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Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Have you ever considered that the alien abduction phenomena is not just a case of humans being kidnapped for experimental reasons?

There is obviously an agenda going on, but even the most committed researcher in this matter should realise that these “experiments” have been going on for decades, and even the most unintelligent of “Galactic Visitors” would have understood the anatomy of the human body by now. I am also sure that enough hybrids have been produced to inhabit many a universe.

So why does it carry on?

Most abductees claim to be made docile before being taken, sometimes through solid walls or windows, to a strange room and placed on a table etc etc.
It is a well-known assumption that the victim of negative abductions is used for experiments, the theft of bodily fluids for reproduction purposes, and then tagged in some way for future reference.

I believe the abductors are using psychological trickery to symbolically implant submissive thoughts into the minds of victims. Basically the aliens are saying, “we completely control you and your future and you cannot do anything about it”.It is mind control. More on this later.

I believe the negative aliens are seeking information as to the “history” of their human victim, their bloodline, and their spiritual status so to speak. The harder it is for the aliens to access the information they want from their victim's subconscious, the worse the experience gets for the victim. The mind control increases. More on this later.

It appears that graphic images are placed in abductees minds, ranging from catastrophic disaster to sexual stimulation, and the aliens find a way to “open” the subconscious mind (soul-life-force) of the abductee, therefore they gain full knowledge of the life plan, history and spiritual intent of the abducted victim. I will explain this in more detail later.

The usual climax to a negative alien abduction is being dumped on your bed, or back in your car, confused but knowing that part of your soul is missing. Trying to make sense of it and sounding quite a lunatic if you try and explain, to others, what has happened. I believe negative aliens are purposely misleading victims, and therefore researchers, into the actual details of the abduction. They are not experimenting on us they are protecting themselves from us. A “false memory” is implanted into victims. A sort of “double” brainwashing technique.

I believe the negative alien abductions are taking place because they fear the bloodline and the spiritual connections of the abducted. They are literally blocking the spiritual awareness of the abduction victims to prevent future conflict from spiritually aware people.

I have first hand experience of alien abduction. From the age of around 5 or 6 I was taken from my bedroom, on several occasions, by what I consider to be negative alien entities.

My intent is not to scare people about what is going on. My intentions are to make people think about the reasons why the abductions have taken place and are still taking place.

The first point I wish to make is my opinion of the reason a negative alien abduction victim is selected. Just what selection criteria do the kidnappers follow? It certainly isn’t race, as all races report the abductions. It certainly isn’t status as rich, poor, manual and professional people all report being taken by strange alien beings and experimented on. I certainly doubt that it is simply a random act carried out blindly by “desperado” type beings who kidnap, en masse, for the sake of entertainment and such like. Location does not seem to come into the equation either. I have come to the conclusion that the reason people are abducted by negative aliens is part spiritual and part bloodline. The victims obviously have something the aliens are very interested in, and the aliens either want it for themselves or they want to stop the victim knowing that they have it. It is obviously a danger to the aliens, or threatens the aliens long-term agenda. I believe the aliens are interested in spiritual awareness, or “soul power” coupled with bloodline traits that produce the characteristics, or persona, to back up the spiritual awareness, e.g. “to have the guts to use the awareness”.

As previously said, I have come to the conclusion that although the aliens seem to be able to take victims at their whim, either in or out of their body, it is not solely for the purpose of experimentation, producing hybrids, nor tagging them via implants. I am not disputing this takes place, or at least appears to take place, as I have experienced these acts myself. I do believe that this may be a psychological smokescreen though, and the truth lies much deeper in the victim’s subconscious. Indeed I believe that full memory of the kidnappings, and the trauma that goes with it, is placed, or left, in the subconscious by the aliens as a “blocker”. The victim’s access to his/her own spiritual knowledge becomes impossible by this act of blocking. The “blocking” is achieved via the appearance of a true, or false, traumatic memory placed in the victim's subconscious, and this memory acts as a sort of trigger to block access to the same information, taken by aliens, to researchers, and indeed the victim themselves. In other words the actual act of kidnapping, and the experiments, is used to help the aliens hide what as actually taken place from the victim and researchers.

Should the victim try to use the “gut feeling”, or sixth sense, they possess then the block prevents them from doing so, obviously without the knowledge of the victim. Basically the aliens are cutting spiritually aware people off from their “Spiritual Database“. Some victims can still partially access their 6th sense but only a very small percentage of it. A sort of “I know something has happened but I haven’t a clue why” sort of situation.

I believe that the victim is hypnotised (mind controlled) in some way and made to surrender subconscious information that we store deep down in the core of our being. Information that we do not have the slightest clue about, (regarding the details) on a conscious, everyday living, level.

The kidnappers know how to gain access to this subconscious information by using symbolic or graphic imagery. This imagery usually contains horrific, traumatic, scenarios. Death and destruction etc, or sexual scenes. The method used to gain access into the subconscious of the victim depends on the individual involved.

It does not have to be traumatic or sexual imagery used, quite the opposite, images of loved ones, or pets, and other happy situations can be used. This is especially true regarding those that easily surrender their core being, soul, life-force, whatever you want to call it, for examination. A sort of carrot and stick rule is used, or the “good guy/bad guy” routine the police use in their conscious level interrogation methods.

People surrender spiritual information in different ways. Sadly negative alien interrogators seem to prefer a sort of “spiritual trauma” method and literally beat the spiritual information out of the victim.

There have been many reported incidents of trauma-induced mind control experiments being carried out by the CIA, and other organisations, for decades. The aliens seem to operate on a similar system but they concentrate on the soul or life force (subconscious level) of the victim, instead of the flesh and blood (conscious level) of the victim.

The more “spiritually aware”, for want of a better word, the victim is, the harder it will be for the aliens to gain access to the spiritual information the victim possesses inside themselves. Hence the kidnappings will happen more often, and the “experiments” (subconscious mind control) will become far more severe to the more spiritually aware people than others less aware. However the victim, highly aware or not, inevitably surrenders his/her spiritual knowledge eventually.I wish to turn to the imagery created in the victims mind that was/is used to gain access to the subconscious information stored there.

Many abductees claim to have had some sort of medical procedure carried out on them. It can vary both in the actual physical content and the traumatic effect on the individual. That said the victim is always left with the feeling that they have no defence against the abuse towards them. In other words the scale of abuse used towards the victim varies according to the spiritual fight the individual puts up in defence.

The end result is the same for all of them. Everyone is taught that they are no match for the kidnappers.

Many Abductees also claim to be made to produce offspring, (Hybrids) There are various ways this is done from just taking samples of sperm to having full sex with an alien entity. Females often report having been implanted with fertilised eggs, only to have the foetus removed later on. This must have enormous, deep down, psychological effect on the victim. The kidnappers are also stating, “we have the power to farm you.” Many abductees claim, and I am one of them, to be actually shown hybrid children. In my case I felt, or was made to feel, a strange bond towards the two hybrid children I was presented with. The victim is told in some way or another that they are actually responsible for producing the hybrid(s). They are then separated. This is obviously a way of saying the aliens involved control our future, and the future of our children. Or that is what they want the victim to think, in the battle to open up, and gain access to, the victims subconscious information.

Obviously there are many other graphic and symbolic images used by the aliens to gain subconscious mind control of their victims, and many books are available to test this theory, and as previously mentioned, the intensity of the “treatment” will increase the more of a fight the victim puts up, the more the victim tries to protect his spiritual knowledge (soul, life-force) the more traumatic his/her material life (body) will suffer at the hands of the interrogators. This includes mentally terrorising the victim with images of whatever scares the victim the most. In my case images of rats were used. I have a terrible fear of rats to this day and I blame the abduction experiences for this. Was my fear of rats used by my abductors to gain my submission and allow them access to my subconscious core?A bit of advice for researchers here. The abduction experience is only what the victims remember, either consciously, or with hypnosis. The aliens are not bothered about researchers gaining knowledge about the experiments and other details of the victim’s abduction, like the implants etc. This is just the memory of the trickery used to gain access to the abductee's subconscious memory, their spiritual database.
The same trickery is used to block both the victim and the researcher from discovering the real reason for the abduction. The victim and the researcher never get past the “block” that has been placed there. That is why a lot of abductions vary in description, yet a lot are also similar in description. They vary because of the different methods used to gain access to the subconscious database of the victim. Some methods are very successful and used a lot, giving the impression that more victims are subjected to a certain type of experiment than others. I myself was made to feel like my eyes were drowning in some way, flooded with toxic fluid. Was this just symbolism as to meaning I will only see what the aliens want me to see, I only see what they show me, a sort of liquidised blocking of my education?

The aliens have researchers running round in circles with this globally accepted, and pathetic, reason; “the alien kidnappers are only learning human anatomy, producing hybrids, and tagging humans and we should discover why this is going on in about another 1000 years Blah Blah Blah” “So we will carry on scratching our heads, and our arses, trying to figure out what is going on and any theory that cannot sell a million books, or create a mini series on Sky One will be ignored or ridiculed”.

I have been hearing this for decades. Surely the aliens have enough knowledge about what makes humans tick by now. My hybrid children are now at least 35 years old in Earth years. Let us wake up eh?

The aliens want victims, and some researchers, to believe the above. The mind control techniques used by the aliens against their victims, cannot be “undone” by humans because, simply, it is far too complex.

So the only things victims and researchers will see, and learn about, are the same old experiments, the same old hybrids, and the same old implants over and over and over again. Does this not ring a bell out there to genuine abduction researchers? You simply cannot get past the mental block that has been put in place by the aliens. If someone did manage to do this through error, or luck, then other blocks will be there, a sort of double hypnosis technique. We are not talking Paul McKenna here, or some other stage hypnotic comedian, we are talking serious mind control.

The abductees have been so cleverly hypnotised by the aliens, that the researchers only scratch the surface in their attempt to gain the truth from the victims about the circumstances of alien abductions. Indeed the aliens have left a labyrinth of memories inside the victim as to make sure researchers are led a merry dance. Again the aliens use far more sophisticated hypnosis techniques than we do on Earth. I do not want to seem arrogant to researchers. I just feel researchers are led a merry dance, not just by the aliens, by certain “experts” on Earth.

Going back to the tactics used by aliens on their victims. The reptilian seem to be able to “shape shift”, and appear to humans as Greys or anything else for that matter. A departed loved one perhaps (a grandma/pa?). They seem to have to get the key to open the victims subconscious, and are prepared to do anything to achieve this.

Alien agents on Earth control most major media corporations. It is their plan to own them all. They control most of what our children watch on TV, and what computer games they play. Indeed their young minds are bombarded with whatever messages, subliminal or otherwise, these corporations want to bombard them with. In these days of planned chaos, where everything is rushed, it is easy for parents to place their children in front of a TV or computer screen. I was guilty of this myself when my children were younger. After a long day slogging at work, it is very easy to let the TV or computer “educate” the kids, especially when cleaning and other household chores need doing. Not to mention other pursuits.

This is nothing new and it has been happening for decades. Neither the tired parent, or the curious and easily led child is directed into this position by chance. The pressures of life, our reality, make sure this scenario happens. Sadly very few parents have the slightest clue this is going on, and will probably initially laugh at the thought that we ourselves are basically giving the aliens the means to abduct our children. Our lives are manipulated to make the task of achieving the Reptilian Agenda for global control of body and soul of all humans a 'walk in the park' for them. Today there are many more channels, music channels, cartoon channels etc. The computer games get more and more sophisticated. More and more flashing lights are used.

There is always a cartoon series, children’s show, or computer game in fashion. This is usually hyped rubbish…but the kids love it. When my kids were little it was 'He Man and the Masters of the Universe' or 'Ninja Turtles'. When I was young in the 60’s it was Batman. I just loved Batman! Today you still see Superman and Spiderman etc. Although I have not researched the current children’s entertainment, the same basic trickery to hook the child’s attention will still be involved.

Getting toys at Christmas becomes a nightmare if your child wants a plastic replica toy of the latest hyped hero figure or computer game character. I remember literally having to go on a crusade, prepared to fight other parents and shoppers, just to make sure my kids got a plastic reptilian (a masked ninja turtle back in the 80‘s).

Like I would have done anything for Batman in the 60s, my sons would have done anything for a Ninja Turtle in the 80s. The same scenario, generation after generation.

The point I am trying to make is that children can be tempted to do anything for their childhood heroes, and if a Ninja Turtle entered my two son’s bedrooms, they would have done anything for it. Especially follow it on adventures!

Assisted by media subliminal messages, alien agents on Earth have the easiest of tasks in getting children to cooperate with characters they see as heroes.
Traumatic abduction experiences can be replaced by gentle, persuasive, experiences. If it suits the kidnapper at the time.

The abducted can be made to believe that they have been kidnapped by “good” aliens, and therefore allow their subconscious to be entered easily and willingly. Sadly this mask of deception is dropped when the information required has been removed, taken. The victim will be left in a double shock situation. One being the realisation that their 'hero' has conned them, and the other trying to make sense to themselves, and others, that a cartoon character (personified) led them to a spacecraft for adventures and games. The so-called 'hero', and/or the 'hero’s' pals, then turned bad; experimented on the victim, and threw them down back on the bed, leaving them bewildered, when the experiment had finished. (Who wouldn’t want to ring the lunatic asylum on hearing this or just dismiss it from mind as being a childhood fantasy after hearing this from a child?)

How many children do not even report these events? Or worse still, how many reports are not taken up seriously by unaware parents? In my case I was told I having bad dreams!

Continued tomorrow. The opinions stated on my blog are not necessarily my own but the author of the piece.


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