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Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I had wanted a house where persons who had experiences could come to find comfort and understanding. Many of the "particpants" find themselves in a precarious position of having no one that: 1) will believe them, or 2) family or friends that want them to be hospitalized for being mentally unbalanced. The latter reason is of the utmost concern to me. It is an area that has not been touched on very much in respect of doing something positive about it.

The house soon became too much for Dan and I. We both worked all day, then came home and worked all night. The persons that came, with the exception of one, did not share in the upkeep or contribute monetarily. The only way we could end this dilemma was to move. In November, 1985 we moved to a condominium. We made sure it had room for the meetings when we rented it.

Shortly before we moved to the condo I read an advertisement about land for sale in Colorado. Perhaps it was the name, or perhaps just because it was in Colorado. I really couldn't say which, I had an overpowering urge to purchase this property. Sight unseen I bought the property. Later on our trip to the southwest we finally got to see it. Unbeknownst to me, or each other, other contactees had the same urge to buy this property.

One of the prerequisites to buying the property was to call the head office in Texas. When I did I talked to a nice lady by the name of Tina. Still not knowing why I was doing this strange thing, I said to her, "I don't know why I am telling you this, but I have an urge to do so. I am the Director of the UFO Contact Center International." She said, "Oh! I just love UFOs" in her Texas drawl. "You have to talk to Mr. Purvis, he is the head of our company. He saw 'landed' UFOs twice up on the Mesa. She also said that government investigators had grilled him, and the other man, who had witnessed the landed UFO. Mr. Purvis and the other fellow had rounded a curve in the road and there it was -- right in the middle of the road. I never found out what they did at that time because I never had the opportunity to talk to Mr. Purvis, only Tina. Tina also said that it wasn't the only time Mr. Purvis had seen the landed UFO. There was another time too.

Wild Horse Mesa is very close to San Luis, Colorado. San Luis is very near Alamosa and the King Ranch where Snippy the horse was mutilated.

Father Whiting was an Episcopalian priest that livled in San Luis. He is mentioned in Wendelle Stevens book, "UFO Contact from Mirrasol." Father Whiting was a contactee but he never told anyone about it, except for his wife. He is deceased now but purportedly she had all the meticulous notes he took about his case. After he died she turned them all over to his Bishop.

Allegedly the aliens observed our world through his eyes. This is not a new revelation in the annals of UFOlogy. Several other witnesses have been told the same thing.

All of a sudden it started making sense, or at least there was a reason why I had this strange urge to buy the property. There was more to it than just my whim. It had to do with the UFOs themselves.

Since the time I purchased the property I have watched carefully to see how many contacees I find that have the same urge. Many people have moved to Colorado, or have the feeling to do so.

One of those people I met at The Rocky Mountain UFO Conference for Abductees at the University of Wyoming. She was from Florida. She had driven from Florida so that she could look for land in Colorado. She too had the urge to buy property there. Her property is to the east of mine.

A contact from Wisconsin by the name of Nikki receives continual transmissions from her alien contact. Nikki moved to Colorado in February, 1988. She told me to be there too on April 29, 1988. She feels something is coming that would be detrimental to be on the coast and that I would be safe on my property at that time.

Colorado has had more sightings and abduction cases than any other state that I know of. There are many montains for the "alien craft" to hide in, if they want. It is also close to New Mexico where it is purported the aliens have made an agreement with our government to establish three bases to carry out their bio-genetic experiments through abductions and cattle mutilations.

I know some of you will not believe the above statement, however, you may find more on this in the book by George Andrews, "Extraterrestrials Among Us," and also the Freedom of Information Act documents that the CAUS organization has diligently worked so hard in extracting from the government archives. Evidence is there but it takes hard work to find and most people just do not have the funds, or the time to do that kind of research.

A book that contains this information is "Clear Intent," by Barry Greenwood and Lawrence Fawcett. It also describes many events that have happened in the area of Colorado and New Mexico.


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