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Monday, July 02, 2007


At the end of August, the doctor from Vancouver came to see my son. He knew I ran a business and I guess he came to find out when I had died. No one had talked to him about it. When my son told him that I hadn't died, he came to see me where I worked because he couldn't believe it. When he saw me, he said, "What did you do? What happened to you? You don't even look like the same person." I had put on three pounds.

I said, "I really don't know. I got better, that's all."

The doctor's response was predictable: "Well, maybe some of the medicine we gave you worked after all. It's surprising but I'd like you to come so we could give you a check up."

So I went in the following week and he said, "This is amazing. I can't even find any signs of the cancer in you. You don't have a cancer cell left. What happened?"

By September or October, I became very anxious, crying for no reason at all. The doctors said I was disappointed about not dying. I said, "For God's sake I want to live. I don't want to die." He said that I had a psychological problem and took me to see a psychiatrist, who was with the hospital. He was used to seeing patients who were dying.

He started talking to me and it always seemed to go back to after I was sick for those three days. He said, "I think there is something more to this that you are not telling me. If you let me, I'll put you into hypnosis and we'll go back to that time."

So he took me back to when I went to see my family and everything went fine. Then I started to unravel the story of my encounter. When I came out of it, there were three psychiatrists there. I have the transcript of the tape. It took three sessions of almost two hours each session to get all the information.

He said that it certainly wasn't the medication that they gave me. He felt that I did have an encounter of some kind. He wanted to put me in touch with Dr. J. Allen Hynek of the Center of UFO Studies, but we weren't able to get in touch with him.

Shortly after this I sold my business. I was looking for a place. It had to be the right place. Somehow, I knew it had to be in Arizona, even though I hadn't been there before. I first came to Arizona in January of 1977 and visited places like Flagstaff and Tucson. When I got to Safford I knew I was meant to be here.

When I returned to Canada to take care of some business, I had terrible headaches at the back of the head. The doctor suggested a scan in case there had been cancer left there. They did a scan of my brain and head. At the base of my skull, they found a metallic bead. They talked about removing it because it might be causing the ringing sounds in my ears. But I wouldn't let them touch it. I had a feeling that if they did, they would kill me.

Now I know it is there. And I know why I am here. I feel confident in myself, that I'm not on the wrong track or anything. I feel that this is an important area. It's important to these beings who gave me back my life. Regardless of what their motive was, I feel that I owe my life to them.

Since this has happened to me, I have left the field that I was familiar with, to go into something entirely different. I've gone from electronic engineering to being able to identify minerals and knowing what to do with them. Obviously, there must be a reason for it. So far I haven't found it. It has given me a living. I am able to design equipment that is used for mining. I believe this ability was given to me by these Beings.

I feel that I will have another contact with these people, though I don't know when or where. I feel this is the area of Arizona where it will take place. I feel that they are coming here to help us help ourselves. The earth is going through a change. There will be more of a traumatic change yet to come. We have done everything to destroy what we have - our very own life support.


A sample of the plates that Helene was given.

(The plates could be read across and up and down and were in hieroglyphic forms)

I am to all creatures of void, mass and life; I am the protector from time eternal, past and future travel by my subjects to all my creation, save and renewed, the place of peace. Many prophets I have touched from the stars and the galaxies and this earth to protect my emissary from the wrath of negative forces. Only the unity of all mankind will survive the wrath of the one that has been raped and plundered. Hear my word, human of the universe. Join in harmony to form a positive force when the galaxies that I have assembled with pride has come to its own destiny. Help your brothers and its humanity to survive the change that man has inflicted on himself. Prepare all touched ones to leave until the light returns. The craft that you made is the means of salvation for these nations. Leave this galaxy. Instruct your people, teach them the way of the light and the knowledge. Return them to their origins as this is imperative. Remove direction controls as they are able to guide themselves in peace and harmony. Protector and healer; stay with them until they have found the healing from within. Place all knowledge of you in their energies. Leave them the craft of salvation for they are now one with me, of me. These are my directions and my love.

Plate 1.2 - Read a different direction.

I am the light and the direction. I have chosen among you the traveler. I have guarded you from the black force. We are the light, the power and love. I have chosen your tribe to help and protect all that is human. The time has come to assist once again, human and Earth.

Choose wisely - the unity for our experiment has failed. Assemble your light and power and reclaim our chosen ones.

Guide them to the land of the Twelve Peaks. On each continent they will be assembled. Direct your earth brother to form their circles so that they may search and draw close all the humans of light. Turn your head to the North as your human heart may lead you in the wrong direction. The time is short. Do not bring along spoiled fruit for they have contaminated their own existence and that of others. Walk in the light, keep your spirit looking up, confer with your council.

The protectors will guide the six directors as the light touches you. You will no longer be female or male but human. Do not forget the past, find in your tribes the seven knowledges that is the key to the sound of the trumpet. Follow the sound that directs all humanity. Find the crystal that will not break for that is the guide to awaken the two lights of energy who have been waiting the release for action to return to the infinite. The trial is complete. The Council with 'I AM' will guide them to me in the light.

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