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Thursday, April 21, 2005



Jim: We have some friends from Texas who got a pretty big "jolt" at the ranch.

Barbara: They have had some very serious problems develop because they were there when a very bad thing happened.

Jim: Trust me to tell what I want to tell, will you?

Barbara: All right.

Jim: I know how to upset "them," and a lot of the things that scare Barbara involve their taking punitive action against us. I found that when I had guests that I wanted to see something, I could get a stack of wires and go out and get very busy with them, like I was putting something up. We would go back to the house and watch, and within a short period of time, they would be up there checking out what we did, and everyone could get a view of them. I did it several times, as sort of half a joke. Dan, the friend from Texas, was giving the old "you're not giving me that kind of junk, are you?" Electronics is his field, and he is a computer expert with a large company, and he is impressed with his own self-importance. Well, I went up deliberately to stir them up. I found that certain elements very much upset them -- silver being the main element. I have a large collection of Indian silver jewelry and I discovered inadvertently that they shied away from silver. So I went up to the circle, the burned spot I spoke about, and stuck silver bracelets in the ground along with the wires, like I was really putting something intense up. I came back to the house and we were all sitting playing Risk. I didn't know what would transpire but I hoped I would upset them. About two in the morning, the lights went out in the house, right on schedule. This voice came out of nowhere again and it wasn't FM; it was obviously intended to be terrifying and sounded like a computerized voice -- very mechanical-sounding. It was coming out of every radio and TV speaker in the house. We were sitting right in front of a console stereo, and the voice came out of it, and I can almost recite the words exactly. They are burned into my memory. "Attention, we have allowed you to remain. We have interfered with your lives very little. Do not cause us to take action which you will regret. Your friends will be instructed to remain silent concerning us."

Barbara: That's very close.

Jim: That's just about the words. Well, Dan was extremely thrilled when the lights came back on, cause he said, "Now, I'm in my field." He asked if he could take apart our TV set and stereo.

Barbara: He was quite good electronically; he guaranteed that anything he took apart, he could get back together again.

Jim: And he started to dismantle it. He went through the whole unit and he said that he couldn't figure it out, but that his technicians in Texas, when he got back, would. He checked and the stereo was off; the phonograph was on when the lights went off but the radio receiver part was off; it was on phono. We found out that the type of transmitter it would take, from even close range, to cause a signal of that intensity to go through the house would be beyond our means to ever put up.

Barbara: But Dan was still sure that it was a hoax. His wife and children were all upset and crying, and Dan took his daughter off into another room and told her that they needed to find out if it was a trick or not. He told her to go back out and tell us she was frightened and wanted to leave immediately. We thought that if she acted upset enough and if were playing a trick on them; rather than ruin the whole vacation, we would admit it. I got very upset and said that they couldn't start back to Texas in the middle of the night and I would call a friend in town to see if they could stay there. Then Dan talked to his daughter and they all calmed down and they stayed. And he just told us this weekend that he knew if it was going to ruin the whole vacation, and if it had been a trick, we would have admitted it to him. He had decided, to save his own sanity, that it was somebody else with a massive capacity pulling a hoax on us, and that we were gullible enough to go for it.

Barbara: Needless to say, Dan never found the trick. He went over the whole house; he even dumped the laundry bags. He went over everything. I was glad the house was clean.

To be continued


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