between Gobernador and Dulce. My passenger noticed some strange lights behind my car. They were moving at approximately the same speed as my car. I stopped the car and the lights disappeared.

Q-9: Can you tell me about some of the experiences that have been related to you by others from the Dulce area?
Answer: Yes. My uncle, while out hunting in the Pinon area about two weeks ago, saw two blue objects pass slowly over his head. He thought it was strange because they made no noise whatsoever.

A former employee of the Detox Center told me that while she was driving north towards Dulce on Highway 64 she saw a group of bright lights above the highway in front of her car. She slowed her car down, because she was afraid of hitting the lights but they just disappeared.

Lloyd said another uncle that was hunting saw a strange craft on the ground with three figures walking around it wearing green suits and some sort of helmet. When his uncle turned his head away for a second the craft and the figures were gone; he said they just vanished!

Another acquaintance of Lloyd's was a sheep herder who was herding flocks on the reservation. One night while he was laying in his tent listening to his radio, he saw a strange flying craft with bright lights on it fly over his campsite and land on a hill a short distance away. At the same time his radio stopped playing. He started to get up but heard a voice outside of his tent say, "Do not get up, stay in your tent." He tried to get up anyway but he discovered that he was paralyzed completely and could not move. A short time later the craft rose into the sky and left the area. Then he was able to move and his radio began to play again.

Q-10: Do more of these sightings happen in the day or nighttime?
Answer: Most of them happen at night.

Q-11: Did anything else strange happen while you were in Dulce?
Answer: Yes. One day I saw a dark colored helicopter fly low over me headed towards Archuleta Mesa. What was strange about it was that it did not have any insignia, I.D. numbers or any type of identifying markings.

Q-12: Have you personally seen any strange creatures or anything like that?Answer: No.

Q-13: Anything else that you would like to mention regarding the UFO phenomena?
Answer: No.

As a side note, while I was discussing the UFO sightings with Lloyd, I told him that I had seen some strange things in Kansas while I was a child, in Gila Bend, Arizona when I was in the Armed Services and lately in and around Aztec. A nurse that was in the room had overheard my conversation with Lloyd about Gila Bend and stated that she had also seen a UFO flying along side her car while she and her husband were on their way from California to New Mexico.

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