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Tuesday, July 03, 2007


After the conference in Tucson Helene invited us to come to Safford, Arizona where she lived. She wanted to sponsor a conference under the name of the UFOCCI.

We agreed to the conference and started to arrange fo contactees to speak on a panel. The contactees that came to Safford were: Tom Courtney, a Phoenix contractor, Dr. Alicia Flowers, PhD, Atlanta, Georgia, Psychologist. Paris and Betty Colorado. A lady from Tucson that does Kirilian photograph also spoke on her contact experience. A couple from California, Wythea and Winfield Brownell were on the program that day. Dan and I spoke about our Center and the contactees.

Safford, Arizona is a small cotton growing town. It is also next door to Thatcher, Arizona, the home of Eastern Arizona University, a Mormon college.

We advertised the conference on the radio and in the newspapers. I believe this was a first (and I might add, the last) for this sleepy little town. Many people came to hear about abductions by the "aliens."

Several years before a huge delta shaped craft had flown into the valley. People (including the mayor) in Clifton and Morenci had witnessed the spectacular object at close range. Many of these people attended the conference hungry to hear more about the object they had been privileged to see.

Recently Helene found a person that was picked up by the space craft in Morenci. This man had a son dying with muscular dystrophy. The E.T.s told him to go after his son and they would help him. He brought his son and the aliens took five clear vials of liquid and told him to insert one a day into the navel. At the end of five days he would be cured. Purportedly, he was. It would be necessary to see documentation before and after to authenticate this claim.

Helene was able to examine the clear vials. She said they appeared to be plastic or crystal and had a vial within a vial.

Dr. Alicia Flowers was one of the speakers that attended the conference in Safford. She has given us permission to include her contact case in this narrative.

It was the spring of 1977. We had just started a college on the Russian River in California and I was part of the administration. My husband and I lived in Oakland and I commuted for three days a week to the college, and consequently spent three nights alone in the forest where the campus was located.

At the time I was writing my dissertation, partially inspired by the works of Wilhelm Reich. I got a lead on a book that followed Reich's mention of flying saucers. Up until that time I had no interest in flying sacuers except for a short time when I was 11 years old and a girlfriend and I had collected newspaper articles on the topic.

I was reading the Cosmic Pulse of Life by Trevor Constable alone in the administration building where I spent the night. The book was astounding to me - I got chills reading it. It was about 9 p.m., way before my regular bedtime of 12 a.m. or so. Suddenly I felt myself going into a trancelike state, where I felt completely paralyzed. I could not force myself to move and felt some alarm.

The next thing I knew it appeared that I was being lifted through the ceiling, through some intense golden light. I saw some little Beings about 4 feet tall. I was placed on a slab and was being examined. A huge 7 foot tall Being with alligator skin and webbed hands was touching me much to my terror. He passed a long needle through my navel, but there was no pain.

The next scene I recovered through hypnosis, I was in a crowded country - perhaps India, and was within the consciousness, in the body of a thin nervous woman who was very quick in thinking and even in metabolism so that I felt uncomfortable. She apparently was into some kind of intrigue where she had to watch everything she did. I got the sense of some underground movement or spying or something like that. She was in a crowded bar and some very powerful and dangerous men were hauling off one of her colleagues. Her thoughts were that she was running out of resources - financial as well as sheer physical energy and that she wanted to give up. But when she saw her friend hauled away she knew she had to push on.

All of this experience is not completely recoverd because it lasted 14 hours. But under hypnosis I recall that they were discussing my dissertation and saying I was on the right track. It was about a cure for cancer. The last thing I remember was laughter which under hypnosis was friendly. But in my memory, because I was so terrified of the experience, I thought it to be menacing.

I thought I had gone crazy. I knew it wasn't a dream because for one thing I bled from the navel for three days after the experience. My husband can verify this.

Oddly enough, following this encounter I found the strength to leave my husband and move back to the South where I had a powerful intuition to return that I had been struggling to ignore. In later years I came to regard the out of body experience with the woman, to be a kind of "play" to describe myself to me. I was running out of personal resources in California and was in the wrong place at the wrong time so to speak. The South always has been the right place for me.

Most of my fright centered around the large green creature. He had legs like a human, long and powerfully muscled, but his upper half was hideous to behold, except for his eyes which were a beautiful gold color and filled with love and compassion. He had green scales rather large - 2 inches wide - and a very long nose reminiscent of an elephant. But he appeared amphibious like an alligator. I learned later that he was very loving, that he was the leader of the ship and most shocking of all, that he had been my husband in a time before this life.

Indeed before this experience was over (which lasted 3 years) I made love to him. My boyfriend was a very loving and open man and often when we were making love Tayra came through his body. I remember one especially tender night when J. rested his head on my right shoulder and Tayra on my left.

My first contact with the aliens enabled me to finally leave California and to leave my husband whom I did love but with whom I was not getting along. I had felt such an urgency to return to my chosen Georgia with her beautiful forests, but had been conflicted about leaving him.

I was so frightened by the experience that I did all I could to try and forget it. After a few months in Georgia I began having some very disturbing experiences at night. While I could see nothing, I sensed the presence of little Beings entering my bedroom. I was terrified and feared that I was going crazy. This went on for two months. Finally I said to them, "If you are real, send me a sign." And they did. One night I sensed them to my left. It was about 3:00 a.m., the usual time of night they entered. Just as I sensed them my boyfriend sat bolt upright in bed and yelled "What was that?" looking exactly where I sensed them to be.

I was galvanized into action following that. I bought every second hand book on UFOs that I could find. In the middle of one book was Leo Sprinkle's name, bless him, and I flew to meet him, although I could ill afford the trip. He assured me that they "send the little ones" when you don't pay attention to the original experience. He hypnotized me and recovered the first experience in its entirety.

At a conference, I met another hypnotist and treveled to Florida to meet him for further hypnosis. As we were going deeper into trance, suddenly the voice of Tayra, the 7 foot, green, amphibian creature came through. And he was crying as he spoke to me. He said he was a leader on his planet and the Captain of a star ship. He said that I was his beloved wife. As he spoke I saw a chamber with my body in it - frozen by cryonics. He would stand beside the glass doors, missing me and wishing I could return to him. He said we lived on our planet for 1,000 years and I had agreed to come to earth to help people here. He had some anger at the way I had been treated in my childhood saying - "I want her back. I gave her to you to help you and all you could do was hurt her." He later said that at times he had stepped in to prevent my death during my childhood. I do recall bleeding at the navel for 2 or 3 days when I was 5 or 6 years old and have thought this came from a similar abduction and examination but have no recall of the event. And through hypnosis I have recovered his holding me in infancy, coming into my room rocking me and softly crying.

Whenever I have seen him, the air around him is filled with love and compassion. The impression I get is as if a golden fluid had filled the room. There is a great warmth and feeling. In fact, his people are brilliant. They are scientists of a sort, yet they are also deeply connected with their own emotions. There is a childlike air to them, accompanying a sharp intellect as well.

For a three year period I was taken up into the ships almost every other night. At times I received treatment. Once a black box was placed at my feet and another placed at my head. A blue, lightening-like spark passed through my body. I was told I was receiving treatment for heptatitis - something I never knew I had. I got myself tested and found there were indeed antibodies to hepatitis.

Once I was taken up and shown treatment given to one of the little creatures. He was lying on a slab and an instrument was placed on his solar plexus. A chart appeared in the wall showing the flow of energy through his body as if it were a river of light. His disease state had been brought on by an incorrect flow of energy through the core of his body - like Kundalini energy. The instrument was placed in the middle and "wheels" on the sides of it, spin the Kundalini correctly.

I have since thought that colored gems were placed in the middle of the instrument depending on treatment, but I am not sure.

On that visit I was fascinated by the treatment but happened to look up. Immediately, the huge expanse of the ship took my breath away. It must have been miles along. I panicked and the Being brushed his hands over my forehead and said - "You are so fearful, my child." Immediately the fear left me. This Being was short - about 5 feet tall, with a pointed face of a pale uniform silvery color.

On another occasion I was led by a creature in a flowing black robe to a structure seemingly made of marble - it was made of some smooth, polished stone. Like an altar, a truncated pyramid. It was black. He stretched me out, spread eagle on the surface and I do not know what happened then because he said that I would not recall the ritual in it's entirety. He said I had experienced the first initiation and there was a feeling of celebration afterwards.


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