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Friday, June 29, 2007


During the time we lived in Arizona we attended the National UFO Conference in Tucson, Arizona. at the conference we met several persons that would become important in our future. At the conference we visited with Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens (Ret.) We had met him previously at his home in Tucson. Paris and Betty Colorado, Dan and myself had made the trip to Tucson one weekend from Phoenix. Paris had shared his own contact case with Wendelle and we had discussed various cases. We felt Wendelle was a true researcher and a man of integrity. All of us had an instant liking for Wendelle.

Wendelle Stevens has done the most to educate the public to the UFO Contact phenomenon. He has published books such as the following: UFO Contact from Reticulum, UFO Contact from Iarga, UFO Contact from Pascagoula, UFO Contact from Undersea, UFO Contact from Itibi-Ra, UFO Contact in Mirrasol and the most important contact of all time, UFO Contact from the Plieades, a Preliminary Report. The latter contact takes place in Switzerland. It started long ago but the famous photographs of the Plieadean star ships began in March 1975. Since that time over 800 photos have been taken by Eduard "Billy" Meier, a one armed farmer from Switzerland. Wendelle Stevens, Britt and Lee Elder and Tom Welsh were the principle investigators of this indisputable case.

In 1988 Gary Kinder wrote a book titled, "Light Years" on Billy Meier's case. He presents the case in a logical easy to read manner.

Video recordings have been made by the Elders on the Meier's case and were available through Genesis III in Munds Park, Arizona. The video has actual movie footage taken by Billy of five different Plieadean ships piloted by Billy's friend and mentor, Semjase. Semjase was a female Plieadean cosmonaut.

Another very interesting contactee we met in Tucson was Helene Charbonneau of Safford, Arizona. On the first morning of the NUFOC Conference we went into the hotel coffee shop where we were staying to have breakfast before the lectures got under way. Two ladies were standing right behind us. One of the ladies asked us if we were there for the conference. We replied that we were. The other lady spoke up and said you should hear this lady's story; it is fantastic. We invited them to eat breakfast with us. Helene's story is one of the most interesting contact cases I have come across. This is Helene's story.

Helene Charbonneau had a very unusual life from the beginning. According to her mother, there was evidence of extraterrestrial intervention during the time of conception. Helene was one of 12 children. During early childhood she developed tuberculosis of the spine and could not walk. Her mother appealed to the nuns who lived close to them, to help obtain leg braces for Helene to help her walk.

Her mother saved pennies, nickels and dimes to pay for the trip to take Helene to a Catholic shrine in Montreal, Quebec where miracles often occurred. Helene's mother, a devout Catholic, promised God that Helene would become a nun if she were healed.

The day that Helene and her mother arrived at the shrine Helene was taken to the top of a stairway consisting of 365 steps (one for each day of the year) to await her mother. The mother's penance for the anticipated healing was to climb the stairs on her knees. In return perhaps a miracle would be granted and Helene would be healed. Her mother had carbuncles on both knees, but because of her faith in God, and her love for Helene, she climbed the stairs. By the time she reached the top of the stairs to where Helene waited, her knees were bruised and bleeding.

On that day no miracle occurred. That was very disappointing to Helene's mother because she had sacrificed so much to help her daughter. She did not give up.

The next day during early morning mass, the people who had not experienced a miracle the day before were told to be expecting something extraordinary to happen. At that moment Helene felt a jolt, like electricity, pass through her. She leaped off the seat and stood up; something she couldn't do before. Her mother started crying. She knew at that moment her prayers and sacrifices had been answered. Helene received the miracle her mother had prayed for, she was healed.

The priest took the braces off Helene's legs, hung them on a tree made out of obsolete crutches, braces, etc. Helene wanted to take the braces back home to give to a little boy that had the same condition as she did. The parents were too poor to purchase braces for him. The priest said no; she could not take them. That made her very sad.

At the time Helene was 9 years old. Her mother, true to her promise, put Helene into a convent to become a nun. At age 14 she graduated from high school. By then she knew she did not want to be a nun. Instead she wanted to become a registered nurse. The nuns allowed her to stay with them until she was 19 years old when she graduated from nursing school.

Some of the background experiences that took place within those years are included in Helene's personal story.

Helene had a very active and unusual life. First a nun, then a registered nurse, later she married and gave birth to seven children. Later on she went back to school and obtained an electrical engineering degree. Due to that profession she worked for NASA as an engineer in a special medical division within the astronaut program.

In May, 1973, Helene moved to Powell River, B.C. with her second husband Claude Charbonneau. She started a business in marine electronics after her husband met an untimely death in Novembber, 1973.

In the autobiography of her contact by extraterrestrials and the subsequent healing of the advanced cancer, another miracle occurred in the life of Helene Charbonneau.

More tomorrow of Helene's contact case.


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