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Sunday, July 01, 2007


She went around the table to where the drawers were and opened one of them. She took out a large apparatus, which looked like an upside-down mushroom. It was about six inches in diameter and amber in color. She took it by the handle and passed it over my body, beginning with my head. Every time she went over my body, she said, "Did you know you have cancer?" She did say cancer in the left breast. She spoke telepathically because her lips didn't move. I spoke in the usual way. As she went over my body she said, "It's in your liver, in your right kidney, in your pancreas, in the spleen." She kept looking up at the panel of lights as she did this. All of the time I kept feeling this reassuring hand, as she touched my arm. She went all the way down to my feet, while studying the lights which were in different colors. Then she went around the table and returned the instrument to the drawer.

Then she turned around towards me and said, "Do not be afraid. I will not hurt you." Next, she opened another drawer which contained large gloves that came almost up to the elbow. Then she went into a third drawer and came out with an instrument which looked like a metallic tray with a handle on either side of it. There was nothing attached to it. She seemed to make sure that it didn't go close to her body. She started going over my body starting at the head, when she came to the breast, which she had said had cancer, it burned really bad, so much that my eyes watered from the pain. She kept reassuring me and saying, "Please be still, don't move. This won't take long." She must have repeated this at least ten times. When she came to the abdomen, where the cancer had been, the pain was excruciating. But after what the doctors had done to me, one pain is just the same as another. Eventually, she went all the way down to my toes.

Next she went around the table and returned the tray to the drawer, closing the drawer. She also removed her gloves and put them away.

Then she opened another dawer and took out a tube about twelve inches high. She held it by a handle. I didn't see any needles. There was a purplish colored liquid in the tube. She came over and pressed the instrument on my belly button and I felt a lot of pressure. As I looked down, I saw the liquid come out of the tube and enter my body. Then she lifted the tube and placed her hand on my abdomen, massaging the area in a circular motion. Then she again applied the tube to my navel, this time with quite a bit of pressure. This very, very dark blood entered the tube filling it to three quarters full. She took it very gently and deposited it in the same drawer from which she had removed it, and came back with a smaller, round cylinder tube. This one was about ten inches and was grass green. She applied it to my left side, just below the first rib. She also applied it above the navel and on the right side. Then she asked me to turn on my side and I felt the pressure on three spots on my back.

Then something happened because I was conscious of being on my abdomen with my arms under my forehead. I had a very bad headache. She said, "Turn around now." I turned around onto my back. She put her hand on my forehead and said "Your headache will not last very long. It will be over in a few minutes."

She reassured me and said, "Lie very still. I don't want you to take any of your medication. I don't want you to take any kind of medication, whether it's an injection or by mouth. Take nothing except saline water and glucose." She spoke to me in what I thought was perfect English.

Then she told me I could get up and put my robe on which I did. Before leaving, I asked her what the large panel in front of us was. She said it was the way they would be able to find their way back home. It was like a map with dots on it and funny kind of insignia. I said, "Well does it show where I live?" And she said, "Yes, right here." She showed me the lower right hand corner of the plate-glass. I recognized our Sun and our planetary system. I asked her, "where is your world, according to this?"

She put her hand half in the middle and said, "This is Orion and this is where we are, beyond." The system which she indicated had a lot more planets than our solar system.

Then I asked her, "May I ask you how you propel the craft?"

The Being who had just stood watching all of this time said, "We use negative reverse polarity. If you take two magnets with the negative poles toegther they repel each other. We have a control of this.

She said, "You must go now." And the two Beings came from behind the partition and stood on either side of me. We stood on this platform and began descending very slowly.

They said, "We will see you again." and stayed just outside of the cylinder, until I was almost back to my car. Then I saw them go back into the cylinder.

I got into my car and the craft lifted off very slowly. All of a sudden, it was gone. My car started again and I pulled out of the hole I was in, drove home and went to bed.

I don't know how long I was in the craft. I never felt it move. I felt that I was just there the whole time.

The next morning I said to my son, "Boy did I ever have a dream last night!" I told him about it and he said that I should write it down while it was fresh in my mind. So, I wrote it down for him. He went to the back porch window and said, "When did you move your car?"

I said, "It hasn't been moved. Did you move it?"

"No, I could hardly get in the house last night because it was in front of the steps." He ran over to the car and found that even though I had filled the tank before I came home, a quarter of the tank was missing.

My son and I went to that exact spot. The grass, which was very high was flattened, as if something very heavy had been on it. I had never seen the craft on the ground at any time. We walked down the road and we saw the tire marks where my car went off the road.

My son said, "You know Mom, I think it wasn't just a dream." I said, "It was just a dream. It had to be."

I didn't realize that I had these marks on my body. That afternoon I began to feel ill! I would have nausea and start to throw up this black stuff which just smelled horrible. They took me to the hospital and the doctors called the children in thinking it was the end. The Being had said that I was going to feel ill for a few days when she told me not to take any medication. I kept going unconscious and then coming to again.

The doctors said, "You're suffering too much. Let me give you something." I said "No, I don't want anything." Why, I resisted them, I don't know. But I didn't take anything.

After the morning of the third day, it was just like I had never been sick. I went to sleep at about two o'clock and by 7:30 that morning I felt fine. I felt better than I had ever felt. I was very weak, but I removed the IV, at which point the nurse came into the room and said, "what are you doing?" I said, "I'm going home. I feel better and I don't want to stay here. I want to go home."

I had an argument with the doctor but I did go home. Two or three weeks after this, I felt great. The yellow coloring of my skin went away within six weeks and returned to normal.

More tomorrow.

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