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Monday, March 21, 2005


I have heard, by the way, that somebody up here is claiming to be raising a hybrid - but this was like 10 years ago. I had been looking for information on aspartme, as a neighbor's child developed seizures after drinking as much diet pop as he could hold. None of us knew at the time that aspartme breaks down into wood alcohol. Now very few of us on our block will eat or drink anything with Nutrasweet. But I'm wandering. Anyway, after several notes back and forth with this retired nurse who had written a paper on aspartme, she told me about her other interests. She was part of a group in Seattle that claimed to have had contact. ANYWAY, she mentioned her daughter lived about three miles north of me and that they felt the daughter's child was the result of human-alien interbreeding, and that there were a number of young people in Seattle who felt they were the result of this. I can't think of what the group was called, nor have I met this local family.

I did find interesting the idea that hybrids could be living in Seattle, as I used to see a young petite Asian woman all the time who had eyes that practically wrapped around onto her temples. If she had been given opaque contact lenses and painted her skin gray she would have looked exactly like a gray. I really do think she just had some sort of really odd birth defect though. She was living on the streets around Capital Hill. If we ended up sitting at the same bus stop I would try talking to her but she would just glance at me and then take her cat out of the shoebox she packed it around in and start stroking it (she also always had a dog with her). The very last time I saw her she was getting off a bus in the University district and had a nice suit on and a briefcase. I grinned at her because I was really glad to see she had come up in the world, and she must have recognized me, because for once she really, REALLY looked at me, but then swung her briefcase back and forth and spun on her heel like a little kid and marched off. Guess she realized where I knew her from and was embarrassed.

In perusing the website (NUFOC) archives, I also found there are some other folk nearby who've seen weirdness in the last few years, and I was quite excited to discover a 3 year old report from nearby Arlington. It prompted me to lodge another report! My Mom and I saw something very similar last month to what several people saw in Arlington some time back. The disk we saw, we couldn't decide what it was - for all we knew it could have been a very large hot tub cover that had somehow become airborne (when it banked you could see it was bigger than my van). It was the way it moved that caught our attention, and why the report from Arlington caught my attention. Same coloration, same odd habits.



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