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Wednesday, July 04, 2007


On several occasions I felt like I was taken to my planet of origin for a social visit. I saw a beautiful, forested planet much like Georgia. Houses were low structures built to blend in with the forest structurally, but bright white in color. There were no roads and nothing to mar nature. Inside I noticed a golden glow in what I called the fireplace - it was explained to me that these were "crystals" which were really plant forms growing on the planet. They were translucent and seemingly filled with a gel-like or cream liquid substance. The membrane on top of the crystal was thick, yet pliable and the liquid underneath moved when the membrane was touched; they were different in size yet grew to about 10 feet. These were used as energy sources for both homes and space ships.

In order for the "crystals" in the space ship to work, there must be a mental connection with them. They are alive and a joining of consciousness with them is necessary. It was explained to me that all living things on this planet are connected to each other. There is not a hierarchy of beings from "animals" to "humans" but rather a sense of respect for all living things. Although there are leaders or captains of ships, orders are given and followed for the common good of all. Beings of lesser intelligence are treated with love and are listened to by leaders for their contributions.

On this social visit Tayra and I visited with another couple who were our closest friends. The male's name was Gel. We were outside standing around a crystal, like being near a campfire. We were relaxed and in such harmony with each other, minds and hearts joined in pure friendship. I have been told that at my death Tayra will come for my soul. He said the soul has a form, shaped like an egg. He will take me back home where I can join him again. And when I am finished with all of my lives, he and I will ascend with our souls joined together.

Often I have felt that I did not belong here. I have felt myself to be so different from most other humans. Although I am intellectual, I am also an emotional person capable of deep love and devotion and vulnerability. I feel so out of place here among people who are tough-minded or strictly left-brained and logical. There has always been a great yearning to "go home" but I never knew where home was.

Through hypnosis I have found that I was picked up at age 11 when I got a message to "study hard" (which I did). The Beings who picked me up were childlike and cute and treated me as if I were a revered person. One's name was Heltop. They were pinkish in color with large black eyes and teddy bear ears. Their bodies were thin and smaller to their heads in proportion. Their noses were small and pointed. The visit seemed like a pleasure trip. The ship they were in I was told later was a small scout ship. It could not have been larger than 20 feet. I was impressed by their vulnerability, childlikeness and lovingness.

As I said before I was taken up in the ship intensively for a 3 year period while I was deeply in love. I often got images of being in a classroom, studying intensely. I have had images of surgery on my brain and have seen others on surgical tables being operated on at the same time.

One event disturbed my connection with the Aetherians. While I was with the man I loved so deeply we were having some problems but they were not insurmountable. Tayra told me there was another man I was supposed to meet. I was to travel to find him during one summer. At that time I could not afford such a trip (the cost was $1,200). I told him it was impossible but he said - "You will be repaid 5 fold." I went. That month $5,000 came to me - paid by people who owed me money - most of which I had given up on. I had never made that much before. Tayra also told me I would never again have to worry about money and that has been so.

I met an engineer at a New Age Physics conference. Tayra told me that he was the one and that we were to be married. He was in Denver and I in the South and while we were separated we both woke up one morning seeing a reddish-purple light. He and I both remembered a metal plate embedded in the ground at the edge of a canyon (looked like the grand canyon with reddish, gray colored boulders). He did not recall the rest, but I remembered seeing about ten people participating in a strange experience. We were wrapped in strips of cloth like mummies and we were levitated down the canyon in a purple light. I had a momentary panic that I could not breathe through the cloth but realized that none of us were breathing. We were in a trance where breathing was not necessary. I could not recall what happened at the end of the canyon but was told. "This is the second initiaion. You are now married to each other."

The day of my wedding after "A" joined me in Georgia, I did not want to go through with it, but Tayra insisted. He said we had work to do together. In fact, "A" is an engineer and together we did channel material from the space beings, but we feel like none of this should be revealed now. The marriage was a total disaster. Although we had spiritual connections to each other, that is to say we were both completely open to intuitive thinking and to creative uses of new age physics our emotional connection was almost non-existent. Physically I have a great deal of energy and vitality but I got very sick during this marriage. I almost died. I became very angry at Tayra for exerting so much control over my life - insisting I do something against my deepest intuition. I severed the relationship with the space beings. I have heard of several "arranged" marriages like this one among contactees that were a true disaster. Perhaps there is something they want done that cannot be avoided. I feel like we accomplished nothing and both people experienced a great deal of unnecessary pain. Never again will I give over control of my life to another Being like that.

Although I have refused any more contact - it has been over 2 years - at times I have heard Tayra say "He's coming. Do not be concerned." Unlike other humans, I have a special need for a mate. It is as if I am a twin soul. I am not complete without my male counterpart. Although I work about a 70 hour week - am energetic and very good at what I do, when I do not have a mate it is as if I start to fade away. When I have a mate I love, he is the most important thing in my life. I am devoted and adoring and I live for loving him.

I was so angry about this experience that when I would hear "He's coming." I'd say, "get away from me. I don't trust you any more."

Actually, Tayra was right. My mate was waiting for me. He is much like me, highly functioning but yet vulnerable, loving and devoted. But what is remarkable about our experience is he has known nothing about metaphysical experiences yet about 3 months before meeting me he was taking a shower one morning and felt-saw a huge 7 foot Being in the room. The Being's name is Hemo. He had encountered him earlier in his life. It was so disconcerting , that he told the Being to leave him alone. He got no recalled messages from Hemo, but I wonder if he is not of the same race as Tayra.

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