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Tuesday, July 24, 2007


In 1984 the UFOCCI received a letter from a person purporting to be a contactee. She lived in Chiloquin, Oregon. For the sake of anonymity we will call her Doris.

Doris obtained our address from "The UFO Review," published by Tim Beckley in New York. He had featured Dan and I in an article after he met us at the Tucson, Arizona NUFOC Conference in 1983.

Doris explained she had many of the symptoms that contactees displayed that we had listed in the news article. The main symptom was "Do you feel alone on earth?" and "Do you feel adopted?" Doris explained she had always felt "different" from the rest of her family and she had never fit in. This clue may have been indicative of what was going to transpire later.

Doris begged us to come to Oregon to visit her and her family because they could not afford to travel to Seattle. So as soon as we were free we drove to Chiloquin which is a 10 hour drive. It is located 17 miles north of Klamath Falls, Oregon over the Willamette Pass. Doris and her family lived in a remote spot near Saddle Mountain north of Chiloquin.

Their home was very primitive. Six people lived in a one room "add-on" to a small travel trailer. There were no amenities such as running water, bathroom facilities or electricity. Cupboard were cardboard boxes on the floor of the "kitchen." The children's bunks were also built into the kitchen area.

Cleanliness, to all appearances, was an unknown word. Our sleeping space was the pickup camper propped up on legs out near the "Two Holer!"

Doris was most anxiouis to take us to where the "Secret UFO base" was hidden in Saddle Mountain. She contended that she was an alien placed here in Doris's body when she was eight years old. She said the aliens who built the base on Saddle Mountain were her people.

We climbed the mountain on a beautiful Saturday morning. Unfortunately we did not leave tree markers to find our way back! As we neared the place where the alleged base entrance was Doris disappeared. We found her hiding in the bushes crying. She said she had betrayed her people by bringing us there!

Up until that time Doris had said Dan had once been a captain on one of their crafts and he was from the same place as she was.

The inconsistency did not add up, neither did the long hike we had gone on for nothing! Especially when we started to return to the car and all of a sudden found ourselves completely lost. We hiked so far from where we originally were that when we hiked down to a road and caught a ride, we were at least 10 miles from the car!

We did not see any UFOs while we were there as Doris had promised. We did not see any evidence of Sasquatch either, although I did spend a sleepless night after tales of Sasquatch opening the camper door looking for cookies!

Doris had taken pictures of "footprints," supposedly of Sasquatch. Also pictures of where UFOs had landed in the nearby gravel pit in the snow. They looked like snowmobile tread marks.

The pictures Doris took of "energy beings" became a bone of contention. Photographic analysis of candles sitting on a small table resulting in lens flares was the opinion of experts, much to the consternation of Doris!

We left Doris's mountain top retreat with feelings of misgiving.

In September 1984 Doris and her family came to Seattle for Jorpah. Doris had to be helped to stand up in front of the people to tell her story. She was very shy and reticient to talk.

On Labor Day weekend 1985 the Jorpah was again held in Seattle. The family, and their friend, Ida, came in the camper. A complete personality transformation had taken place. Doris now had an accent and was forceful. She showd no sign of being bashful.

Ida who had previously lived next to them in a bus but during the past year had moved into the "one room" lean to with Doris and her famly, came along as a "body guard" to "Shesekayam-ma" the so-called alien inhabiting the body of Doris. She was from the planet "Orka." Shesekayam-ma was supposedly commander of the the aliens in the base on Saddle Mountain (the one we never saw!). Ida stood with legs spread and arms crossed in front of Doris all the while she was talking to the conferencees.

It was obvious from the behavior of Doris's husband and Ida, that there was more to the relationship than bodyguard. When confronted by Dan, the husband admitted a "triad" was taking place.

Dan was appalled.

During the past year a steady flow of correspondence had taken place. Careful study of the text showed the gradual personality transformation.

Dan had noted that Doris's personality was one that needed attention and love. Her husband had not shown her the attention she needed. In the past he had even left. her. He had a heart attack which brought them back together as he had to be taken care of. At last Doris was needed.

Enter Ida, a nice looking lady, a nurse by profession. Doris again felt inadequate. Now the story really begins of a multiple personality change. All of a sudden Doris became an important person purporting to be an alien commanding a fleet of ships. She allegedly became pregnant and delivered a baby alien in the middle of the night without ever seeing it.

The interesting part is that this alien had never heard of the Plieades, or Orion, although she was Chief Navigational Officer and did not recognize the star system when shown. Her "galaxy" only had 8 planets. There were 108 planets in her federation which had contol of Earth!

During the 1985 Jorpah Dan asked a simple question which raised the ire of Doris immediately. What was the name of the God of these aliens. She replied "God" was his only name.

Dan reminded her that in a letter she had written his name. She replied someone else must have written the letter!

After the Jorpah Doris's new personality now assumed the role of this "God." (Arkus) She had displayed drawings of the God and her aliens during the Jorpah!

An interesting note: Doris made a necklace for me. Each time I put it on it broke. This happened three times. Finally I got the message and did not wear the necklace again.

During the 1985 Jorpah, Doris met MGB and his wife. MGB and his wife believed Doris's story to the point that when they returned to California they invited Doris and her husband to their home.

During this time period the information is sketchy because Doris started a rumor that Dan was with the "Feds" and therefore to be left alone. What information we had came from correspondents that were also in communication with Doris. Only after the fact, did MGB tell us what had happened.

MGB is an Indian Medicine Man, a Sucking Doctor, which means he takes on the pain of his patient to effect a cure. He was doctoring a back patient and the pain put MGB in the hospital.

During the period when he was in the hospital his wife took the children, MGB's car, and left town. MGB was nearly frantic because he did not know what had happened to his family. He had the police put an APB out for missing persons. They found his wife and the children at Doris's in Oregon.

MGB obtained a warrant and went after the children and his car. Doris was driving the car when he got there. The children were dirty as they had not been bathed in days. He took the children and the car but his wife would not leave.

MGB pressed charges against Doris and her husband for kidnapping, possession of Interstate stolen property, molestation and mind manipulation. The hearing was set for February 21, 1985. No one showed up.

The police went to Doris's home and arrested her husband and put him in jail. Their children were sent back east to live with the husband's brother and family. Doris and MGB's wife left for parts unknown in Doris's husband car. An APB was issued on her for driving with a revoked driver's liclnse and a stolen car.

In 1987 MGB finally got his family back together. By then he had given up his professorship at a college in Caifornia and had lost everything.

Ida and Doris live together in a town in northern Washington near the Canadian border. After coming back to to Oregon Doris's daughter is now living in a foster home, the oldest son was with his father and the youngest son was with Doris until his father went after him. The last we heard on this fiasco was that Doris had her husband arraigned for kidnapping his son.

As far as I am concerned that is the end of the story.... I hope....


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