This blog has been created to inform the public about the UFO subject. It also contains peripheral phenomena. Created by Aileen Garoutte, previously Director of The UFO Contact Center International.

Friday, July 27, 2007


In March of 1986 the Boeing Paraphsychology Club sponsored a "Psychic Fair." This happens twice a year.

The UFOCCI purchased a booth where we showed documentary films, sold books, asked people questions about UFO experiences and sold the Missing Link, our monthly publication.

A man stopped by the booth to see what we were offering. He picked up the UFO CONTACT FROM THE PLIEADES book by Lee and Britt Elders. He carefully looked it over, then sat it down and walked away. Soon he came back. He had gone to his van to leave the psychic fair. Sitting in his van he thought about the book. Should he go back and buy it or not. With big decisions in his life he listens to his inner voice to nudge him yeh or ney. It was yeh. He came back and bought the book.

That was my first introduction to Jim Van Avery.

After reading the Plieades book Jim called me and asked about the Billy Meier's case. I told him I had several videos on it if he would like to see them. He asked if he could come over and look at them at my house.

I always felt "the boys upstairs" had sent Jim to me. Jim has been very helpful to the UFOCCI. He soon attended his first meeting. That was the last meeting that Dan attended.

Jim became very interested in the phenomena behind the abduction cases. His particular interest was the out of body phenomena, or OBE. He has just about every book written on that particular subject.

Jim is a digital design electronic engineer. With his background he has the fundamentals to try and understand the mechanics of propulsion systems which so many of the contactees are being given information on.

Jim is also a clinical hynotherapist. He studied with the Everygreen Center Institute under Nora Teeter.

He has been very good to the members of the UFOCCI. Jim drives his van and takes many of us to conferences, lectures, etc. In the summer of 1987 Jim drove 5 members to the Rocky Mountain UFO Conference in Laramie, Wyoming. Another member followed in his pickup. We set up the C.B. before we left home so that we would be in constant communication. Our theme song, "On the Road Again," was played on Jim's tape deck to Jerry in the pickup. Now you will know where the title of this book came from. Thanks to Willy Nelson it has become "our" song.

On the way to Laramie we camped overnight at the KOA Campground in Boise, Idaho. That night one of the members saw a UFO out over the desert near the power lines.

I decided that Jim should have an active part in the UFOCCI. At a UFOCCI Board Meeting we voted to install him as Associate Director to the overall organization.

At the 1987 Jorpah Jim acted as Master of Ceremonies, proving to be adept in every department. He also recorded the Jorpah on video tape on his Pansonic video camera.

Some of the unusual events that happened at Jorpah have previously been described, however, there are a few highlights that I would like to tell you about.

In 1985 we decided to put on a play for the entertainment night. The play was about a Star Master in charge of representatives from different planets in our solar system.

The Canadian UFOCCI group was invited to be in the play also. This led to a problem. All of the members in Seattle had many play practices but the members in Canada only had their scripts. They would have to fit into the play on the appointed night without any practice.

The star of the show was Ralph Blasbalg, from Vancouver, BC, who played the Star Master. Each person had designed their own costume, as had Ralph. Some were unique and deserved prizes for their innovatiness. Ralph was truly the star. When he came into the lodge everyone went into hysterics laughing. Ralph wore black leotards, a long white cloak down to his thighs, and a crown and scepter. Every time he talked the crown lit up. As he tiptoed in he kept raising his cloak in a little dance step.

You would have had to be there to appreciate the play. The actors laughed more than the audience. I don't think anyone remembered their lines.

The person who played the Blue Marble World Representative was just as funny as Ralph. Ron Chaput who is about 6'3" and weighs around 250 came in a dress made out of aluminum foil; a wig of yellow, blue, pink and green and his face painted blue.

By the time the play was over,, it resembled nothing as it was originally intended. There will never be anything to replace that play.

At the 1987 Jorpah we were all hoping to see something. Most of us were in bed around 11:30 p.m. on Saturday evening. I was sleeping beside our assoicate director from Virginia Beach, mainly because someone broke their leg the previous year getting out of the top bunk in the middle of the night. All of a sudden someone outside started yelling UFO, UFO. I woke up with a bound - straight over Barbara Nielsen - in my sexy red nightgown, without shoes, or robe, I flew out the door. People were running out of their cabins from all over the grounds to the parade ground situated right in the middle of Camp Long.

As we got down to the open space of the parade ground everyone was looking to the northwest portion of the sky. A pink lighted ribbon like object was traversing the sky going to the southwest. As it moved along it changed shapes but was consistent in its movement. As we watched the letters I- L - V - U were made in the sky.

There were approximately 25 people who had assembled, all jumping up and down and hugging each other. Of course, I was freezing because of my red nightgown. It was the most exciting point of the Jorpah (the ufo). That was when I realized I didn't have anything on except my nightgown!

Of course, on Saturday evening at the entertainment portion the men were very excited! Lozanna Elwood, my daughter from New York City, hired her previous ethnic dancing group she used to be a member of to dance for us. Most of them were belly dancers. One theater dancer performed a dance called "Metamorphosis." It was very unusual. The dancer came out in a gold mask, a tall black feathered head dress, and a black caftan. As she danced she slowly removed both the head dress and the caftan revealing a very unusual costume of fringed beads on a body suit. The music was exotic to accompany the dance.

In 1986 I flew to New York City to visit my daughter. I made arrangements before I left home to visit Budd Hopkins in New York City. My daughter and I visited him one afternoon in his apartment. Budd was very hospitable. He told us about a well known writer that was writing a book on his abduction. It was Whitley Streiber. However, at the time he would not reveal who it was. I presented him with a book of past "Missing Link" newspapers and he gave us a tour of his studio to see his unusual art pieces.

In 1987 Budd came to Seattle to be on the Good Morning program at KING TV. A group from our organization were on the program also. Several of us were able to talk about what had happened to us personally.

After the show we went to lunch with Budd. He told us about many interesting cases he was working on and we exchanged a few of ours. Basically we wanted to listen to what he had to say.

At that time he gave us a copy of his "Kit" he presents to contactees. It is in total opposition to what our organization stands for. I am wondering what is the basis behind his views.

The Kit explains to the contactee that he/she should not join any UFO group; that they should stay to themselves but find a buddy they can discuss their hypnosis with but not their case. This seems like an attitude without compassion for the person.

Our organization was founded because the witness had no one to discuss what happened. Parents, spouses, peers had no inkling of what a contactee goes through. Therefore, in many cases they sought pychiatric help for the family member because they personally were unsable to cope with the trauma exhibited.

When contactees come together they are able to discuss their unusual events with each other. At that time they find there is nothing at all wrong with their minds because others have had the same experiences. Through this interaction they feel much better about themselves and are able to integrate this into their everyday life.

Similarly other "pseudo" scientific investigators have been less than scientific, or compassionate, in their dealings with abduction cases. In follow up calls after very good cases we have found either the investigator never came to talk with the person at all, or the investigator had preconceived ideas about what happened and never followed up on some of the best cases that we have encountered. In the meantime the person was left wanting.

To my sense of justice this is the most outrageous injustice. Whenever possible I try to help these people understand what has happened without interjecting my own thoughts into the case.

To describe what I mean I will give you an example of several "good" cases that MUFON neglected.

The first one took place on November 12, 1987 in Baker, California.

Thursday, July 26, 2007



In February 1986 Dan decided his direction was with the Native Americans. The "Double Eagle" needed to find his heritage. At that time he resigned as co-Director of the UFOCCI.

As alluded to in a previous chapter Dan came to believe he was the "Double Eagle." He did not know what, or who that was, at the time. In 1986 he finally found the legend of the Double Eagle. To him, this verified what he intuitively felt all along.

For about three years the number 22 had plagued Dan. It just about drove me crazy. Every time he would see the number 22 on a license plate, on a sign, wherever, he would remark about it.

One evening he had made an appointment with a well known Indian leader in Yelm, Washington. He drove there alone on a road he knew quite well. As he neared the turn off on I-5 he became totally confused. This was a forerunner of a missing time incident.

Finally, he arrived at the appointed place and had his meeting. On the way back he started down the cut off road to the I-5 Freeway from Yelm. The next thing he remembers is passing two giant fir trees that are close to the road and then he is on a totally different road that goes to Lacey and Olympia, Washington. That particular road is the one that is the long way around. He had been quite a ways down the cut off road before this happened, so it could not have happened by accident.

As soon as he entered the I-5 Freeway a mail truck was in front of him with the number 22 written in mud on the back. You have seen signs on cars that say, "Wash Me," in the dirt. It was similar to one of those.

From that time on he tried to correlate different things with the number 22. It eventually led him to the Siechelt Indians in British Columbia.

The Siechelt Indians have a legend of two people coming out of the sky dressed in white. The "two" brought the "Double Eagle Mask" to the Indians. They still have this mask. It was then that Dan decided that he was that person that came so long ago to the Siechelt in a past life.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I had wanted a house where persons who had experiences could come to find comfort and understanding. Many of the "particpants" find themselves in a precarious position of having no one that: 1) will believe them, or 2) family or friends that want them to be hospitalized for being mentally unbalanced. The latter reason is of the utmost concern to me. It is an area that has not been touched on very much in respect of doing something positive about it.

The house soon became too much for Dan and I. We both worked all day, then came home and worked all night. The persons that came, with the exception of one, did not share in the upkeep or contribute monetarily. The only way we could end this dilemma was to move. In November, 1985 we moved to a condominium. We made sure it had room for the meetings when we rented it.

Shortly before we moved to the condo I read an advertisement about land for sale in Colorado. Perhaps it was the name, or perhaps just because it was in Colorado. I really couldn't say which, I had an overpowering urge to purchase this property. Sight unseen I bought the property. Later on our trip to the southwest we finally got to see it. Unbeknownst to me, or each other, other contactees had the same urge to buy this property.

One of the prerequisites to buying the property was to call the head office in Texas. When I did I talked to a nice lady by the name of Tina. Still not knowing why I was doing this strange thing, I said to her, "I don't know why I am telling you this, but I have an urge to do so. I am the Director of the UFO Contact Center International." She said, "Oh! I just love UFOs" in her Texas drawl. "You have to talk to Mr. Purvis, he is the head of our company. He saw 'landed' UFOs twice up on the Mesa. She also said that government investigators had grilled him, and the other man, who had witnessed the landed UFO. Mr. Purvis and the other fellow had rounded a curve in the road and there it was -- right in the middle of the road. I never found out what they did at that time because I never had the opportunity to talk to Mr. Purvis, only Tina. Tina also said that it wasn't the only time Mr. Purvis had seen the landed UFO. There was another time too.

Wild Horse Mesa is very close to San Luis, Colorado. San Luis is very near Alamosa and the King Ranch where Snippy the horse was mutilated.

Father Whiting was an Episcopalian priest that livled in San Luis. He is mentioned in Wendelle Stevens book, "UFO Contact from Mirrasol." Father Whiting was a contactee but he never told anyone about it, except for his wife. He is deceased now but purportedly she had all the meticulous notes he took about his case. After he died she turned them all over to his Bishop.

Allegedly the aliens observed our world through his eyes. This is not a new revelation in the annals of UFOlogy. Several other witnesses have been told the same thing.

All of a sudden it started making sense, or at least there was a reason why I had this strange urge to buy the property. There was more to it than just my whim. It had to do with the UFOs themselves.

Since the time I purchased the property I have watched carefully to see how many contacees I find that have the same urge. Many people have moved to Colorado, or have the feeling to do so.

One of those people I met at The Rocky Mountain UFO Conference for Abductees at the University of Wyoming. She was from Florida. She had driven from Florida so that she could look for land in Colorado. She too had the urge to buy property there. Her property is to the east of mine.

A contact from Wisconsin by the name of Nikki receives continual transmissions from her alien contact. Nikki moved to Colorado in February, 1988. She told me to be there too on April 29, 1988. She feels something is coming that would be detrimental to be on the coast and that I would be safe on my property at that time.

Colorado has had more sightings and abduction cases than any other state that I know of. There are many montains for the "alien craft" to hide in, if they want. It is also close to New Mexico where it is purported the aliens have made an agreement with our government to establish three bases to carry out their bio-genetic experiments through abductions and cattle mutilations.

I know some of you will not believe the above statement, however, you may find more on this in the book by George Andrews, "Extraterrestrials Among Us," and also the Freedom of Information Act documents that the CAUS organization has diligently worked so hard in extracting from the government archives. Evidence is there but it takes hard work to find and most people just do not have the funds, or the time to do that kind of research.

A book that contains this information is "Clear Intent," by Barry Greenwood and Lawrence Fawcett. It also describes many events that have happened in the area of Colorado and New Mexico.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


In 1984 the UFOCCI received a letter from a person purporting to be a contactee. She lived in Chiloquin, Oregon. For the sake of anonymity we will call her Doris.

Doris obtained our address from "The UFO Review," published by Tim Beckley in New York. He had featured Dan and I in an article after he met us at the Tucson, Arizona NUFOC Conference in 1983.

Doris explained she had many of the symptoms that contactees displayed that we had listed in the news article. The main symptom was "Do you feel alone on earth?" and "Do you feel adopted?" Doris explained she had always felt "different" from the rest of her family and she had never fit in. This clue may have been indicative of what was going to transpire later.

Doris begged us to come to Oregon to visit her and her family because they could not afford to travel to Seattle. So as soon as we were free we drove to Chiloquin which is a 10 hour drive. It is located 17 miles north of Klamath Falls, Oregon over the Willamette Pass. Doris and her family lived in a remote spot near Saddle Mountain north of Chiloquin.

Their home was very primitive. Six people lived in a one room "add-on" to a small travel trailer. There were no amenities such as running water, bathroom facilities or electricity. Cupboard were cardboard boxes on the floor of the "kitchen." The children's bunks were also built into the kitchen area.

Cleanliness, to all appearances, was an unknown word. Our sleeping space was the pickup camper propped up on legs out near the "Two Holer!"

Doris was most anxiouis to take us to where the "Secret UFO base" was hidden in Saddle Mountain. She contended that she was an alien placed here in Doris's body when she was eight years old. She said the aliens who built the base on Saddle Mountain were her people.

We climbed the mountain on a beautiful Saturday morning. Unfortunately we did not leave tree markers to find our way back! As we neared the place where the alleged base entrance was Doris disappeared. We found her hiding in the bushes crying. She said she had betrayed her people by bringing us there!

Up until that time Doris had said Dan had once been a captain on one of their crafts and he was from the same place as she was.

The inconsistency did not add up, neither did the long hike we had gone on for nothing! Especially when we started to return to the car and all of a sudden found ourselves completely lost. We hiked so far from where we originally were that when we hiked down to a road and caught a ride, we were at least 10 miles from the car!

We did not see any UFOs while we were there as Doris had promised. We did not see any evidence of Sasquatch either, although I did spend a sleepless night after tales of Sasquatch opening the camper door looking for cookies!

Doris had taken pictures of "footprints," supposedly of Sasquatch. Also pictures of where UFOs had landed in the nearby gravel pit in the snow. They looked like snowmobile tread marks.

The pictures Doris took of "energy beings" became a bone of contention. Photographic analysis of candles sitting on a small table resulting in lens flares was the opinion of experts, much to the consternation of Doris!

We left Doris's mountain top retreat with feelings of misgiving.

In September 1984 Doris and her family came to Seattle for Jorpah. Doris had to be helped to stand up in front of the people to tell her story. She was very shy and reticient to talk.

On Labor Day weekend 1985 the Jorpah was again held in Seattle. The family, and their friend, Ida, came in the camper. A complete personality transformation had taken place. Doris now had an accent and was forceful. She showd no sign of being bashful.

Ida who had previously lived next to them in a bus but during the past year had moved into the "one room" lean to with Doris and her famly, came along as a "body guard" to "Shesekayam-ma" the so-called alien inhabiting the body of Doris. She was from the planet "Orka." Shesekayam-ma was supposedly commander of the the aliens in the base on Saddle Mountain (the one we never saw!). Ida stood with legs spread and arms crossed in front of Doris all the while she was talking to the conferencees.

It was obvious from the behavior of Doris's husband and Ida, that there was more to the relationship than bodyguard. When confronted by Dan, the husband admitted a "triad" was taking place.

Dan was appalled.

During the past year a steady flow of correspondence had taken place. Careful study of the text showed the gradual personality transformation.

Dan had noted that Doris's personality was one that needed attention and love. Her husband had not shown her the attention she needed. In the past he had even left. her. He had a heart attack which brought them back together as he had to be taken care of. At last Doris was needed.

Enter Ida, a nice looking lady, a nurse by profession. Doris again felt inadequate. Now the story really begins of a multiple personality change. All of a sudden Doris became an important person purporting to be an alien commanding a fleet of ships. She allegedly became pregnant and delivered a baby alien in the middle of the night without ever seeing it.

The interesting part is that this alien had never heard of the Plieades, or Orion, although she was Chief Navigational Officer and did not recognize the star system when shown. Her "galaxy" only had 8 planets. There were 108 planets in her federation which had contol of Earth!

During the 1985 Jorpah Dan asked a simple question which raised the ire of Doris immediately. What was the name of the God of these aliens. She replied "God" was his only name.

Dan reminded her that in a letter she had written his name. She replied someone else must have written the letter!

After the Jorpah Doris's new personality now assumed the role of this "God." (Arkus) She had displayed drawings of the God and her aliens during the Jorpah!

An interesting note: Doris made a necklace for me. Each time I put it on it broke. This happened three times. Finally I got the message and did not wear the necklace again.

During the 1985 Jorpah, Doris met MGB and his wife. MGB and his wife believed Doris's story to the point that when they returned to California they invited Doris and her husband to their home.

During this time period the information is sketchy because Doris started a rumor that Dan was with the "Feds" and therefore to be left alone. What information we had came from correspondents that were also in communication with Doris. Only after the fact, did MGB tell us what had happened.

MGB is an Indian Medicine Man, a Sucking Doctor, which means he takes on the pain of his patient to effect a cure. He was doctoring a back patient and the pain put MGB in the hospital.

During the period when he was in the hospital his wife took the children, MGB's car, and left town. MGB was nearly frantic because he did not know what had happened to his family. He had the police put an APB out for missing persons. They found his wife and the children at Doris's in Oregon.

MGB obtained a warrant and went after the children and his car. Doris was driving the car when he got there. The children were dirty as they had not been bathed in days. He took the children and the car but his wife would not leave.

MGB pressed charges against Doris and her husband for kidnapping, possession of Interstate stolen property, molestation and mind manipulation. The hearing was set for February 21, 1985. No one showed up.

The police went to Doris's home and arrested her husband and put him in jail. Their children were sent back east to live with the husband's brother and family. Doris and MGB's wife left for parts unknown in Doris's husband car. An APB was issued on her for driving with a revoked driver's liclnse and a stolen car.

In 1987 MGB finally got his family back together. By then he had given up his professorship at a college in Caifornia and had lost everything.

Ida and Doris live together in a town in northern Washington near the Canadian border. After coming back to to Oregon Doris's daughter is now living in a foster home, the oldest son was with his father and the youngest son was with Doris until his father went after him. The last we heard on this fiasco was that Doris had her husband arraigned for kidnapping his son.

As far as I am concerned that is the end of the story.... I hope....

Monday, July 23, 2007


That same morning we set out for Sedona, Arizona. We called ahead to have our friends in Phoenix, Paris and Betty Colorado, and our friends from Munds Park, Lee and Britt Elders meet us there.

We made plans to stay at Tom Courtney's father's home. Tom Courtney, Sr. had purchased Orson Wells, the famous actor's, home. Orson Wells was a big man, therefore he built a large open spaced house. I could just see him in it. The ceiling must have been 30 feet high. The home was right on Oak Creek. At this time of the year the water was high and we had to drive through the creek to get to the house. Our van was high centered so we made it all right.

The first afternoon we were all sitting out on the deck overlooking the creek. Overhead the sky was a beautiful blue. Huge cottonwood trees arched over the house. All of a sudden we heard what sounded like the oscillating hum from a UFO. We all jumped up and were looking at the sky. Tom Omann shot a whole roll of pictures hoping to get a picture of the mysterious perpetrator of the sound, even though we couldn't see a thing.

At the time Tom Courtney, Jr. had not arrived. As soon as he did we were excitedly telling him about the sound we heard. Tom said, "Oh that! That sound is made by the Cicada insect, that is why you can't see them. They are up in the trees and when the sound moves - the swarm moves." Were we ever deflated! All of our exciting theories went right out the door. We did learn a good lesson, however, don't jump to conclusions. Later Tom Omann sent me a roll of pictures of beautiful trees against the bright blue sky.

Later that evening we held a get together for a group of people from Prescott, Arizona. We felt bad for Tom Courtney because he had been asked to meet with a metaphysical group from Sedona. They asked him to come along that evening to a canyon where they were going to try and call in a UFO. Instead, being the good host he was, he stayed with us. The next morning his friends called and said that they had built an etheric pyramid with psychic energy over a 30 pound crystal to call in the UFOs. Two UFOs the size of apartment houses came down the canyon and passed directly over their heads. I would have given anything to have been there and seen them.

The next morning Lee and Britt Elders and Betty and Paris Colorado came to Sedona to meet us. Betty and Paris met us at Tom's house but the Elders met us at Tlaquepaque in Sedona. Tlaquepaque is a complex of small shops and restaurants in an art oriented environment. It is a unique place. The particular restaurant we went to for breakfast was unique in itself. It was a greenhouse, or had been, turned into a restaurant.

While we visited, I observed a man across from us that I recognized. He was the famous "White Bear Fredericks," co-author of the book, "Book of the Hopi." Everyone kept urging me to go over and talk to him but I was too shy. Later I kicked myself because I didn't. Odd that later he became Britt Elder's teacher.

When we left the beautiful Oak Creek Canyon and the red rock country of Sedona we climbed up the back way to Munds Park where the Elders live. Munds Park is 17 miles south of Flagstaff. What a road! Betty and Paris were afraid their "280Z" would get a hole in the oil pan because of the ruts and rocks in the road. The view was worth the effort. You could see for miles across the most beautiful vista of red, pink and brown rock sculptures I ever experienced.

Soon we were in the Elders home. We learned many things from Lee and Britt about his explorations for 10 years in Ecuador. Not many people know that he was an explorer before he became famous for producing the UFO Contact from the Plieades book on the Eduard "Billy" Meier case in Switzerland. The Elders have exclusive rights to everything pertaining to that case. They have also produced three videos which were for sale on the case. 1) The Meier's Chronicles, 2) The Beamship and 3) The Metal. Previouis to those three, a movie was made titled, "Contact" but due to arbitration, it was never released. It probably is the most pirated movie of all time.

Several years before I met the Elders I had read a book titled, "The Last Outpost of Atlantis." In this book descriptions of artifacts in South America were given, including pictures. Most of the items recovered were in Peru. Lee Elders had one of those artifacts in his possession. It was given to him by the priest in the above book. The priest had a whole room of artifacts. The local Indian people knew where the artifacts were hidden and they would bring them to the priest. There has been a lot of controversy over the origination of the pieces. To me it was a great coincidence that Lee Elders had the very piece that was in the book.

Lee told me that the piece seemed to have unusual properties. When they meditated with it in the room, the room seemed to be charged with energy. When the piece was taken out of the room they did not feel the same vibration. The piece is of a person standing between two staffs. The person could be a soldier or a priest -- who knows. He wears a short kilt, a headpiece with jewels, and he has a band running diagonally across his chest. On the staffs are skulls with jewels. It has not been determined how old it is. It is a sand cast piece made out of what looks like bronze.

Later we said our goodbyes. Paris and Betty went back to Phoenix and Lee and Britt went with us to eat. We felt like we had always known them.

On this trip we visited Mesa Verde National Monument. While at Mesa Verde we visited Spruce Tree House. It was there that Bonnie Mott had the most unusual sensation that she had lived there before. She began to cry but couldn't figure out what she was crying for. She didn't want to leave this special place. Everywhere we went within the Mesa Verde environ Bonnie felt she had been there before.

At one particualr place where the Park Rangers guide you through the cliff dwellings hidden within the protection of the overhanging rock, Bonnie again had de je' vue. As we were walking she said "I think I must have fallen off of a cliff and been killed in my past life. I am afraid to climb the ladder because I remember slipping." Through lots of coaxing we got her back up the ladder to the parking lot and our car.

After Mesa Verde we went to the "Four Corners." The Four Corners is the only place in the United States where four states come exactly together forming a cross. Although it was dusk we all had to sit on the exact spot and have our pictures taken.

All around this historic site were Indan shops set up with makeshift counters and a pole roof to keep out the sun's rays. Bonnie became friends with one of the Indian girls. After we went back to Seattle she wrote to her for awhile.

After the Four Corners we went to Canyon de Chely. It was here that Tom Omman had an expeience. If you have never been to Canyon de Chelly imagine striaght up and down perpendicular walls about 1,000 feet high. There are no protective guard rails. Tom insisted on sitting on the edge. He kept feeling he wanted to fly off the edge. I couldn't look. I was afraid he would try it!

While we gazed in wonder at this awesome spectacle we heard a voice across the canyon. Watching through binoculars we observed a sheepherder with his dog and fluffy white sheep making their way down along the canyon wall in a place you would never notice. Carefully the sheep found footing and gradually wound their way to the bottom.

The feeling you have at Canyon de Chelly is that you have moved back in time. It is very beautiful and peaceful.

On the way back home we stayed overnight at Bryce Canyon in Utah. It is a fairyland of pinks and browns. That night we slept in the van in our recliner seats as we arrived there around midnight.

This was the last trip I would take to my favorite places in the Southwest for a long, long time.

Sunday, July 22, 2007


The first evening we were in Salt Lake City we all were invited to Norman and Patty Paulson's home for dinner. Norman Paulson was the founder of "Sunburst Farms." The farms grew only organic foods. They also started vegetarian restaurants in the San Bernadino area of California. Later Norman felt urged to sell everything and move to northeastern Nevada to the Big Springs Ranch. He purchased a 750,000 acre ranch for his people to live on. He brought in 35 mobile homes and placed them on abandoned farms where there had previously been working wells. His organization set out to reclaim the land and live independently of society. They made their own shoes, cloth, cheese, etc. You name it, they made it.

To continue to live in the life style they desired Norman and 65 others moved into Salt Lake City and opened health food stores. They rented five big houses, one of them the one we were invited to. It had been a judge's home. It was so beautiful. The men started a construction company which is still in existence, as far as I know.

Norman Paulson has written a book about his life. The name of the book is "Christ Consciousness." It was previously called "Return of the Ancients."

Norman started this life in an unusual way. His father was blind. He was also a wonderful pianist. Before Norman was born his father asked for someone to help him. He met Norman before he was born in a meditation. Norman told him he was coming to help him and that they had been together before.

During the early adult years Norman lived with Paramahansa Yogananda and became a devotee. He built the Self Realization Institute Retreat in Los Angeles. He spent 8 years with Yogananda until he knew that it was time to leave.

Shortly thereafter he had a meeting with an alien on the highway. The alien was injured so Norman took him home. Of course, all of these events are books in themselves.

Later on he met George Van Tassel's daughter and married her. George Van Tassel is a famous contactee. He is the most well known for "Giant Rock" where he held UFO conventions every year. It is located in Yucca Valley, California. It was during the period he was married to George's daughter that he was picked up by a huge ship on the dry lake bed at Yucca Valley.

When Norman was picked up he felt he recognized everyone on board. He was familiar with the controls. One of the crew gave him clothes and shoes which fit him perfectly. He even recognized the clothes. You can find this wonderful story in his book.

After returning from Norman and Pattys there was a message waiting for Marlene from her Mother. Her father had died the day we left Seattle. She was devastated. This was her first vacation. Now she felt that she wasn't intended to take a vacation. We tried to reassure her that you never know what is going to happen in this life and it had nothing to do with her. The next morning we took her to the airport and she returned to Seattle.

Saturday, July 21, 2007


She never let me stay too long in one place. I presume that she was afraid that my eye for detail would capture certain things that I might possibly reveal at some time.

I could see no personal comforts in the cabin. We can, I believe, safely assume that it was a short duration scout ship of some kind. I did get a chance to linger a moment over one of the panels located around the central core. I saw enough details to convince me that I was looking at some kind of electronic gunsight. This must have been a weapons console. Then my guide pulled me away again.

I did get to watch the TV monitors on the wall for a while. Most had only static on them. One showed what appeared to be a television picture of one of the moon landings. Another had various military weapons displayed on it.

My guide commented briefly on some things as she showed me around. That is all I remember of the craft. Next thing I knew, I awoke lying face down in the sand.

I thought that I had passed out from the heat. However, something was odd, my red silk shirt was gone. So was my belt and special buckle, and my shoes also. So was the 5 gallon gas can. Why? Had I blacked out and left them somewhere?

I looked for my tracks to see if I could back-track. There were none. I seemed to have appeared as if by magic in this spot. There was a change, however, instead of wondering aimlessly as I had been before, I seemed compelled to go east. I also felt very thirsty, but not hungry.

I filled my socks with a small amount of sand, to act as a cushion and barrier for my feet. I started walking in just that one direction, never leaving my path, what-ever it was. I seemed to be like a zombie. Jut walking. I walked for one day. I did pass out once or twice, but I always kept to the same direction when I awoke. I had no compass, and no map.

I was lucky that a rattler didn't get me. There seemed to be a strange buzzing in my ears at times. Early next morning, I came upon a sort of "summer cabin" out in the middle of what I later learned was an area called Turkey Flats. It is, I also learned later, the only dwelling for 100 miles in either direction in that area. Yet, without a compass or map, I had walked straight to it. How? What had guided me? I didn't know, and I didn't care.

Unbelievably, the back door was open. Now, comes the strangest part of the story. The shack had a large barrel on top, to hold a water supply. To my surprise, it was 3/4s full, of fresh water! In the "front yard" there were five 55 gallon plastic drums. And all held fresh water. Yet, as I could see, there was only a small air strip, and a barely visible dirt road to give access to the place. There were no tire tracks on the road.

I could tell by the sand on the back porch, that no one had been there for months! Yet I had a supply of fresh water! Where from? Left by whom?

And get this. When I went inside the place, it was clean, as if it were used all the time, instead of once in a while. And hold on to your chair. I began to rummage around in the cupboards for food. I didn't expect to find any, you understand, as the place obviously hadn't been used for some time. And yet, I found a container of Quaker oatmeal. Unlike the other items in the pantry, it had no covering of fine dust. It had only been recently put there. There wre also three cans of soup, also appeared to be just placed there. What was going on here? Fresh food in an abandoned shack? How?

Further investigation revealed a five gallon glass jug of water, and it was clearly maked as "drinking water." Even though there was dust on the chair next to it, the jug itself had a fresh, "just arrived" look, and no dust on it.

The shack was equipped with an old, keorsene burning stove unit, made of cast iron. It seemed as if I was expected here! To my further astonishment, there were two new cans of Coleman fuel next to it, also minus the tell-tale covering of dust. It seemed that someone had apparently prepared it for my visit.

My feet were by now full of barbs and needles from my long walk. A few long cactus thorns were thrown in for good measure. My feet were bruised and bleeding, also. I could find no medical supplies, except for a box of Band-Aids. Yet, my "benefactors" seemed to anticipate my needs. I found a full bottle of Vodka. This would do for an antispetic. I poured some in a large pan. I picked as many needles and spikes out of my feet as I could get. I then put my feet into the pan of Vodka. The stinging made me grit my teeth, but I was able to clean and tend to my wounds. There was a shower on the front porch. It consisted of a large wash tub, placed in a make-shift booth. A nozzle was hooked into the make-shift plumbing, and no doubt supplied by the barrel on the roof. I turned on the water, and let it run a minute, to clear the pipes. As I had grown used to my "benefactors' surprises, I didn't even flinch when I noticed a new but un-wrapped bar of soap by the basin. I showered, and washed my hair. I then went inside and fixed some oatmeal.

It seems incredible that whoever had prepared from my arrival, had even considred my preference for sugar and milk in my oatmeal. I found 3 fresh cans (why was everything in 3s?) of canned milk, and a Tupperware container of fresh sugar. They had thought of everything.

When it grew dark, I used the two Coleman lanterns which I had found hanging from hooks on the wall, and which also had full tanks of fuel. I had even been supplied with a box of wooden kitchen matches.

There were a few tattered comic books and after drinking a small amount of striaght Vodka, my aches had subsided enough to relax and read some of them. The bed was fairly clean, and I slept good that night.

I remained in the shack for 2 more days, until I felt strong enough to find my way out of there. My feet still hurt, but I could walk. I found a jacket that was old, but fit. I found a pair of house slippers and a pair of socks. I dressed, and started following the faint dirt road that was leading away.

Let me interrupt for a moment. At this time, I was unaware of my encounter, which had no doubt been blocked from memory. I remember leaving my car, and getting lost. I remembered finding the cabin after wandering for a day and a night. I had no recollection of my encounter, and thought that the cabin had been supplied by the owners. Anyway I followed the road, for four hours. It finally led to the road that I had been driving when my car had died.

It seems funny, but I reached the road at the same time that a Monument Ranger was cruising by in his pick-up and found me. He took me to a Ranger outpost and called the base. He said I was lucky, as they only patrolled that road every two days. It was incredible I had been found when I had.

He said that a woman had called, and reported my abandoned car, but wouldn't tell her name. She had given them the exact location of my car.

The base had apparently launched a search shortly after that. Three helicopters had been combing the area my car was found in, yet had seen no trace of me. I learned that the cabin was located 25 miles from where my car was found. Why had they not seen me, if they had three helicopters? Not seen my bright red shirt? The Ranger said it was as if I had "vanished from the face of the earth" as he put it.

That's when I learned by what a slim chance I had found the cabin that I had. Anyway, a chopper form base soon arrived, and I was taken back to base. I was put in the base hospital, where doctors removed the rest of the thorns from my feet. They said I was in "remarkable" shape for being lost for four days out in what I learned had been record heat. I was treated for exposure, and released two days later. It was a full week before I could walk again. I went and picked up my car at the gas station that had towed it. On impulse, I got in and turned the key. The gas tank still read 1/4 full, as it had that night it had apparently "run out of gas." I turned the key to start, and to my astronishment, the car started right up, and I drove it back to base. I could find no fault with the car later on.

The years came and went. I was married and divorced, and eventually sold the Buick. I was dischargedd and had another car, and another girlfriend. The incident was forgotten.

Only after Mary St. Claire put me under, did the truth come out. Something had compelled me to pick Mary out of all the others that advertised in the paper. You see, the Ranger had said that the last time the owners of the cabin had used it was over a year before I found it. I now have no doubt that it was these un-eartly visitors who had stocked the place with the fresh supplies. They had made me find it.

Could the "mystery woman" who gave the exact location of my car have been the girl on the ship? What had been their purpose? I don't know. You have it as best as I remember it.

Friday, July 20, 2007


Several of our members, my husband and myself, decided in 1985 to take a trip to the Southwest. We would travel in our new Chevy custom van and share the gas expense.

It was decided that the day after Jorpah in 1985 we would leave. Tom Omann from Halfway, Oregon had attended Jorpah so he would ride along with us to Baker, Oregon where he would leave his car. Marlene Anderson from Everett, Washington rode along with Tom and Bonnie Mott, Dan and I were in the van.

The first day we drove from Seattle to Salt Lake City, Utah arriving approximately at 5:00 a.m. After sleeping for several hours we decided to go on a tour of the Mormon Temple Square. Mary St. Claire, Associate Director in our organization for the Salt Lake City area, and a young man by the name of Warren S... met us for breakfast and acted as a tour guide. We found it very interesting.

We had previously received correspondence from Warren concerning his abduction while on active duty at the Combat Center in 29 Palms, California. The following is Warren's story in his own words.

My encounter was years ago, and I've not had a similar event since then. (That I remember.)

I believe it was June of '79, I was in the United States Marines, stationed at the Combat Center in the small town of 29 Palms, California. This is where the Marines keep a large percentage of their artillery and tank units, because the large, desert spaces provide plenty of room to train with these weapons.

I was with "Golf" Battery, 3rd Battaliion, 12th Regiment. This is a small, 105 MM Cannon unit. Although I was a basic field artillery man, I learned quickly, and was soon given a 2 1/2 ton truck license. I was also re-trained in the area of explosives transport and delivery. In other words, I was a "suicide jockey," carrying live artillery shells and high explosives. I completed a special course for this, which gave me a wide knowledge of almost all types of artillery shells, grenades and explosives, and even nuclear artillery shells. I was, as part of my job, able to understand the basic construction of shells and fuses, identify by color the type and use of each round, plus I could rig a basic "self destruct" device of a live fuse and some powder, which, in time of war, I would theoretically use to destroy myself and cargo to avoid capture by the enemy.

The night my encounter happened, I was driving through the national monument park outside of 29 Palms, at about 1:00 a.m. I was alone on the long, desert stretch of road, and was driving about 75 miles per hour. I was heading back toward base. My car at the time, a "souped up" 1972 Buick Riviera, was dependable and not prone to sudden break-downs. As I sped along, still about 55 - 60 miles out of base, I looked at my fuel gauge, which read 1/4 tank full. Plenty, I thought, to make it to town. A couple of miles later, however, my engine gave a single gasp, and died. I coasted to the side of the road, wondering if my fuel gauge was not working right. I turned off the lights, and attempted to start the engine again. I tried several times. Although the lights, horn, and other things worked, when I tred to start the car. It gave every symptom of being "out of gas." I always carry a gas can for just such an emergency, so I wasn't worried.

However, instead of simply waiting in my car for a park ranger, I had the strongest urge to get out and walk. I removed the military style 5 gallon can from my trunk, and started off. For some unknown reason, I didn't stick to the road, but instead set out cross country, a big mistake in the desert, especially at night, when the predators and rattlers are out. I don't know why I did it. I even left the window down in my car. This was odd, because I was always in the habit of locking my car whenever I left it alone.

Wearing a pair of dress shoes, white levis, and bright red silk dress shirt, these were all I had to protect me from the night chill of the desert.

One item of clothing I wore was unique. On my belt, I wore a buckle that I had made in Oceanside, when I was down there one time. It was a stylized "S," shaped just like the one on Superman's chest, and made of polished silver.

I set out, keeping a steady pace, and using a far distant warning light that was on a radio tower some miles away. The night was cool, and the steady pace was easy enough, and I was in good shape. However, it wasn't long before I began to get confused. I seemed to have trouble keeping my bearings. I had trouble in locating the flashing red beaocn I had been using as my guide. I did notice a white light, some distance off, like a flash light or lantern. I assumed that my car had been found, and that the rangers were looking for me. Little did I know, that I had indeed been found, but not by whom I expected.

Next time I saw the light, I called out to it. It began to move toward me, just a white bright glow. All of a sudden. I became dizzy, and fell to the cool sand. Before I passed out I saw a row of blinking lights movng in my direction. My only thought was that it was the lights on top of a ranger cruiser. I blanked out.

When I opened my eyes, I thought it was morning, as the sky appeared to be daylight. I was propped against either a large rock or a bush, I'm not sure. Standing above me, was a figure that gave me quite a start. For, incredulously, it was what appeared to be a woman! But, her face! It was the face of an old girlfriend whom I had not seen in a year. The face was Gayleen H...'s, right down to every detail. Her long, blonde hair was parted in the middle, just as Gayleen wore hers. The eyes were bright blue, as I remembered them to be. The look on my face must have said it all, cause she tilted her head back and laughed at me. "You should see your face," she told me in Gayleen's soft voice.

However, I began to notice small differences. For instance, her complexion was clear as ivory, without the blemishes and pimples that every teenager has. Also, there were no lines of wear, or even "crow' feet" around the eyes. The body was just as unusual. While Gayleen had been a shapely girl, this body seemed to be almost perfect, as if Gayleen's body had been "remolded" to a more perfect figure. She seemed a deal taller than the Gayleen I remembered. She was dressed in a silver outfit, tight fitting, and drawn with an elastic band at the waist. Her boots were also made of the same "metal-flake" type of silver material. There was a high collar that went up to the chin, where a ring, I assumed a zipper, sat at the top. The "zipper" ran from chin to crotch. There was a decorative red trim or piping around certain parts of the uniform, and a large pocket was on each breast.

Perhaps my mind was being made to see a familiar face, to keep my fear at a low level. Her uniform sleeves were rolled up, in a comfortable fashion. She extended a hand and helped me up. Her skin was smooth, if slightly cool, to the touch.

That's when I noticed the craft behind her. It was, although I was finding it hard to believe, a "flying saucer." It was about 50 feet or so in diameter. A ramp was leading from the ground up to the door. Two more figures were coming down, and my fear intensified for a moment. The girl beside me, sensing this, took my arm in the same intimate way Gayleen used to do it on our private walks together. My fear vanished.

The two beings could only be "space men." The outfits were similar to hers, yet the boots were of a gray rubber, and rubber gloves were also worn. A metal collar held a large mirror polished and featureless helmet in place. The material was slightly grayer in shade, and rougher in material. They were about 6 - 7 feet tall.

The girl, led me to them, and they moved aside and fell in behind as she led me to the ramp.

A third figure came out, and I really felt uncomfortable around it. It was about 8 feet tall. It was dressed like the others yet somehow seemed robot-like. He came down, and at some unspoken order, took up post beside the ramp. He stood statue-still, with no one more movement. Obviously, he was on guard duty. His helmet was not as mirror like as the other two, and I could vaguely see "blocky" or machine like shapes inside. Two, bright red pin-point dots of light could be seen, and these may have been his "eyes." On his chest, was appeared to be four, small TV screens, surrounded by an assortment of winking lights and buttons. I felt as if he held awesome power at his command.

As we got closer, one of the figures behind me laid a hand on my shoulder. We walked past the "robot," and as we did, the "eyes" swiveled to follow me. I may have passed out, or was rendered senseless, because I only remember going toward the main door, but not going through it. The next thing I knew, we were inside a large circular room, which must have been the main control center. The two male figures took seats in front of a curved control panel and appeared to be having a discussion about something. There were others in the room dressed the same as the other two. I won't go into detail about the room. The female figure that was my "guide," gave me a brief tour of the ship. I really don't know how long I was aboard it, though. She kept ahold of my arm the whole time, carefully controlling our path.

More tomorrow of Warren's intriguing encounter.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


J: As we got to the motel we thought when we left that all these birds would follow us. It's what Robbie and I felt but we got out of the truck and they didn't follow us. Then when we got into the motel....

R: They were already there.

J: They were already there.

R: All over the top of the motel, just lined up everywhere. They looked like pigeons at that time. They were lined up all over the place. All over the fields, the football field, and there was a little baseball field for little kids. All the little fences had the guard birds on them.

J: And as we pulled into the back parking lot where they had truck parking for the motel guests for some reason as soon as I opened my door I looked out to my right and on top of the motel was this little...

R: I was out of the truck walking around it and when I walked around to the end of the truck I saw what she saw on the roof.

J: For some reason we saw a little black guy from his chest up and we don't know what he was. A little person, a little being, whether it was a person or not.

R: You could see two little dots for eyes and his neck raised up till he was looking down at us. You could see there was a ridge around the top of the motel. It was a flat topped motel. It was like he was walking upon it and sticking his neck out over the top to watch us.

J: He was right over the room that we got.

R: You go ahead and tell them about the shower and everything.

J: Well when we got into the motel room we didn't say anything to anyone. We had waited at the restaurant for a lady that was supposed to have dinner with us. She never showed up so we went on up to the motel room. I was staring out the window, and out in this field right in front of us was this thing. I don't know what it was, it was - transparent, yet you could see it. You could see through it but you could see the shape of it. As it was coming towards us, it started out small but as it got closer, it got bigger, and bigger, until it was just huge, and then when it got to the window it was just gone. There was nothing there at all. I must have watched that for twenty minutes and then I told Robbie. I tried to get him to see what I had seen and he finally saw it then.

R: Seems like something was coming, and then it was at our window. It would take off and roll into this cloud. When it got into the cloud it made a strip across there where something went through it. Something went through it and it was large. There was a big large gap where it went through it. It was lighter colored where it went through it and made the shape that it was. I couldn't see it for a minute and then I saw it. When I would concentrate on it, then I could see it. I could make It out. There was something there. It was making its way through the cloud but when it got to the window, it would turn and it would go out into this cloud.

J: When I first went into the shower I got undressed and pulled back the curtain. When I got in there I saw these little things that came out of the cracks from the ceiling to the wall that the shower was on. They started forming along the wall and they got about that thick (demonstrates) on the front, the side, and the back. They were metal fillings. That's what it looked like to me. Just like what was inside the truck, except they were darker in color. I took my shower and I was watching these things. I told Robbie and he said they must have been there when you got in. I said "No, it wasn't because I looked," because when I opened the curtain I looked all around and they weren't in there. When I came out of the shower and I was brushing my teeth at the sink, it started happening at the sink. The little filings would drop on the sink and engrave the sink. You could feel it if you ran your hand over it, you could feel the bump. I couldn't see where they were coming from, or I didn't see them fall, but all of a sudden they would be there. So, I had only taken about a two minute shower you know? Anyway, as I was drying off I felt something burning my leg, and it really burned like probably a cigarette burn, is what it kinda felt like. I looked down there, and I had the initials T.L.C. with a period behind each letter.

G: T...L...C...?

J: Uh,huh and right underneath the L, I had a "V".

G: Tender loving care?

R: That's what we were thinking.

J: Uh, huh and then I showed Robbie and underneath the L, was a "V".

G: What's the baby's name?

J: Vanessa

G: Very interesting, you might have an alien there, you know.

R: Yeah... (laughter from the group at this point) Yep, that's what we call her, yes she is. (laughter)

J: Then after I had taken the shower and showed him that, he had two "V" marks on his arm.

R: Yeah, facing each other.

J: One was here, and one was up here, the points were both facing each other. It had burned into his skin. It peeled the skin back. The first layer of skin was peeled back and was peeled off.

G: Want to tell us about the pregnancy?

A: It's not over yet... (meaning the story)

J: That time is when, well not that actual night I don't think, but before we had even gotten there while we were at the truck stop in Minnesota and I had gone in to use the wash room I had felt something on the inside of my thigh. I had teeth marks on my thigh, or something that looked like it. They were indented like the shape...

R: Like the shape of a tooth. They were small like a duck's bill.

J: Yeah...

G: Did it hurt?

J: No, it didn't. I didn't even feel it until I had gone to the restroom and when I was pulling up my underwear, then I felt it. It kinda hurt a little bit. It never did get bruised or turn black.

R: All the marks disappeared in about 24 - 36 hours.

J: And during that time, which was in October, is when she had to be conceived (the baby). I had never been able to have a child before, and I had never taken any birth control pills or anything, and I find out that I was seven months pregnant before I knew anything! I was pregnant with her. I didn't have a stomach. I wore my jeans that I wear now and I never got sick a day the whole time. I never gained any weight. (Jackie weighs 89 pounds.)

G: How lucky can you be?

J: Then one morning I woke up and I had a bulge here and I thought, "Oh, no, I am getting a truck driver's tummy and that's gonna make me do setups.

G: And all this time you did not know that you were pregnant?

R: No

J: I had four menstrual cycles during that time, one right after the other. It's not unusual for me to miss one or two so I never thought anything about it. I found out I was seven months pregnant cause I had my tummy, and I hadn't had a menstrual cycle for 2 - 3 months. I went to the doctor but I couldn't get a doctor to take me because I was too far along and they didn't want to be responsible if something was wrong with her. I always ate like a pig and so there shouldn't have been anything wrong with her. Three weeks later I had her in Salt Lake City, Utah.

R: We had some sightings. There always is lights wherever we go, like stars or red lights and blue lights.

J: We have seen so many things.

R: We rely on them anymore because we have been in some pretty close calls and they (Aileen) brought our attention to it. Brought our attention to the lights so we started paying attention to the colors and sure enough, everything works out fine when you watch them.

J: Yep, they do.

R: I have almost hit deer, jackknifed, would have killed this buck plus almost hit a truck in the road that was out in the road, and black ice in Montana. The lights come on and there is a railroad track and there is a set of lights. OK, these lights, there was two, one underneath and the other one, all of a sudden, when I come around the next bend is where the truck is, and another light comes on. There is a set of lights, one and two, one underneath the other. Another light came out making a "V" shape. I turned over to the left hand lane; came around the bend and the truck stuck out in the road. The back and all out in the road and there was other times too, you know.

G: You are being protected.

R: Yeah.

J: We just learned to follow...

R: On our last trip, the trip that we had her, we were leaving town and out by the store towards the freeway, three amber lights come on, one after the other, shaped like this (demonstrates) one,, two, three. They stayed on for a long time. "Well, Jackie," I said, "we ought to take a picture of them." Well we never have a camera at the right time. That time we had our little Polaroid camera, so then the lights went off. The last one on was the first one off. If it was anything else, the first one would have been the first one off, didn't work that way. So we tried to keep that together in our mind. Tried to think, "What's it mean?" Later on that night she is driving the truck and we are running through Oregon and she is driving behind this other guy and the same lights came on again.

J: Only he (meaning the truck driver) sees them and asks if I see them.

G: Were you talking on the CB?

R: Yeah, he gets scared and departs our company.

G: (Group laughs)

R: And then, that week we had the baby. That trip we go over and unload and then we go over to where we are going to load and we are up in the mountains loading...

J: Way up in the mountains...

R: We are at the coal mines, the world's largest coal mine in Price, Utah. Up there at 11,000 feet on the side of this hill and we are pumping in this stuff that they use to wash the coal.

J: The lightss were all over that night.

R: The lights were everywhere.

J: I thought I was gonna have her right there on the mountain and I said "Oh, please."

R: This larger one came out from behind a little mountain peak. It would look for awhile and then go back behind it, and then come out again. There were others doing the same thing but that was the biggest one. Then we went on down and we couldn't get loaded until the next morning so we went and had a great big Mexican dinner and Jackie ate all of hers. We went back, where we were gonna have the tank washed up so we could reload some other stuff. We were there for the night and we were watching TV and she said there is something happening.

J: I thought when a woman broke her water, you just got soaked and I had never been around anybody that talked about it either and it was just barely enough to do anything. So I didn't really think that it was anything major (laughs from group). I was just going to have him drive me in the truck to the hospital but he had to go call an ambulance. Anyway 55 minutes after that I had her.

G: Usually your first baby you are in labor a long time. How much did she weigh?

J: Five pounds 8 ounces.

A: You didn't have any pain?

G: That's another sign.

J: I didn't have any clothes with me and no clothes for her. I just slipped on my jeans that I had carried in the truck for a long time.

After that time Jackie had 2 more children in the same way. When they returned to Seattle after that first trip a UFO investigator met the truck. He scraped up the metal filings or whatever they were, and took them to be analyzed. Since he was not with our organization we do not know the result of the analysis.

I know this has been hard to imagine for someone not versed in UFOlogy. Just remember that anything can happen. We do not know the reason why but keep an open mind to any possibilities. You just may learn something new!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


J: While we were sitting in the restaurant Robbie was out talking with the maintenance man that was charging up the truck. Well I saw it out the window in a tree. In the field what it actually looked like was a spider.

R: It was inside the light.

J: Like feelers.

R: This little thing comes out like feelers and it tried to clip itself on, pull itself out of it, that's what it eventually did. This other guy that was standing there couldn't see it.

J: That's because he had triple bifocals.

R: His glasses were like Coke bottles, I mean they were thick! So, anyway, this thing clipped its way around the light - inside the light - finally it grabbed onto a branch but it didn't have a good enough grip. The tree pulled - you could see where the tree pulled but it wasn't a good enough hold and the tree snapped back.

G: How big was this thing?

R: When it gets out of the bulb, when it gets all out of there, it finally grabs on and pulls out, it's like a big spider. The spider is about as big as from here to the door, (demonstrates) (5') about this long. It looked like a spider. It had a bubble body and it had legs, I don't know if it had eight legs or not, I didn't get that close. I wanted to, but Jackie wouldn't let me. It got on top of the trees and it was walking across the top of the trees. You could see the trees as it was moving. It got down on the ground and that is when Jackie went back inside.

We have marks on our windows, a whole bunch of marks. All kinds of different shaped marks, "V" shaped, "Z" marks and things like that. The windows were brand new. There was nothing there but after that there were marks like we had gone through a sand storm.

J: Right before the trip we had a paint job.

R: And that was wasted on the truck. But that window in the restaurant, remember, they said they just put that window in. It had all the marks that we had on our truck window.

J: Right where we were sitting at the table were the marks on the window. They had the plexiglas, then the window and the space between, and it couldn't come through the plexiglas to the window, they couldn't get to the glass on the inside.

R: Before we leave we stuff all the holes in the truck; the fresh air vents we stuffed with rags and clothes, whatever we could find to stuff that tube up because inside the truck was like cigarette ashes. You couldn't take it and break it, you couldn't smear it, you could take your fingernail and break it and then it would just go to dust. There was nothing there. So we had little blisters all over us. When I get to talking about it my lips are tingling again. Remember, we had little blisters all over our face, our mouths and fingers where we touched one of those things. So we just tried to clean off what we had to clean off. Cleaned off the steering wheel, gear shift handle and all that, just what we had to use. The rest of it we just left there. There was the sleeper curtain,, the curtain that comes down.

J: Where I would have been sitting if I hadn't moved over.

R: There was a little "V" shaped piece of metal, it was real shiny and it was stuck in the sleeper curtain.

A: Did you get a sample?

R: No, Minnesota Highway Patrol took that. We had to keep everything covered and all closed up so the wind wouldn't blow it around. Our tanker is heated by water. The product we were hauling was cooking oil and it has to be hot all the time so its got hot water running through it all the time to keep it hot. We get out on the road and all these red lights start coming on all over the place. So - what happens? I lose all my water - parked there on the side of the road - along side of the road and no water. I got out of the truck and I started checking all the places that I had stuffed up and the radiator. I was running on nothing. I had five miles to go until the next off-ramp and we made it. At that time Jackie said there was a little short person on the back of the tank. She could see it - red - but I couldn't see it where I was. I couldn't see it. We turned the corner and I looked. I thought it was lights reflecting. The lights at the front of the tank reflecting to the back of the tank but it wasn't. I checked it all out and made sure. Well, we will come back to our red person later. We went in. What happened there?

J: We got water and then we took off.

R: OK, then it started to break day.

A: Don't forget the fog.

R: Oh, yeah, missed the fog.

J: That was before.

R: That was during the time that all the little balls were coming at us strong. They were getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger, and I kept going faster, and faster and faster.... We went down into this little dip and it was really foggy down there. We get up on top of the hill and here is this "sun," or what we thought was the sun. I mean that it was gigantic and it was like a ring, like inside the sun, something moving back and forth, but not going out of the perimeter or whatever you call it, the circle, moving back and forth inside of it. These balls are really coming now We go over the next hill and there you have never seen thicker fog in your life. It was there and then it wasn't there.

J: We were afraid to go down into it because we might not come out.

R: Then it was gone.

J: We got about half way down the hill. The fog was completely gone, there was none.

J: That was when we saw the tornadoes, up behind the hills. There were tornadoes and they were all pink and they were all leaning the same way. They were all going this way with the tails out this way (demonstrates) and they were, I don't know how many of them all along the side of the mountain. They would all go to the end of the mountain.

R: That could have been because the sun was coming up and they would be kind of a pinkish color and they would all be coming to the top of the hill.

J: They would all go down to the end of the mountain and you couldn't see them go back and all of a sudden they would be back where they started from and then they would go back again. You couldn't see them and then you would look and they were back where they started. The same thing. Just going back and forth.

G: Did you believe in UFOs before this happened?

R: I always believe in UFOs.

J: But we never....

R: Experienced it.

A: But you didn't finish

R: Well, we leave there and we get our water and everything, and we take off. But this one star, remember it was day, OK? There's this one star that hadn't gone out. 10:00 in the morning, we're pulling in for fuel. I ran it out until it was empty. I wasn't gonna stop, no way.

J: You forgot about the bird scene.

R: Oh yeah, well that was just....

J: That was right when it was breaking day when we got water.

R: OK, now, I can't say they were birds.

J: Because they weren't birds.

R: No, because they didn't flap their wings, you know? But they resembled a bird. I mean, they were birds and they were flying around in the air.

J: To start with.

R: To start with then when we came along they started getting a big flock of birds all behind this light that was flying along. The flock got bigger and bigger and bigger. Then we saw three birds and they'd come at us. They were in a formation -- a "V" formation. They were birds but they weren't flapping their wings but they were going. They went around us three times.

J: They would go up ahead of us, mind you, we were still going about 70 mph. And they would go up in front of us and then they'd fly back towards us and they would separate and then go back in front of us.

R: And then come back again. So we pulled in to get the fuel.

J: All this time we had seen this little light with the birds.

R: The light was still there.

J: The light was just really tiny and the birds were surrounding this light. They were following this light. The light was out ahead of the birds.

R: But they were birds. They weren't flapping their wings, but they were going as fast as we were.

A: I never thought birds could fly that fast!

R: Then we pull into this truck stop. We pull up to the pump and I'm going to fuel. The girl comes and tells me that it's not self service. That self service is up front or if I wanted self service or something - anyway - Jackie looked, she was still watching and these birds were landing everywhere. Birds are landing all over in every little tree they could find. On each post there was a bird and the ones on the light posts were the size of, I don't know... an eagle! Yeah, on each light post. They were like guards.

J: Just around this truck stop.

G: But they weren't eagles, were they?

R: No, you couldn't make them out, no, I swear to God this ain't a lie. I swear to God - we saw one cross its legs.

J: He did. He had kind of like pegs for legs and then they had wings. They were lower than their legs and they couldn't sit with their wings down.

R: But they were propping themselves...

J: So they had to put their wings back in order to sit down because they would keep them from sitting down because they were longer than their legs.

G: What color were they?

R: They were grayish black.

J: Grayish black, just like a monkey's chest leather.

A: They weren't feathers?

R: You could see them fly in and land.

J: Just the ones that we called the "Guardians" (cause that's what they seemed they were) had landed on the lightposts on the top.

R: They are the closest to us. The other ones were in the trees.

J: There were others over by the truck and in front of us.

R: There wre only a few in the trees that we thought was part of what we thought the other birds were protecting them, camouflaging them, or whatever, and in there was a red one - in one of the trees - a red one. So, what Jackie did see at the back of the truck was about 8 or 10 inches tall. It was over in the tree and one knocked it off, remember? Knocked him down.

J: Looked something like a boomerang.

R: Knocked him clear off the tree and next thing he was up on that limb again. Back up where he was supposed to be. Just this one faced us and at all times he was dancing and he was moving, banging on his chest, just like he was doing the "ol Bee-Bop." It reminded me of bee-bopping. that's what I was telling everyone.

J: He was singing of chanting to the others.

R: He would shake the tree. It seemed like he would get them to all go together and shake the tree. They would move the tree so you couldn't see what they were doing.

We got this round bullet like thing in the window. There is a couple of them and these little squirrely things like little pieces of metal; like when you drill a piece of metal and you get the shavings off it. Like that. And things all over the truck, dirty, filthy, like it was 'gonna hurt us.' We were worried, not about the UFO, or whatever it was, but what it was going to do to us. Were we contaminated with something, that's what I was worried about - but you can't get anyone to help you. I finally got ahold of a newspaper woman and they came down and took a picture and said "There isn't anything in the tree." I said, "I can see that." Well go over to the tree... We pointed it out and said "Look up there." So then she gets the guy to take the picture. He goes over to take a picture and I say, "They ain't gonna get no picture." I looked and we drove the truck around, and...

J: Honey, you forgot that when we were getting the fuel they shot at us.

R: Yeah, like little 'V' shaped things, they came right at us and I would wait as long as I could and then I would move back behind where the solid part, the metal was protecting me and it would just go down in front of the truck and just drop and it would... there wouldn't be nothing there, but you could see something throw it, a whole bunch of em. They kept throwing 'em so we were scared to get out of the truck. We parked the truck around the other side but the birds were there too. They weren't birds but they came in with the birds! There was a cloud, there was always a cloud around -- just a grayish cloud all the time around that tree. They came in with a little cloud, they started landing. They stayed there as long as we did. Just sat there as long as we did. We were there for hours.

J: Everytime that we started to get out of the truck they would shoot these things at us. We would have to shut the door cause we thought if they hit us they would hurt us because, you know, they looked like little beebees.

G: Was it coming fast?

R: yes, it came at a certain speed, I watched it about three times sitting there. It would come along and go "shpttts" real quick, you know? At a certain speed it looked like an army of mosquitoes, "V" shaped, that's what they looked like inside whatever that thing was. Then it landed and everything was gone. The way that I fet was that they were trying to warn us about something. (Maybe) About the fog, we could have hurt ourselves down there. We could have got killed. I think that they were trying to slow us down but the more they threw things, the faster I went. (Everyone laughs at this remark.) I did just the opposite: I didn't want to slow down. I figured this was it. We had had it and I was going to put up a fight, that's the way I felt about it. They are "gonna get me, but it ain't gonna be aasy." We went to the motel and went into the shower and... Well, why don't you tell about it?

Tomorrow - the motel

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Since that time the Bair's have had three babies. Each born under mysterious circumstances. The first one was born in Salt Lake City, Utah while on a long haul in their truck.

At first they thought Jackie was just gaining weight from sitting in the truck so much. Jackie weighed 89 pounds so she would certainly know if she were pregnant or not. After about a month of not losing the weight she went to the doctor and found out she was pregnant. In a total of six weeks Jackie gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. The baby was perfect in every way.

Within the next two years two more short term pregnancies occurred. The second pregnancy was one month long and the last one was six weeks.

We can only speculate as to the cause for the short term pregnancies. It seems that Jackie has been chosen to bring these special children into the world; but by whom?

The following is a transcript of the Bair's case in their own words taken from a recording made at the meeting in my home.

R: Robbie J: Jackie A: Aileen G: Group

R: Jackie was driving. She kept seeing a red flashing light up out of the window. She got me to look at it, it was staying right ahead of us. It was moving in jerking motions. It would jerk, and then jerk, and then jerk, and then jerk, and just kept on traveling like that. It stayed the same distance from us all the time. We came to a rest area and we entered. First we thought it was an airplane, or a helicopter, or something. I thought well, if it is, he's running out of gas, or out of fuel, because he's doing this "surging" motion, ya know. We watched and he stays and maintains the same altitude. He keeps moving along and I said it ain't an airplane or any helicopter. The lights are not right. I've been driving a truck too many years and I know what an airplane is.

So we go in the rest area and we don't know what to do, so we're gonna make a phone call. It stopped when we did, when we pulled into the rest area it stopped. It stayed there because the lights were like this and then a couple of other ones come in from the sides, crossed, created kind of a "V" shape about like this (demonstrates). We're going to the bathroom and I asked a guy in there if he believed in UFOs. He said "yes." "Well, I want to show you something" (Robbie says to the man). So we go outside and I say well, look up in the sky there and tell me what you see. So he told me what he saw, and it was the same thing we saw. He was waiting for his daughter. They ran to their pickup and jumped in. They were looking out the window for a minute and then they took off.

We called Billings Police Department and reported it. As soon as she got on the phone - she could hear real good. After she (Jackie) said she wanted to report a UFO sighting or something, then the phone went real dim, just died right down. She couldn't hardly hear at all, period. So they say they will dispatch a car out but it never showed up. So we left and it takes off, starts following us. It was on the driver's window when we were pulling in. When we went to the rest area it went across. So it's on the right hand side and stays there all night, for the rest of the night.

Early that morning all the stars are going out, they're all disappearing the lighter it gets, except for this one and it stayed on. It's just breaking day. This one - he's just following. We stop. It stops, or it seems to, ya know.

Jackie is looking at it all the time and says "they are throwing something at us" and I stopped but I couldn't see what she was talking about. She says "that it is down the road, it is like a big funnel" and I stopped again and looked from the side of the truck and it looked like a swirl (demonstrates). It comes down over the truck, right over the stacks and I jumped back in the truck and then we took off. It seems like I am leaving something out, am I?

J: Well when we were in the rest area, when we pulled in there was what Robbie and I called the "Mother Ship." I don't know why we called it that, it seemed that that's what it was and it came over the sky, over the field by the rest area right in the center and these others came, there was nine (9) of them altogether and they formed like an hour glass, like a "V" shape, but like an hour glass.

R: There is a set of stars in the sky that looks like an hour glass, the shape, pin pointed like a "V" shape and they were facing each other with the larger points at the end. We went on right after that, we were going down the road. It is a freeway through Montana. All of a sudden out of nowhere are these balls. Started out like Vitamin E capsules, the same texture of Vitamin E; started covering her window. She got scared. I told her to get in the doghouse. I just went as fast as I could. The faster I went, the more they came at me. You could see little bubbles covering the windshield and they made a line around my windshield, just around the edge of it. Then they started getting larger like baseballs, then soft balls, then basket balls and then (everyone laughed when they heard about it) but like peanut shapes, you know? They were shaped like peanuts,three of them and what was really strange about it was; remember kids beach balls that were really sparkly? They were like those but different colors. There were lavenders, pinks, blues, reds, yellow and white. You could see them in the mirror as they went by. We still were going fast but we were noticing everything. Aileen brought it to my attention that we were going 85 MILES PER HOUR so how could we see this? Then these peanut shaped things, like they were 3 feet across, 5 feet, 6 feet long coming across the same angle, were coming toward us. They were going down the side. We have scratch marks or scrapes like you have on your van,"* just like that, along side the truck, the tanker and little things like finger prints all over the stacks like something had a hold and then slipped off because it was too hot. They left marks all down the side of it.

(* During one of our trips to visit the Bairs we were traveling between Ellensburg and Yakima, Washington. It was a dark night but the stars were out. All of a sudden out of the sky a white round object came straight at the windshield but instead of hitting it, it slid down the side of the van. We stopped immediately and looked for whatever it was. We found nothing but we did find the scratch mark on the van.)

Then we started into the peanut things. One of them started right at us. You could see it hit the dirt in front of us; you could see where the dust flew up. I could see it laying in the road. I am going right at it. A ball comes out of the thing and lands right on top of it and picks it up and just zooms right off. Picks it up and zooms right off, then the third one goes down the side. I can see it in the mirror.

We get out of that and decide that we will stop and have a cup of coffee. Wellll, we go by a field and all the cattle in the field come running up to the fence. All along the fence is little tiny balls all over the fences. The next pasture didn't have anything. There was nothing there. There was just one section where all the cattle came running up to the fence. It was really weird.

J: They were probably seeing what we were seeing, only it landed on the ground and that's what color the ground stayed.

R: The ground was that way, it was that big around and it landed there. It was there but it wasn't a bubble anymore, the ground was flat and it laid there.

We go through that day. That night (I didn't really think about it, didn't pay any attention) we lost our batteries. We didn't have any batteries at all. we lost them all. The batteries were gone so we had them charged up for 8 hours then we took off down the road again.

G: You were driving and there were no batteries?

R: On a diesel you don't need them to drive. We had started turning on the lights and things and they had run down so we had them charged up to make it through the night. Usually you can make it through with one good charge. So they were charged up and we made it about 50 miles. We made it from North Dakota to Minnesota. We pulled into this little town, had them charged up again. We pulled around back and as soon as we pulled in the balls of light start coming in, about the size of basketballs. The lights, on and off, right in this community, so we are watching them and I say that I am gonna call a cop.

J: By this time we are really scared because we saw all the lights coming in where there had been nothing there.

R: Inside the lights was a "V" shape and it turns and goes like this (demonstrates). It turns like when we got ready to leave, they all turned the way that we were going to go. They had us surrounded except for the way that we were going to go out (of the stop). When we got ready to leave the arrow pointed to go that way so we did. As soon as we got on the road red lights are all over like radio towers.

J: That happened while we were sitting in the restaurant.

G: Nobody else saw?

R: Well...

J: I took them outside and I showed the woman and asked her if she believed in UFOs. She said that she didn't know too much about them and I took her outside and showed her the lights and she said they did not belong here. At this time...

R: The lights were all over the church.

J: The lights would all come together and then the light would get slightly bigger.

R: One would be shaped this way (demonstrates) and one would be shaped this way. They would be side by side.

G: Were they different colors?

R: No, they are all still the same color.

More tomorrow

Monday, July 16, 2007



At this special meeting there was a couple who made headlines in Minnesota. They were truck drivers from Yakima, Washington. In 1984 they were driving their truck between Montana and Minnesota when they encountered many unusual events.

In a newspaper article titled "Trembling Truckers Tell Terrifying Tale," out of the Sauk Centre, Minnesota newspaper, dated October 11, 1984 the Bair's terrifying encounter was described as follows.

They were completely unnerved, the thin man named "Killer" and his wife, sitting in the coffee shop sipping coffee and continuously smoking cigarettes.

I'm scared to leave, "Robert (Bob) Bair said, and the look in his eyes left no doubt in your mind that he was, indeed frightened. He was not only frightened, he was terrified, continuously looking and motioning out the window.

He was terrified, his wife, Jackie, was terrified. They had been experiencing unexplainable phenomena for three days, 900 miles, across three states, and when they stopped in Sauk Centre, Minnesota and begged for help hardly anyone believed them.

Bob and Jackie started out from Seattle, Washington three days before on a routine trip hauling liquid cooking oil to Madison, Wisconsin in a run they make regularly, weekly.

Things went smooth. They were enjoying the trip, and the shiny three-week old paint job on their semi-trailer boosted their morale. Then they got into Montana.

A couple miles ahead they spotted lights. "We thought it was a plane," Bob said. The story of their bizarre experiences poured out of them, hands shaking as they drew sketches of creatures, and interrupting each to agree or expand on a point.

It was just turning daybreak when they came into Montana, they said. "It was out there with the stars. They made people think they were stars. Another man at a rest stop in Montana also saw the lights - nine little ships and one big ship," Bob reported, "moving up and down, back and forth in a lurching motion."

The Bairs continued on their trip, but the ships or creatures followed them in their semi. The individual things were described as shaped like about eight inch people with V-shaped heads, wings on their backs. When the things got hostile with the truck and the drivers they shot fine needle-like shavings like silver metal through the glass of the windshield. "They were shaped like a pre-historic bird," he said.

"It just ruined the truck," Jackie said, pointing out paint chips and nicks in the new paint job. "Every time I touched them I got blisters on my fingers and it turned into a V." Bob showed one on his wrist. In the dark their fingertips glowed from the unknown substance they had touched.

"We might be dying right now!" Bob said. "We don't knnow what it is. We have to get to a doctor."

The creatures were hostile, and went into attack modes several times, putting up dense fogs. One time when they stopped, "It was like a backwards tornado" coming from the mouth of the leader of the ships. "It was like a ray that he was sending down with the funnel. He did it five times, then we left."

"We didn't think it would harm us any, not at that point anyway."

They drove on for seven miles, stopping two, three, four times, getting out of the truck and holding on to the top to look at the lights in the sky.

Then they experienced "little black things, thousands of them coming out of the sky, squiggly things, all around us," Jackie described. They both experienced it.

Then back in the truck and moving, the lights kept up with them, even at 65 or 70 miles an hour.

Then, things that looked "like Vitamin E Capsules" began forming on the passenger side windshield, as they moved. "They formed all around the window, the whole inside of the frame was covered with them. At first they were real little." They got bigger, there were big black ones the size of baseballs, whatever their size or color they all had a crystal-like thing inside them.

Then there were different colored things, yellow, lavender and green. Then they got bigger in size.

"It would seem like, we were hitting them, but when we hit nothing was there, like bubbles," Jackie said, having difficulty describing something that was unimaginable to her. "When they hit the ground there was a spot the same color on the ground or on the tree," she said.

"There was one about this big," Bob said, spreading his arms. He was driving about 70 miles an hour at this point, and then there was another and a third, what they termed "spaceships." The third one they hit, a cloud burst off, and something shaped like a big peanut fell along side the highway, about 15 inches thick and hourglass shaped.

"It hit the ground and it was a dirty yellow," she added.

At one point the things shot a pice of metal "clean through the window and the sleeper and my jacket," she said, shaking her head, and looking out the window.

Jackie and Bob were trying desperately to get someone to see what they had seen. When they stopped the "birds" or spaceships stopped, flocked and waited for them to start traveling again.

"We don't know why they are following us. Maybe one of hem got on the tank or in the truck somehow," they said. "Maybe they are trying to get it back."

They had called the UFO Center in Seattle from Montana and had an appointment to meet an agent in Madison, Wisconsin after delivery of their cargo. They were afraid to go further than Sauk Centre, because when they stopped at Getty Truck Stop to fuel up, the ships had tried another attack and had landed in the trees across the highway.

"We're not leaving town until somebody helps us." Jackie said pleadingly. "We called our boss and he said get a motel and keep the truck running."

They spent the night at the Travel Host Motel. The motel manager reported they had not seemed distraught, or reported anything unusual to him.

Jackie called this reporter at home Monday night and said unusual things were happening in the motel room with forming of metal fillings on the bedspreads, and formation of the same Vitamin E like things in the shower, which would blister her leg when they dropped. Now the blisters formed not only a V, but a T, C and L, she said.

She ws very frightened. "When we moved the truck over here hundreds of "birds" followed us. We knew they would come."

Because no one else could see or reported seeing the things, she analyzed,"I am damn sure they turn invisible."

The police and Highway Patrol were in contact with the couple. None of the officials could see the objects Bairs claimed to be in the trees or on the lightposts waiting for them.

"They were very scared people," Police Chief Trierweller agreed. "But I did not see what they saw."

Trierweller said he talked to the couple's boss in Yakima, Washington. Bob had worked for him for 18 years, and were the best drivers he had. The truck they were driving is owned by S.D.T., Inc. in Yakima.

S.D.T. sent a relief driver to Sauk Centre to meet the Bairs Tuesday morning. They left town about 1 p.m. with Jackie driving a rental car, and Bob riding with the new driver.

One or two people believed their stories, nobody could explain them. At least one witness saw the semi and rental car leave town Tuesday, but saw nothing unusual like fogs, formations or shapes following them.

Skeptics had their own theories. Many people agreed that they believe things can happen that cannot be explained in terms that people understand. Many people believe there could be creatures, space ships, and unexplained happenings as describd by the Bairs. Whatever people believe, the true story, a logical explanation, will probably never be found.

It will become another folder in the federal UFO investigation files, unsolved."

* * *

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