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Tuesday, May 31, 2005


UFO Contactee and Space Traveler

Introduction and Interview by Stuart Bush ~ Transcribed and Edited by Noel Huntley, Los Angeles, California

She stayed on the planet Meton for four months where she gave birth to and reared her space child, Ayling.

Particular interest was shown in Elizabeth's experiences by the British Ministry of Defense and they announced that UFOs do exist and are now official.

Elizabeth's story has attracted the attention of many countries, in particular America, Britain and Russia.

In 1975 she was given a standing ovation at the 11th International Congress for UFO Research in Germany.

In 1983 she addressed the House of Lords, in England and her paper was also read at the United Nations.

Elizabeth Klarer was born in 1910 in Mooi River, Natal, where she grew up on a farm and soon learned to understand the Zulus very well. She was trained as a meteorologist at Cambridge, England. She later went to Trinity College, London, to study music, where she obtained a degree. She is also a pilot, and learned to fly the DeHaviland plane. During World War II she was employed by the South African Air Force Intelligence and during operations did work for the Royal Air Force decoding German communications. She was also trained to observe UFOs for the South African Air Force UFO Division. She has a son David, a daughter, Marilyn, who is now a medical specialist, and another son, Ayling ~ an astrophysicist living on another planet, which we will cover shortly.

Her fascinating story began at the age of seven when a flying saucer visited her near her home. Telepathic communication between Elizabeth and Akon, who was a crew member and scientist of the spacecraft, occurred several times. In April, 1956, on Flying Saucer Hill at Rosetta, Natal, the crew revealed themselves and Elizabeth Klarer was taken up into space and into the vintage mother ship. In November, 1957, on the high plateau of Cathkin Peak, in Drakensberg, Elizabeth Klarer entered the spacecraft to meet her new-found lover Akon.

During the next eight and a half months she endured harassment, especially from American intelligence forces, and on one occasion she was almost kidnapped by the Russians who wanted to capture the future space child. She was eventually taken by Akon to another solar system, our nearest neighbour, Alpha Centauri. There she stayed on the planet Meton for four months where she gave birth to and reared her space child, Ayling. Owing to the vibrations of the magnetic field being different on Meton, her heart was unable to adjust to the new pressures, and she was forced to return to Earth. Contact has been maintained and Akon and her son, Ayling, have both appeared to her visually in a projected holographic image.

In 1984 particular interest was shown in Elizabeth's experiences by the British Ministry of Defense and they announced that UFOs do exist and are now official. Elizabeth's story has attractd the attention of many countries, in particular, America, Britain and Russia. In 1975 she was given a standing ovation at the 11th International Congress for UFO Research in Germany. She was applauded by a group of scientists representing 22 nations where she gave a speech about the secrets of light. In 1983, she addressed the house of Lords in England, and her paper was also read at the United Nations. A few years ago she traveled to Switzerland to appear on a TV show. She has written a book entitled "Beyond the Light Barrier," and has now completed a second one, "The Gravity Files." (Editors Note: This book has not been published as far as we know.)

Interview With Elizabeth Klarer By Stuart Bush

Stuart Bush: Could you describe the flying saucer you flew in?
Elizabeth Klarer: She was perfectly circular, about 60 feet in diameter, with a very large hull and a flattish dome in the center with portholes around the dome. There were sets of three portholes encircling the entire dome and she had a silvery sheen about her. This wasn't a reflection from the sunlight, it was her own glow. It came directly from the skin of the ship and when the power was switched on the whole ship glowed and would set up this field differential around her, which, of course, she moves within. Inside she is very, very beautiful; simple but completely beautiful, and the colors so lovely. The entire floor is covered with a rose-red type of carpeting ~ very soft and very springy to walk on. The walls change color when the power system is on; they change from blue to green.
S.B.: Is there a functional reason for this?
E.K.: Yes, in harmonic interaction you are not only going to have the color in the electromagnetic wavelength of the universe, which, of course, is the whole basis of her power system, but the colors come in as well and the different movements, particularly when she is speeding through the atmosphere. These starships vary in size. The mother ships are very much larger and do not land. The ships can travel instantaneously from one place to another.
S.B.: What was the number of the crew in the ship you traveled in and what were their duties?
E.K.: Two, and they were both scientists. Both were astrophysicists but one was also a very great botanist which was a needed ability in understanding the flora and fauna of planets for their protection and in the preparation of planets for human habitation. This is a continuous activity.
S.B.: Tell us something about the outside construction of the ship.
E.K.: The ship is created in space from pure light energy into substance, and it takes naturally the celestial form. They then bring her to the surface of the planet and construct the interior. But the whole skin of the ship is created in space in order that this atomic structure of the skin of the ship is conducive to energizing. That's how you get the power and the different colors.
S.B.: I s the material metal?
E.K. No, it's not like a metal at all. It is more like a porcelain. It is made of an atomic substance from pure light energy which is the ultimate particle.
S.B.: How long does it take to create the ship?
E.K.: To create the complete shell, no matter what the size, you have to have the harmonic interaction of the measurement of that circle; it has to be perfectly in harmony. It takes, in earth time, about 15 minutes to create. And it is created and not constructed, from natural cosmic energy. Then when they take her to the surface of the planet to complete the interior, in earth time, it takes about a couple of weeks.
S.B.: Are they armed?
E.K.: No, all they have is a deflecting ray as a form of protection which will keep any hostile craft at bay and immobilize them. The shield effect completely protects her ~ from bullets, a missile or atomic bomb. The magnetic field is so tremendous.
S.B.: Is it vulnerable then, when it is at rest?
E.K.: No, there is an automatic switch. The approach of any intrusion causes the field to come on automatically.
S.B.: Could you tell us something about the vintage mother ship?
E.K.: She is a vast carriership with about 24 small landing craft each of which carry a crew of two people. The mother ship hovers about 1000 miles away in space and releases one of these landing craft to the surface of the planet. They accommodate at least 5000 people ~ including women and children. They are completely self-contained with an abundance of everything. They grow their own food on the ship using their own means of irradiation; sunlight is not necessary.
S.B.: How do you view outside the ship?
E.K.: The ship is completely enclosed but there are portholes which can be opened, and also inside there is the viewing lens which enables you to see outside in all directions. This device not only can see through barriers such as into cellars of buildings but can reveal the finest detail, such as beads on a necklace worn by a person on the ground. And similarly for sound.
S.B.: Are all the crew from Meton?
E.K.: They are from the one civilization ~ of seven planets. But they are preparing other planets for human habitation in the system of Vega. Vega is a young blue-white waxing star.
S.B.: Could you tell me how the people compare with humans on Earth?
E.K.: They are human but taller, better looking, more considerate and gentle; not aggressive and violent. They dress and eat more simply and are still young at an age of 2000 years of Earth time. Their star is not so violent. Our sun is a variable and produces rather harsh radiation which affects the skin, ages one, and can be dangerous. They wear simpler and less clothing made out of silk. Silk is beautiful and comfortable next to the skin. Everything is free and you can pick out your own clothes at a silk farm. There is an abundance of everything. No money or barter system is necessary.
S.B.: What was the planet itself like which you visited?
E.K.: It is similar in size to Earth, a little larger, covered with vast seas, and the lands are islands, not continents. Climate is beautiful, under control, and in fact, is really a utopia. They have everything they want. They are not only thousands of years ahead technologically from us, but are also spiritually very advanced.
S.B.: Could you describe the social systems on Meton?
E.K.: There are no politics, law, or the monetary system. Medicine is a scientific activity and not required for health since they are all in perfect health. Their way of thinking is quite different from what most people over here would understand. They are a loving, gentle and constructive people. Everyone industriously does their work which they like doing most. There is no need for law; there is no crime or police. Everyone is free and has a code of ethics. They constantly create beauty around them and in general there is complete harmony. Their homes are lovely. You can see from the inside out; the material is transparent one way. Regarding pets, they love their birds, in particular, and there is telepathic communication with them. Predatory animals are kept on a different planet.
S.B.: What about their educational system?
E.K.: They don't have schools or universities. Their education is completely visual ~ all done by what is called an electric mirage. They have a little phial about three inches long and they insert it into a niche in their home or the wall of a spaceship. A 3D scene fills the room ~ an advanced form of a holograph. There are no books. They travel a great deal. The young children are taken around the galaxy so they can learn from experience. They can use the electric mirage to go back to a former time in their history. They could, for instance, view our planet at the time of the dinosaurs. They have beautiful paintings and create lovely music ~ harmonic music and very uplifting spiritually, which relate to the harmonic music of the galaxy.
They communicate by means of telepathy and educational concepts can get transferred this way. They are capable of thinking in terms of the basic concepts not dependent on language ~ they perceive the feelingness behind words. There is no problem in the learning of languages such as any of those on Earth.
S.B.: What shape was the mother ship?
E.K.: She was more of a cigar shape with blunt ends and angles depending on the light effect. From certain angles she could look circular and may be five miles in length. These are city ships containing everything needed ~ trees and flowers, lakes, beautiful living quarters. Families are raised on the ships.
Some spacecrafts which land and are seen by people, are only holographs. This is part of the conditioning process so that earthman will become used to the idea of the existence of extraterrestrials.
S.B.: And what is this system they have of harmonic mathematics, and are there any books explaining this?
E.K.: Yes, I have books on it, written by professor William Conner from the U.S.A. I have his treaties on harmonic mathematics which explains the whole process. He's also done this with respect to my book "Beyond The Light Barrier." He has related the various figures, distance of Meton from Earth, Akon's age, etc. to harmonic mathematics; it's all there.
S.B.: Returning to the educational aspects, if there are no books, how is information imparted?
E.K.: It is done from mind to mind, telepathy ship works ~ how she is using the power system of the universe. You have to understand the physics of the power system. The physical body could go but not the mind. This knowledge was imparted to me by Akon. He just put his hand on my forehead and told me to relax and think and know exactly how the spaceship is utilizing the cosmic power to go from this system to the home system. His hand on my forehead enabled me to relax completely and understand how the ship was using the matrix of space to go through the ether. I had to be in complete harmonic relationship with the spaceship to go through the light barrier.
S.B.: What is the woman's life like on Meton?
E.K.: There are no chores as we have on earth. It is all done with a light ray. For example, a beam of light will bring you your food on a tray. Families are larger ~ most families have about seven children. You could have children while thousands of years old, as there is no problem with age. They use a natural contraceptive; a type of vegetable which they put in their food. There is no marriage and divorce. They simply find their mate and stay together for life. If there is an accident and a loss of life, the person simply reincarnates and comes back to their same mate.
S.B.: What about the gravity belts? Did you use one?
E.K.: Yes, I used one to go upstairs. There are just three knobs for starting, control and direction.
S.B.: You mentioned seven planets. What are the names of the others?
E.K.: They don't have names, just harmonic numbers. Akon gave me the name Meton for identification purposes.
S.B.: How important is time to them and how do they measure it?
E.K.: They don't measure time at all. Time varies too much in any case. With their triplet star system, they do not measure time as we do here, with night and day, since they don't have night and day. When the smaller star, Proxima sets, the other two rise so there is never any night.
S.B.: What are their sleeping patterns?
E.K.: They depend on sleep ~ it is a great health restorer. In terms of Earth time they would sleep nine hours.
S.B.: Regarding their eating habits, what are their views on how to eat?
E.K.: They don't cook, they eat the natural foods, vegetables, salads, etc. The only thing they heat, using electricity, are certain oat cakes, made of fresh whole oats, like bread. They are only heated briefly to bind them together. They never use chemical fertilizers for growing food.
S.B.: Why don't they have competitive sports on Meton?
E.K.: They don't think about it ~ it is not necessary for them. Earthman, when he is not involved with wars, etc., needs to release his aggression in sports and such competitive activities. The Meton people do not have this problem.
S.B.: Do they recognize creative aggression?
E.K.: Yes, one must have determination and drive to create, but it doesn't have to be aggressive!
S.B. What is their approach to health products? On Earth there is a growing enlightenment in this direction.
E.K.: Yes, well they eat the natural foods and know which contain the necessary ingredients for health. It is necessary to balance the chemical processes in one's food for proper utilization by the body. The important thing in growing natural foods is the soil to grow them in, and you cannot possibly, as you do here, use chemical fertilizers. They never use anything like that. They simply put back into the soil what they take out. They revitalize the soil by means of electricity, which is what lightning does. It brings the Nitrogen into the soil. This is why lightning and thunderstorms are so important, along with the light and radiation from the sun.
S.B.: So they would eat say, a raw potato?
E.K.: They do grow peas. They are a necessary source of protein, and they eat a lot of fiber, as this is vital. They have natural vegetables and fruits, which are scientifically improved and enlarged. For example, an apricot, which would be the size of an apple, would be enough for one meal. It would have all the vitamins in it you would need, because apricots are a tremendously nutritious source of food and have a rejuvenating effect on the body.
S.B.: Now, can you say anything about planet Selo, which was visited by Hal Wilcox (UFO contactee), and which is about 600 years ahead of us, yet is of the same Alpha Centauri system as Meton, which is how many more years ahead of us?
E.K.: About a hundred thousand!
S.B.: How is there a planet (Selo) in the same system so far behind?
E.K.: Planets vary. You have planets in certain stages of advancement, and planet Selo is closer to two major components of Alpha Centauri. These are the two larger stars, and these rotate about each other. Selo is closer to them in that vicinity, therefore Selo would receive greater intensity of radiation from these double stars. Proxima Centauri is very much farther away, but it still makes up a triplet system, which is known as Alpha Centauri, and Akon's home planet is in orbit about Proxima Centauri. There are seven planets there altogether (around Proxima Centauri) which is a star about the same size as our sun. So you have a different radiation output, which has a great effect on civilizations that exist on the orbiting planets. Radiation has a vast effect on the brain or mind, and consequently on development.
S.B.: As I understand it now, Selo has two suns and Meton has three suns, yet they are both in the same system. Does it mean this third sun is in a higher dimension?
E.K.: Meton, my home planet, only has one sun, and Selo has two suns, so that makes up the triplet system of three suns!
S.B.: But I gather that there is no nighttime on Meton!
E.K.: That's right. Because when Proxima Centauri sets in the planetary rotation, the two larger stars rise, and they are so big that their light is cast very far afield, and naturally Meton, being in this triplet system, gets the light from these two larger stars, but not the intensified radiation, because of the distance. You see, the two larger stars are young, waxing stars, and they give out intensified radiation, while Proxima, the third star, is smaller and a middleaged star, so it gives out a modified, highly intensified vibratory radiation, which has a very different effect in the formation and advancement of a civilization, because it does affect the brain.
S.B.: I would presume then that Meton is in a higher dimension than Selo.
E.K.: Yes, in a higher vibratory rates and very much farther advanced, and has a civilization which occupies all seven planets in that system. (Ed. But it is in the same physical dimension.)
S.B.: To get back to the mother ships or city ships (some cigar-shaped, and five miles long!), how were these constructed ~ out in space?
E.K.: Constructed in space, yes, but we don't talk about construction, we say they are created. They were created in the atmosphere of the planet. All the components were ferried up to her, to be put together in space. This was done more than 65 million years ago. It goes right back in the history of ths solar system, when Venus was alive. (Ed. ~ habitable in the third dimension.) Scienists of Venus in those days detected that the sun was a variable star (Ed. ~ irregular frequency), so they prepared to move out into space, and they built the vast mother ships to ferry all the people and as much as possible of the flora and fauna away from the planet to the Earth, which was the nearest neighbor.
S.B.: To get back to the mother ships or city ships (some cigar-shaped, and five miles long!), how were these constructed ~ out in space?
E.K.: Constructed in space, yes, but we don't talk about construction, we say they are created. They were created in the atmosphere of the planet. All the components were ferried up to her, to be put together in space. This was done more than 65 million years ago. It goes right back in the history of this solar system, when Venus was alive. (Ed. ~ habitable in the third dimension.) Scientists of Venus in those days detected that the sun was a variable star (Ed. ~ irregular frequency), so they prepared to move out into space, and they built the vast mother ships to ferry all the people and as much as possible of the flora and fauna away from the planet to the Earth, which was the nearest neighbor.The scientists recognized the Sun was a visible star, with maximum and minimum periods of sunspot cycles, which happens to this day, but at certain epochs in time it expands. Now the Sun is expanding and contracting all the time. It is pulsating like a heart, but at certain epochs it expands out more, in intensified radiation.Now this is what happened to Venus, and being closer to the Sun her seas had dried out, and what little fauna remained (and all the flora) were destroyed. And then of course the dinosaurs, which had dominated the Earth, were also destroyed through the intensified radiation. Thus the great civilization from Venus, which we call the mother planet, was able to get away from Venus, and landed on earth and the moon, as way-stations.So there we have the beginning of highlyintelligent human life on this planet because we were fathered by men from outer space. Certainly not descended from the primates of this planet, but in fact from cromagnon, an advanced human being, who created the great civilization of Atlantis, which, of course, was eventually destroyed.The civilization from Venus decided to leave Earth owing to the harsh nature of the variable Sun and move to a neighboring system that was more conducive to their way of life and thinking. They discovered Proxima Centauri, which was a star similar to the Sun only much older and therefore a stable star. They moved to Meton which is now the home planet because it is very similar to the mother planet, Venus, in atmospheric conditions, distance from the star and also, the more important of all, the higher vibratory rates, which is more compatible to an advanced civilization and consciousness. They had bases on the Moon, Mars and Earth which they still visit.The Venus people left a section of their civilization here on Earth to look after the planet and advance the mentality and consciousness of the indigenous people of this planet, which they are in the process of doing.
S.B.: Did they have anything to do with the age of Lemuria and Atlantis?
E.K.: Yes, definitely with Atlantis. Atlantis was, of course, their main base and they also had a base in South America. Some of the Incas are descendents of the space people. Now, in the region of the Andes there used to be a very tall, fair race of people, many redheads, and these people were from Venus. They remained there until the great upheavals of Atlantis, which resulted in the Andes being pushed up by volcanic eruptions and with the volcanic evolution of the planet generally. So what was once a very fertile area became barren and mountainous, as it is to this day. But you still have certain buildings that remain, and also under the sea. Some of the pyramids still remain in Central America and these are the most important ones because they are very beautiful and vast, and there is one pyramid which has just been uncovered by archeologists who thought it was a mountain. The Spaniards built a cathedral on the top. It was covered in trees and grass, and the excavations are now revealing a pyramid.
S.B.: Where do the rest of the Earth people come from if only a small portion came from Venus?
E.K.: The majority of people here on Earth are indigenous, with a certain percentage from the home planet Venus who had stayed here when the main civilization moved out from Venus before going on to Proxima Centauri. They remained to look after the planet, and also for educational purposes for the native people, which of course is being done to this day.So we're here to inform people of the truth of their origin. Also to bring Venus back to life by feeding the atmosphere with algae, which creates the storms, the rain and the lightning, the volcanic eruptions, and the life. And also to form the seas again, because Venus was originally covered with vast seas, as is Meton. That is why Akon's civilization moved out from earth to Meton because it is very similar to what Venus was in the past; islands and seas, with thick atmosphere, which filters the radiation, and above all has a higher vibratory rate for the advancement of a higher civilization, and particularly for the advancement of a consciousness into the fourth dimension.They have also come back to create bases on the Moon and Mars. They can bring back to life Mars as well as Venus, and this they plan to do since their main work throughout the galaxy is to prepare star systems for human habitation.
S.B.: How would this tie in with the information that the Sun is dying?
E.K.: The Sun is dying, but we don't talk about age, it is simply a metamorphosis. It is becoming cooler so something has to be done about it. It is going to be a double star system since Jupiter is a forming star. Jupiter will have a star burst in the very near future and we'll then have two stars in the skies of Earth. As the Sun cools down, Jupiter will heat up.
S.B.: How long do you think the Earth people have been in existence?
E.K.: The indigenous people of Earth go back to the time of the dinosaurs. Before the demise of the dinosaurs there was a very small colony of human kind, as there was also a very small colony of mammals, and they were not affected by the intensified radiation because they took refuge in caves and escaped the radiation by going underground. This was instinctive, and it was the same with the other mammals. But the giant creatures had nowhere to escape from the intensified radiation. The ultraviolet destroyed the vegetation so they had no food and became extinct. The mammals were intelligent enough to go underground and then lived on other life. Now many of our race today are descendents of these people from Venus. Generally they are not conscious of the fact that they are here to advance and educate the indigenous peoples of this planet, but many have had a race memory which has been activated by certain events ~ material in a book or seeing a spaceship in the sky. They have suddenly realized this is their purpose and that this is what their life is all about and they are here for a reason.
S.B.: To come back to Akron's spacecraft, when he visited you did his craft create the thunderstorms?
E.K.: Not always ~ sometimes. This is a very interesting question. The thunderstorm, particularly the hailstorm, which I described in my book, was quite natural. But it has happened in the past and very recently that his spaceship has created thunderstorms. This is due to the fact that when she come into the condensation level of our atmosphere the heat field around the ship condenses the molecules of the atmosphere into cloud and the result is that the gravity field retains the cloud around the ship, spinning it around in its lines of force ~ you can actually see this. This is what we call an inorganic cloud because it is created by the spaceship.As she moves, the cloud goes with her, and we have actually photographed this cloud effect with the spaceship in the middle. You can actually see the glow of the ship in the cloud. The Air Force takes infrared photographs of such a perfectly circular and rotating cloud with the glow in the middle of the ship. Now this is a very good form of camouflage and they (Akon) use it quite a lot.Just recently I experienced Akon's spaceship in Natal which created a most tremendous storm. I saw this circular cloud which had a grey edge to it, the perimeter was clear-cut in the blue sky and it was perfectly circular; in fact it looked rather like a mushroom cloud of an atomic explosion. The high center to the cloud was the spaceship dome. The cloud itself was almost an apple green cloud. In the center was this pink-orange color ~ it was quite beautiful. The resulting storm was tremendous, incessant lightning, rain and wind. It happened four times. It was a warning for me regarding making a decision. This happened in the last two weeks.
S.B.: Couldn't Akon have remained in the fourth dimension, in invisibility, to avoid the storm and still communicate to you? Why was it necessary to be so dramatic?
E.K.: He wished the effect to be observed by others. He wanted the people to understand the power of the spaceship and that it was there. Now I'm known by the natives as not just the star lady but also the storm lady.
S.B.: Are you a twin flame of Akon, that is, from the same source of consciousness or are you a soul mate in which the relationship has built up from many lifetimes together?
E.K.: We both originated from the same place so we have always been twin flames but we are also soulmates because we have the same consciousness, realization and ideas in life completely. I can't remember many past lives. I remember my previous life clearly with Akon on Venus, and we have always been together through the ages. I have only had this one life on Earth.At certain periods we have to be parted, for example, for me to do my work here and Akon to do his work in outerspace. My purpose here is involved with a vast educational system throughout the world to tell people about all this, to write about it. It is necessary for people to realize there is a greater authority and civilization out there who will intervene if we do not behave ourselves.
S.B.: The spiritual advancement is so great on Meton one might have thought that the people would have transcended the physical level and moved into a higher plane. Why are they still using physical bodies like us?
E.K.: So they can communicate more easily to other civilizations in the physical. There are no physical disadvantages: they keep in perfect health, and there are no injuries. So it is perfectly safe for them to retain the physical body, besides they seem to enjoy it.
Elizabeth Klarer died of cancer in 1994.

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Fighter Pilot of the 1st Class Lieutenant-Colonel Lev Vyatkin was born in Perm, Russia, on October 20, 1931. In 1953 he finished the Komarov Higher naval Aviation College in Yeysk, and in 1974 graduated from the Mechnikov State University in Odessa, Ukraine.

In his own words:
On August 13, 1967 I took off in my interceptor for a training flight. The time was several minutes past 23 hours. I turned on the afterburner in order to climb to 10,000 meters. I maneuvered the plane to face the beam, determined my location, reported to the Flight Commander and smoothly banked the plane to the left.

It was a calm, moonless night. The bright constellations added to its charm. The plane had performed half of the turn and was facing the sea. The lights of Yalta, a Black Sea resort town, glimmered below along the half moon of the beach. I made a routine check of the flight instruments. The engine murmured behind my armored chair. Everything was O.K., the flight conformed to all standard procedures.

At that moment I caught sight of the thing that later kept returning to my memory and troubling me, making me recall the details of my night flight, time and time again, searching for explanation for what happened then. I saw the Object when I looked up from the instruments: it was a very large oval-shaped object which was somehow fixed to the port of my plane. A strange object so close to my plane could not help but worry me so I requested the Flight Commander Major Musatov at once: "Who is in the zone?" He consulted his instruments and answered to my surprise that there was nobody in the zone as all the other planes had already landed.

I banked the plane to the right, trying not to lose sight of the strange object which worried me a lot. Attempting not to approach the object too closely, I tried to determine in what direction it was moving. However, several seconds later its lights went gradually down as if a rheostat switch had been turned off inside.

Meanwhile the plane made a complete right turn and came back to the starting point. I considered my next move and then decided to make the left turn I had planned, trying to be as careful as possible. Hardly had I banked the plane to the left and adjusted the speed and thrust when I saw a flash of bright light from above straight on the course of my plane. Then a slanting milky-white ray appeared in front of my plane. The ray was closing in on the plane. Had I not leveled out, the plane I would have run into the ray with the fuselage or, to be more exact with the cockpit.

All the same I hit the ray with the left wing. I was approaching the ray at very high speed, not taking my eyes off it, so I had time to notice and feel something very strange. No sooner had the wing touched the ray than the latter broke into a myriad of tiny sparkles like those you see in a spent firework. The plane shook violently and the instruments read off the scale.

"What's the matter? Is the ray solid?" I thought instinctively, with my eyes still on the strange sparkling pillar which stretched downwards. Soon the light above and the ray below disappeared.

Flying back to the airfield I kept searching the starry skies above for more surprises but everything was quiet. My night flight ended safely. For many days afterwards the surface of the wing which had come into contact with the strange ray shone at nights as if to remind me of the phenomenon.

One knows from experience that there is no such thing as "solid rays".* And yet it was me, a pilot, who happened to encounter the impossible phenomenon in real life. I felt some relief when the popular newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" published an article entitled "Cosmic Ghosts" (October 17, 1989). The article stated that "solid rays" really existed and I had not been the only person to come into contact with them. V. Selyavkin, the police chief of Voronezh, Russia, described a similar experience he had when he found himself at night on a road in the town suburbs. "Suddenly a ray of light fell down on me from above. It was so bright and powerful that I felt it physically. You won't believe it, but it pinned me to the ground with its weight. Then the ray moved aside and disappeared. I will not forget it as long as I live..." Many other sources mention this phenomenon so characteristic of UFOs. Another feature of the ray is no less strange. It can project itself from a UFO like a telescope support or a probe. It terminates abruptly.

None of the physicists can explain these pecularities. The nature and functions of the ray are not clear. Is it a ray at all? There is a need for a different name, but what? Which physical laws govern it?

Both the impact on contact and the frantic running of the instrument needles suggest that it is not a ray of light but a pillar of fluorescent, highly magnetized gas. By confining gas within a "magnetic tube" or a "pillar" it is possible, in principle, to achieve the effect of a "solid" ray which can project and retract itself.

It means that a protruding ray which has an "end face" may turn out to be nothing but a pillar of magnetized gas. I know that I am speculating over disputable and poorly investigated issues but circumstances forced me to express my opinion.

* Once again, we find proof that the rays emitted by UFOs are solid to some degree.

Sunday, May 29, 2005


From Dirk:

Kinda makes me wonder about the inhabitants of any "spacecraft" who would appear "on demand" by some basketball-player-turned-jahweh-freak. As if those who would pilot such craft wouldn't have anything better to do with their time. They're just waiting around to help some local yokel impress other people with his skill? Come on! I know people who can point a camera in just about any direction and get as much. They're called orbs, not 'UFOs'. Also note: His 'reason' for calling the 'UFO' - in his own (maybe not exact but close) words . . . " . . . so that people will know I'm not mentally ill . . ."

Well, if he were a true 'prophet' of some 'god' (which leads into a BIG discussion about just who the so-called god of the Old Testament 'Yahweh' - and the others who 'created/cloned' us in THEIR image were/are and is not the point of this response), then he wouldn't care that people think he's nuts. But it's a voice in his head that's telling him what to do and where to go. That's one very strong symptom of schizophrenia. That he does whatever the voice in his head bids shows his lack of discernment and calls 'UFOs' (I think it's closer to calling demons) to 'prove' to others he's not crazy shows his pride, both of which are antithetical to a true mystic.


Prophet Yahweh to call UFOs over Las Vegas

For only 45 days, starting June 1st until July 15, 2005, Prophet Yahweh, Seer of Yahweh, will be calling down UFOs and spaceships for the news media to film and photograph. During this time, a spaceship will descend, on Prophet's signal, and sit in the skies over Las Vegas, Nevada for almost two daysWell, that´s the way the press release starts...and since it´s obviously so serious, well I thought I´d just leave it all in one place for all to enjoy ...

Prophet Yahweh was blessed to discover the lost, ancient art of summoning UFOs and spaceships on-demand.There is a difference between UFOs and spaceships. UFOs are usually small flying objects: glowing orbs, metallic spheres, satellite-type flying machines, etc. And, their flight patterns suggest that they are not of this world.But, spaceships are large futuristic vehicles that are clearly designed to carry passengers in like you see in the movies.Since 1979, more than 1,500 UFOs and/or spaceships have appeared on Prophet Yahweh's signal before witnesses or at unawares. During this time, he was performing his summons privately with only those close to him as witnesses. But, starting June 1st until July 15th (45 days) Prophet is going public by opening up to the news media. He will demonstrate his ability to call down UFOs and spaceships, on-demand, for them to film and photograph. Prophet is in direct telephatic contact with his space being friends. They have revealed that they will send UFOs as soon as Prophet starts asking for them to appear. Also, before the 45 day summoning period has ended, a spaceship will descend and sit in the skies over Las Vegas on Prophet's signal. The spaceship will hover in the sky, not far from Nellis Air Force base, for almost two days. All Las Vegans will be able to see it, day and night, before it goes back up into space.Some news media representatives won’t be able to come to Las Vegas to film the sightings. But, they would be interested in doing a story on Prophet’s ability to summon them. Others would like to see videos of the UFOs, first, to determine if they are real, before coming. Because of this, Prophet is giving the news media free access to the broadcasts area of his website where they can view his UFO videos. Also, since some news media will not be able to come to Las Vegas, Prophet is willing to travel to any city to call down UFOs for them to document.If your company would like to film or photograph UFOs and/or spaceships that appear on Prophet’s cue, email your request to him. Afterwards, he will communicate with you concerning it and email you the login information you need to access the UFO videos in the Broadcast Area of his website.
Posted 5/23/2005 @ 10:52 AM General


As much as this sounds like so much equine excreta, Prophet Yahweh's "gift" has now been documented live by an ABC news report out of LA. Video of the report can be seen at mms://wm-ondemand.abacast.com/prophet_yahweh/ABCnews1.wmvIt is absolutely amazing and is definetly not what I was expecting. Whatever may be the truth, it cannot be denied something quite extraordinary is happening with this man.
Posted by positronik on 5/27/2005 @ 9:30 PM

oh, believe our prophet Yahweh .
Posted by midget on 5/28/2005 @ 12:17 AM

i too have seen the video... i believe it... this will be amazing
Posted by anonymous coward on 5/28/2005 @ 12:23 AM

Here`s his Bio.

At birth Prophet Yahweh was named Ramon Watkins. He was born in Memphis, Tennessee and briefly attended Tuskegee Institute on a basketball scholarship then later accepted a football scholarship at Southern Illinois University (SIU) in Carbondale, Illinois. It was at SIU that Prophet Yahweh joined the ministry. Prophet Yahweh's first radio ministry was conducted at radio station WYZE in Atlanta in 1978. In 1981, he started his first cable TV show at Viacom. In 1996, he began airing a UFO cable TV show in Los Angeles.After Prophet had a dream, in 1999, instructing him to move to Las Vegas, he left Los Angeles and relocated there. It was on August 1, 1999 that Prophet Yahweh began his cable TV show in Las Vegas called: "Prophet Yahweh – Ufologist." In addition to his charitable works, he claims to have discovered the lost, ancient art of summoning UFOs and spaceships on demand.

Saturday, May 28, 2005


Excerpted from "Contact with Beings of Light" by Peter Guttilla

As Dorothy tells it:

There was one particular incident that was very strange, even for me, partly because it happened while Duncan was in the room, and partly because of how it took place. (Duncan was her husband.) I've only told this experience to a few people because it was one of those times that I didn't have a chance to film, even though I believe I did film the same craft at another time years later.

We were visiting relatives in Australia, in fact, we'd just arrived earlier that day, and Duncan and I were sleeping in the downstairs bedroom. It was very late and, as I recall, a stormy night with thunder, lightning, and gusts of wind. So there I was, and for some reason I woke up rather suddenly and noticed a greenish light in the room and two beings standing there, looking at me. Duncan was sound asleep and didn't move. The two beings, or entities, I don't know what to call them, I'm sure they were androids or some other artificial types, were standing there at the foot of the bed, holding rods in their hands. They were only about four feet tall, and this is what was so weird, they had very gentle-looking cow-like or calf-like faces. Their eyes were big and wide-set, and they had little muzzles or snouts, but their bodies were human in shape with two arms and legs. They were wearing what I can only describe is a sort of scuba diving suit, or that kind of one-piece style of outfit. Their clothing looked green, but that could have been because of the green glow in the room. Later on, when I could see the clothing more clearly, it did seem to be a light green in color. As strange as it was, there was nothing frightening about it. They had very mild expressions and didn't seem at all threatening. I was surprised but felt calm, I could tell they were friendly and that they were there for a reason.

Afraid that I might wake Duncan, I pushed off the bedcovers and got out of bed slowly. I was never sure how my husband would react to something like this because he'd made it clear to me many times that he preferred not knowing too much about these things. He didn't move and continued to sleep soundly as I got up and put on my robe and stood facing the two little entities. It was such a weird scene; there was thunder, there were flashes of lightning, the wind was blowing, and the two entities just stood there in this faint green light with serene expressions.

Then one of them came over and handed me one of the rods. It was a shiny silvery white color, very light in weight, and I'd say about a foot long and maybe two inches in diameter. There were two buttons on one end of it. I said, "What do you ant me to do with this?" The one standing closest to me said they wanted me to go with them so they could show me something. At first I spoke, but they didn't, instead they used their thoughts. I looked at Duncan, thinking that all this was going to wake him up. At that point the one standing near me told me not to worry, that my husband wouldn't waken because one of them would stay behind in the room. I guess that meant as long as one of them was there, he could keep watch and be sure Duncan didn't waken. I remember feeling very relieved. As weird as it sounds to some people, and it even sounds kooky to me sometimes, I'd gotten so familiar with these types of things that it didn't bother me anymore. Knowing Duncan would stay asleep was a relief, not only because of how he might react to these strange looking entities if he woke up and found them there, but can you imagine his concern if he got up and found me gone?

One of the entities went to the window and pressed a button on the rod he was holding and, boom, just like that he passed through the window. I was so amazed; how could he do that? Mind you, these were security-type windows because we were on the ground floor of the house. My relatives had those metal bars on the windows for protection. But this little entity went right through as if it wasn't even there.

As he went through, he told me to follow him. How can I do that, I said, I can't go through the wall and the window? He said, "Push the button." So I pushed one of the buttons and nothing happened, although I did feel suddenly lighter because I was levitating a bit. It's an odd feeling because my body felt weightless, making me feel a bit out of control for a moment. He said, "Now push the other button." I pushed the other little button, and suddenly I moved toward the window and was outside. It was truly something like they do on the television program Star Trek, that's all I can think of to compare it to. But there was no twinkling or crackling or any of that; it just happened instantly.

So it was like that, and I pressed the button on the rod and I was through the wall and the window. I think there was some kind of force field set up, too, because I didn't feel the rain or wind, and yet it was blowing hard all around us. Once I was outside, I could see an enormous round cylinder shaped craft hovering above; the entity flew up toward it and I followed him. We went through an opening underneath the craft. The opening was like a big doorway with a ramp of some kind in it, or it seemed to me that a ramp would come from it. There were windows above it, extending on either side.

When we arrived inside the craft, I could see that there were two levels to it. The upper level was shaped like a huge dome. I remember being very nervous because I was gliding through the air. I felt terribly wobbly, and when we got to the craft, we moved around the interior in the same way, but by then I was getting along a little better. There didn't seem to be a speed control with it, I just moved at a pace identical to the little entity in front of me, and where he went, I went as well.

The craft was extremely big. Later, I tried to estimate its size and all I could think to compare it to was maybe a football field. I'd say it was almost the size of a football field. The interior was immense and airy and very clean smelling. I noticed that around the dome was a catwalk or a walkway with a railing that people were walking on, going here and there and to other parts of the craft. There were a lot of human beings there, or people that looked like human beings, but I don't know if they were from earth, or from somewhere else. There was also another ordinary looking man who seemed to be a leader. He was dressed in a blue or indigo-colored uniform of some kind and wore a cloak-like garment with gold trimming along the edges, on the cuffs, and at the spot where a gold clip held the cloak on. His hair and eyes were dark, possibly brown. As he walked passed by me, I noticed a brownish, parchment-like paper rolled into a scroll in his hand. He was walking and looking at us flying around. He smiled, and I assumed he knew I was getting a tour of the place.

He walked away and went into a room down from where I was. I followed the little entity who brought me here, and we moved around a bit, looking at this and that, eventually coming near the room the man had entered. Looking in, I saw a raised platform that looked like a big table to me. The man in the blue uniform was standing there at the table, and the paper he'd been carrying earlier was laid out flat on the table where he, and several others, were looking it over. That's when I noticed that some of the other people at the table were different in appearance. They all looked human, not like those crazy-looking characters you see in the movies or anything, but they were slightly different from one another. Each wore a different uniform, though the one-piece styles were somewhat alike. Some of them were quite slim, others shorter and broader, while others had slightly larger eyes. Except for these slight differences, they all looked like human beings. I couldn't see too much detail because I was some distance away, but I watched this scene for a while, and from there we continued to look around a bit. It seemed quite busy everywhere I looked. I just couldn't get over the size of the craft; even though it almost felt like an arena, it still somehow seemed very light at the same time.

After this I was taken back to my room just as quickly as I'd left it. I gave the rod to the other little entity and the two of them left. I just stood quietly at the window for a while, thinking about how truly amazing this universe of ours really is. Duncan was still asleep and breathing deeply. He turned over a little, looking very comfortable, so obviously nothing had bothered him while I was away. When he got up later, I told him about it, and he just nodded as he always did. He was such a dear; I'm sure he knew by then that something was going on with all this, but he liked knowing as little about it as possible. The feeling of flying around with that little stick in my hand never left me. It was truly remarkable. I'm sure there will be people who will think I only dreamed I passed through walls and flew around but it was very real. I could feel and smell the air, touch my clothing, and hear sounds. It always amuses me when people suggest this sort of thing, because most people know the difference between a dream and a real experience... and so do I. Besides, many examples of these sorts of experiences can be seen in my films, and no one can say that my films are dreams. My camera lens has been my best friend in all this, and nobody can deny what they see in my pictures.

Friday, May 27, 2005


Clifford Stone at one time was an Associate Director in my organization. I know him and believe him. I know what has happened to him because of his research in UFOs.

Aloha All, here are two interviews with Clifford Stone by Paola Harris. I've been doing some research on Sgt Stone and find his testimony of having worked with an elite team on UFO crash retreivals compelling. Paola has done field work and believes he is legitimate. What I found interesting in the interviews is that he details how he was advised by those in the secret government assigned to monitor his public activities to participate in the Steven Greer, National Press Club Disclosure Conference in May 2001. They told him to "Go have fun," and only cautioned him not to reveal secrets in areas where there was agreement that he would not cross over into. This is a pretty clear demonstration that there is an ongoing acclimation program where whistleblowers like Clifford Stone, Phillip Corso, Michael Wolf and Charles Hall are 'permitted to come forward to disclose secrets. At the same time, these whistleblowers are discredited in order to maintain plausible deniability. The Acclimation program is therefore quite clever since while the information is being leaked to the general public by whistleblower testimonies, the mass media doesn't pick up on it since the whistleblowers are discredited and aspects of their testimonies can't be confirmed.

The following interviews are well worth reading closely to understand how a particpant in the crash retreival program was inducted and used over a twenty year period because of his psychic abilities to interface with ETs. If you want to find more on Paola Harris' interviews with Clifford Stone and other whistleblowers, I recommend visiting her website at: http://www.paolaharris.it/english.html
In peace
Michael Salla, PhDwww.exopolitics.org

http://www.swa-home.de/clifford.htmNational Security by Paola Harris

This interview took place on 2 July 1998 at the home of Clifford Stone in Roswell, New Mexico.
Sergeant Stone, what is your background and what events led to the birth of your book, " UFOs Are Real"?

When I was seven I had my first close encounter with a UFO, followed by interactions with alien entities. I served in the Army for over 21 years. At first, I was reluctant, then afraid, then disillusioned by the way the Government handles the subject. When I decided to speak openly about UFOs I was still on active service, and the Army only told me to always make consistent Statements. However, when I was assigned to another detachment, I was categorically ordered not to discuss UFOs, or write or make requests to Congress without authorization or approval. I considered this to be unacceptable, especially since I was involved in the programme without the knowledge of' my commanding officer Instead of being discharged, I was sent to Germany, then Belgium and around Europe, and I found myself involved in the UFO situation again, though unwillingly. I heard about an incident in the USSR: the Soviets tried to shoot down a large unidentified craft and mysteriously lost three of their planes. So I decided to conic out into the open, in spite of my superiors who may not have been aware of my intentions and my links with various agencies connected to UFOs. I asked to be discharged, informed the structures not connected to the Army about this and left-Germany.

What year was this?

1989. 1 went home on apparently ordinary leave. Only one colleague, a Russian interpreter, knew about my involvement with the UFO programme. My request to be discharged was denied two days before I arrived at Fort Bliss and they assigned me elsewhere for two months. They convinced me to stay and said It wouldn't be sent back to Europe but would be assigned to Fort Belvoir. I was still set on leaving because I didn't want to go through the same experiences, experiences which can't be discussed, even to the extent where my family knew nothing about them but were used to my sudden, long absences and certain strange visitors...
Were they government agents?

Yes, but I didn't know they were. Here's an example: since 1969 up until two months ago I was in close contact with someone who remained anonymous and who called me "Colonel" he was an agent responsible for my protection.

UFOs Are Real contains classified documents. What impact has the book had on public opinion?
It contains a large amount of American government documents with a high classification level. The Goverment denies everything and doesn't even admit that top secret documents on the subject exist but keeps them well hidden! My interest centres on Operations Moon Dust and Moon Fly which tie still involved with UFOs. The US Air Force has an installation at Fort Belvoir, Virginia which is identified as Air Intelligence Group 696 and is responsible for the collection of UFO data and material. Names and programmes are given pseudonyms. I was in the Army's counterespionage service when the programme covering Project Moon and Operation Blue Fly began. These missions are both run by the Department of State. Well, that's a half truth. It's actually Defence Intelligence which really controls both projects, using military attachès in every consulate and embassy in the world who send data about UFOs, while our military personnel was and is ready to go into action anywhere in order to obtain any prospective document and make it disappear.

Such as documents about recovered UFOs which the USA has always hidden, on the basis of certain agreements.

I am absolutely certain that the majority of the foremost governments and Intelligence Agencies know the truth about UFOs. Don't get me wrong: we don't know how much has been disclosed.
What didnt you say in UFOs Are Real ?

I didn't say very much about Moon Dust and Blue Fly. I got hold of certain documents, but when I tried to find certain information I got nowhere. They told me that for the moment it was probably classified material and could not be divulged. I then went to to certain members of Congress who denied - through political channels - both the existence of operative units with these names and the role of Fort Belvoir. I went back to the same Congressmen and showed them 23 documents which confirmed these missions and the Fort Belvoir operative base. The Air Force intervened, it first claiming that they were war missions and then trying to make Moon Dust and Blue Fly out to be pacific. In the three chapters devoted to Moon Dust and Blue Fly I have not included letters which name members of Congress who stated that the relative documents had been destroyed. That's pure disinformation on the part of the Defence. The Attorney General knew about the Air Force's coverup but didn't follow up with an enquiry.

Why not?

For two reasons. Firstly, if we claim that life elsewhere is possible, then we should reach a technological level which can be applied and integrated into culture in case of hostilities. Secondly, we' feel the need to understand our visitors as much as possible and this constitutes a serious problem. The Army repeatedly told me not to expect or anticipate all the meetings with the so-called "entities" - the EBEs, but they called them entities because they didn't know where they come from - to be specific. Later on, they told us that they may even be hostile. Every now and again we shot at them and they responded with weapons. I call tell you about an episode which took place in Brazil: two military contingents opened fire from the ground on two UFOs which responded causing a 60% loss of material and an 80% loss of personnel. So were we capable of standing up to hostile action? Not at all. A lot of people believed an Independence Day scenario was possible. But in reality, an invasion of hostile forces from Space or from other powers was under way, and I'm not talking about one race, but 57 different races.

57 different races?

Yes, we have identified 57.

Is this documented?

Yes it is, but in documents which will never be published, unless they manage to force open the archives. Do you know how we know all of this? There's only one possible way: using so-called "interactions", or interface exchanges''. Anybody who worked in this field and revealed they knew about these secrets was told: "You have a special mission to carry out". In any, case, if I told you everything I've done, you'd find it hard to believe me. I loved my country, I believed in the Army and in doing my duty in Vietnam, even if it cost my life. It was destiny. So, even though I had been declared unfit for service, I arrived in Vietnam and realized that the wrong people were giving the orders. My task was to gather together the children and help them. In the end we saved 1700.

Talking of children do you know about particularly gifted subjects who are used by government agencies as interpreters or interfaces with aliens?

That's a subject which worries me a lot. I was once on one side of a table and there were non-human beings on the other. No-one in that room knew what was going on, but I did.

Have you ever talked about it?

No. I told my son that I'd take it all with me to my grave. Instead, it was he who died, and I still have a lot of doubts about his death.

Dr. Michael Wolf suffered the same cruel fate when he lost his wife and son. Do you know Dr. Wolf?

I haven't heard of him. We are trying to do what others in Space have already done.

So, after your sighting as a child, the Government monitored your interaction with aliens, using you, we could say, as an interlocutor with other races in order to glean information?

Exactly. It was the Government which wanted to squeeze this information out of us.

I mean you, you in particular.

There are a great deal of things I haven't ever said.

So, if your job was to be an intermediary... do you believe that there will be contact in the future?

We have already had contact.

But in the near future?

Definitely. Within 25 years. We are moving towards a militarized Space which will lead to the opening of new frontiers in Research and Development. We will become voyagers in Space, we will go towards other solar systems. Current technology doesn't allow us to draw our discoveries together and put A, B and C together in order to get B. If Space becomes militarized, it will be a threat to our vistors. It's easy to see Why. We need to use technology responsibly for the betterment of our race, and if other intelligent species really exist up there, we have obligations towards them. We, as a race, are still not mature and spiritual enough to do this. Do I believe in God? Yes! And they believe in God too. But our definition of divinity is probably in conflict with theirs, which doesn't mean that we have a different point of view. They would wipe out many races in order to better define the concept of God, and at the same time they would get themselves killed before taking the lives of others. But they are also ready to defend themselves. I think they will continue to monitor us until we constitute a threat, within the next 30 years.
This (Showing me a page in his book), is a document taken from an Intelligence memorandum which was sent to the FBI. It should have been destroyed. I told the FBI that the Air Force had authorized its release. They didn't know that the Air Force didn't want the information to be released. And it worked.

Your book came out in July 1997, and by now they ought to know that you have these documents, don't you think?

As far as the Air Force and the Pentagon are concerned they don't exist. But I have shown the opposite to be true.

Can you tell us the number of your work group?

It was 4607.

Is that a recovery team in the Air Force?

Yes, it's based at Fort Belvoir. There they train and look after people who... I hate the phrase "psychic phenomena", who have had experiences as an interface. They tell you: "You are going to be an interface", and it's logical that your reaction could be very emotional.

Let's talk about recoveries. It seems that aliens don't bother coming back to save their companions left on Earth after a crash. What do you think about Area 51?

Do you want the truth? Area 51 is an expedient. However, there is a connection. We still use Edwards base in California, which belongs to the Air Force. I want to make it clear though, that I am not saying that nothing of the kind, associated with the UFO phenomenon, happens in that base.

And what do you think of alien corpses put in containers?

It's science fiction. We have a "marker" an identifier who acts as an interface with the fabricator. The fabricator then provides specific information, small fragments of the truth, messages which must appear to be very positive. So after managing to influence the identifier, the fabricator will disappear, and the identifier will carry out the task he has been assigned to do. If we want the ufological community to believe certain things, it must know what we do. First of all, we give the fabricator the task of identifying what we define "Intelligence Targetting", a target being an individual who will circulate - this is the marker - and start to spread... it's surprising to see how easy it is...

... To spread the partial truth...

We call it disinformation.

If the Roswell crash was covered up, does that mean that during World War II something similar had already happened? Why are you smiling?

At 12.15 during the night of 25 February 1942, a formation of 12-15 unidentified craft was seen in the sky over Los Angeles, California. They were neither ours, nor the Navy's nor the Marines'. Not having established the identity or radio contact, they decided to attack in the fear that they were unknown enemies. Our coastal artillerymen discharged 1430 shots against the targets. There was no reaction, no bombs, no plane shot down, no damage to property, no victims and the craft disappeared. General Marshall related the incident to the President of the United States, Franklyn Delano Roosevelt the very next day. In 1943 in the Pacific, General Douglas MacArthur asked General Doolittle for news of an unusual object which had faced our fighters and bombers. At the end of 1943, Doolittle informed MacArthur that some " spectators" had followed the main military action. They were not terrestrial and maybe they were hostile.

"Spectators" - is that what they call them?

That's how Doolittle and MacArthur described them. We didn't know much about it. All I know is that something happened in China which convinced Doolittle, without a doubt, based on events which led to the recovery of a craft.

Who was Doolittle?

He was a very famous and very active Air Force pilot. He led the "Doolittle Raid using B25s (James Harold Doolittle, a hero in the air, led the first air raid over Tokyo on 18 April 1942, - Ed.).

Certain pieces of your story coincide with what Dr. Michael Wolf has said. Let`s go back to the children. I find it incredible how the Government chooses some who are particularly sensitive and puts them into its service.

Just think, I was declared unfit for service... and yet at the end of my service I received another kind of training, the so-called "AM' or "Advanced Individual Training'' and they sent me to the archives of the Post Intelligence Center where I found a guy, apparently on special service from the Pentagon in Washington DC. I stayed quiet, and it was he who talked to me about UFOs. "Don't worry, it will all be OK. What do you think of this he said, showing me a document. I replied: "It's nothing I should know about" and he said " wanted your opinion of it". A couple of' days. later I told him I was worried because I had seen a top secret document. He replied that he hadn't shown me anything...

...how come?

I asked him the same thing, and he answered: "You'll find out in due time". It said on my file that I'd enlisted in the Air Force for three years, whereas the service period then was four years. At the end I was assigned to NBC, Chemical, Biological, Nuclear Warfare, in the communications sector.

Did they ever ask you about your experiences of contact?

I believe they knew about it.

In that case, they could have learned about it from two sources: your family or the entities themselves, aliens who decide which humans will work with them.

It's likely. During the training, you go through a phase o f "indoctrination", ,,where you find yourself face to face with a mountain of information which blows your mind, so much so, my legs once gave way and I nearly fainted because of an extremely painful migraine.

If it's true that certain people are used as an interface, are they aware or not?

Colonel Corso knew about this.

Corso never directly implicated the Government, but five or six different departments. No-one knows their respective modus operandi. If this happens in the United States, it's possible that they do it in other countries...

Yes. The situation is such that we are forced to reveal the information to every interested country. There's no doubt about it. In the USA a small group of people deals with this, not designated officials. You can't trust the Government: power is only apparently in the hands of the White House or Congress. It's a select group. For them it's always and only a question of' national security. They're interested in military application as Corso said - in new technology. Anything else is secondary.

In other words, the Government gets everything it can out of this contact. In the meantime, no-one worries about interior development or the spiritual side of the UFO presence.

Absolutely, they don't give it a thought. But in reality, the spiritual aspect of the UFO phenomenon must be given the utmost consideration.

http://utenti.lycos.it/paolaharris/cliffsto_may2001.htmClifford Stone May 2001 Interview I contacted Clifford stone in Roswell New Mexico after his appearance at the Washington Press Club at THE DISCLOSURE PROJECT PRESS CONFERENCE headed by Dr. Steven Greer.

Harris: Hello Clifford

Stone: How is it goin' kid?

Harris: How is it going with you after that Disclosure Conference in Washington on the 9th?

Stone: Still hangin' in there. I went ahead in the news conference and spoke little but some took a little longer. I said "this is me. This is what I did I stand before God and my country and before Congress under oath to state that what I know is true."

Harris: It took a lot of courage! I'm looking on Internet and the conference is mentioned and you are one as one of the chief witnesses as a member of recovery team of Project Moon Dust are mentioned everywhere. I don't know if you know that I was part of the project here in Italy. I helped Dr. Greer here to film several Italian Military Witnesses and pilots.

Stone: There was a lot of inquiry on me. I broke down several times. I can't help that. When you are back there and you start telling, you are no longer in 2001. All of a sudden you see everything in your mind's eye. But there are several things that they don't want you to talk about but that covered some of the stuff I was involved in. I thought I need to let people know so I went ahead. It hard to eliminate some things they are part of the total story.
Well there was not a dry eye when I talked. I gave Jaime Maussan an interview and they talked to me from the DATELINE TV show. I told them the impact it had on my family and friends.

Harris: Oh. I read in Italy that there were 250,000 people that tuned into the audio on their computers . And at a times there was some jamming. But in any case , it was the largest audience the Press Club has had. We are trying to translate the audio in Italian for our listeners here. When I saw you on the list, I was really surprised. You have been threatened so many times. The last time I heard from you was when you were trying to get to Canada but I heard you were stopped at the border but I want you to be safe!

Stone: I was not going to go. But they insisted so they (the powers that be) said "go.. have fun with this!" I thought "this is good". But they want me to avoid bringing up certain things. How can I talk about it without that stuff being brought up? So as it turned out on that night, I thought "no holds barred! I hoped Dr. Greer doesn't get mad if I get emotional. but even he cried when I got up. No one had heartburn with what I had to say. Like what I've always said "if I didn't live it , I'd find it hard to believe."

Harris: Since I didn't hear the individual testimony for that five minutes, what did you tell. Just that you were in charge of PROJECT MOON DUST. Is that what you told?

Stone: About my first recovery and the situation where we helped one escape.

Harris: Oh, I did not even know about that. Is that written somewhere?

Stone: I don't think it is written anywhere but I hope that hopefully they will put it out.

Harris: When you said you helped one escape, you are saying that you helped an ET escape. Is that a long time ago?

Stone: This was in 1969

Harris: So was this part of the Project Moon Dust operation?

Stone: It would have been part of what I was doing. Yes, but I can't go into it right now.

Harris: No. I don't want you to but I did not know any of this.

Stone: I am trying to tell more but it is like when I told that, I get physically and emotionally strained. I told Dr. Greer, "I gotta leave, I can't stay here. I gotta go out!"

Harris: He understood though.

Stone: He understands

Harris: The media said Dr. Greer asked older people. They said "gray haired men". Was there mostly older people there?

Stone: Mostly. Ya gotta understand. There wasn't a whole lot of younger people. Larry Warren was there. He is 40. I am 52.

Harris: I don't know the other people .I heard Filer was there from Mufon. Is it George Filer?

Stone: One of the Colonels there said "we never did any of this other stuff." I said "well I can show it to you in writing I was there." Finally we decided there, what they did back then and what I did when I was 'in' was two different things. Well I will tell you a little secret , when I talked about my experiences about how we communicated.. It was only about five or ten minutes. I thought I'll try to get through this real quick..I won't break down...Well I broke down.

Harris: Well you are still emotional about it. Well it is coming out slowly and someone wants this to come out, right Clifford?

Stone: Well I think there are people that want this to come out but I don't know how to do it. I've always said. Don't punish those who have kept the secret. There was Positive free energy discussion. We have this technology that should be available to the peoples of the world. Focus forward with Charity toward all. Seek out the Truth so that we can go ahead and be doing those things that are right for the future. We will be able to build a more caring and loving future and the world can come together representing the planet EARTH, and not be divided representing various theocracies of this planet.

Thursday, May 26, 2005


Location. Yaroslavl Russia
Date: late September 1979
Time: midnight

The witness was sleeping on the bed, head to the window, or, more precisely, to the portable TV set that was located on the bedside table between the bed and the window. The sound system of the TV was not working after an unspecified accident.

The witness suddenly woke up to a strong feeling of danger---a terrible, mortal danger. The feeling was so definite and violent that at the very moment of awakening the instinct of self-preservation went into action: he did not open his eyes, nor moved, still breathing steadily. Obeying the voice of reason and instinct the witness began to open his eyes slowly and carefully. Still not moving he examined the space in front of him: there was nothing there, but the feeling of extreme danger did not disappear. Utterly confused, I remained in bed, fearing something, indefinite.

Then he realized that the source of danger was situated at the back. Very slowly he began turning leaning on his left elbow. Having finished the turn, he froze in complete surprise. Somehow his portable TV set looked completely different. Neither its size, nor contours changed, but it now looked like a stone monolith of greenish gray color. And right in the center off the "screen" there stuck out a small semicircular cap consisting of a transparent substance; it was about 3 cm in diameter and jutted out from the "screen" to the same distance. Behind the cap he could see some "dense and viscous" light of crimson red color that did not illuminate anything in the room.

The astonished witness could not think of what to do and just lay back in bed. The feeling of danger did not disappear, he lay in bed, drenched in sweat and inanely staring into space. Suddenly, at his feet, in the space between the low back of the bed and another bedside table, there occurred a swift motion: a small being impetuously ran over his legs and sat down on his belly. He could not estimate its full height, as it sat on a squatting position. In this position its height was some 30-35 cm or so, its full height might had been some 50 to 55 cm. It looked like a small human being, not a child or a monkey, but just a small human being, notwithstanding minor differences in proportions. It sat down on the witness abdomen and slightly leaned forward stretching out its left hand forward and downward in a natural gesture. Its fingers clung to the witness right arm, which was lying on his chest. This made him feel sick; the being's touch was cold like a frog. The humanoid was staring intently into his eyes. However somehow the feeling of danger had vanished. He felt no fear towards the humanoid, clearly realizing that it was intelligent.

The face of the being was fascinating. Its head was disproportionately large in relation to its body. It was globular on top and slightly narrower beneath. Its eyes were rather large, elongated, and "horse-like". The bridge of its nose was hollow and the nostrils protruding. The mouth was long, having no lips. The ears were large, round and prominent. The face was gray-greenish in color. He does not remember any hair or headgear. The being's clothes appeared to be close fitting, of some indeterminate color. It looked as if there was also a stand up collar, like on an old full dress coat.

The humanoid looked at him for about 10 seconds and then it leaned somewhat lower and extended its hand in a purely human gesture, holding its palm upwards. And it began to speak, moving the hand up and down, as if trying to help the witness comprehend its speech. The being's voice was expressionless, low and somewhat dry. It pronounced a sound, something between "a" in the bad and "e" in the word "men". In general, its speech much resembled the Morse code. Realizing that the witness did not understand anything, the humanoid leaned its head still lower and began to speak again. The speech remained incomprehensible as the first. The being seemed to be irritated about this, and stopped talking, but attempted to communicate one more time.

At this point the witness attempted to move slightly and the being suddenly rushed toward his feet at very high speed and apparently vanished in plain sight. Looking back the portable TV had apparently returned to normal. The witness discovered the next day that the sound system of the TV was now operating normally. The witness apparently obtained bizarre "paranormal" abilities soon after the incident.

Source: Valery A Kukushkin, RIAP Bulletin 2002, Vol. 8 # 1-2

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


In 1981 Paris Colorado, Dan Edwards and myself went to eastern Oregon from Arizona. Paris had several gold claims up the North Fork of the John Day river, near Dale, Oregon. It was time for him to do his assessment work so we went with him.

From where the road ended to his claim was 9 miles. We left the van and Paris and Dan pushed a wheelbarrow with supplies in it all the way. It took several trips to bring everything. On one trip they took gold tables with mercury plates to obtain the gold flakes out of the sand. That was backbreaking work to push those long tables on a wheelbarrow for 9 miles.

During the trek up there Paris continually felt someone was watching us walk on the trail. We never saw anything but it was very quiet.

Our camp consisted of two domed tents under a huge tarpaulin cover erected over a scaffolding. Hanging from the scaffold was a shelf of sorts where we put our food so that little rodents wouldn't get in it. Paris slept in one tent (with 2 guns!) and we slept in the other. Dan didn't believe in guns. He had one deaf ear and he always slept on his good ear so he didn't hear anything that could wake him up.

Dan and Paris dug a hole that they hoped would hold gold in the sand. They then would put the sand on the tables and run water over it and if there was gold it would adhere to the mercury plates. The hole was about 8 feet across and about 6 feet deep by the time this incident happened.

In the evening we would sit around the campfire and talk. One evening 3 lighted ships went over. Right after that Paris and Dan started bickering back and forth. They later thought those ships had created the feeling in them, for what reason I could not say. It was soon over.
Later that night Dan was asleep and I was close to it. All of a sudden I heard twigs snapping. Paris said "do you hear that?" (he was always apprehensive in the wild) I said yes I do. You could hear something walking completely around our little encampment. Paris was really frightened.

The next morning when we got up Paris and I looked for evidence of what was breaking the twigs. On one side of the hole (which was in a near proximity to our camp) where they had piled soft sand as they shoveled, was a giant footprint. On the other side another one! You could see where something had walked that was very heavy around our camp. When Dan woke up we told him what happened. He accused Paris of making the HUGE footprint. He hadn't heard a thing during the night!

Needless to say, we left that morning, leaving everything but the mercury tables because Paris had borrowed those.

There was another time I went to Southern Oregon with a group of persons from my UFO organization. We went to visit Stan Johnson who purportedly was in contact with a Sasquatch family. He took us up on the mountain where he had first seen the male and then later became friends with it. While we were there I heard a scream in the forest. Stan felt it was a Bigfoot calling out.

Another thing we observed was where they had beaten on a fallen tree with a rock and had pulverized the tree. It was one way they communicate with each other.

Stan wrote a book about his encounter and presented it in Wyoming at the University of Wyoming Contactee conference and later at our own conference in Seattle. He was an interesting person. Maybe I will type off some of his story for you all. You will never hear another one like it.

When I lived in Calgary, Alberta I attended the Stampede. In a large truck they were exhibiting a big foot they had obtained from the Bering Sea. Ivan T. Sanderson, the scientist had brought it there in a refrigerated truck for people to observe.

The Big foot was in a block of ice in a glass container. You could see in the ice where it had been shot in the head and a red liquid had seeped into the ice. I looked very carefully at every "part" of the Sasquatch. His face was mostly bare. You could see his teeth in his mouth which were very broad and large. One would make 3 of ours. On his fingertips you could see fingerprints! He was approximately 6' 6" tall. You can find this written up in Invisible Residents by Ivan T. Sanderson.

Male and Female Sasquatch Reportedly Being “Contained” in Oklahoma Have a pair of Sasquatch been tracked, captured and contained in Oklahoma?

(PRWEB) May 21, 2005 -- A male and female Sasquatch are reportedly being “contained” in Oklahoma.
On the Wednesday, May 18th edition of the Internationally syndicated late evening talk show, The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show, hosted by Rob McConnell and heard exclusively on the TalkStar Radio Network and their US and Canadian affiliates, a guest claimed that a male and female Sasquatch were being “contained” in Oklahoma.

Leigh claims that the full name of the Sasquatch is “Yeti Sasquatch Bigfoot Junior.”

Jason Leigh, who has been on The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show claims to be a former employee of ABC as live cameraman, had a UFO sighting that changed his life on June 11, 1995. Since then, Jason has been involved with the search and establishing that extraterrestrials are presently visiting our planet and that there is a US Government conspiracy when it comes to aliens and UFOs.

Leigh, who was scheduled to come on last night’s show surprised McConnell with his world exclusive announcement on The X’ Zone, that a male Sasquatch, that measures 9.5 feet tall and answers to the name of “Otis” was tracked down and captured in Oklahoma. The female Sasquatch that is also being contained, who has been named “Sarah Jane”, according to Leigh could very well be a hybrid species.

The length of time that the two Sasquatch have been contained for was not revealed.
According to Leigh, a film company in Oklahoma, Ghost Shield Studios are going to be filming a docu-drama about the Sasquatch and that after viewing the film which is scheduled to wrap up in the fall of 2005, there will be no way that anyone will be able to doubt the existence of Sasquatch. Leigh claims to have been hired by the studio to write part of the script and possibly play the part of the Indian tracker (not because he is half Cheyenne and half Irish) but because of his long hair.

Leigh stated that the members of the scientific community and media will have their opportunity to see both Sasquatch after the film has been completed and shown.

Leigh made reference to the “Sundance Indy (or Indie) Film Institute” as being the governing body behind the interview requests, and The ‘X’ Zone tried to contact them for a comment, we could not find them. We then tried to contact Ghost Shield Studios and could not find a listing for them on the internet or in an Oklahoma telephone directory.

The American Indian Film Institute and Sundance Institute were contacted and they had not heard of the “Sundance Indy (or Indie) Film Institute or Ghost Shield Studios.

According to members of Native American Associations who were contacted by The ‘X’ Zone, containing the Sasquatch against their will is a violation of their beliefs and laws since the Sasquatch are considered to be sacred.

To listen to Rob McConnell’s interview with Jason Leigh, visit www.xzone-radio.com/archives.htm on the date of Wednesday, May 18th., 2005.
The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show is broadcast LIVE, Monday thru Friday from 10 PM – 2 AM Eastern and then the show is repeated in entirety from 2 AM – 6 AM Eastern.

The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show, now in its 10th year is available through the TalkStar Radio Network and their Canadian and US affiliate radio stations. To find out how your station can carry The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show visit the TalkStar Radio Network website at www.talkstarradio.com or call Victor Ives at 503-638-4839 (in Oregon).

To contact Rob McConnell, call (905) 575-5916 (offices and studio are located in Hamilton, Ontario) or via e-mail to e-mail protected from spam bots, or visit The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show website at www.xzone-radio.com.

Patricia Bay, British Columbia Canada Date: late 1979Time: 0500AOn two consecutive nights a witness watched a large white light come from the north and hover briefly over the sea before leaving. The morning after the second night an Indian living nearby was awoken by his dogs barking furiously, looking out he saw an enormous gorilla like creature climbing out of the sea. The creature climbed up the bank, through the trees then ran at very high speed down the road quickly disappearing from sight.

Source: Janet & Colin Bord, The Evidence for Bigfoot and Other Man-Beasts

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


The most remarkable abductee I met and investigated was Brian A. Scott, a design engineer who underwent six abductions over a period of five years. I first met Brian in 1976 and was impressed by the amount of data he allegedly received from beings from another solar system. This was unlike other cases I had studied in the volume of data that Brian supplied far exceeded the norm.

Brian had first seen a strange ball of light on his 16 birthday, on October 12, 1959. The glowing orange ball came to within a foot of him, then darted skyward, leaving the youthful Brian dumbfounded. The ball of light returned many times later, and on one occasion Brian tried to repel the ball from his house using a broom stick.

Brian's first encounter with alien entities took place on the night of March 14, 1971, near Apache Junction, Arizona. Apache Junction is located near the haunting Superstition Mountains. Brian lost two hours of time the night of the first encounter.

Brian had gone out to Apache Junction that night about 9 PM with his friend Nick Corbin to look for a good range for target shooting with a pistol. He had left the main highway and followed a dirt road for a quarter of a mile. He then parked his car to have a look around. His attention was riveted by the sound of an animal in the distance, but he could not see the animal. As he looked above the Superstition peaks, he was amazed to see a glowing oval object hovering above the mountains. He began to realize that what he was seeing was not a conventional plane or helicopter as it was too large and had a "funny kind of glow around the thing."

The object began to move toward Brian and, as it did, his first thought was to run back to his car and leave the area as fast as he could. Before he could move, the object positioned itself directly over his head and appeared now so large that it filled the sky above him.

The next sensation Brian felt was that of being lifted into the air. Fruitlessly, he reached out to grab something to maintain balance. A feeling of hysteria overcame him. He was being pulled upward by an invisible force through a doorway and was deposited in an outer corridor of a craft where he could feel the mixing of warm and cool air. He could see the lights of Phoenix directly behind him.

When Brian turned in the doorway, he was astonished to see that his friend Nick Corbin had also been lifted aboard this object. The two of them could only stare at each other. Brian could see some bright light coming from the interior of the craft.

Suddenly a door seemed to explode open and Brian could see four silhouettes framed in the light of the open interior hatch. Two of the creatures approached Nick and two approached Brian. Within seconds the creatures began to undress both Nick and Brian. Nick started a struggle to resist the creature's efforts. Brian, seeing any resistance as futile, cooperated with the creatures and finished undressing himself. Nick passed out as the creatures took him off in one direction, and then took Brian in a separate direction.

Brian was taken for a short walk and then turned to the left where he faced another door with a symbol on it. The creature on Brain's left reached out and touched the center of the symbol on the door, and the door opened.

The creatures were described as being 7 and a half feet tall, gray in color, with skin that reminded Brian of the skin of an elephant, with large hands and a very bulky body. Their hands ended in 3 fingers and an oddly bent thumb. The creatures seemed calm and certain of what they were doing.

Brian was led to an inner room, taken to the wall where the creatures then released their hold on Brian. It was at that time that Brian thought about bolting for the door to effect his escape, yet he felt restrained to the wall by an invisible force. Brian found that he could only follow the movements of the creatures with his eyes as they stepped behind a rectangular lighted console. While this occurred, an intense beam of light was directed at him from a box attached to a pole that ran from floor to ceiling. A cable ran from the box up the pole. Another creature stood behind the box, manipulating it.

Brian noticed that the entire room was filled with a mist and he could smell an odor he described as that of dirty socks. The mist or vapor seemed to linger on the creature's skin and was absorbed by it.

The box was lowered to the floor, at which time Brian could feel the sensation of warm and cold fluids running up and down his legs. He distinctly got the feeling he had urinated, and he felt strange in the pit of his stomach as the light of the box played over his body. As the light shone in his eyes, it caused a numbing sensation and gave Brian a headache. At this point, the creature extinguished the light and departed through a doorway, at which time another creature entered the room. This new creature was taller than the others, almost nine feet tall!

The new creature approached Brian and placed his hand on top of Brian's head. Brian felt as if thousands of thoughts were rushing into his mind. Brian asked the creature who he was and what he wanted. Brian could hear the creature reply, but its speech was rapid and slurred. The creature replied again, this time at a slower rate and in perfect English, saying, "There will be no pain of this." At this time all pain fled from Brian's body. He continued to ask the creature who he was, where he was from, and what he wanted. The creature replied, "I will tell you, and I will show you." Then Brian got the sensation of leaving the craft as if its walls melted away. He saw a holographic-type projection of domed cities on the surface of an alien planet. The creature explained that this was his old home planet before its destruction, and before the time of the virus that had mutated and killed his people. The hulky creatures were not as they appeared to be, but were wearing a projected "cloak of sorrow" in memory of the days of those who had gone before them. The cloak was also a biological shield against contaminants.

After the projected image disappeared, Brian found himself free from restraint and could move freely again. As the creature turned to leave, Brian still demanded to know who the creature was. At this point the creature turned to face Brian and said, "I lift the veil of projection." Brian saw the creature in his true form as a human being about seven feet tall with long red hair and piercing blue eyes. The being further said, "I am Voltar," then left the room.

Brian was escorted back to the first corridor where he had entered the craft. There he saw his friend Nick Corbin once again, and his crumpled clothes were left for him to dress. In a gentle motion Brian was lifted into the air and deposited back on the desert where he began to walk, looking for help. He noticed a light on the ground, which he discovered to be his own flashlight that he had dropped when he first sighted the UFO. As he returned to his car, he could remember clearly everything that had just happened. Later, after turning on his car radio and discovering it was now 11:10 PM, and that he had been out and away from his car for two hours, he began to forget. Brian had over an hour's drive to get home to where he lived in Glendale. By the time he arrived home, he could only remember seeing a strange light in the sky.

Brian had five subsequent abductions with the last abduction occurring on June 22, 1976. Brian went through a post-abduction phase involving trances, automatic writings and drawings, and an experience of transformation on December 22, 1976, at the ruins of Tioahuanaco, Bolivia. After that time he was given ten projects to accomplish and has quietly disappeared to work on these projects to be culminated by December 25, 2011!
Since this article was written Linda Moulten Howe did a long article on Brian Scott and an update on his activities.

Monday, May 23, 2005

DOROTHY IZATT by Graham Conway

Amongst the followers of UFOs and related phenomena can be found the fairly rare person who was lucky and successful enough to capture a picture of what is accepted as an Unidentified Flying Object. An even smaller number managed to achieve this feat on movie film. All these people covet and proudly display what is for them a once in a lifetime accomplishment.However, for Dorothy Izatt of Vancouver this performance can be duplicated at very regular intervals, and at the time of writing she has taken 8,250 feet of color film, which represents 105 Super 8 films. This has been acquired during the last three years.

At present further filming seems rather futile as apparently, with a few exceptions, duplication is the net result. It is the film images, the circumstances that surround them, and principally the movie maker, where obviously a closely woven mystery lies, that I propose to discuss.

If you met Dorothy on the street or in her home, you would detect little that would provide clues to the fact that she possesses many unusual qualities. She is a neat, courteous, contained person, who speaks quietly and convincingly about what she knows. She displays the conviction of one who has "been there," and if you don't wish to believe what she tells you, well that's your tough luck because you Missed out, brother.

It quickly becomes apparent that she does not have all the answers to the many unanswered questions that surround her, and Dorothy constantly seeks the opinions of others to match and weigh against her own . Her earliest unusual recollection was when she was seven years old, was confined with mumps, and saw pictures on the wall of her room.

In 1952 - at that time she was living in Hong Kong - she and her husband saw a gold colored object very briefly in the sky. The very next night the servants came down from the roof in a great state of agitation, describing the viewing of the same, or a similar object. Ever since her youth she has experienced vivid dreams where she was apparently an observer of a vehicle type, that we refer to as a saucer. Other craft of various sizes were also at this "airport." The occupants she does not recall as being unusual, by earthly standards.

Other dream sequences she locates as being in Egypt. They were equally "real." The people she met were dressed in gold, with a leopard on a leash.

The present sequence of events commenced in July, 1975, and have continued without interruption ever since. At that time Dorothy, who is a deeply religious member of the Catholic faith, went to her room at 4 p.m. to light a candle and meditate, as was her custom. She had an urge to go to the window as she felt that something was watching. In the sky was an object that she describes as a "gorgeous diamond." It appeared to be spinning and began to move in and out of the clouds. That same evening she had an urge to go to the window again around 7:30, and this time saw what she calls the mother ship. She remained watching one hour. During this time she tried some simple experiments. Taking a flashlight she waved it up and down, then sideways, then zigzag. The craft responded with identical movements. This same craft appeared the following two nights. Very concerned about what she was seeing, Dorothy confided in her son when he came to visit. This time they both watched the object. He returned the fourth night with binoculars. Shortly after this she discovered that whenever "they" were in the vicinity a beam of light shone into her eyes. She describes it as feeling warm. It also became apparent that some sort of communication system had been established, as Dorothy could ask questions and either receive replies or see movement from the craft she was watching.

One morning at 4:30 she saw 30 small objects leave the mother ship. Although she phoned the airport and the Vancouver Province news paper , no other reports were available. The ship she saw on a regular basis displayed a monitoring device that enabled the operator to see and hear what was taking place at any particular spot. Dorothy was horrified by the implications of this device. She was shown various shaped craft that were used for different purposes.

Some time later when visiting friends and relating these events to a skeptic who was present, she was successful in commanding a vehicle to execute certain maneuvers in the sky. Later on in her home she achieved again, for the same person, a matching display of "command performance" in the sky.

By this time she was beginning to question how sound in mind she might actually be. So she phoned a well known radio personality whose talk shows had dealt with this sort of topic on a number of previous occasions. She had a lengthy conversation with the producer who decided to visit her home. As a result of what transpired that night, the producer stated that the only way anyone was going to believe Dorothy was seeing what she claimed, was through being able to produce evidence. In the opinion of the producer, a movie camera might achieve very satisfactory results. Sometime previously Dorothy had bought a movie camera for her husband - a relatively simple instrument, with a load, aim, shoot principle. It was a Keystone X1 200 and initially the film used was Ektachrome. Later, for a variety of reasons a change was made to Kodachrome film.

Success from the word go inspired continued attempts. Of these many hours of patient nearly all were spent looking south from a bedroom window that provides an elevation of perhaps 20 feet. This view will nearly always include in the foreground three or four street lights, sometimes the neighbor's house lights opposite, and occasionally the moon, or head lights from cars. When showing any film, Dorothy is always quick to identify to the viewer these extra lights as they appear.

Altogether, I personally have viewed eight different films on two occasions. They are rewarding, but hard to watch for an extended period. The films I saw had been selected by Dorothy as she felt they contained something of particular visual value. After seeing them all, I had to agree she was correct. Some of the images captured are not only impressive but, to put it mildly, rather extraordinary. Principally, the projected light sequences that have been filmed show a dark blue pulsating object, filmed at an unknown distance but whose elevation could no doubt be estimated from known heights of familiar objects in the centre foreground. A similarly shaped red dot executes flight patterns and pulsations that come close to that of its blue partner. The star of the show is what the film-maker refers to as her "golden ball." For sheer spectacle this UFO (if that is what it is) takes some beating. Not only does it come in close, or so it would appear, but it radiates energy to such a remarkable extent that I felt convinced that if I approached the screen I could surely feel the heat that was being emitted. The energy output is seen as waving hair-like lines that stand out from this shimmering sphere. These lights proceed across the screen generally at a fairly slow pace, pulsating on and off as they go. Sometimes the red and blue might be seen on the screen together. At other times a light will appear to elongate as if its intention was to spawn another craft (amoeba fashion) then change and revert to its original sphere. Another short scene captures a third object as it passes close to the camera on a horizontal or vertical plane . Suddenly the viewer is dazzled by a flash of light and he/she mentally dismisses this as overexposure for some reason. Dorothy chuckles and patiently rewinds the film, frame by frame, until on the screen is the outlined path of the object you were watching proceed at what seemed to be a snail's pace, a second before. Only on this single frame of film is captured what can best be described as a lighting-type maneuver, with each stop, and next movement, then stop again, shown as a necklace of beads made from light. Always the pattern outlined is complete on the screen. It never runs off.

The majority of the film sequences that I viewed were shot at night. Those taken by day were in my opinion nowhere near as impressive as the evening shots. Other films contain similar "overexposure" frames, here and there. But incredibly the single frame projected sometimes contains completely irrelevant material.

One such amazing scene appears to be of a bay or lake, filmed from behind some bushes in the foreground, with a road of sand and then some buildings leading to a shoreline. Another scene shows a body of water upon what appears to be a bridge, dock, wharf or some construction in white. A finger of land reaches across the background, with the sky above it. All this is viewed slightly out of focus. It is more impressive on the screen than seen on a 4x5 still "blow up." Two separate films show "exposure" frames that in one case identifies as a domed craft moving past the camera lens in the right foreground. This solid-looking saucer is outlined in lights of various colors in the manner of a neon sign. Then another frame shows what can be best described as a long row of large boots marching towards the viewer. I am tempted to compare this image to that of an animated Disney cartoon, or alternatively to the familiar bumper sticker, where a large pair of upturned boot soles dominate the sticker, with the distorted owner leaning backwards, and a message that says, "Keep on Truckin'." Only in this instance, no written message is discernible. Yet another movie "still" shows very clearly the lower extremities of what might be the landing gear of the classic Adamski-type saucer. Certainly the lower bulges are evident. This shot was taken by someone from ground level and creates an impression of shining, solid, metallic immensity. The visual height appears to be at least 20 feet from the ground to the base of the craft. Conversely, this picture when reproduced as still blow-ups; shows greater clarity than on the screen. One other striking peculiarity in this particular shot is that the UFO depicted is quite obviously rotating slowly, as the vehicle is seen from four separate angles. The dominant color in this four-angle shot is gold.

Dorothy quite some time ago asked, "What are you like?" The answer comes to her in a series of three-dimensional faces that float in head and shoulder parade through her open bedroom door and across the ceiling as she attempts to go to sleep. So "real" are they that when above her bed, she can see up their nostrils. These people are in some cases Michelangelo ''types''. Others have pointed ears, domed heads, sunken or bulging eyes. Some are black. She has also witnessed monkeys and platypus in the parade. Figures crowded in to such an alarming extent that Dorothy asked that they be removed or reduced in number and proximity. This request was promptly complied with. But even now the hall light is left on to reduce the vividness of the faces that appear in the night.

Another impressive phenomenon is the appearance of the classic saucer-shaped craft (two pie plates on top of each other) this being viewed '' through'' the bedroom ceiling! A friend interested in the paranormal suggested that under certain conditions the witness may be looking into another dimension. He felt that an attempt with a flash camera might be worthwhile. It was. An image was recorded of a recognizable and fairly extensive section of a saucer craft. Similar success has been achieved with faces. In one, the face of a King Tut-type pharaoh is visible.

Dorothy added that when taking these pictures in her bedroom with flash the whole room is left, covered with a "frosting" effect that lasts for upwards of two minutes. This frosting covers everything - walls, ceiling, furniture, etc. Bedroom images usually appear when the witness is either dropping off to sleep or waking up from her nightly rest. She is often able to hear the noise of the craft she sees, describing it as a high pitched hum or radio noise.

Apparently attempts have been made to communicate through written messages. Some nights on waking she has viewed lines of writing that were, to her, indecipherable. First there were hieroglyphics, then something that resembled Hebrew; then Roman Latin, and finally English. The print was illuminated by surrounding light and could not be totally read before it faded away.

This talented and composed lady has spent several thousand dollars of her own money on recording what she is still continuing to see. A number of recognized research authorities in the western world have had access to her carefully recorded films and notes. Theories are innumerable, answers are few. Dorothy displays irritation when requests are forthcoming for further samples of this or that. Her confidence in the experts' ability to extract a solution is quite obviously shaken. Her religion is her pillar of strength and her confidence in what is happening to her is strengthened by the continuing discovery that other people elsewhere have, and are undergoing wholly or in part, identical experiences. Friends who have seen what has transpired over the years state that it seems as if some sort of an educational program is involved. The recorded images are becoming clearer and stronger. Only time will tell how far the "instructor" intends to take his pupil along this unusual path.

COMMENTARY: Dorothy demonstrates talents that fall within the boundaries of what the investigator would describe as psychic. Of her own family, for example, her father and all seven girls possess this ability to varying degrees. She can demonstrate success in psychometry and palm reading, is able to see human and plant auras and predict by touch alone what is on the underside surface of a marked card. She recently discovered, through casual experiments with her granddaughter's assistance, that she can detect colors by the warmth that is released from their surface. The paper used in this was of the cheapest variety. Astral travel is also a fairly common event for her. But as with many of these experiences, they are not always cultivated, nor appreciated when they occur.

For instance, a few years ago her fame for accuracy at palm reading spread at her place of work to such an extent that associates, including management, were lined up at her desk for readings. The results were pain, discomfort and depression for her.

One night when in the kitchen making hot chocolate for her husband, she commented to him upon the beauty and intricacy of the patterns that circulated within the radio waves when the microwave oven is turned on. That was the first time she was aware that no one else could see them but her!

In seeking further confirmation of what has been described so far I am drawn to CUFOR vol. 4, no. 6, where in the Letters section Paul Montague describes a cylindrical object seen by his mother and aunt while driving in Richmond, BC on Sept. 24, 1975, at 7:45 p.m. The craft traveled along just over the tree tops. This sighting occurred only a stone's throw from where Mrs. Izatt lived at that time. Coincidence? Opposite to where Mrs. Izatt now lives is a Dutch couple. The lady of the house arose one morning at 2:30 AM and witnessed an object hovering over Dorothy's house. She called her husband who also saw it. The object appeared two nights in a row. A month later a mauve-colored light (machine?) was again seen hovering. over Dorothy's home, again two nights in a row. Coincidence?

Postscript July 1996 To date, Dorothy Izatt has taken 350 movies on 8mm colour film. She has frequently been asked to use other peoples cameras in an attempt to establish if she can achieve the same results. The answer is YES. She recalls using her son's camera, a polaroid, a cam corder and last but not least, a T.V. camera, belonging to the film crew of "Unsolved Mysteries". In each of these cases, with other peoples equipment, Dorothy produced her usual mystifying results.

In 1989, a group of interested technical people were gathered together to produce a documentary. As a result of their combined efforts a 48 minute video was created, describing her background and achievements. Regrettably, due to legal problems, this interesting footage can not be made available to the public. At present time a book has been written that will present to the public what they clearly wish to know about Dorothy and her accomplishments. This fact is evidenced by the 600 phone calls and equal number of letters that arrived after the North American airing of her interview on the T.V. show "That's Incredible".

Although Dorothy is no longer as active in her film pursuits, she is however as determined to pass on the message that she perceives is being made available. To those researchers in all fields of enquiry, she hopes they will bring the same zeal to bear, that she has demonstrated in the past 25 years.

Graham Conway

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