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Wednesday, March 23, 2005


After the conference in Tucson Helene invited us to come to Safford, Arizona where she lived. She wanted to sponsor a conference under the name of the UFOCCI. (UFO Contact Center International) We agreed to the conference and started to arrange for contactees to speak on a panel. The conference was held at Roper Lake State Park. The contactees that came to Safford were: Tom C, a Phoenix contractor, Dr. Alicia Flowers, PhD, Atlanta, Georgia, Psychologist, Dave and Betty Pierce from Phoenix. A lady from Tucson that does Kirilian photography also spoke on her contact experience. A couple from California, Wythea and Winfield Brownell, were on the program that day.

Safford, Arizona is a small cotton growing town. It is also next door to Thatcher, Arizona, the home of Eastern Arizona University, a Mormon college.

We advertised the conference on the radio and in the newspapers. I believe this was a first (and I might add, a last!) for this sleepy little town. Many people came to hear about abductions by the "aliens."

An interesting event happened while one lady was talking. At Roper Lake, which is man made and about 6 feet deep, we held the conference under a picnic shelter. All of a sudden everyone started shouting, "Look at the lake!" A swimmer had just jumped in and immediately jumped out! The lake was going around and around in a clockwise fashion. It was a huge circle. In the middle it was indented like something was there you couldn't see. Pictures taken during that time had a purple hue.

Likewise when the conference was over and we were going to our car to leave, a huge wind came up like a dust devil, only stronger. We thought that whatever made the lake go around that we couldn't see was leaving also and probably had been there all the time.

Several years before, a huge delta shaped craft had flown into the valley. People (including the mayor) in Clifton and Morenci had witnessed the spectacular object at close range. Many of these people attended the conference hungry to hear more about the object they had been privileged to see.

Helene found a person that was picked up by the space craft in Morenci. This man had a son dying with muscular dystrophy. The E.T.'s told him to go after his son and they would help him. He brought his son and the aliens took five clear viles of liquid and told him to insert one a day into the navel. At the end of five days he would be cured. Allegedly, he was. It would be necessay to see documentation before and after to authenticate this claim.

Helene was able to examine the clear viles. She said they appeared to be plastic or crystal and had a vile within a vile.


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