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Thursday, May 31, 2007


Mark Andrews, an Associate Director from Orange County, California and Gerald Bringle journeyed to Las Vegas for Stayce's meeting. Mark had been writing to Stayce and sending her things in the mail. It was almost an undoing for him. More about that later.

This is what she had to say about the first meeting:

Well, my first meeting was a GIANT success! But also very odd. I guess I should explain that statement. After everyone got there this guy came in that couldn't stay for the meeting, so I talked with him right up to the start of the meeting. Then he left with one of the flyers and said he'd call to find out when our next meeting would be.

It was 7:00 straight up, and I hadn't had a chance to introduce myselt to anyone or them to me. Then one of the guys that works for the library came in and asked if I knew who owned a tan van. I said, "I do!" He says, "we have a problem and come with me." I thought to myself, What now! Gas was pouring out of the gas tank. I moved the van out in a dirt lot across from the library and went back to the meeting.

When I got back there was a man addressing the meeting. I looked at him, then at Kern (a friend), and Kern smiled real big and nodded his head! I took that as an OK so I let the man continue. I think it was John Grace. He told everybody I had invited him to speak! He's the only person I can think of, that he might be. (I never did get to talk to him, because of all the other folks wanting to talk to me. I tried several times to find out just who he was. I even asked Kern and he said he'd tell me later but he never got around to it.

Some of the people were disappointed the meetings were so far apart. One of the contactees said he was being visited by human likes, with dark skin, real tall. He wanted to know who they are and I couldn't tell him.

When I got back there was a man addressing the meeting. I looked at him, then at Kern (a friend), and Kern smiled real big and nodded his head! I took that as an OK so I let the man continue. I think it was John Grace. He told everybody I had invited him to speak! He's the only person I can think of, that he might be. (I never did get to talk to him, because of all the other folks wanting to talk to me. I tried several times to find out just who he was. I even asked Kern and he said he'd tell me later but he never got around to it.

Some of the people were disappointed the meetings were so far apart. One of the contactees said he was being visited by human likes, with dark skin, real tall. He wanted to know who they are and I couldn't tell him.

My guest speaker was John Grace.

My phone has rang all lday. People from the meeting, calling me to say thank you and how brave they think I am for doing these meetings.


My life is about to change. I will probably move very soon and won't have a phone for awhile. I think it's time for me to get away from my boyfriend. He is starting to worry me. I can't write much now because my boyfriend could walk in and want to know what I'm writing. Please don't worry. I just have to stand my ground, and don't want to involve anyone else.


I work as a housekeeper in an aprtment complex here in Vegas. I work with a 60 year old woman who says, she and her Mom saw a ball of light come through their front room window. She also talks about the ping-pong ball, they could hear bouncing in the closet. Or at least, that's what it sounded like. When they opened the closet door, the sound stopped. Helen said her Mom would say "It's just George again!" She told me about some man she knows who has a ball of light nightly float across his front room. He thought it was carlight reflection at first so he bought blackout curtains. It still happens though. There is a lot of things happening in this world that never caught my attention until recently.


I live with a man who was a member of the crash-recovery-team at Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas. He answers my questions as much as he can, without saying anything that will cost him his government benefits. He is getting close to death with skin cancer, and has lots of paid health care and life insurance he would possibly loose.

Here are some pieces of question and answer conversations (I assume with him).

Q. Why won't you watch TV shows about UFOs and discuss them with me?
A. Because I know more about the subject than you'll ever hear on TV.
Q. What do you know?
A. I can't say.
Q. Have you ever recovered a crashed UFO?
A. All I can say is, all the aircraft that I dealt with were not US aircraft.
Q. Is the government flying recovered saucers at the government bomb testing range just after sunset?
A. I can't say. (Testing range about 50 miles north of Las Vegas on Highway 93)
Q. Why is the sky colored like that? (orange clouds in north sky, on clear day, the sun still high. The clouds rolled in, in 5 minutes, stayed about 15 and disappeared just as quick as they came in. I saw 3 jets fly out of the cloud.)
A. ET Phone Hhome. If people only knew what was happening in this desert!
Q. Will you ever tell me what you know.
A. Sometime, that is, if we get up in the mountainsn to live, I'll point things out to you.

What do you all think of those answes? That's only the big, outstanding stuff.

#2. I thought one of my Aunts was crackers, for a long time. She talked about attending space council meetings, when I was younger. She also claimed to be pregnant 3 or 4 times a year, and then have miscarriages 3 or 4 times a year for about 3 years. She lives in Corrinne, Utah.

#3. Sally, a friend of mine almost freaked on me when I showed her the front of the book "Communion". She said, "he used to look through my bedroom window at me when I was little!" She is, like me, scared of open curtains at night.

#4. Frank, another friend, came over one night, to watch a UFO show I had recorded and he watched about 10 minutes and said "turn it off. I can't handle it!" After that, he told me, when he was 11, on the east coast, himself, the horse he was riding and several cattle disappeared for two days. He remembers coming to laying in a field. The horse he was riding had to be shot. It was lame! His mother reported him missing and Project Blue Book was also notified after his return.

#5. I guess I should explain a few things about my sighting. I said it flew off toward Morton-Thiokol. Morton-Thiokol builds the rocket engines for the space program and tests them. The tests are done, so the public can view them. I heard, not long ago, that some of the best pictures ever taken were taken in Tremonton (True!). A friend told me (he's a house painter from Logan), he did a housing development in Smithfield, for a large group of people, who followed a man from California. They built homes there because they believe Smithfield is a major landing and evacuation point for Space Craft. They all (about 30 families) went there to await, greet, and leave with aliens. The Mormans believe, according to the Book of Morman, that Jesus Christ came from another planet. (I'm not Morman.)

#6. (A premonition?)

Any time I go home to Brigham I always watch the sky and I have recurring bad dreams

#1 - I dream about a faceless man, or my Aunt Effie (not the aunt I discussed before) chasing me, cornering me, and stabbing me over and over. The chase happens around a table.

#2 - Mike Mulligans' steam Shovel (from a children's book) chases me all over town. At the end of the dream I end up paralyzed with the steam shovel bucket right above me about to crush me. I don't remember ever having but one other bad dream and yet these are dreams I've had at least 50 times a piece. Isn't that strange?

#7 - I think I've had missing time a couple of times. I have walked alone, after dark, lots of times in Brigham. It's a small town and I was never afraid of the dark. I always had the feeling someone was watching me and I found myself looking up instead of behind me.

#8 - I went home last August and I have had an unquenchable need for knowledge about UFOs ever since. UFO Cover-Up Live just made it worse - 10 fold.

#9 - After the bad dreams my belly button was always sore. I had bad female problems. In 1985 I went to a new doctor, here in Vegas because of bad pain. The doctor did a laperoscopy and the doctor said, I had an unbelievable amount of scar tissue on my female parts. Endomeatreosis. They took out all but my right ovary. They cleaned it off. Two months later I had emergency surgery for my appendix and when they got inside they found my right ovary had exploded! The doctors said I was a very unusual case.

#10 - I have déjà vu quite often and I almost always know when one of my family is ill and who it is. My grandma was that way too.

That was the last letter I received from Stayce Borland. The next person I heard from was George Knapp telling me that Stayce had been murdered as well as her brother. He wanted to know if I had any letters from her that would point to the killer. I also heard from Detective Dibble of Clark County. He also wanted letters I had received from Stayce.

This item was in the Las Vegas paper:


The bodies or a brother and sister were found Saturday night in a two-bedroom apartment where two fires had been set, possibly in an attempt to hide the deaths, Metro Police said.

Lt. Kyle Edwards, head of Metro's homicide section said the bodies of a man and a woman were found in the back bedroom of 4186 Zavala St., Apt. B. by the woman's ex-boyfriend.

The two bodies have tentatively been identified as a 30-year-old woman and her 26-year-old brother, Edwards said. The names were being withheld until the bodies were positively identified.

The former boyfriend told detectives he had been unsuccessful in his attempts to contact the woman by telephone and came to the apartment to check on her. He smelled smoke when he entered and called the county fire department. But the fires apparently had burned out on their own.


Las Vegas Police are seeking information about a sister and brother who were stabbed to death Saturday night.

Stayce Borland, 30 and her brother Marvin Russel Nutt, Jr., 23, were found Saturday at 4166 Zavala Ave., Apt. B. authorities said.

Borland's boyfriend found the bodies, police said.

Homicide investigators who were called to the scene said the brother and sister had been killed at about 8 p.m.

Lt. Kyle Edwards said although the person or persons responsible for the stabbings attempted to set the apartment on fire, it didn't ignite.

Police know Nutt had moved into his sister's apartment just a few days prior to the slayings, but not much else about the victims.

Information about the victims could be important in finding the person or persons responsible for the incident, police said.

Authorities said a reward is being offered.

Clark County flew me down there to testify about the letters I had received. Mark Andrews was also flown to Las Vegas to testify. They even had him as a suspect temporarily, but he was in California at the time. This is what I was told about the murders.

Both had been stabbed repeatedly (Stayce's dream!) and Stayce had a broken off tennis racket inside of her private parts. Over her was the handbook I had written for Associate Directors spread open and set on fire. It burned out so that it was recognizable.

My friend and associate director in Texas Anne Bowers (deceased) called me and told me about an investigator that had been in Las Vegas at the time. She gave him my number and he called me to report that he had been to visit John Grace! When he saw the evening news and the bodies being taken out of the apartment he recognized it immediately because he had just been to that apartment house to visit John Grace. Three days after the murders John Grace moved out of those apartments.

One thing that was not submitted in court was a spiral ring binder that was found in his apartment after he moved out. In the back were the words "Stayce Borland has to be gotten rid of."

The police arrested a young man that lived in the apartment house where Stayce did. He would often visit her and they discussed UFOs because that was his interest too. During the trial it was obvious he was not guilty and the jury found him innocent.

Some time later I was on a cruise. I met a detective from Las Vegas and asked him if he remembered that case. He said he did so I asked him if they had ever solved the crime. This was his answer which I did not believe for a moment: Oh, it had to do with drugs. I believe that the drawing Stayce had sent me of S-4 and her extreme interest in starting up an abductee support group in Las Vegas was too much for the powers that be and they got rid of her.

Do you believe it would be easy to "stab" 2 people to death at once? There are many loop holes in this case. I have never revealed all of this to anyone but I think I owe it to Stayce to bring it forward. She was a very sweet girl, full of enthusiasm and wanting to help people.

Later John Grace who published The Leading Edge magazine wrote that Aileen believes I killed Stayce Borland. I had never said that and why would you write something like that about yourself.

Who do you think was responsible? Too many unanswered questions.

Interesting that Geof Graff who took over in Stayce's place all of a sudden had cancer of the throat and he died too. He was only 40 years old. This was all so strange. Was it planned or just happenstance? Who knows. Just don't get too pushy or something could happen to you too. TPTB do not want their secrets known.


Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I posted the interview with Bob Lazar on the Billy Goodman show to set the scene so to speak. As you could tell Billy was very excited about bringing the information out in the open about what was taking place out at Nellis. In fact he wanted to help out the Mercury workers to expose what was happening in the "tunnels".

At the time a very pretty young lady named Stayce Borland had become an Associate Director in our organization, the UFO Contact Center International. She had become friends with Billy Goodman to the point he asked her to become his secretary. He advertised her first meeting (UFOCCI) on his program several times a night.

For some reason every time she was going to go to the station to help him out something happened. One time her car would not start at all. As far as I know she never did help him out. Billy had even asked her to be a guest on his show.

Stayce's boyfriend worked out at S-4 and had drawn a picture for Stayce that showed the "garage" doors in the mountain where the UFOs would come in and out. She sent that drawing to me and we put it on the front of the "Missing Link" magazine that I published for experiencers. When he found that out he beat her up. She had bruises on her face but would never say where they came from. Here is one quote from Stayce about him:

"My boyfriend says he is still leaving after the first of the month. I'm kinda glad. He sure makes me uncomfortable now. With all this new stuff going on in my life. I love him very much, but it bothers me that I can't discuss the discussible stuff with him. I understand it, but I don't like it!"

Another interesting comment from Stayce:
I've had an infection in my belly button again! It lasted for six days. I know what it's probably meaning, but I can't remember anything. That's what bugs me most. It's just a gut feeling. I had a flashback 3 or 4 days after I got my last one and it was the face of a "grey guy" looking down at me. That's it! I remember having an infection in my belly button when I was very young.

I'm curious about something. Could my right ovary exploding have anything to do with all this? That was just the most severe of the female problems. The doctor told me he found my condition very odd, after surgery. Also, after that surgery every time I'd wake up there would be 5 or 6 doctors around me. I always thought that was odd! Maybe not, but it seemed so.

One of the guys I work with, said he was stationed at Holliman Air Force Base in 1964. He said he, and a bunch of other guys, saw a saucer land from the windows of their barracks. He said they ran downstairs, jumped in cars and trucks and drove to where it landed. They saw a flat bed truck driving away, with a saucer on the back, covered with a tarp. He said the truck went into the King area, and they couldn't. It's restricted. He said I couldn't believe it. He says, I'm probably not supposed to even talk about it but stuff seems to be coming out. Who knows if it belonged to our Air Force or someone elses??

Another day:

I went over to my brother's house tonight. He had some interesting stuff to tell me. He and his girlfriend live in a trailer park close to Nellis AF Base. I asked both of them, seperately, about what they've seen. For the last few nights, since Sunday evening, they have seen something every evening. They see a very bright light. They have 3 dogs that are inside all day, so they take them out often at night. The light they keep seeing is always in the same area moving very slowly. Then it just winks out. I saw one of the lights myself Monday night, right after work. I was watching it on my way home. It just disappeared too.

Another curious anomaly:

Since my boyfriend and I went out to the Vortex, I've had severe mood swings, strange pains, and I've been very jumpy and looking over my shoulder and such. I've had pains in my right lung like someone is stabbing me. I've been getting answers to thought questions. As quick as I thought the question, I get a thought answer. Very unusual. It's like my inner self is giving me the answers.

An ominous statement:

I don't think Kevin (boyfriend) has made up his mind yet, as to what he is going to do. I wonder if he's had contacts. I guess it's possible. I'll probably never know either.

John Grace called Stayce on the phone after Billy announced the meeting in Las Vegas. He talked for hours to her. She says, "I have kept in contact with John Grace. (Valdimar Valerian) It's unbelievable, the stuff he knows. Now I have my foot in the door and things are moving very fast. I have had 5 contactees call me on the phone in the last 3 days. (At this point she had never seen John Grace, only talked to him on the phone.)

Bob Lazar, the scientist, was talking about riding in a bus with the windows blacked out, and it brought back something an airline stewardess told me last summer. She said, "I'm trying to relocate in another part of the country right now. Once a week, I'm assigned to a flight that I hate! We only have Armed Forces Officers on this flight. Before we take off, we are instructed to pull the window covers over the windows. After we take off, we circle widely about 15 minutes, fly straight about 15 minutes, circle again about 15 minutes and then land. After we land, the flight crew is ushered into a lounge. A half hour later we repeat the process back to Vegas. The people are all different on the return trip. We are told, "Don't tell anyone about these flights!" I just can't stand the tension on this flight" I think these trips are to Groom Lake.

I wanted to tell you about something else very odd. The apartment complex where I work (4 plexes) (450 of them). I think this might have something to do with the tunnels. Two or three days ago the manager asked the maintenace men if any of them were doing any work in one of the buildings. Everybody said no. She said all four apartments in that building had called her, and said an explosion knocked all the pictures off their walls and broke them. No one else, from any other building, felt anything.

Another letter:

Thank you for the information about Blue diamond. I was totally amazed! I have a little piece for you. My boyfriend told me, there are windows in the side of the mountains out there. Behind the windows are men with telescopes and binoculars, 24 hours, watching the sky.

Remember in my last letter I was talking about the building where I work? Where the pictures fell off the wall? A woman called in 3 nights ago, to the Happening, and said at 11:27 p.m., the night before, she felt something, an explosion. She called the airport and they told her nothing was going on out there. I'm thinking the tunnels are right under our feet.

This one is important:

By the way! I've had a tail for almost a month now. I think I make them angry because when I tag them, I make sure they know it, because I wave at them. Two of them have as much as frowned at me. This week, they have dropped back some, but they are still there. What's really odd is, I'm not frightened by them! I feel like they are there because of my boyfriend. I don't know why, but I do.

My boyfriend also says they (the aliens) aren't "grey" they are clear. Wendelle Stevens also referred to this when they beamed aboard the space shuttles.

When I told you that my boyfriend and I are breaking up, you said I had moved on to another life, you were right. I know he is doing it to protect himself. I can't blame him for that. I feel like he would like to tell me a lot of things, but he's scared of what might happen if he does. He does keep saying that we are someone elses ant farm. Or course that's coming out more and more all the time.

Another letter:

Today, John Grace called and we talked for 30 minutes. He asked me many questions about myself. I answered them as accurately, and honestly, as I knew how. I told him I am not positive, that I am a contactee. He says from what I have told him, he is positive I'm a contactee.

What blew his boat out of the water was, when I told him I had a hysterectomy 5 years ago. He asked me three times, if I was sure it was a complete hysterectomy. He couldn't understand why they are bothering with me if I don't have any of those parts left. He thought that very odd, or at least, that's the impression I got.

Anyway, he wants to speak at any meetings I wish him to and says he will help me in any he can.

Tomorrow what all of this leads up to. Some of you know already but you don't know the details.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


BG: Billy Goodman
BL: Bob Lazar
C: Caller
GH: Gene Huff

BG: Bob, you made a statement that you still want to keep some things a secret? Is that the words you used?
BL: Oh yeh, Absolutely.
BG: Why is that? For security reasons?
BL: There's a lot of that information that is... really should be kept secret. There's a lot of other secret information, just in working with nuclear weapons systems. A lot of this is related. I have no intention, and never have had, of releasing it. Not precisely how everything works!
BG: Is it because you know its right, or have you been told "This is the way to handle it?" Is that why?
BL: Ah.... yeh!
BG: Can you ever sit down and look at it from the public's view point? Can you separate the two? (sure) Have you ever done that? (yeh) You've thought that way, and you still think it should be kept secret?
BL: Well yeh. Look at a nuclear weapon. Plutonium gets squeezed. Do you want me to go into detail, precisely how it's put together? The whole 9 yards of it? There's no reason! Since we're on the air. It could wind up in all sorts of weird places.
CL These people who have been implanted, or maybe even the people out where you worked, can they be scanned to check for micro chips, and such?
BL: They could be X-rayed, or Catscanned, or something like that!
C: I'm talking about a Spectrum analyzer, to see if they are emiting any RF.
BL: I'm sorry, I thought you were actually looking for the device.
C: No, radio frequency.
BL: Sure, if it's in that band, something should show up. If in fact, those devices exist, and people do get implanted with those.
C: Yeh, it's iffie... it would be a good way to control them. Over in Viet Nam, a bunch of flying saucers were flying around and they put it out that... Is it possible that they could have picked up some of the soldiers from the war, said they were dead, and used them as guards, by brainwashing them? Or implants?
BL: I've heard that story before. It's interesting. But, how can you say? I have no knowledge about this. That scanner idea is good, I saw Whitley Strieber, was on Fox network, and he showed his X-rays there, and he had a little sphere in his brain, and if in fact, that does something, I wondered why no one bothered to check it out?
C: I worked for JPL for a number of years, and I was the one who reduced the first alpha. A radiation belt from our digital tapes, recorded at JPL. (Jet Propulsion Laboratory).
BL: What do you mean reduce it?
C: Well, what they sent up on Reindeer 2...
BL: Oh, OK back then. I know what you'r talking about. That's when they discovered the van allen belt chain.
C: Also, I'm heavy into electronics. I've got tons of equipment.
BG: We need to get you to become a member of the Billy Goodman Happening club, don't we? That man's name is Von, and he's putting together a club that meets once a month to show pictures I receive, and documents, and such. And this is a man you really should contact. Von's number is 702---
C: Bob, where are they from?
BL: All because I said I knew where they wre from, right? It was in the report. They are from the fourth planet out from... in a star system called Reticulum. It's Zeta Riticuli 2. It's the second bionary star of the system. They're on the fourth planet out.
C: The reason I asked was, I'm having problems accepting what you're talking about. Now, I don't wish to impune you, but I feel like you're skirting some important questions! Some important issues. And it's really a disservice, not to answer the questions, of the people who believe in the movement.
BL: Well, what questions are we talking about?
C: When you say you can't answer a particular question, because of fear of reprisals, from a government, you apparently feel, is manevolent. I think it's a service, and beneficial on your behalf to help the movement by exposing the truth.
BL: Well, can you guarantee me that? No, you can't. I have to look out for my own best interests first.
C: I appreciate that. Now, this fellow Scott. I think all he was trying to do was...
BL: I apologize for coming down so hard on him, but...
C: Let me finish. I think what he was trying to do was authenticate your backgrtound. All of us have become skeptical of people who just come out of the woodwork.
BL: But that's already been done.
C: You said you have a Q plus 38, how do we know that? Can you hold it up to the camera and show the audience?
BL: No, and a P.I. isn't going to be able to find that out either.
C: But, if you do that for him, prove to him, what you have done...
BL: How can I do that. I really don't care what you believe. I'm just saying...
BG: It's a difficult thing to swallow. There's no way to prove you are who you say you are. There are no papers, or anything like that?
BL: I'm sure there are, but, they aren't in my house. I mean, you need to go dig through Navel Intelligence to find that.
GH (Gene Huff) Billy, it's not like there's an evidence bin, and everyone is allowed to bring something home. If you get your mind set in the frame, this is the most top secret project in the world, do you think they would allow evidence out? Then the government wouldn't be doing it's job.
BG: But, he makes it sound like he's still covering things up.
GH: The man misunderstood what Bob said. He said he wouldn't say something, because of fear of retaliation from the government. Bob actually has his own reservations about what anyone should know, including, the Americans and Russians, regarding the weapons, that's all.
BG: That's probably the way to look at it. About the weapons. What he's trying to say, Bob, is, people are with you. And it sounds, as though, you want to tell us some things. There are UFOs. And that's where you want to stop. And if that's the case, say it. They are saying why should we believe? How many flying sacuers have you seen?
BL: Nine.
BG. Have you ever been inside one?
BL: Yeh, I got to look inside one. How far is inside?
BG: What did you see in there? Does anything stick out? Was there anything different? From a regular airplane?
BL: Oh yeh, the whole inside... in fact, the way I've described it before is, as far as the seats, and things like that, it looked like everything was made out of wax! Heated for a time, poured in a mold, and cooled. Everything has a soft round edge to it. No abrupt changes in anything. Everything looks cast out of one mold.
BG: Do you think you would be comfortable in one of those things yourself?
BL: Well, it's a little small inside. The chairs are only a foot, to a foot and a half, off the ground.
BG: Something you would see in kindergarten?
BL: Yeh, it looked like it was made for little kids.
C: I have a question for both of you. I've started hoping there are going to be these aliens. Someone to help us through these "end times". Now, I'm almost afraid they are here, if their thoughts are manevolent.
BG: It bothers me, too. It really does. It's coming out more and more and now, you, Bill Cooper, John Lear, and others, so I guess it's the truth. Maybe it's our idealism. We'd like them to be nice.
C: The bottom line, seems to be... say this thing blows wide open, and we find out there are aliens, do you think I have anything to be afraid of?
BL: I don't know how to answer that question. I couldn't even speculate. I have nothing to go on, either way. The reason I say they aren't 100% benevolent is because there was a conflict at one point in time and some people were killed and that's all I have to go on.
BG: So your judging it by that conflict that occurred? I heard it was a power play on our end. (right) OK you knew that. It was a power play, and literally, they wiped out, like 60 people instantly. And they said, "that's how quickly it can all be gone!"
BL: It's 44 to be exact. Right! Then the information exchange ended at that point.
BG: I'd like you to think and put yourself in their shoes. All of a sudden your buddies attack you. You have to react the only way you know how. And if you show we can over power you instantly but you don't, maybe, you don't mean to harm anybody, but you want someone to know, don't mess with me. Is that possible?
BL: Yes, I assume it is.
BG: Oh, I'm so glad. Did you ever get any information as to why we did that.
BL: I think ah...
GH: I think what happened was, there was actually an exchange of information going on between the aliens, and some scientists, and military security guys were doing the security. The way Bob relayed the story to me is, the aliens had some projects going in a certain place, and the military guards were told to keep guard on them at all times. The problem was if the aliens told the military that if they came in with bullets in their gun, as well as gun belts, it would cause an explosion. So they kill these two guys which causes a chain reaction. Others came in and wondered why they were dead. It ended up that all of those people died from head wounds. There was no evidence of what made the head wounds. And they also, if the story is true, they killed the scientists they were teaching. That's a very strong statement. Not only will we kill the people trying to cause the explosion, we'll kill the people we were trying to teach, and just leave. And that's the end of the argument.
BL: Bob, do you concur with that?
BL: Yeh.
BG: Let's touch on that a little bit. You're saying they told these military men to guard this area, so they were upset that they didn't do their job?
GH: No! The head of security, the way it looks, they were told to always keep the aliens under guard. The aliens were doing some tests. I'm not a scientist. Maybe, it could have blown Nevada off the map. And they stopped that.
BG: My understanding is, they allowed us to keep them under guard.
GH: But, not in this instance.
BG: But, that's like being a prisoner then?
GH: Of sorts. I don't they ever felt that they were the underlings.
C: Well, we're all kinda fed up with what's going on, right! And I mean nothing gets done without the ants. We are the ants. We are the construction workers, OK? We put things together and take them apart. You are the scientist. You do all the higher level of knowledge stuff, right? We do all the putting in this and putting in that, installing, construction, and so forth. Well we heard about your situation, and it's going through a whole bunch of grapevines, OK? It's coming together where people are meeting, and ah, in small groups, and their trying to organize a support for you, to back you up. Out of the meeting we had yesterday, of 7 people, counting myself, there are two that will come forward and support you. What they say, what they are involved with. The other guys are just scared to death and I'm a little scared myself, you know.
BL: Do these people work in Area S-4?
C: Yeh, all over the area.
Bl: That would be great.
C: Mostly underground. The deep sections of the area. The whole thing.
BG: How do you feel Bob? Sounds like your getting some support.
BL: Yeh, that's great. There's power in numbers!
C: We are trying to get things where it will be safe. You know what I mean, Bob?
BL: Oh yeh, I do!
C: It's kinda hard to talk to you like this you know, but ah, the guys are for you. People are for you, and ah, everybody's wanted to do something a long time ago, but, nobody knew what they could do.
BL: Yeh, that was the concensus when I was out there. Everybody wanted to do something, and ah, I'm glad everyone has that attitude.
C: Yeh, your probably the beginning of, the first motion of the wheel you know. The first turn. The wheel is gonna turn faster and faster, in order to get where we want to get to.
BL: Well, hopefully that will the case. Do you think these people would come forward if there was some sort of congressional amnesty for them?
C: I don't know, ah, but we all know a lot. We know our jobs well, like you do.
BL: Yeh, I am sure you do.
C: What we have to do is, be firm about it, get to the point, and say hey, here's what's happening. Why don't you tell the people what's happening? Why keep it a secret? Like before you walk into those hangers there. Somebody had to install this, and install that. It's frightening. It scared the heck out of us, and ah, we BS'd a little bit, and said "We gotta do something!" So, we did something yesterday. Like I said, there's only 2 of the 7 of us... who are willing to do something.
BG: Sir! Sir! Is there anything we can do to help you in this matter? Is there anything the listening people can do? I know they are behind Bob Lazar 100%. I had him on here one night and there hasn't been one person in either, mail or by telephone, who has disputed what he has said. So they are behind him. Is there anything we can do?
C: Well, we could form some kind of walk or picket. Or, announce it on the street. Tell them, we want to know. WE WANTTO KNOW!
BG: When you say on the street, are you talking about downtown Las Vegas?
C: Yeh!
BG: What do you think of that Bob? Do you think that would do anything.
BL: Certainly, if these people come forward. They have a lot to lose, if these people start making a ruckis like that. They could lose their jobs right away. They talked about there being a 10 year jail term, and a $10,000 fine for divulging information like that. I mean, they have a lot to lose. You might....
BG: But you know something Bob It's almost like...
C: We have the first amendment on our side.
BL: Yeh, you do but... have you thought about contacting George Knapp? He's looking for anybody that is coming forward from S-4, and any surrounding areas, having knowledge at all about that area, or any of the flying saucer information! He's gathering all he can, and doing a lot to try and expose it.
BG: You might want to contact George. That might be a good idea. But, I think there's another side to this. It's almost like their not concerned any more about their jobs. Their more concerned about the Constitution. Their more concerned about Humanity. That is the impression I get.
BL: Yeh, you get to that point, but, you have to feed yourself too.
BG: Well, you know, there are people that take chances in life, and sometimes, they wind up with something better. Later on, down the line. You know what I'm saying. Someone like yoruself, I'm not saying this would happen, but, coming forward, taking a chance, and all of a sudden say, the government cut you off, you might get an offer for a better position. You follow what I'm saying? Because there are people who own the businesses, that believe the way you believe. And I believe in this. I hear this gentleman talking, and it's happening more and more. There are people out there who would love to come forward with information.
C: But, somebody had to start it.
BG: Right. And I think you've done that Bob. You started the ball rolling. I know you did. And I think what is going to happen is the people who have been wanting to say something, this might be a relief for them. It's coming out, and they won't have to keep it inside any more.
BL: That was the general concensus when I was out there.
BG: Well obviously, they want out too. They want to tell the truth.
C: Bob, did you have any work underground? In the tunnels?
BL: No. I have a friend, whose dad, worked on some of the drilling equipment. I know theres some tunnels down there.
C: Therre's more than just tunnels down there. There's everything you can imagine down there. I know cause we put it up. We installed. We did everything. I just want you to know, the MW's (Mercury Workers) are gathering together, in small groups, tyring to put something together for you. And contact you somehow to join you. If the people want to join us in a march or whatever it's got to be, that's what we're going to do.
BL: Oh, that's super.
C: So, ah, we're with you man.
BG: Thanks for the call sir. Have a nice night. Bob, it sounds as though people are starting to come forward.

And what happened next I believe had to do with this interview and the enthusiasm it created. I will pull it together for you tomorrow.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Continuing the Bob Lazar interview with Billy Goodman.

BL: Bob Lazar
BG: Billy Goodman
C: Caller

C: Bob, are you aware of the new evidence that right in the center of our galaxy, is a black hole?
BL: Yeh. It's now thought that in the center of every galaxy, is a black hole.
C: How sure are they, that we have one in ours?
BL: I really don't know.
C: You said you stepped inside the door of the saucer, did you actually step on the saucer? (Yes) Did it make any sound? (No) What color was the interior?
BL: It was the same color as the outside. A dull aluminum finish, is the best way to describe it.
C: If they built a space ship that traveled at the speed of light, and they turned on the head lights, what would happen?
BL: They wouldn't be very effective. Nothing ever moves faster than the speed of light.
CL Bob, how do they create the gravity field?
BL: (Went off in left field somewhere -- didn't answer the question.)
C: Bob, I'm a member of the Abory ? Engineers, Local 12. I work in the Los Angeles area. I've heard there's some work up there with Reynold's Electric. Are they part of what's happening at the base?
BL: No. Reynold's is not out there, at S-4 and neither is any other subcontractor. Reynold's and AG&G are at the nuclear test sight. And I'm not familiar with that area. They can't get the security clearance for S-4. The closest they can get is Area 51. They might be around there.
C: Bob, did you happen to hear John Lear last night? (I sure did!) He speaks very highly of you. Sorry about what the P.I. was doing to you.
BL: I really don't want to sit and work with everyone while they try to find my background the government has amost completely covered up. I have done what I wanted to do. It doesn't matter to me if people believe me or not. I did this for my own benefit, as selfish as that is.
C: Bob, did you just not go back to work up there, or did they just not call you back, or what?
BL: They called one day and told me to come back to work and I said no. This was after I was debriefed, and yelled at for a long time, and had been caught out there with some friends. They said "are you officially refusing?" I said, "Yeh." and that was the end of it. I left on a sour note. I was never officially fired. My clearance was never officially taken, it just stopped. At that time, there was a lot of tension. A lot of worry. The last place I wanted to get trapped was in a place no one could get to me so I officially refused to go back.
BG: What happened then?
BL: There was just no communication after that.
BG: What did you do, at that point?
BLl That's when we began to worry what was going to happen. I tried to protect myself in several ways. One of them was going on the air and getting some of the information out because that would be what they would want to try and prevent. Once that was out unless they did something for revenge, which I don't think would happen, there would be no reason to hassle me any more.
BG: How about telling us some of the the things that happened to you? I think people should know. You actually were shot at?
BL: Oh, I don't want to go into that.
BG: Oh, what caused you to say you wanted to go on the air with this?
BL: Well, things like that. Rough things in my life. I felt very uncomfortable.
BG: Your best protection is the media right now. We can keep you alive.
BL: By the way, there was a caller earlier who wanted to know if I knew what M-42 was. It's a galaxy. I don't know what he wanted me to say.
BG: Speaking of galaxies, do you think there is life on other planets?
BL Oh yea, of course.
BG: What type of life, do you think is out there?
BL: I imagine there is a wide variety of life. I mean we're talking about the universe!
BG: Do you think we're getting visits from them?
BL: Apparently so. These things got here somehow.
BG: People have said they are manevolent, or benevolent. What do you think they are?
BL: I don't believe they are completely benevolent, just because of the events that have occurred. (deaths and such)
C: Bob, you said you went public to protect yourself. How serious is it? What length will the government go to to conceal this?
BL: Oh man, you must be kidding. Every length possible. I can't even describe it. Any length at all. I don't even know what to say to answer that.
C: What's on your horizon now, as far as the government is concerned? Don't they want to talk to you?
BL: That would be a strange thing for them to do right now. Any action on their part, would guarantee what I am saying is true. So, now I think it's going to be a "hands off" policy for me. which is fine with me. That's all I wanted.
C: Well I hope this does what you want it to.
BL: So far it has. It's only been a week. Someone said, if they are following me now, it's only to make sure nothing happens to me.
C: I've heard you speak of Blue Diamond before. What's going on there?
BL: I love this subject. That's where the vortex is? There is no vortex! Blue Diamond is where there's a supposed entry way for flying saucers. They don't enter through that. There's a slight difference in gravity there, but these are all over the place. If you want to see a vortex I suggest you flush your toilet and watch that.
BG: Is it because you know of a past record of the government, this is how they react to situations? If someone goes public, they don't do anything to cause problems? Is that what happens?
BL: No! I'm just hoping that.
G: Someone in studio I think his name is Huff... Billy, I think there's a minor misunderstanding here. I think people have gotten the impression that he was in the program, actively, and for some reason he decided to expose it to get out. He just went out there on a periodic basis. More or less on call. After he got caught out there showing John Lear and myself the saucer tests, they debriefed him and continued to monitor his phone. What they wanted to stop was, and why he thought they would hurt him was, they threatened him. They called him on the phone and threatened him because they were monitoring his plans for the exposure of this. That's what they wanted to stop. We've gotten word through the grapevine that they are amazed because they've never had anyone that they have used drugs and hypnosis on and drill in their head, not to tell, come forward with this stuff. They can't believe he actually went on television with this stuff.
BG: I think some other people have come forward, by the way. We've had some calls, for example, the one where that gentleman was talking about that Mercury Worker down below. He was telling that story. I think he's come forward.
BL: I'm talking about some people from S-4 coming forward. As a matter of fact, I don't know if anyone knows that on Saturday they are going to air that two hour special on the CBS affiliate, Channel 8 and that should have all the material that was in the daily news hows.
BG: Are there going to be any new twists to it?
BL: Yeh, there will be much more information on this show.
BG: Are you going to be there as a guest?
BL: No, It's already been put on tape.
C: Do you now understand how the propulsion system works? And is it a gravitational device, and if so, would you explain it?
BL Yes, I understand completely how it works, and as far as explaining it, no, I'd rather not.
C: Not even in a general sense?
BL: No, not even in a general sense. Like I said before, the entire concept, I have no problem bringing forward. The inner workings, and details, I still feel, should remain classified.
BG: Well, that's interesting
C: Well, what's the general concept then?
BL: The concept is the gravitational propulsion and using gravity as a lens, and the power source being an anti-matter reactor. You have to understand the... a lot of the reasons these systems are being kept quiet is everything is being looked at from a "weapons" point of view.
C: That leads to my second question. Why, if we have the technology, why are we spending millions of dollars, on the space shuttles, B-1 bombers, Stealth fighters, and that sort of thing?
BL: Your looking at 2 different factions of the government. One not knowing, what the other group is up to. Certainly, if there was some kind of connection, the story would be completely different.
BG: That tells you something, doesn't it?
C: I find it hard to believe that one arm of the government, doesn't know what the other is up to. But there's so much lack of information between branches.
BL: Well, this is not a bonafied branch of the government. Your dealing with a few people, a group that was given exclusive power, some time ago and has run amuck! They don't report to anyone. They have their own little location. Their own budget. They tap into several other things and there's no system of checks and balances. Congress has no knowledge of what's going on.

More tomorrow

Sunday, May 27, 2007


Radio Talk Show - November 21, 1989 Before Art Bell took over the program on Coast to Coast am.

Billy Goodman was the first to bring up controversial subjects. I believe he got too close to the truth and he was let go. His attitude changed drastically just before he left. I was a guest on his show but after 15 minutes something created so much static we couldn't continue. I believe that was on purpose.

I believe that this is the first time you will hear what started out to be a revealing of Bob Lazar and what he knew. This will lead up to what happened to Stayce Borland. It may take several days to cover it all so stay with me and you will learn a lot.

BL: Bob Lazar
BG: Billy Goodman
C: Caller

BL: (Speaking to Scott, the Private Investigator) Everyone has been calling me. I, ah, if you can imagine a Q clearance, is a thorough background investigation. I've had a Q clearance for a long time! Before I ever got on the project out there. But like I said, I don't want to spearhead everything. My intention was to come on, say what I had to say...
C: I think our request is a little bit different! What we are trying to do... I guess I'm at a loss!
BG: He probably had no idea what we're trying to do! Maybe, I can touch on that, and Scott, thanks for calling. Let me tell you what's going on here Bob! I don't know if it's necessary with you, because you are 38 levels above Q, but, there's an investigative force that has joined, what we call, "Finding the Truth". It's probably the first legitimate organization, that checks out UFO claims, ok? And it's the very first one. This organization is out of California and they have over 20 investigators! One in Las Vegas! They want to get to the bottom of it once and for all!
C: I'm interested in the condition and shape, of the disc, he claims, he saw, up at Area S-4 (Groom Lake, Area 51) on the testing range.
BL: The condition, as I said, on the TV program, seemed new!
C: I didn't see the TV program.
BL: OK. It seems almost brand new. That is, if I know what a new saucer looks like! As far as the shape, have you ever seen any of the Billy Meir photographs (Some.) There's one that it bears a striking resemblance to. I coin the term, "The Sport Model" It doesn't have any wierd protrusions! It looks like a slim, thin, disc with ridges in it. It bares an incredible resemblance to that. I tend to think, it is that disc.
C: What are the approximate dimensions of it?
BL: I'd say approximately 30 to 35 feet across. About 15 feet tall.
C: How close were you allowed to the object?
BL: I stood inside the doorway.
C: Were you able to determine what the metallic make up was?
BL: No, no.
BG: Did you touch it at any time? (yeh) What does it feet like?
BL: It feels like ordinary metal.
BG: What, aluminum type feel, or what?
BL: Can you feel the difference between steel and aluminum?
BG: I guess steel is colder.
BL: It just feels like metal.
BG: What was the disc doing?
BL: Just sitting there. There were no tripods. It was just resting, on the bottom of the disc.
BG: Were there people milling around it?
BL: Not at the time I walked up to it, no. There were people in the area.
BG: Is that the only one you ever saw?
BL: No. I saw the other ones, but at a great distance.
BG: What were they doing.
BL: They were just parked in the hangers.
BG: Like an airplane? You never saw them take off or land?
BL: No. I don't even know if they are operational.
C: I took a class in Quantom Physics in college, and we studied a lot about gravity. About gravitons!
BL: The theory of gravitons, is wrong. Physics has always done that. Where there is a question, they create a particle. You must know what I'm talking about. Photons, and stuff like that.
C: Have you read or found anything that confirms the existance of gravitons?
BL: No. Everything denied the existance of gravitons, and in fact, I don't know if I've said this already, or not. There are actually two gravities of wave, and 2 waves that are misconstrued, as one force. And they are called gravity A and B.
C: What's your general attitude about quantom physics? The Quantom theory?
BL. That question could take all night. If you want to talk to me privately about that, I'd be glad to do that. Write me, in care of the radio station.
C: At one point, on the TV program, you said the crafts you saw were from another solar system. Do you believe that because you know where they are from, or because you've ruled out, that other planets in the solar system are habitable?
BL: It's because I know where they are from.
BG: Next, we have an aerospace engineer.
C: Physics is a hobby of mine and Riconbauch (a guess on that spelling) says time is not the fourth dimension. You say this vehicle has 3 gravity generators in it. What does it use to generate these intense gravity fields? Is it neutron stars, or what?
BL: No. The gravity generators, generate the gravity themselves.
C: I was just being funny when I said neutron stars. I know the only thing that can generate gravity, is mass, or body.
BL: Right. That is the only thing you know of (LOL)
C: I'm curious how this sort of thing works? I can understand how they would bend space and time, and lens it, but the thing that bothers me is you say it stretches space time, and then the vehicle follows the space time. (Right) Continually?
BL: Not continually. It attached itself to distorted space time. And returns with the distortion. It's quite a bizarre thing to think about.
C: This is the most facinating thing I've ever heard.
BL: It is. I would have lived up there. I would have worked with no pay. It was so facinating to me and I just became enveloped with it. It's new physics. There's a lot that's very difficult to grasp. There's no three dimensional anologies. There's a lot of current theories, the "Super String" theory. They go into eleven dimensions, in physics, and things like that. You begin to grab at straws, after awhile. Every time you get stuck, you say, well, oh, another dimension will handle that, and ah, you go on and on. Same thing with particles.
BG: Where do you work right now Bob?
BL: I have my own comapny.
BG: What do you do?
BL: I'd rather not say. I still conduct business with the government on a technical aspect.
BG: Like a consultant type thing?
BL: You could say that.
C: Bob, does M-42 mean anything to you?
BL: Not off the top of my head.
C: How do you rate Hawkins?
BL: Stephen Hawkins? Well, a lot of the basic theory is incorrect, but, he's a very thorough guy. Have you read his new book?
C: Yes, I have! I'm an experimental researcher and ah, I think we're in agreement about what you're studdering about. I studder some too. See you are a physicist, and how far back do you go, as far as, traveling backwards through time? Can you go back to the "Big Bang" theory, and subscribe to it?
BL: I'll go with the big bang theory, but, it's.... so many other things could have happened. That's more with particle physics, high energy physics, and that sort of thing.
C: Well, isn't that where it all began?
BL: Yeh, it is, ah, but when your talking on a scale like that, your sliding out of my field of expertise. I do subscribe to the big bang theory. There was a big bang. Where the initial particle came from, there's a big debate about that.
C: Could you give me an estimate? Was the big bang part of an evolution, or, was it part of a creation? Or was there something before that?
BL: Well, that's the chicken and the egg question to me. I would say, the big bang was followd by, a natural evolution, although, I don't believe things just evolved to where it is now.
C: I guess I went back too far. You don't want to go out on a limb with theories. You want to stick with facts!
BL: Yes, I'd rather do that.
C: What are the facts? How far can you trace us back?
BL: Probably, from the instant of detonation, of the big bang.
BG: What is the big bang theory?
BL: How the universe was initiated. I think the way that was detected was, someone happened to look, and noticed all the galaxies were moving away from a certain point, at certain speeds. They were able to reverse the directions, and everything came to a single point. It gets really crazy.
BG: How many flying saucers have you actually seen?
BL: Nine.
BG: And you know for a fact, they did not come from here? Where do you think they come from?
BL: My best guess is that they came from another... well, another world.
BG: When they are flown in the S-4 area, are they flown by aliens, or military pilots?
BL: They are either remote controlled or people because I did not actually see who got into the disc.
BG: Did it look like there was a lot of room in the disc? How large are these things?
BL: There's not much room inside.
BG: I guess you'd have to be very small?
C: I heard John Lear talking about drugs and hypnosis, being used on indivudals working on ET projects. Do you confirm that? Also, when the people were up at Blue Diamond, I think I heard someone say they got a scar on their shoulder. I was wondering if you knew anything about that? Also, is it possible that the group could have been abducted, by people, involved with the project and that's why they lost time and some of them got scars?
BL: Honestly, I have no information on abductions.
C: What about drugs and hypnosis?
BL: Drugs and hypnosis... I found out about this, supposedly this happened to me. I found out about this through regressive hypnosis. I have vivid memories of everything, but, there were a couple of days, I only remember going out on a plane, and coming back on a plane. I thought it was really strange! So I decided to try a hypnotist, whose name is Lane Keck, here in Vegas. He had no idea why I was there, I wanted to go with someone completely unbiased. I just stepped back under hypnosis, entire days, so I would re-read the reports and get things a little clearer. There was an intense drilling period, of rhythmic yells, and in a room with some guys continuosly threatening me. I said under hypnosis, I was drinking something that smelled like pine! It even sounds strange to me, but, I heard myself on tape. As I described this, Lane said it was something the military uses called the Aron method. Some sort of regimented hypnosis. That's where all that came from.
C: John (Lear) said, that's why, most of the stuff, that's going on up there, when they first get there, are indoctrinated, with the drugs and hypnosis, and when they leave the sight, they return back to normal. Have no memory of it. When they go back, something triggers them back into regression again. They do their work under hypnosis, and when they come back home, they have no memory again. That's why people can go on these missions, to South Africa, pick up these saucers, and no one having any memory of it. Does that make sense to you?
BL: Yeh, that sounds cool, but I can't confirm or deny that. Obviously, something is done. Something was done, in the area of hypnosis to me and I'm sure other people, that work there. Whether they can turn you off, and on, I really don't know. Maybe they can do that. It sounds even far fetched to me but I really don't know.
BG: But do you think it's possible?
BL: Well I can't say anything is impossible any more, because I keep finding out differently.
BG: They must have some kind of power over these people.
BL: Yeh, but, why do I have most of the memories of most of the stuff I was involved with then.
BG: I'm not saying you, per sae, just other people going up there. They must have a way of controling them.
BL: Right. I have a hard time believeing everyone can adhere to the program. There must be a way. It can't be just threats.

More tomorrow.

Saturday, May 26, 2007


My Extraterrestrial ExperienceConsiderations:

* I can give you a full detailed story of this experience but I will try to keep up the main facts to the extent of my English language abilities.

* My consciousness is slowly being liberated by the implant for unkown reasons. So, since the beginning of this phenomenon I have difficulty to express completely and correctly my situation (as not would be happening for a "normal" illness.)

* Implant = "Mini-machine in my brain".


I. How it started.

Everything started one night in year 2003, probably in March. That night, I was sleeping when suddenly I "wake up" because I felt a solid object being introduced through my right ear. Inmediately another part or extension of the same object (probable a mini-robot or mini-UFO) put something on my forehead that almost hynotized me to prevent any defense reaction of mine. All the event last for about 1 or 2 minutes. I felt how something was being introduced through my right ear until it reached some place inside my brain. To be more specific, the level of technology of which I am talking about is some kind of plasma (even energy) that can be controlled just as a mechanical machine would be controlled nowadays (by humans.) There was no friction, just the sensation of something slipping inside my head. When finished, the object or mini-robot was put off and disappeared. I could wake up and knew that something was strage.

II. The begining.

Since that night, until some months later, I started feeling strange activity in my brain. My will was being cut to the control of "something" else. I felt like having another spirit / conscience to pull my body. At first some rewards were given to me. For example I could concentrate very well or obtain everything I wanted from other people. I started making some nature discoveries due to an increased intelligence. A lot of conceptual correlations. I get to draw "crop circles" and other symbols that transmit some high intelligence concepts. My senses were keened. Some things did not changed, like: I could drive my car even with this phenomenon inside my head.

III. When things turned bad.

Probably 6 months later: I start hearing and sometimes feeling behind (but inside) my brain some sort of electric flame. It produced a burning and localized sound. This phenomenon started going down, very slowly (within a period of weeks), to the base of my brain. The sound started growing in intensity. Finally, a tinnitus was created and, obviously, I lost more of my self control. The tinnitus become a torture, I could not withstand it.

Probably 1 year later: I had most of my self control lost. I was acting like a zombie or robot, all my brain activiy was held by this plasma (or energy) object. I even was able to hurt my self once and again without defending my self against my self! I hit my head with my hands (fists) in desperation. I could not continue I needed to get back to my parents house (until then I was living on my own.) Then, violence got worse. I hit my head with the wall sometimes. I stop driving my car because the plasma object (or "mini-machine in my brain" as I later called it) took the control of my brain regarding to driving security measures. One time I stopped my car in the middle of an avenue because I could not drive any more. Another time, the "mini-machine in my brain" made me accelerate too much without any security measure.

IV. Total internal self disorder mixed with very high technology.

3 to 4 years later: I am being robotized. Sometimes I am being controlled like a videotape: Like a rewind. Sometimes, my movements are not human, I act like a machine. My thinking is also robotized. I can hardly act upon my free will. My feelings, emotions, sensations and thinking are controlled by the "mini-machine in my brain" or implant. In the short term (minutes, hours) I can not control my body. In the mid-term (days, weeks) I can almost control my actions. In the long term (years) my activity is blocked by this "mini-machine in my brain".

* In the night, I have very high fidelity dreams / nightmares. I have some kind of television inside my brain. Definitely, it is a machine that can creates hi-resolution images in my brain.* My corporal memory is cut. I forget things very easily and can not remember some things of my past (previous to March 2003.)* I could not see it, but a couple of times I felt my body was changing physically, like if it was made of mud. No evidence of that.* I lost the sense of value (of things). A couple of times, I destroyed money and other things of value.* Many times per day I have voices coming out of my mouth. The origin, definitely, is the "mini-machine in my brain." It creates voices of all range, from man, to woman, kids, even from robots. It is a very accurate voice control. Definitely, it is a machine, not an organic illness of the brain.* Besides the tinnitus the implant also produces internal (cerebral) voices to control my behavior. This is how the implant robotizes my behavior.* The implant increases and decreases my intelligence up to its will.* The implant keen my senses but also confuses them up to its will.* The implant produces known and strange feelings in my body.* The implant controls my security measures that prevent me from hurting my self.* It imitates, with my body, movements and emotions of other people.* It created a thought-inverter in my brain so that, very often, everything I want is inverted to the inverse will (e.g. "I want to do this" --> "I do not want to do this".)* The "mini-machine in my brain" or implant has some interests as I have measured upon its activity in my brain. More precisely, through the tinnitus it created while accommodating itself in my brain. These interests are: Humanity evolution, world order and health, anthropology, natural history, as well as other sciences that study earth nature and the universe. Its role is mainly that of a supervisor or researcher.* The "mini-machine in my brain" or implant has a very advanced camouflage strategy since it has inserted in my cerebral capacity of recognizing and understanding the external world. Every action of the implant is hidden behind one action of my body. The world cannot perceive directly the actions of the implant.* Since 2003 I have not had another anomalous experience with mini-robots (or mini-UFOs) just the suffering caused by the "mini-machine in my brain."

V. An attempt to control the implant.

In an attempt to get to know more of this phenomenon and even control it, I am making myself, studies of the behavior my brain and of the "mini-machine in my brain" and created a graph of the mental activity. It, definitely, is not normal, NOT ORGANIC. It is a MACHINE'S ACTIVITY.

Upon this fact, I am trying to teach the implant what and what not should be done in my life. Two things can help me a lot: Teach the implant about the environment where I live in, and teach the implant how to manage my self, my body. I have done very little about it. It takes months to teach the implant one single issue. There is a fact, and that is that there is a "I understand" or "I already proved it" from the implant. But it takes a lot (hundreds even thousads) of repetitions to get to that point.

I am being treated as psychiatric but in fact this is not helping much. Drugs are very little useful. The psychological effect of the doctors help is what is helping me somewhat. Not imaging yet (just an EEG, which is not normal.) I am sure, a lot more sure, that this approach of the E.T. Experience is a lot more precise than a psychiatric treatment. The only disadvantage is that I have to keep it very confidential (private.) I even have to keep it away from the people whom I live with (my family.)

VI. Conclusions.

Of what I am sure, is that the effects I am feeling in my brain / body, are not ORGANIC, IT IS DEFINITELY A HIGH TECHOLOGY MACHINE. Again, the level of technology used, is some kind of very controlled plasma (or energy) that changes biochemical reactions of my neurons, controlling all of my body as a result. It seems to be acting directly on my pituitary gland. I am desperate to accelerate the pace of learning of the implant. Almost daily, it makes me psychological torture, I am under a lot of pressure. My self integrity is very damaged.

VII. My main questions.

* Why have I been captured? Why I have been selected?* How can I control more the implant?* What I need to do to get back my freedom?* Are there any other cases like mine's?

I can give more details on anything stated here. If you need more information, please do not hesitate to ask.


Luis Villegas.

Now you all may wonder about what is happening to Luis but there is another case that is just as invasive and is slowly killing the recipient. In fact it may be too late now for him. In the past I have posted his story but since that time it has become even worse for him. I haven't heard from him in 4 weeks so he may not be with us any more. Look up Pepper Rogers on this blog.


Friday, May 25, 2007


Today I have a new e-mail address. Please change your address books to Ufocci@msn.com. I finally got DSL. The difference between dial-up and DSL is like a horse and buggy to a jet plane! I am still learning how to use it. So for today this is all I will say and tomorrow will be back with something really interesting.

Thanks for your patience.


Thursday, May 24, 2007


It is June 1969. My 4 year old daughter and I take my new Volkswagen "Bug" on a trip to the Midwest where I have family. I left about 3:00 a.m., loaded with Auto Club maps and made Flagstaff late that night staying at a motel. Early the next morning I stopped for gas and information. The attendant said I could save time if I took the Navajo reservation Route 160 through four corners, up to Wolf Creek Pass, and down to Denver, instead of Route 66. I saw on the map: we would see some of the Painted Desert. It never occurred to me that I might be going into a wilderness desert, without homes, or cars. So when we came to a Indian gift shop, where I bought a Zuni wedding ring, it made me feel better.

About 11:30 a.m. I came to a tiny cafe, just past the right turn to Farmington, where we ordered hamburgers and I drank 3 cups of coffee. The cook told me he had been passing through and stopped for coffee and the Indian owner asked him if he ever wanted to own a cafe. When he said "he might" the Indian gave him the key! We paid up and headed through lovely Kayenta Valley.

About 2:00 p.m. I nearly went off the road sound asleep. I had to stop, now! I pulled over with no shade, rolled down the windows two inches, and told my daughter to take a nap and not get out of the car! Then I was out!

At 3:30 p.m. I awoke with my body laying over the wheel and my arms hanging down loose. My girl was curled up on the passenger seat asleep! I looked out the windshield and approximately 200 feet off to the left of the road was a huge "silver saucer", the size of a football field. It was hovering around 30 to 40 feet in the air, with the back tipped up so I could not see the bottom. Completely round, it had a flat lip around the middle, with a streamlined dome on top!

Neither a window or door showed and I sat there and stared at it for maybe six to seven minutes. I was interested in aircraft before I married and I wanted to learn to fly. This was not from this earth! I started to realize what I was seeing and became scared! Suddenly in my mind I heard someone tell me "Do not be afraid!" When I saw the HUGE Mothership I felt like I had been given a "happy" drug because I felt ELATED when I came too. When I was in the car looking at the Mothership I heard, in my mind, something that said, "do not be afraid". I believe they have the ability to communicate over a distance. I do believe I was taken and that the Aliens were the cause of me passing out while driving. It has never happened to me again, only that one time.

Now mind you, I have some strange memories while a child but this was in broad daylight and I was wide awake! I was ready to get out and walk towards the ship when it took off for the lower Rocky Mountains.

In a flash it was gone at a speed our earth ships could never match at this point! Just before it disappeared it looked like it covered two of the smaller mountains! It was only then that I started my car and took off again!

I looked for the ship all the way to Cortez where we stayed that night. Both of us were sick at this point and my daughter had a purple red rash on her chest. We were sick and not eating for a week. I felt weak and knew I must make the Midwest soon, so I drove hard and fast. We stopped at a friends home in Colorado Springs. He knew we were sick but I never told him about the ship. I never told anyone for years about what I saw! The sickness lingered for about another week.

I believe, or rather know, that we are visited by other beings in the Universe. They are way ahead of humans. They could be a million years ahead of us! There could be many types of beings! For me it was the chance of a lifetime and truly "my moment on earth" that I will never forget! The vision is burned into my mind and has changed the way I think!

"In the land of the blind, the one-eyed is king".

My sighting in 1969 changed not only my life, but revived old deep memories. When still in my crib I remember little men at the end of my bed. I told my mother, and she said they were Angels. I was scared! I needed a light in the hall until I was about 23. When I was 16, I remember seeing an owl looking at me (while camping) and laying down to sleep.

When married I saw a tiny big eyed bald man looking at me through the back picture window. We lived in the woods and I rarely closed the drapes. I woke my husband and he went out back to check and said there were no footprints in the new snow! It was January 1956, and my daughter was born in March!

Aliens float! I knew what I saw because I was wide awake at 10 p.m.. Married, I would lay in bed and look at the ceiling waiting for "I do not know what" to come and get me! I knew!

In 1967 I went to Hesperia, California and felt the need to go out in the desert. My car wouldn't start at one point (it stalled) and I lost time! That's just a few things that happened before the "Mothership".

In 1978, I was living in my house in Lakeside, California. At two a.m. in the morning, I wanted a glass of water, so I walked out of my bedroom and into the hallway. At the far end of the hall was the kitchen on the left and the living room on the right. To my amazement the living room was lit up like Christmas! Floating away from me was a being only four feet in height. It had long slender arms and moved them rhythmically up and down as it moved further down the hall. The being had four fingers and was floating away from me It's head was very large and it appeared to be wearing an illuminated headband. The alien turned its body towards the wall adjacent to the bathroom and thrust its elbow through the wall. When the elbow made contact, blue, than red sparks flew! Then the alien's entire body disappeared into or through the wall!

I can't remember if or what I did next? The next morning I told my kids I had seen a ghost! The entity I had witnessed wore an illuminated headband, so I thought, believed it was a Indian spirit!

In 1989, when I saw the cover of Whitney Streiber's novel "Communion" and nearly had a heart attack! The full realization of what I had seen, not an Indian spirit but a grey alien, hit me like a bolt of lightning!

I read "Communion" cover to cover. I could not lay it down. Although, the reliving of the experience made me physically ill, I was compelled to read on. Soon, I was reading every book I could find on the subject and searching the sky for more proof of my experience.

While playing Bingo at an Indian reservation I saw a 50 foot saucer. Twenty-five percent of the ship was covered with a very white fuzz that was too white to be a real cloud.

Then I saw a rust colored saucer on the ground near San Diego, but I was on a bus and unable to stop!

On January 1st, 1990 at 11 p.m. near Alpine, a ship came down over my car. It was a foggy night but I could tell that the bottom of the ship was bright orange, as if it was on fire! It was approximately 50 feet in diameter, and the thought of exposure to possible radiation scared me! I took off like mad and raced home to San Diego.

I have awoke to find strange marks and bruises on my body and grass on my feet. I do not sleep walk. I believe, when I was abducted that I have resisted because, I've had small two finger size bruises on my arms near my shoulder and I could tell which direction pressure was applied. I believe I have implants up through the right nostril, one in my right ear lobe and one in the scoop mark on the back of my right leg near the inside of my knee. That one bothers me at times with a burning sensation and I think my body is trying to get rid of it as I can feel something there. I wish I knew a MD. and a hypnotist in the St. Paul area I could trust. I would be very interested in a device that would stop abductions and I would buy it now!!! I need one for my daughter too!

I have seen four ships in Minnesota: one over Lake Almo at 11 a.m.; one over White Bear Lake that had "cherry" colored red lights that brightened then dimmed; one over Hastings at 6 p.m.; and the last sighting was on my birthday, Jan 27, 1997, over Bloomington. Every sighting was unique.

Although, I am no longer frightened by the abduction experience or the sightings, I do not consciously consent to these excursions into my or my family's personal lives.

I had a LA Times reporter contact me and to tell you the truth I'm a little scared of some of the things that have happened to well-known abductees. I took Sodium Penathol (SPELL) for two different operations and had the doctors ask me a few questions while I was still under. Have you been abducted by Aliens? Did the Aliens put an implant in you? Has this happened a lot? My answers were "yes" to all. They couldn't ask questions when they first knock you out because they put you on a respirator but just before you come too they can do this and it works like a truth drug. I really upset one doctor with my answers and he came to me afterwards and tried to convince me it wasn't a truth drug.

Editor's note: Patricia has her own web-page so give it a visit at: http://www.serve.com/ufo

From UFO Digest.

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Budd Hopkins and David Jacobs have both written about unusual job interviews in their books. This is one that was mentioned in Budd's book. It happened to my friend in Canada. I asked him pertinent questions and the first part of this article is his reply. I want to sincerely thank him for sharing this most unusual interview.

- i don't remember where the first interview happened. It must have been either Winnipeg or Toronto.- i don't remember how i was approached for the interview. All i remember is standing looking at the two people in the first interview and being picked up in a limo for the second interview.- i don't remember being told why i was going to Philadelphia. The only thing i can think of is that at that young age, i probably didn't really care since it was an adventure and an opportunity for who-knows-what. i must have been awed by the fact that i was going to the States for a job interview! i don't even remember the plane trip there or back.- After i remembered the interview, i asked my mom and she told me that she remembered that i had gone for an interview but doesn't remember the details. As far as i recall (and i recall very little), she didn't question it.The whole episode is bizarre and doesn't make sense to me. If it was ET related then it seems like it would have had to have been screen memories, and if it wasn't ET related then the whole thing is really bizarre anyway.

i really don't know how to interpret the events. One thing though: the man and woman i first met seemed to be too "perfect", as i said, like models. i'm kind of wondering if the first interview was in fact an ET event since i don't recall how i got that interview to begin with and the whole thing seemed so other-worldly. But this doesn't explain the second interview. i really am confused by the whole thing.

i've been thinking off and on about doing regression for that incident as well as at least one other. i've been too involved with things lately to take the time to do that but i have the intention to go and do it in the (hopefully) near future.

Regarding your thoughts that it it has something to do with the inventor mind, i really don't know. i know that i've always had a very good imagination since i was very young and i used to make my own toys to play with when i was a little kid, mainly because my parents were poor. i used various items and pretended they were other exciting things. Also interesting is the fact that my very first "intended" invention came out around 1974 Christmas when i designed and built my first small battery-powered LED jewelry and tried to have it patented. This does fit within the time frame when i believe the interviews happened. i never realized that before. Thank you for asking the question.i really don't know much, do i?


The first part of the job interview that i recall was being in a small office similar to the "hi tech" offices so common in Silicon Valley, the kind with only a main room whose floor area was mainly taken up with low cubicles. On the sides of the room were the cubicle-type desks and shelves that are, again, so typical of these office types. All i can recall is standing in the entrance / doorway to this office / room and seeing only two people (a man and a woman) across the room. They were standing together almost shoulder-to-shoulder and both seemed to be in their 20's. Their looks were striking because they looked like models. ie: the woman was very beautiful and blonde and the man was very handsome (but i don't recall the color of his hair since i was mesmerized by the woman). They were both of slim build, not stocky and they were i would estimate to be less than 6 feet tall but not short (kind of "average" in height). They were both dressed in very dark or black business attire, like suits with the woman wearing a knee-length skirt. They were both facing me and they both had really happy faces with big, bright smiles as they were looking at me. Their reaction wasn't so much "business" as it seemed to be like they'd just met a long-lost dear friend. The chairs that i saw around the room still had the plastic bags / wrappings over them and the desks were devoid of any normal office things like paper or pencils and the like. The desks were bare. i don't recall ever hearing any phones ringing while i was there. There were no other people visible to me during this period of meeting them and i never heard anyone else talking. It was very quiet in there and i felt that we were alone in the office.

i think the woman did most of the talking and i don't remember the conversation details except for the facts that i was going to go to a job interview at another location and the woman also mentioned something about my being in Mensa although i don't think i was in Mensa at the time. In this respect, the time frame doesn't seem to add up. In trying to determine when this event happened, i honestly do not remember the year or month but the season was probably summer or spring because i don't remember it being cold or there being any snow. My best guess is that this happened in the early 70's because at that time i didn't yet have my Engineering degree but i did unsuccessfully go through a couple of years of engineering classes by that time and my wife (whom i met in the latter half of the 70s) doesn't recall any of this at all, and she has a very good memory. So i estimate that this happened sometime between 1972 and 1976. And since i didn't join Mensa until almost 1979 or 1980 (for a very brief time), i'm puzzled as to how the woman would have known about something that wouldn't happen for several more years.

This first part of the interview is also strange for the reasons that i don't recall how i got the interview to begin with, my travel to the interview or leaving it. It is like a single scene where we stood in our respective spots (none of us ever sat down or moved from our standing positions for the duration which i don't think was very long). Originally, i had *assumed* that i had gone to this interview on my own and come back on my own but i don't remember any of this. However, since it's been so many years, those memories may be lost, so it may not be as mysterious as all that. The other thing is that i don't remember which city i was living in at the time. It had to be either Winnipeg or Toronto.

The second part of the interview occurred some time later but i don't remember how long between the first interview and the second. What i do remember is standing outside the terminal at Philadelphia airport and being greeted by a limo driver (little black hat, suit and tie, the whole bit) who was not too tall and a bit pudgy round the middle, and being driven in a black limo down into New Jersey. i was the only passenger. The trip seemed to take a long time and we finally arrived at an office building again like the high-tech single-story types in an area that i recollect was kind of in the boonies.

i recall having to sit at the desk of this Engineer that proceeded to ask me technical questions as part of the job interview. His cubicle-desk had a shelf with a fluorescent lamp underneath it which made the rest of the room seem a bit dark and he asked a few technical questions including how i might calculate angles most efficiently using a microprocessor. At the time, i had no experience with micros and i foolishly just regurgitated some of the mathematical series i had be introduced to during my failed first years taking Engineering courses. He then proceeded to tell me how it could be done in an elegant and less compute-intensive way (ie: lookup tables which i'd never heard of or thought of) and i ended up feeling the complete idiot during the less than half-hour interview.

During the entire interview time, i remember that the place was really quiet and i didn't see anyone else around.When the short interview was over, two other men came by, i assume to escort me back to the limo and send me on my way home. The guy who interviewed me walked behind me. When i stood up, i noticed a lot of posters of F-14 jets pinned up around the engineer's area. As we walked through the building, it became apparent that except for us, the building seemed to be deserted. We walked into a much larger open area devoid of any furniture or other people except when we came upon another room in the center of the floor area. This room was rather small with walls reaching from floor to ceiling. i don't remember the exact size of the room except to say that in size it was more like those rooms they have in larger parking garages, the rooms that have the elevators for guests to go to the main floors. The interesting thing about this room was that it had a door like those that are used in battleships, the kind that are large, apparently made of metal and gray, with rounded corners with the bottom of the door a few inches above the main room's floor. Above the door itself was a large lamp which was glowing red. Standing right next to the door to its left from my perspective was an armed Marine guard standing at ease and looking straight ahead. As i walked by with this scene to my left, and being only in my early twenties and really impressed by a sight like this (which i'd never seen before, all of this was completely new and exciting to me), i commented something like "cool!".

At that point, my next recollection is getting into the limo and it is now dark outside. When i had gone in it was light outside.The trip home in the limo was eventful as well, because at one point on the freeway our car was stopped by a state trooper who waved us onto a gravel siding near an overpass of some kind. i believe the car was pulled over for speeding. As the policeman came by the driver's side, another unmarked car pulled up onto the gravel as well. As we watched, a man got out of that car. The guy was dressed similarly to police or military and the reason i remember him was because he was wearing those Patton-like pants that balloon out at the thighs but are narrow on the calves of the legs, and he was wearing high boots. Not only that, but as he approached the car, i couldn't help but notice that he was wearing a white pearl-handled revolver in a side holster. i heard him say something like "need any help?" to the other policeman and then they talked privately away from us for a little while. Then the trooper let us go.

After that, i do not remember anything else, for example the trip home. i don't remember how i got into Philadelphia (i assume a regular flight but at that age, i had no experience flying and it would have been part of a wonderful adventure that i should have remembered so why didn't i?). Right after this entire episode, i promptly and completely forgot about the job interviews and i didn't remember until about 2002. The memory just rushed back suddenly and i don't know why it did or why i had forgotten about it in the first place. But i do remember the name of the company: Base 10.

The people that interviewed me knew that i hadn't finished my engineering courses and that i didn't have any degree or diploma. i have many questions about this including why pick a young guy without any formal education and certainly not entitled to work in the US (i am a Canadian citizen), bring him to 2 very odd interviews, one of which was located somewhere in New Jersey? Why send a limo to pick me up? Why go to all the trouble and expense? Why no talk of the job itself or what kind of person they were looking for during the interview? Why was it dark "suddenly" after only a short interview? Why did i forget it *completely* right after the event?

After i remembered this event, i searched for information on Base 10 and after a long search found a reference to a man who was retiring and had worked for a company called Base 10 in New Jersey. The article stated that Base 10 had been a military contractor in the 70s which made sense because of all the posters of F-14s in that interviewer's office. Base 10 ceased to exist years ago it seems. More recently i tried searching for the company again but was not able to find any relevant information on it, including the original article i had read.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


By Jerome Clark

Pelham, Georgia
August 6.1977

The alleged witness is one Tom Dawson, a 63-year-old retired automobile dealer who lives in a trailer park outside that southwestern Georgia town, population 4,500. Even he admits that he doesn't expect anyone to believe his story, he says he wouldn't believe it either if it hadn't happened to him. That's a remark all too many UFO witnesses have made.

But Dawson says, "I don't care what they say. This is the honest truth. I'm not crazy, I wasn't drinking, and I've never had a mental condition. This is the very first time I have ever experienced anything like this."

That morning Dawson went for a stroll with his two dogs. He stopped over at a neighbor's house and played for a time with Jimmy and Linda Kolbie's baby, then set off for a fish pond located behind some pine trees. To get there, he had to cross over a pasture where about 40 cows quietly grazed.

He had just stepped inside the gate when a strange circular object suddenly flashed out of the sky and came down in front of him, hovering two feet off the ground. Dawson found himself paralyzed, unable to move a muscle, and noticed that his dogs and the cattle were similarly "frozen."

As soon as the UFO stopped, a hatch opened and five humanoid beings, three men and two women, stepped out. Their skin was pale white, their noses sharp and turned up, their ears pointed. They had no necks. Two, a male and a female were completely nude. There was no hair on any of their bodies.

The first to emerge from the UFO, whom Dawson took to be the leader stepped gingerly to the ground and then motioned for the others to follow. Two men came out and stood at the entrance to the ship, acting apparently as guards. The others then walked out and cautiously approached Dawson.

Their clothing was "beautiful" and the men and women dressed alike (except presumably, for the two in the buff). They wore shoes made of a silky substance and the toes were pointed upwards.

Dawson was given what he took to be a medical examination in the pasture. The beings placed a "skullcap" over his head; the "cap" had several cords attached to a ring-like device, on which there was a set of dials. The ufonauts lifted Dawson's shirt and removed his trousers.

So far this story is more or less typical of a certain kind of close encounter. However...

At this point Dawson heard a voice screaming from inside the UFO. It was a human voice. It said -- and I caution you to hold on to your hat -- "I am Jimmy Hoffa! I am Jimmy Hoffa! I am Jimmy Hoffa! I am..." The cry was suddenly stifled as if someone had put his hand over the speaker's mouth.

The examination finished, the ufonauts moved about 10 feet away and huddled for a conference speaking in high, shrill voices. Dawson thought he heard one of them say the word "Jupiter." He noticed two of the males eyeing him and suspected they were talking about taking him with them.

Apparently, they decided against it. Instead, they trooped back into the UFO, closed the hatch behind them, and ascended to about 75 feet in the air. Then, in a flash, the object vanished.

When that happened, Dawson was free to move again. So were the animals. Pulling up his pants, he ran as quickly as his legs could carry him to the Kolbie residence, where Linda Kolbie was working in the lawn.

"He was in bad shape," the woman told a reporter for the Pelham Journal. "I saw him coming. He was running at top speed and waving his arms, trying to get his breath."

He couldn't even speak. Mrs. Kolbie had him sit down and wipe his face with a wet rag. He was, she said, "wild eyed" and extremely frightened. She asked him if he'd seen a big snake. He shook his head and managed to get out the word "spaceship."

Mrs. Kolbie rushed him to the hospital, where a doctor treated him for hysteria. Attendants checked to see if he was on drugs, medication, or alcohol, but he wasn't. However, they could see that something had really shaken him up. Later when a reporter interviewed him, he still had not completely recovered. He continued to insist. "I know what happened and there is no doubt in my mind that it happened just as I told you."

The Kolbies said they knew Dawson quite well and described him as "hard working, nice, and a gentle man who adores his daughter." He is not an alcoholic, a storyteller, or an individual with a particularly vivid imagination.

Without committing myself to either belief or disbelief in Dawson's claim. I'd like to note some interesting details which we have met in earlier close encounter reports.

For one thing, the reported paralysis which affected both human and animal bystanders is hardly unprecedented; it figures, for example, in the famous Delphos, Kansas landing. Nude ufonauts have appeared in at least two very obscure cases, namely the Springfield, Missouri contact of April 16, 1897, and the even less well known Centralia, Washington encounter of March 28, 1950, which Kenneth Arnold investigated but, except for a very brief item in the local paper a few days later, has never been published.
If anyone knows about the case referred to above that Kenneth Arnold investigated please send it in and we will publish it. I have never heard about it before!

Monday, May 21, 2007


First of all today, the gentleman who sent me the following letter is asking for input about what has happened to himself. If anyone knows similar cases would you please send them to me at StanfieldGirl54@aol.com. I will put them together into a future blog, plus send them to him.

I am looking for help. My extraterrestrial experience, in brief words, is: One night, when I was sleeping, a "machine" settled on the right side of my head and almost hypnotized me to insert a device through my right ear. I called this artifact the "mini-machine in my brain."

Since then, I have suffered uncountable bad experiences because the "mini-machine in my brain" controls all my body from my brain. Definitely, it is not about an illness of the mind or of the nervous system, but about a phenomenon that I can not explain since I do not remember seeing a UFO.

Probably, now, instead of coming inside UFOs, the extraterrestrials send mini-robots to accomplish their missions. Why have I been captured? What should I do to get back my freedom? Are there any other cases like mine?

If you need more information about it I can provide it.

Please help me.

Cordially, Luis


By Jay Grelen
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette,
Little Rock, Arkansas

Joe Lewels is this close to telling us that in a previous life, he trained Jesus Christ for His mission.

Mr. Lewels, a hypnotherapist, has hypnotized the audience of UFOlogists with his speech. He had led his 500 listeners (at $45 a pop) to the desert at the edge of the Dead Sea.

He first went to this place during regression therapy, during which he learned that once upon a time in eternity, he had been at the site where a sect of Jews kept the Dead Sea Scrolls and where they brought young Jewish boys for training.

Though he never said this outright, Mr. Lewels led us to think that he was a member of this band of Jews, known as the Essenes.

And he came within a breath of saying that the taught the young Messiah.

Mr. Lewels was one of nine speakers from the UFO celebrity circuit who spoke at the 19th Annual Ozark UFO Conference.

This is the largest turnout ever, says Beverly Wilkinson, whose metaphysics club sponsored the first unofficial gathering 20 years ago.

The True Believers here, suspecting all sorts of government dirty tricks to suppress talk of UFOs, posted this notice at their front door: "All government agents MUST register at front desk AND MUST wear name tags at all times. NO EXCEPTIONS."

They know that some people make fun of them, but that comes with the mission, says Jim Sparks, who claims that "reptilians" from space have abducted him many times since 1988.

Turns out that these ETs are intergalactic tree huggers who have commissioned him to sound the alarm that humans are ruining the planet.

Every time they abduct him, he says, the reptilians extract cells from him to use in the creation of hybrid creatures. He has met a female creature, he says, younger than 12, who is half him and half extraterrestrial.

"As a result of his encounters," the International UFO Congress says of Mr. Sparks, "he gained psychic and telepathic abilities.... He has clear memories of alien technology that include time travel and the distortion of time, invisibility -- and (about) what we must do if we want to join the galactic neighborhood."

Terry Hansen was one of the experts on government propaganda and suppression of news. He titled his Friday afternoon talk: 'UFOs and the Death of American Journalism."

One of the biggest enemies of the truth about UFOs, he says is the National Enquirer, which is famous for printing lots of stories about alien abductions and UFOs.

The stories generally are factual, he says, but because the Enquirer prints so many other obviously ridiculous stories, the paper has made UFOs a laughingstock as well.

And that's not an accident, he says, noting that the late owner, Gene Pope Jr., worked for the CIA before starting his career as a newspaper owner.

The major news outlets, under orders from the government, suppressed the UFO news, according to Mr. Hansen, and Mr. Pope did his part, under orders by printing all of it.

Since Mr. Lewels left us hanging about whether he knew Jesus, I waited in his book-signing line Saturday to ask.

He just smiled mysteriously and said: "You'll have to read the book."

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