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Friday, March 25, 2005


From a new friend in Canada.

I have not had any experiences with UFO or ET phenomena, other than a dream about being an extraterrestrial, which kept occuring from when I was a toddler to when I was in my forties.

I have memories starting when I was about nine year's old of many, many experiences which I have now learned to call "exceptional" experiences. At the time, each experience seemed quite natural and normal and sometimes it wasn't until weeks later that somebody's reaction to my relating the experience indicated to me that it was an "exceptional" experience. Many of my experiences have involved sharing thoughts, feelings and images with others, and experiencing the mutual influencing of thoughts, feelings and images which such sharing brought to my awareness. Time, disance and physicality did not appear to be factors in such experiences.

I strongly suspect that extra-terrestrial intelligences may have influenced my experiences after I was "killed" during a game at a YMCA boys camp, on a rainy afternoon. We were playing pirates in one of the cabins and I had a noose placed around my neck. One of the boys prodded me in the ribs with his hunting knife and I stepped off the edge of the steamer trunk. I don't know how long they let me hang there before somebody cut me down, but the fibers of the rope were embedded in a purple welt around my neck for several days. I wasn't upset. I just thought that it was a stupid thing to do because somebody might have been hurt!

The incident was reported to the camp leaders (not by me!) and the parents of the boy who stuck me with the knife were summoned to remove the boy from the camp. There was concern that the lack of oxygen may have caused brain damage, but I went on to excel in school, university, the military and in industry. Also my memories of my exceptional experiences start at that time. The instant I stepped off the trunk everything went black, and stayed black until later when I came to lying on the floor of the cabin. The fact that I did not have a "classic" Near Death Experience has made me wonder if people can only experience NDEs when their brain is getting oxygen.

My tendency is to look for the "golden thread" of knowledge or wisdom which is in each experience I have. From this "killing" experience, I deduced the following:
1. (Personal) I am very objective about my own life. My lack of concern about being so close to dying surprised a lot of people.
2. (Personal) something or somebody intervened while I was "dead." Not only did I not have brain damage, I had brain stimulation to enable me to excel at the challenges of life, to put me into the top 2% of intelligent people in the world, and to help me to be aware of energy (information) transfers about which very few others are aware.
3. (General) Near Death Experiences require that the brain gets oxygen.
Tomorrow we will continue with his "unusual" experiences. I thank our new friend for sharing.



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