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Thursday, June 30, 2005


by Igor Baturin, Investigator

Principal Witnesses:
Sergey Beliaevskiy 12 years old
Luda Ribakova 10 years old
Sveta Karetina 10 years old
Marina Shiriaeve 11 years old
Additional Witnesses:
Sasha Krasavin 8 years old
Olga Krylova 11 years old
LocationKharovsk Vologotskiy Region

It happened on July 6, 1989, at approximately 2:30 pm (Moscow time). The children were coming from the river when one of them (Sasha Krasavin) noticed a kit hovering in the sky over the country. They had been walking on a street of "Boiarskoe" when the kite attracted their attention.

To get a better view of the kite, all of them went in that direction when Sasha Krasavin noticed near the kite a tiny luminous circular point. He directed their attention to this point and everybody noticed it also. In a few seconds the point grew in size and began to move down to the left of the witness, increasing in size. The color of the object was a yellow-orange and was luminescent.

The UFO came down and moved to the bushes then stopped and opened. The two hemispheres separated vertically and began to pulsate with light. They opened wide so that it was possible to see the bushes between them.

In 3 - 5 seconds after the landing, a humanlike figure, without a head, appeared between the hemispheres and went up the field in the direction of the countryside. In three steps the alien turned back and everybody noticed that the humanlike figure was very tall, higher than a man, like the height of a middle size bus, but very thin, as a board. It's arms were very long, lower than the knees. The coverall was gray, with black bootlike attire. In the middle of the alien chest was a bright yellow luminous disk. The brightness of the disk was pulsating (bright/dim). The alien's walk was unnatural. It moved like a robot. The knees didn't bend.

The light of the spaceship was pulsating, changing it's brightness. The object disappeared in some seconds after the alien began to move. At this very moment, the next point of light appeared near the hovering kite. It began to grow in size, and was as bright as the first one. The alien kept on moving, walking unnaturally. A few times the alien turned to the left and the right, when it reached the substation it disappeared.

In the direction of the village, Konantsevo, right behind the alien, some 40-50 meters aside, from behind the bushes appeared a woman dressed in red. She was walking along the road in the direction of the substation, which the road passed near by. When the children saw her they began to warn her, saying, "Don't go! There is an alien over there!" It was in vain, as the distance was very far and she did not hear them. When she came up to the bushes and the substation, she disappeared. In some seconds they saw her again, but 150 - 200 meters away and to the left, on the spot where they had seen the UFO standing. She was running away, wildly, to the riverside, to the left of the witnesses.

While the children were watching this scene, the second spaceship repeated the evolution of the first one. The alien came out and went in the direction to the bushes and disappeared. The third and fourth spaceships repeated the same movements as the first and second. The alien of the third spaceship came out and went in the direction of the riverside and then disappeared behind the bushes. The fourth spaceship opened, no one came out, the pulsating hemispheres disappeared as if someone switched it off.

A bit later the children went home.

Investigator's Notes:

One and a half months later, a group of UFO investigators from Moscow under the hand of Mr. Melkhiker arrived in Kharovsk. Mr. Melkhiker made arrangements from the parents of the children to hypnotize them. They, of course, recorded everything on video, tape recorder and took notes. Here are the most important facts of this story.

The story was repeated just as told before by Sergey Beliavskiy, the principle witness, and was described in present time frame.

"We are walking from the river, Sasha Krasavin pointed to the kite. We went to have a look at the kite. Suddenly, Sasha Krasavin noticed a small yellow-orange luminous point of light. It is growing very fast and moves down..."

And so on... he described everything but he kept saying, "I'm afraid!". Mr. Melkhiker told him, "Don't be afraid of them, Sergey! They will not harm you. You are a very courageous guy, come on, let's try to go nearer and have a better look at them." He went on to describe:

"They are very high. They have a head with three antennas on top of the head with tiny silver balls on the end of the antenneas. The coverall is gray, bootlike attire is black, but without a heel! They are three digited. The mouth looks like a triangle with the point on the top. There are two small black immobile points (eyes)."

Then Mr. Melkhiker said, "OK! Now, let's go to the spaceship."S: The spaceship has three portholes.
M: OK! look inside
S: I see three aliens in the spaceship. They are very high, but very unnaturally thin (about 5 cm).

He then went on to describe everything inside. The sketches included the steering console, with all symbols and knobs.

Mr. Melkhiker said, "OK, now please go to the country and try to find that woman in red."
He went and told him where she lives. Mr. Melkhiker immediately took a car and went to the appointed place. They found the woman, but she didn't remember anything. He was trying to hypnotize her but it was impossible. The nearer he came to the time he wanted to know about, she felt a terrible pain in the cerebellum (back part of the head). It was impossible to get any information. Later Mr. Melkhiker said, "There is a prohibition installed in her brain, that's why she felt the pain and couldn't remember anything."

Late at night they have seen a UFO hovering over her home. It was a reddish cone shaped UFO, sharp at the top, and a ball that was rotating around the lower part of the object. It was hovering for some seconds and then flew away.


UFOs were seen in the neighborhood of the Kharovsk between Konantsevo and Boiarskoe villages. They had landed in the hollow between the villages. Here, there is a brook, sulphur-hydrogen springs and high tension wires in the hollow. Inhabitants of this locality use this area for making hay. There is a ground road and some pathways for walking. UFOs visit this place very often. On the landing sight there was no visible traces of physical or thermal influences.

Vegetation: Trees and bushes.

Footnote: The evolution of each object was watched by the witnesses in those very moments of the movement of the alien from the already landed spaceship. In other words, the second object was landing while the alien from the first one was moving, and so on for the third and fourth.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005


An amazing alien encounter 7 years before either Roswell or Kenneth Arnold's sighting may offer our best chance yet to understand where some UFO's come from and why they are visiting our planet.

For more than two decades, Udo Wartena, a Dutch immigrant living in the Western U.S., kept what had happened to him one spring morning in May 1940 a secret, not even telling his wife. Before dying in 1989 he finally confided in two friends and then wrote the details of his experience down so it would not be lost.

Udo's incredible story remained completely unknown in UFO circles however, until the details were finally released by Australian researcher Warren Aston.

Before we review what took place in this deceptively simple report we must remember that this is an unusually early case in the pre 1947 period, which has yielded only small numbers of UFO sightings worldwide, and almost no cases where the occupants of UFOs were reported.

Let us remember that in 1940, World War II still raged in Europe, the first satellite was still 17 years in the future and the sound barrier had not yet been broken.

Udo Wartena’s experience not only took place in daytime, but involved intimate and open alien contact with a reluctant witness. I have assembled the following from two handwritten accounts and one typewritten account by Udo and from verbal recollections through interviews with the handful of close friends and family members whom he confided in.


Udo's encounter took place mid-morning early in May, 1940 at his mining claim in the forest near the base of Boulder Mountain, a short distance from Canyon Ferry Lake, near the small town of Townsend, southeast of Helena in Montana.

Udo, a 37-year-old miner of Dutch origin was working in the area part-time for the Northwest Mining Company.

During the previous month he had found a glacial deposit at the base of the mountain, which showed indications of gold-bearing ore. He began working the site in his spare time and first cleared an old and neglected ditch, which ran around the mountainside, using it to divert the water he would need in his mining from a nearby stream.

While moving some large boulders, he heard a humming or droning sound, which he first took to be aircraft, which flew over the area occasionally from Great Falls base in the north. At first Udo took little notice of the sound, but when the noise continued he thought that a vehicle had driven up so he climbed up onto higher ground.

A large disc-shaped object, measuring about thirty five feet high and over a hundred feet across, was hovering a short distance away just above the meadow where he had built his dam. Udo described it as like "two soup plates, one inverted over the other" and resembling "stainless steel in color, though not as bright and shiny".

As he stood watching, thinking at first that it was an airship, a circular stairway with a solid bottom forming part of the craft's hull was let down and a man who descended began walking towards him.

"As I was somewhat more than interested," Udo later wrote, "I went to meet him. He stopped when we were ten or twelve feet apart. He was a nice looking man, seemingly about my age. He wore a light gray pair of overalls, a tam (a common term in that period derived from "Tam O 'Shanter" - a circular cap) of the same material on his head and on his feet were slippers or moccasins".

The man came and shook his hand, apologizing that they had not known anyone was in the area, explaining that it was not their custom to interrupt or allow themselves to be seen. "He asked me if it would be alright if they took some water, and as I could not see why not, I said 'sure'. He then gave a signal and a hose or pipe was let down. His English was like mine, but he spoke slowly, as if he were a linguist and had to pick his way."

The man asked Udo what he was doing and this was explained. Udo, asked if he would be interested in coming aboard the ship, went willingly and without any sense of fear. As he got underneath the craft, Udo described the humming as "not loud, though it seemed to go through you"; once inside the ship the noise was hardly noticeable except what came up the stairwell.


"We entered into a room about twelve by sixteen feet, with a close-fitting sliding door on the farther end, indirect lighting near the ceiling and nice upholstered benches around the sides. There was an older man already in the room, plainly dressed, but his hair was snow white. I then noticed that the younger man's hair was also white."

Udo described him as being "young and strong-looking" and having clear, almost translucent skin.

Perhaps this explains the curious fact that Udo seems to have asked their age, even before asking their origin; clearly there was something about their appearance to prompt such an enquiry.

The men answered that one was "about six hundred years old" as we measure time and the other was "over nine hundred years" of age. They informed him that they knew over five hundred languages and were learning ours and improving upon them all the time.

When asked why they wanted to take water from the stream and not the lake, the younger man replied that, "the water was good and was free of algae (as if they had retrieved the same before) and it was convenient".

Many years later Udo indicated to a family member that hydrogen extracted from the water was in fact the fuel source for the craft.

Udo then asked what caused the noise of the craft and was not only shown the mechanism that powered the disc, but also given what appears to be a full and open discussion of the key principle involved, in the following words:"...'as you noticed we are floating above the ground, and though the ground slopes the ship is level. There are in the outside rim, two flywheels, one turning one way and the other in the opposite direction'.

"He explained [that] this gives the ship its own gravitation or rather overcomes the gravitational pull of the Earth and other planets, the sun and stars; and through the pull of the stars and planets...to ride on like you do when you sail on ice.

An interesting analogy. Elsewhere Udo described the 'flywheels' or rings as being about three feet wide and several inches thick, separated by rods turned by motors and next to 'battery of transformer'-like units all around the inside perimeter of the circular ship.

Udo was told that the two revolving rings or wheels developed an electromagnetic force, a term he did not understand at the time and inferred from what he learned that the ability to develop a cheaper and more practical energy source was of the utmost importance to mankind.

He was also told that the craft was able to focus on a distant star and use its energy to draw itself through space at speeds faster than light, quote: "skipping upon the light waves". These 1940 explanations seem remarkably similar to the propulsion method Robert Lazar claimed to have learned while working on alien craft in possession of the U.S. government at 'Area 51' and also sounds very much like some of the theories now being advanced by physicists:...the creation of a local distortion of space-time is expanded behind the spaceship, contracted ahead of it, yielding a hyper surfer like motion faster that the speed of light as seen by observers...

In essence, on the outgoing leg of its journey the spaceship is pushed away from Earth and pulled toward its distant destination by the engineered local expansion of space-time itself.

• Commentary on practical faster-than-light travel as proposed by Miguel Alcubierre, published in Classical and Quantum Gravity, 1994.

Udo then wrote "I then asked them where they got the energy to run such a large ship? They said from the sun and other stars and would store this in batteries, though this was for emergency use only. They carried another source but did not explain this to me..."

Asked where they came from, he was told they lived on a distant planet and gave its name - unfortunately not recorded by Udo - and pointed in its direction. Udo asked what their object was for coming to Earth?

"Well." he said, "as you have noticed, we look pretty much as you do, so we mingle with your people, gather information, leave instructions or give help where needed." Explaining that they were monitoring the progression and retrogression of our societies, the man claimed that they lived among us from time to time, a clear statement indicating long-term covert alien surveillance prior to 1940. Udo wrote that he did not understand what was meant by them "giving help where needed" but he did not feel it proper to ask about it further.

When Udo asked if they knew of Jesus Christ and about religion he was told that they would "like to speak of these things but are unable. We cannot interfere in any way". The area of religion and belief systems was to be the only question the aliens refused to discuss.

During his time on board, Udo was invited to be examined for impurities in his system by an "X-ray like machine" which passed over him. Little was recorded about this examination however and Udo seems to have attached scant importance to it.

While talking with the two men, a light had come on which Udo believed indicated that the water had been taken care of. He mentioned that he felt it was time for him to leave.

The alien's response was to ask if he was interested in going with them, to which Udo responded: " I said that I thought it would be interesting, but felt it would inconvenience too many people. Later, I wondered why I said that".

Some time later, Udo recalled an incident about two years previously where a young man had vanished nearby without a trace, despite days of searching by a sheriff's team. He wondered if the young man had met the same craft and gone with them.

As he started to leave the ship, they suggested to Udo that he "...'tell no-one, as no one would believe me at the time', but in years to come I could tell about this experience. When I walked away from the ship they raised the stairway, and when I got a couple of hundred feet away from the ship I turned around.

"A number [of] more portholes had opened up and though I could not see anyone, I felt sure they could see me, anyway I waved at them. The ship then rose straight up until it cleared the trees, then while circling slightly, it practically rose straight up and in a very short while was completely out of sight.

"As I didn't have a watch, I did not know for sure how long I had been with them, but according to the sun it was around noon, or somewhat around two hours."

Udo later related how some type of "energy" had permeated the area and that he lost his strength for several hours and was unable to walk. When his strength finally returned he went over to where the huge craft had hovered, finding only crushed grass where the stairway had rested. Later, still feeling overwhelmed by his unexpected experience, he walked back to his base camp.

Warren P. Aston 1997

Credits: The Udo Wartena case first came to my attention via a brief summary published in James L. Thompson’s Aliens and UFO’s (Bountiful Utah, Horizon. 1993). In his otherwise unique and insightful book Thompson did not conduct any investigation of this case however and his account of it contained numerous factual errors.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005


I met Amaury Rivera Toro at the International UFO Congress in Las Vegas. He was too frightened to speak but he endeavored. His story is very unusual. This is his story in his own words.

New York
I was born and raised in New York City. I was working as a waiter in one of the major hotel chains when I received an alarming phone call from one of my aunts. She informed me that my grandmother was terribly ill. My grandmother was the woman whom I considered to be my mother. I just had to go to Puerto Rico where she lived to see her.

Puerto Rico 1988
When I arrived on the island I was amazed by its beauty. After being there a few days my grandmother recuperated and I was able to make my brief visit a real vacation. Upon returning to New York City I found myself constantly thinking about Puerto Rico. Something was pulling me -- drawing me in like a magnet. I phoned my aunt out in PR and expressed to her my feelings. I told her that I wanted to come out and live on the island. She reminded me that the employment situation on the island was pitiful.

Without knowing why I lifted my roots. I either sold, or gave away, everything that I owned and headed towards the island. Even though it was the birth place of my parents I really didn't know PR. I was like a stranger in my own land. Even its roads were unfamiliar to me.

One of my cousins had heard over the radio about a job opening at a local night club. The waiters job suited me perfectly. I landed the job and bought myself an old jalopy of a car as a means of transportation to and from my new job.

Everything went fine until the night before Mother's Day. A few days before this event the same cousin who had helped me obtain my job called me up to ask a favor of me. She asked me to please photograph one of her favorite musical groups, which was going to be appearing at the night club where I was working.

The night before Mother's Day I arrived at the nightclub toting my cousin's 110 Instamatic Camera. The club was packed and I was barely able to snap some pictures of the musical group called "El Gran Combo." I managed to take a few. When the night was over I headed home. My feet were aching and all I could think at the time was about getting home and having something to eat.

I took the usual route home, the one which one of my other relatives had showed me to utilize going to and from the night club. I was driving very slowly. It was about 4:30 a.m. I had to keep in mind what some of my family members had warned me about; they said that while driving along these country roads one had to watch out for stray cows or horses that often wandered on to the roads. What they really should have warned me about was something else!

As I drove through this lonely stretch of unpopulated country road named "La Bajura" (literally translated means "the low part"), I came across a thick mass of fog, I didn't find this strange because I had encountered this cloud of fog other times on my way home from work. I slowed down even more so and kept my eyes on the road at all times. Suddenly I heard what I initially thought were the sounds of hooves on the paved road. Calves? The sound was coming from the left side, the driver's side, my side.

I turned my head towards where the sound was emanating from and to my great surprise what I saw in that moment changed my whole sense of reality. Jogging alongside my old car was a... midget? child? "What the ____ is it?", I remember thinking to myself. My mind was going wild. I didn't know what to think. Demons? "Oh, my God, it's a demons," I thought. I was scared beyond description. This thing was about three or four feet tall. It had a huge head and black bulging eyes. The eyes are what really freaked me out. The being looked at me with those black pools it had for eyes and it had a strange effect on me. This thing had eyes that seemed to penetrate my very being. They were like those of a Pekingese dog except a lot larger. Its skin was white, almost like if it were wearing clown makeup. The nose was a pugged one and the mouth was no more than a slit. It wore what seemed to be a small one piece suit; the color being olive green. What in hell was this? The farthest thing from my mind was that this strange creature was an extraterrestrial being. At that place in time I didn't think about space beings or UFOs. My mind did not ponder into those realms.

I didn't believe in UFOs so I didn't think about UFOs or their occupants. I was so frightened and nervous that when I attempted to speed away from the horror, instead of stepping on the accelerator I stepped on the brakes. When I was about to move on I see movement on the right hand side in front of my car. Coming in from the fog was that same creature. How could this be? I though. How did it get from where it was running beside my door to where it was located now? In those few precious moments in which I debated whether to run the thing over with my car something even more unexpected occurred. Someone or something opened my car door. I jerked my head to the left and then it was staring at me. There were two. Not one -- but two. I gasped and held tight to the steering wheel. My foot felt like lead on the brake pedal. Mentally I prayed to God and asked him to forgive my many sins. I urinated in my pants and helplessly passed out.

When I woke up I had no idea of my whereabouts. I was still seated in my car but I was no longer on the road. I found myself in a strange place where there were other cars. These other cars were empty. I distinctly remember looking around for a sign that would read "Exit." There were none in this place that looked like an underground parking lot. There were no doors that I could see; no windows either. The colors of the walls were a non metallic light gray. As I sat there confused and gripping the steering wheel, the thing appeared next to the drivers seat door -- mine. This time I did not hear it approach my car. I just happened to look towards my left in search of a way out and there it was. Those eyes! It reached out to me with its skinny arm. The hand, I noticed, had five fingers but they were all about the same length. With his white hand he, or it, touched me. He placed the palm of its tiny hand upon my forehead. With this action on the creatures behalf, I faded into darkness.

When I gained my mind I found myself seated in another room along with 14 other people. This room was also the same color as the previous one; a light gray. There were no light fixtures visible to the eye, yet the place was illuminated. I saw no doors or windows. The rest of the people looked as terrified as I felt. None of us spoke. Out of what seemed nowhere, from some point of departure behind us, walked in the two small beings and right behind them came a man.

This man was dressed in a black shirt and black pants. His shoes were of the same color. His skin was a dark tan complexion. Like the skin color of an Arab or a Hindu. He did not appear to be tall; maybe 5 feet 7 inches or so. He stood before us and the two small beings situated themselves -- one to his right, the other to his left. This man with long black shoulder length hair spoke to us in perfect Spanish. He claimed to be as human as we are but from a different planet, another world which rotates around an alien star (sun).

In this room the extraterrestrial human displayed to us all various projections which seemed to be totally real in appearance. At the end of these events, the small beings (the ones that the ET human had informed us were in fact made by his people) touched every one of us on the forehead. Everything went away and I awoke seated in my car.

It was now daylight outside and I was in a different area of my home town. At the time I didn't have any idea of where I was. I knew this was not the "Bajura Road." Where was I? I had woken up in a total state of confusion and I couldn't stop crying. The Bajura was a paved road and this was a dirt road.

The next thing I knew, I heard the roar of military jets flying above. When I looked out the window of my car I saw it for the first time. It was hovering without making a single sound. The F-14 Tomcats were on their way back. Like a zombie I took hold of my cousin's camera and found the disc-shaped object through the lens. I just stood there observing it through the lens when suddenly out of nowhere I started to hear a strange beeping sound. Automatically I would snap a photo on every second beep. Beep-beep-snap-beep-beep-snap.

The disc tilted itself at an odd angle and shot off straight into the sky. The jets flew into formation and they took off frustrated in their attempts to ground the alien aircraft.

After this experience my life was never the same. These photographs have brought me lots of grief. In the near future I hope to be able to publish my book which I'm now completing, where my experience in its totality will be described in depth. There are many wonderful things out there awaiting us, but let us not forget the many wonderful things that we have right here on earth... Amaury Rivera Toro

What makes these photos so unique is the afct that they show an F-14 Tomcat in pursuit of the craft. There are no other photographs in the public domain that show an alien spacecraft and a military aircraft in the same single exposure of film.

Given this, it is no wonder that Mr. Rivera Tora has been harassed and had his home searched from top to bottom by Government agents looking for the negatives and photographs of this spectacular event. What they didn't know, after ransacking the home, was that Amaury had pasted the pictures inside the dog house under the roof. The feds never found them.

Amaury Rivera Tora gave the UFOCCI exclusive rights to publish his story in the Missing Link magazine we published at that time, along with the documentation that substantiates his claim. I am sure that you will find his experience just as fascinating as I have.

Perhaps Jorge Martin can give us an update on Amaury and if anything else has happened to him since that time.

Monday, June 27, 2005

MY EXPERIENCE (By an abductee)

My best friend and I were in Kissimmee Florida in 1995.We were at another friend's house and were about to enter the car to leave. It was dusk about 7:00 P.M.at the end of summer, maybe in August.

Craft :

We saw a classic disk shaped (classic = "The Day the Earth Stood Still" UFO for example, but a little different on the underside).The craft was silver bare metal ( mill finish ), a classic saucer shape 35 feet wide with a slight green glow surrounding it (like a sci-fi shield representation or ball of light or plasma) except for the very bottom. A little ball on the bottom had a red glow surrounding it exactly like the corona from Tesla coils. The bottom of the disk wasn't all one piece; it was in 3 parts: outer rim, hollow concave open bottom, and a half ball or sphere in middle. This ball was bright, deep red and was emitting light. It hurt to look at it for very long because it would leave a blind spot in your eye like looking at sun for a second and getting a blind zone. It moved too fast for us to see with the eye , but we could follow the red glow as it trailed, like a small tail of ionized air behind and below the craft. It moved 3 times; 4 if you count it moving over us.When it moved it did not turn in the direction it went before it went there. It made a hard XYZ movement. You couldn't follow this thing; one second it's there and the next second its over there! We could follow the trail as it took a second or two to catch up to craft.That was really interesting --- at first.

Beam :

It was like a spot light or pillar of light, because of its static. I can explain it like static on a TV screen , moving dots, also like laser light with dust particles in it, but this looked different like "long dust or long spots" like "short lines" of static in the light.The light both paralyzes and lifts up "things" to ship off ground in mid air .

Cow :

What happens is the DISK hovers over the cow, then a beam of laser like white light comes down. I say laser because the light didn't fan out, it was like a spotlight or pillar of light, also because of its static. I can explain it like static on a TV screen , moving dots, also like laser light with dust particles in it, but this looked different like "long dust or long spots" like "short lines" of static in the light. -- words really escape the description but its the best I can do. The light both paralyzes and lifts up the cow half way up to ship "off " ground in mid air.( The cow looked humorous as its position was as when they save a cow or horse from a helicopter when they put that band around the animal to pull it up and gravity makes the ass end go towards ground while head goes up and the front legs hang in air in front of itself almost standing position)(The cow is mostly silent, but gives one quick moo.)

After the cow was in the air we saw a glow of white from the bottom of craft/DISK ( the bottom of disk wasn't all one piece; it was in three parts, outer rim, hollow concave open bottom, and a half ball or sphere in middle, this ball was bright deep red emitting light). The tentacle unfolds out like a bird's leg would come down and unfold. ( like this -- /\/\/\/\/ -- but vertical, it came from up inside and all around the concave hollow space I described. The tentacle would be 12-15 feet if fully extended). This robotic, metallic, glowing white ,electrified, tentacle or noodle.(looks like this)http://jlnlabs.imars.com/plasma/html/s_gdp.htm Then it wraps around the cow hovering in mid air going from under it, up and around the cow like a boa constrictor (serpent).When it tightened its grip I heard and saw the electricity coming off its tip and cutting up the cow's face !!!! I saw electricity as well, coming from the tentacle's surface itself. The cow started screaming but wasn't kicking or moving much but constant SCREEEEEEEAMING SCREEEEEEEAMING ! It was horrible!(This is where we approached the UFO to DO SOMETHING to stop this. Bad idea!)We also could hear a rushing sound and saw the tentacle kick like a vacuum hose and sucking/rushing noise like water through a hose noise. It kept moving around with precision from face to stomach area to anus! It was touching the cow in multiple areas on the tentacle but instead of suction cups it had tools on it in about three places. The whole thing was segmented like a worm and emitting light.---An alien electric straw?
We started jumping up and down in excitement as to what we were witnessing. Then, because the cow kept screaming, we walked over to it to help it by instinct not even considering what was above it. We unwittingly attracted the attention of the craft and it unleashed / loosened a tentacle, shut off the beam, and dropped the cow. A few seconds later it was over us! ( it moves so fast your eyes can't follow it) - It hovered over us and turned on the beam!The beam that was just used on the cow was now on us!

------ Now pause here and insert yourself in our shoes for a moment.------ You just saw it lift up a cow with beam and cut it up alive, and obviously the cow felt every bit of it.------ Now "YOU" are IN the beam or in other words "YOU ARE NOW THE COW" !------ That should put you in our frame of mind, at that moment. This wasn't funny or crazy anymore.

We could not look up at the disk above us as we were both paralyzed physically in this beam .We could scream. though, and both of our hands were touching the car here; if I could have got in I would have, believe me! But we could scream and we did ! As loud as we could ! In unison we screamed like people on roller-coasters; we screamed the same in response to a hill as well as in unison without trying to.The light beam looked like white laser light. You could see particles of a sort in the light , like thick light.

We felt a slight tingle of the skin more inside and under the skin than outside and we felt lighter, "floaty", less heavy, but uncomfortable and frozen. The light did not blind us either as we looked straight at each other whole time and could see each other lift up off the ground.

Inside the Craft :

I awoke in this craft with my friend lying beside me, We were on two clear tables- two feet by five feet (sorry no probes - LOL) and were paralyzed from the neck down. We were inside a round all-white room. It had drawers or square rectangles along every part of the walls. The drawers were not uniform in appearance; there was a big one, then two little ones, etc. They looked like man-made molded plastic. There was a window all around, five inches or so at the top. The ceiling was plain and white. I don't remember the floor well, I think it was smooth and plain white also. We saw two 4.5 foot lizard-like beings, big bi-pedal, earth-like intelligent reptiles. The lighting inside was not very bright, and didn't look artificial; it looked like real sunlight at dusk even though there were no real windows. The window at the top went all around but had faded edges. The window faded into the wall; there was no defined edge.Outside the fake window we both saw tops of the pine trees so we assume we never went anywhere and if so not far from where we were originally. What is also strange is we could see tops of trees but the window was one to two feet above our heads as though a camera on the bottom of craft was showing a recreated image on a screen or fake window. The only part of the craft I did not see was directly behind me. I never thought to look the other way as I had more than enough to see and comprehend in FRONT of me! I did not see any seats, only our two beds.

Clothes :

They wore collarless one piece (tight but not skin tight) jump suits. They were like silver foil clothes, metallic and flexible, with a diamond cross pattern like a sun shield for a car or an emergency fire blanket. The suit stopped at their mid arms just like human shirts. It stopped at their upper thigh like shorts and there was a hole for their tail which went through. No shoes, no jewelry, only one device on their person. The scientist, the smoother pretty one, had what looked like a "clip board" of sorts in his left hand almost a half inch thick.As well as a doctors or scientists white coat with tails in back.

Chest Patch:

I saw a logo on their chests; I'm blurry on the exact way it was arranged, however the parts that were clear as follows: One red flying snake with bird feathers as wings (two white wings). The snake had stars in its curled tail in a triangle either black or blue, upside-down .There was a blue or black round circle around the triangle and flying serpent.

Appearance :

The scientist was pretty green like a tree snake, smooth light green and thinner than other one and slightly glossy. The soldier was rougher, darker brown, and bigger in muscle build, but shorter. Both were under five feet tall. I saw the eyes of the darker one up close; they were not big slits for pupils as you would think but more round like ours. They were slits and very pretty like a yellow starfish or star pattern as the iris surrounded by orange, then red, then browns. They did not speak nor any telepathic stuff but I could hear one of them breathe at times. They both had three foot tails, not dragging. They kept them three to five inches off ground at rest while standing. Their heads were like outdoor Florida lizards with a pointed snout, tiny teeth, and no visible hair. Their lips were like a lizard or snake.

Emotion and Conflict:

I felt like a deer that was just ran down by a helicopter who was immobilized, tagged and then released. My first feeling seeing them was to take control and be aggressive. I had no fear towards them. My impression of them felt like they were smart animals not "aliens per se" but then again the first and only aliens I've seen.

They showed emotions like us. They had the same facial expressions, mostly the same gestures, except for the lizard-like head nods and snorts.When I awoke I looked first at the soldier on my right. I say "soldier" because of his uniform and chest patch/insignia and of his stockier and darker appearance. I then looked left and saw the scientist on right. I say this as his uniform was the same but had a white overcoat like a doctor or scientist would wear with a tail on the back like a tuxedo tail, split in two. His little tail stuck through and tails of the coat went around it.
Then I looked at myself. to see if I was OK and if I were strapped down, since I was lying on a table.

Then I looked back at the soldier to see what he was looking at. He was viewing a screen like our TV screens but it was taller than wider, about 1.5 x 3 feet.Some kind of body tissue was the show, I assume it was my tissues. I was on "body TV".

Each one had a screen on either side of the room and both were focused in their work. I can also speculate that their hearing and peripheral vision was not as good as ours, because I, a human, would have seen the movement and heard me lift up my head at first for sure and it didn't have a clue. But I peeked at the screen a second too long and it sniffed the air then turned its head to me.( I speculate that it smelled me being awake somehow).

We were now locked in eye contact (the soldier and me). I got quickly off the table and proceeded to meet him halfway. It was was then the scientist saw me and looked fearful, shocked, and surprised. His eyes were wide at my approach towards their direction. (I'll speculate here that most people fear them as my friend with me did. I'm no macho man, but I had no fear of them, only a respect. I can only explain it this like this: If you see a sturdy breed of guard dog do you fear it in terror? Some do, most do not. Some can see them as pretty dogs and appreciate their appearance as pleasing to the eye, yet still have utter respect for them as they could rip your leg off at anytime they wish but they don't.You don't fear the dogs per se; you respect them. But don't you feel superior still? )

They communicated at this point to each other as I will describe: The soldier and scientist looked at each other. The soldier snorted through its nostrils twice and raised its eyebrows. The eyebrows had no hair, no hair on the body at all so I guess they are eye ridges. Then they gave an expression like "Move, do something quick now!, complete with arm movements. His expression towards me was not of fear like the other but of contempt and aggressiveness as we approached each other. (Like, "I'll take care of you, but cautious.")

He and I met in the middle. The scientist was to my left front side. We both assumed the fighting position with both arms and hands upward guarding the face and spreading apart of legs slightly. The hands were open for him, closed in a fist for me.We then stared at each other locked in eye contact for about 4 seconds. ( like you would size up an opponent)

I felt I could handle the guy and felt I had time to look over at my friend and wake him for assistance which I did. It only took a second to call his name and look over. Bad idea; as I was looking back at the soldier it swept me, taking my legs out from under me with its tail, knocking me down. For all intents and purposes it "suckered me", or "sucker punched" me with its tail as I saw it out of the corner of my eye looking back at him. I also saw its expression of glee or a feeling of pride. It seemed pleased that it got one over on me. It did not knock me out when I fell; the tail didn't even hurt, nor did the fall.

I went to get up fast and that's when the scientist came in from the side quickly and that's where I blacked out. My friend has told me what happened from this point as he woke up right as I was falling down. He said he woke up and saw the scientist doing something like touching me with something at which point I was immediately unconscious. He made no mention of needles, just a hand held device.

We never saw them leave; they just left us two humans standing near the original spot they took us from, but 12 to 15 feet away from where we were. The car doors that were open were now closed and we did not close them.

Communication :

They never spoke but one did make a breathing sound once like it smelled me, then a snort or a quick exhale/inhale as to me being awake. No telepathy or verbal communication, not even an attempt was made by myself or my friend or either of them to communicate. Just instinct , body language and al lot of eye contact (eye talking ?). These guys are very clever, intelligent, and prideful beings. They should not be taken lightly; they are armed and dangerous in my opinion.(For more detail see Emotion and Conflict)

End Result:

We went to the car and had no recollection of why we were standing there and why it was dark and why the car's doors were shut and why we were so far from the car. Then I remembered the UFO and asked my friend if he did. He said, "Yes", then he asked me if my leg was OK. I felt the back of my right leg and lifted up the pant leg: no pain, a little redness there. Then we remembered the lizards and the cow and all.. We looked over the fence where the cow was and, lo and behold, a dead cow! Then, this is strange to me but also funny, we both then remembered needing cigarettes, which is why we left the house in the first place. Soooooo we went right to the convenience store to get our nicotine fix. Please note we hadn't had a cigarette for a while, so we looked at the time and it had been nearly 2 hours since we left the house! When we got back our other friends, about six people, were there waiting for us as we apparently FORGOT THEIR CIGARETTES . They said "Where the have you been? We've been waiting for you for two hours! We slowly told them what we saw; they at first refused to believe us. When I said, " I've decided to call police to report it!" They then believed we were not joking around with them, but didn't want us to ruin the party.....And once they said "OK we believe you." they, my own friends, said, "This scares us. Let's talk about something else"......They totally wanted nothing to do with it...

We needless to say left in disgust and of shock from the lizards and our own friends' so-called support....

We did not report it to the police. We both feared a quarantine law, jail , or worse, not to mention the padded wall scenario.

Besides, what would I say to the police, "I saw a glowing beam-throwing UFO brutally kill a cow in mid air with a robotic electric tentacle of bovine death"?That I went toe to toe with a lizard dude with a white, silver suit and emblems on it? I will pass on that ...At the very least if I told my parents I would be in for some psychiatry or therapy whether I needed it or not .

The next few days went by and I found a triangular shape that looked like a burn mark on my back and inner thigh. My friend had marks too but in different places, I forget where..The next time I went to that house was the following weekend, as I went every weekend to spend the night at his house in Kissimmee.(That's 10 minutes from "Disney World" here in Florida). The sister said " Hey, my neighbors want to ask you some questions and so does the sheriff; they found a dead mutilated cow that night; you were right. I said, " I know I was right. I saw it that night before and after ! Now do you believe me!?!"She said, "Yes", then asked "Well, should I give them your number?" and I said "Hell no, uh uh, no way!" And that was the last time we EVER talked about it...Nobody else from then on knew this, not even my mother or father or family friends.

I ran into my friend with whom I had been abducted a few years later and we roomed together for three months till he could find his own place. This is when we decided to talk about it again and we really talked this time.Which has led me here.....

If you think I'm crazy, I don't blame you. I'm not writing this to convince anybody but I would like anyone with a REAL similar experience to share info with, I don't mind questions or critique, however and if you want to know more just ask - flying_serpents@yahoo.com

To skeptics I say this:I will gladly take a lie detector test or whatever if you pay for it if I pass!I will NOW gladly help to gather proof of cows death from farmers and sheriff.I do not wish to "go public" in the media.I have never been hypnotized.I DO want an MRI or CAT SCAN done to see if implants are true and present. (this really scares me)

Sunday, June 26, 2005

El Yunque Forest

"El Yunque" is a rain forest located at the South side of the island of Puerto Rico, towards the end of the central mountain range. This rain forest has been visited for many years by tourists from different places of the world for its picturesque and beautiful mountains, natural resources, and huge old trees.

Also El Yunque is being "visited" by unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and extraterrestrials. Residents and neighbors of El Yunque, from all different ages, religion, beliefs, education and professions have testified seeing UFOs overflying or entering this place. As a matter of fact, this place is just one of the many places throughout Puerto Rico where people have stated seeing these strange objects. Because of the many testimonies that have been reported in relation to this strange phenomenon serious investigations are actually taking place. Scientific groups from all around the world have traveled here to observe and investigate these UFO sightings. Puerto Rico is one of the most visited places by UFOs in the world.

There are different explanations and theories seeking answers to many questions that have arisen because of these sightings. One of the many explanations given by UFOoligists is the El Yunque is a UFO base of a Geomagnetic Radiation Center. For other investigators, such sightings occur mostly at this place because El Yunque is located at the South side from the mysterious Bermuda Triangle. And finally, for parapsychology and occultism investigators, El Yunque is an excellent location for paranormal activities to take place. Meanwhile, others refer to say that this place has some certain special energy or telluric energy that these spaceships take advantage of for their specific "purposes."

The experience that I am about to narrate is just one of the most amazing UFO encounter experiences. The same took place here, in El Yunque.

In February 1988, a group of persons and neighbors, residents of this area, heard a loud strange, whistle sound. When they ran to see what it was they saw a huge UFO. The description that they gave of this UFO was that it was approximately 75 meters diameter, round and the color of its metal construction seemed to be white-grey and it emitted green, blue and white bright lights. The witnesses of such an extraordinary event keep track of the UFO and saw how it impacted and crashed against a mountain causing a great explosion. The explosion was of such great magnitude that these witnesses state that the same must have been heard miles away.
At dawn the next day there were helicopters overflying the place where the UFO incident occurred. Governmental militant personnel were rapidly stationed at the place seeing that all investigation and information was to be kept "top secret."

This incident was videotaped the next morning by a local news television station. When the moment came to transmit the videotape on the television news, there was abrupt silence: the personnel from the news station informed the public that "the videotape had mysteriously disappeared!"

During the following months curious spectators, who surround the place carefully observed that the land where the UFO had crashed was arid and the vegetation ceased growing. This incident is well known by the UFO investigators here in Puerto Rico.

More recently a governmental document, denying all information in relation to this incident, was published. The sole purpose of such article was to confuse the general public as to whether what had been reported of this UFO incident really occurred or rather was just simply "false" information. Also, its purpose was to ridicule the witnesses who testified about what they saw. But ironically, as life can sometimes be, this same document came from the "Civil Defense State Agency offices of Puerto Rico" where its Director, Colonel Jose' M. Nolla, also forwarded an official guideline to his agency with specific instructions on "how to proceed to investigate this phenomenon!!!" Also, Colonel Nolla has been known for many years to be the "connection" between Puerto Rico and the Civil Defense Intelligence Agency of the United States, which is the parallel central intelligence agency as to a militant level.

There is one truth that cannot be denied: these strange "visits" are not fantasies created by "mankind" and extraterrestrials DO LIVE AMONG ALL US
Cordially,Willie Durand Urbina.Excerpted from The Missing Link magazine, November 1992

Please check out Brian Vike's new blog at http://hbccufo.blogspot.com. His reports from British Columbia are very interesting. Besides that he is my good friend!

Saturday, June 25, 2005


It is June 1969. My 4 year old daughter and I take my new VW Bug on a trip to the midwest where I have family. I left about 3:00am loaded with Auto Club maps and made Flagstaff late that night staying at a Motel. Early the next morning I stopped for gas and information. The attendent said I could save time if I took the Navajo reservation 160 thru 4 corners, up to Wolf Creek Pass, and down to Denver, instead of 66. I saw on the map we would see some of the Painted Desert. It never occurred to me that I might be going into a wilderness desert, without homes, or cars. So when we came to a Indian gift shop where I bought a Zuni wedding ring (pawn), it made me feel better.

About 11:30 I came to a tiny cafe, just past the right turn to Farmington, where we ordered hamburgers and I drank 3 cups of coffee. The cook told me he had been passing thru and stopped for coffee and the Indian owner asked him if he ever wanted to own a cafe. When he said "he might" the Indian gave him the key!

We paid up and headed through lovely Kayenta Valley. About 2:00pm I nearly went off the road sound asleep. I had to stop NOW! I pulled over with no shade, rolled down the windows 2 inches, and told my daughter to take a nap and not get out of the car! Then I was out! At 3:30 I awoke with my body laying over the wheel and my arms hanging down loose. My girl was curled up on the passenger seat asleep! I looked out the windshield and approximately 200ft off to the left of the road was a huge SILVER SAUCER the size of a football field. It was hovering around 30 to 40 ft in the air, with the back tipped up so I could not see the bottom. Completely round it had a flat lip around the middle, with a streamlined dome on top! Neither a window or door showed and I sat there and stared at it for maybe 6 to 7 minutes. I was interested in aircraft before I married and I wanted to learn to fly. THIS was not from this earth! I started to realize what I was seeing and became scared! Suddenly in my MIND I heard someone tell me "DO NOT BE AFRAID"! Now mind you I have some strange memories while a child but this was in broad daylight and I was wide awake! I was ready to get out and walk towards the ship when it took off for the lower Rocky Mountains. In a flash it was gone at a speed our earth ships could never match at this point! Just before it disappeared it looked like it covered TWO of the smaller mountains! It was only then that I started my car and took off again!

I looked for the ship all the way to Cortez where we stayed that night. By the time we reached the motel both my daughter and I were violently ill. We ate nothing for 3 days and than our intake was limited for over two weeks. Both of us lost weight. We both had redness, fever and my daughter had an ugly PURPLE-red large size rash on her upper torso which stayed again for two weeks. After about a week or so, our hair started falling out. I didn't know any doctors at Cortez and I was not prepared money-wise to seek help. I had medical benefits but never thought we would be so ill and for such a long period of time.

When I stopped at my friends place in Colorado Springs he insisted we stay at his home and wanted us to stay until we felt better but I was determined to get to the mid-west and see my other children. The trip after the sighting became a nightmare trying to drive and having to stop and dry heave. At the time I just didn't connect the Saucer with our sickness. After getting to Minnesota we stayed with a kind niece and I can remember showing her my daughter's purple rash. As an afternote, both of us had ALL the childhood diseases.

I believe or rather KNOW that we are visited by other beings in the Universe. They are way ahead of humans. They could be a million years ahead of us! There could be many types of beings! For me it was the chance of a lifetime and truly MY MOMENT ON EARTH that I will never forget! The vision is burned into my mind and has changed the way I think! "In the land of the blind, the one-eyed is king"

I would like to add an interesting note to what happened to me. Just before I felt like I was knocked out and had to stop my car, I was enjoying the desert in the blue-sky sunshine. I also remember that when I stopped the car the desert around me was fairly FLAT. When I came too, my car was still facing the same direction (towards mountains) but it was in a totally different area of the desert. There were ten feet rocks to the left of the saucer, with an even larger one to the left of them. Because my attention was on that massive saucer (to the left and forward of my car) I don't remember much about the right side of the road but my photo memory has a print of the mothership and what was around it!

Later when my daughter and I got to Cortez and we were so sick (fever, rash-purple red, red faces, dry heaving, sick at stomach for days and later hair loss) I forgot about that fact but it came back to me later and it was only much later, that I realized the car and all might have been taken, after I read what had happened to others. It becomes the only answer to an enigma. As it is not my custom to need to pull over when driving, the other thing that was evident was when I woke up I felt DRUGGED. I felt like I was on a happy pill and that elated feeling stayed with me for about 2 hours before it seemed to wear off. Even though I was looking at something from outer space I was not excited but it felt like a "sorta interesting" feeling which just isn't me. I am the one that will drive miles to see an air show ( Blue Angels) or do anything to get a chance to fly. Another feeling I had at the time of the sighting was I felt protected. I felt they hovered there for that time period to see if I was alright and I could get the car started again. Like I say, I was given a happy shot of some kind and that has never been repeated.

My sighting in 1969 changed not only my life, but revived old deep memories. When married I saw a tiny big eyed bald man looking at me through the back picture window. We lived in the woods and I rarely closed the drapes. I woke my husband and he went out back to check and said there were no footprints in the new snow! It was 1956, (Jan) and my daughter was born in March! Aliens float! I knew what I saw because I was wide awake at 10 PM.

Married, I would lay in bed and look at the ceiling waiting for ?? to come and get me! I knew! I went to Hesperia CA in 1967 and felt the need to go out in the desert. My car wouldn’t start at one point (it stalled) and I lost time! That’s just a few things that happened before the Mothership.

In 1978, I was living in my house in Lakeside, CA. At 2 AM, (I sleep badly), I wanted a glass of water. I walked out of my bedroom and into the hallway. Looking down the hall, toward the kitchen on the left and the living room on the right, I saw that the living room was lit up like Christmas! There was a 4 ft being floating down the hall about a foot off the floor. It was moving its long slender arms up and down as it moved away from me. The head was very large and it had a lighted band around it. The glowing body turned towards the wall that adjoined the bathroom and it stuck its elbow into the wall. When the thin body made contact, blue, than red SPARKS flew! Then it disappeared into the wall!

The funny thing is I can not remember if or what I did next? The next morning I told my kids I had seen a Ghost?!!! Because of the lighted band, I had thought it was a Indian spirit! In 1989, I saw the cover of Communion and nearly had a heart attack! I realized only than that it was a GRAY Alien! The reading of that book made me VERY SICK but I waded through! After reading everything I could lay my hands on I looked for ships everywhere! I saw a 50 ft saucer at 3 PM (daytime) over the Indian reservation I played Bingo at and a 4th of the ship was covered with a very WHITE fuzz that was too white to be a real cloud. And I saw a rust colored saucer about 5 PM on the ground near San Diego but I was on a bus and unable to stop!.

On Jan 1st, 1990 at 11 PM near Alpine a ship came down over my car. It was foggy and I could see that the bottom of the ship was bright orange, like FIRE! It looked to be 50 feet in diameter and the thought of possible radiation scared me!!! I took off like mad and raced home to San Diego. I have had the marks and bruises and grass on my feet. (I do not walk in my sleep!) I have seen 4 ships in Minnesota. I saw one over Lake Almo at 11am, one over White Bear Lake that had CHERRY red lights that brightened than dimmed, and going out to Treasure Island there was one over Hastings at 6pm. The last sighting was on my birthday, Jan 27, 1997, over Bloomington. All have been different. I no longer am scared but I do not choose for this to happen.

Now a true story about Arcwood Toni Award and her possible Abduction!!!! Toni was born in 1980 to Baby a top quality registered DOBERMAN from a Champion father. She was my choice pup from the 12 that sold quickly. Because of losing a couple of my Show Shelties I decided never to breed or show her and I guarded her with my life. Toni was my beloved friend, and trusted protecter, that went everywhere with me. I spent thousands for special fencing, as well as babysitters when I needed to be gone. Her loving disposition made her everyones sweetheart! Around 1985 I noticed her breast were dropped and surmised she was getting older so that caused it. Then in 1987 I took her to a vet in Spring Valley, CA to have a lump looked at that was on her side. He said it was benign but asked how many pups did she have? I told him she had never been bred but he said she showed definite signs of carrying young. Now dogs can have false pregnancies but he said he did not believe that was the case. Then in 1989 I saw the cover of Communion and that picture of the gray which caused me to read about human and animal abductions. Because I had possible experience in my own background I suddenly understood that my Doberman may have been taken too! Toni died in 1996 and life will never be same without her but hopefully the aliens have her babies somewhere out there on another planet!

That could be the whole idea of Alien abduction-that our genes are never lost. They could clone her from a tissue sample. We as a species are insignificant in a Universe teaming with life, but our unique DNA is important. The Alien ability to travel inter-deminsionally by the folding of space may well afford humans the same ability someday and I wish I could be there to see Toni's pups. We certainly cannot assidiously ignore what is happening to Humans worldwide, the Alien Abduction!

Yours Patricia

Friday, June 24, 2005


Ed Komarek
My Blog: http://exopolitics.blogspot.com/

In a previous paper I made reference to the fact that Fox executives had got wind of this story and used the story as the basis for a X-files program titled Alien On Ice. One of our people with ORTK drove these executives around as part of her job in California and told them about this case hoping to get some funding for me.

I would like to fill the reader in on this case in detail in which I have invested several thousands of dollars over the years and two trips to British Columbia. I did this to find the five mummified bodies dressed in metallic suits found by Larry Requa around 1938 when he was a constable operating out of Stewart BC.

Before describing what was found let me give the reader some background on this case. In a prior paper I described how my father Ed Komarek Sr. organized a group of scientists and plantation owners to create the first fire conferences and later Tall Timbers Research Station. When my father was early in this process of organization he searched out others from around the world who were doing fire research, one who was Larry Requa. At the time in the 1960's I believe Larry was the head of forest service in the Yukon Territories of Canada.

Around 1962 our family in one of our annual trips about the United States and Canada ended up at Whitehorse Canada where Dad could meet up with Larry Requa. I remember the first time I met Larry was when we had broken down and it took a couple of days to repair the camper.

Larry took pity on my sister and I who were sitting around bored to death and had his helicopter pilot take us both up around the forest service base for a short helicopter ride. Later he told me he could have gotten in trouble for that but this just shows what a kind and considerate person Larry was.

Dad brought Larry down to Tallahassee to lecture at a fire conference and Larry became a friend of the family. Larry's paper, Lightning Behavior in the Yukon, is in the proceedings of the Third Annual Tall Timbers Fire Ecology Conference and is available from Tall Timbers Research Inc. Later when Larry retired and was in his seventies he came back to visit with old friends like my mother and father. This was around the 1980's give or take a few years. At this time I was well into UFO's and my mother had a habit of telling others about her son's strange interests.

Well, my mother and Larry were setting on the back steps of the house one evening looking up at the stars when she mentioned my interest in UFO's. She was very surprised when Larry said; I had this experience years ago and I have told nobody about it, not even my wife at the time. He told his story to my mother and said he had transcribed his notes from the period onto a tape along with other stories and adventures he had in the far north. The next evening I got Jeff Anderson a good friend of mine to come over to hear what Larry had to say. Also there were my very skeptical Uncle Roy who was fit to be tied because he really liked Larry and just did not know what to make of Larry's story. Sonny Stoddard and my mother and father were also there.

I could tell that Larry was very emotional and shaky just talking about this experience for the first time. I could see that this experience had made a powerful impression and had helped shape the rest of his life. Larry said that when he was a young man and a constable for the RCMP, he would not say when and where, he went looking for a prospector who went missing. He was flown to a glacial lake, got out and followed the prospector's trail around the lake. He crossed the stream that fed into the lake which was very cold and could find no sign of the prospector on the other side. He walked up the stream to a small mound and sat down to warm up. He looked across the stream to see a small cave that had been mortared up with stones and mud from the river. He went back across the stream and knocked a small hole through the mortared stones and shined in the darkness with a flashlight.

He was very surprised to see that the inside of the cave had been cut away to create a rectangular chamber about 12 by 12 feet with a stone bench cut into the back wall. On the bench in the back were five mummified bodies dressed in metallic cloth about three and a half feet long. He made the opening larger and went inside and felt the wall which had a smooth glassy surface like the rock had been melted away. In front of the five mummified bodies was a emblem and what appeared to be a flexible metal equivalent of a chain but was like a flexible round length of metal but without any visible links. It seemed the beings had died looking at the emblem on the small pile of rocks a kind of makeshift altar.

Larry went over and touched the metal fabric with his pencil on one of the bodies and found it to be very flexible. He was taking notes through the whole experience as was his duty and training. The bodies were short and humanoid with long slender finger bones and large extended craniums. One of the bodies had a red suit coverall and the others had blue suit coveralls. Overhead was a shaft in which he shined his flashlight but could see no end. He lit a match to see if their was a draft and there was not a draft. After he had investigated the bodies he went back and picked up the emblem which was square with the four primary colors evenly divided into smaller squares on it. It was light as a feather and when he was holding it he suddenly saw what he described as images forming on the wall.

The first scene was a craft coming down with the occupants being knocked around. The second images was the five beings next to a hole melted down into the glacier. One of the beings had a broken leg and was lying down and the other four were standing up with one holding a broken arm. He had noticed the broken leg and arm on the bodies before picking up the emblem. The next image was of the beings dying in the cave. The final image was of him sealing up the cave and leaving everything as he found it. He placed the emblem back on the small pile of rocks and when outside and sealed the cave back up feeling that the place was sacred and should not ever be disturbed. Larry was part Indian. He said he made up two reports one without the event which he filed and one with the event which he kept only for himself.

In the 1990's this story was still on my mind and I figured that Larry had now died and that I would see what I could do about finding where this story happened and when. Larry would not say, where, when, let alone tell where the location was. I told the story to Rob one of our ORTK people and we drew up a agreement to share whatever we found. Rob went to work and after many phone calls found that Larry's wife was still alive who was in her nineties as well as were his two sons. She and Larry had long gone their separate ways but had remained married. They all figured Larry had died as he had broken off contact will them all years before. Rob tracked Larry's movements all over the north and back to Stewart BC. Then he got the microfilm from the local newspaper and sent it to me and I found references to Larry in the paper. He had a pet fox at one time and another time he put some tramps to work clearing a lot while he was constable. It was Larry's job to go out into this very rugged terrain to find missing prospectors and trappers when they failed to show up for provisions in the spring. In the paper their was also a description of the explosion which he said told us had happened about the time of his discovery. We were not able to find a missing prospector in the paper around the time of this explosion.

Rob and I drove up to Stewart thinking that we could hike in to find the site. Boy were we surprised as this was the most rugged terrain in North America, straight up and down. There was an ice field forty miles long with glaciers coming down on all sides. At the newspaper archives and little mining museum, Rob talked to a lady there, and the lady said that a friend of Larry's had recently come by and to our surprise Larry was still alive and living about a thousand miles away. Rob and I tracked Larry down and he was ninety two, I think, and still in good health. He told the same story to Rob as I had heard years ago and showed Rob a copy of the medallion he had made in the States out of sliver by Indians. It was the same copy that he had shown my family perhaps twenty years before. On the back of the copy of the emblem was etched a arc with a line across through the arc and several cross hatches on the line. Larry said he felt that this had something to do with the ET's physics and travel.

Needless to say Larry was very surprised that I had tracked him down after all these years but he still would not give us the location. We went home and Larry died a couple of years later from stomach cancer and he was found with the emblem in his pocket. I had a falling out with Rob when Rob broke our agreement and talked with some friends of his to go back looking for the bodies themselves. Later I decided to go back alone.

I had been in contact with Steven Greer's CSETI and had done a small story on this case. It so happened that a helicopter pilot operating out of Stewart heard this story from CSETI and CSETI got me in contact with him. The Pilot was very kind and gave me about five thousand dollars of helicopter time for only a couple of thousand dollars. We went all over the eastern side of the mountain range that separates BC from Alaska. It's a huge rugged area. Looking for the site is like looking for a needle in a hay stack. Lucky for me I have information that I have never given to anybody else that still gives me a shot at finding this site if I don't get too old before going back. I have the area narrowed down to where I will have to prospect on foot.

From everything I have found out I believe that Larry did not find the bodies himself. I think he made the part about the prospector up, to cover for somebody else. There was a trapper that he knew well who was all over that country and even has a lake named after him. I just found out that the Trapper never married or had children who might have passed on a story. I think a prospector or trapper found the site and because Larry was constable, came to him and then both went back to check it out and decided never to divulge the location. I think both took the location to their graves.

Today the glaciers are receding in a big way and perhaps some pilot will notice something shiny at the base of a glacier, fly down and see a crumpled spaceship and tell the authorities, only to have the evidence spirited away like in so many other cases. All that will be left will be a story told by a pilot and no evidence of a spaceship ever crashing in this remote part of North America. I have no doubt this story is true. Larry was a honest man of high integrity who knew little about UFO's until I gave him some of my books to read after he told us his story.

Thursday, June 23, 2005


From: http://www.hbccufo.org/

San Marcos, California
An Unknown That Corkscrewed Through The Air
Date: N/ATime: N/A

Am hesitant to say too much about this event. Was on a day's holiday from work. I'm (work place deleted) for 30 yrs. I work opposite military airfield and I am familiar with just about anything with fixed or rotary wings. Had excellent vantage from hilltop of approx: 1800 ft. I was observing a contrail from NW to SE at hi altitude. Air in vicinity of event took on a brightness, I'll call milky glowing blue. I observed a trail that was moving opposite of contrails direction, of smoke? cloud? vapor? that corkscrewed through the air.

I began snapping shots with my disposable 35 mm camera. At same while, heard hissing and was aware of something directly approaching. I became fearful of some kind of assault on my person about to take place.

Only seconds had passed from my initial sighting of contrail. I found myself muttering/babbling/disoriented. (To me that means he had contact)

Thanks for your interest. Incidentally, Edwards AFB, Nellis, are nearby. 100mi and 300mi respectively. Thank you to the witness for the report.

Sasquatch Encounters Outside Prince George, B.C.

HBCC UFO Research Note. The gentleman who took the footage asked me if I would add another comment to his report, which I have done so below in quotations. Also Brian Vike of HBCC UFO Research and this fellow would like to hear from others who have had a Sasquatch sighting around the Prince George area or anywhere else in the province of B.C. I can be contacted at: hbccufo@telus.net

These animals are not to be shot if an encounter should take place. They don't mean us any harm, they are just curious.Hollywood has done a real job of portraying these animals as horrible creatures and that just isn't true. Don't believe what you see in the movies.

I would like to know if it is you, or an associate of yours, that I would talk to about Sasquatch. Two experiences have been eating away at me for years now. On two occasions I am, without any doubt, sure I have called in Sasquatch while moose hunting.

On the first occasion I communicated with {him?} for about half an hour. Then I finally saw him. On the second occasion, while moose hunting, I unknowingly called him in to within 50 yards of me. Then he tried to imitate my calling. When he became wise to my presence he took off at a speed that a moose would have trouble keeping up to. A short while later I heard him in the timber again. Then I realized that he had been watching me for about an hour earlier in the day.
It would seem logical to assume from the experience that he might have had food or something important in the point of timber where I think he was in originally because that is where he returned to. When my brother went to investigate he realized that there was something going on that he became very uneasy about and backed off out of there.

Recently a very upstanding professional confided in me about sounds that he listened to at his parents cabin on a lake not far from Prince George, this past October/2004. I have always been fascinated with Sasquatch since I first heard of him in the 1950's when I was a young lad. The last three or four years I have been doing a lot of studying on Sasquatch from the giant library of the internet.

I would like to talk to someone who is an authority in Sasquatch investigation work and actually request the privilege to work in this field myself. There is no longer any doubt in my mind that these beings are very much human or about as close as could be. I do not believe that one should be shot or captured to be exploited as a specimen. I think that they deserve to be treated with respect and communicated with in a proper manner.

From my own experiences and what some other people have told me about what they experienced, along with what I have learned, brings me to a great desire to be in the presence of one of these beings to attempt to create a communication link.

If you are not the one for me to be talking to could you please tell me who that would be. I feel a bit uneasy about writing to you about this, but, at 57 years of age I am finding it harder every year to keep this to myself.

Especially because I have such a desire to do something worthwhile with what has been put into my life. Good Lord willing I will still have 20 or 30 years of usefulness ahead of me. Perhaps I could use some of that to benefit the study of our furry friend. I suppose that I could be considered as being self centered in my desire, but I have experienced Sasquatch first hand and need to follow up on that. A fellow that I used to work with experienced a close encounter with Sasquatch and when I asked him if he would take me to where it happened he said that he was so afraid that he will never go back there as long as he lives. This seems to be the reaction of a lot of people. I guess this makes me a bit strange because I want to find one for the intent to communicate.

Anyway I have rambled on long enough. If you or someone else would like to contact me I would appreciate that very much.

Thank you to the fellow for his interesting story which can be heard in full, told by himself on the Jeff Rense show in the archives. The date the gentleman appeared was March 18, 2005 under "hour one - Brian Vike - UFO Phenomena. So you can check it out of the Jeff Rense website at: http://www.rense.com/

Again I would like to thank the gentleman for contacting me and the report, photos and footage. Photos © 2005 LPG
The below video clips show tracks from possibly the British Columbia Sasquatch.
Video clip #1 Sasquatch Encounters Outside Prince George, British Columbia - Tracks Video clip #2 Sasquatch Encounters Outside Prince George, British Columbia - Tracks
Video clip #3 Sasquatch Encounters Outside Prince George, British Columbia - Tracks The clips and photos of the tracks can be found at: http://www.hbccufo.org/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=2732

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research Home - Phone 250 845 2189 email: hbccufo@telus.net Website: http://www.hbccufo.org/ HBCC UFO RESEARCH Newsletter At: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/HBCC_UFO_Newsletter/ HBCC UFO Research, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Extraterrestrials brought earth from Sirius solar system to our current solar system to protect life – legends of remote tribes provide evidences

India Daily Technology Team Jun. 13, 2005

Something very interesting happened after the Tsunami in December 2004. Some of the remote tribes of Andaman and Nicobar islands of India came in touch with civilization for the first time in need of food, water and shelter. They still repel modern human civilization. The relief efforts workers learnt something interesting that can be astounding. Their ancient legend talks about earth belonging to a different solar system than today. Shockingly their knowledge matches with an African remote tribe called the Dogon. According to them, the earth was brought to the current solar system from Sirius solar system, which consisted of three stars or suns. Millions of years back the Sirius star system experienced very violent supernovae, which created a very heavy white dwarf and all possibilities of life ended at that time. Now we find that Egyptians also knew about Sirius. Researchers now believe that earth was brought from Sirius system and is protected and visited by these aliens for innumerable years.

The Sirius as known to astronomers today consists of two stars Sirius A and Sirius B, though ancient tribes describe three stars. Sirius B is a white dwarf. A star with twice the sun's mass, as Sirius B probably had, can live for no more than about 1,000 million years before swelling up into a red giant; this does not seem long enough for advanced life to develop. But had life evolved, it would have disappeared during the red giant stage of Sirius B, when any nearby planet would have been roasted by the star's increased energy output, followed by a stellar gale for at least 100,000 years as hot gas streamed from Sirius B to Sirius A. During this mass transfer the two stars would have moved apart, thereby destabilizing the orbits of any planets in the system. According to observations of Sirius B as analyzed by H. L. Shipman of the University of Delaware, Sirius B has been a cooling-down white dwarf for at least 30 million years. Sirius B is now emitting soft x-rays, so that life in the region of Sirius would not be very pleasant today.
Many ancient remote tribes know about the Sirius and it is part of their religion and culture.

Ancient Egyptians, in particular, were also preoccupied with Sirius, basing their calendar on its yearly motion. And now we are learning that the Andaman Nicobar tribes who are seldom in touch with modern civilization also know about this.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


By Roman Storch

Sunday was beautiful weather over the Rokytnice town. Sunday, July 17, 1956 at 9:00 am in the morning. I walked past the garrison's back gate to the nearby forest to collect mushrooms. I took along with me a sack from the kitchen. The boys talked a lot about it, that there are plenty of them in the nearby forest.

The forest smelled of fresh resin; wild thyme and wild strawberries. I walked down the hill through the forest to the large meadow surrounded by high pine trees and at the end rose a tall rock. Suddenly I had a strong feeling that I was being observed by someone. I checked the time and it was 9:35 am - long time nothing - then it is 3:50 pm in the afternoon and I am slicing mushrooms in my garrison unit room on the table by the window. Beautiful looking Boletuses. I am slicing them in strips and spreading them on newspapers. Charlie Paroubek came to me watching what I was doing. "You idiot, those are not just any Boletuses, those mushrooms are poisonous "Satan" mushrooms and if you don't believe me, try to bite one." Charlie said it very seriously. "Where were you Roman? I put aside a dinner for you?"

I bit into a slice of "Satan," and I felt on my tongue immediately the sharp bitter and sour touch. Typical for poisonous mushrooms. I tried to remember where I collected them, and for "God's sake" I couldn't remember how I came to the garrison; to my barracks and where I was for more than six hours. I talked to my spirit, that I was not drunk. I had normal coffee for breakfast. I know absolutely nothing, only that I had a beautiful feeling for nature, about the rustling of the trees, a cold and gorgeous odor of the summer forest. I tried so hard to remember that I had a headache, but only with zero results. Caput.

Almost thirty years passed and under hypnosis I received back my "lost" memory and returned to the long "lost time." Exactly, six hours and fifteen minutes. Some of us are not so fortunate. Long enough time to realize that everything was absolutely different.

At the end of the meadow, close to the rock, which raised up to the sky, stood a shining object of an unbelievable shape in all colors of the rainbow. Around the object moved a group of little beings in silver green like uniforms. I tried to run out, but I couldn't make any move. On the contrary; they waved their hands and they invited me inside the object. And I in "free will" walked into an absolutely (to my knowledge) unknown object, which was activated in all the colors of the rainbow. Gently there droned some aggregate. Never in my life had I seen even something similar. They set me in what looked like a medical chair, something like ambulant chair. They moved me to a half-lying down position. Then the little beings left this environment quickly, which was absolutely empty. I felt a lot a lot of peace in the weak fizzing noise.

Suddenly before me appeared a tall, like a giant, Being in the gray blue purple silver suit or uniform with a huge golden chain lacing around the neck with some big medal like material shining with two bluegreen like buttons or dots on it. His big grayblue eyes, like chrome steel "sucked" into me. I recognized what it meant; absolute physical power for the first time in my life, far beyond my simple imaginations. His big eyes were concentrating on me, radiating the energy, and the power, as I had never experienced. His little mouth was closed without any motion, but "he talked' to me. I absolutely and perfectly understood him. I attempted to "return" my humble earthly "psychical power," I felt a mad powerlessness, as my teacher told me (Prof. K.), who was metaphysicist and also parapsychologist; a passionate follower of Steiner.
The Being gave me a little smile as I frantically attempted to return the power and then he began to question me.

I was in my military walking-dress uniform with the clean "black facings". Their distinctions and rank, marks, are just the opposite of ours, top rank chiefs have a clear golden purple facing, very simple. That's why he possibly mistook me as a high ranking officer by his own logic, as I recollect the situation. They didn't "believe" me, when I told the truth, that I was a simple PTP (military camp for forced labor) soldier. When they couldn't break my simple truth I suddenly, for sure, received from them "higher credibility" and with all possibility it is, what then saved my life.

I looked around my environment and there stood other beings. They touched my legs, hands, and head. They put to my nose a light on a cord from the unknown material inside me. I had no pain.

The being continued to ask me the details from Adam and Hanicka (huge military bunkers). What I did in this fortress in the Eagle Mountains under the earth. In a very short time, they knew absolutely everything. I couldn't even talk; there wasn't any need. They read my thoughts like the "Bible." What do I know, about rockets? What I did in Stribro town (near to Germany's border)? This is what I experienced in those unusual six magnificent hours of missing time. It was S.C.R.E. which means by the evaluation of the MJ-12, the REAL EXPERIENCE. I received S.C.D.M. or the Distinctive mark. As such, I was ball-marked (or branded like cattle) in the end of my life and therefore they could contact me when they wished, and all that without my permission and without my full knowledge. I wished to know if we would meet again. The being told me that I don't need to worry, if they would like to do that, then I shall meet with them. After all, when they "read" me from the "A" to "Z", I received instructions, which I didn't know how to fulfill. In any case, I didn't feel myself to be under their "Command" like some ordinary "spy." All that was done against my "free will" and without my personal permission and against my understandable knowledge." As a gift they somewhat cured my two big scars on my face; both of which I had from a teenager. With the instructions, that it could show up to me when I will be older. Against the E.I.P.P. which means The Extraterrestrial Immeasurable Psychical Power there is absolutely none for the normal mortal beings, any defense.

Exactly how I, without my own free will and knowledge, but still freely (but compulsory) I entered the object or I.F.O. so I left the same object in the company of the little silvergreen Beings. I was "returned" to my garrison. Today I only know, how lucky I was. How many soldiers and officers of all kind of the weapons in that time "deserted" to the West behind the "Iron Curtain" from the whole Eastern Block. I am certain, that the same happened from the West to the East. This is the undisputed mystery and secrecy of the Cold War.

So I sliced the poisonous "Satans" mushrooms and my best friend Charlie Paroubek called all boys around the house if they come to see, how many "Satanist" mushrooms that the "expert" from Prague collected. Next day afternoon, in the Order of the Day was written: "that Soldiers are strictly prohibited to collect any type of the mushrooms under the punishment of the Exempt Confinement."

The first account of the abduction, or of the contact, I described in my book "The Silent Counterrevolution" in the form of the recollection of these events on the daily basis of simple military life. It was a miracle that I was not observed by somebody from my garrison. The contraversions of diversity of that event make me always in a disbelief of what really happend and of what "happened." It took me a lot of time (30) years of self meditation and repeated recollection to separate the truth of what happened to me in the action to separate this from other contacts later after the five years and so on. The circumstances are different, but what I can recollect in my "missing time" is for me personally a blessing. Otherwise the "blackened memory" drives people crazy. Unless there is an answer in the proper true way the focus is on the survial from this situation. As a military service man, if I told my encounter account to any officer in 1955, I would be interrogated by the military counter intelligence and with all reality shipped to the Soviet Union and later killed. In socialist military vocabulary any contact with the "enemy of the people" made me instantly a spy or a traitor.

I can conclude, that what happened to me was based on the psychical power of E.B.E.s and with no possiblity for my physical and spiritual coordination. My reactions was very primitive if none. I was out of "control" and out of my paralyzed memory for a long period of time. I was not physically ill. I was without therapy and without medical treatment and medication. I do not need any such "second hand touch" without the professional understanding, because there was not any treatment seriously recorded, described and defined.

Monday, June 20, 2005

More UFOs in the Arecibo Radio Observatory

By Jorge MartínJournalistPuerto Rico
Tel. (787) 758-0692E-mail: jmartin@prcinternet.net

Many may not know about it, but the well-known Arecibo Radio Observatory, in Puerto Rico, although mainly used for radio-astronomy research, and allegedly belongs to the University of Cornell, is in fact a project that belongs to the Department of the Defense of the U.S.A., and has been used since the 60's to carry out studies on new intercontinental missile weapons of the Armed Forces of that nation, and in more recent years in studies of the high Earth atmosphere, especially of the ionosphere, with the intention to obtain more knowledge on its characteristics, in order to apply such knowledge in the controversial Project H.A.A.R.P. The Arecibo Radio Observatory has been used as an atmospheric heater.

On the other hand, although the scientists who operate the fabulous Arecibo Radio Observatory have always denied that the so called UFO phenomenon exists, or the possibility that alien beings from other planets of the Cosmos visit us on Earth, the truth is that they have covertly participated in investigations related to the UFO subject.

Evidence of this is an official internal memo of the State Civil Defense Agency of Puerto Rico, known today as the Puerto Rico Emergency Management Agency. In the memo, with date of October of 1991, its then director, Colonel José A. M. Nolla, states flatly that personnel from the Arecibo Radio Observatory was participating in a secret study that several U.S. military and security agencies, in addition to several Puerto Rican state government agencies, were making at that moment pertaining to the heavily strong incidence of UFO /alien related events of all type that affected the archipelago of Puerto Rico between the years 1991 and 1992. The memo indicated emphatically that what was happening in Puerto Rico was real.

Such a remark contradicts the statements of the Arecibo Radio Observatory scientific officers and technicians in the sense that there is no such thing as the UFO phenomenon or possible alien based incidents.

Also, as a matter of fact, there have been a series of very significant events in the zone where the Radio Observatory is located at, events that indicate that unidentified flying objects, or those who control them, watch closely the activities and research being made there.

We have previously published information about sightings of UFOs and incidents of encounters with their crew, given to us by residents in the sector where this important scientific center is located at. On this occasion we present here the declarations given to us recently by two officers who work in the Radio Observatory facility, while visiting the center together with an American couple, Mr. Douglas Taylor and his wife Serena, who live in California.
"They are here"

The first of them, officer Pedro Perez, revealed to us that he had personally seen a "... very rare flying device" while driving his personal car on highway #635, leaving the zone of the Radio Observatory in direction to the town of Lares. "It happened a little more to the south - he said -, south of the Radio Observatory area, not exactly above this site. I was with my son, and we both saw it. It was a quite large object, with a spherical shape, like a huge metallic sphere, silverplated, with a brightly polished surface. It was suspended up in the air, in the sky, totally motionless". He continued explaining: "It did not have any doors or windows, nor any motor or engine, nothing at all. It just remained there, suspended in the sky, and at one moment it made a sudden fast movement to the south and went away, and we lost it from sight".

According to Mr. Perez, the large silver-plated metallic sphere he observed did not emit any sound, and as already explained, was totally fixed in the sky in a position close to the Radio Observatory facilities, until the moment of going away.

"The so called OVNIs (UFOs) are real -he added -, we have seen them here, so I do not have any doubts about that any more. However, we have to find out where they come from and who are those behind them ", finally, said the security officer.

On the other hand, another one of the officers, Mr. Jose Vélez, declared to us that he has observed on several occasions "...some large mysterious spheres of light shining with a bluish-white tonality, like that of light emitted from electrical arc welding", which approach the Radio Observatory and suspend themselves over the area, increasing and diminishing their size. "For me - Vélez said - that growing and diminishing in size could very well be an optical effect, probably they are approaching and moving away and we perceive this as if they were growing in size or getting smaller".

"I have seen those balls of light several times - he added -, and I have tried to explain to myself what they are, but definitively they are something non identifiable, and they seem to be under an intelligent control".

Finally, we asked both officials if they had notified to the officials of the Radio Observatory about their sightings of such anomalous objects in the area, and they both responded "No".

They also responded to us when we asked them about it, that the scientific officers or directors of the Arecibo Radio Observatory have never prohibited them to speak out on the subject, but they also stated that as a matter of fact the UFO subject is not discussed there at all.

More events

The truth is that there have been many other such events at the site and in the surrounding area nearby. Here are only some of the reports we have received from serious and reliable witnesses, but there are many more:

1. Policemen have witnessed a large luminous cylinder shaped object suspended in the air at close distance right over the Radio Observatory.

2. Residents in the zone have observed landings of silvery looking metallic saucer shaped crafts and the emergence from them of both human type looking and humanoid looking crews, dressed in tightfitting silvery suits.

3. Witnesses have observed landed saucer-shaped silvery crafts take off into the sky after having had been in close contact with a human personnel that departs from the site in a white van type vehicle. The area where this has happened is a flattened out mound at the edge on road #10, close to the Radio Observatory facility.

4. Witnesses have observed fully armed U.S. military personnel in 'Hummer' type jeeps chasing brightly lit ovoid objects that fly into Rio Abajo forest, located right in the background sector of the area in which the Radio Observatory is located at.
Anyone interested in more information can contact us. Our contact information is shown above, in this article's heading.

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