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Saturday, June 30, 2007


Helene came to visit me in my home in Mesa, Arizona. It was at this time she began writing the plates she had been shown and made to memorize when just a little girl. Helene felt the personage that gve them to her was St. Francis of Assissi mainly because he was all she knew at the time. Each time she set one plate down on paper she would become completely exhausted and would need to go to bed and rest for two or three hours. She would fall into a deep sleep. Finally all of the plates were remembered and translated, with the exception of ten that were not to be shared, or translated, until the appropriate time.

Many people have read the plates and become fascinated with what they say. They have given inspiration and hope to the contactees and other persons who have read them.

Correlated to other writings given the contactees, they fit perfectly (I.e., Menno Pauls, "The Gathering of the Eagles," and Lynn Brown's hieroglyphs printed in past Missing Links). The time period for each change Helene has been given, corresponds to Menno Paul's chronology, Nostradamus's predictions and Bah'ullah's predictions in the Bahai faith.

It appears a collective consciousness gives information to humans, from various sources, during a particular space in time. The reason seems to be for our knowledge and enlightenment. What we do with that informamtion is up to our personal awareness and beliefs.

With Helene's permission, the following transcript printed in the UFO Review made from a tape recording taken at the UFOCCI Jorpah in Safford, Arizona by Tim Beckley and later inserted into his paper in New York, is Helene's own story of her miraculous healing by the space beings that came to her on request of a "friend" when she lived in Powell River, B.C. Canada. This, then is her wondrous story. (Helene is now deceased)

In May 1974, the doctors discovered that I had cancer. They removed a growth from my hipbone, but it became active again. I had a lot of discomfort and problems with my digestive system. After they discovered the growth on my pancreas; they opened in an attempt to remove it. They were not able to remove all of it. so they just closed me up. A year and a half later they went in again, knowing that it would have spread. They removed most of the growth, which had spread to the bowels. That didn't work and it grew twice as fast.

By October of 1975 all of my secretions were orange. I was on chemotherapy. They tried to shrink the tumor with x-ray therapy but it didn't seem to budge. By then I had lost a tremendous amount of weight. I normally weigh about 145 and I was down to 116. By January 1976, I was down to 108 and I loooked like a walking corpse.

The doctor told me that if I felt up to it, I should go see my family to say my good-byes. So I went to see them in Quebec. They were astounded that I came there looking the way I did.

I came back in May, still losing weight. By then my weight was down to 98 pounds. They expected me to die around July or August.

One afternoon I came home very exhausted from the shop. I parked the car at the bottom of the steps, as I was too exhausted to walk from the garage. I went in, took a shower and went to bed. My son came back from work at about 6:30 and asked me if I wanted something to eat. I told him I wasn't hungry. I was just tired.

At 1:00 a.m., I was awakened. I heard someone call my name "Helene." I got up and went to see if it was my son calling me and he was sound asleep. I went to see if it was my technician, who was living with us at the time, but he was sound asleep too. So I figured that I had a dream and I went back to bed. Then the voice came again. "Helene, get into your car and meet us on the way to Lunde. We'll meet you there." Lunde was a small town 17 miles from the town I was living in.

I put on my housecoat and slippers and got into the car and I drove through town. I saw people on the streets I recognized as I drove along.

I was seven miles west of town, when I saw a large white globe in the sky. When I first saw it, I had no idea what it was. I was compelled to react to the voice as if I had no will of my own. As I came over a hill there was a large clearing of about 1000 feet, which was supposed to have been for a condominium. I saw the object coming down. It was circular and huge, about fifty feet in diameter. There was an off road. My car turned towards it and the engine stopped. The car kept going and it stopped in a gully. The first thing that came into my mind was, "How am I going to get out of here without any power?"

I opened the door. By then the craft was hovering. It hadn't come down to the ground. I didn't see any legs. It just seemed to be suspended there at about 10 or 15 feet. It was very large. It had a dome on the surface with a side that came down to a flap underneath. A cylinder of light came out from the center of the craft. The light was very bright. As I got out of the car and walked towards it, I felt like a zombie.

Two Beings came through the cylinder of light and floated to the ground. They put their hand in what seemed like a sign of friendship. They were small, maybe four feet tall. They looked like ten year old kids. They were wearing tight-fitting metallic-looking suits. They had a large buckle with an insignia on it. It looked like a triangle within a triangle, almost like a star of David. There was a design in the middle. The same thing was on their uniforms. The suits came right to their hands. The hands had five digits. They had on boots which seemed to be part of the suit. There was a tight-fitting hood over their head. I could see the indentation of very small ears. Their eyes were large and came almost to the side of their skulls at a point. But their eyes were very loving. It was a human eye. They had small noses and a slit for their mouth. I was apprehensive, but not afriad of them because they didn't give me that feeling of being afraid.

They said, "Do not be afraid, we are here to help you. Your friend John from Florida asked us to help you." I do have a friend in Florida named John, who years back had told me he was in communication with extraterrestrials. I had just said, "That's great." but had not really believed him. They came on each side of me, as if to help me. I felt as if my feet weren't touching the ground. I had a feeling of elation at the same time that I was apprehensive.

They took me to the cylinder of light and we went up into it until I realized I was in the ship. The hole that we had come through suddenly closed off and I realized that I was standing on something solid. I had a hard time talking. I seemed to have a lump in my throat. It might have been fear!

As soon as they got into the ship, the Beings who took me on board went to the left and another Being came out. To my right, there were control panels on a slant, with two chairs in front. The chairs looked padded and were on a pedestal. I remembered that when I was outside looking in, I saw portholes above and towards the mound. But now looking past the control panel, I could see outside. I could see the trees and my car. It was just like a large window of about 24 or 30 inches wide, all the way around from inside the ship. To the left of that panel there was a large plate glass panel which came quite high. None of the partitions seemed to reach the ceiling. When I came through the cylinder, there was a smell like ozone. Once inside the ship, it seemed like a metallic smell.

There was an alcove and there was a large table. It was about 24 inches wide by seven feet long. When I stood by it, it came just a little above my knees. The Being that came from behind the partition came towards me and said "Do not be frightened, we are here merely to help you." I had the impression that the Being was a woman, not because she was dressed any differently, they were all dressed alike. There was a gentler look about this Being. Her voice was different, even though she didn't speak with her mouth.

She put her hand on my arm and said, "We are not going to hurt you, we are here to help you. Would you disrobe and lay on this table?"

I didn't seem to have a will of my own. I did exactly as she asked. It was like a large glass or plexi-glass table about 3 1/2 inches thick. There was an oscillation inside the table. There was a blue hue to it. I laid down on my back and she told me to put my hands open at my sides. She was on my right. She kept looking at a panel of light which was above a base that had drawers. The panel made a funny sort of noise almost like a video machine. She kept reassuring me not to be frightened, they were just going to help me.

I asked them why they were helping me and they said, "We may need you later on and besides we were asked."

More tomorrow of Helen's story

Friday, June 29, 2007


During the time we lived in Arizona we attended the National UFO Conference in Tucson, Arizona. at the conference we met several persons that would become important in our future. At the conference we visited with Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens (Ret.) We had met him previously at his home in Tucson. Paris and Betty Colorado, Dan and myself had made the trip to Tucson one weekend from Phoenix. Paris had shared his own contact case with Wendelle and we had discussed various cases. We felt Wendelle was a true researcher and a man of integrity. All of us had an instant liking for Wendelle.

Wendelle Stevens has done the most to educate the public to the UFO Contact phenomenon. He has published books such as the following: UFO Contact from Reticulum, UFO Contact from Iarga, UFO Contact from Pascagoula, UFO Contact from Undersea, UFO Contact from Itibi-Ra, UFO Contact in Mirrasol and the most important contact of all time, UFO Contact from the Plieades, a Preliminary Report. The latter contact takes place in Switzerland. It started long ago but the famous photographs of the Plieadean star ships began in March 1975. Since that time over 800 photos have been taken by Eduard "Billy" Meier, a one armed farmer from Switzerland. Wendelle Stevens, Britt and Lee Elder and Tom Welsh were the principle investigators of this indisputable case.

In 1988 Gary Kinder wrote a book titled, "Light Years" on Billy Meier's case. He presents the case in a logical easy to read manner.

Video recordings have been made by the Elders on the Meier's case and were available through Genesis III in Munds Park, Arizona. The video has actual movie footage taken by Billy of five different Plieadean ships piloted by Billy's friend and mentor, Semjase. Semjase was a female Plieadean cosmonaut.

Another very interesting contactee we met in Tucson was Helene Charbonneau of Safford, Arizona. On the first morning of the NUFOC Conference we went into the hotel coffee shop where we were staying to have breakfast before the lectures got under way. Two ladies were standing right behind us. One of the ladies asked us if we were there for the conference. We replied that we were. The other lady spoke up and said you should hear this lady's story; it is fantastic. We invited them to eat breakfast with us. Helene's story is one of the most interesting contact cases I have come across. This is Helene's story.

Helene Charbonneau had a very unusual life from the beginning. According to her mother, there was evidence of extraterrestrial intervention during the time of conception. Helene was one of 12 children. During early childhood she developed tuberculosis of the spine and could not walk. Her mother appealed to the nuns who lived close to them, to help obtain leg braces for Helene to help her walk.

Her mother saved pennies, nickels and dimes to pay for the trip to take Helene to a Catholic shrine in Montreal, Quebec where miracles often occurred. Helene's mother, a devout Catholic, promised God that Helene would become a nun if she were healed.

The day that Helene and her mother arrived at the shrine Helene was taken to the top of a stairway consisting of 365 steps (one for each day of the year) to await her mother. The mother's penance for the anticipated healing was to climb the stairs on her knees. In return perhaps a miracle would be granted and Helene would be healed. Her mother had carbuncles on both knees, but because of her faith in God, and her love for Helene, she climbed the stairs. By the time she reached the top of the stairs to where Helene waited, her knees were bruised and bleeding.

On that day no miracle occurred. That was very disappointing to Helene's mother because she had sacrificed so much to help her daughter. She did not give up.

The next day during early morning mass, the people who had not experienced a miracle the day before were told to be expecting something extraordinary to happen. At that moment Helene felt a jolt, like electricity, pass through her. She leaped off the seat and stood up; something she couldn't do before. Her mother started crying. She knew at that moment her prayers and sacrifices had been answered. Helene received the miracle her mother had prayed for, she was healed.

The priest took the braces off Helene's legs, hung them on a tree made out of obsolete crutches, braces, etc. Helene wanted to take the braces back home to give to a little boy that had the same condition as she did. The parents were too poor to purchase braces for him. The priest said no; she could not take them. That made her very sad.

At the time Helene was 9 years old. Her mother, true to her promise, put Helene into a convent to become a nun. At age 14 she graduated from high school. By then she knew she did not want to be a nun. Instead she wanted to become a registered nurse. The nuns allowed her to stay with them until she was 19 years old when she graduated from nursing school.

Some of the background experiences that took place within those years are included in Helene's personal story.

Helene had a very active and unusual life. First a nun, then a registered nurse, later she married and gave birth to seven children. Later on she went back to school and obtained an electrical engineering degree. Due to that profession she worked for NASA as an engineer in a special medical division within the astronaut program.

In May, 1973, Helene moved to Powell River, B.C. with her second husband Claude Charbonneau. She started a business in marine electronics after her husband met an untimely death in Novembber, 1973.

In the autobiography of her contact by extraterrestrials and the subsequent healing of the advanced cancer, another miracle occurred in the life of Helene Charbonneau.

More tomorrow of Helene's contact case.

Thursday, June 28, 2007


Frank is Paris's son, although he was not raised with Paris, he visited him periodically. Frank was a lonely child. He seemed to be intimidated by his father. It was therefore, with trepidation that he timidly said he would like to be regressed. He was fearful of what his father would say to him. We agreed to regress him with Paris's blessings.

Under hypnosis Frank revealed a contact two days previously to Paris's. It took place near the corrals at the campground. There had been lights flitting around the area for a few days before Paris had his contact. Afterwards reports came from Paulina Lake that people in that area had seen things on the same night as Paris's contact.

The following is a brief synopsis of Frank's contact taken from the hypnosis transcript on April 18, 1981. "D" is the hypnotist and "F" represents Frank.

D Go back now to the two days before your Dad's sighting. You are out in the field looking up at the stars... do you remember that time?
F Umhum
D I want you to now look up at those stars and remember them as you saw them. Do you see them, Frank? Count them Frank. Is there something about that moment that you remember?
F There is something on my left side - I can see it, but then you can't see it.

At this point Frank seems under mild stress and Dan reassures him that it is ok and tells Frank that it is ok to look.

F I can make out a little bit.
D What do they look like, frank?
F I see a round head.
D What else do you see?
F Shoulders and arms and a body and something on my other side - on my right.
D Is it the same thing?
F It's the same color - blue
D Do you know them Frank?
F I think so
D Who do you think they are?
F Somebody who loves me very much - I feel very deeply - very emotionally about them being there - when they are with me - keep me from...
D Where are they from?
F Space
D What does the room look like, Frank?
F Clean and perfect - like - something like stainless steel - perfect, no uh - nothing is - its perfect.
D Did you see that room just like that?
F There's something in the middle - like a - like a stump, only its solid like metal, like perfect - round - like an octagon - its - uh
D Are you alone in that room?
F No, it's like my best friends there
D Do you know his name?
F No
D Have you talked with him?
F No - not talked, no but if he wanted me to do something. I would do it without him talking - any kind of communication.
D You would just know?
F Um hum
D What do you see, Frank?
F He's - uh - he's not there for any reason, he's just there! Like my personal soul, my friend.
D Do you know what he is teaching you
F No - uh, I can see a window with the stars... the room is square, the window is angled, like its angled like where you tip glass toward you!
D Do you see more than just stars in that window?
F I didn't, but, something in the bottom ocrner
D What's in the bottom corner?
F A moon - like a moon. It's real bright
D How do you know what he teaches you Frank? Does he show you something?
F Yes - he is doing something with the wall.
D Go on, explain in detail what he shows you
F I can see his hands and uh, like a TV screen - a little TV screen - its something like that - like a window with lines on it. Like a game, like what you play on... it's got lines and numbers
D Can you read the numbers, Frank?
F They look like numbers - they are too short to be words.
D Did they show you anything else on that screen?
F No - there is nothing else in the whole room except the light on the wall.
D What color is the light?
F It's like a white yellow square - that's it
D Can you describe what he looks like, Frank?
F No hair - he's bald - his head is shaped a little different. I can't see his face.
D Can you see his back or his front?
F He's got two arms - he is wearing a suit and no hair.
D How many fingers, Frank?
F Three - come to my mind - long
D Does he have ears?
F I don't see any - he's real light.
D Light in what way?
F Skin - is light like white yellow - the light - like he's not in the sun. His eyes are big and like ours, except they are big - they are good sized. He looks like a friend. He looks very kind.
D How tall is he?
F He's not tall - a little bit shorter than I am. Very nice, Very nice person.
D Were you in any other room in that craft?
F No - uh, one little doorway - uh, a little tiny small hallway. I don't know if it is a space, it's just a room.
D Do you know how you got there?
F My friend picked me up - my frient took me there.
D How did your friend take you there?
F (Long pause) He touched my hand, like a brother would do an ... or something and he walked and all of a sudden we are just there - one minute I am there and then - then, I am not there.
D Do you remember the light? Do you remember a white light?
F When he touched my hand.
D Then you were in the room?
F Yeah
D Have you seen them before?
F They've always been - somewhere, I've always been
D Can you distinguish between a boy and a girl?
F My - the one in the room is not - I don't think it is a girl - it's more like a brother
D How many times have you been with them?
F I - uh, once, but it was familiar to me - I knew what it was like to be there - I knew where everything was!
D Do you think you were there once?
F It's like I, uh, like a club that you go into once in a wrile.

We believe this case is very significant because of three abductions and a possible fourth all in the same time period.

Afterwards Paris acknowledged the entity drawn by his son was the same one that he had seen aboard the ship.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Paris described the Beings as about 5'2". He remembers having to look down into their eyes. They had large heads, but no hair. Their skin was kind of gray-white. They had thin arms and their bodies weren't muscular either. Their shoulders were small. They had two slits for a nose and one slit for a mouth. But the thing that Paris most remembers about them were their eyes. He said they had very large eyes that were almond shaped and went slightly back on the side of their faces. "They were beautiful, beautiful eyes," Paris said. "I didn't see any pupils. All I could see was large black eyes. When I looked into their eyes, I felt at that point what love is. It was a total, all engulfing love. It was like they were loving parents. You almost had that protective, loving feeling. It was that that made me realize they are part of us in some way, shape or form."

The Beings asked Mark and Paris if they wanted to go aboard the spacecraft and they agreed. Paris is convinced that if they had said no, the Beings would have left them alone. They were taken through a triangular-shaped doorway and onto the spcecraft. Paris was led down a hall on the left and Mark down a hall on the right. They would not see each other again until they were back in the Jeep.

Paris remembers being in seven different rooms, although he cannot describe all the rooms because his memory will not allow it. He was examined in one room. He was placed on a table that was actually a thick light. Paris said he received a slight shock from the table. A Being started examining him thoroughly. It was here that Paris believes he got the needle puncture, although he doesn't specifically remember. It should be noted that since he received the needle puncture, he has never again suffered from bursitis.

While being examined, Paris watched a smaller Being peeking into the room. "I had the feeling it was a child because it was smaller than the others," Paris said. "I had the feeling he wasn't allowed in the room, but he was curious, so he looked in from the hallway. But he never came through the door because he wasn't allowed in there."

After the examination, Paris was taken to other rooms and then allowed to roam freely about the spacecraft. He said the craft had windows about 18 inches tall and 36 inches wide. The walls also curved. At one point they placed Paris up against the wall and he had to bend down because he was too tall.

He was aware of at least five beings in the craft. He remembers three of them standing behind him and communicating telepathically. He also remembers one sitting at a console with a screen. Paris walked over to see what was on the screen and what he saw still amazes him. The space shuttle Columbia was orbiting the Earth. The Beings had taken him out in space, out beyond Earth, so they could show him the orbiting space shuttle. The thing that Paris was to realize later was that he was abducted on April first but the space shuttle didn't go up until April 12. The Beings had taken Mark and Paris forward in time and then brought them back.

When they were finished, they placed Mark and Paris back in their Jeep, but purposefully left a three hour lag time so that they would be aware that something had happened.

Since that time, Paris said he has been visited numerous times by Beings in his home. He said he goes through a kind of school. They come into his home late at night, and while he is sleeping they teach him. He wakes up next morning, after having a full nights sleep, just exhausted. He said going through school all night makes him exceedingly tired the next morning.

While he is not exactly sure why they are teaching him, Paris is convinced that he has something that he must accomplish for the Beings. He takes that obligation very seriously. He thinks eventually they will reveal themseles and their plan to him.

Paris believes the Beings have the ability to abduct people and bring them back without the individual ever realizing he was abducted.

"They can take you and bring you back within a minute of the time they abduct you or three or four hours,"he said. "In my case, they wanted me to be aware of the missing time. This is what they call an awareness contact. Many people have been abducted and never known they have been abducted because they are brought back so close to the time they were taken. They are not even aware that they have been taken."

But the lessons are for a reason, he said. Having not been the kind of person he wants to be, Paris said the Beings are helping him to be more understanding and compassionate.

"I've done a lot of things in my life that I am ashamed of," he said. "I could have been a better human. And right now there's this white spot on this dark human thing that's inside me, and it's eating all that black away. I have the feeling that the type of person I want to be and should be I will be in time. And it's only through them helping me that I'm growing and changing. Whatver is happening is good and I realize that."

The visitors to his home have now become almost common place for Paris. Now that he is over the initial shock, his curiosity has gotten the better of him. He wants to find out who the Beings are and just exactly what they want from him. He has set a camera up in his bedroom in hopes of at least getting a photograph of them in his home. When the Beings enter his home and he tries to get up, he loses consciousness. The next thing he knows, he is in bed awake - the Beings long gone. Although he has not yet been successful in getting photographs, he said he is going to keep trying.

Whether or not he is able to get pictures of the Beings is not of monumental importance to Paris. He believes he has something which he must accomplish for the Beings, and he takes that obligation very seriously. He thinks eventually they will reveal their plans to him.

Since Budd Hopkin's book, "The Intruders" has brought genetic manipulation to the forefront it has made contactees aware of why certain events transpired during their contact.

Since his contact in Oregon Paris has had a visitation in his home in Arizona. The aliens told him that he would be taught in the "perimeter of his bed."

After Paris and his friend were contacted they called the "UFO Reporting Center" in Seattle. Bob Gribble referred the case to us. We called Paris in Oregon. He was very apprehensive when I told him my name was Aileen. He thought I said "alien"! In fact after I asked him the symptoms other contactees exhibited, such as a puncture wound on his right rear buttock he really wondered because how else would I know what was happening with him? He called back the UFO Reporting Center to see if I was legitimate!

A date was set for a regressive hypnosis session to be done in Madras, Oregon on the following weekend. Another couple, who were also contactees, went with us. None of us will ever forget that day!

After an all day session of trying to regress Paris and finally achieving our objective Paris, Betty and Frank, Paris's son, left to go back to LaPine around 11:30 p.m.

During the session the ladies had stayed in one motel room and the men in the other. Usually during a hypnosis session I would wait until it was well under way, then I would come into the room and listen, then ask questions. Because of the light trance state in Paris's case we eliminated this procedure. Instead a tape was made so I could hear it later.

After Betty and Paris left I was listening to the tape. All of a sudden the sound of a UFO could be heard on the tape (we thought). Both of us exclaimed at once, "What is that?" Dan siad it must have been on the tape. It sounded like a whirring noise where the revolutions are getting faster every moment and further away.

The next morning we went to breakfast with the other couple. We told them about the sound we heard on the tape. They exclaimed, "that was not on the tape, it was outside!" My friend's husband said that he was going to run out there and look but he was "not dressed for the occasion" and besides there was s swimming pool right in front of his door and he knew in his excitement he would probably fall in!

We knew then that the UFO must have been right behind the motel.

The next day Betty cried all day. I found that to be abnormal behavior. In hypnosis it is called an abreaction. It is my belief that instead of Betty justifying the behavior as feeling left out, that something more happened to them on the way back to LaPine. That has never been explored.

Early the next morning Paris's friend that had been with him at the time came to Madras from LaPine, Oregon for regression. His story corroborated Paris' in every detail. He also made drawings while under hypnosis of instrument panels he saw on the ship and identical aliens as Paris'. He described insignias the aliens wore on their suits and gave colors of the uniforms.

Since that time we have lost touch with Paris' friend. Sometimes more than one person is involved in the contact. We have found that the contact is basically for one person. In many cases several weeks or even years, later, the other person cannot remember what took place.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


As we pulled up to Betty and Paris Colorado's home we must have looked like the Beveraly Hillbillies! We arrived in our loaded 1978 Buick pulling an old white Ford LTD. The other couple were in their old red Maverick. The Colorado's lived in an exclusive district in the suburbs of Phoenix called Fountain Hills. At that point I would have liked to have been anywhere but there! In spite of this, Paris and Betty were very gracious and received us with open arms.

Very soon after arriving in Fountain Hills the other couple found a job, and an apartment. He had electronics experience and there was a need for technicians. On the other hand, we found it very difficult, we couldn't have arrived at a worse time. The economy was down; a tent city had been set up in the middle of Phoenix for people who had lost their homes and their jobs. The Salvation Army and other philanthropic organizations were serving meals. People were taking any menial job just to survive. That was in 1983. Since then the economy has changed in the Scottsdale and Phoenix area. I recently heard that 8,000 people a day are still moving into the "Valley of the Sun."

We rented a house in Mesa, Arizona. I worked at a temporary job for the Ramada Executive Suites for three months. Dan worked at a temporary job in a manufacturing plant.

As soon as possible we set up the UFO Contact Center again. We arranged to have meetings in Mesa at the public library. To advertise the meeting we were interviewed by the Arizona Republic newspaper. This article brought the people out to hear what we had to say about contactees and abductions.

At the Town and Country Book Store metaphysical subjects were discussed by numerous guest speakers in their small meeting room. They invited us to come and speak about the UFO Contact Center International. Through this meeting we found many contactees. We were in business again!

Cynthia Scanion, a writer, called and asked for an interview that would appear in the "Fate" magazine. We agreed and she asked if we would provide a contactee for her to talk to. We asked Paris Colorado if he would mind being interviewed. He agreed as long as the story appeared in Fate magazine.

For months we watched to see when the article would appear. It was with shock when we saw the article appear in "The UFO Review."

The following is the article by Cynthia Scanion in its entirety concerning Paris Colorado's abduction experience.

"On April 1, 1981, Paris David Colorado was abducted by a UFO. But it was no April Fool's joke. For Colorado, it was a very real and very terrifying experience.

It all began when Paris and his wife moved from Phoenix, Arizona to take over some campgrounds near Bend, Oregon. They had been running the campgrounds for six months when a young man in a trailer came to stay. He was involved in mining and got Paris interested in how to go about staking a claim. Mark, the mining claim expert, invited Paris to accompany him to his claim the following week and Paris accepted.

The weekend they decided to go, Paris woke up with a terrible pain in his shoulder. He said he suffered from bursitis and was having one of his attacks. Despite the pain, Paris insisted on going. So a few hours later, Mark and Paris were on their way to the claim. The area where the claim was located, approximately 290 miles from Paris' campground, was so primitive that Mark and Paris were forced to backpack hours in from the place where they had left their jeep.

"All the time we were up in the wilderness canyon, I had the feeling someone was watching us," Paris said. "That first night, when we camped, I could see a pair of eyes just outside the perimeter of the light. I would turn my flashlight on them and there was nothing there. And during the daylight, when we were walking up the trail, we would hear something moving along in the woods above us. It was like something was following us everywhere we went. This went on the whole three days we were up there."

But nothing came of it, and so having finished their work, they headed for home three days later. They started out in the evening and arrived at Mt. Vernon, Oregon at 7:30 p.m. Paris said he remembers it being 7:30 because he and Mark were hungry and everything had closed at 6:30. So they decided to drive on to Mitchell, which is approximately 40 miles from Mt. Vernon.

The night was exceedingly dark and the sky was filled with clouds. And yet, right above the horizon, Paris said it was clear. At least it was clear enough for both Paris and Mark to make out three bright stars in the distance. In fact, they noticed the stars were directly above the road. One flanked the left side of the road, one flanked the right side of the road and one was in the middle. The one in the middle was slightly higher. They both took note of the stars, but didn't think anything strange until they moved.

"As they moved up I could see a light underneath the stars," Paris said, "I don't know how far away we were at the time. There was a slight rise in the road ahead of us and whatever this was was way back from that."

As they approached the hill, a light was shining from in back of it. Paris explained the light as something like a semi-truck approaching from the other side. But the light kept getting brighter and brighter until it had to be about 20 semi's approaching, he said. When they were about three-quarters of a mile from the top of the hill, the object came over the top and started down the road toward them. It was then that Paris pulled off to the side of the road and waited with the motor running. They were unable to make out a clear description of the object because it was so dark. Paris guessed they were about half way between Mt. Vernon and Mitchell.

"I couldn't take my eyes off the light and neither could Mark," Paris said. "It was like we were hypnotized. We just couldn't look away from the light."

Paris described the light as bowing on both sides of the object like a bowl turned upside down. The light extended off the highway at least 100 yards on both sides.

"The object, whatever it was, was larger than a 747, yet it moved quickly and smoothly reverse and forward." Paris said. "You could see the little white lines on the highway that were going into the light when it moved forward."

At this point, both Mark and Paris became terrified at what they were witnessing. Paris grabbed the gear shift, but was unable to get the car into gear. When Paris made this move, he said the object stopped and darted back to the top of the hill. He said it was a smooth but quick move back. The gear shift continued to bounce back and forth, without shifting into place. Paris' attempts to get the jeep back onto the road proved futile.

"At that point I turned to Mark," he said. "I just turned my head without taking my eyes from the light and said, 'Mark, we're not going to get away from this thing.'"

Paris said his heart was pounding so hard he thought he was going to have a heart attack. He could feel his adrenaline pumping and he said he was terrified.

"At that point something said to me, 'Relax, take it easy, don't panic, we're coming to you,'" Paris said. "It wasn't words, it was like mental telepathy - like strong words in my mind. And when it first said 'Relax, take it easy, don't panic,' I thought, I'm telling myself to relax, take it easy and don't panic because I'm about to have a heart attack. But then I realized they were telling me that."

"At that moment, it shot down the road toward us," Paris continued. "Both Mark and I seemed to be pulled slightly toward the windshield. All of this took place in what we thought was three to five minutes at most. When it moved toward us, we went into a trance or whatever you want to call it. And that's the last thing I remember."

The next thing Paris and Mark remember is sitting in the jeep and noticing something moving quickly away from the car. In the next instant, a flash of light streaked away into the sky. They sat there for an unknown amount of time until a car came over the hill. The headlights of the approaching autombile hit both Paris and Mark in the eyes and brought them out of their trance. The Jeep motor was still running.

Paris drove off and neither one of them said anything for 15 minutes. Finally they pulled off to the side of the road and got out. They were talking about what they both thought they had seen when Paris asked Mark what time it was. It was eleven o'clock. They had been on the road for more than three hours and were still 15 miles from Mitchell. As they were pondering what had happened back on the road, it was then that Paris noticed a slight ache in his right hip. He said it felt like a needle puncture.

Rather than stopping for food, Paris and Mark decided to drive back home as quickly as possible. When they reached the campgrounds, they were anxious and nervous. Paris' wife thought Paris was playing an April Fool's joke, but seeing that her husband was serious asked for all the details. Not knowing who to contact in such a situation, Paris called the Federal Aviation Administration. The FAA in return gave Paris the phone number of the UFO Reporting Center in Seattle, Washington. He spoke with the center personnel and was told two investigators would contact himself and Mark for further details.

The next morning Paris talked with the investigators, Dan and Aileen Edwards, about his experience. Paris talked with them on the phone and then agreed to meet with them two weeks later. They would at that time hypnotize Paris and try to find out what had happened during the missing three hours.

During that period before Paris met with the Edwards', he said he was a wreck. He went through wild emotional swings that included everything from paranoia to anger.

"I was afriad to go out, and I'm not normally afraid of anything within reason," he said. "But I was afraid to go out in the campgrounds by myself after dark. There was something in the back of my mind that was telling me, 'If you go out there something's going to get you. Not the Boogie Man, but something you can't see.'"

The other emotional phases Paris went through were much like those explained by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross in her stages of dying. Paris cried for days. His emotions ran so high that he just cried for no apparent reason. Then he went through a period of acceptance where he resigned himself to the fact that this had happened to him and there is nothing he could do about it. Then he went through a period of depression. Then he got angry. He thought about someone taking three hours out of his life and it made him mad - really mad. He was useless at the campgrounds. Running the cash register or concentrating on anything for any length of time was too much for him to handle.

Paris finally met with Dan and Aileen Edwards to be hypnotized. Once under hypnosis, Paris was able to vividly recall most of the details of that April first night, although some parts still remain a mystery. According to Paris, as soon as he and Mark went into a trance, the UFO hovered over the car and engulfed it in white light. Suddenly, Beings came around to the front. Paris said he was not sure how many Beings there were, but he did say they were in no way hostile.

Continued tomorrow

Monday, June 25, 2007


While we were in Arlington a very well known contactee came to us for help. She had been to psychiatrists and psychologists, even to a mental hospital for a year. No one wanted to help her any more. Maybe they couldn't understand her. Nevertheless, we paid for her flight from her home town and back again.

The problem she came to us for was not UFO related, even though she was a contactee. I think I will relate this case just because it shows what hypnosis can accomplish. Many persons are skeptical of hypnosis but I have seen the proof of what it can do.

Just recently we observed a baby being born by cesarean section and the only anesthesia was hypnosis. The lady SANG while they were operating on her.

The girl in question, let's call her Cindy, was prone to epileptic seizures since the age of 19. She had them often. Afterwards she would go into a chld's role. She would hug her teddy bear, in her case it was a Lion, and not talk for hours. If things got hard for her she would go off by herself and fall into this state where she did not talk. You absolutely could not get through to her.

The reason she came to us was because she had been having flashbacks of an event which triggered the seizures. The flashbacks were of a ball in various colors, going down a drain. The drain was like a whirlwind in the flashbacks.

Under hypnosis we noticed as soon as we found out what the flashback was about she went immediately into the seizure. Only this time Dan talked her out of it. The energy was so high that all of a sudden (and don't ask me how this happened, I only know it did) the latch that held the piano lid shut on the inside of our piano BROKE! At that same instant the rubber ball she remembered in her flashback from the age of 3 or 4 MANIFESTED under the chair where she was sitting!

After the session she did not want to touch the rubber ball. By the time she went home, however, she would not let go of it. In all the time she was with us afterwards she never again had an epileptic seizure. It had been her escape mechanism so she would not have to remember what had taken place. The rubber ball had gone down a drain when she was playing in the basement of the house where this traumatic event took place. That was what her conscious mind remembered, the rest had been buried in the subconscious.

Pat McGuire, Laramie, Wyoming rancher became a good friend during our stay. In fact we bought a snowmobile from him. We became very familiar with his contact story as he came to stay overnight with us at Arlington several times.

To know Pat is to love him. He is so funny; that is -- when he is happy. In the last few years he has not been very happy due to the treatement he has received in Laramie. Pat and I have always had a special relationship laughing and joking. At this point there are only a couple of people in the UFO field Pat will trust. He has been treated shabbily by UFO researchers.

Pat's story began when he was living on his 5,000 acre spread. He kept a lot of livestock on his ranch. One night he observed a UFO picking up one of his calves. He thought it was a government craft. After that night he had quite a few mutiliatons. He became determined to catch whomever was doing it. Night after night he watched and sure enough one night a light from a craft came down and picked up a calf. At that point he was watching through his telescopic lens on his rifle. He started to squeeze the trigger. At that moment he became completely paralyzed. He could only move his head. Michael, his contact, appeared for the first time right beside him. Pat almost had a heart attack. You would too. Michael is one of the gray/white skinned aliens, only in his case he was six feet tall. He wore a jump suit that is skin tight, of black, what looked like spandex material. Around his waist he wears a belt with an insignia of a six pointed star on the buckle.

Michael told Pat not to shoot. From that point on Pat has been contacted by Michael. Michael told Pat he works for the Supreme Being and he is the archangel Michael. Pat is not the only one to have seen Michael. I know of two other people who have definitely seen him.

Pat was instructed to dig a well on his property. Michael told him if he placed three rocks that they would bring the water right to where he placed them. It took Pat seven years to get the materials together and complete what he had been instructed to do. All the while he was working on the well he was to fly the Israeli flag over it. He also was to buy a tank motor to run the well as he would need something big. When he fired up that motor you could hear it for miles! Everyone wanted to know how Pat would know how to fix the motor if something went wrong. That is a story in itself.

From the beginning Pat was picked up by Michael's ship. He was put into Ariel Sharon's body. In Sharon's body he was in the Six Day War in Israel, and in many battles the Israeli's fought. As Sharon he was in the tank corp. Pat learned how to work on tank motors. He even hurt his leg in one battle. Sharon limps from that injury AND SO DOES PAT!

Pat needed a loan from the bank to buy equipment for his ranch. Some of that equipment was the water sprinkling system which he planned to use to raise crops. Alcoa Aluminum wanted to find water on the property too. They dug 26 test holes - everywhere but where Pat told them to. They said there was no water there. The bank then would not finance Pat.

A geologist was helping Pat in the final days of digging the well. Pat had invented (through help from his alien friends) a special drill blade to cut through the rocky ground. One evening there was a huge bang on the side of the trailer house where Pat and the gelogist were sleeping. The geologist was scared to death. Pat jumped out of bed and into his boots. He hit the floor running. He was yelling, "the water is here, the water is here." Sure enough it was. 8,450 cubic feet per minute.

Later Michael told Pat that they brought an underground river from Canada in 10 minutes. At the point where the well was dug it made a turn upwards. This was the biggest well ever dug in the United States. Alcoa was off by inches. Of course, they weren't supposed to find the water, Pat was.

The next summer Pat planted crops. Through difficulty he got the water wheels to water the crops. In the mornings he would go out to inspect the equipment. More often than not he would find that someone had tampered with the wheels and he would have to repair them. He did see someone once at night through his telescopic scope but again he was prevented from firing. Pat never did figure out who was sabotaging his water system.

After the crops were harvested Pat took them to the elevator. It was a prime crop, perfect in every way. All the elevators were full so they stockpiled the crops on the ground. When it was time to sell the crop someone had mixed a lot of other types of crops into his The buyers said it was tainted and would not take it. Pat had been counting on the money from the crops to pay for the ranch and the water system. After that everything went downhill for him.

Religion has been an important part of Pat's life. He is Irish Catholic. During his marriage to Wanda they had eight children. Eventually about the time of everything going downhill Wanda became pregnant with the ninth child. She was very upset because at this point they couldn't afford the children they had. When she took this attitude Pat was instructed to divorce her. Wanda miscarried. There is a statue of the Virgin Mary and Jesus on a hill overlooking the ranch. That is where the baby is buried.

Pat was told he was to bring forth into this world 13 children. One for every tribe of Israel. After he divorced Wanda he married a wonderful girl by the name of Lynn. They had two children. One was name Ariel Sharon and the other one is Michael.

Michael gave Pat instructions to find seven pure men to make a journey to a safe place he and Pat picked out for any future eventualities. Pat was instructed not to ask anyone that had anything at all to do with an abortion, whether it was to lend the money for one, or the cause of having one done, etc. Pat was to lay in supplies in this safe place. As far as I know he has never taken the journey.

Michael made it clear that abortion is one thing that the "Supreme Being" is very upset about. He even instructed Pat to send a telegram to the Israelis stating that if they didn't stop abortion in Israel that Michael and the Supreme Being's forces would not help Israeli pilots in the wars they are constantly fighting. Pat did as he was told.

Pat was also instructed to run for governor of Wyoming. Again he did as he was told. He was given press releasesd by Michael to send to President Reagan. Also press releases for Pat's campaign and what THEY wanted stated in the papers.

It was in this way that one of the persons who also saw Michael, came to have that experience (whether she wanted it or not). The young lady was to provide a press release for the campaign but she had been putting it off because of other pressing matters. She attended the University or Colorado. One evening she was walking across the campus. Right in front of her Michael appeared. He said, "I am Pat McGuire's Michael. Why haven't you written the press release? I want it done -- now!" She was so frightened that all she could do was go to her room and start typing. While she was writing the article Michael again appeared to her in her room. This time she was so upset that after that press rlease she quit the campaign. She told Pat she no longer wanted anything to do with Michael, or Pat.

Pat was instructed by Michael to quit campaigning. Even at that, he still garnered 15% of the total vote for Governor.

He had been instructed to visit the Indian reservations up north. He met a lot of Indians who were interested in supporting Pat as Governor. On the day of the election there was one of the worst snow storms in the history of Wyoming. No one on the reservations could come down out of the hills to go vote.

Everyone asks why did Pat had to go through so many hurtful things. We don't have the answer.

We have noticed that contactee's lives are more stressful and hard to deal with than most persons. Perhaps we have more to learn in one lifetime than other people. How can we be compassionate in every situation if we haven't been there before the people we are trying to help?

Pat's life now is one step above poverty level. We don't think it is fair. But we cannot see the future, only God can do that.

In October 1982, living in remote Wyoming, I decided the thing to do was to start a newsletter for the contactees like myself. Many had no one to relate to because they were isolated. I tossed the idea around and decided to run a contest to name this "link" to each other. A man in Canada won a year's subscription by suggedsting the most appropriate name. He sent in the title, "The Missing Link." The Missing Link would go around the world. It was a valuable asset to our work and to the contactees that were hungry for information about what was taking place with others.

On January 6, 1983 we towed our mobile home into Laramie and left it there full of our household things. The assistant managers, Steve and Eve, and ourselves moved to Phoenix, Arizona.

Our friends Betty and Paris had come to visit us from Phoenix in Wyoming. They said why don't you move to Phoenix. When the job was over we decided that was the thing to do. The assistant managers and outselves set out with a pocketful of dreams for the promised land in Phoenix, Arizona.

On our way to Phoenix we had what I consider, our best sighting over Rock Springs, Wyoming. It was approximately 2:30 in the afternoon. For quite a ways before we got to it you could see something in the sky. When we got closer you could tell it was something that we were not familiar with. From about a mile away we observed a "blue sail" on top of the object. It was not an actual sail but was shaped like one you see on a small sailboat. As we got closer and closer, cars and semi-trucks were stopped on the freeway looking up at the object. Can you believe that we did not stop! UFO investigators that did not stop. I still cannot believe it to this day. We were pulling the other couple's extra car loaded with their and our things. It was an awkward situation so we kept on going. When we were right under the object it was the most beautiful sight I could ever imagine. In the middle was an orange color fading to a brown right in the center. Around the perimeter were half loops like picot lace in lime green. The upper portion was lime-yellow green and the top a blue sail-like appendage. It was just sitting there in the bright sunshine. We watched it until we went around a bend in the road.

No one said a word for a long time. Then we said in unison, "Why didn't we stop?"

Sunday, June 24, 2007


Back to Seattle to sell our house, pack up the furniture, terminate our employment and move to Wyoming. The day we arrived in Arlington it was snowing! That should have warned us of the cold reception we could expect.

When we drove into the KOA the previous managers were there. They did not know we were coming! You should have seen the look on their faces! As it turned out they remained as maintenance man and assistant managers.

We looked for the house that was to be provided for us. Nowhere to be seen. The only house the owner pointed out was a 30 foot mobile home that was completely torn up. It had wood floors and you could look through the floor in some places and see the ground. The bathroom pipes were all torn apart and sticking out of the walls. The house already had inhabitants -- mice and rats!

Here we were with a whole house of furniture in a rented moving van, the cat, and the dog, and all the plants. We bought a 70 x 14 foot mobile home from a private party in Laramie and had it towed out to Arlington.

That was only the beginning of the shock that awaited us. Come to find out the owner already had five sets of managers in one year. Each one had been cheated so badly that they left. The managers that were there when we arrived had been treated in a very shabby manner. They had worked 18 hours a day and were only paid $3.50 an hour for 8 hours. Fortunately they had kept track of every hour they worked. Soon after we arrived in September 1982, a representative from the Labor Review Board came for an inspection. The ex-manager's wife told him all about how they had been cheated. Shortly thereafter the owner was instructed to pay everyone who had worked for him in the last five years their back wages. He immediately fired everyone, including us! By this time it was January 1 in the heart of a Wyoming winter.

If you have never been in Wyoming in the winter, you should try it just once. That would be all you could stand. It does not snow "down" in Wyoming. It snows across! Of course, it doesn't pile up because it ends up in Nebraska. I-80 has a gate at Laramie and one at Rawlins. When it starts to snow, and blow, they shut both gates. Too many people have frozen to death out on I-80 stranded in their cars.

Before I finish the saga of the KOA campground, I would like to tell you some of the interesting things that happened in the four months we were there.

The service station, in connection with the KOA Campground, had not been making very much money. To attract the long haul truck drivers on I-80 we instituted a policy of free coffee. Soon they were passing the word to stop in our store. We also served sandwiches which was a convenience to the truckers when they were tired and hungry.

When the truckers would come in we would get to know them over a cup of coffee. Then we would ask them if they had ever seen anything while driving out on the lonely stretches at night. It seemed we found a person every day that had some type of experience.

During the snow storms when people became marooned at our store we would have a lot of fun. We provided blankets and sleeping bags in the recreation hall for them to sit it out until the snow let up. We talked about UFOs and many of them wondered why they had to stay until they learned about their own situation and could understand what possibly had taken place.

I remember one truck driver in particular. He came back again and again and stayed at our house overnight. Whenever he was passing through he made a point of stopping so he could talk about things that happened to himself. When he first stopped he was a smarty kind of guy, always saying something nasty and using foul language. Soon after he started listening to our philosophy he became a different person. He even looked different. Then he told us he had been a preacher in the Salvation Army and had lost his calling. By the time we left he was going back to the meetings at the Salvation Army. He was a wonderful person. The only trouble had been, no one had taken time to be his friend when he needed one.

Early one morning a truck stopped right at the exit to Arlington. As he slowed down his tire blew out. As he got out to look at it the other one went flat! It was around 4:30 am so he just went to sleep until we opened. When he came in at 6:30 to use the phone and have coffee, we started talking to him.

Dusty had been a loner all his life. He was a very nice person with good "vibes." We told him what our interests were and then he knew why he had to stay to talk to us.

We asked him if he had ever seen a UFO. He was happy to tell us what happened to him about 10 years previously. He had been welding on a rig down in a rock quarry about 2:30 am. All of a sudden he looked up and the whole quarry was covered by a massive UFO. He didn't remember how long it was there but he had some very interesting physical anomalies. We asked him the routine questions about shoulder pain, lower back pain and knee pain. He jumped up and tore off his shirt. His whole right shoulder had a HUGE scoop out of it. You could see he had many skin grafts on his shoulder. When we asked him what happened he said his ex-wife had been driving and went to sleep at the wheel of his pickup. They went over an embankment and the pickup landed upside down resting on his shoulder.

Dusty stayed all day long until 10:30 p.m. that night. He didn't want to leave. He said he felt like he had finally found his family.

When I go traveling I always look for him. That was one reason I had a CB in my car. Through the CB I have found a lot of truck drivers that have had UFO happenings out in the middle of nowhere. The truckers welcome conversation, especially late at night when they are lonely and sleepy. It keeps them awake. They have been very eager to share with me when they know I am serious. I remember one time a trucker was asking me all sorts of questions. Another one tried to break in and that trucker I was talking to said, "Please keep quiet, this is very important stuff this lady is telling me!" I had to laugh.

Saturday, June 23, 2007


Many of the contact cases we dealt with were told by their alien contact to move to Arizona or Colorado. We felt the urge to go on a long trip to find a place for them where they could be self sufficient and feel safe.

Another couple in the group had a motor home. They volunteered to go with us. We were traveling all over the southwest. When we reached Flagstaff, Arizona we suddenly remembered Pat McGuire's ranch in Wyoming. We had met Pat McGuire when we attended the Rocky Mountain UFO Conference in Laramie, Wyoming in 1981.

Pat's ranch had been confiscated for taxes. He farmed over 5,000 acres of wheat land. Some of this land had cattle on it.

We decided to call Pat and ask about the possibility of purchasing the property. He was asking one and a half million dollars for it. The other couple thought they could find sponsors willing to put the money up. So we drove to Laramie by way of the Navajo Indian Reservation.

When we reached Antonito, Colorado we saw signs of an approaching turquoise factory. All jewelry was made in-house by the Navajo Indians. Of course, I had to stop there. That is where I bought my turquoise squash blossom necklace.

That evening we stayed at the KOA in Alamosa, Colorado. Alamosa is in the fertile San Luis Valley. I didn't know then that the San Luis Valley would become very important to me in the future. Alamosa is known in UFOlogy for the Harry King Ranch. It was on Harry King's ranch that "Snippy" the horse was mutilated. This was the first mutilation to be made public. We decided to visit Harry's ranch. Harry was then about 80 years old.

As you travel out toward the Great Sand Dunes National Monument you will see Mt. Blanca on the east side of the highway. Many unusual events have taken place on that mountain. If you keep watching you will see a little sign on a fence on the west side of the highway that says King Ranch. As you drive down a little desert road you will see Australian Jack Rabbits hopping all over. Harry imported those jack rabbits a long time ago. They are huge. Twice as big as a Washington Jack Rabbit. They have long black legs and black tails.

I understand another animal that was imported to the San Luis Valley for sport is the Jaguar. In fact it is becoming quite prolific.

When you arrive at the gate to the King Ranch you see signs saying "Stay Out," "this means you," etc. We started honking the horn. Harry finally came out and walked up to the gate. We explained who we were so he asked us to come in. Seems we have a mutual friend from the Seattle area.

The next several hours were some of the most interesting I have spent before or since. Harry told us that Snippy was not his horse but had been pastured there, it belonged to his sister. In the evening they had fed Snippy and he was just fine. In the morning when they went to the corral Snippy was dead.

For those who are not familiar with this case, you could not imagine the sight that awaited Harry and his sister. Snippy's head was completely stripped from the neck up. The brain cavity was empty, as was the spinal fluid. The college at Alamosa took Snippy's body away. The bones are still there.

After the story became known, UFO investigators came from everywhere to interview Harry. One that lived in New Mexico, and later moved to Seattle, came to visit Harry. Only this one came purportedly in a small UFO (this came stright out of Harry's mouth!) with little landing wheels on the bottom. I never did make the connection between the man I knew in Seattle, and this person, unless Harry had the name of the person mixed up. He said that this person landed in the yard and told him he was going to give him a ride one of these days. Harry said that these little craft were seen quite often on Mt. Blanca and over the highway in front of the ranch. He had watched what looked like headlights from cars go up and down Mt. Blanca at night, as well as black helicopters coming out of the valleys. While we were there we saw four of the black helicopters coming from behind the mountains. We wondered what they could have been doing in such a desolate place.

An investigation has been done on the Mt. Blanca phenomenon. Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle wrote a paper on unusual events that took place in the vicinity. I carried it in the Missing Link in 1982 and 1983 under the name, "Rocky Mountain Ranch."* Dr. Sprinkle was in attendance when some of the things took place. This phenomena included everything from aliens to UFOs to Sasquatch.

More than his interest in the Snippy story, Harry wanted to tell us what was even more spectacular to him. The story is about Adolph Hitler!

Four days before the war ended in Germany Harry said that he ran smack dab right into Adolph Hitler coming out of the bank in Alamosa. Not too many persons knew that Hitler owned a big horse ranch in the Denver area before the war. They also didn't know that Hitler's cousin was the banker in Alamosa. Harry had come into town to go to the bank. All the college kids were out on the street yelling, "Hitler, Hitler." He went around the corner to approach the bank door and ran straight into him. He swore it happened. He said it looked exactly like him. Harry said there was a lot of theorizing that Hitler had parachuted into the valley to pick up his money and go to South America. Since then I have paid attention to the stories about Hitler being seen in South America since the war. I still wonder.....

When we left Alamosa we headed north to Laramie through Steamboat Springs, then up and over the beautiful Rabbit Ear Pass.

When we arrived in Laramie we arranged a meeting with the UFO group there, explaining what we had in mind. From that point on we chose to travel by ourselves as the other couple had a different plan in mind.

To our dismay, we found they wanted to start a city for "Senior Citizens," plus contactees. They would be in charge of the city. The plan was to build houses for the citizens with a grandfather clause that stated upon their death the houses would revert back to this couple. The citizens would give their pensions every month to cover their living expenses. Sort of a megalopolis.

While in Laramie we looked in the local "Boomerang" newspaper for possible employment. At the time we were camped at the KOA Campground on the edge of town. To our surprise the KOA was advertising for a husband and wife manager team for their campground in Arlington, Wyoming. We called for an interview. The owner said to come right over. That didn't take long - his office was right there on the grounds of the KOA where we were staying. He asked if we would like to go up to Arlington first and look the place over before making any decision. That afternoon we drove up there. Boy was it desolate! Out on I-80 in the middle of nowhere. An old stage stop was there in long past days. There were still a few buildings and cabins that had been purchaed by prviate owners.

The campground was made up of a store, service station, KOA recreation hall, showers and an apartment on the top floor. The owner had a large trailer out on the campground. He promised us a place to live when we came. (If we agreed to accept the job.) I thought this place held possibilities for the contactees in the futrue.

The closest post office was at an oil town named McFadden. McFadden was made up of little houses, a school and a post office. There were no stores anywhere near except the store at the KOA. We noticed that every house had snowmobiles at the back door! Later we learned why.

We decided to accept.
* You can read the "Rocky Mountain Ranch" story on this blog by putting it into search at the top of the page.

Friday, June 22, 2007


In 1981 Dr. J. Allen Hynek, one of the most prominent UFO researchers, came to Seattle to be on KOMO's Town Meeting television show. We invited Allen and his wife Mimi to stay at our home. They accepted so we planned a party in their honor.

The Seattle Center was sponsoring a "Sci-Fi" fair. The UFOCCI had a booth there where we met many contactees. We also met the Hyneks for the first time there, as well as Jacque Vallee. Quite a few of our members were on the show that day, as well as Bob and Gloria Gribble and ourselves.

After the fair was over we had a pot luck dinner for Allen and Mimi Hynek. All of the contactees were invited. They shared their stories with Dr. Hynek. It was a treat to be able to just sit down and talk with him at leisure.

The next day we drove Allen and Mimi to Canada. They were going to visit Dr. Max Edwards, a linguist, who is also a UFO researcher, in Victoria, B.C.

Dr. Edwards came to stay with us several times and spoke at our meeting.

One day Bob Gribble called and said would you like to meet Dr. Leo Sprinkle? I said of course! He said be ready early in the morning. We were up at 6:00 a.m. to go to Sea Tac Airport. We met Leo at the Hilton Inn and drove him to the airport to catch his plane. Most of the talking was done on the run. I am afraid I dominated most of the conversation asking Leo questions.

I didn't know that this visit would portend a closer relationship to come when we moved to Wyoming. (See Chapter 2.)

NOTE: Most persons do not know that Allen Hynek's mother was a Spiritualist Medium. As such he grew up believing in spirits, and phenomena. UFOs were already something he believed in. He got a bum rap by the Air Force making him say that a perfectly good sighting was "swamp gas." Soon after that he quit his association with them.

And Dr. Sprinkle became a member of our Board of Directors. He became a good friend when we lived in Wyoming. He still doesn't have a computer! Hard to believe. He is still practicing since he retired from the University. He has an office in Laramie and people still ask him for advice.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


One of the most interesting cases we have dealt with is ongoing. This case too, is over a ten year duration. Probably this case taught us the most. I will call this witness "Mary."

Mary had several abductions but the most significant was one she had when was pregnant 11 years ago.

Mary was in her eighth month of pregnancy. Early one morning around 3:30 a.m. Mary heard the dog whimpering and crying. She got out of bed to see what was happening. When she went downstairs she saw her normally ferocious dog cowering in the corner of the kitchen. She pulled the curtain back and looked outside to see what was happening. High above the backyard she saw a row of windows in the sky. Golden light was coming out of the windows.

Mary consciously remembers at that point going back upstairs and going to bed. The subconscious memories are quite different. Under hypnosis she remembered that she went outside and was picked up by a beam of light that "stung" her nose. She remembers that she went though a tunnel and at the end were two beings looking down the tunnel at her.

For several years I kept the nightgown she was wearing that night as she did not want to look at it. Finally she asked for it. There was a cut in the front of the nightgown in the form of a "V." I do not know if there is a relationship to Shelly and Tammy's case with so many "Vs" or not.

The case was so traumatic for the witness that when we reached a certain point she would always "pop" out of hypnosis so she wouldn't have to remember. Through many sessions we discovered that the baby she was carrying was removed. The aliens held it for her to see. What was the most upsetting to her is that she agreed to something they did (which never came out under hypnosis) to the baby. After that they put the baby back inside her for a normal delivery with the suggestion that when she felt a "sensation" on July 25 she was to go to the hospital for delivery. Consciously she did not remember any of this.

Later she would tell the doctor when the baby would be born. He argued that it was not possible, it would be another month. She said that it would be July 25. On the morning of the 25th of July she got up early and told her husband to take her to the hospital. He asked her if her water had broke; if she had any pains. She said no, only a feeling that she had to go. The baby was born 4 minutes after arriving at the hospital.

The baby today is the most intelligent, kind and beautiful girl I have ever met. I am sure there is something very special in store for her.

Before we go too far into the unusual events surrounding the little girl's life I would like to tell you that Mary was abducted another time after taking her husband to work in downtown Seattle. She was on the way home. The last memory she had was of passing the Rainier Brewery which was right beside the I-5 Feeway about a mile south of the main downtown section of Seattle. The next memory was of exiting the freeway at Federal Way which is 30 miles to the south. She could not imagine where she was, or how she got there.

The clothes she was wearing that day she would never wear again. Mary did not know why she had such an aversion to them, only that she could not touch them.

The little girl constantly had unusual phenomena surrounding her during her early childhood years. One time when she was three years old she ran away from home taking a little friend with her. They found her about three miles from home along a busy arterial. She was walking steadily holding onto her little friend's hand. When her father stopped and asked her where she was going she said to find "her people." That was only one instance of many such unusual events.

Another time she told her mother that when she was taken to class on the ship last night "Johnny was a bad boy." He wouldn't behave or listen to what he was being taught!

The little girl's favorite television and magazine pictures were of UFOs.

One night her mother went into her room and saw lights on her pajamas the size of 50 cent pieces. She has seen the lights on many occasions.

Another night Mary heard a man's voice. She went into the child's room and it was coming out of her!

Many unusual visitations have taken place. Mary could not sleep one night so she got up, and just at that time a woman came out of the child's room She was dressed in a long flowing white dress. Her hair was in a bun on her head. She seemed to float above the floor and she totally ignored Mary. Mary chased her down the stairs as she descended down two flights to the recreation room. She simply vanished.

Although the above types of phenomena have come to be common place, they are still not understood.

One day when the little girl was approximately 6 years old she and her mother were riding in the car. They passed a Catholic church. She said, "Mama, I want to go there." The mother was astounded. Before she was contacted she was a very faithful Catholic. She taught the young people's class and attended mass regularly. The church had been her life. After the contact she felt she had been fooled all those years; that the "Gods" in the Bible were the same ones that had picked her up, only in the Biblical days the people did not understand and therefore turned them into Gods to be worshipped. She did not go back to the church.

Very soon thereafter the girl entered Catholic school. Today she is very active in the church and is, in fact, an altar girl. Mary takes her to the church but she still does not believe everything they tell her.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Through these cases we started to see patterns emerging. This resulted in a list of symptoms contactees constantly exhibited. We used the accumulated anomalies on a Preliminary Investigation form in the beginning days of the UFOCCI. Some of those anomalies that point to an adbuction having taken place were:

o An affinity for Native Americans - or Indian heritage
o A Jewish heritage
o An affinity for turquoise
o A buzz or modulated tone in the ear
o Lumps, lesions, scars, rashes, puncture that cannot be explained
o Bed shaking without a visible reason
o Balls of light in the bedroom at night
o Pain in the shoulder, lower back and knee (acupuncture points for the small intestine. Many contactees feel a physical change is taking place within their bodies. An assumption was made that it would register in the small intestine.)
o A sudden rise in ESP
o Psychokinetic abilities
o An unusual urge that came on suddenly
o Feel you have an implant somewhere in the body: The main areas are at the base of the skull, on the back, on the thigh, in the nasal cavity, etc.
o Scoops out of the skin for no explainable reason
o Low blood pressure
o Crying for no reason you can recall
o The feeling you don't belong on earth and that your parents have adopted you
o Rare blood type
o Missing time
o Close approach by a UFO

Another case we dealt with during the formative years was one involving two men from Iran. This case was very traumatic for the principle witness because this was during the time of the hostage crises. He was afraid to talk to anyone because of our (the US) lack of compassion for him and he was sure no one would believe him anyway just because he was from Iran. I have followed this case for 10 years. In recalling what happened the principle witness's recall has never wavered about that fateful night when he and his friend were picked up on I-5 near the 45th Avenue exit in the University district of Seattle and dropped up north in Edmonds, Washington.

For several weeks before this incident happened the principle witness had noticed a man in the University District that was very strange to look at. It seemed he kept running into him wherever he went. On the night in question he was a significant factor in the abduction.

The two men had just entered I-5 by the Mercer Street on-ramp. As they drove along they started moving over to exit on the 45th Street exit. As they got close to the exit they noticed an old white Chevrolet sedan was right beside them. Every time they started to move over the car was there preventing them. They looked over to see who was in the car, and lo and behold, that man again! They tried every way they could to get around the Chevolet but to no avail. When they were even with the exit the car was diretly in front of them. Number one witness said it was like a magnet was attached to their car and they could not move either way. At this point a light came on up above the freeway and that was the last they consciously remembered.

The next conscious memory was they were stuck in the gravel beside a road. They did not recognize where they were and could not imagine how they got there.

At that point there were several police cars surrounding them. They were really frightened because they noticed that their slacks were wet. They thought they had spilled a drink and they would be in big trouble with the police. Later they were to learn that they did not spill a drink but had urinated out of shear terror. That wasn't their conscious thought at that moment, however.

One curious thing is that the police cars were there right at the very moment they were consciously aware. They said the policemen were so polite to them. (Another unusual apsect!) They thought they were the Edmonds police. Later they discovered that the Edmonds Police Department cars were not like the ones they saw that night.

They were on a street in Edmonds, Washington at approximately the 235th block. They also discovered that they were missing about 45 minutes of time. Because of this factor alone they called us.

When they were picked up the principle witness (I say principle because the other person was never bothered or interested in what happened that night) was taken from his car, which was picked up also, and taken on a tour of the ship.

He was led around the ship by a female. She took him into a room where he saw heads on a shelf. On the floor were sarcophagus's with bodies in them. He was so terrified, he thought they were going to put him in one. He believes now that he did see a likeness of himself in one of the canisters.

In one room he saw many types of alien beings. They looked like they were standing behind some type of partition with only their heads showing. Under hypnosis he drew what he saw. One of them was identical to a Being that was seen by two other witnesses in the midwest. One of those witnesses was a minister. He called this room the gallery because it was as if he was on exhibit!

He was led into a room that had beds in it. Beds just like we have. Here much more happened than he wanted to discuss. He did say the woman he saw there was beautiful! He felt he had been "used" for sometype of genetic experiment.

Under hypnosis he had a difficult time telling us what he saw and what happened. Mostly because he was so terrified. At no time did he see his companion that had been in the car with him.

Since that time he has had continual phenomena. He's been given messages about saving food, seeds, and other survival gear. He was even told the area to go to. He feels it is in northern British Columbia east of 100 Mile House, B.C.

The scientific organizations that have taken the information from the contactees in the past and thought that was all there was to their cases were completely wrong. As I said previously, I have followed his case for many years and the activity has not stopped to this day. We have found that being a contactee is a life long contract. An allegation has been made that the contactees agreed to a job before we came to this lifetime and the contact is merely waking us up to that obligation. If you do not do what you agreed to then the phenomena continues to exist until you awaken to your purpose and complete your contract. I believe that is why the above contactee has continual poltergeist-type phenomena happening today. He is too busy with making a living to complete his assignment.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


During this time we decided to do our own hypnosis, instead of relying on professional hypnotists. The following case was the deciding factor that brought about that decision. Every week we transported Shelly to Everett to a Clincal Hypnotherapist for regression. This was a great expense on our part, plus the very last, and most important session, was so traumatic for Shelly that the hypnotist would not let us attend the session and he never did tell us what happened. After the time and money we spent on this case, it was a devastating blow not to know the final story. We knew we could not tolerate any more circumstances like that. Dan had done hypnosis in the past. It seemed to come naturally to him. After this case he again began to practice hypnosis so that we never lost any more data.

Shelly and Tammy are sisters. They argued as sisters do growing up, but nevertheless they loved and cared about each other.

Shelly and Tammy had been camping with their parents in their cabin in the Mt. Baker area of northwestern Washington. When it was time to return to Seattle the parents and their brother rode in the parent's car. The girls drove their car. Tammy was driving because she was the oldest sister and Shelly was not yet 16.

As they drove by a gravel pit, not far from their cabin, they noticed what they called the "Moon." They both thought the Moon looked very strange. Suddenly they saw streamers of light beam straight through the car. It seemed they were traveling through ribbons of blue and red light. Suddenly it became ice cold so Tammy turned on the heater. Nothing but cold air came out.

They noticed that whatever they would think, the other one would pick up on, and answer. Tammy decided to test this by telling Shelly mentally to light different brands of cigarettes. She had several different packs over the window visor. Shelly would reach up and take down the one that Tammy thought of.

The girls had been listening to the radio. All of a sudden whatever song they thought of would come on the radio. They also heard strange flute like music coming out of the radio. Later Tammy would hear this strange music again.

By this time the "Moon" had started to move towards them. They noticed it had green, red, and one amber light on it. As they watched they became very frightened. Next they saw a beam of yellow light coming down from what then looked like a UFO. The beam hit the front of the hood on the car. Tammy was trying to steer the car but it seemed the car had a mind of its own.

About this time they noticed that their little French Poodle was missing from the back seat. They could not imagine what happened to their pet. All of a sudden he reappeared in the back seat of the car.

Shelly started screaming that two eyes were looking at her through the passenger side of the car window. When Tammy looked over she could see them on the window. They were green almond shaped eyes. Tammy told Shelly not to look at them.

It was at this point that Shelly said she could see an alien entity dressed in a uniform and a helmet outside the car window. He had something like a strap from waist to shoulder. Under hypnosis (later) Shelly drew a picture of him. She said the entity (she thought), put a dummy of her in the car so no one would know she was missing. He took her up the beam of light into the bottom of the ship.

We have found through other contact cases that the astral, or energy body, is just as real as our third dimensional body, and is actually the one taken when the contactee sees himself/herself left behind in the car.

As they entered the craft through a lens type opening in the bottom of the hull the door slid together underneath them. The alien then went over to a square on the floor with a "V" imprinted upon it and stood on it.

When Shelly observed him through the window of the car he appeared to be green but within the ship he had become white with blue wraparound eyes.

While he was standing on the square Shelly wandered down a short corridor. She came to a room where she saw a city encased in glass. She could see little rooms within a building with no doorways. The top was off this building. In a room she saw herself and her sister and the dog. In the middle of the courtyard of the building was what looked like a cemetery. It looked like graves with markers above each one. She became very frightened as she thought they were going to put her in this enclosed dwelling.

Standing behind the glass case were several more aliens. She noticed she could understand everything they were thinking through mental telepathy. About this time the alien that brought her aboard came after her and told her she was not allowed in this room. He then took her into a control room. In the control room she observed a huge lighted raised area in the middle of the room with another 'V' on it. More "V"s were on the control panel, plus other hieroglyphs she could not see clearly because she was too far away.

More aliens were in this control room going about their jobs. One was sitting in a chair reading what looked like a newspaper. Under hypnosis the suggestion was given to draw around everything she saw which would be visualized on a piece of blank paper. This worked tremendously well. She drew in minute detail the control room.

While she was in the control room she observed her sister looking through a side door into the room. Tammy did not seem to recognize Shelly. Shelly was quickly taken to another room which was like a medical dispensary. In this room she was put on an examining table. She found herself in a silver jumpsuit but she never did remember how she came to be in it.

There were three aliens in this room. One stood at the head of the table she was lying on. She said she could hear him in her head and she felt he did not like her. She was very worried about what he had in store for her. Another alien was writing on a lighted slate of some type seated at a table. She felt this one might be a nurse.

The alien standing over her was described as having a box-like-nose, white marshmallow colored skin, wrap around blue eyes, and white hair cut in a shaggy Dutch Boy Bob. He wore a white satin suit. The shirt and pants appeared to be sewn together. On the front of the shirt was the "V" motif covering the chest portion.

The alien doing the exmaination seemed to be more kind than the one at the head of the table. He took samples of her hair, fingernails, and scrapings from her skin. He put the samples in little bags while the "nurse" wrote notes (probably concerning the samples).

An instrument was shown to her, which she drew under hypnosis. Later this instrument became very significant.

The session that was kept confidential from us concerned what else they did to her at this time. Whatever it was became so traumatic for her to remember that it caused a great deal of stress under hypnosis.

When it was time for her to be returned to the car she said it seemed the table opened up and a beam of light dropped her right into the car! This is the only case where I have heard a description about transporting contactees astral bodies between their vehicle and the ship via the table!

Sometime (we never did found out exactly when) during the episode Tammy was also taken from the car. Where Shelly's experience had been traumatic, Tammy's was not.

Tammy was taken into a room that was shaped like a half moon. In this room were charts, a large screen, and what looked like a telescope. Exiting from this door into a round room she saw what looked like a robot shaped something like a penquin. It moved around the room quickly like it was on wheels. She was able to see the whole room reflected in the ceiling from the vantage point of the table she found herself lying upon. She did not remember how she got onto the table. The ceiling appeared to be of a mirror-finish metallic material, or an actual mirror. The room had several little cubicles which looked like there were computers and computer canisters in them. She saw a "dog's skeleton" in a glass case. At one place she saw a table and an alien that pushed something that telescoped into the wall. When it did this, the flute like sounds they heard in the car were made.

Hanging from rods on the wall were maps. On these maps were "Z's" and circles with "C's" in them. They seemed to be placed at certain spots on each continent. Under hypnosis Tammy drew the maps. One of the maps fit perectly with a section of Africa. Another fit the map of Australia. One was the continental United States. Since then we have tried to understand what these symbols could mean. Of course, anything we assume would only be conjecture.

The following memories are confusing because of a later regression where the girls remembered being put into the car as they drove up the street to their house. Both girls, and the dog, back in the car continue on their journey home. The road they were traveling on was a dry, dusty, mountain road. If anyone has traveled in the mountains you know that you cannot see through the cloud of dust kicked up by passing cars.

Just before the girls caught up with their parent's car, they noticed a brilliant white "motor home" parked by the side of the road. They could see white faced humanoids inside. Up near the ceiling were rows of brightly lit colored buttons they were manipulating. Remembering this from the girl's conscious memories, they could not understand how a motor home could be so clean on such a dusty road in the mountains. Under hypnosis, they realized the "motor home" had no wheels and the beings inside were the aliens they had seen inside the space ship. Consciously, they were terrified even then, and just wanted to get away.

All the way home the girls had the feeling the car was floating. What should have taken almost a tank of gas, took none! The gas gauge read the same as it did when they left the cabin. Shelly continually saw the green eyes on the car window all the way home. She would never ride in that car again from that day on because she always saw the eyes We believe this was implanted in her subconscious memory because no one else could see them.

One day Tammy was washing the dishes at home when a glass broke. The piece that came out of the glass broke in a perfect "V" cutting her finger. The cut on her finger is still there. You guessed it... the scar is a perfect "V" too.

When Shelly was on the ship she had been told not to talk about what happened. The instrument she had described, and drawn for us, was shown to her. The alien said it could make her very sick in her abdomen if she divulged what had happened. Of course, all conscious memory was taken away, and only the subconscious memories were there fighting to surface.

The parents questioned the girls as to where they were all that time. To begin with they were right behind their car. The parent's car had a low tire. Since they had no way to fill it with air they had been going slow just to make it to a service station. Therefore, they had not stopped to wait for the girls.

Under hypnosis the girls remembered being put back into the car when they were going down the street to their home. The white "motor home" had a ladder like device going from it to their car. The car did not use any gas because it was picked up by this craft and held all the way home.

When the father and mother questioned the girls they had no answer. Shelly did not want to say anything. This was because of the suggestion that had been given to her that something detrimental would happen to her if she did. She went downstairs to her bedroom at this point. While lying on her bed the alien appeared with the instrument and threatened her, saying remember what I told you. Right after that was Shelly's first visit to the hospital.

Shelly was very religious, as were her mother and father. She started reading the Bible. She found a passage about the devil and thought that was who had threatened her. She marked several passages in her Bible, which her mother found later. At this point the mother and father called their fundamental Baptist preacher because they were really getting worried. He came over to the house and told Shelly to forget the whole thing, that it was satanic.

Due to this input Shelly started getting sick. She got worse and worse. Finally in desperation the parents called us. We went out to visit them when Shelly was hospitalized from a perforated colon which caused her to bleed internally. Several blood transfusions later the parents decided to let her be hypnotized to find out what was upsetting her.

The result of the hypnosis was, that she remembered everything and was able to deal with it. The idea of the alien being present in her bedroom was a triggering device brought on any time she talked about the experience with the "Moon." He wasn't actually there. After 12 sessions in which she asked not to remember what occurred while under hypnosis, both Tammy and Shelly were told on the same day to remember together everything that happened. That was a significant event. We were in attendance, as well as her mother and father. Shelly then returned to a healthy and normal life. Tammy was married at the time we met her. She was never bothered emotionally as Shelly was.

Monday, June 18, 2007


During the "Kristine" era another important event in the history of the UFOCCI took place. One of the contactees was from Texas. She lived in the Bothell, Washington area. Because she was a real estate agent she got a call from a person she knew in Texas who wanted to come to Seattle and invest. Purportedly he was a millionaire who had made his money from oil. The day he arrived happened to fall on the day of our monthly meeting. She asked if he could come along. Since our By-Laws as a non-profit organization stipulate our meetings are open to the public we said yes. Later we wished we had answered no.

Have you ever seen a mountain walking? When this man came walking up to the door he filled it! He was one of the biggest men I have ever seen. To top that off he was wearing a "10 gallon hat." His name was J.D. Now doesn't that sound like a name straight from Texas? From the beginning we had our suspicions about him. Later our feelings were confirmed.

J.D. stayed with the contactee from Texas. It wasn't long until he knew all her real estate friends, spent money like water (all on credit), and started proceedings (on paper) to purchase a mortgage company. Later we learned he established a Carte Blanche line of credit with Safeway. The Texas contactee then began to notice checks missing from her checkbook. When questioned he had a ready answer that sounded valid.

At that time Kristine was married to a man that could not comprehend her contact situation. When she met J.D., he expressed an interest in her. He promised to buy her a 350 SL Mercedes which she had always longed for, so she left her husband.

Isn't it funny what fate has in store for you, without even trying?!

J.D. made the statement that he knew where he could pick up a car pretty reasonable, only he would have to fly down on his private jet to Hot Springs, Arkansas to buy it. I asked him if he would mind bringing back one of the contactees that had been wanting to come to Seattle for a long time. She lived in Mountain Pine, Arkansas which was right next door to Hot Springs. He said no problem, what is her name. I told him. I also told him where she worked. He said, "Oh, I know the President of that company. He will let her go if I ask him."

When J.D. arrived in Seattle he had pictures of his ranch in Texas. It looked rather peculiar for a ranch. It was supposed to be situated on Cato Lake near "Uncertain, Texas." The picture looked more like a long building used for something else. It had moss hanging on the trees, and in general looked like it was located in the swamps.

At that point FATE stepped in!

I called the contactee in Mt. Pine, Arkansas to tell her that J.D. would be calling her. She asked for his full name. I told her what he had said about her boss. At the first opportunity she asked her boss about J.D. This was the first confirmation to our uneasy feeling we had about this character. Her boss said, "You mean that two bit crook from over in Uncertain, Texas? I know who he is, but he is no friend of mine. I met him once in a bar and he tried to con me. I knew right away he was bad news!"

That was all I needed to hear to pursue finding out just who this guy was. I called for the police department's number in Uncertain. It was such a small town that there was none. I got the closest town with a police department and talked to the person in charge. He then told me who the Constable was in Uncertain. I called him and found out that he knew of a con man by the name of J.D. He asked me what he looked like. I described him. I mean, when you weight 350 pounds you can't hide too easily! He said J.D. was wanted in Texas for a con game he pulled on a guy in Dallas. He order 25 Mercedes on this man's credit.

I also asked the Constable if he had heard of Cato Lake? He said it was a fishing lake near Uncertain, Texas. I told him about J.D.'s ranch house. He said, "Oh that -- that is an old defunct fishing lodge." Obviously the picture was taken when the fishing lodge was new.

After we heard the background on J.D. it was with dismay that several of our members were quitting their jobs to go to work for him in his new "enterprise," which was strictly on paper. We asked them to our home to talk to them about what we had learned. The first words they said were, don't try to talk us out of this -- even before we had the chance to tell them. Unfortunately both of these women were over 55. They had good jobs with an insurance company where they had worked for many years. J.D. had worked on them from the point of their secret ambitions. He promised them that later he would build an art studio and gift shop which they would be in charge of. That was their secret dream. They quit their jobs. Within a month everything was over. They both blamed us for not preventing this from happening!

In the meantime J.D. was not through with hurting people. The boyfriend of the Texas contactee believed him too. Unfortunately he talked him into signing over his Cadillac and his farm to J.D. The Cadillac he never saw again. The farm, of course, never had any payments made on it so it reverted to the mortgage company.

As I said, Kristine left her husband for J.D. He had the gift of a smooth talker. The "boys upstairs" made an arrangement so that she would hear the truth. Kristine had also moved up to the Texas contactee's home when she broke up with her husband. She met the contactee's nephew there. One day he asked her to go to lunch. They were sitting in a booth in a café in Bothell, Washington. In the booth next to them were two men. Both looked like "hoods," as Kristine put it. They had on leather jackets, gold chains and boots. At one point the nephew got up to go to the bathroom. Kristine had nothing to do so she was just sitting there sort of listening to the men in the next booth. (As I always say, nothing happens by accident!) All of a sudden her ears perked up. One of them said to the other, "What are we going to do to help J.D. He needs to get out of town fast before they catch him." The other one said, "Oh, he is just a small time operator, quit worrying about him." The other one replied that they should stick together and help him. At this point the nephew came back. Kristine wanted to leave immediately. She was then very frightened to think what J.D. would do to her if he knew what she had discovered; that he was not a millionaire, he was a crook that had taken every one that became involved with him.

The nephew took her back to the contactee's house. They packed all their things and left before J.D. came back. At that time they reported him to the police. The police had an all points bulletin out on him but he was too wiley and got away.

The boyfriend of the contactee from Texas still believed in J.D. at this point. He was taking J.D. to Oklahoma to visit his "sick" mother. On the outskirts of Reno, somewhere in the desert, they came to a parting of the ways. Somehow J.D. got him to sign the Cadillac over to him (so he wouldn't be picked up for car theft, obviously) and left the poor guy stranded. By this time the boyfriend's money was gone and he didn't have enough to get home. People he knew in Seattle sent him the money.

He said J.D. had completely changed his appearance. Dyed his blonde hair black and combed it slicked back and had a mustache. He wore horn-rimmed glasses. You would never know it was the same person. That was the last we heard of J.D. Thank goodness!

Kristine ended up going to California with the nephew. The two ladies looked for work for two years. They sold all of their possessions just to meet their daily needs. The contatee from Texas started her career over and the boyfriend we never heard about again.

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