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Thursday, July 26, 2007



In February 1986 Dan decided his direction was with the Native Americans. The "Double Eagle" needed to find his heritage. At that time he resigned as co-Director of the UFOCCI.

As alluded to in a previous chapter Dan came to believe he was the "Double Eagle." He did not know what, or who that was, at the time. In 1986 he finally found the legend of the Double Eagle. To him, this verified what he intuitively felt all along.

For about three years the number 22 had plagued Dan. It just about drove me crazy. Every time he would see the number 22 on a license plate, on a sign, wherever, he would remark about it.

One evening he had made an appointment with a well known Indian leader in Yelm, Washington. He drove there alone on a road he knew quite well. As he neared the turn off on I-5 he became totally confused. This was a forerunner of a missing time incident.

Finally, he arrived at the appointed place and had his meeting. On the way back he started down the cut off road to the I-5 Freeway from Yelm. The next thing he remembers is passing two giant fir trees that are close to the road and then he is on a totally different road that goes to Lacey and Olympia, Washington. That particular road is the one that is the long way around. He had been quite a ways down the cut off road before this happened, so it could not have happened by accident.

As soon as he entered the I-5 Freeway a mail truck was in front of him with the number 22 written in mud on the back. You have seen signs on cars that say, "Wash Me," in the dirt. It was similar to one of those.

From that time on he tried to correlate different things with the number 22. It eventually led him to the Siechelt Indians in British Columbia.

The Siechelt Indians have a legend of two people coming out of the sky dressed in white. The "two" brought the "Double Eagle Mask" to the Indians. They still have this mask. It was then that Dan decided that he was that person that came so long ago to the Siechelt in a past life.


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