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Monday, November 20, 2006


Well so much for Jan Val Ellam's prediction! Here is a letter from A.J. Gevaerd.

As it is already known, nothing extraordinary happened last Saturday, November 18, the time that Mr. Jan Val Ellam predicted a mass sighting and an open contact with ETs, as I have informed globally last week via a few e-mails. His original prediction is that a mass sighting would happen anytime from November 15, 2006 to April 30, 2007. Although he had six more months to have the predictions confirmed, he anticipated the event to last Saturday, November 18, 17h30 local Brasília time. Nothing happened.

I haven't heard yet any comment from Mr. Ellam about the failure in his prediction. But he assured me to that he would issue a statement today. It is highly expected by everybody in Brazil. Answers must be provided. The Brazilian UFO Community will not accept any easy simple excuse, any fabricated explanation for the NO SHOW. The Brazilian UFO Magazine will handle this issue journalistically, as it is its function. The person who claimed the facts is responsible for his claims and that responsibility will be demanded accordingly.

I will let you know of any further development. And you can pass on my message to other as well.

Many thanks.

--- A. J.


A. J. Gevaerd,Editor, Brazilian UFO Magazinewww.ufo.com.brgevaerd@ufo.com.braj@gevaerd.com

Location. Palmas, Tocantis, Brazil
Date: March 22 2001 Time: 1800

Vinicius Da Silva and Marta Rosenthal were returning home from a day of fishing in the River Tocantis when they felt a bump in one of the tires. Thinking he had a flat Vinicius stopped the vehicle and went to check. He could not find anything wrong with the tire but suddenly heard Marta screaming and saw her pointing to the right side of the road. There, only a few meters away, hovering over the water was a metallic object with small windows along its edge. Standing outside the object on a ledge was a humanoid figure of about 1.30 meters in height. The figure was holding something resembling a hose and was apparently sucking water from the river and into the craft. After about two minutes the humanoid pulled up the hose from the river and re-entered the object. The craft then became very bright and shot away horizontally into the sky.

HC addendum
Source: Thiago Luiz Ticchetti, Brazil

Location. Taverny, Val d’Oise, France
Date: June 2001 Time: 0130A

While driving his Opel Corsa along around at the edge of a forest, the witness, 51-year old Alain Besse noticed a dark mass ovoid in shape sitting on a field a few meters from the forest. The object appeared to be about 120-125 meters away. A strong white light emanated from a rectangular opening on the craft. The object was the size of a large truck. Surprised the witness stopped his vehicle and thinking it was some type of “police operation” he watched intently from his vehicle. Soon he noticed two dark human-shaped silhouettes appear at the rectangular opening of the craft. The two figures, which were almost identical in appearance then approached to within 20 meters of the witness vehicle, walking in a normal manner, they were soon joined by a third identical figure that approached from the forest. The witness could not hear any noise coming from the object or the figures. The three figures then turned around and proceeded to walk back to the object. The three of them then entered the rectangular opening and disappeared within the strong white light. The rectangular opening the closed or disappeared and the witness could now only see the dark oval shaped form. However at the base of the object he could see a white diffuse light. The craft then emitted a very loud buzzing sound (like a cicada), rotated clockwise and then elevated at a 45-degree angle quickly disappearing into the sky. Besse estimated that the encounter lasted 5 to 6 minutes. Perplexed the witness did not approach the landing scene since it was difficult to access. Since it had been dark the witness could only describe the entities as human-like and wearing dark tight-fitting jumpsuits.

HC addendum
Source: Georges Metz, LDLN # 370

Location. Fortaleza, Ceara, Brazil
Date: August 1 2001 Time: 0200A

Five students camping in a deserted beach, including Luis Carlos Prima reported seeing a large disc shaped object about 10 meters in diameter land on the beach. The five geography students had been sleeping when a very strong wind suddenly woke them up. The wind was so strong that it began to unearth the tent from the sandy ground. Thinking it was a storm they ran out and confronted a huge disc shaped object with numerous bright lights on its top and windows on the center. Suddenly a small door opened and two short humanoids came out. The object and the humanoids were about 200 meters away from the witnesses. The little men seemed to be collecting ground samples when they became aware of the witnesses presence. They ignored the witnesses and after several minutes reboarded the object, which took off at high speed. Deep ground traces were found at the landing site.

HC addendum
Source: Thiago Luiz Ticchetti, EBE-ET


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