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Thursday, March 24, 2005

PHENOMENON - A Poem by Jim Patton

I was walking home from the movie show
when it happened this dark summer night.
The three mile walk from town to our house
this time filled me with fright.
As I crested the hill where the golf course
starts with the smell of new hay in the air,
The sky lit up like a bright full moon,
but I looked and no moon was there.
I walked down the road and looked for the source,
no logical reason to find.
Further down the light sharply stopped,
and cold chills ran down my spine.
I started to run like an animal trapped,
my one thought to reach the dark side.
The only pain was the fear I felt as I ran
for the darkness to hide.
I reached my goal and rushed into the night,
no backward glance to make.
Out of the light my fear disappeared
yet my knees continued to shake.
I wonder at times, though years have pased,
what was it created that light.
No natural source, of that I am sure
and sometimes I still feel the fright.


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