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Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Another name for the Paulding Light

Vacationers to the Eagle River area of Wisconsin find peace and relaxation in this northern playground of lakes and woods. But now they're finding something else, mysterious lights that linger in the night skies about thirty miles north of Eagle River (five miles north of Watersmeet, Michigan).

Although some local people claim to have seen the strange lights over a long period of time, the first reported sighting was in 1966. A carload of teen-agers had stopped one clear evening along a swampy area of the old Military Road called Dog Meadow. Suddenly a brilliance filled the car's interior and lit the power lines paralleling the road. The frightened young people fled to report their experience to the sheriff. Since that time, many havewitnessed the phenomenon, but none can explain it.

Local lore spins haunting legends. Some say that one night, about forty years ago, a railroad switchman, lantern in hand, was crushed to death between two cars while attempting to signal the train's engineer. Others say that an engineer was murdered along the old railroad grade where the lights appear. A third story tells of a mail carrier and his sled dogs who were mysteriously slain a hundred years ago at Dog Meadow. The lights appear near the scenes of these various alleged tragedies and are thought to be connected with them. The lights can be seen on almost every clear night in all seasons of the year.

One motorist, coming up over the crest of the gravel road that runs parallel to the old abandoned track bed, faced a golden bull's eye and, thinking it to be a one-eyed car, pulled off the road to avoid a head-on collision.There was no car.

On a frigid winter evening, a group of snowmobilers came upon the light. Not knowing what to make of it and badly frightened, they tried to surround it, to no avail. It vanished as quickly as it had appeared.

On another night, a drunken fellow from Eagle River shot at the light but it disappeared first. The light is usually the size of a weather balloon, appearing on the northwest horizon and seeming to move toward the northeast.

On a hot June evening in 1977, Elmer Lent and Harold Nowak of Wisconsin decided to check out the phenomenon. A newspaper account said that no sooner had they parked their car on the gravel road than the light appeared--a bright spotlight shining directly at them. It moved closer, backed away, appeared at an angle from time to time. To Lent, who grew up in the shadow of a railroad yard, it looked like the headlight of a train. Suddenly a smaller light appeared below the large light and slightly to the right. Lent recalled that "the two, at times, seemed to move together, then apart, one or the other disappearing, then showing again." The movements, he reasoned, were those a switchman would make in signaling with a lantern. Sometimes the light changed color from white to red and occasionally a dim green.

Lent judged the lights to be "two or three blocks away."After watching for an hour, Lent, still skeptical of any supernatural basis for the phenomenon, determined to catch the pranksters responsible. He and Nowak left the car and began walking. As they approached, the lights seemed to disappear down over the next rise but cast a bright glow in the sky. A half mile later, finding nothing that might explain the mystery, the pair turned around and the lights reappeared over the rise. When they reached their car,other observers said that, in the men's absence, they'd seen a large red light above a small white one in the middle of the road a block ahead of them. These lights would have been between the men and their car.

Two hours later, the men drove ahead for some distance, parked, and shut off the headlights. The lights reappeared, the large headlight and the smaller one beneath it beaming down the middle of the road. A minute later, the headlight vanished, and the smaller light, Lent said, "seemed to touch down and burst into three." The outer two lights disappeared, but the third remained, about two hundred feet away. Nowak snapped on the headlights but the light in the road didn't move. Then, several minutes later, it rose slowly to a height of four or five feet and vanished. Of his experience, Lent, still perplexed, said,"No teen-agers, no flashlights, no strings attached."

Charlie Gumm disagreed. His search led him to a secluded but well-used side road leading up to a plateau. He suspected that teen-agers manipulated the lights from there. Nightly! In temperatures of twenty degrees below zero! At five o'clock in the morning! It seems unlikely.

Yet, if the light show is not the work of pranksters, what is it! Similar lights along railroad tracks have been observed in other parts of the country, notably at Maco Station near Wilmington, North Carolina. Could they be caused by a luminous gas of some sort? Possibly.

Regarding Upper Michigan, some seismologists theorize that the weight of glacial ice in that area has created conditions favorable to future earthquakes, that the earth's crust, compressed eons ago by massive ice sheets, is now trying to expand to its original contour and, in the process, causing luminous gases to escape through faults in the crust. Although anomalous lights are frequently associated with earthquakes, their presence does not necessarily predict quakes. So far, the study of earthquake lights raises many questions but offers few answers.

Meanwhile, curious sightseers throng the Dog Meadow area. They watch the lights.They listen to the legends. And they wonder.
Sent in by Gerald Bringle.

I have been to the Marfa Lights in West Texas several times. They have been seen moving across the mountains near Marfa since the 1500's. Spanish wagon trains reported seeing them way back then.

One time my friend and I went to Marfa to see the lights. He was determined to go up to one. It was midnight and he drove and drove but they always moved away. No one knows what they are, some say car lights, but there is no road.

A television show, I think it was Unsolved Mysteries or some such show, went there. They had cameras set up at each end of where the lights are seen each night. The observers kept watch and the lights did not come while they were there. As soon as they left, the lights were back again - and still are. Obviously they have intelligence.

The State has a special viewing area east of Marfa where you watch them every night.


Tuesday, January 30, 2007


“Eyewitness 2007 – You are Not Alone”

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have been following your research and other work into the Phoenix Lights and other paranormal activity for some time now and I think it would be beneficial to both of us if you could attend the only conference specifically devoted to the Eyewitnesses and Researchers of the Phoenix Lights and other related cases - on the 10 year anniversary of the main event of March 13, 1997. The name of this Conference is “Eyewitness 2007 – You are Not Alone,” and will be held at the Heard Native American Museum in the heart of downtown Phoenix, AZ. The reserved dates are for Monday, March 12, and Tuesday, March 13, 2007 from 8-4pm in the Steele Auditorium within the Museum grounds. We may add a 3rd day on the 14th of March if ticket sales are strong.

The Heard Museum boasts one of the nation’s largest collections of authentic Kachina dolls as well as numerous examples of Native American art, culture and history which serve as the perfect background for the information that our specially invited guest speakers will be sharing with us for the first time ever.

Sacred healers, shamans and other keepers of time, from the Mayan, Azteca and Hopi traditions will be appearing and speaking with us about some of their 5,000 year old traditional knowledge, with a special emphasis on the meanings of some of their prophecies and their relationship to the UFOs by millions of people around the world. These people have traveled a long way to share their knowledge and we are all here to share and to learn from each other. We are all here to teach, to share and to learn.

In addition to the Native American guest speakers, it is also my honor to have the world famous Native American dance troupe Danza Azteca Anahuac from Taos, New Mexico coming to perform sacred dawn initiations with all willing and able participants near the Estrella Mountains of Phoenix where the now infamous Phoenix Lights occurred. The theme of this year’s conference is dedicated to the thousands of UFO eyewitnesses across the United States and the rest of the world who have had close encounters with UFOs and searching for answers. Over the past ten years since my first major close encounter, I have met hundreds of people who have described the most amazing things in our skies, but can’t explain them. We do not pretend to have all the answers, but we feel that we are asking the right questions. Thus your input in these matters is extremely important to the overall success of this and future conferences.

Please email me mmmceo@cs.com back if you would like more information or call me at 757-971-0123.

From the Desk of: William W. Warwick IV (757) 971-0123
Warwick Builders
652 Edwin Drive
Virginia Beach, VA 23462

William W. Warwick IV (President) 757-971-0123

William F. Warwick III (VP) 757-971-2474
Andrew Bibler (Project Manager): 757-971-1850
Office Fax: 757-495-1522Mobile & Desktop
Email: mmmceo@cs.com

The response to this has been overwhelming, I was so pissed off about the O’Hare pilots being treated like nuts, I had to do something.

Lynne Kitei, Francis Barwood, Mike Forston, Jim Woolwith, Mike Tanner, Becky Hardcastle, the list grows by about 10 names every day of people that are attending or speaking.

Thank you for standing up for your rights – together we can do what alone we cannot.

Here is a copy of the letter I sent to Mike Forston:

Please feel free to copy and paste and get the word out about what we are trying accomplish here. I have had calls from famous people and ordinary people telling me that this what they have been waiting for 10 years to happen.

Dear Mike:

I just read your article on the non investigation of the Phoenix Lights.

I feel the same in every regard and your call to arms and action to document these testimonies is exactly what I am trying to do in this conference.

Please feel free to forward this personal message to you – to any other Eyewitnesses to the Phoenix Lights and invite them to the conference.

I will however humbly beseech anyone that you give this Invitation, that if they are able and feel compelled, that they could make a donation that will help to cover my costs for organizing this conference and all the costs associated with the publication of any book, DVD or other media to document our experiences. I have had quite a few people read my posts at UFO forums of my work and one person sent me a check for $40.00!

I said at one time, that due to the number of pictures and size of my book, The Norfolk Incident, that it would probably cost that much to print and publish it. This was the first and only donation that I ever got for any of the work that I ever did, and it made me realize that people were really affected by and connected with my work and it really inspired me to continue on in the face of possible financial ruin. The man that sent the check is a retired man from South Carolina, who emailed me a few weeks ago about my work on the UFO forum and despite being on social security and a fixed income, he sent me a check for $40!

It really made me feel good to know that there were people that really cared and were awake and were willing to donate what they can to the cause of UFO freedom and truth. It also made me feel good that it was a donation and not a payment for my book as he has reminded me. So if you or anyone else that reads this thinks the work I have done and the cause I am fighting for is worthy, I would gladly accept 1 dollar for it and if you cant afford that than keep it as a gift from god whichever and whatever god you choose, or no god, I don’t care, just know that it all helps. I wish I was rich and I could do more, but I am not, I am just and ordinary American with a mortgage, two kids and my own construction company. I have no political ambition other than to fight for the rights of UFO witnesses until the day I die. And then I’ll keep fighting from heaven.

For the Record, I am not a professional producer or documentary or film person. I am a witness just like you – who can’t stand to see what is happening and I am trying to do something about it. My title as the “Producer,” of the Conference and the DVD, was Carrie Clark of Sirius Seminars idea who is helping me to organize this conference and everything else and because I am the one responsible for organizing and funding this project and nearly every other aspect of the conference and Carrie says I am the “Producer,” but I don’t want other witnesses to think I am just another slick TV reporter or Hollywood spin doctor. I want the testimony of the eyewitnesses to stand on their own. I want to present and gather the principal investigators with the actual eyewitnesses and put all their testimony in one place, a documentary video and book series, from which all can give their written testimony as well.

For the record, I have published for free, nearly 90% of the information in my book for free on http://www.alien-ufos.com/ forum under my name Justice League. I felt that if I didn’t give it away for free first, I was doing a disservice to the movement.

Now I have spent the better half of 10 years now writing and researching this book and other phenomena and I realize that if the information is to really get out there, a book, a video, whatever is the best way to do that. Maybe 5,000 people will ever get on a UFO forum to read or discuss anything. But a well written book could reach millions, even billions of people around the world. The same is true for video. So I realized at some point, that people don’t really value things that are free, because they didn’t have to give up anything for it.

As altruistic as our efforts to give the info away for free are, in the end if our ultimate goal is to educate the public and get this information into as many hands as possible, then at some point we have to go “commercial.” I mean suppose something spectacular happens in Phoenix on the Ten year anniversary after our conference? What if the only real attempt at bringing together all of the witnesses in one place and something spectacular happens, what do you think the world will think of us then? We honor the mystery by coming together and remembering what was shown to us. Whatever happened, the craft wanted to be seen, this we can be sure of, this was not a TEST FLIGHT!

The other reason is that we need to able to support our volunteer efforts with some sort of income as little as that might be. Right now I teeter on financial ruin should this conference not be a total sell out. I am using all my savings and money from my mother’s death and insurance settlement (less than 14k) to do this conference. But it would be worth every penny if I can find 200 or 350 eyewitnesses willing to go on tape and give their full name and tell THEIR story.
Not the story of some slick producer who never saw anything, not some egotistical UFO researcher vying for TV news lines, but just one witness supporting another witness. The first and only account of ordinary people having extraordinary experiences. The skeptics and pundits will come out and say their usual stuff, but at the end of the day WE ALL KNOW THAT THE THINGS THEY SAY ARE IMPOSSIBLE – ARE REAL!

Therefore, if we learn anything from our experience, we should KNOW BEYOND ANY DOUBT – that NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE.

IF WE CAN ACCOMPLISH THIS IT WILL MAKE HISTORY – No rational, no sound and open minded person can refuse 350 eyewitness accounts from people from all walks of life all talking about the same thing. For every 1 person like you and me that comes forward you know there are 20 that don’t.

I know that you understand that our mission as eyewitnesses goes far beyond just telling our stories.

In order to pay for all the video taping, auditorium rental and other costs, I will be spending every penny I have upfront to make this happen. PLEASE help me make this a success, Please call or email every person you know and tell them what I am trying to do, let them know that they are not alone, and together we can show the world what it means to be an AMERICAN again, to show the world that DEMOCRACY is not dead.

WE must do this, Time is running out for the human race, and if we don’t start to radically alter the way we live our lives, we will perish and eat our own ashes. I know that people are afraid of losing their jobs, I was fired two days after my UFO encounter and I am here to fight for you, to take your employer to court, under the UFO Reporting Act of 2007 we are putting together for legal petition to the government.

We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men were created equal and have the inalienable right to share this information with his fellow citizens and to be free from discrimination by employers and others. This movement is not just about UFO’s but the UFO situation is the same as the Tea for the Boston Tea Party. The UFO’s are the object, the last straw in the fight for the civil rights guaranteed in the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights.

How is it that Belgium and Mexico and so many other governments have assisted their citizens and cooperated with their citizens to try to find an answer to the UFO enigma – yet the leader of all these countries – who holds itself out as the ultimate bastion of Free Speech and Democracy can scarcely get 10 people to come forward and give their testimony on video tape to one of the most important developments in the history and evolution of our race.
I know that there is fear – I was fearful too, but as time goes on that fear turns to shame, that shame turns to anger, that anger turns to hate and that hate leads to action. If you are an eyewitness and your are not totally fucking pissed off at the way we have been treated, then perhaps you shouldn’t involve yourself with this movement. But if you are an eyewitness and you know that the government is hiding something, then it is your civic duty to stand up for YOUR and YOUR fellow witnesses rights.

The history of the United States is the history of a country at war with itself to constantly revise our definition and civil rights guaranteed by the highest law of our land, the US Constitution. As Americans we have more civil rights than any other country on the planet, but those rights were borne in the blood and sacrifice of every soldier and family member that lost a loved one, beginning at the Boston Massacre and continuing to this day. Only after 1 million brothers battled in the civil war, did we get the Proclamation of Emancipation, only after the deaths of another 750,000 brothers did were we able to stop the rise of Fascism.

How many women suffered to have equal rights with men? How many people died in the triangle fire before employers were forced to better the working conditions of ALL?

How many of our husbands and sons and daughters and loved ones are being killed in Iraqi right now fighting for “freedom?”

My fellow Americans I beseech you to hear this call. We have all these freedoms guaranteed to us in the Constitution – we have all these civil rights only because your fathers and mothers and grandfathers and people that aren’t even related to you fought and died and sacrificed their lives so that we could have these rights and freedoms, so that each generation would be able to better itself just a little more than before. But with these freedoms come the responsibility of protecting those freedoms from friend and from foe alike.

I understand that some of you will lose your jobs, just as I had lost mine, but I survived, and so will you. What ever doesn’t kill you can only make you stronger. After my first encounter I was afraid of the government, I was afraid of the very real repercussions of what might happen if I came forward with my testimony, but you know what nobody killed me, I have my own company now and in many ways, losing my job forced me to go out on my own and start my own business so that I would never have to be fearful of speaking my mind or being fired just for asking if anyone saw something unusual on a company radio. I won’t lie to you, the sneers and jeers of the doubtful hurt, but over the past ten years, I have had 10 times as many positive experiences sharing my story and listening to others who have had similar experiences and I know I am not alone.

This is the second most important thing this conference is trying to accomplish – which is to support those of us who are Eyewitnesses and let each of you know that there will be 350 other people you can call and talk to, or share your experience with, therein lies the power of the movement. Our individual testimonies can be skewed and disbelieved, but 350 unrelated people coming forward and taking time off of work and giving their testimony cannot and will not be ignored by our fellow countrymen nor the world.

I ask you is the threat of losing your job and being teased by your peers and friends more of a sacrifice for freedom than the sacrifice made by the 1.5 million soldiers that have fought and died in all the wars the United States has engaged in?

Today we fight another war, just as important as those that came before and spilled so much of our blood, but we fight this war with our hearts and our minds and a pen and paper and a tv camera. The battlefield is not in some far off country but right here in the living rooms and workplaces of our friends and neighbors and fellow countrymen and women.

I say GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH – to do anything less is to trample upon the gift we have been given. We didn’t land on Plymouth rock – Plymouth rock landed on us.

Yours Truly,

Donations can be made to: William Walter Warwick IV
652 Edwin Drive – Virginia Beach, VA 23462

Monday, January 29, 2007


I met a man in Delores, Colorado while on vacation this month that I will call Verne. He had an interesting story to tell.

His uncle worked at Los Alamos. One weekend he went hunting northwest of Los Alamos. He was up on a ridge when he heard a crackling noise. He went to investigate the noise and over the hill he saw a UFO hovering over the power lines. Electricity like lightning was being sucked up by the craft.

The craft was saucer shaped with a dome on top and thin on the bottom. He watched it for 15 minutes. It remained stationary all that time but then took off and went up the canyon.

When he returned to work on Monday morning he told his boss what he had seen. His boss took him in his office, pulled out a folder and showed him a photo of the same type of thing. It was a craft taking the electricity from the power lines. So his boss believed every word he said!

When we asked Verne if he had siblings he said two sisters. We asked if either one of them had unusual experiences. He said not that I know of but my mother saw an alien! He said that was back where he grew up in Grand Junction, Colorado. It was winter time and she saw the alien walk past her sliding glass doors on the outside. Her husband was skeptical so he went outside and found the footprints in the snow. Then he believed her.!

I asked what the alien looked like and he said about 3 - 4 feet tall with a big grey head and big black eyes. A typical grey.

You just never know the answer you will get when you ask the question, "Has anything unusual happened to you?" This was a perfect example because this man ran the little coffee shop and wasn't busy so he sat down with us to have coffee and talk. His vibes were wonderful. I think there was more to him than even he knew! He gave me a big hug when we left.

I liked that little town of Delores, the people are so friendly and hospitable. It is close to the Anasazi Museum and ruins of the Escalante and Dominquez pueblos.

Sunday, January 28, 2007


By Vincent Luciani
(from the pages of the Missing Link magazine)

I am from a segment of the population known as near death experiencers (NDEr)--those who once momentarily died and enjoyed a mystical encounter in the process.

My turn came in 1985 when I collapsed at my New Jersey home during a protracted illness, and awoke in the local hospital about an hour later where I hung around for a few days on life-support and monitoring devices.

The emergency ward had wall-to-wall consoles filled with flashing lghts and displays, loads of toots and whistles. I mention this because when I finally regained consciousness, ,all this hi-tech stuff was the first thing I saw. At that instant, not a soul was in sight.

So what do you think entered my mind? Where am I? Or, what happened? Or, did I kick the bucket? No, not me. My very first reaction was, "Geeze! I've been taken on board a UFO!" Typical, huh? And then a nurse came into view, totally destroying my fantasy when I realized I was in the hospital. Maybe it proves that some UFOers are born, not made; that maybe deep in the most distant reaches of my/our mind(s) something is trying to get out. I hope so.

In my vision, at the instant of collapse, I met with a spiritual figure with whom I reviewed my entire life in mere earth-equivalent seconds. (The total vision time was equivalent to about 15 earth minutes; yet, I am convinced it all transpired in the factional second between when I suddenly keeled over backward and when I hit the floor.)

We discussed much between us, my Guide and I, and then I asked to be returned to life. (Most NDErs are told to go back.)

For reasons not pertinent to the moment, I shall only briefly mention that three years later, in 1988, I divorced from not only a marriage (already marginal) but also, from my entire life to date. And so I left New Jersey for good (which isn't hard to do if you are a kid from the hills of Pennsylvania). I set out to travel, and have been traveling ever since.

My UFO interests took a decided turn upward when the Gulf Breeze book almost literally fell into my hands while I was browsing in a South Carolina library. Soon, the UFO dreams were back but not those I used to have when as a kid I would wake up glowing from having flown to wonderfully strange places in wonderfully strange machines. Back then, I thought everybody had such dreams.

(Even spookier to my childhood, and as an aside which I'd rather you didn't tell anyone about, had to do with my being the son of Italian immigrants. We lived poor. Mom had only one knife in the house with which she cut everything, I mean everything -- slice the homemade bread, the weekly chicken's neck, butter the toast, chop garlic cloves... and there it was, for I was a disgrace as an Italian kid because I hated garlic, still am not keen on it. It made me throw up when Mom would hide a chunk of garlic in the salad or spaghetti. Walking into a closed house on a winter day when garlic was cooking made me run directly to the bathroom to throw up. Sigh. Worst of all, for three days after she chopped garlic, the toast was contaminated with garlic taste. Now, isn't this substantial evidence I must have been the child of an alien father? Or the milkman?)

Anyway, from South Carolina I headed out to Buena Vista, Coloado, where I met UFOer, Elly Fithian who gave me the name of UFOer Mildred Biesele in Salt Lake City, my next stop.

In Salt Lake, a few weeks later, Mildred referred me to Kaye Studstrup who was hosting a UFO gathering at her home that weekend, and would I like to give my NDE talk? You bet!

Over 30 keenly-oriented UFOers showed up in her living room. Activities started off with each one giving their latest experiences and feelings on what was new with them, UFO-wise.

As one after another expressed themselves I began to feel the room fill with powerful energies. I simply had never been with people like this, I wasn't prepared for my own reactions. Actually, I began to feel weakened, and if I were to look for an answer I'd say it had something to do with the presence of kindred spirits. I don't yet know, for sure.

I recovered sufficiently to give my talk, however, which included my views that there is much in common between some abductees and some survivors. Also, I added my conviction that UFO research continues to be flawed by its omission or skimpy recognition of God's influence in all this.

Regarding the former, eminent UFO-oriented psychologist Dr. Leo Sprinkle had sent me a paper he'd written which, as I read, placed my sensors on red alert. Why? Well, as I later told him, were he to change all his references of "abductees" to "near-death survivors," I'd say he was talking about me.

On the latter, I will say that until fate brought me back into the UFO arenas I wasn't asking for any more new fields to plow. But now that I've been hurled into it all, I am asking: Will you UFOers please consider that aliens, from whichever universe, may be from the same God as we are? And that we might do well to reorient our involvements to factor the God Presence into the UFO equation? Or am I reinventing the wheel, is there already intensive discussion going on of which I simply am not aware?

After the Gulf Breeze chatter, I quit reading UFO books because they all seem to have the same hang-ups. As I told the G.B. author in a letter, and as I suggest to all would-be UFO book authors, if you want maximum credibility then publicly assign your advance and royalties to charity or to a non-profit UFO organization. And speak more of God.

While I am yet dreaming of impossible dreams, I wish to quickly run through our UFO thoughts, any one of which could fill a lengthy article:

1. Contact and voluntary boarding is my need; to help with the upcoming transition.

2. Millions of us are likely to soon cross over. Not all, just millions and millions. But it doesn't have to be.

3. Atlantis. Two years after my NDE I would still need to be careful to avoid use of personal pronouns I, we, our, in talking Atlantis.

4. Polaris. Dreams, again. Something a smaller star-sun in back of the big one, and 15 planets of which the 5th is life supportive. Does anyone share this awareness?

5. Edgar Cayce, who often spoke of Atlantis, would admonish, "Mind is the builder." He knew. (UFOers who do not know of Cayce would do well to learn.)

I like to make the point in my talks that we created our own realities, that perhaps we each have our own universe exclusively ours which is what some say the mind really is... our own universe.

Mind, when we ultimately do solve the UFO and the NDE equations, may turn out to be more a constant than a variable. We simple folk do not yet have the smarts or the dedication by which to figure it out. Someone once said, the mind is like a parachute - it functions best when kept open.

In covering 75,000 miles these past three years, you can believe I have enjoyed some scary situations from which the only comfort came from those 2,000-year old words, "Seek ye within..."

Do you know?

Saturday, January 27, 2007



A renowned Finnish physician has risked her reputation by publicly declaring she's had 100 close encounters with space aliens!

Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen, chief medical office of Finnish Lapland from 1975 to 1987, says she's been whisked aboard spaceships and been examined and operated on by extraterrestrials.

She also believes the space creatures have saved her life three times.

Dr. Luukanen - who now lives in Geneva, Switzerland, with her husband Sverre Kilde, a Norwegian diplomat to the United Nations - was once skeptical of UFOs herself. But her incredible encounters have made her a believer.

"Dr. Luukanen is a woman of high integrity and not one to fabricate stories about ETs and UFOs," says Mirja Covarrubias, spokesman for the Finnish Consulate in Los Angeles, California.

In one early meeting, the doctor remembers a small alien giving her first aid until help arrived after her car was hit by a bus.

"The small ET was applying some sort of energy to my body in the area of my liver," said Dr. Luukanen, 50. "When I got to the hospital it was determined my liver was damaged. But the alien had prevented it from hemorrhaging and saved my life."

Another time she lost control of her motorbike and fell off. The bike shot into the air and almost landed on her -- but she says a force field deflected it.

And she said she narrowly escaped death when an elk jumped in front of her speeding car.

"An invisible force field deflected the elk -- and I was able to pass through the force field safely!"

Dr. Luukanen said her very first sighting of a UFO took place in August 1986 when she and a friend spotted a yellow sphere hovering 60 to 90 feet above a field in Rovaniemi, Lapland.

"I had never been so terribly shocked and scared before in my life." she said.

She didn't make too much of the sighting until 1988 when she was hypnotized at a parapsychology conference in Geneva -- and suddenly remembered having had dozens of contacts with aliens! "Apparently the aliens had placed some sort of mental block on my memory so I couldn't disclose details of these events," she declared.

But she says with hypnosis she has remembered past encounters and become able to remain conscious when new meetings take place.

"Typically this is at night at 2 a.m. when I'm alone. Suddenly, the whole room I am in becomes bathed in light emanating from a UFO outside the window. My entire body starts vibrating and I blank out.

"I don't immediately recall the details of the encounter, but I do find myself mysteriously exhausted the next morning, and that's a tip-off I had a contact the night before."

She remembers meeting three kinds of aliens;

One type is three feet tall, has a huge head and big black eyes, but no nose or teeth.

The second type is like the first but has a large nose.

And the third type is about 12 feet tall, with a very small head and large dark glassy eyes. These aliens wear lab coats, gloves and hoods over their heads.

I only saw the third type on one occasion when they were apparently performing some sort of operation on me," said Dr. Luukanen. "It's possible they placed a tiny implant in my brain. But I have no idea where it may be located or what its purpose is. I doubt a brain scan could pinpoint it.

"I'm not afraid of these medical exams and don't mind them. I sense that they are very positive in nature. I realize that I am part of a huge experimental project."

Franklin R. Ruehl

Friday, January 26, 2007


By Suzie Compost
San Juan Horseshoe Winter Edition
Ouray, Colorado

(Solar Junction) Plutonians here are offended and a little angry after being designated a dwarf planet by astronomers who say the nonluminous celestial body is not big enough to be considered a legitimate planet.

Many residents of Pluto, formerly the ninth and farthest planet from the sun, say that sidereal periods of revolution, abstract perihelion's and especially confining aphelion's are nothing to play with and can be dangerous in the hands of amateurs from earth.

Often ignored due to its last place finish in positions from the sun, Pluto has sneaked by all these ions joining the other revolving entities in one Solar system, seated with the eight major planets in conjunction with the stars. Although Pluto has no known marketability or industrial output (with an unemployment rate of over 100%) Plutonians are the healthiest inhabitants of the Solar System.

"We're not a star and now we're not really a proper planet either. What are we then... intergalactic debris?" asked Sarah Shuttle, a former NASA astronaut who landed on Pluto some years ago and decided to stay.

"How can anyone take the word of these charlatans, none of whom has ever set foot on Pluto?" demanded one Plutonian elder. "When the bubble bursts it is they who are the zealous plutocrats and we the innocent victims of it all trying only to prosper on the vast fringes of stellar no-man's land."

Another Plutonian agreed adding that only last year scientists said Pluto was larger than Mercury or Venus.

"How is it that we have shrunk to oblivion? They distinctly said half the size of the earth, at least diametrically," he said. "Let's face it, we're not exactly a major market out here but we have value. If we were right there downtown like Mars or Jupiter it would be a whole different deal. We are and have been the redheaded stepchild of planetary prestige, the bastard of Caliban, the lost tribe of the underworld, the last train to Clarksville. We can handle that but this dwarf planet business.... well, it really puts our face on it, doesn't it."

An ongoing dispute between Pluto and Earth over fishing rights in the straits of Armageddon has manifested itself in angry denials of wrongdoing evolving to shouting matches across the solar system.

"The whole thing is a big mess," said one astronomer from Buffalo Chippe Observatory near Boulder. "We have to consider the planetary psyche and the overgrown ego of Plutonians. For centuries they have believed they were just as good, a normal, upright planet just like the rest only to find out they don't quite measure up," he stressed.

Stopping short of calling the entire judgment racially motivated, an ambassador from Uranus, Pluto's closest neighbor, has suggested that the attitude of the favored planets is condescending and hostile toward emerging masses. He says Pluto has become the latest in a long line of victims of the classic upstate down-state rivalry.

"These seeds of uncertainty are the seeds of discontent and be thee wary who throweth them," she said in a thick Uranian accent. "Everyone knoweth that Plutonians can only be pushed so far."
(And if you believe all that I have a bridge for sale!)

Thursday, January 25, 2007


Dear Friends:

New Year's night, 2007, at approximately 12 a.m., I died.At least this is what the witnesses to what happened said.

According to those who were there, I was standing talking to Zoska near the kitchen at a friend's house in Sedona waiting for the New Year to launch when without warning I turned ashen and fell forward into Zoska's arms. She screamed for help and Sidney, Alexandra, Cheryl and Patricia gently helped lay me to the ground.Cheryl checked my pulse and found none. My breathing had stopped. My eyes were rolled up deep into my head and my heart stopped beating, according to the witnesses.

EMS was called and I lay on the floor in that state for more than three minutes with the women positioned around me laying hands and performing Reiki.They said after at least five minutes I began to breath and my heart started beating wildly in my chest. A short while later my eyes opened. I could not stand up by myself. EMS came, checked my vitals and my pulse rate returned to normal. I refused to be taken to the hospital and asked I be left in the care of the women. I signed some documents and they helped me to my feet and sat me on a couch where I recovered enough after an hour or so to stand and support my weight with the help of Zoska and Cheryl who took me home a few blocks away.This is what I was told happened and now I want to relate the events that occurred leading to that moment, to the best of my recollection.


It was a beautiful party full of beautiful people held at Patricia's house a few blocks away from my home in the Chapel Road section of Sedona.That evening, we were going to perform a Celtic ritual honoring the death and resurrection of the Holly King, an aspect of the Celtic Horned God according to ancient, Celtic tradition. Symbolically, those performing the ritual follow the Holly King into death with no fear and resurrect with him to show that life and death forever go on and each is the parent of the other.

About a half hour before we performed the ritual I went outside on Patricia's porch to photograph a family of javelinas feeding below on the ground.Cheryl was with me and she pointed to the moon above which was encircled by a magnificent ring. I turned the camera upwards and took the shot and was shocked to see a small blue disc hovering to the upper left of the moon. I immediately took a second shot and realized the disc had disappeared. I went inside and showed off the photo in the viewing screen of the digital camera. You could clearly make out the outline of the UFO with a blue center there next to the moon when enlarged.

At that point, it was time to perform the ritual, put together for that evening by Patricia. That's when I believe my experience began."This is a time that is not a time, in a place that is not a place, on a day that is not a day," the ritual began. "We stand at the gate between the living and the dead on this night when the veil between the two worlds is the thinnest. We are here to witness the death of the Holly King, the waning Sun God, the lover and husband of the Crone Goddess."

Upon reading those words the hair on my arms stood straight up. I saw so clear the meaning of those words and they struck a resonant chord in my heart. I still did not realize just how deep I would be affected one hour later. Patricia acted out the ritual as the Crone Goddess and Howard played the part of the Holly King. Alexandra, as Leader, paid homage to the four points of the compass, lighting candles to each direction. The Holly King asked all to follow him, stating death is no barrier, that he is the guide, the Way is open. And then the Holly King spoke again."Death is a truth as is life, and just as life cannot last forever, neither can death," the Holly King said. "You shall see me again, reborn, gaining strength and vibrancy. When it seems that the darkest has come, as the Yuletide fades, under the stars, when it is my time again, you shall see me born. Through me, all passes out of life."

Cakes (cookies), called the Cakes of the Dead, were passed by Howard, symbolic of the passing through.Wine was passed to represent the thinning of the veil. At that point the Holly King extinguished a black candle and as he blew out the flame, the flame seemed to re-light in my mind.With great clarity I saw the great circle of life and death and the transparency, non-permanence of what we call death. I saw the flowers die in winter and their seeds reborn in spring. The cycle came alive in me and I was stunned where I sat by the depth of the vision.It's not that I intellectually did not know this already. It was that I felt it to the marrow of self, beyond the grasp of the words themselves.

A second serving of cakes were then passed by the Crone Goddess, symbolic of coming back. Lighting a white candle, the Crone Goddess spoke."But through me, all may be born again," Patricia said. "The Holly King has shown me the way, now, on this night of Samhain, at this place and time between the veils.""In birth, we die," she said and we responded "On death, we feed."Then she said, "For my womb is the cauldron of rebirth. Take me as yours, for winter is my time."

As the ritual closed, I felt slightly out of body appreciating the full power of ritual. I understood why ritual has been held sacred through all time and why churches and every culture perform them, ancient or modern, when communicating with spirit. Ritual stirs the depths of the subconscious and tugs at us in places almost too deep to fathom. Prior to that moment, I had perceived ritual as just another hypnotic device employed by religions to manipulate and control masses. I had no idea just how wrong I had been.

We went back to discussions between ourselves and I spoke animatedly with Sidney about rituals, Quantum physics, the unconscious and ways to better understand the mechanics of consciousness.I felt thirsty and asked Zoska for a glass of water. Before I could bring the cup to my lips, according to Zoska, that's when my experience began. She said I began to squeeze the cup tightly, my eyes rolled under my eye lids and I fell into her. At that point, my experience began.


What follows will be a combination of what I remember happened and what I hope to discover happened while I write it. I know the full experience remains hidden from my conscious grasp at this moment but I feel if I just let my fingers go I will be told.Whether it is my unconscious speaking, my over-active imagination, delirium or what not, I will simply let my typing hands have their way as we move into this experience.

This is what I consciously remember happened as I began to cross over: I was looking at Zoska. Her face began to glow a golden white and the atoms around her seemed to dazzle into diamond like pin-points, like looking through a kaleidoscope at expanding triangles of color. The points spun clockwise lost color until they were fused together in a brilliant golden field of white iridescence.

There was a tunnel before me, like the kind you see in Star Trek movies inside a space ship, tubular. The walls were long sheets of crystal glass, horizontal, converging to a point in my horizon. The glass sheets were indigo, gold and silver in color interspaced with clear crystal glass sheets reflecting the light of the other colored sheets of glass. I moved forward through this tunnel but I don't recall walking, just moving.

The point ahead of me grew into a circular opening and there I was standing on a platform overlooking what appeared to be a huge, cavernous, brightly lit and very modern looking terminal of some kind. There were thousands of people standing on long lines passing through portals to what appeared to be waiting vehicles of some kind. People were calm but no one seemed to be smiling. There was confusion on many faces. There were men, women and children dressed in different costumes. Although no one had bags, the women seemed to be carrying pocketbooks.

I realized I did not know which line I should be standing on and I did not have a ticket. I turned to this man dressed in a blue uniform and asked him where I should go to get a ticket. He looked at me very serious, shook his head and said "Sorry, we have no ticket for you. Come this way."

Up to this point I've been working from recollection. What follows has been rising up to my conscious vision over the last few days. I am sitting in a room with a large flat-screen TV in front of me. There was an image on the screen of the earth as seen from outer space, looking down at the North Pole. I could see North America curving under the globe.The edges of the polar ice cap seemed to be bleeding. I had to squint and realized they were actually glowing red, like metal reacting under a blow torch.The scene shifted and I saw miles of polar bears strewn dead on the red ice. I remember thinking I wished I had seen Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth."

An image of Cathedral Rock appeared on the screen as seen from my house. The edges were glowing, emitting an aurora. Inscribed beneath the image were the words "The portal is open. Atlantis rises."

The image again shifted and I saw what seemed to me to be Sedona itself sprawled below.There were fires burning, five of them when I counted…one to the north, another to the south, one to the east and the last one to the left. They were burning towards the center of Sedona, where a huge fire waited in the middle of the square. People were scrambling to put the fires out.The skies above were filled with crisscrossing chemtrails. They were everywhere and very fat."

It is time to go," a man said. I looked up and recognized him. He was the same man who came to me the night when I was eight and was paralyzed by doctors performing a spinal tap on me because they thought I had polio He came back."We are waiting...We are waiting for you. We are ready now"…I hear these words right this second as I am writing this in my mind….there is a soft whispering, a woman's voice. "We are here Tommy, to tell you the rest of the story…"


I am on my back resting comfortably. I am on a table, very warm and soft. There are five people surrounding me standing. I recognize where I am. I am back in the craft I was taken to that night so long ago. I recognize some of them. I can see earth through translucent walls. It is blue and sunlit below to my left. There is a pulsing crystal above me. No, it is something that glistens like a crystal. It seems to be made of gold and is shaped like a top. Her hands are cradling my head. It is Alana. I can tell by the fragrance of her hands, like roses, just like they were the first time she held me.

For those who did not read The Key, a record I wrote that came to me five years ago of what happened to me the night the doc's paralyzed me when I was a child, Alana visited me that night and told me of my future. I now find myself in the same place, same table as I was back then, in what appears to be a spacecraft hovering above the earth.To my left is Amot, he was there too, the night of my paralysis. He smiled that smile I can never forget. He was dressed in a white robe, dark skinned, bearded, wearing a gold amulet around his neck.

"Welcome Tommy, the future fulfills," he said. His hand was on my heart.I looked to my right and there was a beautiful woman, with beautiful eyes. I could not make out the color because there was so much light in them. Her hair seemed to be made of silver because it refracted light. Her hand was on my chest."Welcome Tommy," she said. "I am Ashala and I am here to join you." She smiled a radiant smile. She was dressed in a tunic, the kind you see space people wearing in sci-fi movies, tight, form fitting, blue, with a gold v-shaped collar down her front from her neck to her chest.I looked down to my feet and there was another beautiful woman there holding them. She was dressed in the same type-uniform Ashala was wearing."So happy to meet you," she said. "My name is Marissa and I am here to know you."

I could sense there was someone standing behind me away from my field of vision. I tried to lift my head to see but I was held down."Don't," Alana whispered. "You know who he is." I tried to speak."Shhh, listen," she said. She went back behind me, cradling my head. Amot spoke:"Just as you asked us then, we have come to fulfill the future you wrote. We are back by your will and by our own to make real the world you promised to heal. We are here now because you in the future sent us, just like you did before when you were paralyzed and unable to move, to deliver to you your own message of hope. All is well and all is as it should be and we rejoice to know you are doing everything you said you would do exactly when you said it would be done. By tonight's act, you prove death to be the liar it is."

Marissa smiled and spoke."The womb of the cosmos is mine and now I am here to open the portal of life to you, sweet Tommy. The time has come to bring new fruit to this field and spark new hope for the cosmos. You dance with the stars and they with you, partners we are and always will be. Our time comes."

What is going on? Am I remembering? Where is this coming from? Am I making this up? I have no choice but to go on…Ashara brings her eyes to mine. In them I see a spiraling cosmos, a universe. It is the Milky Way. A light grows in its middle. The light flashes and the spiraling galaxy burst into a million shards of light shimmering into darkness. There is a glow in the center of her eyes. The glow is growing bigger. The circle is there. The radiance is almost blinding. I see something. It is forming. It is a face. It is my own. It is my own."

Know you are where All begins, is and ends and there is no separation in time or space between the youness of you and the cosmos. We are one in this dream and we are the soul of all things seen, unseen, not yet and always there. Know our love holds space together," Ashara said.

Alana finally spoke:"I love you so much Tommy. I love you beyond imagination and beyond mortal ability to grasp. You have kept true to your dream and now you have come back to me so I can help you better understand what is in store."

You are here by your will and by the will of everyone who is a part of this dream we call All. You dared to take the plunge into the abyss of the unknown tonight and left all fear behind. You have never lost faith and even in your darkest moments you have never given up, never looked away. You have passed through valleys and over mountains of fear but you knew I was always here to help you through it all and see beyond the shadows that hide and obscure the love we emanate from."

"The tribulation comes and you know who you are and why you are here and you left the fear behind where it belongs as we plunge into this next phase in the future.

"You have seen the seas boil and the mountains crumble and the skies darken with blood and rain melt whatever if falls upon.

"You have looked into the hearts of the most evil of men and realized hating cannot hold a candle to forgiveness and even the darkest can only be saved through light.

"Tonight, tonight in you life shines bright in the contrast of the death you chose here now to go through. Only you, only you can bring yourself back and your will must be strong enough to take you.

Amot spoke:"Just like you told us back then, to tell you as a child not to fear sorrow and pain, you called us once again to remind you to find and connect with those who hold light as their guide and know in their hearts they are part of the vanguard who will usher in the new age for earth.

"Every person you have met, meet and will meet, are part of this team of healers and light beings who will usher and lead humanity through its next evolution."

Alana spoke again:"Those who profit from death and pain, those who have held your planet bound in a rein of terror and sorrow, their days are numbered, for with a sword of light you and your beloveds will strike darkness from the minds of their victims and liberate them from the chains of ignorance that bind them.

"Know you are surrounded by loving beings that will care for you and give you the strength to move to your next self-imposed assignment.

"Believe in their power and they will believe in yours and know their intentions are as strong as yours to liberate spirit from the fear shackles that bind it. You know who they are. You have all been drawn together for the great banquet.

"And do not fear the great changes coming to your planet. You and your own will be in the right place at the right time to survive and flourish while the rest of the world seemingly destructs. You are the antidote to this destruction."

The person standing behind me spoke. His voice was deep. And I felt his words in my chest and mind.

"Tommy, listen to me, there is a comet coming. It is coming as sure as the seasons change. It is on its way," the man said. "It is heading straight towards your planet. You know what has to be done to stop it. Don't be afraid. It is coming. Tell those who you love to prepare. There is only so much time left before your scientists tell you about it. You must find a way to avert the impact. This is your task. This is your mission.

"Wake up Tommy. Wake up to the fear still left in you. Let it go. There is no need any more. Just love. Just love everyone with your full heart and soul. You are being given great powers of healing. You will with your hands, your mind, your words and your music bring this healing to your brothers and sisters. Do not let a second go by lost in fear. Just love me as I have loved you.

"I am here now Tommy forever, close and conscious; one with you in this endeavor. I do not want my beauty, my planet taken from me. It will be lost if you do not stop it.

"Don't fear. I love you. I am here. I am with you. I am with those who love you and whom you love. Feel my love. Feel their love. Go back and tell them what I said."


I heard a voice calling. I heard people speaking, voices coming from a distance. Someone said "He has crossed over." I opened my eyes and it was Sidney on my right. I said to her "Not quite yet," and smiled. Her eyes shown with relief that told me I was OK. I looked up above me and saw this brass object that looked like the object above my head in my vision. In it, I saw the same image of the cosmos pulsing inside that I saw in Ashara's eyes. It was all there. Everything. All, all of us, all time and every moment ever, now or will be, there in that brass artifact directly above me hanging from Pat's ceiling.

Zoska was behind me in the same place Alana had been. She was cradling my head. Alexandra was at my feet in the same place Marissa had been. Alex the Crone Goddess was smiling. Cheryl was standing behind my head where the stranger had been standing. Zoska told me to be still, that I had died and the paramedics were coming.

Pat's who was to my left with their hand on my heart, never took her hand off until I was breathing again.I was so peaceful and happy but when Zoska told me the paramedics were coming I got angry because in my confused return from the other side, I pictured them taking me away and ruining my moment of being. I knew something profound had happened but knew I could not retrieve it yet. I would have to wait until I got to a keyboard to let it out. Like now. I knew it was a symbolic death and symbolic resurrection even though people say I was actually dead. Who can be sure? But like the Holly King, I left and returned.

But the image of the cosmos in the brass artifact above my temple seemed to hold all the secrets. I focused on it and let the waves of oneness wash over me until the firemen arrived.

The lead paramedic who took care of me was definitely an angel. He knew what had happened and he protected me from the others. He made sure I was not taken. For that I am grateful.For this writing and message I am grateful. For those who kept me from crossing over I am grateful.But most of all, I'm grateful I forgot my ticket.


Thank you so much Tommy for sharing your wonderful experience. I now know why you said "you are supposed to be here, you know that!" Yes, I do sweet Tommy.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Astrobiology, SETI, and Ufology
byWilliam F. Hamilton III

Abstract: In the last few years the scientific pursuit of extraterrestrial life and extraterrestrial intelligence as embodied in the fields of SETI and Astrobiology share common interests with some of the concerns addressed in UFO and alien abduction studies. New findings in planetary science as well as new findings and theories in biology have a bearing on UFO studies and a convergence of knowledge is indicated by all of these studies. This paper explores the new perspectives offered by these findings and theories and their relevance toward resolving the mystery of UFO origins.


Life on other planets in our galaxy and beyond has long been the object of speculation both in science and science fiction writings for over a century. John Wilkens, the Founder of the Royal Society in England was one of the first to write about other inhabited worlds. In 1638 Wilkins published his first book, which shows his interest in astronomy. He believed that the Moon is a habitable planet and predicts that one-day space travel to the Moon will be possible (1). He was but the first in a long list of writers who speculated about finding life on other worlds and had the foresight to predict future space travel.

The SETI Perspective

Cornell physicists Giuseppi Cocconi and Philip Morrison published an article in Nature in 1959 proposing the potential for using microwave radio to communicate between the stars. Young radio astronomer, Frank Drake, had reached the same conclusion on his own, and in the spring of 1960 aimed an 85-foot West Virginia antenna in the direction of two sun-like stars. Drake and other SETI scientists tune their radio receivers to a wavelength of 21 centimeters (1,420 MHz), which is the resonant frequency of atomic hydrogen and is affectionately called the “water hole”. This is the wavelength that might be most easily detected in the great ocean of interstellar space, and thus, reasoned Drake, the one most likely to be used by extraterrestrials who had advanced to the stage of radio technology and sending signals outward to other planets. Drake’s project was called Ozma, a take on the Wizard of Oz.

The former Soviet Union got involved with SETI projects in the 1960s and NASA’s Ames Research Center in Mountain View, California began to consider enhanced technology to improve the search for ET’s signals. This study was known as Project Cyclops.

Generally speaking, SETI scientists subscribe to the proposition espoused by physicists that faster-than-light travel is not possible, that the gulf separating worlds in light years is too large to be bridged by spacecraft, and that the fastest signals we know of, the modulation of electromagnetic radiation such as radio waves which travel at 186,282 mps will take years to reach us from their distant source so that we could only receive evidence of intelligent beings that once existed as some specified time of our past. This limitation on transport speed to the velocity of light has led SETI scientists to the belief that the only contact we will have with intelligent Extraterrestrials is through the medium of radio. As a consequence of this belief, SETI scientists are ill disposed to consider the UFO evidence as evidence of alien spacecraft and alien visitation to earth. Also, it is baffling to them as it is to all of us, why the aliens would visit our earth and not make their presence widely known through a public display or landing in front of the White House (despite over flight restrictions in our own laws).

After years of study, NASA decided on targeting 1,000 Sun-like stars in a targeted search that would be capable of detecting weak or sporadic signals. In 1992 the NASA program began on the much-heralded 500th anniversary of Columbus’ arrival in the New World. Within a year, no doubt considering it a wasteful expenditure of funds, Congress terminated funding for NASA’s new project.

A privately funded effort called Project Phoenix took up NASA’s strategy and continues this effort to the present day (2).

In a new twist on this search the Planetary Society in the US has funded projects in California and Massachusetts to look for short pulses of light from nearby stars similar to the Sun, as well as from globular clusters and galaxies. A third project will examine existing data from telescopes for steady, narrow-band signals. These two types of signal might be visible if extraterrestrials were pointing powerful lasers in our direction. It is the assumption of SETI that ET will broadcast radio signals or transmit information via powerful lasers from one planet to another. Most SETI scientists think it is more likely that we will make contact with ET through radio than to expect ET to land near Devil’s Tower. An active SETI program would involve sending signals toward target stars instead of passively searching for signals. Physicists have announced such a project and designed a message to be broadcast in the direction of nearby stars in order to search for extra-terrestrial intelligence. This is the first time in a quarter of a century that such a cosmic call will be attempted. This experiment is promoted by the Encounter 2001 project, an international space flight project to send messages and human artifacts into deep space by 2004. The complete message is about 400,000 bits long and will be transmitted three times over a 3-hour period in the direction of the four selected stars. Then, it will be followed by a series of greetings from people around the world. The transmission started on March 15 1999. This message is much larger in size, duration and scope than the one sent by Frank Drake on November 16th, 1974 from the Arecibo observatory, which consisted of only 1,679 bits sent over a 3-minute duration.

A sea of backyard satellite dishes stretching across an area the size of several football fields will be the latest attempt to listen for life on other planets, the Redding Record Searchlight reported early last year. The search, popularized by the movie "Contact," is usually done with massive satellite dishes, but this project will use the unique configuration of about 750 dishes in a remote Northern California valley.

Another means of establishing ETI contact is a suggestion for using the elusive neutrino. On earth, neutrino communications have lagged radio communications by about 100 years, during which time our ability to send and receive radio signals has increased drastically. We can hope for similar improvements in neutrino communications in the next decades. The suggestion is that the transmission of modulated neutrino signals would be a sign of an extraterrestrial civilization. We have not yet built neutrino receivers that could demodulate such signals, but it may be another means worth exploring. Even the Internet is being used to allow the wired public to participate in the sending of messages to anxiously awaiting ETs.

The Alien Contact Network found at www.alien-contact.net will capture your short typed message and transmit it into space for you. SETI@home is a grand experiment that harnesses the spare power of hundreds of thousands of Internet-connected computers in the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI). With SETI@home, computer users from around the world will participate in a major scientific experiment. Each participant will have the slight but captivating possibility that his or her computer will detect the faint murmur of a civilization beyond Earth. SETI@home can be found at this website: http://setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/ and has translations in several languages.

The SETI scientists are trying something new they call optical SETI or OSETI, which will search the heavens for laser signals sent by a planetary civilization or spacecraft signaling other stations. The optical spectrum covers wavelengths from far infrared to ultraviolet. OSETI’s magical optical wavelength is 10.6 microns, the wavelength for a CO2 laser. This last effort is something I will discuss further as it relates to making contact with UFO entities.

All efforts to detect extraterrestrial radio signals to date have not been successful with a possible exception of the “WOW” signal event that occurred on August 15, 1977 at the Ohio State Radio Observatory. Dr. Jerry Ehman wrote the word “WoW!” in the margin of the computer printout. No duplication of this event has ever been recorded.

Despite the promise, SETI has not delivered and has even been considered a waste of money. Politicians as well as members of the technical community have criticized SETI as a waste of time and money that could be better spent on other scientific projects. [1] Though a growing number of extra-solar planets have been detected giving encouragement to the probability of extraterrestrial life and intelligence, and the public has never waned in its interest, the political climate for expenditure of funds is still very cool.

SETI scientists do not collaborate with scientists and researchers engaged in UFO studies though they may have much valuable knowledge and thinking to contribute including various contact scenarios. Some UFO researchers also feel that SETI may be a waste of time and money when there are UFO reports that may be evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence within our atmosphere.

The Astrobiology Perspective

Astrobiology is the study of the origin, evolution, and distribution of life in the universe.Titan, one of Saturn’s large moons, may serve as a model of a highly reduced early Earth atmosphere in which the first stages of organic chemical evolution could take place in the atmosphere. Laboratory simulations show that a Titan-like atmosphere, primarily a N2/CH4 mixture, under various energetic excitations forms not only HCN, (CN)2, and HC3N (observed on Titan as a result of photo dissociation reactions), but also CH3CN, (HCN)4, and finally, adenine, a component of DNA. Titan thus appears as an object of exceptional interest for astrobiology.

Water or ice has been found on Neptune, Europa, and even our own moon. Evidence for ancient channels of water exist on Mars. Though summer melts a thin layer of carbon dioxide frost at the poles, a thick layer of mostly water ice remains. At the north pole, the permanent ice cap is larger than Texas and more than a half-mile (1 kilometer) thick. Little critters, lathered in natural sunscreen and swathed in biological antifreeze, could be lurking just a few feet under the ice, scientists say. These microscopic Martians might hibernate for months or even thousands of years, waiting for a brief thaw, a personal spring vacation, a chance to go forth and make more Martians. Other life could be doing the backstroke, or whatever microbes do in their spare time, in languid pools of water melted by subsurface volcanic activity, all just a few yards down (4).

Though they might sound a bit like fish tales, these ideas are growing in popularity among scientists who have explored similar extreme environments, and the so-called extremophiles that inhabit them, on Earth. In the permafrost of Siberia, for example, a species of moss was found dormant but alive after 40,000 years.

The announcement by NASA that certain complex organic molecules were found in an Antarctic meteorite dubbed ALH84001 stirred up the public, the press, scientists, and religious leaders around the world. ALH84001 contains approximately 1 ppm PAHs (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons), found on fracture surfaces inside the meteorite. PAHs are large, complex organic molecules that are abundant in interplanetary dust particles, interstellar dust, and many organic-rich meteorites from the asteroid belt. However, the PAHs found in ALH84001 are thought to originate from the breakdown products of organisms that once lived in the ancient rock. This scenario assumes that the PAHs found in the Martian meteorite are not the result of terrestrial contaminants produced by power plants and automobile exhaust. However, the data for ALH84001 indicates that the PAHs are concentrated towards the interior of the rock which implies that terrestrial contamination is not likely.

Our solar system is part of a larger assembly that we all know as the Milky Way Galaxy.The center of the galaxy is towards Sagittarius. The Sun is moving in its orbit towards Cygnus. The distance from the Earth to the center of the galaxy is 25,000 light-years, and the orbital period of the Sun about the galactic center is 250 Million years. There are 200-300 billion stars in the Galaxy. The Galaxy's dimensions are 100,000 light-years in diameter and 1,000 ly thick. According to three recent independent studies, the Sun lies ~ 50.5 ly north of the galactic plane, towards Coma Berenices (Sky & Telescope 1996). Within this vast assemblage of stars, approximately 5% of this population are stars that have a similar spectral range as our sun. If any of these stars have planets within the life zones of their parent stars, then the likelihood for conditions necessary for the development of life go up. Astronomers now consider that Jupiter-sized planets within a system may be another necessary requirement (Jupiter-sized planets sweep away primordial debris from early solar system formation).

Would creatures arise having some sort of similarity to those on the Earth? The distinguished biologist, C.D. Darlington, suggests that this is by no means unlikely. To quote Darlington's own words:"There are such great advantages in walking on two legs, in carrying one's brain in one's head, in having two eyes on the same eminence at a height of five or six feet, that we might as well take quite seriously the possibility of a pseudo man and a pseudo woman with some physical resemblance to ourselves....”

This viewpoint seems to be supported by encounters with UFO entities. Recent results from Doppler shift measurements of the light from nearby solar-like stars reveal what appears to be low mass companions, typically with masses of several Jupiters. The discovery of these sub-brown dwarf companions around nearby stars, similar to our own sun, greatly increases the probability that planets suitable for the development of life may exist elsewhere in the galaxy.

NASA's Origins Program is directed towards answering among the most fundamental questions that we can ask: Where did galaxies, stars and planets come from? Are there worlds like the Earth around nearby stars? If so, are they habitable and is life as we know it present there?

What is the origin of the universe?

There is no doubt that NASA’s goals are ambitious to say the least. But why, in the pursuit of these goals, does NASA ignore the UFO evidence? Some believe NASA is complicit in the UFO cover-up.

Astrobiologists first want to understand how life becomes organized from matter into living systems on Earth and how life evolved on the molecular, organism, and ecosystem levels and how the biosphere evolved with Earth. Secondly, NASA wants to discover life elsewhere in the universe, what planetary conditions make life possible and whether it once existed on other planets in our solar system, determining how to recognize the signature of life on other worlds, especially Mars and Europa. There is a hunt on for extrasolar planets and one of the first recorded was for 51 Pegasi, the first planet detected around a star similar to our sun. The planet makes an orbit every 3.5 Earth days, at a distance of 4.3 million miles - less than a twentieth of Earth's distance to the sun.

A team of New Zealand and Japanese astronomers, working with Australian and U.S. partners observing from Australia's Mount Stromlo, discovered an earth-like planet in July 1999. The planet, which is around 30,000 light years away, cannot be seen directly and there was no way of confirming whether it has water or any of the elements that may support life.

Much of the evidence that will prove the existence of extraterrestrial life, NASA believes, is to be found on Earth. We already know that life can exist on our own planet under the most extreme conditions. The recent discovery of hydrothermal vents on the ocean floor, which support whole ecosystems even in the absence of light, has demonstrated how versatile life can be. Some of the work will inevitably be done in space. NASA will look for the conditions that could support life, or could have supported life millions of years ago. Venus for example, although completely inhospitable now, could have supported some form of microbial life earlier in its evolution.

Astronomers are finding that the universe is apparently crowded with planets. Over 50 extra-solar planets have been found officially, new techniques have determined that almost 90% of the stars tested, wobble. The gravitational pull of planets orbiting the stars causes them to wobble. Early indications are that a large majority of the stars examined have planets and possibly solar systems similar to our own. There are an estimated 200-300 billion stars in the Milky Way Galaxy and billions of galaxies in the visible universe. Recent calculations show there may be a population of 30 billion planets in our galaxy alone! I f only 1% of these were earth-like planets, there could be 300 million or more planets suitable for life and intelligence and a few of these millions may someday be in reach of ultra-fast space transport.

The French space agency CNES leads a group that is designing COROT (COnvection, ROtation and Transits). This small Earth-orbiting telescope will likely be the first space telescope dedicated to the search for Earth-like planets. Most other planet hunting so far has been done with ground telescopes or, when space telescopes have been used, time has been limited.

NASA’s Terrestrial Planet Finder is planned to launch in 2012. Over a five-year period, it will take a look at 250 stars to determine which ones may have orbiting, life-sustaining planets. The mission will also advance our understanding of how planets and their parent stars form by making thousands of images, all with a sharpness 10 to 100 times better than those of the Hubble Space Telescope. More information about Terrestrial Planet Finder can be found at: http://tpf.jpl.nasa.gov .

A team of scientists from NASA and Stanford University announced that they have created some of the chemicals essential for life in an environment similar to that found in deep space. This finding could shed light on the origin of life itself.

Astrobiologists at NASA's Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA, and chemists at Stanford University, Stanford, CA, conducted lab experiments to simulate the conditions that exist in interstellar clouds of dust and gas. The dust in such clouds plays an important role in the life cycles of solar systems. It is the debris of previous generations of stars and the material from which new stars and solar systems will develop. To conduct their experiments, NASA scientists simulated the dust clouds of the interstellar medium by freezing and then irradiating the most common carbon-bearing molecules found there. The Stanford University researchers then analyzed the resulting chemical products. Their results confirmed the presence of organics that served as the building blocks for the development of life on Earth. The team reported its results in the Feb. 19, 1999 issue of the journal Science.

Data from instruments flown on airplanes during last year's Leonid meteor shower show that the seeds of life, long suspected to exist in comet dust, could have survived a fiery passage from space to Earth's ancient atmosphere. A range of findings, reported by an international team of NASA-led scientists, provide support for panspermia, which holds that life on Earth did not spring up spontaneously out of some primordial soup, but was instead seeded from space.

Recently, a group of scientists announced that they had found alien bacterium 10 miles above earth, an announcement that met with immediate skepticism. If true, this discovery lends support to Fred Hoyle’s hypothesis of panspermia which is a concept that the seeds of life are everywhere in space and are the source of life on earth.

Panspermia, now called the theory of Cosmic Ancestry, is obtaining growing support from Astrobiologists. One very forward Neuroscientist and Astrobiologist, Dr. Rhawn Joseph, has made the following statement laying down the gauntlet on new theories regarding the origin of life.

“The Origin of Life: The Earth is an island, swirling in an ocean of space, and life has been washing ashore since the creation. Cosmic collisions are commonplace, not only between meteors and planets, but entire galaxies, and life has been repeatedly tossed into the abyss... only to land on other planets. The genetic seeds of life swarm throughout the cosmos, and these "genetic seeds," these living creatures, fell to Earth encased in stellar debris which pounded the planet for 700 million years after the creation. And these "seeds" contained the DNA instructions for the metamorphosis of all life, including woman and man. DNA acts to purposefully modify the environment, which acts on gene selection, to fulfill specific genetic goals: the dispersal and activation of silent DNA, and the replication of life forms that long ago lived on other planets.”[2]

Beyond Rocket Science

The principal objection that skeptics hold regarding the presence of extraterrestrial space vehicles in the skies of earth is that long distances between stars takes years to traverse. Visualizing an alien spaceship crossing the gulf from a planet orbiting Zeta Reticuli to our earth, a distance of 32 light years has to be traveled. If we measured their technology by our standards and considered a speed of 24,000 mph for the alien spaceship, then it would take approximately 27,945 years for that spaceship to reach destination earth! Their opportunity for mission failure increases with the length of the journey. At the very least, they would be lost in space. The distance is a sizable barrier to overcome, but it contains some hidden assumptions that must be teased into the open. One assumption is that extraterrestrial UFOs seen traversing our skies just arrived from another star system. What incredible logistics! If more than a dozen are sighted in any one day in various parts of the world, how many arrived that day and where did they go when they left? A more reasonable premise is that such UFOs operate from concealed terrestrial or lunar bases and have only traveled short distances when they are spotted. That is one possibility. We could even consider looking for such bases. Some of them could be submarine bases as well as subterranean.

If our alien spaceship could move at velocities very close to the speed of light, another factor comes into play - time dilation. Now our spaceship traverses the greater part of 32 light years at .99c (c is the speed of light in vacuo). Einstein’s time dilation equation predicts that this journey of 32 ly will only take between 7 or 8 years due to time dilation for spaceships traveling at near the speed of light.

Recently, new concepts in space drives have been considered. Some of these are detailed here (from a web page on warp drives):Warp drives (ska inertial drives, reactionless drives, propellant-free drives, gyroscopicdrives, etc.) are currently a hot topic again, largely because of Alcubierre's paper. We don't know whether these things are possible in real life, but here are some of the ideas that people are currently looking into.


What is a reactionless drive? - why people are so interested in "propellant-free" propulsion systems. "Reactionless drives" and Newton's Third Law - NL3 is the usual reason cited for why the idea of "reactionless" drives is wrong-headed. Not neccessarily. Reduced gravitation

Casimir effect - theoretically allows a form of FTL, but would also probably make you age faster (which rather defeats the purpose of the thing, unless you are only interested in FTL signalling).

Direct gravitational gradients

Exotic matter drives - use (hypothetical) exotic matter to generate gravitational gradients across an object so that it can free-fall in the direction that you want it to go in. Just don't ask how you are supposed to steer. Alcubierre - the most famous "exotic matter" piece Indirect gravitational gradients

DST "toroidal" warp drives - attempt to generate gravitational gradients with moving matter circulated around toroidal surfaces, generating two independent classes of independent perpendicular spin (major and minor axis spin). Ref: "gyro drives".

DST stands for "Double Spin Torus". This is the sort of configuration that keeps cropping up when people claim to have working prototypes.

See also GARfield Drives. Some other hypothetical ways of getting from A to B quickly wormholes - usually require exotic matter to keep them open. Some of the methods proposed are of interest to NASA engineers and scientists who would like to send a mission to the stars, especially a star with a planetary system, in quick time.

Marc Millis, an aerospace engineer in the Space Propulsion Technology Division, spends much of his free time examining the possibilities. He has presented his findings at two "Star Trek" conventions and recently at the Lewis Visitors Center. For warp drive to exist, Millis explained there must be two breakthroughs in physics--control over gravity and the ability to exceed light speed.

The UFO Perspective

UFOs continue to be reported from all over the world. We have often accepted the probability that some of these UFOs were somebody else’s spacecraft. Now that possibility and probability is strengthened by new discoveries by NASA, an organization that does not officially investigate UFOs, or UFO-connected aliens, or possible structures on other planets. We live in ironic times. Many inventors have experimented with anti-gravity, and even if they felt they got results worth examination, these experiments were generally ignored by engineers and scientists at NASA. With the advent of the Tampere experiment using a high-temperature bulk ceramic superconductor with composite structure which revealed weak shielding properties against gravitational force in the state of levitation at temperatures below 70 K, NASA scientists began constructing their own experiment.

Some reported UFO and alien events involve activities that seem to defy the laws of physics. We might as well call such events magical. Events of this nature are usually rejected by skeptics and not much is said about them. If material objects or entities can change shape or pass through material barriers that obstruct our best efforts, and we accept the possibility of such events, then we must consider a hypothesis beyond the conventional extraterrestrial hypothesis. This brings us into contact with a much more complex and obscure subject - the extra dimensions of theoretical physics or the extra dimensions of metaphysical research that indicate that other worlds beyond the visible, tangible world of our experience occupy places beyond our immediate detection and, further, are interacting with our normal world of experience in ways that amaze us. The only place we know that life survives is on planets, planets with air and water to support biological functioning. Life does not survive in isolation, but depends on a variety of life forms and species to be viable. Could life exist in other environments beside planets? That is a matter of speculation. What makes this question possible is the vast range of human paranormal experience with strange or alien life forms not found anywhere on Earth. The immediate conjecture is that an alien life form is from another planet outside of our solar system, however alien behavior and actions indicate that this may not always be the case.

Those reporting Close Encounters of the 4th Kind report seeing aliens come through walls, windows, and closed doors. Aliens have been reported materializing from orbs of light. These strange characteristics are suggestive of visitors from extra-dimensional worlds, worlds that may be further away from us than extra-solar planets, yet as close to us as our breath. Communicating with denizens of these extra-dimensional worlds would be expanding the parameters of these projects and would truly open the frontiers of exploration.

Differing from these various scientific efforts to make contact with ET is that category of UFO experience called CE-5 for Close Encounters of the 5th Kind [3]. CE-5 describes procedures for human-initiated contact. Dr. Steven Greer and his CSETI organization have done much to popularize this form of making contact with ET. However, an earlier pioneer started a project, which we now classify in this way. His name was John Otto and he used a light-beam transceiver to attempt initiating a dialogue between them and us. In 1958 several of us gathered in the desert north of Yucca Valley, California and initiated an experiment. Carol Honey, an electronics technician, had wired up a light beam transceiver to his car and used a car spotlight as the carrier. We took turns talking into a microphone asking ET to reply or fly-by. Within minutes a blue barbell-shaped object streaked across the western sky in front of us. We also learned that we could accomplish the same response by sending a mental message. I found that by one or more of us focusing on the visitors we could get them to fly over.

The light beam communicator, based on Alexander Graham Bell's invention of the photophone, utilizes a beam of light as a carrier for audio modulated signals. Dr. Greer's attempts are nothing new. Using light signals and telepathy were being used as means of contact in the 50s, however Greer is really the first to organize such an effort, define terms, and train groups to accomplish CE-5. Another old method was on-off signaling with a flashlight, directing it at a hovering or slow-moving craft.


It seems evident to me that we have several independent efforts both inside and outside the scientific community searching for extraterrestrial life and intelligence. Many UFO sightings and close encounters with strange craft and their occupants cry out for greater scrutiny and an interdisplinary investigation of the evidence. While SETI scientists continue to work on their own projects, soliciting funding and favorable public relations, the UFO investigator has been given short shrift when it comes to funding projects and studies. It has been found that both scientific and UFO communities have been factionalized and disputes rage across the spectrum of beliefs. Since it is also evident that we are all seeking answers to the same questions, it seems that a greater spirit of cooperation and unification of effort should be promoted not just within the UFO field, but between these rival scientific studies so as to contribute toward a unification of effort and a realization of mutual goals.

Conclusions – Bringing it Together

The conclusion to be reached with an expanding database of new discoveries on all fronts is that the supporting evidence for extraterrestrial life is growing stronger with each new scientific discovery and each unexplained UFO incursion. This intertwining of information should be taken advantage of and some group formed with the task of liaison for analysis of evidence. The probability that UFO researchers may come up with biological samples as in the Australian case researched by Bill Chalker is all the more reason why we need the assistance of specialists in other fields in order to shed more light on the UFO mystery.

Book References[1] Beyond Contact: A Guide to SETI and Communicating with Alien Civilizationsby Brian S. McConnell
[2]Astrobiology, the Origin of Life, and the Death of Darwinism: Evolutionary Metamorphosis by Rhawn Joseph.
[3] Close Encounters of the 5th Kind by Dr. Richard Haines. Web Site References(1) http://www-groups.dcs.st-and.ac.uk/~history/Mathematicians/Wilkins.html
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Astrobiology seeks to understand the origin of the building blocks of life, how these biogenic compounds combine to create life, how life affects - and is affected by the environment from which it arose, and finally, whether and how life expands beyond its planet of origin.

EBE Extraterrestrial Biological Entity.
A term used in the Eisenhower Briefing Document of the MJ-12 documents.

ET Extraterrestrial

SETI Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Finding a deeper sense from "experiences"
by Nate Hansen
Larson Newspapers
Red Rock News, Sedona, Arizona

Kathleen Ducek relaxes in an upholstered rocking chair in her living room. The wall behind her is decorated with randomly pinned pictures of Belgian artist Rene Magritte's surreal skies.

As each tear-out of Magritte's art hangs beside her own watercolor renderings and photographs of dreamlike clouds, Ducek can't help but relate to the consummate artist's attempts to make people discover new meanings in familiar things. When she looks to the skies, she sees much more than what the typical person sees.

When she was 8 years old, she was abducted by alien life forms.

Ducek remembers biking home one day when, all of a sudden, she found herself on the opposite side of town nearly an hour and a half later.

She didn't know where the time went or how she arrived so far away from home. She can only say she had an "experience."

"I don't like using the term 'abduction,' Ducek says. "It's kind of the black sheep (term) of the UFO community."

After a period of time, Ducek started to remember her "experience." The details of the particular abduction are quite vivid.

Ducek looks for words to preface the abduction. She doesn't know whether or not to take the events literally. Regardless, she understands people will find the story frightening.

Ducek says she remembers a "circle of children." Everyone within the circle was connected.

According to Ducek, while children sat in the circle, long needles penetrated everyone's skull and entered their brains.

At the end of each needle was a tiny hand. The hand removed portions of each child's brain and traded the parts with other children, she says.

She says the children "twitched" as the procedure happened.

"There was something about this process that brought us together," Ducek says.

For the past four decades, Ducek struggled to identify the meaning behind her abduction and the numerous abductions that followed. After years of speculation, she estimates the ambiguity is natural.

"How often do people deny their reality?" she asks. "We call it 'woo-woo,' we call it 'psychic.' But maybe we haven't caught up scientifically to see how far our consciousness can extend."

She says people always assume abductions or sightings involve extraterrestrials. Why couldn't contact come from people from the future or interdimensional beings? she asks.

"Let's explore more," Ducek insists. "Understanding is fluid. Nothing is black and white."

According to Ducek, she remembers people's faces in the "circle of children." As a matter of fact, she's met three of them in person.

Although every person has their own recollection of what happened during the abduction, all can agree on specific events. Unfortunately, some were left fearful and traumatized, but Ducek was only left uncertain.

Ducek admits there are several sides to the UFO phenomenon. while some people might consider the events horrific, she embraces the abductions.

Despite one encounter she says resulted in unidentifiable puncture marks on her right forearm and spine, in addition to a significant lump on her right arm, Ducek refused to be scared.

"As long as I felt a victim of it, I didn't have any power," she says. "We think forcefulness is power, when actually vulnerability is power."

Ducek leans back in her chair, smiling, as if she's happy to relieve herself from a burden. After speaking with her for a few moments, one realizes there is no burden at all.

"There would have been a point when I would have said 'Absolutely, no. I don't want this,' she admits. "But now, I like it."

Ducek admits the UFO community is waiting for its "moment of disclosure." They're waiting for proof alien life exists one of two ways, she says.

"For me, if you're trying so hard to prove it's real, you're missing the point. You're missing the whole gift of it," she says.

According to Ducek, they are either waiting for the government to release the "dark secrets" to the public or for UFOs to reveal themselves.

"Some people are waiting for them to land on the White House lawn and say, 'Hey, here we are,'" she laughs.

Under hypnosis, she described a gray figure with big black eyes, but she is skeptical on the reality. She says she probably wouldn't do it again.

"A lot of it is hooey, but a lot is reallyl compelling," Ducek says of UFO research.

Ducek feels the underlying reason abductions and experiences occur is to educate the world of its responsibility. She thinks they're trying to warn the world of the damage being done to Earth.

"The message I've received is that it's time for us to grow up as a species," she says.

Monday, January 22, 2007


"Our Mother Mu herself is the loudspeaker for our entertainment. As we sail the seas of space, moving from one island world to another, we sing and make music as we go."

Tears of joy fill my eyes as many voices join in singing, "Christ our Savior, is born today..." Was it from this ship that I heard the projected music and voices on New Years' Eve?

"Yes, my Son, this is true." The Elder brother is standing up, "Come, and I will show you through our Mother Mu."

This Elder whom I follow must be the supreme commander of this starship and of all the other Mother Mu's in this solar system.

"Let us go into the garden."

"The garden?" "Yes, my Son, the garden."

Dad's stories of the Golden Dawn, in which he had described lawns, flowers, trees and gardens, will they find confirmation here?

"Your earthly father remembered well his own Mother Mu, my Son."

Standing on steps, we are moving upward. Passing other levels, figures are at work creating images and objects. "We are able to produce all of our needs here within the environment of this vessel. There are game rooms and gymnasiums, as you can observe. Reaching the highest level, a pleasant humid atmosphere is pressing in. Above me, the vault of a large dome spreads out overhead reflecting heat and light; like noonday brilliance on Earth.

Affixed to the apex at the highest point, a small sphere radiates its brilliance upon green plants of every description and variety.

Walking down a path, fruits and vegetables are growing in great abundance with flowers embracing borders on either side. Emerging from a small grove of fruit trees, the laughter of children echoes around us. Here before me a beautiful pool, with green grasses upon its banks, children splashing it its waters.

"As you can see, we have created the environment of a tropical, watery planet within the sphere of this ship. Here we function self-sufficiently, able to produce all of our needs."

Suddenly the warmth and light are vanishing. Above, the vault of the dome it is transparent. There, the rim of the galaxy and nearby stars are casting their faint glow, collecting shadows among leaves of plants.

"Eventide now prevails in the garden. My Son, this is now a place of meditation for our family when solitude is needed. We as caretakers of the galaxy, bring the many varieties of food-producing plants, herbs and trees to other worlds which are capable of producing organic life forms. Then we seed, plant, and also gather any new varieties of life forms which have come forth from Mother Divine's Projections.

"Come, let us observe the power source which makes all this possible. We will descend to our vessel's propulsion systems which can propel us beyond the speed of light if the need arises. As I told you before, we can attain light speed while hovering stationary. This is accomplished by increasing the velocity of rotation within our propulsion drive units. As the drive units accelerate, we begin to traverse the radiant energy spectrum, moving from infrared to ultraviolet. The entire mass of this vehicle is converted back into radiant life-energy particles as we traverse the spectrum. An outside observer on the physical plane sees the ship's image change in color from bright red through orange and into gold, then bright green would be followed by blue and violet. At this point we vanish from your so-called third dimension in a flash of light as brilliant as any sun."

The level containing the propulsion drive units spans the entire diameter of our ship's hull. Bridge works extend outward on eight segments reaching to the hull's perimeter. "My Son, the propulsion systems which drive this vessel are patterned after the perfect design of The Great Central SoN-SuN. The application of vortexes by Divine spirit on its infinite body of life force, as you know, generated the first ignition of Light. The visible expanding sphere of creation and all forces and images existing within are projected outward from the center of The Great Central SoN-SuN. A spinning, centripetal vortex projected into Spirit's infinite body of life-energy, produced a whirlpool. This thought-produced whirlpool began drawing spirit's life energy particles toward its center. Spirit's life-energy particles moving toward this center created directional lines of force whose drawing effects generate magnetic attraction. Magnetism has thus perpetuated a flow surrounding this genises. The accumulation of masses of life-energy particles at this center of vortex, under tremendous pressure and friction, produced Light. The masses of life-energy particles were now shaped by Divine Consciousness into the images and forces desired by spirit.

"The propulsion unit on board this ship operates on the same divine principles. To create a vortex which would operate in the microcosm of this dimension in a similar manner, we must spin a physical object which is, or can be, magnetized. Spinning a magnetized object would create a vortex which would induce the free energy in space to move toward its center. As the energy particles from space are drawn into the vortex by magnetic attraction, they take orbital positions around the center of the magnetic core. The accumulation of energy particles around the spinning magnetic center generates a high density magnetic field. With this condition we can create two poles, one at the center of the magnetic core, and one on the perimeter of the magnetic field. Here we can perpetually draw off energy in the form of positive and negative currents. This is the principle on which our propulsion units operate.

"Any type of physical material which has been magnetized will generate and discharge current if the object is rotated. The rotation of permanent magnets will, therefore, generate electrical current. The higher the velocity of rotation, the greater the flow of energy. Our propulsion unit consists of two large rotating discus. Facing each other, one disc will spin clockwise while the other spins counterclockwise. By rotating our two discs we have created two spinning vortexes.

"The outside perimeter of each disc carries twelve magnets. The simultaneous clockwise and counterclockwise rotation of these two discs creates two spinning magnetic fields. Here we can draw off current from the central hubs on which they spin and the rotating outside perimeters. The generation of a perpetual flow of energy from each disc will continue as long as the discs rotate. The space between the two discs is the area in which both spinning vortexes contact each other. It is here that the two spinning magnetic fields create a gyroscopic effect on each other. The magnetic fields generated by the two discs are so intense that any other gravitational or magnetic lines of force are bent around this force field. Therefore, the object which contains the generators of this magnetic and gyroscopic effect creates its own basic gravity. The object, or in this case, the vessel, creates its own force field which becomes so intense that the ship's hull exists in an antigravity space all its own.

"You have now seen much of our Mother Mu, my Son, and your memory, I am sure, is refreshed. The basic design I have given you of this vessel's power and drive systems gives you the keys to many doors. Sometime in the future you may construct one half of the ship's drive systems and have an unlimited supply of electrical energy on hand. This system would require no outside sources of energy to run it, such as fossil fuels or atomic power. That generator would be self-perpetuating as it would produce more energy than it would take to run it. You would, therefore, have an unlimited supply of totally free energy. The Earth as it exists today is not ready for this Divine Truth. The Evil Ones would use it for an unlimited supply of weapons. I am withholding certain key factors that will be given to you when the time is correct."

My Elder Brother is continuing to describe the entire design of the ship to me in detail. A realization dawns -- this is knowledge that I have already recorded deep within my Book of Life. After touring the entire vessel, we are returning to the guidance and communications center. Standing now in front of the great portal, I see the bright image of Mother Earth growing larger as we approach.

I met with Norman Paulson in Salt Lake City. He created a wonderful life for himself and the people that believed in him.

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