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Saturday, April 30, 2005


I want to thank the person who sent in this article to be included on the blog.

This ORB photo was taken on October 18th 1999, in Xagar Tibet. There are the two large orbs in this photo, with a smaller one in the arm of the chair just off to the right. These ORBs appeared on the night of my miracle which took place in Shigatse, then we traveled to Xagar to spend the night, before heading into Kathmandu, Nepal, ending our 28 day trek through Tibet. (Sorry no photo accompanied the article)

In Shigatse, I mentioned a miracle, that miracle took place on October 17th (the exact same day, called an aniversary date in the metaphysical world, as the day I broke my back in 1979.) I was in Tibet via the guidance of my Angels, and of course, NOW I believe I was there via the guidance of these ORBS as well. I was told to get out of the bed I'd been lying in for nearly two years while dealing with my back once again, in June of 1999. I was told via the Angels I was going to be guided around the world via their guidance, specifically to 'heal' my back once and for all, and to understand the significance of my injury from a multi- dimensional level!
I'll refresh your memory on what happened in Shigatse that day, so you can grasp the 'whole scope' of what I, NOW know, these ORBS to have been doing for me.

We were traveling throughout Tibet visiting all the different Monasteries in each town. When we walked into the Monastery at Shigatse, I walked through a tunnel, into a gateway/stargate, and my knees buckled. I reached out to grabbed the girl next to me, in order to keep from falling down! Immediately, I began to weep. It was a knee jerk reaction as there was no way for me to stop as the tears began to flow hard. I grasped at my chest for air as I lost my breath, and my head began to spin within a 'time-warp-zone'. There was a Monk standing on a podium in front of the Buddhist Statue that greets you as you walk in the doors of this particular Monastery. As soon as I looked up from grasping my friends arm, me and the Monk's eyes met, and my crying increased to an intense hyperventilation, as I tried to grasp what his eyes were telling me. In that very moment I felt as if I knew that man, and that place I was standing in. Never being in Tibet before, I was confused, to say the least. The Monk's eyes, never left me, and I had to look away. I looked down at the ground to grasp my bearings, and when I looked up again to see if the Monk was still staring at me, he was. I continued to cry, grasping my chest as my heart seemed to be expanding to a size that was larger than my chest. When all of a sudden, the Monk began to make his way down-off the podium and started to come towards me. Once down from the podium he had to wade through the throngs of people walking past the Statute to make his way to me, with his eyes never loosing contact with my own, and he was talking to me wildly!

When he reached me, he put his hand on my heart, and I thought I was going to faint, as he grasped my arm at the same time, to take me with him! My legs were barely working, and I tapped him on the shoulder, to indicate (since we didn't speak each other's language) that I needed to take my friend with me, as my walking stick! He nodded that this would be acceptable as he proceeded to take me up upon the podium. I was absolutely 'stunned' at his actions, as I continued to search my memory banks for some kind of 'reason' for all of this to be happening. When we reached the top of the podium, we were standing in front of the largest Buddhist Statue (a 3-story gold-plated statue) in Tibet the Chinese were unable to completely destroy. The Monk continued to express his excitement, speaking to me as if he needed to tell me something very important. He turned towards me and once again, he touched my heart. Then he touched the Golden Statue of Maitreya , then he put his hand on my chest again, then, patted the Buddha. My girlfriend gasped, saying, "Dawn, oh my God Dawn, I think he's telling you, You're this Buddha! Or you have something to do with this Buddha!" I was unable to speak my throat was tight, and my heart was still pounding as the flood of tears continued to blur my vision. Then, this Monk began to bow-down to ME, several times, before reaching down to pull a Tibetan rug before my feet, where he indicated he wanted me to kneel in front of the Statue. He was showing me what to do, when my girlfriend attempted to help me gain my wits, "Oh my God Dawn, I think he's going to let you touch the Statue," she gasped! As I tried to see her through my tears, the Monk had knelt down in front of the statue and touched his forehead to the Buddha, then, stood, while indicating it was now my turn. With the aid of my two helpers, I was able to knee down, while the Monk returned to bowing down to me as I touched my forehead to the Statue.

It was instantaneous as a bright flash of light entered my forehead and shown brightly within my third-eye. Then, a bright bright symbol appeared, it was the Star of David. This vision never left my sight, it was just always there from that moment on (for over two years). As I basked in the moment, it was time for me to go, as the Monk aided me to my feet, then proceeded to bow repeatedly and touching my heart again, and patting the Buddha. Then, he asked another Monk to come up on the podium with an assortment of different colored Katas (the scarfs the Tibetans put around the Lamas and Monks necks as a sign of respect.) As he waded through the many Katas it seemed he was looking for a specific color, and when he'd found what he was looking for, he again bowed before me, as he tied a knot in the middle of the Golden Kata he'd found, then amazingly, he put it around my neck. Once again, my knees buckled and I was barely able to stand, as I closed my eyes to gain my wits, and could see the Star Of David again. The Monk continued to talk to me wildly, as if he were imparting me with some kind of 'ancient secret', and he wanted to make sure I understood MY role in the world!
Six months later I was back in the United States for a much needed rest. I'd done as the Angels had instructed me to do, and had traveled for a year around the world which ended in Peru with a four day grueling hike of the Inca Trail. I was enjoying my much needed rest at a friend's home in Northern Idaho, when I had my first contact with a spaceship! In hindsight, I now believe these ORBS made that contact happen! I not only witnessed this spaceship, I was mentally in contact with it, and the intelligence of that ship, instructed me to meet up with 'them' outside of Rome, Italy!

Six months later I was on a plane for Italy. I spent nearly nine months traveling throughout all of Italy before my instructions were made clear to me. I was to meet up with another ship outside of Rome to be downloaded with the 'frequency to be the Key' in order to open a new Gateway into Rome, from outside our Galaxy. When that day arrived, I was where I was supposed to be, and that night, while waiting with four other people I'd been told who were to join me at this gathering, we waited for the ship to appear. Sure enough, at the appointed time, upon the horizon a bright star appeared and began to move towards us. Stopping perhaps a mile away from us positioned over a Nunnery, the star began to expand and grow in size, as we each stood with our eyes peeled and our mouths gapping! The star transformed itself into the Star Of David!!!!! And it was there, standing thousands of miles away from Tibet, and years later, that I knew WHAT that Tibetan Monk was trying to tell me. And why I continued to see that Star of David everyday for nearly two years. Amazingly, on that very night, the planets of our solar system were aligned in the formation of the Star Of David as well. While all of this took place only 3 days before 911 in America! I was instructed to perform a ceremony on September 17th, 2001, earlier in the month, which turned out to be the last day of the Giza Calendar, as well as, the end of a 26,000 year cycle of time! I was to perform this ceremony just outside of Rome, where we'd sighted the ships earlier that week, in order to open the Gateway! Sixty people traveled from all parts of Italy and Greece, as they too, knew, within their hearts they were to come to be with me, after only one contact via the 'right source' I'd met earlier in the month. (The ORBS, had guided me to the Number ONE person to meet in all of Italy, who was the head of the UFO society there, only one month before I was to perform my ceremony. I'd been told there would be many people with me to perform this ceremony, before meeting this man, and I couldn't fathom how that was going to happen, but I also trusted it would be so.)

There is no doubt in my mind I was there as a 'gatekeeper' in the form of being the KEY (my Role) to that gateway, after a ship met up with me to help me accomplish my Mission!
Mission accomplished, I left Rome one month later and have continued to meet-up with ships around the world! At this very moment I am in Australia, after arriving only five months ago. I am still awaiting my new instructions.

By the way, I'd never been to Italy before, nor did I speak Italian, nor did I know anyone in Italy. The entire nine months I was there, I was guided via these ORBS and my Angels to the right people, at the right time, in order to accomplish my Role on the planet! Also, years later when recounting my story to a woman (an American Monk living in a Tibetan Buddhist Community in Colorado) who was thrilled to hear about my miracle in Tibet! Yet at the same time she admitted she was confused. I asked her why, and she explained as far as she knew, "NO ONE ever receives a Golden Kata. This sign of respect is only to be given to the Dalai Lama!"

Friday, April 29, 2005


Dorothy Izett lives in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. For years she has taken pictures in the dark off of her balcony of the apartment where she lives. The pictures she receives are so unusual. I remember one was of a light house and a harbor. There is nothing like that near her. Another one was of a window in a space craft with two "men" in flight suits standing against a wall, relaxed, and talking. You could see the frame of the window with bolts in it.

Dorothy wrote a book about her experiences and pictures. The following was excerpted from her book because I felt it was important for us to read.


Occasionally, because there have been so many UFO sghtings over the years somebody will ask if I know why the ETs are coming here. Actually, there are all sorts of them coming here, and it's primarily to help us, not to hinder us. We seem to be so self-destructive. They know the struggle mankind is going through, man with his impulses and weaknesses, and that even the best of intentions somehow go awry. Man is like a twig in the wind, bending this way and that, according to the forces pushing him. They see man as a puppet yielding to the negative impulses within himself. Even man's senses are limited. People have eyes but can't see, ears but can't hear, and even when guidance comes loud and clear, they act as if they must deliberate on whether or not to follow that guidance. How people see my films is an example. Many people have seen my pictures and feel no impulse to pursue the light within, to question their valuies, or to even stop and think about what it means. I had one scientist fall asleep while watching my films. He woke with a start, rubbed his eyes, and said he thought it was dust on the lens. Other learned people guess at what my films show, but it is always a guess that leaves them comfortable with whatever they believe. We don't try to connect to our inner beings; instead, we rely on our own cleverness rather than ask, "What can I learn from this? Many people already have an opinion and walk away satisfied.

The Light Beings, like some high order ETs, want to help us. But they can only help in subtle ways because human beings have to pull themselves up by their own merits. We've got to want to do it ourselves. It's no good if somebody does it for us; there's no permanent growth in that. I don't know why this is such a hard thing for some people to understand. To learn from our mistakes and the mistakes of our ancestors, to experience and grow and to reach the eternal is really the reason we exist. Otherwise there would be no purpose to suffering in this world of uncertainty. There would be no reason for the world to exist.

Among other things, the role of the Light Beings is to keep us from committing suicide. When people began experimenting with nature, things started to get dangerous. Take the atomic bomb for instance. I know that sounds corny because we've seen this theme in movies, but a lot of people laugh at the idea that the bomb brought UFOs to earth. But silly-sounding or not, it really happened. Even the men who invented the bomb weren't sure if they were about to destroy the world. What people don't realize, and this was something given to me many years ago, nuclear experiments were extremely dangerous, not just to the people who were killed by the experiments and by the bombs, but to the subtle energies that bind dimensions This posed a real danger to other life forms as well. From what I gather, there is a dimension quite close to ours, and the membrane that divides the two is fragile. When we tamper with nature, and it has gotten worse in recent years, by using atom bombs, or experimenting with strange chemicals that pollute our atmosphere, we weaken this membrane. If there's a break, there will be chaos on a huge scale because both the earth and its nearest dimension will be changed. The light Beings and the ETs have been concerned about this for a long time. This is why some of the ETs have been coming here.

Man has reached a level of technology that is quite familiar to the Light Beings. We've not only fooled around with nature, but we're trying to alter, and even create life by means of transplants, cloning, and other kinds of genetic experiments. Without a spiritual life, without spiritual awareness and respect for what was created, for who we really are as whole beings, the results of these things can be quite devasting to the future of mankind.

ETs have been aware of what we do here since the beginning of our history. Space and time don't exist for them, or the Light Beings either, since none of them are of this earth. The ETs from planets out there don't travel through space; they just POP IN AND POP OUT INSTANTLY. Of course all of this is from my own experience, or from what I've learned from the Light Beings.

Thursday, April 28, 2005


This happened in my town, but I did not witness it...
I drive on the 14 freeway every day and frequent the Antelope Valley Mall.
See my report below this one on what my wife observed over the 14 freeway in 1991...

Occurred : 1/12/2005 19:05 (Entered as : 01/12/2005 19:05)Reported: 1/12/2005 10:40:46 PM 22:40Posted: 1/19/2005Location: Lancaster, CA

Shape: TriangleDuration:20 Minutes
Triangular craft flies over highway... low altitude... then disappears only to reappear laterI was driving South on the 14 freeway near the Gorman Junction when a triangular shaped craft crossed the freeway traveling East directly in front of my truck at about 50 to 75 feet in altitude. Through my windshield I could see the craft clearly as it stood out from the orange haze of the city lights. It was dark colored, black and grey with a patterned design on the bottom. It didn't look metallic, there were no reflections. It had a dim white light at each point and a very bright pulsing white orb directly in the center underneath. It flew somewhat slowly, in a gliding motion, rotating slowly and emitting no sound. I exited the freeway at Gorman road and turned East to watch it. It traveled low and slowly along the outskirts of Lancaster before circling around the city and vanishing in the mountains to the south. I snapped serveral pictures with a disposable of the craft as it flew around the city. (I will send a copy if they come out.) After the craft disappeared, I got back on the freeway heading South once more. About a mile from the Antelope Valley Mall the craft suddenly appeared to the East. It glided over the freeway again! I know the cars behind me had to have seen it. It flew directly over them. This time I could see the craft at eye level as there is a slope to the east. I was unable to grab my camera and the craft flew behind me and into the west somewhere. There were other planes in the area at the time and I am sure that what I encountered twice was no conventional aircraft. There were many other witnesses on the freeway that night that must have seen this thing. It was huge... AND... It practically flew right over Lancaster.

See illustration at: http://www.nuforc.org/

My wife Pamela has had numerous missing time incidents, conscious encounters with UFO entities, and spectacular sightings in the Antelope Valley including this:

On November 4, 1991, on her birthday, Pamela had a spectacular sighting of an arrowhead shaped object moving above the Antelope Valley Freeway at 7:18 AM. on her way to work under clear daylight conditions. The object was charcoal black, had no vertical stabilizers, emitted no sound, had some sort of tiling on its bottom side, and was about the length of a football field. She attempted to wave at a man in another car to look up at this spectacular sight, but he seemed to only shrug. She pulled off the freeway to exit the car and take a good look at the giant narrow triangle moving slowly north, but it had completly vanished from view.

Both of us have had sightings in this desert valley as well as having sightings reported to us.

Bill HamiltonAstroScience Research Networkhttp://www.astrosciences.info/"I don't see the logic of rejecting data just because they seem incredible." Fred Hoyle

Wednesday, April 27, 2005


In April of 2005 I received a letter from a lady in Long Island, NY It was titled "Please Help Me."
I wrote to her and asked how I could help. She wanted to be referred to someone in her area that could help her understand what was happening to herself. I referred her to Budd Hopkins since he was the only one I knew back in that area. Undoubtedly there are more but I am not aware of them living on the West Coast

From the time she was a little girl she has been abducted. She is now in her 50’s. Her health has deteriorated because of the abductions. Since Thanksgiving she has been abducted 3 times that she recalls. There could be more.


All of her life she has had what she refers to as a beauty mark (in a very private place). It has itched and burned on and off her whole life. One day she decided to squeeze it very strenuously. The next day she awoke to find the area swollen so she squeezed it again and was able to get an implant out. She says when she found it, it spoke to her telepathically. It told her to put it back in and she obliged them/it by swallowing it. She described what it looked like. At first she said, she was amazed and enthralled even when she studied it. When she turned it on its side she saw 4 tiny pyramids being built and I said oh how cute and it replied "Thank you." The tiny pyramids she couldn’t see until she moved to a darker place. It was about an inch long. On one side it had all kinds of strangeness. It was an off white color on the other side. One end had three tails to it. As she moved the implant from side to side it became transparent and she saw little specks of metallic flakes in it. She thought the itching and burning at times was a growth period for the implant. She said she was implanted with a device that communicates with the other implants on this planet. They told her they will usually leave a person alone who finds their implants but they told her that hers had "empirical" importance to them, that they needed hers to communicate with the others that were implanted on this planet, so they put another one in.
She said they were nice to her until she thought of doing something with it. When she started to think about giving the implant to someone to examine it, they threatened her by saying, "you don’t want anything to happen to Cassandra do you?" That is her granddaughter. She swallowed the implant.

She went to sleep right after that and was in shock. She couldn’t talk to anybody or even move. She went to sleep on a Thursday and was awakened by her son on Sunday. She couldn’t make sense of it because she is a light sleeper. It didn’t dawn on her until a week or so later when they came again and this time she was out from Thursday to Saturday.

After she swallowed the implant they came back after the information. (whether she meant information in it or as to what happened to it, she didn’t say) She said they drained her blood and removed all the metal flakes in it. The clear object that she swallowed she passed and flushed down the toilet.

She was not sure about the next abduction in regards to days lost but this time she woke up with scabs on her body, a circular one on her left leg with little scabs inside of it, blisters on the right side of her body.


Her son is now 30 years old. When he was an infant he used to talk in his sleep during his first year. He would talk in a language she didn’t recognize. She thought, "how cute is my boy, he must be remembering a past life or something greater." Now she believes that her son had an implant that could make him talk in a strange language. His implant was on his collarbone on the left side. One day he came into the house and said, "Hey Mom, what is this?" A little bump moving about not connected to anything. They went to the doctor and she said, have it removed. So they made an appointment to see a surgeon and mysteriously, it disappeared a week or so before the surgery was scheduled. This was 10 years back.

At the time she wrote, her son was sitting on his bed crying because he couldn’t help his mother from what she was going through at the present time. He felt helpless.


She was having flashbacks of what happened to her on the ship so this part is a little disjointed.
"I am having flashbacks right now of what was done to me. I can tell you that they put you in a decontamination chamber and freeze you. I remember waking up in a dark place, being thrown into a decontamination chamber of sorts. I heard a sound like a vacuum sealer, the noise of the air being sucked out of the room. I saw smoke coming at me and I crawled into the corner like to get away. Then I was frozen. I don’t remember if I was operated on before or after the freezing. They waved something over my head as I lay on the table. I remember the hands, "close your eyes," she said, "this won’t hurt. You won’t remember." How come I remember? I remember the holding chamber, after surgery they take you to a room with cages like a veternarians office. All the cages with animals in it. I either can’t or won’t remember their faces. I remember the physical, the hands, the claws, where they grab you by the back of your neck and throw you around like a lab rat cage to cage. I had no clothes on or anything. I remember that room, it was a recovery room. There is a big room with video screens and they can look into any place at anytime.

In the Lab room they had beautiful birds and other species in cages. That’s where I heard frogs."


"There was one on the ship that took pity on me, and for communication and reference I will call her Joy. Joy took pity on me, she petted me like I pet my cat. Joy was good to me, told me I was special and was petting me like a kitten. She still will come to me. She came back and forth to check up on me. When I was on the table she said close your eyes, this won’t hurt. She told me that they have new and better technology so I wouldn’t be hurt or sick and she was trying to reassure me.

"Joy did show me around a bit, but I don’t know if it was to get me to trust them or whatever. I saw a cryogenic chamber. I was told that when I die I have another body up there with them to go to. Why would I want to do that?

"When I was growing up, in fact all my life I thought I had an angel. I could talk to her and she would answer me. I named her Glory cause she would answer to that word.... it was my implant! She is gone now. That is what is triggering the memory, I am searching for her and I can’t get her back. Can’t hear her voice anymore and I am horrified that I thought I had an angel, but I had an alien! And they study us..."


"They are communicating through me to others. They told me that your story is incredible. You went through all this before it was fashionable, before the X-Files or anything else. My implant promised me I would be greatly rewarded but I don’t know about that.

"They told me that it would take 2 to 3 days to get to me. They weren’t in the neighborhood. Said the implant would self destruct if I left it out of my body. They told me to swallow it, and like a good little lab rat I did. I did ask them why, and they said they study different planets.
"They said they are studying all God’s creatures. They are super smart. They said they are evolving us, not by injecting their DNA into ours, but by manipulating our DNA.

"Our scientists will never find the so-called missing link, and somehow that made sense to me as I have a rare blood type - AB Negative which has appeared just in these last 55 years so that made sense to me and I agreed with it. As long as I was nice to them, they were nice to me.
"They play leapfrog through the universe and time. I asked how they can travel like that and all sorts of stuff. They can move about from place to place through time, space and anything, kind of like, when your watching a video, on your DVD, you can go from scene to scene. They have brilliant technology.

She said she feels violated. Her left eye still hurts and she was sore from every hole in her body this last time. I asked her if they had sexually manipulated her. She replied, "We are repulsive to them. They won’t have sex with us. The best way I can describe that is to say it would be like having sex with a dog. That is what they think we are, lowly animals. They take our eggs and do cloning and experiments with cross breeding.

"They like our features and appearance, but we are still Lab rats, lowly creatures to them. They combine different species from other planets, even animals with our eggs."


I saw my half-breed son. I saw him, they let him introduce himself and meet me. He said "Hi Mom." He was loving and kind. He was humanoid in physical appearance, his face. He had the long skinny body of the "greys" but a human face. Like our features and appearance.


She feels she is not going to live through what is happening. All of a sudden she has started having flashbacks. She is in a state of shock to where she vomits remembering what happened. It is too hard to live through. She thinks she wants to commit suicide.

She calls them "frogs". She doesn’t know what else to call them yet. She says she can’t remember seeing them - that she remembers. She just remembers the hands, the claws, the way she was handled and the physical. She is too weak to recall it all and needs a doctor. She medicates herself. She bought tranquilizers off the internet. She is taking Ativan. She says she lives in hell now. She fights as hard as she can but she feels she is cracking up. She feels she has to go to a doctor that she can’t go on.

Her medical condition is Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and it is flaring up and she can’t move about. She can’t eat or sleep. She says she is a fat person and she is losing too much weight too rapidly and having all sorts of problems.

She doesn’t want to force any false memories and she tries not to remember. Her cat is even traumatized. Her son can’t handle the pressure of seeing her so upset. When she remembers she goes into shock. The chills, the throwing up got to him. I can’t even walk or get out of bed yet. I remember when they did it to me as a child and everything is coming back now.

What fools we are. We haven’t been able to put this together till just now. It doesn’t dawn on you.

They have a "mindvice". It gets a grip on your mind and blocks your thoughts.
I fear death, that they will come right now and kill me or I will have a heart attack. I am old, in my 50’s afraid of getting stroked out, heart attacks....

I can’t get my phone to work or do anything right. I just want a referral to a group and people in my area.

She said she did live through it. One huge part of me is relieved to know what has been going on inside myself all my life. I am for real, I think you can tell.

Maybe they want our humanity and ability to love. I think sometimes that was part of it for me.
I have to be cautious of the phonies and crazies, they enjoy this sort of rot, I am not having fun right now but if I could get help, maybe I could get over it, or understand it. I haven’t done any research just yet... afraid my heart is gonna go out. I am still very afraid. I just don’t know anything Leneesa. You could give me a lie detector test or hypnosis, I will pass the test.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


UFO Magazine [UK]
---- May/June 1998 John Vasquez interviewed by Graham Birdsall (GWB) Graham Birdsall was editor of the UK's 'UFO Magazine'.

Few among the hundreds present at Laughlin had ever come across a UFO witness by the name of John Vasquez before, myself included. John was not a speaker there, nor an established and recognised researcher. He had travelled from his home in California to seek help and advice on a matter of great personal concern. A select few researchers attended a private meeting, at which John related one of the most extraordinary incidents any of us had come across in years.

The mass abduction of an entire battalion of some 1,300 military personnel. The next day John kindly agreed to re-tell his story again on camera for inclusion in our new video magazine series. 'UFOs: Hard Evidence.' I began by asking John why he had travelled several hundreds of miles to seek out UFO researchers...

"What I'm trying to do is convey reports and documents concerning Army intelligence at Ft. Mead, Maryland, and also my investigative report: letters from all the Army and Air Force departments concerning UFOs, or a 'J.A.W.S." test, an acronym for Joint Attack Weapons Systems and also a mysterious outbreak of measles at Ft. Benning, Georgia."

John then began to re-live an event which he said came "as a surprise to all of us". "It just happened. We were very frightened of this unusual light. This was a mass parade formation. There was 1,300 people."

Where was this exactly?

"This was at the 1st A.I.T. (Army Infantry Training) Battalion post, it was a combat training group, infantrymen. We're talking right now about September 2nd, 1977. I know it sounds really wild, but I started investigating this whole event in '91. And slowly I conducted my own personal investigation into this event at Ft. Benning. I've been Finding a lot of documents and quotes concerning an unusual event at Ft. Benning, because we had the Secretary of the Army, Clifford Alexander being present, at Ft. Benning.

"Normally it would have been someone from the Chiefs of Staff, a four-star general evaluating this JAWS test. And, I do have a JAWS test document at this time. It's written by the air force and I have the letter from them." [I did indeed see this letter and it was recorded on film - GWB]


"It was an evening parade. There were thirteen-hundred men. We had to account for the staff and captains and XO's [executive officers]. We were standing in formation and somebody in front of me mentioned something in the sky and I didn't think nothing of it because I was just looking at stars. So I said. "What is it'?" The guy in front of me said. 'Just keep looking'. So I did and all of a sudden this star moved, in a gradual, floating way. I thought it was a satellite. This sergeant, who was standing behind me asked, 'What do you think it is?' I just said, 'Satellite'.
"All of a sudden, this star just stopped, and then it moved away from us; came back and it moved again, stopped and moved away again, came back, and continued on. At this time, the same sergeant ordered us to stand to attention, and you can't move at all then. But I kinda glanced up to see where this thing went, and it was gone.

"And this is when the captain, our captain of Delta Company, 1st Battalion, 1st Infantry, was walking out of this building to make a speech. And this speech was to advise us of our 6-8 week training course. Just when he was walking to this podium to make his speech, I heard this "rushing' noise and I leaned back and looked across, to my left. I saw this bright light, an intense bright light. I thought it was a jeep, a truck or something. And it was moving across, slowly.


"I saw some of Charlie Company's men running out of their formation, others were standing still. So I needed to take a better look at this. I leaned forward. When I leaned forward this bright light just got really close and it was headed between the tree-lines. And I still thought it was a truck, but the light was really, really intense. I mean, it's a white, bright light, and it had this bluish outline to it.

"I looked at this thing and I thought, 'I don't know what this is'. Well, the guy who was standing in front of me, I wanted to say something to him, ask him what it was, but when I looked at him, he was asleep. His head was bowed, his eyes were closed, he was asleep. So I leaned back again, I don't know what happened here, but I was unconscious for a few minutes.

"When I came to, I was looking down and I couldn't move. couldn't move my feet. And I tried desperately to move from where I was standing. The next thing I did, I could move my upper body, so I turned to my right, and I saw some of the men running to the tree-lines and others were diving underneath the buildings, a two-storey-high cross-way, such as you see in the picture [left].

"My buddy Alan... running, they were all running. So I just cried out for Alan to come back and help me because I couldn't move. He came back and he pulled me physically from where I was standing, physically pulled me. He pulled my arm and I sort of 'jumped' from where I was standing.

"He was saying, 'Take cover! Take cover!' and I was asking, 'What's going on here?' you know ? There was something happening and it was happening fast. I told Alan, 'I want to see the captain', so we ran over to where the captain was and he was standing behind this podium. And he was asleep. His head was bowed and he wasn't moving.

"So I screamed. I screamed, "Wake up!' out loud. I mean, I screamed so loud I think everybody could have woke up. But there was a lot of guys still standing around in this formation and it was like they were motionless. The captain didn't wake up.


"So about this time, Alan was turned around and is facing this thing, this light. I believe it was a light. And his face was really pale. I mean it's like he's just seen a ghost. His eyes were bulging and his jaw was open and I shook him. I told him, 'Don't look at it! Don't look at it!'. And he sort of came to and he was saying, 'What's going on', like he was really confused.

"And we started to run, and when we started running to this first building, on the cross-base underneath, there was something moving and we didn't know what it was. So I told Alan to wait, get ready for it, we didn't know what it was. We'd seen the shadows moving underneath the building, and we're going to physically hurl this thing. Well it was one of us.

"He was coming out of the crawl space there and he was asking, 'What's going on'. 'What's going on?' We said, 'The captain's asleep! The captain's asleep!' And I guess there were some more there 'cos he turned his head and said 'The captain's asleep!'.

"So, we told him, 'Just take cover, get away from it!' And me and Alan started to run again and the guy crawled away from us. We came to this second building and at the far end of the barracks, it's a two-storey barracks. We heard some guys under there, they were calling our last names so we ran over there.

"We dove under this cross-face and we started arguing about what was going on. We couldn't believe things were happening this quick, but this is our reaction, in a hostile manner, because when something like this happens, you know, when people get excited over things...


"Then we saw Sgt. Santini come out from the first building that Alan and I had just crossed. And this ball of white light, from 50ft, we were laying down. It looked like the size of a melon, a small melon. But it was a bright, white light and it wasn't a tracer, 'cos I know, I've seen tracers before, I've fired my M16's and I know what tracers look like.

"But this wasn't a tracer. It sort of came from the second storey, and sort of 'roller-coasted' down to Sgt. Santini's height. And Sgt. Santini's about 5 feel 11 inches, 6 foot, and he was waving his arms up and down, screaming about what's going on, telling us to take cover and cursing the sky, because something was coming down.

"And he started to run and he disappeared in the second building. And this bright light just sort of 'roller-coasted' down to his height and zipped across - then it disappeared. And the next thing we heard was a "slap" and a 'thump'.

"And one of us, Hackett, crawled over to the other side to see where Sgt. Santini was and he was "out" on the pavement. He didn't move. Apparently he was knocked out or something. Something hit him.

"When Hackett came back, this is when we started hearing the screaming. From Alpha Company, all the way down to Bravo, then to Charlie Company and to Delta. When it came to Delta Company, we heard somebody out in parade formation screaming.

"'Mommy!', a high-pitched scream that went down to a grunting sort of scream. I can still hear it when I talk about this, I mean, you hear a man screaming like that you know something's wrong.
"And I told Jones, who was sitting, laying next to me, I said we should go out there and help these guys because something's going on out there. But he just turned around and said, 'No, they're already dead, forget about it'.


"We started arguing again about these, we started arguing about here the M16's were and where the ammo' was. We were gonna' start deploying some of our defence tactics."

To defend yourselves?

"Yeah. And I told Alan, whatever happens, just try to go back to the Main Post and get some help. I was going to stay behind with Jones and Hackett.

"Well, during that argument we were having, we had one of the guys crawl over and we asked him what was going on out there. And he said "It's lights'. We looked at each other as though to say: 'Lights? What kind of lights? Strange lights, what?'

"This was more intense light. I mean the whole place just lit, like it was day. And the windows, on the barrack buildings, these old windows and the frame and everything on the building itself, silhouetted. The light just silhouetted the whole thing, just weird, it was really weird.

"Just moving across slowly, across the second storey coming around, and we could see the guys in front of us underneath the building and we started pounding the ground and calling their names out, calling them out to get away from that thing, but they didn't move.

"So we just kept coming around and by the time this bright light came to the corner edge, I looked into it, I sort of "fixed" myself into this. And I don't know what it was, but it was like looking into one of those searchlights, right inside. And I guess I was hypnotized into watching this and Alan was grabbing my arm and shouting. "What is it Vasquez?", and I said, 'I don't know, but it's coming our way'."

Vasquez then described how he began to hear a 'voice' in his head. He looked down on the ground and saw a small frightened animal, which he labelled a 'possum'. He said he heard the animal ask, 'What is it?' and he answered back, 'I don't know'. His puzzled colleagues looked at him, saw the animal dart away and asked: 'Who are you talking to Vasquez?" He told them.
"Hackett, he's a native American, he told me: 'You know, you speak to Nature'.


"I don't know, everything strange was happening. And this bright light, it was so bright that underneath the building you could see the pipes, the boards, you could see everything. The whole place was illuminated. Everybody was afraid, and so was I. You know, honest, we're scared of this light, like little kids hiding in a comer.

"By this time I hear this voice, this echo sounded sort of far away and metallic-like, and it's telling me. 'It's OK, don't be afraid. 'come out'. Well, I didn't know who said that and I asked all the guys underneath, 'Who said it's OK? Who's saying it's OK?' And all the guys are looking at me, like, 'Where are you hearing this from Vasquez?'"

Vasquez told his friends that he kept hearing a voice telling him it was OK to come out. They crawled away from him, because they hadn't heard it. He told them to move towards the centre of the building, away from the light, and that he intended to go out and see for himself what was going on. Vasquez crawled out from underneath the building and headed for a grassy moll.

"I stood up and I looked to my left, and this bright, shiny, intense bright light was sitting in front of me. I saw this shadowy figure, kind of a little figure, scurry back into the light.
"I was told to keep my eyes closed throughout this time and the next thing that happened I heard this female voice ask, 'Do you remember?'
"I didn't know what that was, but when I lifted my left hand to shield the glare from this bright light, something hit my left shoulder, and it sounded like a fuse being blown. I go down, I reach with my hand for my friend. Hackett, and Hackett's screaming my last name, and I was reaching for him, but something else hit my back and I became unconscious.


"What I remember from here is that someone was telling me to keep my eyes closed. And I felt there was one person on my left, another person on my right. There was a cover over me and I was being lifted. My whole body felt tingly, real tingly, and the next thing that happened is a quick motion of two people, coming across my left and turning in unison and moving across, away from me and really fast.

"I was told to keep my eyes closed throughout this time and the next thing that happened. I heard this female voice ask. 'Do you remember?" And I said. 'Remember what?' And I didn't say a word. It was all mental communication.

"And when she heard me say, 'Remember what?'. I felt this deep concern come over her. Deep concern, like there was something wrong. The next thing. I had this physical exam, and after I was looking at this wall, and on the wall there was an insignia of some sort, a half-moon and a zig-zag of some sort."

Vasquez pulled a neck bracelet out from underneath his shirt collar. Here was the self-same design that he had crafted from memory and wore at all times.


And when I turned my head, I saw rows of men lying on a slab. At the 5th or 6th table, there were two things standing in back of me, and within just a split second, she just said, 'Got to sleep', and I did. The next thing I remember, this guy, I have to say it's a guy because I felt this was a male, he kept demanding for me to keep looking at his eyes. And I didn't want to. I just didn't want to look at him because he scared me.

"And he said, 'There's nothing to be afraid...', or something like that. "Don't be afraid". And he kept demanding for me to look at his eyes. And I said, 'Only if it's going to help'. And he said, 'It will help'. I looked in his eyes and there were three images that I saw. One was myself, standing in an ocean, blue sky, and I'm standing in an ocean by myself.

"The other one was seeing a picture of the whole Earth being destroyed, coming apart, little by little. And the other one was an image of a human face, a pale, paste-white face, with a pupil like liquid mercury. And that's all I saw. I saw this face again. I became unconscious. The next thing I remember is that all of us were back in formation, everyone of us.


"All of us are back in formation in line, but I remember that Alan and I were standing at the 2nd line, but we'd come back to the 4th line. We were all disorientated. It's like... it felt like we'd drank 50 gallons of beer, because we were kind of weaving back and forth. And so was Alan, and so was everybody else.

"We did what you'd call. I guess, our own personal examination. 'How are we doing?' A lot of us were very disorientated, didn't know what was going on. I looked across and I saw Sgt. Turner, who was standing there in his summer uniform, parade dress. He had all his medals on, I thought that he had spilled coffee on his trousers, but apparently he had had an 'accident'. He cursed and walked away.

"We were told to go back to our barracks by Sgt. Newkirk, and I was wondering, 'Hey, we didn't have a speech from the captain yet. What happened to our speech?" Well, we never had a speech and we started walking back, and some of us started falling down. We lost balance and I fell down too because everything was spinning, and that was unusual. And when I got up I started to walk away.

"Some of the people, some of the guys who'd been in formation, started getting sick, started vomiting, getting sick, falling down, like we lost all control of balance. When I came to the first building, I stopped and I looked at my watch. And my watch stopped at 7.40. I asked Jones, who was standing next to me, what time he had and he said he had 3.30. And he asked his friend who was standing right by, he said it was 4.45. All of our watches stopped.

"I got sick then. I got real sick. I don't know why, but I got back to my barracks and there were guys in there acting real odd, like some kind of drug-induced state or whatever. But they were acting really weird. Alan was sitting on his bed, gazing at the wall, it was like, he was "gone".
"I opened up my locker, and I was about to take my shirt off, when I noticed my shirt was unbuttoned at the top, my trousers button were open. But the funny thing is that my boots, the combat boots that you wear have eight holes. Well, it was laced through the fourth one and it came to a large, criss-cross at the end, and a sort of bow-tie.

"And I told myself, 'I know I didn't go out there like that... I know I didn't do this'. Because the drill sergeant would have said something, he would have been the first to scream and yell and say. 'What are you doing out here like this Vasquez?'

"Well, I told myself, 'I know I didn't do this', so I started changing my clothes, taking my clothes off, my trousers, and I found like a paste-glue, around my trousers. I wiped that off and wiped it off myself too. I don't know what that was".


John Vasquez then told me how he had begun to recall most of what had transpired at Ft. Benning over a decade later in 1989.

As his memory slowly resumed, he began to research and investigate the strange happenings in 1991, beginning with a request for San Diego-based US Congressman Cunningham, to instigate an official inquiry on his behalf. The Congressman wrote to the US Army's National Personnel Records Centre in St. Louis, Missouri, requesting John's military file, known as a '201'.

They wrote back stating that some documents pertaining to Vasquez's military career were missing, but crucially, they claimed to have no records of Vasquez having served at or visited Ft. Benning, either in a full or temporary capacity.

Vasquez immediately set about the task of discovering the truth about what he and his fellow colleagues experienced that fateful day. Using his own money, he single-handedly wrote to the USAF, the US Army, the Joint Chief's press office, Ft. Sam Houston inTexas, the President's office and the Vice-President's office.

He also contacted numerous other departments, including health departments and the Surgeon General's office. Vasquez wrote to the latter because on sifting through local newspapers of the time, he discovered one whose headline shot off the page: "Measles Outbreak Strikes Post's Troops"

It was referring to a reported outbreak of measles at Ft. Benning. More to the point, they were referring to his battalion, 1st Battalion, 15th Infantry.

Other health departments had previously advised Vasquez to contact the Walter Reid Medical Center in Washington D.C., who should have had details about the outbreak. He corresponded with a Dr. Rugal. Ph.D., who. on reading copies of the newspaper reports concerned, wrote back and said: "This is an unusual outbreak. There are no records."

Dr. Rugal told Vasquez that his main concern was that Walter Reid never sent a medical team to study the supposed outbreak, some thing they would have been automatically required to do had it been genuine. "We should have," wrote Dr. Rugal, "it's a whole battalion."

Another local newspaper at the time made mention of the fact that a JAWS test had been conducted at Ft. Benning.

To order the book go to the following URL:

Amazon.com: Books: Incident At Fort Benning

Monday, April 25, 2005


One of our on-line friends sent the link to this report. It is apparent that the mutilations are still happening in Colorado. This corroberates our last 10 articles! Thank you for sending this link.

Cattle multilation investigated By DEL NORTE (northwest of Alamosa)

— The Rio Grande Sheriff’s Office is investigating a cattle mutilation discovered in the county Friday morning. Rio Grande County Sargent Jon Gonzales said the sheriff’s office received the report on the mutilation, which was found in a field off County Road 29, at 9:57 a.m. Friday.“The facial area of the cow was removed from the back of the jaw to the front of the nose by the eye line,” Gonzales said. Gonzales said the cut seemed precise, but there was a small amount of blood.“The manner in which it was removed is still under investigation at this point,” Gonzales said. Gonzales said no other parts of the cattle were removed.“We don’t have suspects,” Gonzales said. “If anyone has any information leading to an arrest, we’d be happy to hear it.”Gonzales said a person convicted of the mutilation could face cruelty to animal and trespassing charges.

Friday, April 22, 2005



Jim: I was asleep on the couch. John was there because it was a weekend. It was about two in the morning. I sleep very soundly, as a rule. I woke up completely awake - wide awake - and I couldn't move. I was lying on the couch looking out - there are French doors in front of it. I couldn't talk but I could breathe all right and I wanted Barbara and John to get in there and turn the lights on and see it. I was forcing the air out of my larynx and making strange sounds. They could hear me but they weren't coming. And this thing was just looking at me. And I can describe it very vividly - all that was working was my eyes - I couldn't move. It was approximately seven feet tall, very skinny arms and legs, extremely skinny. It had an object on its chest - I could see the shaping of it very clearly, like a box, but it wasn't flat. It was pointed. It had like three hoses on each side; this creature had a thing over its head, like a space helmet with a plastic covering. It wasn't at all terrifying; it was more or less pathetic in appearance - almost helplessly pathetic. It was just looking at me in the same way that you would look at a patient on the table, not cruelly or indifferently, just looking. I kept making these noises and it just vanished. It just wasn't there anymore and I said, "Oh, God, I'm hallucinating - I've lost my mind." Then I decided, no, I really couldn't be.

Barbara: John and I got in there just after it had disappeared so we didn't see it The reason it took us so long was that John could not get me awake, and he was torn between running to see what was happening and trying to wake me. And we lost a few seconds that way. By the time we finally got in there, it was all over.

John has had some experiences on his own and I'll leave that to him.

Jim: I think the reason that it is all so interesting to me is that we were headed toward a more amiable relationship with them, you know, after talking with them. The disasters had stopped, the pounding on the house had stopped, the terrorism had stopped, and after talking, I kind of liked them. They were pleasant and whatever they were -- I hadn't decided they came from space and I'm still not sure of that. But then again, after that, the hostilities started up again. That was extremely disorienting. The situation got extremely tense with no apparent reason. No disasters happened after that, but from the time that I talked with whatever it was on the hill until I saw the thing at the couch, everything was running smoothly.


Jim: It was almost exciting that we could live peacefully with whatever it was from wherever they were from.

Barbara: I think this is what finally broke me because everything was going so peacefully and I thought we were going to be able to stay. And I really love that place and I thought everything was going to smooth out -- and then it didn't.

Jim: Then after whatever it was -- it obviously wasn't humanoid -- it wasn't a humanoid form at all -- it wasn't hostile -- it wasn't threatening -- it wasn't dangerous -- after that everything went back to double doses of tension. It got much worse - the tension, not necessarily the activity. It was a thing of -- we knew we were unwanted. It's a gut-level feeling that's hard to describe exactly. We knew that something wanted us out. Barbara felt the same thing, exactly. Shortly after this sighting, we had an accidental fire with paint on the porch. It had nothing to do with them, but on top of all this feeling, that was it.

Barbara: I've often read about what they call the "Fight of Flight" and I've often wondered which one I am; well, I've decided I'm definitely flight. The only reason I didn't leave right then was that the children were there and Jim was there and how can you leave someone. But it took me an instant to make that decision; it wasn't a gut-level decision. I froze, instantly, and then I very stupidly grabbed a candlestick and ran out to the porch. Naturally, what he needed was water but I didn't know that. I really thought we were being attacked. I just decided that I couldn't take that anymore because I had faced the fact that if I ran out there, I would probably die. And I figured that that I was getting far off the end of the stick when going out there to die didn't seem that important. And I thought, it's time to leave before you lose it all.


Jim: This leads us back to another incident. A friend of a friend who was in the Army came out to the ranch to visit. He knew nothing about it; this was just his trip to the country. He spent the night but he wouldn't go into the woods; he felt something was very wrong and he didn't want to go out. We didn't press him and we didn't discuss anything. The next morning when we got up, he was already up and was walking across the fields. He would walk stiltedly out and then turn around and run back; he was doing that back and forth and everyone thought that he was crazy. When we asked him what was going on, he said that every time he got near the house, something took control of him and forced him to walk back into the fields.


I go back periodically (to the ranch). We had some guests from California and they wanted to go out and see what was happening. And I took them out and we spent the night at the ranch and were looked over again. And the reason that I think that I really wanted to bring it to someone's attention is I'm reasonably sure that they play rough. It's not big brothers from space who are interested in us as spiritual beings or whatever. I'm absolutely convinced that they couldn't care less if we live or die. We're nuisances, although I think they may be more humanitarian than we are. And I can only assume that they are watching us, watching our military potential, because I can't conceive of anything else. I have no doubts that they are mutilating the cattle -- none at all. The cattle are being lifted into the air, they are being drained of blood, they are being mutilated, and they are being lowered. If they wanted to do just biological research on cattle, they could have disposed of the remains without them being found. And they are left where they will be found. It is obviously some intent to instill fear and it has been quite successful. The people are extremely fearful. And, about the story that helicopters are doing it -- I figured out early in the game that the government is sending in helicopters in large numbers from several sources but they are doing it to cover what is really happening. I'm absolutely sure that the helicopters have nothing to do with the mutilations. They have had intensive radar nets over that area -- and the Law Officer has been kept only moderately informed. The reasons for what they are doing, I think, scare me a little. Certainly they behaved better than man would have under the same circumstances. If he wanted something, he would have taken it. But I'm not at all sure that their purposes and intents are at all favorable to us, or that there is anything we can do, but, at least knowledge for knowledge, it is valuable. I have no idea that there is any way that man could stop them or even impede them. But I know that they have no difficulty at all in immobilizing a person -- because I've been paralyzed and that's my freak-out. I'm a little bit claustrophobic and when I can't move.... With Barbara, it's her mind. I don't care about my mind -- they can go through it all they want to. But don't stop me from moving. That happened about six times to me after that.

This paralysis has happened to several people and I can't conceive of any purpose they could have out there other than to create terror -- maybe again, I think in a military way. And that doesn't go, in my thinking, with wanting to make a favorable association with man. It isn't the basis of an amiable relationship to start off instilling terror and I'm sure what they have done could serve no other purpose. They terrorized us, they terrorized others and mutilated cattle being found all over nine states, I understand. I'm not at all sympathetic toward them, frankly. The things that went on out there left few doubts that they appear extraterrestrial, and I have few doubts that they are not friendly.

If you ever found out anything, I'd love to know. I'm pretty sure that the things that happened out there are significant enough, at least, like the box. I haven't read about the box but enough people have seen it. I'm reasonably sure that there is one permanent installation that can be tracked down or at least surveyed by someone. And I'm reasonably sure that the activity is increasing, not diminishing. I have some curiosity about how often this is happening. I have read reports about the alleged kidnapping of Travis Walton in Arizona. The same type of thing -- occurred with the man on Mt. Evans who said something was after him. And it just quietly disappeared out of the news. And of course, I'm familiar with the Betty and Barney Hill thing. I have mixed feelings -- like the Hickson-Parker case in Pascagoula, Mississippi.

But when it happens to you, your skepticism goes very quickly, you know. It's a hard thing. I can't believe it happened to somebody else; but at the same time, I don't doubt that it happened to me. I think it is probably the same spot that a lot of people are in.

I think the reason that I need to give my opinion in that these creatures, whatever they are, the humanoid ones, the ones we have seen, with the exception of the two "more humanoid" ones, have always appeared to be afraid of something. They are extremely nervous, extremely jumpy, extremely terrified of something and I'm sure it isn't us. That I have no doubt of; it isn't people. I'm sure they are watching the military base for some unknown reason. I can't think of any other reason for them to be there. Whatever this other thing was that showed up; I actually feel more friendly toward this non-humanoid form than I do toward the ones that look humanoid. I'm reasonably sure the humanoids are afraid of them; again supposition. Yes, supposition, you know body language, the way it looked at me; it obviously wasn't afraid of anything, if that makes sense. It was there, it intended to be there, it was almost like a compassional thing; as if you were describing it as a religious experience, almost. You know, you come in contact with something very great. But I never felt that with the disks and whoever was on them. They had always been very nervous when anyone showed up. It was almost an extreme paranoia except for the one time I mentioned that I walked up and talked to them. They were very calm, very in control of themselves on that occasion. When I was talking to the Law Officer, he said that activity ceased when ships of this other type, like Barbara saw, showed up. She wasn't the only one to see it; other people in the community saw it too. And what he was relating to me was the fact that the activity would somehow go down because this other ship showed up. There has been a consistent pattern of the disks diminishing when this other ship shows up. He didn't know anything about the occupants. And again, supposition; I'm reasonably assured this other skinny, non-humanoid type is in the ice cream cone-shaped thing. And what they are up to or what they are doing or the rest of it is, I think, partly what I am interested in. There is something going on between them, because I know, at the ranch, they apparently weren't at all interested in us. We were just nuisances.

I think I am extremely interested in how they can get into a person's mind, because they have no difficulty controlling mind or body. Everybody has had the same feelings. Several people have seen the humanoids. Again, I was the only one who saw this skinny thing.

Thursday, April 21, 2005



Barbara: Really, we didn't mention the fact that, often, when the wall pounding was going on or when there would be a larger number of disks or the animal would be around more; quite often all the electricity would go off. I absolutely freaked out if anybody wanted to go out and check the breaker on the corral until after things had calmed down. We would check house breakers and eventually, go out to the corral and the breakers would be on out there. We developed a system of nobody going by themselves and nobody making a big issue out of something that at least two people didn't see or hear. Because it was too easy to get paranoid. Once I went out the back door and heard this horrible sound in the corral and screamed and freaked out and came running in. Everybody went out with flashlights and it was a cow that had gotten trapped in the corral. It's very easy to get into that and I could see my children doing it. Everything strange that happened -- a sudden windstorm that came up, a sudden fog that would roll in -- would be the space creature. It was becoming an absolutely paranoid thing -- it was very frightening.

Jim: I think we suffered as heavy on the mutilations as anyone I had heard of. We lost six cattle in two years. That is a pretty heavy amount of loss. In light of the fact that I was watching that land so carefully, I was determined to catch whoever it was. The reward was so high -- I wouldn't have minded at all. It now comes close to half a million dollars. The paranoia has gone down now -- two years ago in the county, you didn't dare stop on the side of the road. Those people were carrying high powered weapons and they would shoot anything that moved. It was really tense, and I can see the Law Officer's point of view, but I don't think you solve it by sweeping it under the rug when it is continuing to go on. The mutilations haven't gone down at all. Remember when the big mutilation thing was going on -- well, they haven't gone down at all!

Investigator: When you have a problem you don't know how to deal with, sweeping it under the rug isn't good, but what do you do instead?

Barbara: I wish someone would come up with a very neat package to answer that.

26. CE III

Jim. Will you remove me from my promise?

Barbara: Oh, Jim!

Jim: Trust me.

Barbara: Alright.

Jim: Because I want to get it out of my mind too and then forget it.

Barbara: Alright, go ahead.

Jim: Because it's necessary to develop what particularly bothers me. Well, the night that we saw the box, I stopped at the top of the hill and looked down into the trees and there was a light in the trees. I told Joe to go on to the house, and I walked down into the trees, and I think that's the closest I ever came to being afraid. I didn't feel fear, in that sense, but my legs wouldn't move. I had to force my legs to take me down cause I didn't know what I would see. I walked down to the light and there were two individuals waiting for me in the light. The light didn't come from anywhere -- I can't describe it -- it was just light. They obviously weren't nervous and as soon as I walked up, they spoke to me by name and told me .... I can quote that exactly, "How nice of you to come." It was just as though I had been expected. Down below, possibly 50 or 60 feet from us, was a disk on the ground. It was lightly lit, just light enough to see; I can describe it exactly. I've burned that in my memory. I was up there maybe five minutes; they apologized for the inconveniences they had caused us, told us that a more equitable arrangement would be worked out between us, whatever that means. I wanted to ask a lot of questions but found that I didn't -- you know, like where are you from. I didn't ask any of that. There are several things they asked me not to repeat that have no significant meaning at all -- they are unrelated to anything. I think maybe they were just checking to see if I would keep my mouth shut. I told them that if they were mutilating cattle, it was very foolish to do so and draw that much attention to themselves. I complained about the damage to the cars; they never admitted doing any of it. One thing they did do was that they mentioned the box and that I did the right thing backing away from it -- it was what I called an implied threat. They nodded, and approximately 20 to 30 feet away, "Big Foot" as I call him, got up and walked toward the box. The box changed tone and he dropped. They said, "As you can see, they are quite lethal." They said that they would come back and talk again. There were no good-byes, I just somehow felt it was time to go. They did tell me that my memory wouldn't be tampered with. I think that is about it. I didn't ask any of the questions that I had figured I would want to ask. Somehow, they seemed juvenile. And I had no doubts that these were two men -- they were men -- I can describe them almost exactly. I had seen them before; this is the thing I hadn't mentioned. I hadn't gotten a really close look but the two that spoke to me were not identically the same as those that I had seen before. They were similar; these were definitely humanoid. They were approximately 5 ft, 6 in. tall. I would say. They had on tight-fitting clothing, you know, like a flight suit. I noticed the clothing changed colors, from brown to silver, but I don't know how. They were very fair, had large eyes and seemed perfectly normal, completely relaxed. They had blond hair with something over the head but I could still see their hair. They had something like a whole flight suit on, skin-fitted. The hair was obviously blond and wasn't long; it didn't make much of an impression. The thing that impressed me the most was the eyes, and if I were judging what they were, I would say there were humanoids. They were different from people but not different enough that you couldn't call them people.

Investigator: If you saw them on the street, you would stare at them as being different?

Jim: Right, but not freaked out by them. Their facial features were finer, the eyes were larger; they would have been striking but..... Almost effeminate, almost delicately effeminate, completely self assured; they obviously were handling the situation with me very well.

Investigator: Did you turn around and walk away from them or did they go first?

Jim: I went first. We talked; there were no good-byes. It was just like well, we're finished, and I just walked off. I thought about all of the things I would have liked to have asked but I couldn't figure out why. Then I couldn't figure out why they had even bothered to talk to me. It was obvious that I was supposed to come. They didn't say anything that would indicate why, except a more equitable arrangement.

Barbara: You weren't feeling well that night, I remember.

Jim: I was feeling very bad.

Barbara: Jim has a heart condition too.

Jim: A myocardial infarction -- I didn't particularly want to go up the hill but I felt somehow compelled to go up. Nothing that happened was phemonenal; I can't figure why or how. They didn't give me any earth-shattering information or even admit they were mutilating the cattle. The only thing I found out for sure is that this big fuzzy thing, "Big Foot," obeys the commands. I found that out. I found out the box can be lethal, if they were telling me the truth. It was, all in all, a very pleasant conversation we had -- no trouble with them after that. This happened approximately January of 1977. The part that was interesting was that they would see us again, and I was really excited. I came back and told everybody that they would be down to the house to visit one day. It was a very pleasant conversation and I would define them as diplomats. They were very capable of handling what they had to -- they were very smooth and if I were judging by the ones that I have seen before, they were larger and they were more humanoid; if anything, they were half breed. They looked enough like people that -- in a laboratory, we could produce people that looked just like it. That was my first thought -- that somehow the government was trying to do this. They were completely self-assured; they spoke vernacular English. I was pretty rocked, because I did see the disk and it was quite clear. I walked on back to the house; it wasn't very long that I was gone, I'm sure. I wasn't with them very long. I was excited over the more equitable arrangement; I guess I had some illusion that they were going to give me the cure for cancer or a billion dollars or something -- at least pay for the car's transmissions. Shortly after that is when Barbara saw the other type of UFO -- the ice cream cone-shaped one.

To be continued



Jim: We have some friends from Texas who got a pretty big "jolt" at the ranch.

Barbara: They have had some very serious problems develop because they were there when a very bad thing happened.

Jim: Trust me to tell what I want to tell, will you?

Barbara: All right.

Jim: I know how to upset "them," and a lot of the things that scare Barbara involve their taking punitive action against us. I found that when I had guests that I wanted to see something, I could get a stack of wires and go out and get very busy with them, like I was putting something up. We would go back to the house and watch, and within a short period of time, they would be up there checking out what we did, and everyone could get a view of them. I did it several times, as sort of half a joke. Dan, the friend from Texas, was giving the old "you're not giving me that kind of junk, are you?" Electronics is his field, and he is a computer expert with a large company, and he is impressed with his own self-importance. Well, I went up deliberately to stir them up. I found that certain elements very much upset them -- silver being the main element. I have a large collection of Indian silver jewelry and I discovered inadvertently that they shied away from silver. So I went up to the circle, the burned spot I spoke about, and stuck silver bracelets in the ground along with the wires, like I was really putting something intense up. I came back to the house and we were all sitting playing Risk. I didn't know what would transpire but I hoped I would upset them. About two in the morning, the lights went out in the house, right on schedule. This voice came out of nowhere again and it wasn't FM; it was obviously intended to be terrifying and sounded like a computerized voice -- very mechanical-sounding. It was coming out of every radio and TV speaker in the house. We were sitting right in front of a console stereo, and the voice came out of it, and I can almost recite the words exactly. They are burned into my memory. "Attention, we have allowed you to remain. We have interfered with your lives very little. Do not cause us to take action which you will regret. Your friends will be instructed to remain silent concerning us."

Barbara: That's very close.

Jim: That's just about the words. Well, Dan was extremely thrilled when the lights came back on, cause he said, "Now, I'm in my field." He asked if he could take apart our TV set and stereo.

Barbara: He was quite good electronically; he guaranteed that anything he took apart, he could get back together again.

Jim: And he started to dismantle it. He went through the whole unit and he said that he couldn't figure it out, but that his technicians in Texas, when he got back, would. He checked and the stereo was off; the phonograph was on when the lights went off but the radio receiver part was off; it was on phono. We found out that the type of transmitter it would take, from even close range, to cause a signal of that intensity to go through the house would be beyond our means to ever put up.

Barbara: But Dan was still sure that it was a hoax. His wife and children were all upset and crying, and Dan took his daughter off into another room and told her that they needed to find out if it was a trick or not. He told her to go back out and tell us she was frightened and wanted to leave immediately. We thought that if she acted upset enough and if were playing a trick on them; rather than ruin the whole vacation, we would admit it. I got very upset and said that they couldn't start back to Texas in the middle of the night and I would call a friend in town to see if they could stay there. Then Dan talked to his daughter and they all calmed down and they stayed. And he just told us this weekend that he knew if it was going to ruin the whole vacation, and if it had been a trick, we would have admitted it to him. He had decided, to save his own sanity, that it was somebody else with a massive capacity pulling a hoax on us, and that we were gullible enough to go for it.

Barbara: Needless to say, Dan never found the trick. He went over the whole house; he even dumped the laundry bags. He went over everything. I was glad the house was clean.

To be continued

Wednesday, April 20, 2005



Jim: One night very late, I was lying on my couch -- it was a particularly black night -- no moonlight, no stars -- and I told Barbara that there was not much sense in my staying awake cause I couldn't see anything anyhow. I used to wait for the chickens to crow to go to sleep. It really messed up my schedule, cause I felt that somehow I had a duty to protect everybody. I slept with a shotgun all night. When I lay down on the couch there was just enough light remaining to see a little. I looked up, and right at the window -- there was no place to stand as it was a high window -- was the outlined shape of a man looking at me. He had on some tight-fitting apparel -- I couldn't see any colors -- just the black outline. I got up and I went to Barbara's bedroom.

Barbara: He rapped on the door. Most of what I have told you is what happened to me. This is the other thing that happened to me and me alone. I had the same thing: the blood pressure, the heart beat, the difficult breathing. I was sitting straight up in bed when Jim rapped on the door. I was trying to light a cigarette and I dropped the match on the bed in my state of terror. I opened the door and he came in and said that he had seen something strange out in front and wondered if I was all right. I told him I was having the same kind of symptoms and that I was very concerned that I was developing a heart problem. But I had gone in and had tests and they said no; I was very tense but nothing else was wrong.

Jim: She was very upset so I sat down on the bed and asked if there was anything that I could get her. I took her pulse and sat and talked to her; because when we have had really close contact at the house, it is hard to describe the feeling. People get naturally upset; they don't see anything, but as part of the pattern, I figured she would be upset when I went to the bedroom -- and she was. I had put a big black chair in front of the front door. We were sitting in there just talking and the front door opened and it hit the chair with a bang. And I jumped up and went running in the front room and the door was closed again. I went back in the bedroom and I sat down on the bed and I was telling her that it was just the wind or something. The next thing was this voice that came inside of my head just like a loudspeaker. It said, "We don't need to open your door to come into your home." I don't remember if that was the exact wording. And I told Barbara what I had just heard and she looked at me in a funny way.

Barbara: I thought he was losing it -- I'll be honest -- he knows I thought it.

Jim: And then a noise started in the front room like a bussing noise like bees.

Barbara: It came all the way through the house to right outside my bedroom door. This I heard too.

Jim: She was holding on to my arm until she gave me black and blue spots and I frankly didn't want to get up and go into the kitchen to see what it was -- I was glad she was holding on to me. And the sound just went away then -- nothing more. I was sure that something was going to come into the bedroom but it didn't.


Barbara: We were going into town very early one morning just after daybreak and just at a sharp bend in the road ... I think Charlie was the first one that saw it. He said, "Look at that big thing over there." I looked and Harry looked and it was cone-shaped. And I couldn't tell you the size because I don't have the ability to judge size. I didn't think of what it could be. I thought -- weather balloon, whatever, I didn't really pay any attention. I told Jim about it. He had gotten some books at that time. He had one that had a picture of a cone-shaped one and that's exactly what it looked like.

Jim: From the description I got from all three of them, it was immense; it was hundreds of feet, at least, across. It was six times the apparent size of a farmhouse 1/4 mile away, you know, in comparative sizes. It was a huge ship.


Barbara: I had only one other sighting of the animal that they described to you. I assume from what I saw later that what I saw carrying the box was the animal -- only because it looked like that would be what it was -- that is an assumption. We have had no less than 20 people see "Big Foot" at the ranch. Jim stepped out onto the porch without turning the porchlight on. I was in the dining room and he rapped on the window several times without turning around and I saw him and I went to the door and opened it and came out behind him. He led me onto the porch and said, "If you want to see one, I can show you where it is." And he started lining up the trees. The living room light was not on but the dining room one was casting sort of an oblique light. I leaned forward to look out and he said, "Right between those two trees, look very closely." I do not have 20-20 vision without my glasses on but I could see it. It was hunched over, and as I leaned out to look at it like this, using my hand to shade my eyes, it leaned out and went exactly like that to me. It was large and it was stooped down and it did lean down and go just exactly like I did.

Jim: The only night that we saw a large number of them was the night we picked up the kids at school. We were going back to the ranch. Do you remember when that meteorite came down over Colorado -- some time last year? We got a very clear view of that -- it was right ahead of us on the road. It exploded and came down right in front of us. It looked to me like it hit the ranch. We got to the ranch and talked about it and heard about it on TV -- I would swear it was magnesium -- it flared that brightly.

To be continued



Jim: The forest ranger, David, from California came again to visit. It was late at night, about 2 a.m. Almost all of these incidents have happened at night; we have never seen anything during the daytime. Peggy and Harry were also visiting. Nine disks landed in the front yard and I got a very clear view of them. They matched exactly one of the pictures I had seen in a book I have. Harry and Barbara were at the window and David was asleep in the bedroom. I called for David and I started out the front door. I was walking toward them as Barbara and Harry watched from the window.

Barbara: Harry and I were watching from the window, both from the same window. What I can't figure out is that Jim and I saw such a large array of them but Harry saw large, dark football shapes as if they were blocking part of the view. We were trying to see what would happen in the whole area -- and watching Jim walk out -- which I didn't want him to do. I have no awareness of what happened as far as what anyone else saw from that point on. My face was close to the glass and something hit me in the forehead -- a forceful impact like something hit me. I was knocked back off the couch and fell on the floor. Harry saw light out of the corner of his eye, and Jim said he saw a flash of light. I didn't see it.

Jim: Harry yelled to me and I said I saw it. Harry said, "It's Barbara, it's Barbara." And I went running back to the house and found her in the middle of the floor.

Barbara: The next thing I remember after looking out and seeing them was Jim putting a flashlight in my eyes to see if I had a concussion.

Jim: While I was working over Barbara on the floor, they disappeared. I thought about it subsequently and wondered why they didn't do it to me since I was the one walking toward them. But then I began to understand that they did the most practical thing that could be done to get me back inside and get both people away from the window. And I think I really began to respect how clever they were. Then I began to suspect that maybe the government was doing it to us. Except that there were a lot of unusual things. For instance, David had been paralyzed during the incident -- he could hear us calling but couldn't get up until it was over. But then he went out walking with me and we all heard ultrasonics, the extremely high-pitched sounds, were going on out there and continued all night. David was sick then for three days. The sound would sometimes give us headaches but not all of us all at once -- to different individuals at different times.


Jim: I went back to the Law Officer and had a talk with him and he started telling me about some of the incidents that had happened again and about how he had pictures. He said they have a box and he had seen it on occasion. He had seen blinking lights, where there shouldn't be any, in trees, and such. He said he was out on a patrol one night and he saw, in a group of trees, this box that was blinking. He said he didn't want to go in alone so he raced back to town and picked up another Law Officer to go with him. When he got back, the trees were gone, the box was gone, everything was gone. He thought they had gone into the ground; he had seen things go into the ground before. He is reasonably convinced that they just go into the ground; I've never seen that happen.


Jim: There is one piece of what you might call physical evidence on the ranch; there is a big burned spot on the top of the hill - approximately 35 feet across where nothing would grow the first year -- it's beginning to grow in a little now. On a compulsion, the older boy, Joe, and I drove up there one night and parked at the circle. In the trees, a bright yellow light, not bright I guess, a little dim but yellow -- looked like an old car headlight, just shined on the car -- the back was toward the trees. We got out and walked, over there was a box on the ground. I told Joe to stay back about 10 feet. It was making a buzzing sound just like zzzzz and there was light like inside it but not on it. Hard to describe. It was night but there was a full moon and as I walked to about four feet from it, it changed its tone entirely. It sounded like a bunch of angry bees. The sound went up so I backed away and I told Joe to go back to the car and watch me as I walked up to the box. We then walked back to the car and I told Joe that whatever happens, do not leave the car. Then I walked back and the box was gone. Following that is the part that Barbara prefers that I leave out.

Barbara: Absolutely!

Investigator: Are you leaving it out because it's personally embarrassing or because it's terrifying?

Jim: Too incredulous, that's the part that is too kooky, frankly. And she requested that I didn't. And I don't think that close encounters of the third kind are really interesting to anyone except to whom they happen.

Barbara: If something should happen, something should go wrong and our names should be connected with this, I could face it but I could not face this other situation. And I'm too psychologically upset -- almost destroyed - by this whole thing anyway and I'm trying very hard to keep from feeling that I have experienced something that I didn't experience -- or did I experience it and can't remember, or what.

(At this point, Barbara is shaking so badly she can hardly light her cigarette. She has been practically chain smoking since the beginning of the narrative.)


Jim: There were quite a number of other things. I think they fit pretty much into a pattern. One afternoon I went out walking in the woods and I saw a bird that was about three feet tall. I got one clear side of it -- it was brown and had three feather-like appendages on its head. We have a whole set of animal books and I went through them trying to track it down. I didn't find that any such animal existed on earth as I knew it. I tried to follow it and it went around those rolling hills and was gone. I came back to the house, and as I was coming through the fence, there was a slight snowstorm. We have this huge coon hound, and as I approached the fence, the kids saw me coming (they could just see me barely in the snow). The dog saw me and came running, and when he got to the fence, he stopped and started barking and growling when he got close to me. When I passed, he picked up some kind of an odor and wasn't letting me through the fence. That scared the kids and they went running into the house, thinking that something was coming -- they could just see the shape on the hill. The dog was still not letting me through the fence even though I was talking to him. It took three or four minutes of hard talking before my own dog let me through the fence. And I had been crawling all around where this unusual birdlike thing was. And I really thought about what it could be or how it could be, and I've come up with no data at all, except that it was a very unusual animal. And then it was just gone. And I don't hallucinate -- you know; I mentioned that I took acid -- but I've never had a conscious hallucination in my life, that I'm aware of. And I'm sure that if I had, it would be over more than birds at the ranch, because I never had them off the ranch.

To be continued

Tuesday, April 19, 2005



Jim: We found out that there was a "Crazy Lady" in the county; we had heard a lot of stories of her calling the Law Officers with stories of lights over our property, before we moved in.


Jim: During this time I felt that something was trying to scare us away. We heard a slamming noise and I went out car to car but didn't see anything. Then I saw the trunk light on the dash of the Cadillac. The trunk was locked; I opened it and saw that the pin switch had been bent over to the side. Something had opened and closed the trunk and bent it when only I had the key. I again filed that as something unusual. Something would continuously come up and beat on the sides of the house twice and run -- you know, just like Halloween. Again I decided it was the real estate man. I went down and talked to the Law Officer again; he requested that I not shoot anything. He was afraid that whatever it was could shoot back harder -- much more undesirably than I could. So it continued progressively for some time after that beating on the walls and running. I would run out and I would see a big hairy thing running. I was tolerating it to a certain degree. One night I didn't -- I went out and one was running beside the corral and I shot it. Barbara came running out and when Harry and Roger came back from town we went tracking to see if we could find what I had shot. It didn't seem to hurt it at all; there was a little flinch -- I'm a good shot so I know I hit it. There was no blood, no traces, no signs. We pursued it onto the property next to us. Then I heard this most unusual sound. It was like a double sound -- it was a whine with almost a beeping noise intermixed. The closest sound I think I could describe to it is the South American primate of some type. Some people said it sounded mechanical; it didn't to me. And we roamed around looking but didn't find anything except we seemed to be led in a certain direction. We didn't find anything; we returned to the house and I notified the Law Officer that I had shot one. He gave me hell and told me I was lucky this time and he didn't want anybody killed.


Jim: They stopped bothering us quite so bad, I think, after that. We came home one night after shopping -- the three boys were alone at home. That same sound was going on to the east and one up by the barn (west) -- like calling back and forth. It was like they had an intelligent pattern of communication. It was broken syllables -- it wasn't like animal sounds. It was like it was their communication. I joked and said, "Well, the least you can do is come down and help us carry the groceries." When we went in the three boys were hidden in the back bedroom, terrified. From what they said, something had been beating on the house continually that night. Well, I have a pretty good temper which I have lost only three or four times in my life. I stormed outside -- I don't remember exactly what I said but most if it can't be repeated. I think I threatened that if we can't have the land, then you won't either -- I'll blow the whole thing away. I meant it too -- I would have destroyed it before I would have moved right then -- I was mad. I went into the house, had some coffee and calmed down. Then, since our septic tank and toilet weren't working, I went outside. While outside, this voice just came out of nowhere and said four words, "Dr. Jim, we accept." I think that was the first time I was really shaken rather than just angering or disorienting me. That was all, just like FM stereo, it came from everywhere. I came in the house and was pretty upset.


Jim: One night "it" destroyed two cars. Barbara had a green Cadillac and a station wagon. One night when we went to leave, the transmissions on both cars were inoperable. We had to have both cars repaired. Again, I assume "they" did it; I've never had two transmissions go out like that on two good cars. I again felt that we were being driven off and I was still trying to believe it was the real estate man. Both cars required total transmissions as all the gears were shot.


Barbara: I wasn't feeling well that night and I went back to lie down in the dark for a while. I had pulled the drape part way on the window creating a triangular area. There were some patches of snow outside and from where I was lying on the bed the triangular area was lit up by a background of snow patches. I lit a cigarette and as the match went out, I realized that the triangular area wasn't lit up anymore. I scrambled down to the foot of the bed and looked out. I could see only a middle section of something that looked like a box. It was black and very shiny. It wasn't lit but looked like it reflected light. There was a rounded shape around it -- it looked like something was carrying it under his arm. It was close to the window -- within about two to three feet. There is a line of trees behind the house and it was between the trees and the house -- the trees are about four or five feet from the house. I ran in to tell everyone what had happened. We ran outside and, as usual, no one could find anything. This has happened more often than not. By the time you tell someone or get your coat on, etc., you couldn't find anything. But we found that if we didn't turn the porch light on, we could get out quickly enough to hear something.


Jim: There were many smaller incidents that were unnerving. A friend of mine from Boston came out but I finally had to tell him to go back. He was becoming paranoid and thought that whatever it was had come to get him; he was going to go out and let them get him because he couldn't stand waiting any longer. We had several friends come out who were harassed one way or the other or terrified; a car door opened and closed when it was locked. I went in and talked to the Law Officer again. If he really felt we were in any danger, I would move the boys. He said that nobody he knew of had been hurt. They had lost horses, a lot of cattle and animals of one kind or another and people had been terrified. The mutilations were going on at a much heavier rate during this period -- this was 1976 -- the mutilations were occurring weekly.


Jim: About that time, the school bus driver, who was watching a large ranch for the owners and had some cattle of his own, moved back to Nebraska after being terrified. His son's yearling was mutilated and the boy evidently saw something that terrified him.

Barbara: His mother came over and asked me if we had seen anything like her son had seen because his father hadn't believed him. He had seen something very large and was really scared. I didn't want to discuss it because of the children but said that we had had some strange occurrences.


Jim: Also, during that period, two airline pilots and the son of one of them came out and wanted to put a landing strip on our land in exchange for my use of their plane. I agreed. About three weeks later, one of them and two others were killed in a crash nearby in clear weather. The plane was found in the daytime, but I don't know if it happened in the day or at night. Others who have inquired deeping into the mutilations, I understand, have disappeared, including the editor of a magazine who was never seen again. I also understand that two National Guard interceptors were up close to here and went down while in pursuit of a UFO at night. All of this was a little unnerving so I decided I was going to stop my own inquiry. I was going to just quietly mind my own business.

To be continued.

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