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Wednesday, April 20, 2005



Jim: One night very late, I was lying on my couch -- it was a particularly black night -- no moonlight, no stars -- and I told Barbara that there was not much sense in my staying awake cause I couldn't see anything anyhow. I used to wait for the chickens to crow to go to sleep. It really messed up my schedule, cause I felt that somehow I had a duty to protect everybody. I slept with a shotgun all night. When I lay down on the couch there was just enough light remaining to see a little. I looked up, and right at the window -- there was no place to stand as it was a high window -- was the outlined shape of a man looking at me. He had on some tight-fitting apparel -- I couldn't see any colors -- just the black outline. I got up and I went to Barbara's bedroom.

Barbara: He rapped on the door. Most of what I have told you is what happened to me. This is the other thing that happened to me and me alone. I had the same thing: the blood pressure, the heart beat, the difficult breathing. I was sitting straight up in bed when Jim rapped on the door. I was trying to light a cigarette and I dropped the match on the bed in my state of terror. I opened the door and he came in and said that he had seen something strange out in front and wondered if I was all right. I told him I was having the same kind of symptoms and that I was very concerned that I was developing a heart problem. But I had gone in and had tests and they said no; I was very tense but nothing else was wrong.

Jim: She was very upset so I sat down on the bed and asked if there was anything that I could get her. I took her pulse and sat and talked to her; because when we have had really close contact at the house, it is hard to describe the feeling. People get naturally upset; they don't see anything, but as part of the pattern, I figured she would be upset when I went to the bedroom -- and she was. I had put a big black chair in front of the front door. We were sitting in there just talking and the front door opened and it hit the chair with a bang. And I jumped up and went running in the front room and the door was closed again. I went back in the bedroom and I sat down on the bed and I was telling her that it was just the wind or something. The next thing was this voice that came inside of my head just like a loudspeaker. It said, "We don't need to open your door to come into your home." I don't remember if that was the exact wording. And I told Barbara what I had just heard and she looked at me in a funny way.

Barbara: I thought he was losing it -- I'll be honest -- he knows I thought it.

Jim: And then a noise started in the front room like a bussing noise like bees.

Barbara: It came all the way through the house to right outside my bedroom door. This I heard too.

Jim: She was holding on to my arm until she gave me black and blue spots and I frankly didn't want to get up and go into the kitchen to see what it was -- I was glad she was holding on to me. And the sound just went away then -- nothing more. I was sure that something was going to come into the bedroom but it didn't.


Barbara: We were going into town very early one morning just after daybreak and just at a sharp bend in the road ... I think Charlie was the first one that saw it. He said, "Look at that big thing over there." I looked and Harry looked and it was cone-shaped. And I couldn't tell you the size because I don't have the ability to judge size. I didn't think of what it could be. I thought -- weather balloon, whatever, I didn't really pay any attention. I told Jim about it. He had gotten some books at that time. He had one that had a picture of a cone-shaped one and that's exactly what it looked like.

Jim: From the description I got from all three of them, it was immense; it was hundreds of feet, at least, across. It was six times the apparent size of a farmhouse 1/4 mile away, you know, in comparative sizes. It was a huge ship.


Barbara: I had only one other sighting of the animal that they described to you. I assume from what I saw later that what I saw carrying the box was the animal -- only because it looked like that would be what it was -- that is an assumption. We have had no less than 20 people see "Big Foot" at the ranch. Jim stepped out onto the porch without turning the porchlight on. I was in the dining room and he rapped on the window several times without turning around and I saw him and I went to the door and opened it and came out behind him. He led me onto the porch and said, "If you want to see one, I can show you where it is." And he started lining up the trees. The living room light was not on but the dining room one was casting sort of an oblique light. I leaned forward to look out and he said, "Right between those two trees, look very closely." I do not have 20-20 vision without my glasses on but I could see it. It was hunched over, and as I leaned out to look at it like this, using my hand to shade my eyes, it leaned out and went exactly like that to me. It was large and it was stooped down and it did lean down and go just exactly like I did.

Jim: The only night that we saw a large number of them was the night we picked up the kids at school. We were going back to the ranch. Do you remember when that meteorite came down over Colorado -- some time last year? We got a very clear view of that -- it was right ahead of us on the road. It exploded and came down right in front of us. It looked to me like it hit the ranch. We got to the ranch and talked about it and heard about it on TV -- I would swear it was magnesium -- it flared that brightly.

To be continued


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