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Monday, March 21, 2005


Last year I received a letter from a person in Texas that was in desperate need of help. I referred him to several persons but nothing seems to have helped. I want to share a little of what he wrote about himself and the aliens that torture him every night.
How do they really look? Once after the first abduction incident, I was at home. It was about 2 a.m. A young man approached my door. I had left it open, only the screen door was shut. I realized that he was one of "them." He smiled and said someone wanted to talk to me. We then went outside to a car (a Chevy Impala). There was a man on the driver side, he was dressed in a suit. We then drove to Pelican Island which is a small island located off Galveston. I asked him why we were there. He then replied that they had a landing site there and to look up. A ship appeared out of nowhere. It had the same ghostly white glow as the thing I saw before. The ship landed and the occupants started to depart. They all looked quite human. For some unknown reason I felt a hostility (if that is the correct word to use, for I really don't know what I felt) toward them. I jumped out at one and started to call them deceivers. The one I jumped at, I scratched on the face. The spot on his face I scratched was torn and then I realized that skin of his human face was just a facade. I could see that what was now visible was not human skin but something different. It appeared to be dark in complexion, and also wrinkled in nature.. The one I scratched was about to attack me, but the man in the suit stopped him. The departing occupants were new arrivals.

On another abduction experience I saw their true appearance. They have human features such as arms, legs, etc. but their skin is dark and wrinkly, no hair and their eyes are not big but not human either. Some of them are tall.

A few years after bing exposed to the "field"* I started to feel a sort of strange electrical sensation first orginating in my abdomen. I thought nothing of it at the time for it was weak and very seldom came on. Later I learned that something occurred during my exposure to their "field," it activated something that lay dormant in the energy of what my spirit is composed of. Over time this surge of energy (for it is the only way I can describe it) has reached a very strong level. Most of the time I can feel it surging throughout my very being. At times it seems so powerful. This is what they are afraid of. They have tried to destroy it.

They have leached it from my body in a sort of energy vamprism. They have also forced me to transfer my energy composition which was incorporated into their own energy bodies. I say energy bodies because I do not believe they have what we have, which is a true spirit.

They have used me to make them even more powerful by using and abusing the energy that is now part of me. They have even tried to seperate only what I can describe as my consciousness from my spirit in order to use what remains for what they described as an "energy source." This is what I mean when I told you that they are trying to destroy my spirit.

If there was only some way I could retain consciousness and avoid being paralyzed. Then I know I could fight back, but as it is now, that is their greatest weapon, being able to control my energy through controlling me.

Last night they came and told me that they are my masters. Also I can state with great certainty that their plans and intentions for this world and its inhabitants are not good. I feel that what they plan for this world (its ultimate destruction) they have done to many other worlds both in our dimension and other dimensions, for once they are through with this world they will move on to another.

There is much more to his story but this will suffice to know what is going on that not many persons are aware of. It is a huge story and going on right at this very moment. There has been no solution to his troubles. I have found others that are having the same type of encounters.

* The first time he was taken it was to a warehouse in Galveston. In the warehouse was a huge ship. Some mechanics were working on it and then they moved away. He moved toward it and someone reached out to stop him but it was too late. They said "now he has been exposed to the field", whatever that means!


  • At 9:45 PM, Blogger Xeno Being said…

    This sounds like another corker from embedded CIA agent Derrel Sims UFO Hunter. Be assured that the CIA and Agent Sims do not have any genuine UFO's in hangers or anywhere. UFO Beings are far beyond any human form of life. A nuclear human military is unable to counter UFO influence or UFO visits.

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