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Wednesday, November 30, 2005




I decided to concentrate this release on the "TEAM" and their selection process, communication problems and THE FINAL EXCHANGE. There have been many questions pertaining to these issues.

BACKGROUND: Ebe #1 provided a communication device that allowed us to contact SERPO. This communication device was onboard the Eben craft that crashed in July 1947 near Corona, New Mexico. Ebe #1 showed us theproper use of this communication device prior to his death.
However, the device did not function properly and no contact could be made with SERPO. Just prior to Ebe #1's death, an American scientist from Los Alamos figured out the device worked and connected an energy source found in the Eben craft to the communication device. With Ebe#1's assistance and language input, several signals were sent during the summer of 1952. In early fall of 1952, we received several signals onthe device.

Ebe #1 translated the messages and provided us with that information.Ebe #1 sent six (6) messages.

– The first message was just letting his planet know he was alive;
– The second message explained the crash in 1947 and the death of his crew;
– The third message asked for a rescue craft for him;
– The fourth message suggested a formal meeting with leaders of Earth;
– The fifth message suggested AN EXCHANGE PROGRAM;

(NOTE: It is believed, but NOT documented, that Ebe #1's U.S. military caretaker had suggested to Ebe #1 that an exchange program be set up which would allow our people to visit and exchange culture, scientific information and collect astronomical during a space trip by an American military team or what eventually became known as The Team Members.)

– The sixth message provided landing coordinates for any future rescue or visitation mission to Earth. The incoming messages gave a time and date (Eben date and time system), and confirmed a landing location.

However, once the message was translated by Ebe #1, it was determinedthe date was over 10 years away. Fearing that Ebe #1, who was sick atthis point, did not translate the message correctly, our scientists began to translate the message, based on the Eben language that wastaught to us by Ebe #1.

(NOTE: Ebe #1 was a mechanic, NOT a scientist. He was still able to teach us some of the Eben language. According to the document which I read, we translated about 30% of the Eben language. Complex sentences and numbers could NOT be recognized.)

Ebe #1 assisted us as long as he was alive. But once he died, then we were on our own. We sent several messages over a six-month period(1953). But we did not receive any return messages. We fine tuned our efforts over the next 18 months and finally sent two (2) messages in1955 and received a reply.

We were able to translate about 30% of the messages. We turned to several linguist specialists from several U.S. universities and even several from foreign universities. Finally, we were able to translate most of the messages. We decided to reply in English and see if theEben's could translate our language easier than we could theirs.

Approximately four (4) months later, we received a reply in brokenEnglish. Sentences that contained nouns, adjectives, but no verbs. It took us several months to translate the messages. We then sent Eben our typed English lessons. Six months later, we received another English message. This time it was clearer, but not clear enough. Ebens were confusing several different English words and still failed to complete a proper sentence.

But we were able to provide the basic skill level for them to communicate in English. In one message, they provided us with a form of the Eben alphabet, with the equivalent English letter. Our linguist specialist had a very difficult time figuring this out. The written Eben language was simple characters and symbols, but our linguist specialist had an extremely difficult time comparing the two written languages.

Over the next five (5) years, we were able to perfect our understanding of the Eben language (somewhat) and the Ebens were able to better understand English. However, we had a major problem. Trying to coordinate a date, time and location for an Eben landing on Earth.

Even though we could basically understand some Eben and the Ebens could understand some English, we could NOT understand their time and date system and they could not understand ours. We sent them our Earth's rotation schedule, revolution, date system, etc. For some reason, the Eben's never understood this.

In return, the Ebens sent us their system, which WAS DIFFICULT FOR OUR SCIENTISTS TO UNDERSTAND because we had no reference to their planet.The Ebens did not explain any astronomical data of SERPO or their system. We then decided to just send pictures showing the Earth, landmarks and a simple numbering system for time periods.

The Ebens sent back a message indicating they would return to Earth on a particular number date and location that we chose. The date was April 24, 1964 and the location was in the southern sector of White SandsMissile Range, New Mexico.

Now, our Government officials met in secret to plan the event. Decisions were made, then changed and then changed again. We had just about 25 months to plan for the event. Special teams, mostly military, were formed to plan the event.

Several months into the planning process, PRESIDENT KENNEDY DECIDED TOAPPROVE A PLAN TO EXCHANGE A SPECIAL MILITARY TEAM. The USAF was tasked as the lead agency. The USAF officials picked special civilian scientists to assist in planning and crew selection.

The Team Member selection process was the hardest to accomplish. Several plans were suggested in the make-up of the team. It took several months for the planners to decide on criteria for each Team Member. They decided that each Team Member must be military. They must be single, with no children. They must be career military (over four years of service). They must have special skills.

They must have cross-trained skills, meaning that they must have more than one (1) speciality. They must be entirely "sheep dipped" and cleared of any identification problems that would haunt them while on the trip. One suggestion was to list all members as being dead.

This was thrown around until it was decided each Team Member selected would be listed as "missing" on the official records and discharged on the UNofficial records. That way, all connections between the team and their individual service was covered.

EVERY SINGLE RECORD on each Team Member selected WAS PURGED, including their Social Security records, Internal Revenue tax returns, medical records, military records, and any other identification records were either destroyed or collected and placed in a special storage location.

Originally, about 56,000 files were screened for possible selectees. The screening process finally got down to 12. These were the best of the best. During training, which lasted roughly six (6) months, there were16 going through training. The four (4) were replacements just in case one of the originals was injured or released for some other reason.TEAM TRAINING: Each Team Member selected was sent to a special facility located at Camp Perry, Virginia. This was an intelligence training location. We took over a complete complex inside Perry. Most of thetraining took place there, but some special training was accomplished at Sheppard Air Force Base, Wichita Falls Texas; Ellsworth AFB, SouthDakota; Dow AFB, Maine; and isolated locations in Mexico and Chile.

The training lasted for 167 days. The Team was allowed about 15 days off during this time period, but they were closely guarded. Just prior to their trip, each team member was transported to the United StatesDisciplinary Barracks, Ft. Leavenworth, KS and confined in locked cells.This prevented them from communicating with anyone from the outsideworld and kept each under close watch.

CHANGE OF PLANS: We received a message from the Ebens stating that they did not wish to make the exchange during their initial visit to Earth.They wanted to meet first and then plan the exchange in person. This created many problems since our Team was ready for the exchange. We sent a return message, but we did not receive a reply.

THE LANDING: In December 1963, the Eben's sent a message confirming thetime, date and location of their landing. The message stated that two(2) crafts were enroute to Earth and would make the appropriate landingat the pre-arranged location.

(NOTE: During this time period, our government was suffering from theloss of President Kennedy. Some on the project wanted to cancel the exchange because of his death. But President Johnson was briefed and decided to continue the event, although, it was noted, that Johnson didn't really believe it would happen.)

Our Team planned for two (2) locations. One "cover" location on HollomanAir Force Base near Alamogordo, New Mexico and the other, which would be THE ACTUAL LANDING LOCATION, was west of Holloman near the southern entrance to White Sands Army Post.

The first Eben craft entered our atmosphere during the afternoon ofApril 24, 1964. the Eben craft LANDED AT THE WRONG LOCATION, near Socorro, New Mexico. Our team was in place at White Sands. We were able to communicate a message to the Eben craft that they landed at the wrong location. The second Eben craft picked up the message and landed at the correct location.

MEETING: The Eben craft landed exactly at the location we sent. There were 16 senior U.S. Government officials on the ground. Some were political and some were senior officials, including military officers.The Ebens exited their craft and walked under a pre-located canopy. TheEbens gave gifts of their technology. The Ebens had a crude translator device. It appeared to be some sort of microphone with a read-outscreen.

The senior U.S. official was given one of the devices and the Eben kept the other one. The officials spoke into the device and the screen showed a printed form of the voice message, both in Eben and English. It was crude and hard to understand everything that was said. The EXACT TRANSCRIPT of the meeting WON'T BE DISCUSSED AT THIS TIME. The Ebens decided to make the exchange, but not until the following year. July 1965 was set and the location decided upon was the NevadaTest Site. Planners did not wish to keep the same location for fear that something might leak.

The Team Members were kept at Ft. Leavenworth until May 1964. They were transported to Camp Perry. The Team was isolated for the next six (6)months, going over the same training they received. Fine tunning their individual skills and learning some newer skills. This gave the team an opportunity to better understand the Eben language. Although most team members had difficulty learning the language, the two linguists on the team were able to hone their language skills.

In April 1965, the team was transported to Ft. Leavenworth and confined until July 1965, when they were transported to Nevada. During the exchange, ONLY A SELECTED FEW OFFICIALS WERE PRESENT, other than the preparation crew for the exchange team. The Eben craft landed and ourTeam was placed on board.

(NOTE: One item that was MISstated by me in an earlier e-mail, was the amount of equipment that was taken to Planet SERPO by our Team Members.The correct amount loaded on board the Eben crafts was 90,500 lbs of equipment.)

More to come.....

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


By Martin J. Kidston

Leo Dworshak was a boy in 1932, doing what boys do when growing up in Killdeer, ND.
But unlike most boys, Dworshak stood witness to a peculiar event that would change his life forever.

Dworshak, now 85, spends his days peering from the big bay window on his mobile home in Helena, watching the spring rains turn his green yard greener. The bumper stickers adorning his blue Chrysler are a telling lot, "Freedom n Vote Republican," and "65 percent of people in America believe in UFOs n the others are in denial."

Dworshak, to be certain, is a believer.

Dworshak, a World War II veteran, shrugs off the social taboos tied to his otherworldly beliefs. If you ask him, UFOs do exist. After all, he's seen them several times, the first on that dark North Dakota night more than 70 years ago.

Dworshak detailed his UFO encounter in his new book, 'UFOs Are Among Us and Take My Word." Dedicated to his brother, Michael, who died in the Korean War, the new book has perked the interest of UFO believers nationwide.

"The first time we just saw the ship," Dworshak said on Wednesday, "the second time we entered the UFO and we were in there with the aliens. They showed us the whole ship."

Dworshak still remembers how the spacecraft landed, how odd it looked, and how an invisible force field kept him and his brother at a distance. They watched the strange machine rotate "in a complicated way." The flashing, colored lights formed an outer shell, "like a band or a belt," that circled the vehicle at its widest point.

"The inner shell seemed to be standing still, or perhaps turning the other way," Dworshak said. "It was totally silent and produced no cloud of exhaust fumes or smoke."

The ship returned night after night and eventually the aliens invited the two brothers on board. After being disinfected, Dworshak said, the aliens gave them a tour of the craft. They also showed them the future, one that foretold of the home computer and the rise of Nazi Germany.
Much of our knowledge, Dworshak said, is a gift from an alien race, left behind for us to find, to study, and to contemplate. Still, he remembers what the aliens told him, how humankind would shun his strange experience.

"No one will ever believe you when you tell them about us," he was told.

Joan Byrd, coordinator of the Helena Noetic Sciences Group, has maintained her own interest in UFOs and unexplained phenomena.

"We often deal with those frontier subjects that are not accepted by mainstream society," Byrd said. "When I finally pushed past my beliefs, I started reading accounts and looking at the evidence and I found it overwhelming and really convincing."

Byrd, who holds a doctorate in biology, said the earth shattering implications over the existance of UFOs has kept her interested.

Still, she said, there lies a social taboo that makes it hard for those who have seen UFOs to come forward with their experiences.

In the past year or so, Byrd said, more than 20 people in Helena alone have contacted her to report a UFO sighting.

"I talk to people about UFOs whenever I can," Byrd said. "People are having these experiences and there is all kinds of evidence."

Dworshak said the aliens he met in 1932 don't pose a danger to the human race. Instead, he said, they are watching us while carrying out their mission to study grasshoppers. Dworshak said he was told that the aliens don't want to interfere with the ways of the world.

"They keep 12 people on earth at all times," Dworshak said "They are right among us. They are from the 12th galaxy and the knowledge we've gotten over the last 3,000 years has come from them. They leave it and we just discover it."

The alien ship was a strange place, Dworshak remembered. The spacecraft's chairs would move to accommodate guests at the pointing of an alien finger. The ship itself had a force-field, allowing it to go invisible when needed. As for the aliens, he said, they looked surprisingly like a human but with twins.

"One alien looked very much like the next," he said.

Dworshak's 1932 encounter wouldn't be his last. Nor would he stand alone in his experiences. Local legend Udo Wartena's UFO encounter in the Big Belt Mountains in the 1940s drew national attention, and Dr. Jesse Marcel, a Helena physician, has his own story to tell.

Marcel's father was the intelligence officer at the Roswell Army Air Field in New Mexico in 1947. He was on hand when a UFO allegedly crashed nearby and an alien body was recovered. That night, he brought home pieces of the wreckage before taking them to the lab at the Army base.

"The foil was very light," Marcel told the Montana Pioneer in November. "It looked pretty flimsy, but it was more substantial than it looked. I didn't try to bend it or tear it, but my dad tried to bend it with a sledgehammer - he could not bend it."

Marcel said we're not the only ones "out here" in the universe.

"The universe is an awfully big place.... our galaxy is an awfully big place," he said.

Monday, November 28, 2005


Please go to the following URL and read the background information from Anonymous. It is very enlightening as to what has happened to cover up UFO information. http://www.serpo.org/index.html

Secondly, please read the announcement beneath the article for today. It was put on last evening.

By Preston Dennett

Everyone else in the class chose boring subjects like animals or planes. Alfredo wanted to write about something interesting. That's when it hit him, the perfect idea, something everybody as interested in. Yes, he would write his term paper on the subject of UFOs.

Alfredo had no previous knowledge or interest in UFOs. In fact, he was rather skeptical of such things. The idea literally came to him out of the blue sky! He'd heard of UFOs, but that was about it. He approached the subject with no preconceptions. And so he commenced his investigation.

Although Alfrdo was only eleven, he conducted a UFO investigation of extraordinary depth and breadth, entirely on his own, with no help from any adults. In a very short space, he covers most of the aspects of UFOlogy, even addressing such controversial issues as UFO skepticism, the government cover-ups, the UFO hostility question, animal mutilations, abductions and more. What's even more astonishing is that his term paper presents several solid conclusions regarding UFO reality. And most importantly, it provides us with a remarkable insight into how the children of America view the UFO presence today.

What follows is the written report of Alfredo Griffin's investigation into the subject of UFOs.

by Alfredo Griffin


The GovernmentSightings
All in the Mind
UpdateThe Truth


The government knows there are such things as UFOs, but they don't want to let you know that because they think there might be riots, like the one in LA. That's why very few people know this. Usually when people phone in and say, "A strange spaceship has crashed in my backyard!" they hang up and later on when you're asleep, the FBI takes the ship and replaces it with a weather balloon or some other junk, and then they say, "There was never a spaceship here!" The government will sometimes arrest you if you call in and say you saw a spaceship. They do this because they don't want to alarm the public. So don't show this to the government.


These are some sightings I read in a book. I think you should read them because they are interesting. I hope you enjoy them.

The Socorro Sighting
Category: Contact (remote)
Place: Socorro, NM, USA
Date: 24 April 1984
Time: 14.50 hours, full daylight
Weather: Fine, clear, some light
Percipient: Lonnie Zamora, age 31, Police Officer

It says here Lonnie was chasing a speeding car when he saw a blue flame of light and then heard a crash. Then he forgot all about the car and drove onto the desert and lost some of his sight. Then he saw a round sort of spaceship, and he wasn't lying because more people saw the blue flame. I think you'll enjoy the next sighting.

This is about a man who threatened an alien. Check it out.

Standoff At the Kelly Farmhouse
Category: Encounter
Place: Sutton Farm, Kelly, near Hopkinsville, KN, USA
Date: 21-22 August 1955
Time: Approx. 19:00 to 3:30 hours
Percipient: 12 members of Sutton Family and friends

The Suttons were rather poor farmers. The day when they saw that alien, they were terrified. They shot guns at it, but it seemed to disappear. There wasn't anything else interesting in the book, so this is all.


Many people have heard of being picked up by space aliens, and it's happened before. Some people have been injected with things that aren't for humans.

Category: Encountering, boarding
Place: New Hampshire, USA
Date: 19 September 1981
Time: Approx. 23:00 hours
Percipient: Barney and Betty Hill

These two people were driving in their car when they saw a spaceship. The got out of their car, then the aliens picked them up and studied them for two hours.


Some UFOs leave art behind them. We don't know how, but they leave designs on crops. They are found not only in Wisconsin, but in other parts of the world. Some witnesses say they heard a whistling noise when they were talked to by the UFO investigators.


What shape is a saucer? Most people think saucers are round spinning disks, and some are. But I can tell you that saucers are very unique and can reach remarkable speeds and do a turn so fast, it's unbelievable. Some that crash have survivors. One guy saw a few survivors die and the FBI took the other one away, so don't show them this report.


Some people think UFOs are all in the mind. They think they are optical illusions, but that's what they think. UFOs are real, not matter what. They're as real as you. Most of the reasons people think UFOs are illusions is because one minute you see them, they go so fast, and then you blink your eyes and they're gone. So when you think you see a UFO, it's not an illusion, nahhhhhh!


The mutilation of cows, horses and other creatures is found at farms and ranches. Most farmers think wild animals do it, but sometimes it's... dum-da-dum-dum... UFOs. People think UFOs take parts of animals to study and find out more of our world.


Most people don't believe in UFOs or aliens. They think it's just impossible, and I don't blame them. When I first started studying UFOs, I thought they were fake. But then I wanted to find out everything about them, and that's the truth. Did you know that UFOs are friendly, because if they weren't, they would blow us up.


1) UFOs are not fake;
2) Don't have a heart attack if you see one;
3) Don't call the government and tell them you see one;
4) Saucers are not all round
5) One minute you see them, and the other you don't.

And so ends Alfredo Griffin's school term paper. Alfredo definitely shows signs of being a budding IFO investigator. It should come as no surprise that the above work received an "A." In fact, Alfredo's paper was so good, it garnered an award as one of the best term papers in the entire sixth grade class. Says Alfredo's teacher, "This was a heck of a report! It was unique and personal, and I can tell (he) enjoyed doing it."

As we have seen, UFOs are having a tremendous impact on our children. This term paper clearly shows us how at least one child views the UFO phenomenon. And as the reader may have noticed, that child is taking UFOs very seriously indeed!
This article was in UFO Library magazine.

Sunday, November 27, 2005


By Leneesa

Some time ago I attended a UFO Contactee's conference in Wyoming. Many other participants had the "visitor" experience and were there also because of this fact.

The first evening and next morning, we were sitting around in discussion groups. At this particular time we were working with a young man from the South that had been mistreated by medical professionals -- as well as his own family -- due to being picked up by a UFO. I was telling the assembled group about this young man and my feelings on how he had been treated. I made the statement that others had been through similar traumatic mishandling by peers and relatives. In the small group I was sitting with, three persons raised their hands to say they too had also been treated that way! If that is so, then how many more are there we are not aware of and who have no one to speak up for them?

Because this case was coming to light with investigators, we will tell you a little about it.
The young man in question -- we shall call him Mike - was in his bedroom one evening lying on his bed. He heard a rumbling sound that made the walls vibrate. He looked outside and there was a light emitting from a large object hovering over his bedroom. After observing the object for a few minutes he found himself standing out on the lawn with only his undershorts on. He could not imagine how he came to be there. His feet were all covered with grass and he had what felt like a sunburn. He decided that he should get himself into the house as quickly as possible. As he was sneaking in past his parents who were sitting in the kitchen, he heard them talking. All of a sudden a huge flash occurred, allegedly by the UFO. His father asked his mother to see if the lamp had just blown out but his mother said it was not connected. He then thought it must be heat lightning.

After his father had left for work, Mike went into the bathroom to look at his eyes which were burning. He looked in the mirror and saw that his body was completely red as if he had been out laying in the sun. His mother asked him what he was doing up. He told her they had woke him up. She said, "Well you should have been up a minute ago because there as a huge flash of light." He said "Mother, I was up and I believe that flash was from a space ship." He asked her to come quick and see it before it went away.

Well, that was just too much for his mother. She told his father about it when he came home that evening. Since the father was in the Navy he decided to take Mike to the nearest military psychiatrist who happened to be in the army. Mike's father would not even consider that something out of the ordinary may have happened to his son.

When they were in the psychiatrist's office he asked the mother and father if they too had seen something. The mother was squirming, but she admitted she had seen the light from the spacecraft as it left. Mike said his parents were acting like they were afraid the psychiatrist would think they were as crazy as he was!

The psychiatrist sat at his desk tapping his pencil. He said, "Well there are very unusual things that happen but I think you need help." Mike asked him just what kind of help he was proposing that he needed. He said, "I am sending you to the local asylum for a month." Mike couldn't believe his ears. As soon as he was admitted they treated him for schizophrenic behavior simply because he said he thought he might have been picked up by a UFO.

As I said earlier that was years ago. Ever since that time Mike has been on the neurolleptic drug prolixin -- all against his wishes. Prolixin has developed into an affliction called tardive disconestia. Tardive disconestia is a condition that affects the muscles in the body. The individual cannot control his muscles and they do all sorts of weird things. In Mike's case he "chews" continually. He is now going blind from the drug and he cannot coordinate his fingers to play the guitar. He is a musical genius with a wonderful talent to play and write music. His condition has deteriorated to the point that he sleeps 70% of the time.

Mike remembers what happened to him on the ship. Examinations took place and implants were put into his nose and ear. He remembers how this happened. He has verification from a plastic surgeon that indeed he has been operated on in his nose.

When I heard about this case we were very upset and tried to reason out what we could do to help Mike. I wrote letters to the ACLU, Senators and Representatives, columnists and Whitley Strieber. Whitley Streiber sent $500 to help Mike's case because it touched his heart.

The ACLU reponded by referring us to an agency in Mike's home state. This agency helps those persons that are handicapped and cannot help themselves. Steps were being taken by this agency to have Mike taken off the drug.

Because the particular state he lives in is very fundamental in its thinking, they are not bringing up the subject of UFOs. Instead, they are using the testimony of a doctor Mike was recenlly sent to that said he could not understand what he was doing there - that he was not schizophrenic, and he did not need prolixin. However, anything in the legal profession takes time and Mike did not have any time left. He was going blind.

Once a person is incarcerated in a mental institution no one from the outside can gain entry to files nor help those persons illegally incarcerated. It is a government unto itself. At one point Mike hired a lawyer to help him. The lawyer tried to see Mike's files, but was denied access to them.

Hopefully, in the near future this "dark ages" practice will be abolished forever. By the weight of so many abduction/contact cases taking place perhaps scientists and doctors will realize that the participants are not crazy, they have had an unusual circumstance happen to them -- one that cannot be explained in prosaic terms.
This case was featured in UFO Universe, published by Tim Beckley

Saturday, November 26, 2005


Oct. 25, 1973
Near Eupora, MS

A 50-foot wide UFO hovered 2-3 feet above Highway 82 at twilight, seemingly suspended on a "beam of light." The primary witness' car lights went out and the engine died when it was 100 yards from the craft. Another car stopped just behind him. A second UFO hovered about 60 feet above the first, illuminating it with a light. Both craft were similar, like inverted cups, and had greenish-blue flashing lights. A catfish-like creature came out from the top of the lower UFO, holding onto a handrail. It had gray, fishlike skin, a wide mouth, one glowing eye, flipper-like feet and webbing between the legs like a "flying squirrel." It had feather-like objects on its back which opened and closed when it moved.

Oct. 19, 1973
Draguignan, France

Four youths in two cars drove up a small mountain (le Malmont) to investigate the sighting of an orange-yellow UFO seen earlier by a friend and his girl. No UFO was seen, but a diffuse white glow silhouetted a being approaching the group. Later two of the witnesses saw three entities pursuing their slowly retreating car. The entities were wearing one-piece suits with a waist-high red light. The head or helmet was square with luminous, rectangular eye slots. One of them wore a gas-mask with a veil covering the face. Their gait was slow and mechanical. Meanwhile, in the other car, the other two witnesses twice saw two sets of "red legs" crossing the road and later their car was swung sideways across the road, then back again. Other effects included heat, a smell of burnt insulation tape, the beings conversing with modulated whistles, one of the cars being shaken while parked, a powerful white light beam and E/M effects on both cars. No traces were found.

October 23, 1973
Nr Russell Springs, KY

A woman saw two 3 foot tall beings in her carport who walked around the side of the house and entered a craft sitting on the ground, which then rose over the house and disappeared. The men were reddish and walked as if on tip toes. The ground was disturbed where the craft had been sitting.

Oct 25/26, 1973
New Uniontown, PA

This complex report spanned about seven hours during the night. The main report involved a young farmer and two youth who advanced on a bright white domed object about 100 feet in diameter sitting in a field. The UFO made a lawnmower like sound. Two creatures, 7 and 8 feet tall, were moving along a fence about 75 feet away from the trio (they were 240 feet from the UFO). They both had long, dark gray hair and greenish-yellow eyes. Their arms hung almost to the ground. They seemed to communicate with whining sounds. Rifle shots were fired at the larger one, whereupon it moved its right hand up and the UFO disappeared and the noise stopped. The creatures slowly walked back towards the woods. Later a state trooper and a UFO investigating group noticed some strange effects, especially with the farmer, but no more sightings occurred. A strong definite odor was present at times and animals were affected. The farmer's auto headlights dimmed as he approached the UFO during the initial encounter.

Oct. 28, 1973
Nr Bahia Blanca, Argentina

A truck driver as abducted by two men and a woman, all about 5 feet tall with tight-fitting gray coveralls and long yellow gloves and boots. They had high foreheads and slanted eyes. They spoke among themselves in a buzzing sound, but to the witness when he was aboard with a radio. The UFO was shaped like a yellow plate and had a yellow light inside. Reportedly he observed lines from the UFO touching power lines and a lake. Llanca suffered from amnesia, nightmares and extreme anxiety for weeks afterwards. He claims to have a message from the beings which he can't divulge. He was on board 40-50 minutes.

Nov. 1, 1973
Nr Goffstown, NH

The first of a series of humanoid encounters in this area. Mrs. Florence Dow heard a thump on her front piazza, and saw a motionless figure wearing an old black coat with a wide-brimmed hat pulled down over the face. The face appeared to be covered with masking tape. The figured motioned to her with a gloved hand.
The above sightings were excerpted from Year of the Humanoids by David Webb

Friday, November 25, 2005


Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen

A renowned Finnish physician has risked her reputation by publicly declaring she's had 100 close encounters with space aliens!

Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen, chief medical officer of Finnish Lapland from 1975 to 1987, says she's been whisked aboard spaceships and been examined and operated on by extraterrestrials.
She also believes the space creatures have saved her life three times.

Dr. Luukanen lived in Geneva, Switzerland, with her husband Sverre Kilde, a Norwegian diplomat to the United Nations - was once skeptical of UFOs herself. But her incredible encounters have made her a believer.

"Dr. Luukanen is a woman of high integrity and not one to fabricate stories about ETs and UFOs," says Mirja Covarrubias, spokeman for the Finnish Consulate in Los Angeles, California.
In one early meeting, the doctor remembers a small alien giving her first aid until help arrived after her car was hit by a bus.

"The small ET was applying some sort of energy to my body in the area of my liver," said Dr. Luukanen, 50. "When I got to the hospital it was determined my liver was damaged. But the alien had prevented it from hemorrhaging and saved my life."

Another time she lost control of her motorbike and fell off. The bike shot into the air and almost landed on her -- but she says a force field deflected it.

And she said she narrowly escaped death when an elk jumped in front of her speeding car.
"An invisible force field deflected the elk -- and I was able to pass through the force field safely!"
Dr. Luukanen said her very first sighting of a UFO took place in August 1986 when she and a friend spotted a yellow sphere hovering 60 to 90 feet above a field in Rovaniemi, Lapland.
"I had never been so terribly shocked and scared before in my life," she said.

She didn't make too much of the sighting until 1988 when she was hypnotized at a parapsychology conference in Generave -- and suddenly remembered having had dozens of contacts with aliens! "Apparently the aliens had placed some sort of mental block on my memory so I couldn't disclose details of these events," she declared.

But she says with hypnosis she has remembered past encounters and became able to remain conscious when new meetings take place.

"Typically this is at night at 1 a.m. when I'm alone. Suddenly, the whole room I am in becomes bathed in light emanating from a UFO outside the window. My entire body starts vibrating and I blank out.

"I don't immediately recall the details of the encounter, but I do find myself mysteriously exhausted the next morning, and that's a tip-off I had a contact the night before."

She remembers meeting three kinds of aliens.

One type is three feet tall, has a huge head and big black eyes, but no nose or teeth.
The second type is like the first but has a large nose.

And the third type is about 12 feet tall, with a very small head and large dark glassy eyes. These aliens wear lab coats, gloves and hoods over their heads.

"I only saw the third type on one occasion when they were apparently performing some sort of operation on me," said Dr. Luukanen. "It's possible they placed a tiny implant in my brain. But I have no idea where it may be located or what its purpose is. I doubt a brain scan could pinpoint it.

"I'm not afraid of these medical exams and don't mind them. I sense that they are very positive in nature. I realize that I am part of a huge experimental project."

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


I received a letter in September from an experiencer in Colorado. He asked for help and since he didn't have a computer I wrote him a snail mail letter. This week he replied. I was a little shocked to see he had submitted his letter to me and my response to a local newspaper! I mean, if it was personal would you do that and use your own name? Since he put it in the newspaper without asking me I am going to return the favor and put it on my blog. The first letter is from him, the second is my response and the last one is the current letter he has written to me. Be ready for a little shock!

In my 30 some years as an abductee, aliens have taken me from my bedroom, my car and the food court of a regional shopping center. I'm sure it's a familiar narrative so I won't revisit it in detail. However, I would like to share an observation with regard to how the Grays have been treating me.

For years, the Grays have experimented on my body with an emphasis on anal probes. I've counseled with four leading researchers who independently agreed that I've been probed more thoroughly than most. At first, this was unspeakable awful, but as I gained insight into what was really happening, it became tolerable. While abduction hardly is pleasant, the probes were different. It's hard to explain. but I'm no longer ashamed to admit it's something I very much enjoy.

In the last few years, however, the Grays have stopped showing the same interest in me. They continue to probe, but without any enthusiasm. It's cold, quick and clinical. They still subtract my essential fluids. They still force me to hold human-alien hybrid babies, but on more than one occasion, they've neglected to probe me at all!

I'm struggling with the question of, "Is it them or is it me?" Why won't they probe me like they used to? One possibility is that I'm no longer "of age," but everyone tells me that I look five years younger than I really am. I'm frequently carded at bars and restaurants. I work out and eat right. I just don't get it.

My hope in writing is that others have made similar reports, and that perhaps we might all get together and learn something. I would appreciate your ideas on why this is happening (or not happening), and how it might be remedied.


Thank you for your letter of inquiry dated September 28, 2005

I would like to hear "all" of what has happened to you. You glossed over the different times you have been "taken." That is if you don't mind reiterating.

By you writing to me in the mail I assume you don't have a computer at your disposal.

Now what I am going to say about the probes on your body is my assumption and I cannot prove it but I think it is valid.

You were chosen or gave your permission before you were even born into this life to be part of a hybridization program to repopulate the planet in the future with positive, loving persons with exceptional gifts. I believe they extracted your semen to be used in this program. They chose you because you were a healthy vibrant male with good genes. They brought you one of your "children" so you could see what they were doing.

I believe that the way they extracted semen was by the anal probe using a type of "spark" or stimulant that produced the semen which they collected. This is the same method used in cattle reproduction programs on the bulls. Only in that case they use a cattle prod and when they apply the electricity the bull ejaculates at which time they catch it. A straw of the semen will sell up to $1,000 for prime bulls. I am not saying you are a bull but the method is similar.

Now if you liked the sensation you can find a way to do this on yourself by electrical stimulants. I don't know if this is what you were getting at but I felt it was.

If you want to check out more about the new children look up Indigo Children. They have talents that most of us do not have. One can even read photographs and books through the sole of her shoe by holding the object under it! It is amazing. Can you see how important it is to be part of this program? I think they have collected enough semen now and that is why it has slacked off.

You may think my explanation is off the wall but that is the way I see it. I hope this will make you feel better about what has happened to you.


I am writing this in hope that your insight and considerable sensitivity can provide a measure of comfort and perhaps even closure for myself and others.

Your suggestion that I research Indigo Children plus your 'down to earth' knowledge of breeding practices has compelled me to ask for your assistance, patience, and understanding interpreting what follows. "Thanks!"

During the 1st day of Gulf War II (Bush Senior) I was working in Salt Lake at the Federal Center downtown, supporting a rally to call for an end to that terrible Mideast adventure. Being a veteran, and an organizer of this action, I was in the street, interacting with motorists, pedestrians, and the Press. During a lull, a large dark SUV approached the Plaza in front of me, stopped, then discharged a number of quiet well dressed male bodyguards, a child ( 26" - 30" tall) and what appeared to be a "handler" or interpreter.

I was already within 3 - 5 feet of the curb and was shocked -- no, more CAPTIVATED by the child. I was on my knees in front of (him) without even realizing that I was! The "handler" asked me to explain what these people wanted, what they were doing, etc. His exact words were "would you please explain to (him) the child the concept of war?" I did so in a few moments as the child and I were face to face.

He said not a word, but I felt as if my very essence of understanding was being tractored out of my soul. This child possessed the most unusual eyes I have been able to experience. The pupils were vertical.

Since then I have had "dream/visions" (asleep) of mating with him, silent very effective females, being observed during the act, etc. I now have been celibate for a number of years. However the reproductive drive seems to intensify and I have a yearning almost obsessive need to mate with a normal female and sire children. HELP!!
I ask any of you, how would you reply to that letter and do you understand what is happening to this person? I was amazed that he said he still gets carded but he was working during the first Gulf War so he can't be too young?

I think whatever happened to him with the anal probes has stimulated something that he doesn't know how to deal with.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005



I was 15 years old and was headed to my room to study when I saw a bright blue and white light outside my east facing bedroom window. The next thing I remember is a 4 foot tall alien being "talking" to me with, I believe, his mind. I wasn't afraid and remember thinking to myself that I should be. I remember this being mentioning to me that he was an Atlantean, and when I asked him what that was he told me a special type of being from "far away". He also told me that I was of their "light" and that someday I would understand what that meant.

I remember feeling as though he was talking down to me (talking to me as though I was just a kid) and resenting that. Up till this time I had not been the best behaved teen. I have a facial birthmark that kept me pretty isolated and bitter at that time and of course I had better things to do than study and act mature. I matured quite quickly though after that first experience.

I also remember seeing a considerable amount of gold or things that had a golden colour and I believe I was on some kind of very large spaceship.

The next thing I remember from that "visit" with them is being back in my room huddled over my math book. I don't remember opening the book or even sitting down at my desk. I noticed several things after a few more of these "visits", the first is that I seemed to lose the chip on my shoulder. I also began to get better grades in school. Things came much easier to me, especially science.

I also remember a visit with my grandfather. He was in his late 60's and quite crippled with arthritis already. I remember really looking at him that day and telling him that I would pray for him, which I did. I took his hands in mine and prayed for him on the spot. A few days later he called me and said "I don't know what you did kiddo but I feel better than I have in years." Today my grandfather is still alive and still free of arthritis. I've also done that for a few of my pets and one stray dog that had been hit by a car.

Since that first visit there have been many more. They started on a nearly weekly basis in 2002 and have continued that way ever since. The Atlanteans evidently want to help mankind and, from what I understand, several of these children of light were placed here. I don't know if they are all Atlantean or not but I believe they have the greatest power with the most advanced technology and a desire to share that with us.

There are some things they mentioned to me though that bother them about us. One is that we are wasteful, especially with our natural resources. That seemed to bother them the most. The second thing that upset them is that some of us are ruled too much by materialism ( I assume money). They also implied that our Bible was "inaccurate" and that much of what MAN forbids is now conveniently included in "the supposed word of our God". There is some significance to the year 2007. I have had a very uneasy feeling about that year. In fact, I get chills just writing about it. I expect it is not going to hold a positive significance.

That's all for now.

Thank you for sharing. We look forward to more of your experiences. This is a positive experience which we all would like to have.

Monday, November 21, 2005


Extracted from CAUS
Source: Mike Harman

This is a story a friend told me:
When he first moved to Arlington with his wife and small children he worked at a paint store while attending college. (He told me the name of the paint store, but I have forgotten) and, as is customary in paint stores, there were several professional house painters who bought all their paint and supplies at this particular store and in return, the proprietor would often recommend these painters to his customers. As a result, there were painters who spent a lot of time hanging around this paint store.

One of these painters was, besides being an alcoholic, a very peculiar kind of guy. Some people even thought he was crazy. He lived in Arlington, alone, in a small house outside the city limits, which was at that time considered to be "out in the country." He often talked about being visited by beings from other planets and strange futuristic technology that they had showed him and space ships and the like. My business associate said most people paid very little attention to him and generally just thought he was weird, and this included everyone who worked at the paint store. He said that although he did not believe all the stories about aliens and space ships, he did feel a bit sorry for the guy and would at times defend him when others ridiculed him. And, as you may have guessed, this strange painter took a liking to my business associate.

At some point, the painter began to talk about his leaving this earth to go to live on another planet (He even named the planet, but my business associate couldn't remember the name) with the beings from this planet who visited him so frequently and showed him all their strange machines. The painter told my business associate that he had no family and that before he left this earth to go and live on another planet, he wanted to deed his house and land to my business associate. My business associate told him (with tongue in cheek) that "sure," before he left for outer space he could deed his house to him.

At some point, in deed, the painter transferred his house, and land and all his assets to my business associate. And, within a matter of days from doing so, the painter called him and told him to come to a certain field on his property at a certain time that very evening. He told him that he would be leaving this earth with the men from outer space tonight, never to return, and that my business associate would be able to see him leave on the space ship if he would be at the field at the appointed time.

My business associate told me that he thought the guy had really flipped, and that perhaps he had had a mental breakdown of some sort. He said he debated about whether he should go to the field at the appointed time or not, but decided that he would go because the poor guy might need help or something.

My business associate said that he drove up to the man's property, parked his car, walked to the particular field that the painter had specified. (He did not say whether he looked for the man at the house first, or not.) his particular field must have had berms or something surrounding it, because he said that as he approached, he could see a strange kind of green mist-like light coming from behind the rise of earth ahead of him. He said that when he reached the (berm) or levee or whatever, he looked over it and saw a saucer shaped craft of some kind hovering just a couple of feet or so above the ground and glowing green. He watched for a while and then the painter came out from somewhere, perhaps another berm, looked over at him, and acknowledged his presence in some way (I think he may have waved at him or he may have even spoken, I cannot remember). Then he said an opening appeared in this saucer thing and the painter entered. Then the thing shot straight up in the air and in a matter of only seconds was a bright dot that just disappeared.

My business associate told me that he never heard from the man again, to this day. He told me that after a while, when he realized the painter was really not coming back, he and his wife and children moved into the house that the painter had deeded to him. He told me that they did not stay very long. He said, "You wouldn't believe all the strange, eerie things that went on in that house." He added that some of the technology (having to do with computers and nanotechnology) that exists today are things that the painter had told them about that seemed so far-fetched at that time.

Well, that is his story. I would love to ask him more about it, but have not found the right opportunity. I have seen him once since he told me his story, but he was very busy, so I did not ask. He is a very no-nonsense kind of person, which makes me believe his story all the more.

Sunday, November 20, 2005


By Jim McCampbell

He telephones shortly after noon today, July 17, 1984, and excused himself then to close the office door. I suggested I would use that time to pick up some note paper, which I did. He indicated that in a separate incident; it must have been a court order or something like that, to Kodak Corp. to intercept some of his film; to either take it or copy it. He has a secret report where apparently his pictures that were missing are included. There are some reference numbers involved there and also including his case number. He is going to be sending me that information. He asked if MUFON would search it out and I said I couldn't say, although I might have sufficient interest to pursue it myself, and asked why he would not do it and he said that "perhaps somebody else could be more successful." This material came to him anonymously and I'm being very specific because it has some bearing on a piece of paper that we know about in northern California. "It is a piece of paper," quote. It describes this film and the tests that were performed on them, being very sophisticated. He indicated something else about a case number and referring to intelligence groups access, to a very highly classified--up in the 20 hundreds, which is a reference figure that I am not familiar with. The Air Force has claimed that this document is a forgery. The former Major Edwards is now a Lt. Colonel.

Paul offered, because he just voluntarily offered this information that Edwards is at Hann AFB in Germany and his home telephone number is ________. (On 1-8-86 he was Vice Commander AF Security in Albuquerque.) He is in charge of security there and has around 500 people. He said that Edwards might be somewhat reticent to speak freely because he knows that the National Security Agency monitors all the international calls.

I inquired about the other bases that were referred to in the Stigmata report or article. He said all that he knew that one was to the south, one to the west and one to the east and he doesn't want to know anything more about it.

I discussed the prospect of using the paper in the MUFON 1984 Proceedings to try to find the center of gravity for the mutilation cases from those maps that run from about 1972 to 1982 or 1983. The word gravity triggered in his mind another connection having to do with the Department of Interior that has a gravity department and they do in fact survey the US and publish maps indicating the gravity contours. There is a very weak gravity at the site near Dulce. He said that the craft are very sensitive to the gravity levels and that suggested that perhaps the other sites might also be located relative to weak gravity.

He indicated that the objects fly in a wobbly way. His pictures have shown that. He says "like the rocking of a boat." He has measured many right angle turns and also full 180 degree turns in a 20th of a second with the object still inside of the bow-wave. He has also observed and photographed the object or lights moving in a triangular pattern and square patterns. He says high powered radar can interfere with them.

I reported on the meeting that we had on Sunday afternoon and raised some of the questions that came out of that meeting. One of them was why not remove the implant? He said that this had been discussed and the lady witness finds that acceptable if she can be assured that there can be no nerve damage. He then went into great detail, which exceeds my knowledge of anatomy, in describing the location of the implants. One appears to be adjacent to and external to the cortex, which I think he indicated was at the base of the brain. The image in the CAT scan is of a very small helix, like it was joining two major nerves near the spinal column. Then on the lateral right side from the back, there is an implant of perhaps like the one above. Another is on the left side. Two others are on the forward part of the skull, which appear to be small 2 millimeter electrodes against the radial nerve. There is a shape to these things which he indicated is like a baby bottle nipple upside down, not the cap part, but just the nipple itself. (A note from Bennewitz: This shape is not the implants which are just round disks. ([On the top part of the skull]) The nipple things are worn externally as pick offs by the alien.)

(I raised the question of the USSR satellites seeing the base) He acknowledged that, and also that ours can certainly see it. He had a discussion with an OSI Photo Analyst who indicated that he had seen tracks up a hill and a launch location that was definitely not a rock but some kind of artificial construction. On the hazard of entering the area, I asked about that. He said that there is a risk if we went in on foot, but if a person tried to do that likely that the people would "zap" them. The odds are one might be accosted. But he thinks a helicopter would be safe. But what he wants to do is to do additional surveillance, then go in with a group. The larger number of people the better. A highway patrolman, a friend of his, is ready to go in at any time. He says one can't act on impulse. You have to plan out a program. He said four times he had near encounters and one was with this Major Edwards. He asked them mentally to be picked up. They were apparently scanning him. He doesn't "receive" anything mentally. He asked them to blink their force field twice if they were willing to do it and all four UFOs under surveillance did blink twice. He asked to be picked up on Sunday if he received one blink from all four UFOs, which were reported about 300 ft. from each other. He took this to mean "no." He asked if they were not authorized and he got a similar response. This established a code system by which some further communication was accomplished.

At some later time, an agreement had been reached for a meeting. He was on his roof and observed a UFO on the ground near an outer fence of the base. (This appears to be in reference to a government reservation.) An agreement seemed to have been reached to meet at the Northeast corner of the inner compound. Major Edwards picked him up and they went to this meeting place. He said "don't use the radio." They encountered two guards in India Section who had been ordered to fire upon anything that moves. They stopped their jeep and walked into the desert. There had been a miscalculation and they were in the wrong place. On three other occasions on some property he owns on 95 acres, UFOs came within 400 yards of him during daylight. Apparently, both he and the aliens "chickened out" on a definite meeting. We had a recorder at one time and waited until after dark (8:00 p.m.) and then pulled back for he said his voice on the recorder showed confusion. He said you monitor yourself constantly for confusion and psychological variations.
I asked who was flying the UFOs? He said aliens. He says they call the implants "alterations."
He thinks something should be done about all this and quick. UFO activity is still going on all around Albuquerque. It is hard to separate their activity from ground lights because they move slowly at less than 200 ft. Elevation, particularly over West Mesa where a lot of lovers go.

He has been observing that area with binoculars and then he talked about rotating the binoculars. (I inquired about this in some length.) If you rotate the ends of the binoculars, you will get vertical stripes that represent 60 cycle input to the light. For airplanes, you get 400 cycles -- you get the same type of bright stripes with different separation. On DC one sees only a spread out change their positions so apparently what he calls the MPS (manipulations per sequence/second) changes its frequency on a periodic basis, I guess. The MPS is visible on film in color at night. I suggested I would be helpful if he had a photographic record oft this spec and he said that this could never be possible. (Note from Bennewitz: What I meant was the binocular phenomena had to be observed. Photographing the phenomena would be difficult through binoculars.)

I inquired about his business and his solid state physics. I told him that was my bag too and I studied physics at night school in years after college and got just up to doctoral level, but never got a Ph.D. because I was skipping around the country trying to maximize my income and raise three children. He said that was his experience also. Specifically being temperature and humidity devises. Their equipment has been on the shuttle and most of their business is with the top 500 corporations.

His company is by Sandia on 1/2 acre and now building an additional 3500 sq. ft. building. There is another organization called Bennewitz Laboratory which is the research arm of Thunder Science Corporation owned 0% by the latter and operated by his three sons. They have invented a hearing device that has no moving parts that makes totally deaf people able to hear and in addition, expanding the frequency range plus 1000 Hz on the high side and down to less than 10 Hz on the low frequency end.

He said that he got involved in all of this merely as a hobby and it became an obsession. He simply wanted to know what was going on and to develop instrumentation to measure data, etc. Since the signals from the UFOs are very low frequency, down around 200 Hz and with an analyzer you just think you are looking at some noise. But I believe he said it was a memory scope that was able to filter out the signal involved there whereas ordinary filters do not. They trigger signals in an on and off fashion, instead of 0 and 1 volt representing that type of communication or signal a distinction is made between a narrow pulse and wide pulse. Each communication is preceded by four or five pulses.

He had previously been in touch with the OSI which has been verified in Clear Intent. But now he says that when he calls them, they won't speak to him so he is in a "shut out" situation. I pointed out that there were two OSI (Office of Special Investigation) and the other is CIA. He assures me that it was not the CIA group. He said the actual title of the group that he was dealing with was the "Office of Secret Investigation or Intelligence." He says they investigate the humans, that is the government. I mentioned to him that in Clear Intent that it said he was under surveillance. That happens to be in error. That information comes from somewhere else. But he quickly said "I know that I am under surveillance."

They set up a site across the street from his house with computers and recorders. A girl rented the house. He had a detective look into this and found that she was operating under an assumed name and she had no social security number. He has photographs of people coming and going with NORAD license plates, Air Force, A.F. Weapons Lab. He thinks NSA is orchestrating this.
For an entirely separate subject, he was told that it was a Washington source. The whole operation, the UFO base detail, is classified higher than the President. The President doesn't know about all of this.

He is also concerned that there are two levels of security involved. (1) Project Aquarius, which is TOP SECRET and another (2) higher than that; where people in charge of the higher level information having these new vehicles could simply take over the government. He called the Air Force intelligence headquarters in Washington. The Commanding Officer was not present but he talked to a Captain who was the adjutant or executive and started talking. He said "I know all of these facts, and this and that, and what do you think about that?" The Captain said, "Just write us a report and tell us what we should do about 'it''. So he prepared a 20 page report and Edwards saw it. He forwarded it by Federal Express and also a copy to the White House in a double envelope, indicating that sensitive material was in the inner envelope. Edwards got a call from Colonel Don _____ who was the White House Liaison to inquire who this Bennewitz fellow was. Edwards gave a positive report. The White House was extremely interested and issued orders "to get on with it; to do something, assuring Edwards that Bennewitz would receive a letter within two weeks." Such a letter was never received. Finally, Col. ____ from the Air Force Secretary sent him a letter eventually just pursuing the "Old Party Line" that said he should not be troubling the headquarters of the Air Force and the Executive offices of the White House with all of his stuff. Bennewitz showed this letter to Edwards who blew up and called Col. Don ____. They got an answer from the Air Force that they were not interested and knew nothing about it.

On another point: referencing the Stigmata article where the farmer thought that the two humanoids may have been naked. In the case with which he is dealing -- the woman and the son, the boy upon being questioned laughed, and he said "they had no fronts or behinds." I asked, "No sexual organs," and he said "Yes, no organs at all." He has received information concerning a high metabolism rate of the creatures, even birdlike. One of the witnesses, I think the woman who was being taken by the hand, said the hand of the creature was "red hot." He guesses that it must have been 115 degrees F. The creatures cannot stand uncontrolled environment. They wear suits for protection against excessive heat. They are fed by a formula and if they are short of that intake they will turn gray. They are a light -- yellow green when healthy. The heart is on the right side and they have one lung. Elimination is through the skin. The creatures are very strong.

(He seems to have very little knowledge of the literature and the organizations working on UFOs. I promised to scare up a copy of my book to send to him and also a personal resume to give him an idea of my background and copies of one or more of my papers.)

I asked about his reaction to the summary of the UFOs fields that I deduced that I relayed to him in the first call. (He thinks that I may be right.) He says that the UFOs can be detected by radar detectors and they also trigger highway patrol radar or police radar guns.

His friend Valdez, at his suggestion, was looking for a water intake to the site and within about 1 1/2 miles he came upon a flying saucer at a distance of about 300 ft. The Indians own the area -- are quite scared and very superstitious and 90% of them have moved into town.

The Chief of Police told him about an experience he had. A tribal chief had gone deer hunting on a mesa south of Dulce. Two days went by. When he didn't return, a search party was sent out. In the daylight on the mesa, a ship "hopped up" from down below and came up above the mesa. Two guys (human) kicked the tribal chief to the ground. Then they got into the ship and disappeared. He had been hunting and had "fell." He had a broken leg and he was picked up by these human people in the craft. The ship was black. Some of these humans wear black uniforms.

He discussed something about some devices called sphericals that have a sound when they move abruptly; and they are apparently remotely controlled little vehicles. Spheres are from 1 1/2" to 12' in diameter. We discussed weapons used by aliens and whether or not they are used to paralyze people. Yes, they consist of a cube about 2" on a side -- called a lens hung around the neck that emits a beam. Another on the ship produces a blue light that he has seen. It comes from a device about 4' high and 14" long with grid black lines on it. The color produced is very light blue which is like ionized oxygen.

He has not sought publicity on any of this. He is interested only in getting the facts. He did not object to the idea that I would send a copy of our telephone conversation to Tom Adams when I told him about my plan. He had received a call from a William Allen from Seattle, concerning an English publication of the Kirtland AFB case. I told him that if it was the same Bill Allen that I knew, it was a good contact, since I had become very well acquainted with Bill Allen at the 1983 MUFON Symposium in Pasadena. (NOTE: William K. Allen lived in Kelowna, BC, Canada. Bill Allen from Seattle recently died. He is not the same person as Bill Allen from Kelowna. I knew both of them. Bill Allen from Seattle wrote several books, one of them was "Spacecraft from Beyond theThird dimension." He was a Boeing engineer. Bill Allen in Kelowna was an APRO investigator.) The English publication seemed to be the Flying Saucer Review which I assured him was the leading publiication of its kind in the world. (Now defunct)

(So there is some more information that we can put into the equation of Paul Bennewitz and it is indeed a puzzling situation. I continue to get a reassurance that the guy is continually on the level and what he has to say should be taken seriously and not look into it in great details without being overly skeptical at the outset.) Jim McCampbell comments.

(A note on the bottom from Paul Bennewitz: "You are skeptical? If it were not happening in "first person" I wouldn't believe it either.) This paper was signed by Walt Andrus - September 19, 1984.
Someone in the government took what Bennewitz said very seriously even though they said they weren't interested. They ended up by putting him in a mental facility saying he had a nervous breakdown. A usual tactic to shut a person up that they don't want "spilling the beans!" How disgusting.

Saturday, November 19, 2005



He says that you can see saucers on the ground. He says there is a kind of a cone -- a large cone and the larger vehicles come and land on top of the cone with the top of the cone fitting into a hole in the bottom. There is an elevator inside of the cone and that goes down into the mountain or ground about one kilometer. You can see the aliens running around the base getting into the vehicles. They use small vehicles to get around that have no wheels. They are rectangular in shape and they levitate. They do not show up in color because they are highly reflective, but in black and white they are visible. He says that there are beam weapons that are floating in strategic locations and there is a road into the base. He obtained infrared photos of the area from an altitude of 14,000 ft. There is a level highway going into the area that is 36 ft. Wide. It is a government road. One can see telemetry trailers and buildings that are five sided with a dome. It is standard military procedure. There are many guard points and "stakes" and there are launch domes that one can see. Next to the launch dome he saw a black limousine and another at some distance off. The careful measurements showed that the limousine was the same length as his Lincoln Town car. It is a CIA vehicle. Also there was a blue van. He has been cautioned about these limousines as they will run you off the road if you try to get into the area and in fact somebody has been killed in that manner. To the North is a launch site. There are two wrecked ships there: they are 36 feet with wings, and one can see oxygen and hydrogen tanks. There are four cylindrical objects Socorro type -- two carrying something while flying. The whole operation is based upon a government agreement and a technology trade. We get out of it atomic ships that are operated by plutonium. The Cash-Landrum case was one of them. The doors jammed open and neutron radiation came out.

One is based at Holloman Air Force base and possible Ft. Hood, Texas. Refueling of the plutonium is accomplished at Los Alamos.

He had traced pictures of this base back to 1948 and it has been there starting in 1948. Pictures in 1952, you can see many saucers and the base and trucks in winter time. The road was "passed off" to the local inhabitants as a lumber contract. He has photographs (I believed) of the firing of a beam weapon that ejects in two directions. (That would be necessary on a flying saucer. The reaction forces would impede the vehicle.) He has computed the speeds of flying saucers at 15,000 mph an indicates that the pilots of ours are from NSA, the National Security Agency. The aliens have had the atomic propulsion system for 48 years and the saucers themselves operate on an electric charge basis having to do with a crystal semiconductor and maybe a super lattice. I think he said "as you increase the voltage, the current goes down." At present there are six to eight vehicles, maybe up to ten over the area and sometimes up to 100. They can be seen in the clouds. They go into the cumulus clouds and produce nitrogen nitrade. I speculate it is this you will see when you see black spots in the cloud. They eat holes in the cloud. If you can see black spots in a cloud, then you can tell that a vehicle is in there.

He says they come from six different cultures and in his communications that some come from a binary system, possible Zeta Reticuli and from distances up to and larger than 32 light years away. They appear to have one to three ships in earth orbit at 50,000 KM altitude. Based upon data he had to form the words to try to communicate and he produced a vocabulary of 627 words in a matrix form and uses a computer. The Flying Saucers we see are limited to operation in the atmosphere.

Now with regard to the cattle problem, the aliens are using the DNA from the cattle and are making humanoids. He got pictures of their video screen. Some of these creatures are animal like, some are near human and some are human and short with large heads. They grow the embryos. After the embryos become active by a year of training, presumably that is required for them to become operational. When they die, they go back into a tank. Their parts are recovered.

In 1979 something happened and the base was closed. There was an argument over weapons and our people wre chased out, more than 100 people involved. (Some place later he indicates further details on this point.)

The base is 4000 ft. long and our helicopters are going in there all the time. When it became known that he was familiar with all this, the mutilations stopped. They are taking humanoid embryos out of this base to Albuquerque.

He said there are still quite a few of the helicopters in operation. All are unmarked. They fly at night. He went up there himself in a helicopter and the OSI briefed the copter pilot and he thought perhaps the copter pilot himself was an undercover man. They saw helicopter pads up there - Viet Nam type, with bearing markers and the trees pushed off away from the location. It is such a wild area he said. He agreed to send me the coordinates of this base.

Regarding abductions of people, they pick out medium to low IQ personnel. They are able to scope out each one. They pick up these people and then put implants into them and take tissue samples; including ovum from the women, sperm from the men and DNA.

They can program these people as slaves to do whatever they wish and they will have no memory of it. The hard core type refuse to be x-rayed or hypnotically regressed. You can recognize them because of their eyes. He says "peculiar look in the eyes and expression -- with a funny smile." Hynek knows about all of this and has been in contact with Coral Lorenzen. (Editor's Note: Remember this was before Hynek died, also Coral died.) He regards Hynek as a government cover. At his house, he showed Hynek films and out in the back yard a flying saucer. He asked Hynek about his view with regard to abductions as to how many people might have been abducted. Hynek, unhesitatingly said about one out of forty.

He said that many people come to his door to see him, just "out of the blue" and he sees scars on the back of their necks. That previous old scars are easy to detect and that new ones are hard to detect. He feels that this is a sickening situation.

The aliens have gone wild and use hypodermics. He has been paralyzed four times and has been hit 250 times by hypodermics. He says they know you could and they do whatever they want to do and the above points have been verified medically.

A man came to see him with a top secret document that was dated in the 50's, indicating if anybody found out about all of this they would kill them. He was asked "doesn't that bother you? He said "no it didn't."

He said he had sent in some film to Kodak and there were seven rolls. They were Ectokrome G which could not be processed locally, so they had to go to Kodak. He does all of the film work commercially so that nobody could claim that he had monkeyed" with the film. His films come back, but one of them which was plain Ectokrome was missing for about 2 months -- when received nine feet was missing and this was close-ups of UFOs that he had taken. Missing pictures known to him showed up in a top secret document that he studied and the code name is Aquarius and it is a project of NASA. They are the ones that kept the film and copied it with deletions on Ectokrome and sent it back he suspects.

There have been indirect threats by the air force intelligence against him.
The location of the base is 2 1/2 miles northwest of Dulce and almost overlooks the town. It is up on a mesa. We discussed the similarity between everything we have been talking about here and the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind. He said he speculated the movie seemed to be a plan of disclosure. The coordinates of the location are not far off and the mountain where the actual base is looks much like the mountain the movie.

Here is what we got in the trade off. We got the atomic technology, the atomic flying ships. Several of them. The first one was wrecked on the ground and it can be seen and photographed from the air. A second one was wrecked. A third one was wrecked. Apparently this last one was repaired and was the one that was in Houston -- near Houston in the Cash-Landrum case. The second item that we get out of it, are the beam weapons. The beam technology and third (he speculates) is the thought beam. That is the means by which communication is accomplished. It is electrostatic in character with a magnetic artifact component and it is the only way of communicating with people. They have to have the implants in order to use it. In the crash that occurred at the base when there was a disturbance of some sort, the aliens killed 66 of our people and 44 got away. This was information from an alien computer input -- true? He does not know. Supposedly it was over an argument and they turned on us.
I discussed with him whether he wished me to relay any of this information to other people. He said he had no objection. He would like to review any writing that I might do, to make sure that it is right in advance, and also to make sure that the source of the information was given. I mentioned in particular, John Schuessler, who would be extremely interested in part of this data. (NOTE: John is now head of MUFON.)

I gave him a summary of my analysis of the electromagnetic environment around UFOs related to propulsion. He was going to study that, but he did not comment offhand. He was familiar with what the aliens called MPS which means manipulations per sequence. In an electromagnetic field that can be manipulated into many configurations and the craft can stall. In order to prevent that, this field is adjusted once every forty milliseconds. He has studied the trails from UFOs and they seem to break down into a pulse rate of 62 per second. Based upon the color movie pictures, there seems to be a blast of light and a spectral components and composition in there, with a Bow-Wave in front of the UFO with nitrogen showing green and oxygen showing blue but with the saucer being invisible. They can run into a car or airplane and this Bow-Wave will destroy them. Rockets can hit this Bow-Wave and be destroyed. They can't penetrate it. At White Sands he was shown pictures of an F-15 shooting rockets with a missile at a target and the saucers came in behind the missile, 30 ft. behind, and then flew through the explosion!! He didn't know what the purpose of the demonstration was, but suspected it might be just to show how invulnerable they are. But sometimes the saucers get into trouble and they are all consumed in some kind of way.

When he went up to Dulce in a helicopter, they landed and left some equipment there, but then when they came back the pilot was extremely nervous. Paul wanted to land on the base, but the pilot wouldn't do that. They came back to Dulce and landed at a small strip there, where they found two large Huey helicopters. The highway patrolman in charge there named Valdez went aboard one of the choppers and they found them to be full of commandos. They estimated a total of 75 commandos, fully armed with M16 rifles and rocket launchers. They did not have any indication of rank. They only had shoulder patches on. The helicopters were part of a project called Blue Light and they were from Ft. Carson, Colorado according to an OSI input. When they left they were escorted by these two large Huey helicopters. As they were flying along -- in the background, they saw rise up -- one of the advanced space technology vehicles that looked like a manta ray with a negative dihedral and projections coming down. It flew vertically past the two accompanying helicopters. Paul feels that it is imperative that this information be released because he feels that it is unconstitutional for the government to be involved in such an arrangement that invades the privacy of the individuals by the implantation's. He said that "once they have been tampered with by the aliens, they are never the same." (I suppose one can easily believe that. Jim McCampbell comment.)

So it appears that for the privilege of collecting the biological materials in the mutilation of and the abductions and the operations on board the craft, the government has allowed this to go on and even to assist for the privilege of getting the nuclear flight technology, the beam weaponry and the thought beam technology, plus also the embryos which are flown out of the base. (A rather fantastic story -- Jim McCampbell comment.)

Paul strikes me as being an extremely conservative, extremely knowledgeable and reliable scientist, who was intimately familiar with sophisticated laboratory equipment. He is thoroughly scientific and reliable. (Jim McCampbell evaluation.)

The base was started in 1948 showed major construction of the base from the photographs that were studied.

Jim McCampbell

Friday, November 18, 2005



For those of you who are not familiar with the Bennewitz case, this will be new material but for those of you who are, perhaps you have never read this particular interview.
This is Jim McCampbell making a recording of a remarkable episode on July 13, 1984. It has to do with a UFO base, cattle mutilations, advanced weaponry, contact with aliens, etc.

The episode began about a week ago when I received a little semiannual periodical titled Stigmata. It is Number 21, the First Half of 1984. This little bulletin is prepared by Thomas Adams of Paris, Texas.

He has a rather lengthy article. One finds points of interest on page 9 and I suppose the only way to pursue this is to read what he has here as it is fundamental to the entire story.

Quoting "In May of 1980 a most interesting event occurred in northern New Mexico. An event similar in many respects to the Doraty case. A mother and her young son were driving on a rural highway near Cimarron, New Mexico. They observed two or more craft and as Judy Doraty did, they observed a calf being abducted. Both observers were themselves abducted and taken on separate craft to what was apparently an underground installation, as well as the dead animal she had observed being mutilate in the field. It has been alleged that she also observed a vat containing unidentified cattle body parts floating in a liquid, and another vat containing the body of a male human.

The woman was subjected to an examination and it has been further alleged that small metallic objects were implanted into her body as well as into her son's body. More than one source has informed us that CAT scans have confirmed the presence of these implants.

Paul Bennewitz, President of his own scientific company in Albuquerque and an investigator with the Aerial Phenomenon Research Organization, has been the principal investigator of the case. Interviewed in his office in April 1983, Bennewitz reports that through regressive hypnosis of the mother and child and his own follow-up investigation (including communications received via his computer terminal which ostensibly is from a UFO related source), he was able to determine the location of the underground facility; a kilometer underground beneath the Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation near Dulce, New Mexico. (Since 1978, one of the areas of the US hardest hit by mutilations or whatever.) Bennewitz's information is that this installation is operated jointly as part of an ongoing program of cooperation between the US government and extraterrestrial UFOnauts. The story continues that after initial contacts years ago, the aliens agreed to give "us" certain technological advances while we provided them with the location for the New Mexico base and at least three others. Plus, the aliens were to be allowed to carry out certain operations, abductions and mutilations without our intervention. The mother and son, by the way, were returned back to their car that night. Since the incident, they have suffered repeated trauma and difficulties as they attempt to recover from the episode. We pass this along because the account is, of course, most crucial if true; but we are not in a position to confirm the alleged findings. Hopefully, more information regarding this incident will be aired in the near future. We can only consider such reports while continuing to seek the evidence to refute or confirm." That's the end of this remarkable quotation from Stigmata.

As I have been studying the idea of bases for aliens for some time, this has caught my attention and I also suspected cooperation between the US Government and the aliens. It also gives the name and locations of a man who has his own scientific operation, Dr. Paul Bennewitz. I tried to get in touch with him. Through the telephone information service I was able to do so. I got in touch with Dr. Bennewitz by telephone and indicated that I had seen this reference to him and his work and I wanted to find out whether he was being misrepresented or whatever. I told him that I would Xerox a copy of it and forward it to him for comments, which I did. This morning, July 13, 1984, he telephoned me and said that he, having looked over the article, found that it was substantially correct. I forgot to mention that in my letter to him I said that none of the details that wre in this particular article gave me any strain. Then Dr. Bennewitz, who I will refer to as Paul... He took time to close the door to his office and elaborated upon the whole story and the conversation lasted somewhere near an hour. It is rather mind boggling and here is the substance of that telephone conversation.

The article is basically accurate and he does have the coordinates of the base. He is a physicist and he started four years ago to determine in his own mind whether UFOs exist or do not and he has gotten much more deeply involved than he ever intended. It has caused him a great deal of trouble from the government intelligence groups. He has pictures from the location. He went with a Highway Patrol Officer and they saw a UFO take off from a mesa at the location. He obtained photographs and what he calls launch ships were 330 ft. long and 130 ft. across. The cattle rancher named Gomez and he went back to this location which is a mesa and saw a surveillance vehicle which was about 5 ft by 10 ft, like a satellite, he said. Hehad been using a Polaroid camera and then got a Hasselblad to produce much better pictures. He set up a monitoring station and observed that UFOs are all over the area. He was also able to pick up signals and obtain video pictures that are transmissions from the aliens screens. He has been dealing heavily with a Major Edwards, Security Commander of Manzano Security. He and his wife saw four objects outside of a warhead storage area at a range of about 2500 feet and obtained movies of them. He now has about 6000 feet of movie footage, of which 5000 ft is in Super Eight. The objects have the ability to "cloak." That is his word, spells CLOAK like cloak and danger, like cover up and he says that they can cause themselves to go invisible by a field that causes the light waves to bend around the object and that one sees the sky behind them.
He confirmed the fact that the woman was picked up when she accidentally observed the calf being abducted. He has paid for a pathology work and a medical doctor work. The pathologist is a former head of the microbiology department of New Mexico University. They have done CAT scans to show that the woman did in fact have an implant in her body.

She has a vaginal disease like streptococci-bacillus and tried many antibiotics to destroy the bacteria. That it has survived off the antibodies themselves. The aliens keep hassling her.
Paul kept the woman and her mother at his house and the UFOs were flying overhead constantly. There is no ESP involved, but it is just plain physics.

They send a beam down. They have a beam through which they can sense her thoughts. They can communicate through this beam. She picked up their transmissions. He devised a means of communication based upon hex ASCII code; one is equal to "no" and two being "yes." Through this code he has been able to talk to the aliens. He then computerized the system that would reject extraneous inputs. He said that they can be very threatening and malevolent. One of them he talked to said that he would drop off communication if he became too familiar. He was told about the base.

He then told the OSI of the Air Force and gave several presentations to high level Air Force people in briefings on the subject, Wing Level Command, and many others, including this fellow Edwards.

After he gave his presentation he was taken twice by helicopter to the site; once with an OSI agent and the next time with a Col. Carpenter. He made photographs.

To be continued tomorrow

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05:31 PM PST on Wednesday, November 16, 2005
By SAINT BRYAN / Evening Magazine

According to recent polls, almost 50 percent of Americans and millions of people around the world believe that UFO's are real.

An alien race invading planet Earth and taking over – it's an idea so powerful, it has drawn millions into movie theaters.

But isn't that kind of stuff pure fantasy?

Not to Seattle inventor Michael Menkin.

"We are being invaded right now," he said. "And they're taking children as well as adults."
Menkin, a brilliant technical writer who's worked for Boeing and NASA, has spent much of his life gathering evidence of alien abductions.

Among the most disturbing are dozens of drawings by a 9-year-old Texas girl named Ariel who first began drawing aliens five years ago.

Ariel has tried to illustrate telepathic communications and she has drawn pictures of herself on an examination table, aliens coming for her brother, and she playing with little alien babies.
Her mother Joni felt afraid, because she too she says has been frequently abducted by aliens.
"This may sound crazy, but I also have memories and I have memories of this baby being removed from me, being taken more than once," she cried.

What's going on? It's a mystery only science can resolve and yet remains largely unexamined.
What we do know is that there are as many as 3 million Americans who believe they've encountered aliens and among hard-core believers, one frightening theory for these visits comes up over and over again.

"What the aliens are planning to do is put their own race on our planet, so their process now is to create that race that uses some human genes mixed with their genes, as fantastic as the story sounds," said Menkin.

The babies Ariel drew, Menkin says, are all hybrids – part human, part alien.

"They start taking children when they're a very young age," he continued. "They actually have these children play with their hybrid children to teach these hybrids how to be humans."

Because mainstream science has scoffed at such ideas, Michael Menkin has decided to take the aliens on himself.

His weapons: a hair dryer, leather helmets and $200 rolls of an antistatic product called Velostat.

"Right now the Thought Screen Helmet is the only thing the entire human race has to stop the aliens," he said.

The secret is in the Velostat. Menkin says it jams alien telepathic communication.
"People wear this and when they wear it, the aliens cannot communicate with them and it actually works better than I thought it would," he said. "I found that in a lot of cases the aliens don't even come down when they wear the hat."

To date, Menkin has sent more than 50 thought screen helmets around the world. He says they're free.

"I'm not making any money off this," he said.

Joni also wears one of the hats. She says she no longer feels afraid. Ariel also wears a helmet.

Menkin says he gets ridiculed a lot.

"My strategy is, if I keep making more hats and keep finding more abductees with hats, then I get more evidence and that's exactly what's happening," he said.

Menkin isn't giving up.

"I'm 100 percent convinced," he said. "I work almost every weekend either making baseball caps or leather hats, so I must be convinced."

Ever since "Close Encounters" enchanted moviegoers in the 1970s, scientists and UFO-believers alike have been dreaming of the contact experience.

Menkin came by his fascination with "things interplanetary" at a young age.

"My father was the creator of Captain Video, which was the first science fiction television show which ran from 1949 to 1956," he said. At its peak, more than 125 stations carried the program.
He also read science fiction. In fact, it was Doc Smith's 1951 classic "Gray Lensman" that gave Menkin the idea to develop thought screen helmets.

Michael Menkin wants to wake up the world. He says it's already happening
If you want to write to Michael Menkin his e-mail address is:

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Transcript of a hypnosis session
Hypnotist - Leneesa

There's something in my tent. Somebody is coming in my tent. I see him. The flaps on my tent flies open. I can see the shadow. I can see a blue light. How did they do that? The trees are there but this thing is over the trees. How did he get down here? That man -- he is down here with me. That man that came from the ship. The one that has the blue light that is over the tree over my tent.

Why is he lifting me up like that? He's not using his hands though. Whoooo - he is pointing his hands at me and I am floating. I am going up, I am going up! I am going up into that thing but I am laying down. I can't move, I am spinning. Here he comes, he is coming in there with me. He tells me that -- that light has disappeared??

I am lying on a table now. There is a little door. I see two people. Two things and they look like that one guy that was out there. He's tall. Tall like that man I saw before but he doesn't have the same face. Oooohh... I can see him good. He has a face like the one that looked at me through the window but he is tall. His ears stand up on the sides of his head. Straight up. He is telling the one to do something. I am not laying down any more.

I am sitting up against the wall. There is a seat built into the wall. I am looking up now. We are preparing to go on a ride. That is what happened -- they took me off the table.

They examined me before. They stuck a needle in my foot. They stuck a needle in my foot!! In my left foot in the bottom of my foot! What is that stuff you are putting in my foot? He speaks in my mind -- "It will help you. You need this." Why is he sticking that in my foot? (Getting excited) I don't want that thing in my foot. Don't stick that thing in my foot (crying). He tells me I am okay. They use the blue liquid to break down the atoms in my body. It has something to do with the blue light. It is a transporting system. That is how they locate me, by the blue liquid. The use that stuff -- liquid, fluid -- on all contactees. It is nothing from this planet. That blue liquid came out of me one time. It came through my nose. I don't have any shoes on. I have clothes I had on in my sleeping bag. I see my black pants and I have my black and white shirt (on).

I am sitting on a chair. There is somebody sitting in that window there. Somebody on a small chair. There is somebody at the window looking at me through the little door there. I didn't see that before. This thing is big. I see myself up against the wall. This looks like a space ship. I have never seen anything like this before. It's got a seat that goes up the wall. Like.... there is a panel on the wall and it has buttons on it. I have seen that before! This is a funny looking ship.
This person is looking through the door. You know there are three people on this ship. Two little, myself and somebody looking through the window. The one looking through the window I have seen before! I am looking around, I can just about see everything now. The floors are funny. Little tiny holes of some kind. There is nothing underneath them. It is black. I can see that, there is that guy sitting at the window and the guy that stuck that thing in my foot.

OOOhhh, now he is starting to sit down. I think we are going someplace. He's sitting down and there is a door the other guy keeps looking through. He smiles at me. I have seen him before, he smiles at me again. Is he teasing me? It's the same guy that looked through my window as a kid. He's there with those guys but he is like a kid too. He knows me. He is 200 years old but the other guys are much older. He is just a kid. All them guys have big heads, little teeny lips, long necks and a robe on the back of his neck. He has a silver one too. Ooohh boy, I like that suit. He has a metallic cover and a red suit -- something coming out of the top. It is like wings. It is a good looking suit. He is a Commander of that ship.

Look at his feet! He has weird feet. His feet look like a chicken's feet. Four toes -- no complexion -- just grayish white. His feet are like his face, the same color. They look alike almost, except one is 3 feet tall, one is four feet and one is seven feet.

That seven foot one is a Commander. I can tell he is a Commander because that guy that is sitting by the window is the same but he has different colors. Same type cloths but different colors. Not different colors but different color shirt that comes under. I am not sure that is a shirt or a one piece suit but it has wings like over the neck. The collar stands up. Standing up like a wing.

These guys are going to take me on the ship. We are already there. We are going through a tunnel -- an opening in the earth's atmosphere. A window. We are going through a window in the sky. I want to see all the stars! The stars there. Oh, yes, we are coming into a base. There is a bigger ship. We are landing. There is another dimension. It is there. Nobody is going to know. It is so big - I have never seen anything so big. It is sitting over the top of Earth. It is above Earth. We are going forward. It is opening up.

It looks like a bubble. It's a round bubble. (The ship they are approaching) Big windows. I could see inside -- we are going inside it. There are hundreds of people inside it. I can see the people even before we go into the ship. This thing opens up and it opens up and it is two wings like, oh yeah, it is opening up and letting us fly in. There are more of those ships. This is the landing base. This is where they land the ship too. There are people walking around and it looks like an airport -- like an airport that is indoors. It is different. We are landing now, we are turning in different positions.

It has different people. There are people dressed up like earth people, no -- there is people there, there's people like you and me there. The little ones, machines, androids, there is different races and combinations. There's the one who picked me up.

Their walking me out now. Taking me out of the ship now. They are holding my arms. All three of us are going down the ramp. The Commander is there. I keep staring at him too. I don't know why he is there. He has bubble eyes. He is so intelligent. Why is he looking at me? He knows too much about me. I don't like that feeling. He knows more about me than I know about myself. He looks like an insect. I don't know... They take me there, they are taking me off right now. They are taking me to another level.

There are rooms there. I can see. There are many, many other rooms there, not just rooms but space like open areas like a cargo bay or something. It is humongous. Bigger than a football field.

Just inside where they put the ships are smaller ones. There are also rooms. People are laying on tables with bubbles laying over the top of them. Is that what they are going to do to me? I see all these people there. They got these people there. They put these people there. They put these people there but they don't look like they are dead. There are hundreds of people. There are 20 rooms, more than 20 different rooms, they got bubbles. That doesn't look like a door there, how do they get inside there? I see that door now. It slides open. They take me through that door. They take me in that room. All these people laying upon these tables.

He tells me that I have seen this before. Don't be surprised. You have already seen most of these things. You are the one who got this idea and we need you, we need you to do the things we want you to do. This is why we brought you here because in time you will be asked what this room is. This room is the salvation of our souls. Yes, you see the bodies but the souls are fluid and the souls, what do they have to do with the souls? They take these people's souls. Oh! That's why they do this. That is why these people disappear. These people are from places all over the world. From all over Earth. These people have been kept alive.

This ship is a "transformation ship." This is what they call this. It's a "light city." "The Light City." This ship is known as a light city and it has carried these people and this is what they are telling me. They tell me that this ship has been traveling around Earth for thousands of years and these people are there to be kept for the time of the changes. These people have been missing for a long time. They have been missing from Earth because they disappeared. They have been taken up. They are kept suspended to be possessed by the souls of their fellowman.
We need these bodies to be placed upon the earth when the time of change comes. They will return to Earth when the time is right. They will return to Earth to guide us through these times. These bodies, these souls of light are carried into the next generation. We take care of these bodies with that power. We keep them suspended in time because there is no time in space.

Yes, they have been reported missing. The people on Earth know these people have disappeared but in time in another generation they will return. Their souls are suspended in time also.

The souls have been taken, but they are not in danger. God protects them. They are alike too, they are like us. They chose this, they chose these bodies. Like these bodies were not of use any more. My body has been chosen too. But my soul has been kept in my body.

Ohhh... I have been in this place many times and they told me the reason my body was not.. the reason my body was taken out was so I could experience this. When I left the Blue star I made a decision. They took me, they said my soul has been in thousands of different bodies. My soul is an old soul. My soul -- old soul. My soul went though changes on this Earth many times. My soul has traveled around the Universe in other galaxies. My soul is like a beam of light that shineth from the beam of light from the stars of the sky. My soul is the energy of the sun. My soul is one like all. It is that soul that shall lead you to your destination. You will be called upon to take the courses of the times. You do not remember this. "Why is this my decision?" "It is happening for a reason."

They have taken all these souls -- all these bodies -- their souls to complete the energy. Souls for use as a power source of energy. God is all the souls. They have taken all the souls because there was no longer a use. Oohh, I understand. Their souls were taken from their bodies because their bodies wre no longer of use and replaced them in other bodies. This is how they do that.

When we are kids we choose a body and once our souls have went through a change in that certain body, the souls are taken back out but they are not used as well and placed in others of more convenience to the plan!

They keep saying, "The Plan." "The Plan" is the time of the changes. Your life will be what you generate upon this Earth. Many souls have possessed other bodies of people, I understand it. They take the souls out of the body that are not of use to that body and replace it into other bodies for their experience to learn. All these bodies learn different things because of the plan -- each person has a different job, each person has a different mission.

Power is the ultimate power of all the souls. Power will be given to that power.

I can stop that war. That war will end. I will stop that war. I will be that man that stops that war. (?) Through the powers of God. God has chosen me to lead my people through this time. The people are one. We are all one in the Universe. Our God is power and energy. He is not a man. We are all God. We are God in a different soul for that energy is the source of all creation. All creation upon this Earth, in the stars, upon this ship, upon this galaxy, everything is God.

The people will have left this earth. This place will be devastated. The change in mankind. It will happen so fast.

(Speaking to Leneesa) You are the teacher of the souls from the time of (what sounded like) Equopod. The Equopod was the time of the ages of Equo. In ancient times. It was the time of teaching the souls of the Universes. It was your goal to lead these people through these times. Your goal is to teach us that we are the ones of the Universe. Your purpose is to wake us up. Your purpose is to wake us up to the times. You don't know you are very special and you are always. We are all one. Love is the people of the soul of the universe. We must love each other. God loves us all. God of the Universe.

We chose -- each one of us contactees, to do certain things. Each one of us have a mission. Each one of us must lead our people. Each one of us who believe will be saved from the devastation. Earth will change. It will change.
Comment: This man came down from Alaska to confer with me because he kept remembering the blue light. He was a black man, a cook in Alaska, and had never been interested in UFOs and knew nothing about them. He was very nervous and afraid of hypnosis but we endeavored and the above is what came out! One of the most interesting sessions I was privileged to be part of.

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