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Thursday, March 31, 2005


How many of today's UFO researchers know the story of George Adamski? At the time he was the most exciting person to all of our imaginations that ever lived. For you younger persons I am going to tell you the story which was written by Jim Mosely as a first person account. For once Jim was serious, which leads to another story but not this time.

A Mt. Palomar astronomer, the story went, had come out with a book, published in England, which declared that he had met a Venusian pilot of a saucer on a California desert and talked to the creature with the aid of sign language. The astronomer's name was Professor Adamski.
Not having telephoned ahead, I had some doubts about being able to see the professor, but I had previously found that the best way to see a relatively inaccessible public figure was to show up in his outer office and to talk my way in.
Instead of a hard time at the Palomar reception office, I got a horse laugh from a passing staff member when I asked about Professor Adamski.
"The Professor," and he emphasized the title in a mocking manner, "lives half way down the mountain. You'll find him running a hot dog stand down there."
The receptionist gave me a more thorough and restrained explanation: No there was no Professor George Adamski at the Observatory; the man I was looking for could be found at Palomar Gardens, a restaurant on the slopes of the mountain which catered to the tourists who came to see the 200-inch telescope at the crest. Yes, Adamski had written a book about flying saucers and had claimed to take photographs of them.
I drove back down the mountain to Palomar Gardens and parked in the lot almost filled with cars. Inside I quickly spotted a gray-haired man who appeared to be in his sixties, seated at one of the tables. A crowd of thirty to forty people sat open-mouthed as he related his story.
Adamski did not claim to have any connection with Palomar Observatory. "I am a philosopher, teacher, student and saucer researcher," he told us. "For several years I have been an amateur astronomer, and have two small telescopes, one of them a 15-inch reflecter, and the other a six inch refractor."
Long interested in the possibility of life on other planets, Adamski had written a fictional book wherein interplanetary visitations took place. He had also conducted a school of Tibetan philosophy, known as The Royal Order of Tibet.
His real interest in flying saucers began, Adamski said, when two men from the Point Loma Navy Electronics Laboratory, near San Diego, visited him. These men, J. P. Masfield and G. L. Bloom assured him that flying saucers were probably interplanetary and that an Earth government was also developing such machines.
The purpose for their visit was to secure his cooperation in photographing the strange craft, on the assumption that his small telescopes could maneuver more easily than the large one at the Observatory. They planned to make a similar request to the Observatory Staff.
Thus, having been asked by the military, as Adamski put it, to cooperate with them, he purchased additional photographic equipment and began to watch the sky for the spacecraft.
"Night after night I stayed outdoors with my telescope aimed, camera attached. Some nights I thought I might freeze because of the cold winds. "Alice K. Wells, owner of Palomer Gardens, brought hot steaming coffee by the dozens of cups but this was very little comfort. Once I caught an extremely bad cold and was away from my task for weeks while recovering, but still I persisted."
Not being a photographer, Adamski had to master the art as he went along. Absolutely convinced of the saucer's reality after the sightings, he began to hope that the time would come when he could make a personal contact with some person from another world. Many times he wandered out onto the desert, feeling he had received telepathic messages from the saucers.
But it was not until November 20, 1952, that Adamski's wish became a reality.
He had met two Prescott, Arizona, couples, Mr. and Mrs. Bailey, and Dr. and Mrs. George Hunt Williamson. Since the couples were also interested in possible contacts with space people, they asked to be invited to come along the next time he made one of his desert trips. Accordingly, Adamski phoned Williamson on November 18 and arranged to meet the two couples near Desert Center, California, two days later. Adamski's secretary Lucy McGinnis, and Alice K. Wells, were invited to go along.
The seven people met on schedule and proceeded to a point on the highway about eleven miles from Desert Center. The Bailey's bought a movie camera, the Williamsons a still camera; Adamski took along his 6-inch telescope, binoculars, and a case containing his still camera and gadgets for attaching it to the telescope. He also had seven cut film holders and an inexpensive camera.
Williamson, who claimed to be an anthropologist, had even brought along plaster of Paris in case any ground markings needed to be preserved. Thus, the party was quite well prepared in case a meeting with a saucer or a space man should come about.
"The first unusual occurrence," Adamski told us, "was the sighting of a huge mother ship type of saucer, that's the dirigible-looking type, which appeared at a very high altitude and was seen by all our party. We had camped right next to the highway, and I'm sure this mother ship could have been seen by any passing motorist.
"But I had the feeling that this would not be the spot where we might make contact. I had Lucy drive me to a spot a half mile or so from the highway. I then aksed her to return and rejoin the others for the period of an hour, after which I would return if nothing had happened. I had a very strong feeling that this would be the day for a contact and that I should be alone."
He set up his telescope and related equipment, and within five minutes was rewarded by the sight of "a small scout ship type of saucer some distance from me. I took seven photos of this ship, though these did not turn out well for some reason.
"Right after this, I saw motion out of the corner of my eye, looked, and saw a man approaching me. Although this person looked very much like an ordinary man, he was dressed in a peculiar type of ski suit clothing and had long flowing hair."
"The beauty of his form surpassed anything I had ever seen. I felt like a little child in the presence of one with great wisdom and much love, and I became very humble within myself, for from him was radiating a feeling of infinite understanding and kindness with supreme humility."
"The meeting lasted about three quarters of an hour. During this time, by using gestures, I learned that the man was from the planet Venus and that his visit here on Earth was due in part to concern over our use of atomic weapons. To express the idea of atomic explosions, the Visitor said Boom! Boom! Unfortunately, he would not allow me to photograph him. I got the mental impression that perhaps many of these Venusians were already on Earth, mixing with Earth people, and that possibly some distinguishing feature in such a photograph might enable people to identify them more easily.
Toward the end of the interview, the Venusian made a point of calling Adamski's attention to his footprints in the sand. It developed that the soles of his shoes were inscribed with symbolic markings. After he returned to his scout ship and departed, Adamski rejoined the others and excitedly led them to the scene. Williamson, fully prepared for such an eventuality, made plaster casts of the footprints. Subsequently, many people had tried to interpret the strange symbols impressed by the shoes, but had failed to come up with anything definite.
In the couurse of his talk with Adamski, the Venusian asked permission to borrow one of Adamski's film packs, with the promise to return it to him shortly. About three weeks later a similar-or the same-scout ship flew over the vicinity of Palomar Gardens, and the pilot dropped the film pack out one of the portholes.
The film, upon development, revealed more strange symbols, similar to those in the footprints. Adamski had a number of language experts at work on the "writing," yet without results - though one of them pointed out that the symbols appeared similar to a language called Urdu, which had been reproduced in a strange book titled From India to the Planet Mars, in which a Frenchwoman claimed to have obtained messages from Mars while in the trance state.
The next month, December 13, however, Adamski succeeded in getting several good pictures of the scout ships - these were the ones displayed in the restaurant.
Adamski further strengthened his acocunt with a sworn statement made by the witnesses, a photostat of which he took from a brief case and passed around through our group.
"What I have told you and the others is absolutely true.. But who is it that asked in the poem, "What is truth?" I don't remember, I am not a literary man. You must not only take my truth, but you must discover the truth for yourself. In that manner, you will truly believe, as I do."
George Adamski was the first person to come out publicly and talk about his contact. At that time we had not gone into space yet. It was all so fantastic that many persons became enthused with his story. Of course, there were the skeptics who poopooed it (and still do). Adamski was honored by the Pope and the Queen of the Netherlands (if I remember correctly).
At the time, since we had not gone into space, I believe Adamski was told that his visitor came from a known planet. As we developed into space experiencers are told about planets further and further out in the universe.
Inside the Spaceships was the first book I read about UFOs. I was so enthused that it started my career into UFO research which prevails to this day.



Joseph Cook (a pseudonym), a 59 year old Bellevue man claims he saw a UFO on July 24, 1985 and was taken aboard it. "I was abducted" said Cook. The incident, he said happened while he and a friend, Cassandra Wright were at Crystal Mountain, just east of Mount Rainier.

The two originally had planned to ride two chairlifts to the Summit House and take photographs. But Wright had sprained her ankle and decided to stay at Crystal Mountain Lodge while Cook went on up.

The Miners Basin chairlift, which goes from the base to midway up the mountain, wasn't running. But Cook, wearing slacks, a longsleeve shirt and dress shoes, decided to hike up the mountain and get on the Iceberg Ridge lift, which goes to the top. He and Wright parted. It was 2:30 p.m. on a warm, clear Sunday.

The next thing Cook remembers is lying face down on rocky Powder Pass, 2,000 feet above the point where he'd started to climb and about a quarter-mile east of the Summit House. "I was panting like a steam engine," he said. "I was petrified. I had no recollection of how I'd gotten there."

"Emotionally drained," he vaguely remembers stumbling back down to the lodge, his back and his ribs aching. He arrived at 4:30 p.m. "I don't know how I got there," Cook told Wright, "but I was up there on those rocks."

In the two weeks that followed, Cook was "Incoherent," according to Wright. "He'd jump at every little noise - like the telephone ringing. He's never shed more tears. He didn't leave the apartment for a couple of days. He didn't want to be alone." "It was the first time in my life,' said Cook, "that I didn't have control over an event."

Additing to the mystery were five puncture wounds on Cook's back, wounds which Wright said looked like "needle marks." Though they've faded now, the marks were photographed by Wright.

On August 8, Fred Rantz of Kirkland - whom Cook sought out after a recommendation from a friend - placed Cook under hypnosis. Wright obverved. Rantz, in California couldn't be reached for comment on the matter. But Cook and Wright say the session revealed that Cook had been taken aboard a disc-shaped spaceship.

"It was about 200 to 300 feet in diameter and was blue - the undersurface was," said Cook. "It had no lights on it." It hovered above him, he said, close to the ground.

"I don't remember how I got into the ship; I understand they can levitate you. But anyhow, the next thing I remember - the only other thing I remember - was I was on a white hospital bed and there were about 25 or 30 fiugres around me and they were diffused. You couldn't see their features but they were humanoids. It wasn't like an extraterrestrial. They were blurry."

Cook doesn't remember whether he was in clothes, whether any of the "grayish-green humanoids" bent over him or whether any instruments touched him. But he's convinced he was being examined.

And he's convinced he's seen two disc-shaped UFOs since the incident. On August 11, said Cook, he was hanging up the phone in his downtown Bellevue apartment about 7 p.m. when he saw a blue disc hovering above the Seattle Trust Building. Then, in "two seconds," it shot straight up and disappeared.

On August 21, at about 5:30 p.m. Cook said he was turning on the evening news when a disc shot by his window, heading east, "like a bomb."

Cook, who has an engineering background and is now in sales, says for weeks after the hypnotic session he denied the abduction story. He and Wright ventured back to Crystal Mountain. He double-checked to make sure there wasn't some way he could have gotten up to the rocks on Powder Pass and back to the lodge in two hours. (It's a four-mile trip that would take an avid hiker about 2 1/2 hours, according to a Crystal Mountain spokesman.) Impossible for him, Cook decided, particularly since he was wearing street clothes, hasn't hiked in years and is admittedly in poor physical condition. He said he hadn't been drinking or taking drugs. He denied he fell and hit his head, mistook something else for Powder Pass, is mentally off balance or is plain lying. "There's no doubt," he said, "that this happened."

Many months later we held a special meeting for contactees. Many of them had been having a dream about a cataclysm. Cook was one of them that had seen a vision of such frightening events that he could not tell the story without weeping.

A question has been raised about all of the negative visons, prophesies and events surrounding UFO contact. Why should it be so negative? Some of the events that were foretold have come and gone without happening. In the meantime the contactees suffer tremendously. One contactee surmises they are testing our emotions - or mettle, if you will. They are trying to understand what makes us tick. Is it because they lack emotion and sensitivity?

Before we finish with Cook's story there is another interesting event that happened to him that never made the newspapers. He told us the night of the special meeting. Just another event in the life of a psychic contactee.

When Cook lived in California he was driving on a busy freeway in Los Angeles. All of a sudden he found himself in a fighter plane at the controls. This was as real as the car he had just been driving. He said he recognized the airplane. It belonged to the Israeli Air Force. He was pulling the trigger on a machine gun or some such weapon. All of a sudden the airplane he aimed at was hit by his fire. He felt the g-forces from the plane as he pulled up and away after completing his task. The next moment he is back on the L.A. freeway! That event is almost like Pat McGuire's trading bodies with Ariel Sharon and being in the Tank Corp during the 6 Day War in Israel.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

THE TALL WHITES (Sent in by a reader)

Some stand more than 8 feet tall, run 40 mph and live 800 years. They speak like a dog barking or a bird chirping, write similar to Egyptian hieroglyphics and have learned English quite easily.They have large blue eyes that wrap part way around their heads, small noses and tiny ears pressed tight to their scalps. Their thumbs are small with four long slender fingers and two claw-like appendages instead of fingernails.They all have thin, straight blond hair, usually worn short and the women can be distinguished by a feminine looking short cut. Their hips are shaped liked ours, but they walk quite differently since they are used to a stronger gravity pull.They typically can be seen wearing aluminized chalk white jump suits resembling a canvas-like fabric with gloves of the same material and an open white motorcycle helmet.
What's unusual is the suit emits a three-inch field of white flourescent light, the intensity varying from soft to bright, a brightness that can actually hurt the human eye.They are extremely intelligent and process information speed several times faster than humans. However, secretly they fear our intuitive ability and extra sensory perceptions.They have individual talents, differing intellectual capabilities and physical traits, a race definitely not carved from a cookie-cutter. Some are teachers, some are pilots, some are workers and some are leaders. When bored, they like to go star gazing on hot summer nights, take weekend trips to the strip in Las Vegas or visit the Lincoln Monument in Washington D.C. They like to recreate, procreate and their children, considerably shorter in size, are fun loving, energetic and inquisitive. The children enjoy hide and seek but they also like to play catch with soft objects since their bodies are frail, bruising easily. Mothers are highly devoted to their children to the "Nth" degree, existing solely for the purpose of meeting the needs of their offspring.
They believe in a "tit for tat" system, believe their word is their bond and place a special importance on honoring agreements, especially verbal or written. However, it is unknown whether they believe in God per se or form religions to advance their beliefs.Although they are highly individualistic, one similar characteristic is they all have white chalky complexions - very white chalky complexions. For this reason, they have been called the Tall Whites. And for this reason, most people think they are nothing but fictional characters conjured up from a past Star Trek episode. But the Tall Whites are more than just fiction, says Charles Hall, an educated man with a master's in nuclear physics and former weather observer for the United States Air Force.
According to Hall, who claims to have communicated with the Tall Whites, they are very real, very complex and very much a part of the community living at Nellis Air Force Base, a highly secretive 5,000 square mile "no fly zone" military compound in the southern and central Nevada desert.Nellis is so secret, so secluded, so guarded by military police, according to Hall, an attempt to enter, an attempt to locate the Tall Whites, who live under the sand dunes in concrete and steel bunkers, would be like committing suicide. "You can't go hunting for them or approach them. They have to come to you and the children are especially curious by nature," said Hall from his home in Albuquerque, NM., saying he hasn't attempted contacting the Tall Whites since his tour of duty ended in the Air Force in 1967 when he left to serve in Vietnam. "It was a traumatic experience being isolated in the desert, alone with someone so different and obviously more advanced than us. "At first I thought I was going insane. But I learned over time how to communicate, how to approach them and to never try and force them to do anything. Their nervous systems operate very quickly and they are very protective, very suspicious of our intentions."Asked why he never returned to Nellis, he simply said: "I just don't feel the need to go back. If you went through what I did, as I have meticulously recorded in my three books, you probably wouldn't want to go back either as it was at times frightening and emotionally draining."Hall's "out of this world" recollections are not the product of an overactive imagination or drug-induced hallucinations, but from personal experiences and actual face-to-face contacts with the Tall Whites while stationed at Nellis from 1965-1967. He claims to have spent two years interacting with this alien race countless numbers of times, but only recently went public with his "earth shattering" statements in a set of three books entitled Millennial Hospitality."I just decided to wait all these so as to not jeopardize the well being of my children while they were in school," said Hall, adding the accounts in his books are true with only names and places changed to protect the innocent."Along the way I confided with my wife and friends, but now that the children are on their own and grown up, I've decided to tell my story to the public." And he says the facts in his book are just the tip of the iceberg in what just may turn out to be one of the most detailed, most convincing and most sought after alien stories of all time. "Just read my books and you'll see what I mean," added Hall, referring to the time they wanted to impress him with their technology superiority by having him throw a rock and then stopping it in mid air. "They also are able to suspend bullets or other faster moving objects."Academic Heavyweight Lends Support Not only is Hall convinced about the Tall Whites alien origin and their exceptional powers, but so is academic heavyweight Michael Salla, a doctor of political science and former head of a Washington think-tank after extensively interviewing Hall in December 2004.What is even more astounding is that Salla has put his otherwise impeccable reputation as a political researcher and thinker on the line, to stray off an "earthly path" for the first time in his career. Salla has held academic appointments in the School of International Service, American University, Washington, D.C. and the Department of Political Science, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia. He also has taught as an adjunct faculty member at George Washington University. He is the author of The Hero's Journey Toward a Second America Century and Why the Cold War Ended, as wellas Essays on Peace."I have never before researched the UFO phenomena, but after talking to Charles I am a believer," said Salla on recent radio interview.Salla's in depth discussions were revealing, giving Hall's previous books and writings third party independent credibility instead of just biased approval from UFO groupies.Besides the obvious questions concerning alien quirks, characteristics and intentions, Salla centered on the cooperation and agreements supposedly entered into by the Tall Whites with the U.S. government through military liaisons at Nellis Air Force Base."I found Charles Hall to be very credible and compelling in his response to questions. He displays great integrity and is quite sincere in describing solely the facts concerning his experiences," said Salla, who never before delved into UFO stories but has admitted he has come to be a believer. "The emotions that Charles objectively described in great detail conveyed the extent which what he was experiencing shook his world view and the views of those around him."Government Agreements with the Tall WhitesHowever, the relationship between the Tall Whites and our government, explained by Hall, is mind boggling, shocking, revolting and seemingly impossible in a democratic society. But Hall insists these agreements exist, insisting the Tall Whites have been exchanging technology for earthly resources since the early 1950s and maybe even sooner.Hall recalls in one of his books that in the late 1960s the military provided over $600,000 in clothing from Sears, having seen the shipment being hauled with military trucks into the desert compound where the Tall Whites lived. He also recalls the military providing food, aluminum, titanium and other commodities, perhaps used for interstellar trading as the Tall White's roam the universe, contacting other civilizations.In his interview, Salla ventures to guess what has transpired since the 1960s and whether the military has been involved in more sinister deals and agreements without public disclosure.Regarding nondisclosure, Salla effectively argues that the military may be compromising America's resources and its future survival by not allowing a public debate on issues concerning the welfare if its own people concerning issues involving trade agreements with the Tall Whites."The American people have a right to know and the knowledge Charles brings regarding the Tall White's interaction with the U.S. Air Force generals is very enlightening in terms of the way agreements were followed to the letter," he said. "It appears that the Tall Whites are quite legalistic and this seems to be something that the U.S. military finds to be helpful in working with them. According to Charles, the Tall Whites were quite clear that only certain categories of technology would be shared, categories that presumably would not give the U.S. military deep space capability. They apparently pride themselves in being trustworthy and expect the same in return. A broken promise to a Tall White is the worst kind of evil and dealt with very harshly."Hall also emphasizes the Tall Whites have no ulterior designs regarding Earth in terms of colonizing it or taking over governments with their obvious advanced technology.However, in his books he details how the Tall Whites would threaten to kill humans who disobeyed or scared them. Hall cites one frightening incident where an American general allowed a serviceman to be killed by a Tall White after one of their children was threatened."I think the American military felt the servicemen were expendable and of little importance in comparison with keeping the Tall Whites satisfied," said Hall.Other Unique Characteristics of Tall WhitesAs previously mentioned, the Tall Whites can grow to be over 7 feet tall. However, most the adults in the first half of their lives usually range in size from 5'10 to 6'5". "Their life span is ten times grater than ours," said Hall, adding that it takes them 10 times longer to heal, too. "They do not age as we do, but at about 400 earth years, they undergo a second stage of growth, eventually reaching about 8 feet tall. They then die of organ failure at an age of approximately 800 years. Since on their planet, days are longer so are they sleeping patterns, usually staying awake for two earth days and then followed by sleeping the same amount of time.""Although they can be quite friendly, they are at times arrogant and insulting. But they appear sensitive and understanding to our social structures and have cultivated relationships with high-ranking military officials, some of who have worked side by side with the Tall Whites. They held lesser ranking persons with disdain and I got a long with them by letting them treat me as their pets."Asked what the Tall Whites thought was unique about humans, he said "they couldn't get over how we interacted with animals. They commented several times that we were the only life form they met that kept animals as pets. They appeared to be extremely frightened of our animals and couldn't figure out why we would interact with something so potentially deadly."Where Are They From? Hall said he learned very little about the origin of the Tall Whites during his two-year encounter. "They really shared very little about their history and origins," recalls Hall. However, one incident took place with a Tall White he called "the Teacher" which revealed they may have come from near the star Arcturus about 36 light years away.In a passage from one of his books, he said: "A ripple of emotion passed through the crowd when I mentioned the star Arcturus. After a short pause, the older lady asked with some surprise, 'Teacher, does Charlie know where we come from?'"The Teacher replied: 'No, not quite, but he's close.'"Hall believes the reason they are here is that earth provides a perfect way station for the Tall Whites in their interstellar travel routes. And Nellis Air Force Base provides a perfect location since the remoteness of the desert provides excellent cover for takeoffs and landings."They arrive with new replacements on one of their larger spaceships every month at the time of the full moon," said Hall. "I've seen the ship arrive and have gotten as close as the outside entrance of the hangar but never inside."How do they travel?Hall witnessed three different types of spacecraft, ranging in size from a small nuclear powered scout craft and a large interstellar craft able to travel faster than the speed of light. This large black craft was approximately 70 feet high and 360 feet long. Hall said the technology of the small craft was shared with the military but the large craft remains a mystery.Regarding their hangar and living facilities, he added, "I was able to observe the repair facilities from a short distance and to the best of my knowledge I am the only person to have been allowed to view these facilities."The American generals would do anything to maintain good relations with the Tall Whites in order to get their technology," said Hall, who maintains he saw them together many times and even sat together across negotiating tables. "The exchange was done on the basis of what would benefit the Tall Whites and they sometimes participated in classified meetings, helping with technology development."What do they eat?Hall said the military definitely supplied the Tall Whites with any type of food requested, but noticed them carrying prepared bags of what looked like mushroom pudding. "I saw them once inspecting the food storage rooms in Indian Springs chow hall," he said. "And once I saw a couple of them in a Las Vegas restaurant with a full meal but they didn't touch their plates before leaving the restaurant."Hall surmised they were plant eaters, as he noticed them collecting seeds on various occasions."They are not meat eaters. That I know for sure," he added. "The food that I saw packaged and sealed in plastic bags on the scout craft, looked like mushroom pudding. I was told by one of them it was prepared primarily for the children or for when they were out in the desert hiking."I was also told it wasn't a good idea to eat their food as it would have adverse affects on my body. It was my understanding that eating those foods made a person feel very high and somewhat similar to drinking large amounts of liquor."Have Others Seen Them?More than seven years prior to Hall's arrival at Nellis, log books showed 41 weather observers had been compromised while trying to perform their duties in the Nellis ranges. Some required medical attention, others were given medical discharges from the air force and some were killed.In fact, the weather observer who preceded Hall deserted his duties and moved away from the area. So how did Hall survive when others before him didn't?He attributes this to his ability to understand their habits and essentially being adopted by one of the Tall Whites called the Teacher, who seemed to take a special interest and liking to him.Although he was never able to take photos, he said a New Jersey housewife traveling through Nevada had acquired a number of authentic looking photos which she included in a paperback book published on the Tall Whites. Even though this would have provided third party corraboration, he was unable to recall the name of the lady or title of the book."It always has upset me that I couldn't remember her name, but I know the Tall Whites were viewed by many other servicemen on the range. I think someone there must have given her the photos," said Hall.
Did President Harry Truman See Them?Encountering Tall White's at close range was such a shock to the servicemen at Nellis, frequently the sightings were reported as ghosts, angels or other types of fantastic creatures.Official accounts reported also revealed that President Truman in the late 1940s thought he encountered ghosts in the White House usually before retiring to bed. The reports go on to say he thought he was mistakenly seeing the ghost of President Lincoln, telling White House employees of his sightings on a number of occasions"My suggestion is that you research the stories of Lincoln's ghost and the ghost of Donna Anna county in Las Cruces near the White Sands Missile Range," said Hall.
He suggested President Truman most likely encountered Tall Whites in the White House instead of ghosts. "Remember, many of the range maintenance men who saw the Tall Whites actually thought they were seeing ghosts."Are the Tall Whites in India? Credible news reports this month from the New Delhi Times and several other Indian dailies have reported their government is in the midst of an internal debate on whether to go public with alien encounters. Many in the largest democracy in the world are eager to explain to its citizens and to the world about the ongoing contacts with UFO's and aliens. However, there are others who want to bend to the will of the world's super powers who are now trying to convince India to keep quiet about UFO contact. According to overseas news reports, America and other super powers are engaged in "economic bribery" in order to keep the Indian government silent about alien contact. How Can You Meet Them?Asked this question, Hall suggests:"Drive to Indian Springs Nevada during the hot part of summer in late May through early September. They like it hotter than we do. On the south side of town, there is a large open vacant section of desert. Pick a location where you can see the mountains located in the distance at the north end of Indian Springs Valley (that means they can see you)."Make sure your having fun - get involved with your work such as painting a picture, etc. That is very important - they're bored - they like entertainment .Be very conscious of the passage of time. If you have any missing time, such as 20 minutes, remember any "dreams" that you might have had during this missing time."Take note of any florescent light that you see at night no matter how far up in the valley it might be. The Tall Whites used to like to come out between 11:30 and 12:30 at night and return up the valley sometime after 4:30 a.m. Take note of any fuzzy white flying craft that you see just after sun comes up along the western side of the Indian Springs Valley."If they come, they prefer to approach you from behind so sit out in the open where you have a good view. Never, never panic - I know talk is cheap but never pursue them. Just stay standing or sitting in one place It's OK to walk (not run ) away if you become frightened. "NEVER NEVER NEVER try to touch their children no matter how close they come. The children are willing to come right up to you, closer than arm's length. If you touch them, the mother will kill you. Sing quiet songs to yourself. I used to sing Ricky Nelson's song, "It's Up to You" and I'd pray a lot. It calmed me down and I have no idea what it did for them. But It seemed to calm most of them down too.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Soviet military encountered many UFOs, maybe for this reason in the end of the 60s a secret laboratory of researching flying objects was created in the USSR.
UFO researchers often blame the military of hiding the cases of alien rockets and disseminating false information of UFO. Army officers are not interested in the disputes about alien civilizations, they are interested in knowing what impact UFO can impose to military equipment and personnel.
1947. Antiaircraft guns of Transcaucasian Military District fired on the flying cigar-shaped object which came from the side of the Turkish border. The object's flying altitude was below 4,000 meters, and the guns were capable of reaching a target at the altitudes up to 12,000 meters, but that time the fire made no harm to the cigar. Then the cigar increased its speed and flew away over the mountains.
This incident could cause much trouble, because earlier the border guards and military ships monitoring service missed this target. Then the military was unable to trace this flying object over the country's territory. The Border District command ignored and ordered the monitors not to disclose the information that the object reached a speed up to 2000 kilometers per hour.
Similar case took place in 1984 in Turkestan Military District. Near the city of Astrakhan air-defense system marked the ball-shaped object flying at the altitude of 2000 meters along the Caspian seashore in the direction of the state border. The object did not respond to the inquiry made by the military on the radio. Two fighter-planes took off, but they were unable to bring the object down. After being under fire, the object descended up to 100 meters, and at this low altitude the planes were unable to continue firing. Despite being fired at, the object was having a regular speed. The ball passed over several military units, which allowed to make its photo. Near the city of Krasnoyarsk the military tried to bring the object down with the helicopter. However, it quickly increased its altitude so that the helicopter could not reach it. After firing all its supply of shells, the helicopter landed, and the ball abruptly flew in the direction of the sea and disappeared from the radar screens.
In the same area the similar scenario case happened later. The object having the shape of cylinder demonstrated its invulnerability. Such a demonstration could be the purpose of its flight, because this UFO was having a speed of 100 kilometers per hour.
One can blame the military of inhuman actions on bringing down flying objects. But what can they do if the object was moving in the direction of the state border and they had the order to destroy such objects?
In 1985 near the town of Krasnovodsk the radar station under the command of Captain Valuev registered the disc-shaped object in size of 1,000 meters! The object was immovable, and some time later a small disc in size of 5 meters flew out of it and then landed on Krasnovodskaya spit. Patrol boats rushed to that area, but when they reached the distance of 100 meters from the object, it took off and flew one kilometer away. This happened five times. Then the object flew up at a huge speed, reached the bigger disc, which finally flew away spaceward.
In the end of the 60s a secret laboratory of researching flying objects was created in the USSR. Among the laboratory's tasks was researching anti-gravitation, but the research results were made secret. Its testing area was near the town of Kapustin Yar on purpose. In the end of June of 1971 the military could see over this area a black cigar-shaped flying object floating under the clouds at the altitude of 800 meters. The object was 25 meters long and had about 3 meters in diameter. It had neither stabilizers nor wings nor engines and was moving at the speed of 150 kilometers per hour producing no noise.
In 1978 ЦНДС Soviet Ministry of Defense accepted Network MO program. Special military unit in the town of Mytishi was in charge of collecting data, and newly established space troops were designated to fight possible threat from space.
In the beginning of August 1987 five soldiers of Leningrad Military District went to the North of Karelia region on a special mission. They were required to guard the object of unknown origin. It was found on the territory of another military unit near the town of Vyborg. The item was 14 meters long, 4 meters wide, 2.5 meters high. The object had neither doors nor hatches, and all attempts to open its hull were unsuccessful. The military tried to break off some object parts, but were only able to take some rods from its stern. In the end of September the object disappeared from the hangar without leaving a trace.
Alexander Dremin
Source: http://www.anomalia.narod.ru/photo/120.htm


Often I have felt that I did not belong here. I have felt myself to be so different from most other humans. Although I am intellectual, I am also an emotional person capable of deep love and devotion and vulnerability. I feel so out of place here among people who are tough-minded or strictly left-brained and logical. There has always been a great yearning to "go home" but I never knew where home was.

Through hypnosis I have found that I was picked up at age 11 when I got a message to "study hard" (which I did). The Beings who picked me up were childlike and cute and treated me as if I were a revered person. One's name was Heltop. They were pinkish in color with large black eyes and teddy bear ears. Their bodies were thin and smaller to their heads in proportion. Their noses were small and pointed. The visit seemed like a pelasure trip. The ship they were in I was told later was a small scout ship. It could not have been larger than 20 feet. I was impressed by their vulnerability, childlikeness and lovingness.

As I said before I was taken up in the ship intensively for a 3 year period while I was deeply in love. I often got images of being in a classroom, studying intensely. I have had images of surgery on my brain and have seen others on surgical tables being operated on at the same time.

One event disturbed my connection with the Aetherians. While I was with the man I loved so deeply we were having some problems but they were not insurmountable. Tayra told me there was another man I was supposed to meet. I was to travel to find him during one summer. At the time I could not afford such a trip (the cost was $1,200). I told him it was impossible but he said - "You will be repaid 5 fold." I went. That month $5,000 came to me - paid by people who owed me money - most of which I had given up on. I had never made that much before. Tayra also told me I would never again have to worry about money and that has been so.

I met an engineer at a New Age Physics conference. Tayra told me that he was the one and that we were to be married. He was in Denver and I in the South and while we were separated we both woke up one morning seeing a reddish-purple light. He and I both remembered a metal plate embedded in the ground at the edge of a canyon (looked like the Gand Canyon with reddish, gray colored boulders). He did not recall the rest, but I remembered seeing about ten people participating in a strange experience. We were wrapped in strips of cloth like mummies and we were levitated down the canyon in a purple light. I had a momentary panic that I could not breathe through the cloth but realized that none of us were breathing. We were in a trance where breathing was not necessary. I could not recall what happend at the end of the canyon but was told, "This is the second initiation. You are now married to each other."

The day of my wedding after "A" joined me in Georgia, I did not want to go through with it, but Tayra insisted. He said we had work to do together. In fact, "A" is an engineer and together we did channel material from the space beings, but we feel like none of this should be revealed now. The marriage was a total disaster. Although we had spiritual connections to each other, that is to say we were both completely open to intuitive thinking and to creative uses of new age physics, our emotional connection was almost non-existent. Physically I have a great deal of energy and vitality but I got very sick during this marriage. I almost died. I became very angry at Tayra for exerting so much control over my life - insisting I do something against my deepest intuition. And I severed the relationship with the space beings. I have heard of several "arranged" marriages like this one among contactees that were a true disaster. Perhaps there is something they want done that cannot be avoided. I feel like we accomplished nothing and both people experienced a great deal of unnecessary pain. Never again will I give over control of my life to another Being like that.

Although I have refused any more contact - it has been over 2 years - at times I have heard Tayra say "He's coming. Do not be concerned." Unlike other humans, I have a special need for a mate. It is as if I am a twin soul. I am not complete without my male cuonterpart. Although I work about a 70 hour week - am energetic and very good at what I do, when I do not have a mate it is as if I start to fade away. When I have a mate I love, he is the most important thing in my life. I am devoted and adoring and I live for loving him.

I was so angry about this experience that when I would hear "He's coming." I'd say, "get away from me. I don't trust you any more."

Actually, Tayra was right. My mate was waiting for me. He is much like me, highly functioning but yet vulnerable, loving and devoted. But what is remarakbe about our experience is he has known nothing about metaphysical experiences yet about 3 months before meeting me he was taking a shower one morning and felt-saw a huge 7 foot Being in the room. The Being's name is Hemo. He had encountered him earlier in his life. It was so disconcerting, that he told the Being to leave him alone. He got no recalled messages from Hemo, but I wonder if he is not of the same race as Tayra.

Monday, March 28, 2005

DR ALICIA FLOWERS Part 2 - Part 3 will be next

At a conference, I met another hypnotist and traveled to Florida to meet him for further hypnosis. As we were going deeper into trance, suddenly the voice of Tayra, the 7 foot, green, amphibian creature came through. And he was crying as he spoke to me. He said he was a leader on his planet and the Captain of a star ship. He said that I was his beloved wife. As he spoke I saw a chamber with my body in it - frozen by cryonics. He would stand beside the glass doors, missing me and wishing I could return to him. He said we lived on our planet for 1,000 years and I had agreed to come to earth to help people here. He had some anger at the way I had been treated in my childhood, saying - "I want her back. I gave her to you to help you and all you could do was hurt her." He later said that at times he had stepped in to prevent my death during my childhood. I do recall bleeding at the navel for 2 or 3 days when I was 5 or 6 years old and have thought this came from a similar abduction and examination but have no recall of the event. And through hypnosis I have recovered his holding me in infancy. Coming into my room rocking me and softly crying.

Whenever I have seen him, the air around him is filled with love and compassion. The impression I get is as if a golden fluid had filled the room. There is a great warmth and feeling. In fact, his people are brilliant. They are scientists of a sort, yet they are also deeply connected with their own emotions. There is a childlike air to them, accompanying a sharp intellect as well.

For a three year period I was taken up into the ships almost every other night. At times I received treatment. Once a black box was placed at my feet and another placed at my head. A blue, lightening-like spark passed through my body. I was told I was receiving treatment for hepatitis - something I never knew I had. I got myself tested and found there were indeed antibodies to hepatitis.

Once I was taken up and shown treatment given to one of the little creatures. He was lying on a slab and an instrument was placed on his solar plexus. A chart appeared in the wall showing the flow of energy through his body as if it were a river of light. His disease state had been brought on by an incorrect flow of energy through the core of his body - like Kundalini energy. The instrument was placed in the middle and "wheels" on the sides of it, spin the Kundalini correctly.

I have since thought that colored gems were placed in the middle of the instrument depending on treatment, but I am not sure.

On that visit I was fascinated by the treatment but happened to look up. Immediately, the huge expanse of the ship took my breath away. It must have been miles long. I panicked and the Being brushed his hands over my forehead and said - "You are so fearful, my child." Immediately, the fear left me. This Being was short - about 5 feet tall, with a pointed face of a pale uniform silvery color.

On another occasion I was led by a creature in a flowing black robe to a structure seemingly made of marble - it was made of some smooth, polished stone. Like an altar; a truncated pyramid. It was black. He stretched me out, spread eagle on the surface and I do not know what happened then because he said that I would not recall the ritual in it's entirety. He said I had experienced the first initiation and there was a feeling of celebration afterwards.

On several occasions I felt like I was taken to my planet of origin for a social visit. I saw a beautiful, forested planet much like Georgia. Houses were low structures built to blend in with the forest structurally, but bright white in color. There were no roads and nothing to mar nature. Inside I noticed a golden glow in what I called the fireplace - it was explained to me that these were "crystals" which were really plant forms growing on the planet. They were translucent and seemingly filled with a gel-like or cream liquid substance. The membrane on top of the crystal was thick, yet pliable and the liquid underneath moved when the membrane was touched, they were different in size yet grew to about 10 feet. These were used as energy sources for both homes and space ships.

In order for the "crytals" in the space ship to work, there must be a mental connection with them. They are alive and a joining of consiousness with them is necessary. It was explained to me that all living things on this planet are connected to each other. There is not a hierarchy of beings from "animals" to "humans" but rather a sense of respect for all living things. Although there are leaders or captains of ships, orders are given and followed for the common good of all. Beings of lesser intelligence are treated with love and are listened to by leaders for their contributions.

On this social visit Tayra and I visited with another couple who were our closest friends. The male's name was Gel. We were outside standing around a crystal, like being near a campfire. We were relaxed and in such harmony with each other, minds and hearts joined in pure friendship. I have been told that at my death Tayra will come for my soul. He said the soul has a form, shaped like an egg. He will take me back home where I can join him again. And when I am finished with all of my lives, he and I will ascend with our souls joined together.


It was the spring of 1977. We had just started a college on the Russian River in California and I was part of the administration. My husband and I lived in Oakland and I commuted for three days a week to the college, and consequently spent three nights alone in the forest where the campus was located.

At the time I was writing my dissertation, partially inspired by the works of Wilhelm Reich. I got a lead on a book that followed Reich's mention of flying saucers. Up until that time I had no interest in flying saucers except for a short time when I was 11 years old and a girlfriend and I had collected newspaper articles on the topic.

I was reading The Cosmic Pulse of Life by Trevor Constable alone in the administration building where I spent the night. The book was astounding to me - I got chills reading it. It was about 9 p.m., way before my regular bedtime of 12 a.m. or so. Suddenly I felt myself going into a tranceline state, where I felt completely paralyzed. I could not force myself to move and felt some alarm.

The next thing I knew it appeared that I was being lifted through the ceiling, through some intense golden light. I saw some little Beings about 4 feet tall. I was placed on a slab and was being examind. A huge 7 foot tall Being with alligator skin and webbed hands was touching me much to my terror. He passed a long needle through my navel, but there was no pain.

The next scene I recovered through hypnosis. I was in a crowded country - perhaps India, and as within the consciousness, in the body of a thin nervous woman who was very quick in thinking and even in metabolism so that I felt uncomfortable. She apprently was into some kind of intrigue where she had to watch everything she did. I got the sense of some underground movement or spying or something like that. She was in a crowded bar and some very powerful and dangerous men were hauling off one of her colleagues. Her thoughts were that she was running out of resources - financial as well as sheer physical energy and that she wanted to give up. But when she saw her friend hauled away she knew she had to push on.

All of this experience is not completely recovered because it lasted 14 hours. But under hypnosis I recall that they were discussing my dissertation and saying I was on the right track. It was about a cure for cancer. The last thing I remember was laughter which under hypnosis was friendly. But in my memory, because I was so terrified of the expereince, I thought it to be menacing.

Immediately after this I tried to forget the experience. I thought I had gone crazy. I knew it wasn't a dream because for one thing I bled from the navel for three days after the experience. My husband can verify this.

Oddly enough following this encounter I found the strength to leave my husband and move back to the South where I had a powerful intuition to return that I had been struggling to ignore. In later years I came to regard the out of body experience with the woman, to me a kind of "play" to describe myself to me. I was running out of personal resources in California and was in the wrong place at the wrong time so to speak. The South always has been the right place for me.

Most of my fright centered around the large green creature. He had legs like a human, long and powerfully muscled, but his upper half was hideous to behold, except for his eyes which were a beautiful gold color and filled with love and compassion. He had green scales rather large - 2 inches wide - and a very long nose reminiscent of an elephant. But he appeared amphibious like an alligator. I learned later that he was very loving, that he was the leader of the ship and most shocking of all, that he had been my husband in a time before this life.

Indeed before this experience was over (which lasted 3 years) I made love to him. My boyfriend was a very loving and open man and often when we were making love Tayra came through his body. I remember one especially tender night when at the end J. rested his head on my right shoulder and Tayra on my left.

My first contact with the aliens enabled me to finally leave California and to leave my husband whom I did love but with whom I was not getting along. I had felt such an urgency to return to my chosen Georgia with her beautiful forests, but had been conflicted about leaving him.

I was so frightened by the experience that I did all I could to try to forget it. After a few months in Georgia I began having some very disturbing experiences at night. While I could see nothing, I sensed the presence of little Beings entering my bedroom. I was terrified and feared that I was going crazy. This went on for two months. Finally I said to them, "If you are real, send me a sign." And they did. One night I sensed them to my left. It was about 3:00 a.m., the usual time of night they entered. Just as I sensed them my boyfriend sat bolt upright in bed and yelled "What was that?" looking exactly where I sensed them to be.

I was galvanized into action following that. I bought every second hand book on UFOs that I could find. In the middle of one book was Leo Sprinkle's name, bless him, and I flew to meet him, although I could ill afford the trip. He assured me that they "send the little ones" when you don't pay attention to the original experience. He hypnotized me and recovered the first experience in its entirety.
(Continued in part 2)

Saturday, March 26, 2005

WHO AM I? from a friend in Canada

When I was a little tyke, I had a recurring nightmare which threw me into stark terror and my mother would hold and rock me for ages as my sobbing gradually subsided. When I learned to speak a little, and was still having the nightmare, my mother asked me what it was that was frightening me so badly. At first I could only say that there was something white floating in the air. Then, as I grew older, I was able to describe it as a string of white beads floating in the air. The description could not explain the terror which the nightmare gave me. Then, as I grew even older, the nightmare still scared me badly, but I stopped waking up screaming and began to become objective about the nightmare, wondering what it was that was so frightening to me. The years passed and the nightmare still recurred and still scared me, until one day I took my eldest son to a movie which showed a person in a white spacesuit, floating by himself in the vastness of outer space. I identified with that movie scene and saw myself as a very young boy in a white space suit, strung to a number of other people in space suits, including my mother right beside me. But in the space suit I felt terribly alone, without access to the comfort of my mother's arms and soothing energies. And the vastness of outer space terrified me, and I screamed and cried. After that identification with the movie scene, I never had the dream again. Over forty years of recurring terror had been put to rest.

A "BARTENDER" WARNING - from the Phenomena blog

A WARNING for what it is worth. (Since I don't know who posted this I can't ask for permission to print, sorry and it doesn't have anything to do with UFOs but is highly interesting!)

I have to be as brief as possible and I won't stay on this computer more than an hour, as I'm sure it's monitored, and they will be watching the net for this news.

Anyway, I was a bartender in a Tennessee town in a local dive. There was this regular guy that came in frequently, and over time, I learned a LOT about him, other than the fact that he seemed to be drinking away bad thoughts. I soon understood why.

The guy told me once, while drunk, that he was an ex-CIA agent that "knew things no one needs to know." I laughed at first, thinking it was the rantings of a drunk. Well, he frequently stayed until closing time, entertaining me with his tall tales.

After a few months, we kind of became friends, and he invited me over for dinner, saying he wanted to "show me some things."

Well, I went to dinner, he showed me pix of him in the military as well as his medals for various operations he said he did, confirming some of his stories. Then, he showed me some documents that kind of confirmed many fears that many have been having for years, that SOMETHING is about to happen to shake the fabric of our society to a point that will send us all back to the dark ages. I can't be specific, as I'm not sure I understood it completely, but it is environmental in nature, and it is a phenomenon that is affecting our entire solar system. He then showed me a picture of something in space, coming from the direction of the south, that frightens me to the core. It looked like a dark mass with fire inside it. Not bright, but smoldering. Very large, and with much debris around it, like a cloud. It didn't look like a planet to me, but I'm not sure what it could be. I'm no scientist. But, HE KNEW WHAT IT WOULD DO AS IT GOT CLOSER. And that is why he drank so much, because he said nothing mattered anymore.

I'm sorry, this is taking longer than I thought it would, but to get to the point, he said a time would come very shortly and there would be a sign. When the sign came, it would be time to hunker down and try to deal with it as best he can. He talked about his "escape route" and "bunker in the hills." It was all surreal, like telling ghost stories around the camp fire.

Anyway, I think the sign came, as the other day when I went to see him at his house, it was totally empty. The door was open just a little so I walked in and on his kitchen counter, where we shared drinks and talked about these things to come, he left me a note... it said simply "SIX WEEKS."

Well, that's about it, for what it's worth. Don't do anything silly as I don't think there is anything any of us can do about it, just say your prayers and make peace and be happy. Love each other and hopefully, this will turn out to be the rantings of an old drunk. Just thought you all should know.

(Posted by K.B. on March 24, 2005)

Friday, March 25, 2005


Here is a story about linking with the memories of previously incarnated beings.

On our first trip together to Great Britain, my wife Barbara and I rented a car and, with the help of an old British Automobile Association guide book, loaned to us by a friend at work, we set out to explore some of the historical treasures of Great Britain which were apart from the normal tourist travel areas. One cool, grey, drizzly morning we were driving up a narrow country road near the village of Avebury and noticed two rows of large standing stones going up the pasture parallel to the road. Curious, we parked the car and went through a cattle gate which was at the bottom of the two rows of stones and which had a small plaque, telling us how these ancient standing stores had been re-erected as they had been many centuries before.

Barbara went to the first stone at the bottom of the first row and I walked over to the first stone at the bottom of the second row. It was a tall stone, about a foot or so taller than me, and was about four feet wide and a couple of feet deep. As I walked around the stone, admiring its ridges and crevices, I got in my mind an image of a young man dressed in warrior's garb. I also got the feeling that this was a rather sickly young man, who was distressed because he couldn't be like his renowned and respected warrior father. Fascinated with the images and feelings I was experiencing, I walked over to Barbara to tell her about them, but Barbara was obviously in a quiet , meditative state so I waited patiently until she was ready to talk with me. The stone that Barbara had chosen was not quite as tall as had been mine, and was shaped like a slightly cupped hand reaching out of the earth. I got an image of a gentle older lady, and the wonderful feeling of a grandmother's love. Without thinking, I exclaimed, "Wow, what a beautifully gentle lady!" Startled, Barbara asked why I had said that. When I told her about the image and feelings I was experiencing, she revealed that she was experiencing a similar image and set of feelings.

Then Barbara and I walked together, slowly from stone to stone, zigzagging back and forth between the two rows, sharing with each other the images and feelings which we experienced as we approached and walked around each of the stones. We discovered that each stone represented a very distinctive personality and that the row furthest from the road contained all male personalities. But we weren't just observing the images and feelings about these personalities, we were actually interacting with these people, wordlessly asking them questions as they wordlessly welcomed us as if we were long-absent members of their community. We could "see" the homes they lived in, the clothes they wore, and the beautiful, tall-treed forest which surrounded their small village. We met the father of the sickly young man I had met at the first stone, and we met a hard-working housewife and her farmer/hunter/part-time warrior husband. We met many people, all distinct personalities and all respectfully welcoming to us.

But, although the images and feelings which Barbara and I were experiencing were similar, our interpretation of them was sometimes quite different. As we approached one stone, I remarked on the image and feelings I got about a loving father of many children. Barbara inteprreted the image and feelings she was receiving as being of a priest with a great love for his parisioners. As we approached another stone I said that this was a very regal lady, and Barbara said that this was a high priestess. Although there were many more stones in the two rows past this High Priestess stone, this was as far as we went. For the High Priestess personality greeted us with brief exchange of formalities, told us that we knew what we had to do and instructed us to get on with it. I felt a bit snubbed and, as we slowly walked back down the hill between the two rows of stones, I tried to recapture the camaraderie which we had experienced with the stones on our walk up the hill. But the other personalities had become distant and, although still respectful, urged us to follow the directive of the Hgh Priestess and get on with our mission.

At no time during our visit with the personalities, who were revealed to us as we walked among the stones, did we feel that we were experiencing anything abnormal or unusual. To us at the time, it was a perfectly normal day with normal, common-place events. We had a tape recorder in the car but did not consider the experience to be significant enough to record anything about it, and that night I just wrote in my diary that today we had met some interesting people who had lived several thousand years ago. It wasn't until a week or so later, when we happened to mention our Avebuy morning to some acquaintances, that their reaction to our story made us aware that perhaps it had been an exceptional experience. Then my scientific curiosity kicked in and I wanted to find out as much as I could about the Avebury stones and the subejct and found that William Shakespeare had reportedly commented on the Avebury stones that, "These are not stones. These are people." In a castle in Northern Scotland, we found a description of the climate and environment of Great Britain in ancient days and that description coincided with the warm weather and heavily-wooded environment we had experienced with our "acquaintances" that morning in Avebury.

Our research indicated that the people we met that day may have lived about 4,000 or 5,000 years ago, long before the time of the Druids, who are credited with erecting such stones. That the thoughts, images and feelings of these ancient people can still be accessed by modern man indicates that somehow, somewhere, the energy patterns corresponding to these thoughts images and feelings are stored in perpetuity and can be accessed when one is provided with the 'signature energy pattern' of the personalities who had formed these thoughts, images and feelings. Perhaps our attitude of openness and receptivity had caused the standing stones to reveal these 'signature energy patterns' to us and enabled us to think with the thoughts feelings and images of those ancient people.

This was a form of time travel which I had not previously envisaged. There have been many stories written about people going back in time, interacting with the people of the past and thus changing their future (our present). Barbara and I did interact with these people from the past, exchanging our present day thoughts, feelings and images with their ancient ones. But we didn't go back in time - in essence we brought them forward in time, to our time, now, today. By so doing, we didn't change their history, but they did part of our modern thoughts, feelings and images. Who knows, some day, far in the future someone may access my thoughts, feelings and images of today,and thus will I travel forward in time and influence the future. As a scientist, this form of time travel is reasonable, logical and therefore acceptable within my belief systems.

My research has indicated that, in ancient days, before the prevalence of the written word, it was known that a 'signature energy pattern' or 'personality link' could be created in an object, such as a stone, by keeping the stone nearby for long periods of time. People who played an important and influential role in a community were encouraged to keep a stone, of such a size and distinction that it would not be accidentally misplaced, near them when they slept, or under their 'throne' when they were dispensing their wise management of their community. Depending on the nature and size of the stone "links," the stones would be placed by the community in circles, rows, or stacked to form small huts, so that perceptive people in the community could easily go to them to access the knowledge and wisdom of their forebears. Some communities had their notables store their "links" in round stones about the size of a human head, then stacked these stones in a pile, with a tunnel leading under the pile to its center, where a perceptive person could go to meditate and draw on the accumulated wisdom of all the forefathers whose "link stones'' were in the pile. These "link stones" were probably the origin of the modern headstones which are placed at the head of a person's grave. But, unfortunately, we neglect to have the person store in the headstone a link to his immortal personality.

Links to one's immortal personality are also stored in things like keys and pieces of jewelry and if the person is still alive, can be used by a perceptive person to link to the thoughts, images and feelings which the person is currently experiencing. These are sometimes useful to the police in locating missing persons.

When more people in our society learn to accept this form of communication, maybe we can go back to the ways of the ancients, communicating by means of the much more and efficient and effective links to our immortal personalities, instead of with the biased and interpretive words of written language.


From a new friend in Canada.

I have not had any experiences with UFO or ET phenomena, other than a dream about being an extraterrestrial, which kept occuring from when I was a toddler to when I was in my forties.

I have memories starting when I was about nine year's old of many, many experiences which I have now learned to call "exceptional" experiences. At the time, each experience seemed quite natural and normal and sometimes it wasn't until weeks later that somebody's reaction to my relating the experience indicated to me that it was an "exceptional" experience. Many of my experiences have involved sharing thoughts, feelings and images with others, and experiencing the mutual influencing of thoughts, feelings and images which such sharing brought to my awareness. Time, disance and physicality did not appear to be factors in such experiences.

I strongly suspect that extra-terrestrial intelligences may have influenced my experiences after I was "killed" during a game at a YMCA boys camp, on a rainy afternoon. We were playing pirates in one of the cabins and I had a noose placed around my neck. One of the boys prodded me in the ribs with his hunting knife and I stepped off the edge of the steamer trunk. I don't know how long they let me hang there before somebody cut me down, but the fibers of the rope were embedded in a purple welt around my neck for several days. I wasn't upset. I just thought that it was a stupid thing to do because somebody might have been hurt!

The incident was reported to the camp leaders (not by me!) and the parents of the boy who stuck me with the knife were summoned to remove the boy from the camp. There was concern that the lack of oxygen may have caused brain damage, but I went on to excel in school, university, the military and in industry. Also my memories of my exceptional experiences start at that time. The instant I stepped off the trunk everything went black, and stayed black until later when I came to lying on the floor of the cabin. The fact that I did not have a "classic" Near Death Experience has made me wonder if people can only experience NDEs when their brain is getting oxygen.

My tendency is to look for the "golden thread" of knowledge or wisdom which is in each experience I have. From this "killing" experience, I deduced the following:
1. (Personal) I am very objective about my own life. My lack of concern about being so close to dying surprised a lot of people.
2. (Personal) something or somebody intervened while I was "dead." Not only did I not have brain damage, I had brain stimulation to enable me to excel at the challenges of life, to put me into the top 2% of intelligent people in the world, and to help me to be aware of energy (information) transfers about which very few others are aware.
3. (General) Near Death Experiences require that the brain gets oxygen.
Tomorrow we will continue with his "unusual" experiences. I thank our new friend for sharing.


Thursday, March 24, 2005

PHENOMENON - A Poem by Jim Patton

I was walking home from the movie show
when it happened this dark summer night.
The three mile walk from town to our house
this time filled me with fright.
As I crested the hill where the golf course
starts with the smell of new hay in the air,
The sky lit up like a bright full moon,
but I looked and no moon was there.
I walked down the road and looked for the source,
no logical reason to find.
Further down the light sharply stopped,
and cold chills ran down my spine.
I started to run like an animal trapped,
my one thought to reach the dark side.
The only pain was the fear I felt as I ran
for the darkness to hide.
I reached my goal and rushed into the night,
no backward glance to make.
Out of the light my fear disappeared
yet my knees continued to shake.
I wonder at times, though years have pased,
what was it created that light.
No natural source, of that I am sure
and sometimes I still feel the fright.

THE SPACE BABY (from the Fortean Times)

Cynthia Appleton (formerly Spencer) was 27 years old in 1957. After leaving the Woman’s Royal Voluntary Service (WRVS) some years earlier, she married Ronald Appleton and they eventually settled at 87 Fentham Road. Until 1957 the Appletons lived unremarkable lives. Ronald worked hard as a metalworker and provided for Cynthia, who bore him two children, Susan in 1955 and Janice in 1957. To all intents and purposes they were the perfect nuclear family in an imperfect post-nuclear world (see below).
19 November 1957 was just an ordinary winter’s day, with Cynthia Appleton going about her routine domestic routines. Then, shortly after lunchtime, her world-view was utterly transformed.
Less than two months later, in the Birmingham Evening Despatch, Cynthia Appleton gave the first public account of what had taken place: “It was early afternoon. My children were having a rest and I went into the lounge where the baby was asleep in her pram. There, just a few feet away, stood this slender white-skinned man. He had blond hair. He was the same as any human being, except that he wore a kind of dome over his head and a tight-fitting all-in-one suit of a grey metallic colour. I was rooted to the spot – and terrified – until he spoke. He said we were going about space flight the wrong way and that men of his world – which he did not name – would come to Earth before we reached theirs.”
This initial public statement was, however, just the barest outline of Appleton’s experiences, which developed over a three-year period. UFO researcher and clinical psychologist Dr John Dale interviewed Appleton many times over this period. Dale is missing in action, his notes lost, but ufologist Jenny Randles copied some of them, giving us a fuller picture of Cynthia Appleton’s claims. It seems that events had actually begun on 16 November, when Cynthia had suffered a blackout while doing the housework. This, her visitors later informed her, was a “failed attempt at contact”. According to her interviews with Dr Dale, the 19 November contact began when Appleton “became aware of an atmosphere. It seemed like a rosy coloured darkness materialised outside. The light did not seem to penetrate into the living room.” The entity then appeared in the room from nowhere, and the light returned to normal. Appleton described how the entity “spoke to me into my mind, saying, ‘Do not be afraid’.”
Through telepathic communication the entity told Appleton he was “from another world, but do not want to take you over because the world is so good with you… we wish to live in unison but cannot until you stop all wars.” The visitor went on to state that he knew space-flight experiments – “to get to us” – were taking place, but that the methods being used were fundamentally wrong: “Your scientists are pulling against the greatest force of gravity by going straight up – you should travel with a sideways attitude.” And with that Zen-like suggestion, the being slowly opened his arms and a ‘TV set’ appeared in the space between them. This appeared to be a holographic image – unknown in the 1950s – in three dimensions and full colour. For some reason, Cynthia was more stunned by the colour than anything else about the manifestation. The ‘living image’ as she called it, showed a classic flying saucer with flat rim and transparent dome. On its underside there were three half spheres. Appleton commented: “These spaceships were like nothing I have ever seen in my life before. They seemed to take off and hovered in space for two or three seconds, went off to the left, then they went very quickly to the right”.
Cynthia’s crash course in saucer technology included being shown the saucer’s power source – which she drew and later showed to Dr Dale. Her sketch depicted a central hub with a series of curved arms, like spokes. These, she was told, rotated and “collected power” from the atmosphere. She was then informed: “your greatest power is under the sea. It is there in great quantity just for the taking.” The entity also revealed that he was from “Gharnasvarn”, which Earth people called Venus, and that he would return. The holographic TV set then blinked out and, along with the entity, vanished. Appleton told Dr Dale that her visitor “did not seem like a vision, because there was a three-dimensional depth and you could not see through him. He did actually seem to be there.” After he had disappeared, Appleton noticed the entity had been standing on a sheet of discarded newspaper that now had a scorch mark on it. Dale later saw this and noted that it looked like the result of a “lightning strike or small electrical discharge”. Unfortunately, this potentially vital piece of physical evidence was removed by reporters from the Birmingham Evening Gazette and no more was heard of it.
Soon after this initial contact, Appleton was approached by a local clergyman, the Reverend GE Tiley, vicar of Powick, near Worcester. Tiley made several visits to the Appleton household in late 1957 and early 1958, and on 12 January 1958 made her experiences the focus of his Sunday sermon. Tiley’s congregation may have been somewhat surprised when he told them:“If you take the trouble, as I have, to study very deeply, you cannot possibly – if you have an honest, open, sincere mind – review the mass of evidence from all over the world that men other than ourselves exist, and refute that evidence. I believe they do exist, for what it’s worth, and their visits to this Earth are like the Star of Bethlehem.” The vicar continued: “I feel very grateful to have had the chance to sit with her in her kitchen and talk about it. A higher hand than mine led me there. These men told this woman that they have overcome war, poverty and disease and that they had passed through the same stages as we of this world. They came with a message of brotherhood and love. They want to help us.”Rev. Tiley may have believed Cynthia had been visited by spacemen, but the Birmingham Psychic Society had other ideas. BPS spokesman Bernard Payne conducted a lengthy interview with Mrs Appleton, and was convinced she “believed the truth of her story”. Payne planned an experiment in which Mrs Appleton would re-enact her first encounter, repeating exactly the same tasks, at the same time of day, in an effort to recall more details, a technique often used by police in the reconstruction of a crime. To be on the safe side, a medium would be present, as would a tape recorder and a ‘super ray’ machine. Payne commented: “We are not sure what will happen, but I think something is bound to occur. We have open minds on the subject at the moment, but I think the visitation will prove to be of a psychic nature.” Sadly, we are not informed of the results of this experiment, or indeed whether it ever took place.
On 7 January, a few days prior to Tiley’s space sermon, Appleton had received her second visit from the stranger from Venus. Once again, he appeared suddenly, accompanied by a burst of rose-tinged light. But this time he had brought along another entity, whom he described as his ‘superior’. Neither wore helmets, and Appleton could now see her first visitor wore his blond hair at shoulder length whilst his superior had shorter, brown, curly hair. They explained that ‘special brainwaves’ were what enabled their contacts with her, and that their appearances weren’t physical but were a ‘projection’.
On subsequent visits, the visitors had discarded their archetypal space apparel, and instead sported black business suits and homburg hats! They also eschewed materialisation in favour of a more conventional means of transport, arriving by car – a large black one with tinted windows. Shades of the ‘Men in Black’ also permeated their surreal conversations, which veered between the mundane and the miraculous – on one occasion Cynthia was told that their saucer was waiting for them in the vicinity of Edinburgh.
On each of the six or so visits Appleton received during 1958, her Venusian confidants revealed further information about themselves and their beliefs. Jenny Randles, working from Dr Dale’s notes, writes: “She was advised time did not exist. It was a philosophical invention by mankind. We failed to understand that all life was connected at some deep inner level, not separate as we assumed. Detailed scientific facts about the nature of atoms were then conveyed to her. She was told this was the basis to understand how to cure cancer and a complex cure was explained to her which involved changing the vibrational rate of atoms at a sub-atomic level, but Cynthia struggled to remember the terms used when she tried to describe this to Dr Dale.”
Nuclear physics and the sub-atomic world clearly held a special fascination for the Venusians and many conversations revolved around the subject. To the Venusians, science and religion appeared to be synonymous, and they were keen to share their version of the secret of the Universe, telling Cynthia: “The deity itself dwells at the heart and core of the atom”. Heady stuff for an Aston housewife. Cynthia told them it was pointless revealing this type of detailed technical and philosophical knowledge to her, because she simply didn’t understand. The entities disregarded her pleas of ignorance and continued with the visits and the information. What else did they talk to Cynthia about? “Oh, religion, politics, conditions in outer space, racial differences.” Although the entities told Cynthia on many occasions that they were not appearing to her in physical form, on one visit the Venusian said he had burned his hand and, oddly, asked her to bathe it in boiling water, which she did. After he had left, she noticed a piece of skin at the bottom of the bowl. Portions of the skin were later distributed to various ufologists, with one piece apparently being tested ‘by scientists’ at Birmingham University. The tests were, as is the way of these things, inconclusive. The keen blade of science determined the skin wasn’t human – but couldn’t say it was extraterrestrial. The best guess was that it was animal in nature, possibly from a pig. Quite why a university science department couldn’t correctly determine what kind of animal the skin was from isn’t clear. But as with many artifacts alleged to be from space – or fairyland – what appeared to be one thing was, in fact, another entirely. Where does the truth lie? Patrick Kent, a reporter for the Sunday People, asked Cynthia’s four-year-old daughter Susan if she remembered any of the Venusian’s visits. “Yes,” she replied, “I remember Mummy bathing the hand of a man with funny long hair and a fur collar.” Curiouser and curiouser…
Cynthia may have had the support of the Church of England, the Birmingham Psychic Society and the ufologists who took an interest in her case, but contact with interplanetary visitors came at a price, and many of her friends deserted her following the newspaper articles. “Some people are saying I’m a crank, some that I am loose-headed and others that I have been working too hard,” she commented. But she stuck to her guns, insisting her contacts were genuine.
Brinsley le Poer Trench (Lord Clancarty), then editor of Flying Saucer Review, was certain Mrs Appleton’s claims were genuine: “The woman’s story ties up in many respects with what we have learned in the last 10 years from others who have had contact with men from other worlds.” Indeed, it did. Throughout the 1950s, US contactees had been telling their own tales of meeting, talking to, and even taking flights with spacemen from planets within our Solar System, often Venus and Mars. Like Cynthia’s visitors, they were tall, humanoid, communicated by telepathy and travelled in classic, dome-shaped flying saucers, and espoused a philosophy similar to that explained to Cynthia Appleton.
These Venusian values were essentially socialist in nature, tinged with elements now familiar from many New Age philosophies – beliefs quite at odds with the ‘you’ve never had it so good’ capitalism of the 1950s. Contactees were repeatedly told by their mentors that to save Earth from certain disaster, mankind should stop tampering with nuclear forces and live in peace and harmony. Only then would we be included in the Intergalactic Parliament, taking our rightful place among the stars with other highly evolved civilisations. The ‘space brothers’ often illustrated their concerns by showing contactees visions of nuclear and ecological disasters. Cynthia Appleton was shown a vision of two asteroids colliding and causing widespread panic and devastation on Earth. This, she was told, was going to happen soon.
By contactee standards, Cynthia Appleton’s story was just another “girl meets spaceman” account – but when worlds collide, there’s always the chance sparks might fly… and Cynthia’s tale eventually took a turn for the truly bizarre. Once again, the newspapers quickly got hold of the story. This time, it made the national news. On 10 May 1959, a Sunday People headline screamed: “‘I’m going to have a baby from Venus’, says Mrs Cynthia Appleton, of 87 Fentham Road, Aston, Birmingham”. The sub-heading opined: “This is the biggest crackpot statement a woman has ever made”. The People reporter cut straight to the chase and suggested that Cynthia might have been imagining things, to which Mrs Appleton retorted, “but it’s true, and my husband believes it too”. She explained how the man from Venus had given her other predictions and instructions about her as yet undiagnosed pregnancy.
It transpired that the Venusian had called again in September 1958, informing Cynthia that she was “in the state of being with child”. It was news to her, but he was adamant, telling her she would give birth in late May 1959. The child would be a boy and would weigh exactly 7lb 3oz (3.3kg). He would be a leader of men at the age of 14 and he must be called Matthew. Shortly after the Venusian’s visit, Cynthia was pronounced pregnant and, with the spaceman’s predictions ringing in her ears, settled down to enjoy her pregnancy, apprehensive as to what might lie ahead.
The Venusians weren’t far off the mark with their prophecies. On 1 June 1959, Cynthia Appleton entered her cosmic confinement, and at two minutes after midnight on 2 June, gave birth. As foretold, the child was a boy with blond hair, weighing in at just a little over 7lb 3oz, almost exactly as the Venusians had predicted. The Appletons called him – what else? – Matthew, and were delighted with their gift from an alien world.Not long after the birth, Cynthia received a telepathic message giving her advance warning that her Venusian friend was going to call again soon, this time with a friend from the planet Uranus. Ron Appleton once again stood by his wife, but issued a stern warning to the visitor from Venus: “I believe everything Cynthia has told me, but I would love to have a yarn with him… If he shows up I’m going to tell him I’m Matthew’s father. If he doesn’t give me the right answers I’ll crack his ‘delicate features’ with a crowbar. His mate from Uranus will get the same.”
Nothing more was heard from the Appletons for over a year. Shortly after Matthew’s first birthday, in 1960, the Empire News ran the headline, “The ‘Venus’ baby is so normal”, reporting that 13-month-old Matthew was doing well, although Mrs Appleton was still at a loss to know what to make of it all. As yet there was no sign of Matthew becoming a leader of men, but Mrs Appleton was keeping a close eye on him. “I don’t know what I expected but I haven’t noticed the slightest thing that could be taken as a sign”, she said. She was also concerned that, since Matthew’s birth, contact with the Venusians had been somewhat sparse. “He used to pop in quite regularly every seven or eight weeks,” she said. “When he left, after forecasting Matthew’s birth, he said he would be looking in again soon. But he never returned. I just can’t make it out.”
And there, in July 1960, the trail goes cold. Newspapers never again mentioned Mrs Appleton or her ‘Venus baby’ and there was no major collision between two asteroids, which the spacemen had predicted. Matthew would have turned 14 on 1 June 1973, the year when he was prophesied to become a ‘leader of men’. History shows that, as yet, he appears not to have taken up this challenge.
Since the early 1960s, UFO publications have often repeated the ‘Venus Baby’ story, but added nothing of relevance to the narrative. I have made every attempt to trace Cynthia and Ron Appleton and their offspring, both terrestrial and extraterrestrial, but to no avail. Despite strong local newspaper interest in the story during 2002 and appeals for information, nothing was forthcoming. A search of the electoral register for the year 2000 showed there was just one Matthew Appleton in the Birmingham area, but he chose not to answer letters or telephone calls. Could it be that this is the correct Matthew Appleton, and that far from being a ‘leader of men’ he is merely embarrassed by his mother’s claims? Or is the real space baby living somewhere else, blissfully ignorant of his cosmic heritage?

Wednesday, March 23, 2005


After the conference in Tucson Helene invited us to come to Safford, Arizona where she lived. She wanted to sponsor a conference under the name of the UFOCCI. (UFO Contact Center International) We agreed to the conference and started to arrange for contactees to speak on a panel. The conference was held at Roper Lake State Park. The contactees that came to Safford were: Tom C, a Phoenix contractor, Dr. Alicia Flowers, PhD, Atlanta, Georgia, Psychologist, Dave and Betty Pierce from Phoenix. A lady from Tucson that does Kirilian photography also spoke on her contact experience. A couple from California, Wythea and Winfield Brownell, were on the program that day.

Safford, Arizona is a small cotton growing town. It is also next door to Thatcher, Arizona, the home of Eastern Arizona University, a Mormon college.

We advertised the conference on the radio and in the newspapers. I believe this was a first (and I might add, a last!) for this sleepy little town. Many people came to hear about abductions by the "aliens."

An interesting event happened while one lady was talking. At Roper Lake, which is man made and about 6 feet deep, we held the conference under a picnic shelter. All of a sudden everyone started shouting, "Look at the lake!" A swimmer had just jumped in and immediately jumped out! The lake was going around and around in a clockwise fashion. It was a huge circle. In the middle it was indented like something was there you couldn't see. Pictures taken during that time had a purple hue.

Likewise when the conference was over and we were going to our car to leave, a huge wind came up like a dust devil, only stronger. We thought that whatever made the lake go around that we couldn't see was leaving also and probably had been there all the time.

Several years before, a huge delta shaped craft had flown into the valley. People (including the mayor) in Clifton and Morenci had witnessed the spectacular object at close range. Many of these people attended the conference hungry to hear more about the object they had been privileged to see.

Helene found a person that was picked up by the space craft in Morenci. This man had a son dying with muscular dystrophy. The E.T.'s told him to go after his son and they would help him. He brought his son and the aliens took five clear viles of liquid and told him to insert one a day into the navel. At the end of five days he would be cured. Allegedly, he was. It would be necessay to see documentation before and after to authenticate this claim.

Helene was able to examine the clear viles. She said they appeared to be plastic or crystal and had a vile within a vile.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Helene had a very active and unusual life. She is now deceased. First a nun, then a registered nurse, later she married and gave birth to seven children. Later on she went back to school and obtained an electrical engineering degree. Due to that profession she worked for NASA as an engineer in a special medical division with the astronaut program.

In May, 1973, Helene moved to Powell River, B.C. with her second husband, Claud Charbonneau. She started a business in marine electronics after her husband met an untimely death in November, 1973.

In the autobiography of her contact by extraterrestrials and the subsequent healing of advanced cancer, a miracle in the life of Helen Charbonneau.

Helene came to visit me in my home in Mesa, Arizona. It was at this time she began writing the plates she had been shown and made to memorize when just a little girl. Helene felt the personage that gave them to her was St. Francis of Assisi, mainly because he was all she knew at the time. Each time she set one plate down on paper she would become completely exhausted and would need to go to bed and rest for two or three hours. She would fall into a deep sleep. Finally all of the plates were remembered and translated, with the exception of ten that were not to be shared, or translated, until the appropriate time.

Many people have read the plates and become fascinated with what they say. They have given inspiration and hope to the contactees and other persons who have read them.

Correlated to other writings given the contactees, they fit perfectly (i.e., Menno Pauls, "The Gathering of the Eagles," and Lynn Brown's hieroglyphs printed in past Missing Links). The time period for earth changes Helene had been given corresponds to Menno Paul's chronology, Nostradamus's predictions and Bah'ullah's predications in the Bahai faith. It appears a collective consciousness gives information to humans, from various sources, during a particular space in time. The reason seems to be for our knowledge and enligtenment. What we do with that information is up to our personal awareness and beliefs.

The following is Helen's own story of her miraculous healing by the space beings that came to her on request of a "friend" when she lived in Powell River, B.C., Canada. This, then, is her wondrous story.

In May 1974, the doctors discovered that I had cancer. They removed a growth from my hipbone, but it became active again. I had a lot of discomfort and problems with my digestive system. After they discovered the growh on my pancreas they opened in an attempt to remove it. They were not able to remove all of it, so they just closed me up. A year and a half later they went in again, knowing that it would have spread. They removed most of the growth, which had spread to the bowels. That didn't work and it grew twice as fast.

By October of 1975 all of my secretions were orange. I was on chemotherapy. They tried to shrink the tumor with x-ray therapy but it didn't seem to budge. By then I had lost a tremendous amount of weight. I normally weigh about 145 and I was down to 116. By January 1976, I was down to 108 and I looked like a walking corpse.

The doctor told me that if I felt up to it, I should go see my family to say my goodbyes. So I went to see them in Quebec. They were astrounded that I came there looking the way I did.

I came back in May, still losing weight. By then my weight was down to 98 pounds. They expected me to die around July or August.

One afternoon I came home very exhausted from the shop. I parked the car at the bottom of the steps, as I was too exhausted to walk from the garage. I went in, took a shower and went to bed. My son came back from work at about 6:30 and asked me if I wanted something to eat. I told him I wasn't hungry. I was just tired.

At 1:00 a.m., I was awakened. I heard someone call my name "Helene." I got up and went to see if it was my son calling me and he was sound asleep. I went to see if it was my technician, who was living with us at the time, but he was sound asleep too. So I figured that I had a dream and I went back to bed. Then the voice came again. "Helene, get into your car and meet us on the way to Lunde. We'll meet you there." Lunde was a small town 17 miles from the town I was living in.

I put on my housecoat and slippers and got into the car and I drove through town. I saw people on the streets I recognized as I drove along.

I was seven miles west of town, when I saw a large white globe n the sky. When I first saw it, I had no idea what it was. I was compelled to react to the voice as if I had no will of my own. As I came over a hill there was a large clearing of about 1000 feet, which was supposed to have been for a condominium. I saw the object coming down. It was circular and huge, about fifty feet in diameter. There was an off road. My car turned towards it and the engine stopped. The car kept going and it stopped in a gully. The first thing that came into my mind was, "How am I going to get out of here without any power?"

I opened the door. By then the craft was hovering. It hadn't come down to the ground. I didn't see any legs. It just seemed to be suspended there at about 10 or 15 feet. It was very large. It had a dome on the surface with a side that came down to a flap underneath. A cylinder of light came out from the center of the craft. The light was very bright. As I got out of the car and walked towards it, I felt like a zombie.

Two "Beings" came through the cylinder of light and floated to the ground. They put their hand in what seemed like a sign of friendship. They were small, maybe four feet tall. They looked like ten year old kids. They were wearing tight-fitting metallic-looking suits. They had a large buckle with an insignia on it. It looked like a triangle within a triangle, almost like a Star of David. There was a design in the middle. The same thing was on their uniforms. The suits came right to their hands. The hands had five digits. They had on boots which seemed to be part of the suit. There was a tight-fitting hood over their head. I could see the indentation of very small ears. They eyes were large and came almost to the side of their skulls a a point. But their eyes were very loving. It was a human eye. They had small noses and a slit for their mouth. I was apprehensive, but not afraid of them because they didn't give me that feeling of being afraid.

They said, "Do not be afraid, we are here to help you. Your friend John from Florida asked us to help you." I do have a friend in Florida named John, who years back had told me he was in communication with extraterrestrials. I had just said, "That's great." but had not really believed him. They came on each side of me, as if to help me. I felt as if my feet weren't touching the ground. I had a feeling of elation at the same time that I was apprehensive.

They took me to the cylidner of light and we went up into it until I realized I was in the ship. The hole that we had come through suddenly closed off and I realized that I was standing on something solid. I had a hard time talking. I seemed to have a lump in my throat. It might have been fear!

As soon as they got into the ship, the Beings who took me on board went to the left and another Being came out. To my right, there were control panels on a slant, with two chairs in front. The chairs looked padded and were on a pedestal. I remembered that when I was outside looking in, I saw portholes above and towards the mound. But now looking past the control panel, I could see outside. I could see the trees and my car. It was just like a large window of about 24 or 30 inches wide, all the way around from inside the ship. To the left of that panel there was a large plate glass panel which came quite high. None of the partitions seemed to reach the ceiling. When I came through the cylinder, there was a smell like ozone. Once inside the ship, it seemed like a metallic smell.

There was an alcove and then there was a large table. It was about 24 inches wide by seven feet long. When I stood by it, it came just a little above my knees. The Being that came from behind the partition came towards me and said, "Do not be frightened, we are here merely to help you." I had the impression that the Being was a woman, not because she was dressed any differently, they were all dressed alike. There was a gentler look about this Being. Her voice was different, even though she didn't speak with her mouth.

She put her hand on my arm and said, "We are not going to hurt you, we are here to help you. Would you disrobe and lay on this table?"

I didn't seem to have a will of my own. I did exactly as she asked. It was like a large glass or plexi-glass table aout 3 1/2 inches thick. There was an oscillation inside the table. There was a blue hue to it. I laid down on my back and she told me to put my hands open at my sides. She was on my right. She kept looking at a panel of light which was above a base that had drawers. The panel made a funny sort of noise almost like a video machine. She kept reassuring me not to be frightened, that they were just going to help me.

I asked them why they were helping me and they said, "We may need you later on and besides we were asked."

She went around the table to where the drawers were and opened one of them. She took out a large apparatus, which looked like an upside-down mushroom. It was about six inches in diameter and amber in color. She took it by the handle and passed it over my body, beginning with my head. Every time she went over my body, she said, "Did you know you had cancer?" She did say cancer in the left breast. She spoke telepathically because her lips didn't move. I spoke in the usual way. As she went over my body she said, "It's in your liver, in your right kidney, in your pancreas, in the spleen." She kept looking up at the panel of lights as she did this. All of the time I kept feeling this reassuring hand, as she touched my arm. She went all the way down to my feet, while studying the lights which were in different colors. Then she went around the table and returned the insturment to the drawer.

Then she turned around towards me and said, "Do not be afraid. I will not hurt you." Next, she opened another drawer which contained large gloves that came almost up to the elbow. Then she went into a third drawer and came out with an insturment which looked like a metallic tray with a handle on either side of it. There was nothing attached to it. She seemed to make sure that it didn't go close to her body. She started going over my body starting at the head, when she came to the breast, which she had said had cancer, it burned real bad, so much that my eyes watered from the pain. She kept reassuring me and saying, "Please be still, don't move. this won't take long." She must have repeated this at least ten times. When she came to the abdomen, where the cancer had been, the pain was excruciating. But after what the doctors had done to me, one pain is just the same as another. Eventually, she went all the way down to my toes.

Next she went around the table and returned the tray to the drawer, closing the drawer. She also removed her gloves and put them away. Then she opened another drawer and took out a tube about twelve inches high. She held it by a handle. I didn't see any needles. There was a purplish colored liquid in the tube. She came over and pressed the instrument on my belly button and I felt a lot of pressure. As I looked down, I saw the liquid come out of the tube and enter my body. Then she lifted the tube and placed her hand on my abdomen, massaging the area in a circular motion. Then she again applied the tube to my navel, this time with quite abit of pressure. This very, very dark blood entered the tube filling it to three quarters full. She took it very gently and deposited it in the same drawer from which she had removed it, and came back with a smaller, round cylinder tube. This one was about ten inches and was grass green. She applied it to my left side, just below the last rib. She also applied it above the navel and on the right side. Then she asked me to turn on my side and I felt the pressure on three spots on my back.

Then something happened because I was conscious of being on my abdomen with my arms under my forehead. I had a very bad headache. She said, "Turn around now." I turned aound onto my back. She put her hand on my forehead and said "Your headache will not last very long. It will be over in a few minutes."

She reassured me and said, "Lie very still. I don't want you to take any of your medication. I don't want you to take any kind of medication, whether it's an injection or by mouth. Take nothing except saline water and glucose." She spoke to me in what I thought was perfect English.

Then she told me I could get up and put my robe on which I did. Before leaving, I asked her what the large panel in front of us was. She said it was the way they would be able to find their way back home. It was like a map with dots on it and a funny kind of insignia. I said, "Well does it show where I live?" And she siad, "Yes, right here." She showed me the lower right hand corner of the plate-glass. I recognized our sun and our planetary system. I asked her, "Where is your world, according to this?"

She put her hand half in the middle and said, "This is Orion and this is where we are, beyond." The system which she indicated had a lot more planets than our solar system.

Then I asked her "May I ask you how you propel the craft?"

The Being who had just stood watching all of this time said, "We use negative reverse polarity. If you take two magnets with the negative poles together they repel each other. We have control of this."

She said, "You must go now." And the two Beings came from behind the partition and stood on either side of me. We stood on this platform and began descending very slowly.

They said, "We will see you again." and stayed just outside of the cylinder, until I was almost back to my car. Then I saw them go back into the cylinder.

I got into my car and the craft lifted off very slowly. All of a sudden it was gone. My car started again and I pulled out of the hole I was in, drove home and went to bed.

I dont' know how long I was in the craft. I never felt it move. I felt that I was just there the whole time.

The next morning I said to my son, "Boy did I ever have a dream last night!" I told him about it and he said that I should write it down while it was fresh in my mind. So, I wrote it down for him. He went to the back porch window and said, "When did you move your car?" I said, "It hasn't been moved. Did you move it?" "No, I could hardly get in the house last night because it was in front of the steps." He ran over to the car and found that even though I had filled the tank before I came home, a quarter of the tank was missing.

My son and I went to that exact spot. The grass, whch was very high was flattened, as if something very heavy had been on it. I had never seen the craft on the ground at any time. We walked down the road and we saw the tire marks where my car went off the road.

My son said, "You know Mom, I think it wasn't just a dream." I said, "It was just a dream. It had to be."

I didn't relaize that I had these marks on my body. That afternoon I began to feel ill. I would have nausea and start to throw up this black stuff which just smelled horrible. They took me to the hospital and the doctors called the children in thinking it was the end. The Being had said that I was going to feel ill for a few days when she told me not to take any medication. I kept going unconscious and then coming to again.

The doctors said, "You're suffering too much. Let me give you something." I said "No, I don't want anything." Why, I resisted them I don't know. But I didn't take anything.

After the morning of the third day, it was just like I had never been sick. I went to sleep at about two o'clock and by 7:30 that morning I felt fine. I felt better than I had ever felt. I was very weak, but I removed the IV, at which point the nurse came into the room and said, "what are you doing?" I said, "I'm going home. I feel better and I don't want to stay here. I want to go home."

I had an argument with the doctor but I did go home. Two or three weeks after this, I felt great. The yellow coloring of my skin went away within six weeks and returned to normal.

At the end of August the doctor from Vancouver came to see my son. He knew I ran a business and I guess he came to find out when I had died. No one had talked to him about it. When my son told him that I hadn't died, he came to see where I worked because he couldn't believe it. When he saw me, he said, "What did you do? What happened to you? You don't even look like the same person." I had put on three pounds. I said, "I really don't know. I got better, that's all."

The doctor's response was predictable; "Well, maybe some of the medicine we gave you worked after all. It's surprising, but I'd like you to come in so we could give you a check up."

So I went in the following week and he said, "This is amazing. I can't even find any signs of the cancer in you. You don't have a cancer cell left. What happened?"

By September or October, I became very anxious, crying for no reason at all. The doctors said I was disappointed about not dying. I said, "For God's sake, I want to live. I don't want to die." He said that I had a psychological problem and took me to see a psychiatrist, who was with the hospital. He was used to seeing patients who were dying.

He started talking to me and it always seemed to go back to after I was sick for those three days. He said, " I think there is something more to this that you are not telling me. If you let me, I'll put you into hypnosis and we'll go back to that time."

So he took me back to when I went to see my family and everything went fine. Then I started to unravel the story of my encounter. When I came out of it, there were three psychiatrists there. I have the transcript of the tape. It took three sessions of almost two hours each session to get all the information.

He said that it certainly wasn't the medication that they gave me. He felt that I did have an encounter of some kind. He wanted to put me in touch with Dr. J. Allen Hynek of the Center of UFO Studies, but we weren't able to get in touch with him.

Shortly after this I sold my business. I was looking for a place. It had to be the right place. Somehow, I knew it had to be in Arizona, even though I hadn't been there before. I first came to Arizona in January of 1977 and visited places like Flagstaff and Tucson. When I got to Safford I knew I was meant to be here.

When I returned to Canada to take care of some business, I had terrible headaches at the back of the head. The doctor suggested a scan in case there had been cancer left there. They did a scan of my brain and head. At the base of my skull, they found a metallic bead. They talked about removing it because it might be causing the ringing sounds in my ears. But I wouldn't let them touch it. I had a feeling that if they did, they would kill me.

Now I know it is there. And I know why I am here. I feel confidence in myself, that I'm not on the wrong track or anything. I feel that this is an important area. It's important to these Beings, who gave me back my life. Regardless of what their motive was, I feel that I owe my life to them.

Since this has happened to me, I have left the field that I was famliar with, to go into something entirely different. I've gone from electronic engineering to being able to identify minerals and knowing what to do with them. Obviously, there must be a reason for it. So far I haven't found it. It has given me a living. I am able to design equipment that is used for mining. I believe this ability was given to me by these Beings.

I feel that I will have another contact with these people, though I don't know when or where. I feel this is the area of Arizona where it will take place. I feel that they are coming here to help us help ourselves. The earth is going through a change. There will be more of a traumatic change yet to come. We have done everything to destroy what we have - our very own life support.

Helene's story was extracted from the book I wrote called, "On the (UFO) Road Again."

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